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“That…damned granny! She pulled that sort of stunt on us!? We were just one step away from our victory here!”


“How many days—doesn’t she know how many days I’ve been waiting for this!? Now she’s actually saying such selfish things to me now!?”


“I won't be content with just splitting her body now! How am I going to repay this grudge now!?”


“Don’t stop me, Shouko! I’m going to concentrate my burning rage and boiling grudge inside this bat and smash that old hag a thousand times—”

“…We lost just now.”


“…You won, Yuuji and everyone else. We admit defeat.”

“…Why are you saying such a thing? What are you trying to say?”

“…This isn’t okay?”

“What do you mean not okay…Shouko, this isn’t the problem to me here.”

“…Then, what’s the problem?”

“For the sake of better facilities.”

“…You’re lying. You won’t fuss over such a thing, Yuuji.”

“Himeji’s physical condition.”

“…There hasn’t been any problems up till now.”

“Ahh…well, about that, how should I put it?”


“Don’t mind about such small details!”

“…You haven’t answered my question.”

“Oh, looks like Akihisa got into quite the tough predicament there! I have to go help him out there!”


“…Yuuji, why are you so insistent on having the summoning war?”

The First Question[edit]

Please answer the following question:

Please name the three kingdoms that ruled China during the Three Kingdoms era.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“Gi” “Shoku” “Go”[1]

Teacher’s comment:

Correct answer. They are also called Sougi For Gi, Shokukan for Shoku, and Tougo for Go.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“Gi” Shoku” “Go” [2]

Teacher’s comment:

Please write down the answers in kanji.

Shimada Minami’s answer:

“Gi “Shoku” “Kure”

Teacher’s comment:

Since you don’t know how to write kanji, you ended up mixing in a certain city in Hiroshima. [3]

BTS vol 07.5 243c.jpg

His eyebrows are really long.

He has a nice nose bridge and a slender lower chin; I can only describe such a beautiful face as a work of art.

“—And then, his fringe gently caressed my face and I…”



What happened just now was so shocking that I can’t face reality properly.

“Takashiro, you bastard…! You actually used such a psychological attack…! It’s okay for you now because Akihisa just managed to understand homosexual love, isn’t it!?”


Yuuji’s words dragged me from my thoughts back into reality. I, I actually kissed a guy…!

“A-Akihisa-kun? Erm, well…I don’t know what to say now, but thank you for saving me…is this alright…?”

Himeji-san’s feeling really troubled, but she still awkwardly thanked me. No, it’s fine. If it’s for Himeji-san’s sake, this little thing…

“Himeji, don’t mind Akihisa. This has been his ambition for a long time anyway.” “(GARRAK) Tamano Miki’s late, but she’s now here!”

“Tamano!? Who called you here!? Nobody can keep up with you in such conversations!”

“But someone called me here by saying ‘homo’!”[4]

“Aren’t your ears a little too weird!? You’re mistaken here! Go back now!”

“Did I hear it wrongly…really, why must you get in my way? I’ve been thinking of getting memorial photos of Aki-chan and Takashiro-sempai here…”

“Hold on a minute, Tamano-san! I think I just heard some weird lines in the back!”

“Akihisa that’s enough! Letting her stay here is going to cause us nothing but trouble!”

“…‘I want to see your surprised expression’…the ‘terminal of friendship’…the ‘new world’…”


Before my cries of agony reached Tamano-san, she skipped out of 2-A’s classroom. Argh…to what extent is my pride going to be trampled on…?

“Hm…looks like I can’t continue talking like this now. Let’s start over again since it can’t be helped.” My enemy as well as the mastermind behind this, Takashiro-sempai, continues on as he sees us in this commotion.

“Takashiro-sempai, can I speak with you for a moment?”

A male student stands in front of Takashiro-sempai.

“Hm? You’re the second ranked of the second years, Kubo Toshimitsu-kun right? What do you want with me?”

“Well, it’s very awkward to say such a thing to you, sempai—”

Kubo-kun nudged his glasses and warned Takashiro-sempai.

“—But I can’t just let you go back like this you know.”

And then, Kubo-kun lowered his upper body as he faced Takashiro-kun. To the serious Kubo-kun, I guess it’s really hard for him to accept the ridiculous proposal from the 3rd years. He may have sounded really calm, but I’ve never seen him so angry up till now.

“Kubo Toshimitsu-kun, if you have any objections about the proposal us 3rd years made—”

“That doesn’t matter now.”

Kubo-kun immediately denied this. What is he trying to do?

“Sempai, just let me beat you up or I won’t be able to relieve my frustration”

“So you’re going to punch me once for the sake of your friend?”

“No, for Yoshii-kun’s—and my sake. Two punches altogether.”

Why is he counting me in this too?

“I see. I don’t like violence—but at this moment, it looks like I can only play along with you.”

“Even if you’re an upperclassman, there are some boundaries that are not meant to be crossed but you have crossed them. I’m going to beat you up with Yoshii-kun’s regret and my fury.”

Wh-why do things feel very complicated here…I have to say something, some joke to calm the situation now! Erm, erm…!

“Stop it you two! Don’t fight each other for my sake!”

“Don’t stop me here Yoshii-kun! I’ll take back your trampled pride for your sake!”

“Alright, Kubo Toshimitsu-kun, if you insist, I’ll be your opponent for now.”


What’s going on…they won’t stop no matter what I do now…!?

“Oi! Heroine! If you don’t do something, we’ll end up with a situation we can’t handle!”


“First your lips were suddenly taken away, and now guys are fighting over you…aren’t you the heroine since you’re in the middle of all this?”


“What is it Akihisa?”


“Wait! You’re really crying!?”

“Because Yuuji said (sobs) something really cruel to me (Snivels)”

“Don’t cry Akihisa. You’ll cause a bigger commotion if you keep crying here!”

“Damn it—! Either you or Takashiro-sempai can go kiss that old hag of a principal and become unfortunate! Consider this a wish from me!”


How selfish! He’s not going down to hell with me here. What kind of classmate is he!?

“Hey, Mizuki.”

“What is it, Minami-chan?”

“Exactly what happened in the end?

“I-I don’t really know…I came here late, so I’m not really informed…”

“I’ve been here right from the beginning, but I don’t understand what’s going on at all.”

“Ahh, that’s enough! You brats are really noisy! Quiet down and listen to me!”


The principal’s interference caused us to interrupt our showdown when we could nearly do so, and the class F members all shouted in unison as they were vexed because of this.

“Kubo Toshimitsu-kun and everyone from class F, please calm down”

Takashiro-sempai, who had a stareoff with Kubo-kun, stood in front of the principal while seemingly trying to mediate.

“How do you expect everyone to calm down here! Someone interfered with our wish here!”

“And you made us see such a disgusting thing! How do you expect to compensate us here!?”

“You and that old hag can scram! Bring out Kogure-sempai!”

The members of class F started yelling at Takashiro-sempai and the principal.

“Is that so? I understand why everyone’s unhappy here.”

Takashiro-sempai answered in an extremely calm manner.

“Obviously as everyone can see here, the principal indeed does not have a nice appearance.”

Is this really the main point of this issue?

“Takashiro-kun, that’s enough”

Kogure-sempai has the same idea as me, and although she tried to advise Takashiro-sempai, he continues on.

“The principal really isn’t pretty—and I can even say that her looks aren’t even average.”

“Please stop. Don’t continue on any further.”

“Ehh…I might even say that it’s more accurate to call her ugly!”

“Please calm down, Takashiro-kun! The principal will really become your enemy in this case.”

“Relax, Kogure. Right from the start, I’ve been treating everyone here as my enemy.”

“But people’s worth isn’t decided by their appearance! You have to listen to the principal even if she’s ugly! Even if she looks like this, she’s still able to talk with others here!”

“I understand now, Takashiro-kun. Looks like there’s still a need to further educate you.”

Kogure-sempai herself may not have that intention, but she let out a sigh in a really bewitching manner.

Also, is Takashiro-sempai’s head really alright here…?

“Alright, we’ll leave Takashiro’s punishment to Kogure…now let’s get back to the main point about the ‘summoning war between the second years and third years’.”

It seems that the principal agreed to the fact that Takashiro-sempai needs to be punished as she changed the topic.

Upon hearing the summoning war issue pop up, Yuuji’s expression changed.

“Principal, let me get this straight. Do we have the right to refuse this war?”

“If there is, you don’t think that I’ll deliberately make my way here to interfere in your war, right?”

“That’s true. Just to be sure.”

Yuuji nodded away, seemingly expecting this.

That’s true, if we can reject the principal’s proposal even after her interference, she’ll really deserve a thousand deaths or more.”

“So what about that? It’s enough for us to kill you here…!”

“We planned to use that large display for a viewing party…!”

“How do you intend to compensate me when I was going to rub my face on Kirishima-san’s seat here…!”

Never mind. It doesn’t matter whether it was the case or not, since the end would be the same for her either way.

The principal looks like she’s trying to appease the furious class as she tries to warn them not to do so yet.

“Anyway, there are still a lot of things you want to say to me, right? But you can leave it for the time being can’t you? You can boil me or roast me however you want after this anyway.”

“I understand. Once this is over, I’ll kill you without remorse here.”


The principal answered in shock. What are you shocked about? You’re the one who said this. It’s not weird to have whatever outcome happen to you after this, right?

“A-anyway, The summoning war between the second and third years is an established thing so we can consider this to be a school event.”

Since it’s a school event, we naturally don’t have room to object. Of course, boycotting it is a completely different case altogether.”

“Let me ask you again, old hag. What’s being bet on this year?”

“The facilities of the respective years. The losing year has to give up its own A, B, C, classrooms, for the winner’s D, E, F classrooms.”

“In other words, as long as we win, we can get their A, B, C classrooms…?”

“That’s how it is.”

“Is that condition really fair to us?”

“Huh. They won’t give up anything even if they lose, right?”


Yuuji said while nearly clicking his tongue. What’s going on?

“Think about it, Akihisa. There’s still 2 months before the 3rd years can have their study break. Even if they lose their facilities, they can just stay at home to study, and they don’t have to come to school to study at all.”

As the private Fumitzuki Gakuen is called a prep school, the free school period is earlier than the other schools. It’s true that the 3rd years don’t need to attend school starting from December onwards.

“In contrast, we second years have to study on until March next year. The benefits are the same, but the risks are different, which makes things unfair for us, right?”

“That’s not true, Sakamoto Yuuji-kun. We third years have given up on the ‘precious time before the exams’. Don’t you find that our risks are equal?”

“Well, in that case, how about we maintain the status quo for each other’s sake.”

“That’s a pity, but you can’t do that.”

A little boy suddenly appeared from behind Takashiro-sempai. It’s the overseas exchange student Linne-kun.

“Why not, Linne-kun?”

“Because I came here to watch this summoning war!”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Un! So I’ll be troubled if you interrupt this war!”

Even if you tell us that…

“And this will be more troubling for you, isn’t it, Akihisa? This war will involve the sponsor’s mmm—”

“It’s not good to rattle off like this, brat.”

Linne-kun wanted to say something, but his mouth was covered by the principal from behind.

“Cough, I see…sorry Toudou.”

“Good that you understand.”

There’s probably some reason amongst the adults, but it seems that the principal doesn’t want Linne-kun blurting it out.

“I don’t really understand the situation, but it seems that we’re not really at a loss of what to do.”

It seemed that Yuuji thought of something as he went over to Linne-kun.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Oh brat, I think you said that you like tras—Akihisa, right?”

“Right, I really like tras—Akihisa!”

I resisted the urge to argue back.

“And then, you’re the representative reporting the situation in this school, right?”


“Then it’s simple. For your most beloved Akihisa, just report that this school is in great condition. All problems will be settled then.”

“I see! Nope!”


Ah, there’s a popped vein on Yuuji’s head.

“Why no? This idea’s really logical.”

“Because I like the cool Akihisa. I can see Akihisa’s cool side in a summoning war, so you have to do this!”

“Listen up, brat.”

Once he said this, Yuuji placed his hands on Linne-kun’s shoulders, and answered seriously,

“If you want to keep believing in that illusion, it’s best that you listen to me.”

“Oi Yuuji, you’re saying that a summoning war can kill someone’s illusion like that!?”

“I can’t stand it if this brat goes crazy due to despair.”

“There’s no problem! I only saw two summoning wars, but Akihisa’s really cool!”

In this situation, anyone can see that Linne-kun’s on my side here.

“Sakamoto Yuuji-kun, no matter what you said, the principal has already agreed to this summoning war. Let’s just treat it as a school official event .”

“Huh? So the third year upperclassmen are that obedient?”

Yuuji answered back Takashiro-sempai in a sarcastic manner. It seems that he’s still furious that the war with A class was interrupted.

“Pardon me for interrupting here.”

Hideyoshi, who had been observing things up till now, suddenly raised his hand.”

“What is it?”

“Hm, well, how about the second years can make peace with the third years and declare this contest as a draw? In this case, the third years won’t have to waste time that can be used to prepare for the exam.”

Hideyoshi’s proposal is good.


“No, if you’re going to do such a stupid thing, I’ll tell the higher ups something bad here, you know?”

Linne-kun immediately refused.

“But Linne, your beloved Akihisa will feel troubled by this.”

“I said no! I like this cool Akihisa here! Akihisa will be sad if I end up not liking him!”

Linne-kun, I’m happy that you’re saying this about me, but this is like saying that I’m not likeable outside the summoning war.

“And Akihisa’s not only my hero! I know that!”

And then, he gives a meaningful look at my pocket and Minami. My pocket should have a translated text of some random English book, right?

“Linne-kun, what’s on the paper you just gave me?”

“Un, it’s something really important.”

Something important to Linne-kun…it’s most likely something regarding the summoning war, or maybe about the school exchange thing.

Takashiro-sempai probably had the same idea as me as he lowers his head at me.

“I’m really sorry, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, but can you please hand me the paper he just mentioned?”


“Maybe there’s some personal career path written on it or something.”

“Career path?”

“Yeah. It’s really private.”

Speaking of which, what’s Takashiro-sempai’s personal career path. It’s useless to me even if I read it…what shall I do? I just feel annoyed if I have to just hand it over like this for some reason—

“I don’t feel this way, but are you somewhat in my personal information, Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

“Take it, you damned thief—!”

I take out the letter from my pocket and throw it hard at Takashiro-sempai. What kind of joke is this! I don’t have any interest in this immature upperclassman at all! I like normal girls!

“Ah…the content of that letter isn’t about that…”

“Eh? What’s written on it then?”

“That? Erm…it’s really something private!”

No, I’ll say that I don’t have any interest in Takashiro-sempai’s private affairs at all.

“Good grief. We’re not getting anywhere at all.”

Upon seeing our rally here, the principal deliberately sighed.

“But principal, even if you want us to accept this immediately…”

“Be quiet. I’ve already said that this is already established right from the beginning. Don’t you find that it’s more constructive to talk about the details of some things rather than waste time like this?”

The principal said with a somewhat stern tone. It’s true that since we’ve decided to hold this summoning war, our conversations don’t have any meaning. Since our important war was already interfered with, there might not be much time left.

Upon hearing the principal say this, Yuuji deliberately snorts and answers,

“Tch, damned old granny…okay. I can’t accept this, but since I understand the reason behind this, let’s talk about this summoning war.”

“As expected of you, Sakamoto Yuuji-kun. That’s really a wise decision.”

“I’m not happy that you’re praising me, not at all.”

The conversation’s now getting into the main point.”

“Then, damned old granny, what are the rules of this summoning war?”

“It’s about the same as an ordinary summoning war.”

“So that means that it’ll end when the reps for both years are defeated, right?”

“That’s how it is.”

If we’re talking about the representatives for both years, the 3rd year’s rep will be Takashiro-sempai in front of me here—

“And considering that the battle was ended prematurely just now, the second years’ rep will be Shouko.”

—And it would end up like that.

“At the same time, there seems to be some special rule for the other class reps.”

“Right, as long as a class rep is defeated, all the members of that class will have to head to the remedial room.”

In others, if Yuuji is defeated, our F class will have to head to the remedial room. Should we take down the general immediately? Or do we weaken each other’s fighting strength by beating the class reps? It’s really hard to choose.

“Then what about the subjects of the summoning war? Us second years have a difference in choice of subjects compared to you, right?”

“That’s basically it. We’ll base it on the subjects tested in the National Center Test.”

“““The center test[5]!!?”””

Takashiro-sempai’s words caused everyone to be shocked.

Impossible, we’re using the Center Test’s subjects…we’re using the Center Test’s subjects for this summoning war!?

1. State the defensive position of Center Field in baseball [6] 2. State the position closest to the hoop in basketball, the Center [7]

What’s that upperclassman saying out of a sudden…!? Is he an idiot!? I can’t stand this no matter what!

“It’s really weird to have such unrelated subjects for such a thing here!”

“Oh my? Yoshii Akihisa-kun, if you don’t intend to take the Center Test, are you planning to enter a private school?”

“Private!? Please don’t say such an off-topic thing here, alright!?”

“Shush, Akihisa. The fact that you don’t have plans for your future may be leaked just like this, you know?”

I’m thinking about it! At least I know that I can’t possibly be a professional baseball player or a basketball player!

“Well, Akihisa-kun, please talk with me over there for a while. I’ll tell you everything about the Center Test, okay?”

Since Himeji-san says so, I follow her to a corner of A class. Himeji-san’s not too familiar with baseball rules, but she actually knows about the professional Center Test?

<What is the Center Test?> [8]

It’s an abbreviation of the National Center Test for University Admission, an independent administrative common Test that is held in the entire country at the same time. It is held before the universities begin their recruiting, and is held on the first weekend before January 13th.

~Taken from the ‘Daijien’[9]~


“Akihisa, what is it? Why are you honest out of a sudden?”

“Maybe you don’t know about the Center Test at all, Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

“No, that’s not it. Well, I just mixed it up with the sports recommendation thing there. It’s not like I don’t know about it…”

Upon hearing my answer, Takashiro-sempai shrugs his shoulders in an exaggerated manner.

“…As expected, such a person who doesn’t plan ahead can’t be with you, Miss Himeji Mizuki.”

“No, this isn’t it! Akihisa-kun’s just a little bad at studying and common sense, and he doesn’t know about current affairs, that’s all! It’s not like he doesn’t plan ahead!”

“Yeah, Himeji’s right! You should be praising him for not mixing up the term ‘center’ with the ‘setter’ in volleyball!”

“Okay okay, Aki’s working hard already. I believe he’s a kid who can succeed as long as he works hard at it, you know?”

Uu…no matter whose opinion is it here, the damage to my pride is really great here…!

As I’m thinking about this issue of pride, Yuuji immediately gets back to the topic at hand.

“But since the test subjects selection is based on the Center Test, isn’t it beneficial for you upperclassmen?”

“But this is the best choice for both parties, right? Our Fumitzuki Gakuen here is a prep school after all.”

Takashiro-sempai smiles as he receives Yuuji’s glare.

“Then, what about health education? Do we scrap that subject completely?”

“I suggested it to the principal…”

“But I can’t allow this here. Both second and third years are studying health education. Are you unhappy about having this as a tested subject?”

Without health education, the fighting strength of our F class will drop drastically. I really want to support the principal for making this decision here.

“Then, I suppose my explanation ends here. The summoning war will happen a week later, and I’ll notify you of any further rules later.”

The principal ends this conversation with an urgency of wanting to end her explanation.

“Hm? A week later?”

“Are you unhappy about this?”

“No, this isn’t what I mean…”

I might say it’s a good situation for us second years here. A week is enough time for us to replenish all our depleted points in the summoning war completely. Takashiro-sempai probably knows this as he asks the principal for confirmation again.

“Principal-sensei, do you seriously want to carry this out a week later?”

“You’re noisy here, Takashiro. Didn’t I say that the scale of this war is going to be 6 times that of before, and that I need the time to prepare?”

“So that’s how it is…”

If this is really the case, it’ll be really strange. Since there’s still a week left, why must she deliberately make her way here to stop our battle? We were so close here.

“The war will begin a week later at 9am. The entire school will be used for this. Do prepare well before the day of the war.”

The principal left these words, and left the classroom.

“Un…ah, never mind. You’ll know about what’s written on that letter one day, Akihisa. Don’t mind too much about it!”

“Sorry to intrude on the second years. I’m really looking forward to the summoning war next week.”

And then, Linne-kun and Kogure-sempai proceed out of the classroom.

Just when I suspect that Takashiro-sempai will stay here, he proceeds to walk towards me. What does he want..?

“Takashiro-sempai, you still have something you want with me?”

“Do relax, Yoshii Akihisa-kun. I’m not looking for you now. But since there’s a chance now, I want to talk with Miss Himeji Mizuki here.”

The moment Takashiro-sempai said this, I immediately got in front of Himeji-san to prevent him from approaching her.

“I’m sorry, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, but can you let me through?”

“It can’t be helped, Takashiro-sempai. Since you intended to do something strange to Himeji-san just now, I can’t let you approach her again.”

If you want to forcefully kiss Himeji-san again, I’ll send you flying.

“As expected of you, Akihisa, your readiness to kiss a man is not just for show here.”

“…Are you addicted to it?”

“Akihisa’s moving further and further away from us here…”


W-well, I’m mentally prepared to take this level of disaster for Himeji-san’s sake…but I really want to avoid such a situation here.

“I’m really sorry, but I want to talk with Miss Himeji Mizuki, not you.”

Takashiro-sempai intends to ignore my existence, and immediately heads off to Himeji-san.

“Is that so? I’ll pass on your words to her then.”

At this moment, I got right between them to prevent sempai from moving.

“I want the two of us to talk together. Can you please move aside for now?”

“I understand now. Himeji-san said ‘please wait for me in the incinerator. I’ll go over there once I find a matchstick or a lighter’.”

“My Miss Mizuki won’t say such a thing…!”


Sempai continues to use his footwork and feints to get past me, and I try my best to block his body. Our battle’s like a one vs one duel in basketball or soccer here.

After a little struggle, we both stop at the same time, and our shoulders are heaving as we pant.

“Haa…haa…you’ll be hated if you’re too annoying, sempai.”

Himeji-san now doesn’t look like she likes Takashiro-sempai, but it’s best to agitate him now.

“Annoying? Being hated? What are you saying, Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

In response to my words, Takashiro-sempai seems rather surprised as he shrugs his shoulders.

“What’s there to be hated in this enthusiasm from my overflow of love here?”

“Everyone normally call such a person a ‘stalker’.”

He probably doesn’t realize it himself.

“…The enthusiasm from the overwhelming love…I can understand this.”

“Kirishima-san!? You mustn’t understand such a thing—I want to say this, but I think that you two have similar thoughts here!”

Kirishima-san nods away as she looks at us.

“Yep. It’s just like what the second year valedictorian said. Enthusiasm is an outstanding weapon. Nobody’s unhappy about being confessed to by the opposite gender, I suppose? I believe these feelings will be accepted by her one day.”

“If this sort of thinking is correct, I believe there won’t be a thing called unrequited love here!”

And the term ‘stalker’ most probably won’t appear.

“But Yoshii Akihisa-kun. Please calm down and think. Since the second and third years valedictorian have the same view, the answer should be obvious, right?”

Wha-what’s going on…? I should be the correct side, but I’m being attacked by this weird logic. Is-is there anything I can use to argue back?”

“Speaking of which, the girl I’ve been concerned with recently seems to be tailed by a stalker recently.”

“Is that so? That’s really scary. I think I shall strengthen the security around her because I’m worried.”

“I’ll do this too. I better watch around her house for her sake.”

“Right! You see this, sempai? What you described and what these F class people plan to do is basically the same thing! This sort of thinking is definitely wrong!”

“No, they’ll be the only ones who’ll be viewed as disgusting stalkers.”


Because of Takashiro-sempai’s words, killing intent immediately erupted everywhere in this classroom. The difference in thought process between us and this upperclassman is probably so deep that nothing can bury it anymore…well, leaving aside what those three look like, they’re basically doing what stalkers do, so it’s necessary to report them to the police later.

“Do you understand, Yoshii Akihisa-kun? Even if there’s nothing special about it, she’ll be happy if I devote all my time to interact with her, right?”

“What are you saying!? Kirishima-san’s enthusiasm to snap Yuuji’s neck forcefully is because of her heart as a young cute maiden, but what you’re doing is a crime here!”

I think I just heard Yuuji’s voice, but I just have to ignore it now.

Just when I’m feeling that Kirishima-san will probably be angry at this, I glance aside at her,


But she has her hand at her lips, seemingly thinking about something.

“What is it, Kirishima-san?”


Kirishima-san nods slightly as she answers me.

“…I was just thinking. If what sempai said was true, why did Yuuji not express his love to me…?”

Kirishima-san is in deep thought. In what aspect is she thinking of here?

Hmmm…there are all sorts of reasons here…

“That’s definitely because—”

Just when I want to explain,

“Anyway, Miss Mizuki, can I have some of your time?”

Takashiro-sempai approaches Himeji-san during this pause. Damn it, this guy’s really annoying…!

“Ahh, that’s enough! Please behave and leave Himeji-san!”

I got in front of Himeji-san and face Takashiro-sempai.

“I’m talking to Miss Mizuki here. Please don’t get in our way.”

Takashiro-sempai intends to avoid me as he approaches Himeji-san.

“Sorry, but there’s nothing I want to talk about with Takashiro-sempai…”

And Himeji-san firmly refuses him even though she looks really scared. What’s going on? For some reason, I feel that this is the first time Himeji-san’s avoiding someone like this.

In response to her rejection, Takashiro-sempai places his hand in front of his chest, and loudly proclaims with a serious look.

“Miss Mizuki, you are mistaken about me. I don’t have any intent of harming here. I just want to tell you a piece of good news.”

“What? The good news is…”

“Yes. There’s a chance that the mentioned thing beforehand can be cancelled.


Upon hearing Takashiro-sempai’s words, Himeji-san appears from behind me. Takashiro-sempai then looks really happy as he sees her approach him, and says,

“I lied.”

At that moment, Himeji-san’s face became gloomy.

“That’s too much, Takashiro-sempai…this lie is too much…”

“I'm really sorry, but I guess this is the only way I get to talk with you.”

Takashiro-sempai apologizes with a sincere look, but is he really feeling sorry? It really seems suspicious because of that smile before this.

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, please don’t make such a sad face. Your distressed look is really the scariest form of torture to me…”

“Please don’t lie to me anymore. You’ll just bully me, Takashiro-sempai. It was the same for just now. We finally managed to get the chance to get A class’ facilities…”

“These things are done for your sake, Miss Himeji Mizuki.”

? Takashiro-sempai said something weird. We’re getting A class facilities for her sake, so why is it that this interference is considered helping her?

“It’ll take some time, but I believe you will trust me one of these days. The same goes for the issue about the sister school—”


Himeji-san suddenly exclaimed loudly, and I inadvertently widen my eyes.

“But that thing will soon…”

“Even so, now’s not the time to talk about this, right?”

Himeji-san is really angry here, and her face is flushed red. Wha-what’s going on? Why is Himeji-san feeling so stressed here?

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, please calm down and listen to me.”

“No! Please return back.”

Even as Takashiro-sempai tries to calm Himeji-san down, Himeji-san won’t give him room to talk. I suppose Takashiro-sempai can’t continue on like this now.

“…I understand. I’ll take my leave today, Miss Mizuki, and I do sincerely apologize for making you unhappy.”

He says as he lowers his head deeply. It seems that he’s really sorry for angering Himeji-san.

And then, he lifts his head, and holds Himeji-san by the hands.

“I can’t really call it an apology, but may I know if you can have a meal with me next time—”

“Himeji-san’s not willing at all, Takashiro-sempai, so can you please head back now?”

I grab his hand from aside viciously.

BTS vol 11 037.jpg

“…Yoshii Akihisa-kun, can you please let go?”

“I refuse.”

At that moment alone, I feel that he’s showing a different expression, a hard glare.


After that, Takashiro-sempai glares at me with a cold expression.

“Is there anything?”

I was incensed by those eyes, and subconsciously increase the harshness in my voice.

“No, it’s just that I have a few thoughts after seeing your actions.”


“Yes. I’m thinking that since you have the time to get in my way, how about you spend the time reflecting?”

Takashiro-sempai says this as he shakes off my hand in an effortless and smart manner.

“So, what do you want to say?”

Anyway, since he has already let go of Himeji-san’s hand, I retract my own.

It seems that Takashiro-sempai’s telling off a student with bad grades as he continues.

“A long time, I saw how noble you were during the summoning tournament of the Cool Summer Festival. You were completely different from the rumors back then. You looked like a student that could be an outstanding student.”

Speaking of the Cool Summer Festival, it would be the battle I had with the Toko-Natsu pair. I’m not too sure what he’s trying to get at, but it’s not a bad feeling to be praised.

“No, it’s not that much, actually.”

“But after that, you never changed at all. It’s like you never matured at all.”

Looks like I was convinced too early…

“I-I did mature a little.”

“Do you feel your grades are good enough for A class?”


I can’t argue back at all.

“This is what I want to say. You say that you want to get A class facilities, but you’re not studying hard. You’re not working hard at all.”

This criticism pierce into my chest sharply.

And then, Takashiro-sempai takes a deep breath.

“How much meaningless time did you spend after that?”

He shows me an expression of wanting to knock me out, and says that to me decisively.

“Pardon me, but it seems that I delayed everyone quite a bit. See you for now. And Miss Himeji Mizuki, let’s meet again when you’re free.”

Takashiro-sempai raises his hand to bid farewell to Himeji-san, and then,

“Yoshii Akihisa-kun, a man being jealous is not cute at all.”

The last line was said to be deliberately just loud enough for me to hear, and then, he leaves the classroom.


I got hit in one vital point after another, and I can’t even groan.

I never matured. I never worked hard. Right, that’s how it was.

But even so—



My outburst shocks Hideyoshi, Muttsurini and the others standing near me.

“What’s the matter, Aki? Just let him say what he wants.”

“Yeah, and it’s a matter of fact that you haven’t matured at all up till now.”

“You think so too!? Do you think that I never matured at all!?”

“Are you an idiot…I knew this before that guy did. We’re…friends, right?”



“Anyway, calm down for now. Now’s not the time for idle chit-chat, right?”

Muu…I don’t find it idle, but there’s something more important than my pride here, just like what Yuuji said.

“Are you alright, Himeji-san?”

“Eh? Ah, yes.”

Once Takashiro-sempai left, Himeji-san’s angry expression disappeared, and she’s now looking gloomy.

“Then, there’s nothing troubling you, right?”

“It-it’s fine! I’m really alright!”

Himeji-san says this, but she’s obviously lying. There’s probably something she’s hiding in her conversation with Takashiro-sempai just now.

“Anyway, the summoning war’s cancelled. Let’s head back for now.”

“Right. Oi everyone! Let’s go back!”

Yuuji’s command cause everyone to leave A classroom slowly.


On the way back, I suddenly thought of something.

Takashiro-sempai knows the thing Himeji-san’s hiding from us. This really makes my heart uneasy.


  1. Those not familiar with the three kingdoms, the kingdoms are Wei(魏), Shu(蜀), and Wu(呉). The given Romanization here is how the Japanese pronounce.
  2. His answers are in hiragana, not kanji
  3. Kureshi (呉市). The 呉here is read as Kure
  4. 本望 – Ambition for a long time. Homo – read asほんもう
  5. The National Center Test for University Admission, a standardized test in Japan (大学入試センター試験). It’s the nationwide equivalent of a college/university entrance exam. Test subjects are Civics, Geography and History, Japanese, Science, Maths, and Foreign Language. Do understand that Health Education isn’t a tested subject.
  6. The original is a translation from Japanese to English, so I’ll reverse it here. The answer is 中堅手, chuukente.
  7. Same thing as above, answer is 中心, chuushin
  8. Author has kindly left this part in the story.
  9. The Japanese civil affairs website: