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Me, Kindred Souls and Flipping of Skirts[edit]

Me, Kindred Souls and Flipping of Skirts

"I think it's very unfair."

On a certain day, after school.

I'm in the classroom, saying this to Yuuji and Muttsurini,

"...The structure of your brain?"

"That's the rudest words you said right from the get-go, Muttsurini."

"For a human, it should be your entire body functions."

"Are you cursed to not talk without insulting others or something?"

Besides, aren't you two like double that of scumbags and trash or something?

"So, what's the unfair thing about?"

Yuuji, who uses an insult as a greeting, enters the main point.

"Well, to put it, how we're treated."

"What is it this time?"

"...We're already used to it."

"What's with you two being so weak?"

"Or rather, I don't know what you're talking about this time."


Both Yuuji and Muttsurni are looking at me as though I'm saying something weird here. These damned champion failures!

"Now then, think of the school festivals, seaside trips, summer festivals and all sorts of scenes in TV dramas."


BTS vol 08 229.jpg

Yuuji and Muttsurini look confused, but they proceed to do so anyway.

"Opening a cafe with cute girls wearing maid outfits, classmates who are shy because they're wearing swimsuits, cute girls who're embarrassed because they're praised for wearing a yukata. Do you have such scenes in your minds now?"


"...Really great."

Good good. Then.

"Now how about you compare that with what we experienced over the past year doing the same things?"

Me dressed in a maid outfit.

Muttsurini who was forced into a female swimsuit to lure Yuuji and me out.

Yuuji who's dressed in an unsuitable yukata and forced to sit on the pageant stage.

"--Don't you find it weird?"

""It's weird!""

Both Yuuji and Muttsurini exclaim as they widen their eyes in unison.

"Why is it that we're the center of all the embarrassing things here?"

"......Swimsuits are supposed to be centered around girls...!"

"Yeah! That's what I want to talk about!"

No matter what it was, it was embarrassing to keep thinking about it. It was the same when we're playing strip poker. The girls should be shyly stripping and giving both Yuuji and me eye candy, so why is it that us guys have to be the ones naked and clinging onto Ironman!?

"Now that you mention it, it's weird...why were we so willing to accept that treatment...!"

"...We're blind...!"

Both of them are shivering in rage. Right right. I'm happy that they understand that.

""This is--basically us being treated like Akihisa!""

"Wait a sec!"

It looks like these two really have a tendency to look down on me. I guess they're basically F class students given how they don't know that I'm better off than them.

"Anyway, this is what I mean by being unfair."

"I think I get the gist of it. You do make some sense from time to time."

"...These are the finest words you have ever said in this century, Akihisa."

"It's really great that you two can understand."

I shall pretend that I don't know that there's another 80 years and more in this century then.

"Now then, what will you do?"


"Now that you said this much, you probably thought of doing something now, right?"

Yuuji stares at my face. Hm. That's a good question. In fact--

"Flipping skirts."

"...Let's do it right now."

"Sit down Muttsurini, I haven't explained anything yet."

As to be expected of Muttsurini. He already prepared 4 cameras in two hands the moment he heard those words.

"Akihisa, what about flipping skirts now?"

"Hm, well, the reason why we're being treated so unfairly is because we're cornered by the girls most of the time."

"...So we're flipping their skirts. Leave it to me."

"Wait. Anyway, let me finish what I want to say first.

I manage to get Muttsurini to chill. There's a high chance this guy has already given up on our premises a long time back.

"Maybe the reason why we're forced to wear female clothing or stripped is because they forgot how embarrassing it is."

"I in other words, there's a need for those girls to physically understand how embarrassing that can be, I guess."

"That's how it is."

It's unexpectedly hard to make one embarrassed. However, they're girls wearing skirts, so there should be an easy way to do this, and that's to flip their skirts.

"...Akihisa, you just came up with the best idea--"

"Hah. How stupid."


Muttsurini's stunned by Yuuji's denial.

"We want to flip their skirts because of that? How stupid. I'm not doing it."

Yuuji puts on his backpack, and prepares to turn and leave.

"You loser."

I said it right at Yuuji's back, and at that moment, he stops, and turns around.

"What did you say, you punk?"

And then he gives me a dangerous glare.

But even so, I show no intention of backing down, saying,

"Isn't this the case? We're wearing pants, and they're wearing skirts. We're the ones with the advantage here, and you gave up on this sure-win battle! If this isn't the attitude of a loser, I don't know what else is!"


Yuuji's hit in his sore point, unable to say anything.

"And furthermore, you didn't realize you're treated unfairly until I pointed it out! You're already a loser to the core!"


Now Yuuji's putting his hand at his chest, groaning in pain.

And to give Yuuji a further nudge, I stare at him right in the eyes, saying,

“Think about how strong you used to be, Yuuji. Earn you pride as a man back!”

“Earn pride as a man...”

There seems to be something lighting up deep within Yuuji's eyes. I just need a little more push.

“Or are you going to be like that? Are you going to say that you can't do what I can do?”

“Th-that's impossible! I-I-I'll do it! Who's scared here!”

Yuuji gets up on his feet with enthusiasm. Alright! This is Yuuji!

“That's how motivated we need to be, Yuuji! Let's teach Himeji-san and the others the meaning of the word embarrassed!”

I too stand up.


“...You two can go first.”

Muttsurini, who's supposed to be the most pumped up about this, lets out these unexpected words.

“Eh? Why? Muttsurini?”

“A man like you's going to back away right now?”


“Then why--”

“...I have, insufficient blood.”

Upon looking, Muttsurini already has a pool of blood at his feet.

“'re already like this just by imagining it...”

“How much were you looking forward to it...”

“...(Shakes head)”

It's pitiful and awkward to see a pale Muttsurini shaking his head furiously here.

"Sorry to make you work, Himeji. You've been a great help."

"This little is fine for me."

"Seriously...that Yoshii and Sakamoto...really will only do their best when they're trying avoid doing all the chores."

"Ahaha...I'll be going then, Nishimura-sensei."

"Okay, thanks."

This conversation can be heard from the staff, and soon after, Himeji-san opens the door and arrives on the corridor.

"Hey, she's here, Akihisa. It's Himeji."

"There's nobody around us. She's completely alone. How convenient."

"Shall we go?"

"Yeah. It's a rare chance after all."

"Understood. Hope you start off with a win.

Yuuji and I exchange fist bumps, and I move towards Himeji-san while feeling pumped up.

Himeji-san notices me, and greets me.

"Ah, Akihisa-kun, you didn't go back yet?"

"Well, I was chatting with Yuuji in the classroom."

"I see."

While we're chatting away while strolling down the corridor.

I focus all my attention on Himeji-san's skirt.

"It looks like Minami-chan is still in school too. She says she has something to do in the library."

"Eh~ is that so?"

The girls in Fumitzuki Gakuen wear wine-red skirts. Even though the obedient Himeji-san is wearing the proper attire, the skirt is somewhat short. If I'm to flip it up at once, I'll probably have a sight underneath it. This act itself can be said to be very easy to pull off.

The problem is--

"? What's the matter, Akihisa-kun?"


The problem is that standing in front of that person is causing me to feel guilty.

"Oh, yes, I just got some snacks from Nishimura-sensei. Since everyone hasn't returned home yet, shall we eat them together?"

"No, erm, well..."


Right in front of me as I look at the skirt is a confused looking Himeji-san. This is bad...! I'll definitely be suspected--or rather, I'll just be treated as a pervert...!

But even so, I"m still hesitant on doing it, and I can't take action. While I'm like this, Himeji-san asks with a gentle voice,

"Erm, Akihisa-kun?"


"I don't really know what's going on, but please calm down and walk at your own pace. If you need to say anything, I'll be waiting here."

Himeji-san's giving me a smile. That's impossible! Is she an angel!?

(No...I can't do it...)

While I'm mentally prepared to think that the operation has failed.

"What are you thinking now, Akihisa? Just get down there and flip it."

The devil inside me starts whispering to me. Wh-what is this devil saying now?

"Guilt? Can it be eaten? Do you know how much humiliation you suffered? This is an eye for an eye. Now that you're standing here, there's no need to be troubled."

And on the other side, the angel in my heart says,

"No objections."

A long time ago, I've been thinking that this guy isn't an angel.

But if I'm going to run with my tail between my legs, I'll be scolded by Yuuji "Is your resolve just this much, you trash?" It's payback for the usual, so let's do this!




BTS vol 12.5 093.jpg

And then, I grab the hem of her skirt as I attempt to flip it.


Himeji-san stares at me, not knowing what's going on.

"What's the matter, Akihisa-kun?"

It looks like she doesn't know what I'm doing as she asks this.

"Eh? Ah, erm..."

"Ah, is there a loose thread on it or something? Thank you."

And she shows no intention of shaking off my hand that's grabbing at the skirt.


I hear Yuuji's deliberate cough from the corridor. This is the signal 'get back here' we decided on beforehand.

"I-I'll be going then, Himeji-san. I just thought of something!"

"? Oh, yes..."

"See you later then!"

I wave my hand at Himeji-san, and quickly retreat.

""Tch, this guy's so spineless.""

The devil and angel inside my heart noted in unison.

"Is your resolve that much, you bastard?"

"I have nothing to say to that..."

We're at the stairway corner, continuing with our strategy Since I was the one who said this, I should be willing to suffer this scolding.

"But even so, I guess it's pointless if Himeji's being like that now."

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"Have you forgotten our aim, you dolt? Aren't we doing these things to have Himeji and Shouko recall those embarrassing things?"


Speaking of which, that's really the case. Our aim isn't really to flip the skirt, but to do that.

"It's true that when I look at Himeji-san, she doesn't seem embarrassed in the slightest."

"Yeah. It's the dull Himeji after all. I'm guessing that even if you did flip the entire skirt, she'll be more surprised than embarrassed."

That'll be troublesome. We're just trying to make her experience the feeling of being 'embarrassed'. It's completely meaningless to shock them completely.

"But I can't think of any way that'll make Himeji embarrassed without shocking her."


"So let's leave Himeji aside."

"Erm, that's."

"We'll switch targets to Shouko."

Does this mean Yuuji wants to aim for the other target, Kirishima-san? I can't think of any good plan against Himeji-san, so I guess this is fine too.

"You're right. Let's do this."

"It's decided that. --oho, speak of the devil. Shouko's here."

Yuuji too surges towards the corridor with momentum. Alright, show me your ability.

"Yo, Shouko."


"Are you going back now?"


Kirishima-san shakes her head.

"...There's the scent of Yuuji lingering in the school, so I want to catch you before I go home."


"Hey, don't run away, Yuuji!"

I whisper to Yuuji to cheer him on right when he's about to slip away.

And then, Yuuji seems to have thought of something as he turns towards Kirishima-san again.

"Ahahaha. Leaving that joke aside for now."


Gacha. The handcuffs Kirishima-san has hidden on her falls onto the linoleum floor, causing a sound.


"You're fine! Don't be scared now, Yuuji! Get back your pride as a man!"

The hunter vs the skirt flipper man. Looking at the words themselves, it's hard to determine who'll win. This is tough.

"O-okay! I'll teach you who's faster now! Your restraining skills vs my hands!"

"...What are you saying?"

Yuuji, who'll normally run away immediately at this time, is actually facing Kirishima-san, and Kirishima-san blinks her eyes in surprise.

And right when this happens, Yuuji seizes the opportunity to reach for her skirt.


The calm Kirishima-san has great reflexes, and she understands Yuuji's intentions immediately.

And this Kirishima-san--

"...I'm somewhat confident of my underwear."

Having understood that, 'fufu' she puffs her chest confidently.



"...What's the matter, Yuuji?"

" all..."

The way Yuuji looks as he returns back is clearly that of a loser.

"Isn't this weird? Why aren't those girls embarrassed at all?"

We entered an empty classroom for our strategy planning, and Yuuji got agitated. This really is a weird problem.

"Are we wrong with how we're doing this...?"

"No, not at all, I guess."


If we go ask some passers-by, most will agree with what we're doing.

"Just an idea, I guess."


"Do those girls not really understand how they are being treated here?"

"In other words?"

"There's a chance that they forgot that their underwear isn't meant to be shown in front of others, no matter how embarrassing flipping their skirts is."

"I see..."

It's impossible to suggest that they're ordinary girls. I can't understand--but those two may be like that. They didn't hesitate to strip during that strip doubt game after all.

"In Himeji's case, I'm guessing that she never thought of a possibility of you flipping her skirt. In other words--"

"I see. I know what to do."

"You got this quick."


Both of us show grins on our faces as we leave the classroom together.


"Shouko-chan. You haven't returned home yet?"

"...Yes. Have you seen Yuuji?"

"Sakamoto-kun? I didn't see him, but maybe he's with Akihisa-kun."

"...Is that so?"

Our targets are talking together in the corridor linking the new school building and the old school building.

"They're both there? How convenient."

"Yeah. Let's start."

Once we nod at each other to confirm, we proceed to stand in front of them

"Ah. The ones we're talking about."

"...Yuuji. What was that about?"

The two of them walk towards us in large steps, stopping at a distance where we can flip their skirts.

"Listen up, Shouko."


"Listen up, Himeji-san."

"? Yes?"

We take a deep breath--

"Look, Shouko. Underwear itself is meant to be kept hidden and not to be shown to anyone of the opposite gender so casually. As for why it is, that's because there is a possibility that it'll help something in the opposite gender get excited and also stimulate something that will make that person's body grow in some way."

"Look, Himeji-san, I'm a guy. Even if it's my classmates, I'm interested in erotic things as much as the next guy is, no, double of them. When I see a girl wearing skirt, I've an urge to flip it up, and the devil inside me will ruin my common sense. It's wrong to think that anyone who won't usually do anything will remain the same today."

"...What are you saying?"

"I don't understand what you mean..."

""What we're saying--""

Yuuji and I reach for the girls' skirt with rugged determination, and we yell in unison,

""We're saying that we're going to flip your skirts (now)!!""


Both of them are looking at us worriedly. No no no! Our minds aren't weird in any way.

I'm worried that they're lacking in their danger senses. There's a need to add fuel to the fire!

"L-look at this, Himeji-san! Your skirt is about to flip! It's very embarrassing to have this done to you! You're troubled, right!?"

"Y-yeah, Shouko! You're being watched by us with lewd eyes now! W-what color is it today? Wahahaha!"

"Ah, yes, I'm bothered I have have my skirt flipped..."

"...I don't mind, but more importantly."

""...You have a teacher behind you.""



With our refined reflexes and judgment, we scamper away from the remedial teacher standing right behind us.

"These idiots can really run! I shall educate you thorough the values of morality and the iron fists until you die!"

"Isn't teaching by a fatal punch just being beaten up here!?"

"I can't imagine that to be a line from a teacher!"

"Enough already, obey!"


"What was that about, Akihisa-kun and Sakamoto-kun?"

"Probably some sort of a punishment game, or something."

Our great escape continues on for another 30 minutes.

"Haa, haa, haa...what...did we do wrong here...?"

We scamper around, and right now, we escaped to the archives of the library. Ironman probably never thought that we'll consider using the archives, so I guess we shook him off for now.

We collapse onto the floor, adjust our breathing, and carry out our third strategy meeting.

"What we did just now seems to have some effect on Himeji-san."

"I have the same thoughts."

Himeji-san just said 'I'm bothered if I have my skirt flipped'. If not for Ironman's interference, there's a high chance of it succeeding.

"The problem is Shouko."


On the other hand, I can't see any embarrassment from Kirishima-san. She just said '...I don't mind', and that's really something worth being happy--no, troubled over. With that, our original objective can't be fulfilled.

"Let's think of it in another way, Yuuji."

"What do you mean?"

"Kirishima-san won't feel embarrassed even if she has her skirt flipped, so we just need to do something that'll make her embarrassed."

"Hm. Logically however..."


"I can't think of any practical methods."

Kirishima-san typically only shows a poker face, and she's good at everything, so nobody has seen her fail due to embarrassment.


"It's fine Yuuji, I got a plan."

"Ohh? Really?"

"Of course. I did see Kirishima-san looking embarrassed. If there's an actual incident, I can guarantee it proudly."

"I can't really trust what you're saying...but we got no other choice. I'll just pretend that I'm bluffed and try this out."

"Alright, it's decided."

And so, we begin to make our preparations in the shadows of the books archives.

"Wait, Akihisa, I can assure you that this is completely wrong."

"Noo, that definitely can work. Didn't you say that such things are best left to a 3rd party before?"


"Okay, just go already!"


I kick a jittery Yuuji onto the corridor, right in front of Kirishima-san who's walking alone.


Kirishima-san stops once she sees Yuuji nearly trip over. Right, this is it!

"Take this!!"

From a blind spot, I pull off the haori draped on Yuuji like a mantle.

Appearing there is--a half-naked Yuuji with his shirt removed.


Kirishima-san's cheeks are reddening.

"Look, Yuuji! It's working!"

"Are you serious!?"

The one moment I saw Kirishima-san embarrassed was when we're playing that doubt game, the moment when Yuuji stripped.

In other words--

"Kirishima-san's embarrassed whenever you strip, Yuuji!"

"I didn't think it'll work...!"


"But Akihisa, Shouko's just watching me with glee right now."

"It's because you aren't stripping enough! Don't stop now, and take off your pants!"

"Wait, Akihisa! Isn't this very weird here!?"

"The weird ones are your heads!!"


It's probably because it's the second time Ironman appeared that this escape went unexpectedly smoothly.

“Damn it! I'm an idiot for believing in your suggestions!”

“You idiot!”

“I'll kill you.”

We return to the library again. Looks like there's definitely something wrong with that operation just now. I was thinking that it was a good idea.

“And besides, why is it that I have to strip to make her embarrassed?”

“You're right?”

“What do you mean by that!?”

I guess I better admit that we're a little off from our main objective.

“Well, at least we're still in one piece.”

“Though I managed to embarrass myself out there.”

Despite Yuuji complaining out there, that's because he accepted my idea and did it, so he has nothing to complain about.

Instead, he's muttering to himself.

“But why is it...I can't think of any good idea.”

“I thought it was a good idea to flip their skirts at first...”

Even if we pretend that it never happened, we'll be the ones losing confidence if we continue to fail.

“Hey, Yuuji, are we mistaken on something?”

“Mistaken? What do you mean?”

“Well, to put it that flipping a girl's skirt isn't something worth being embarrassed to them?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Are you sure?”


Yuuji can't answer. Even if he wants to deny it, he doesn't have the evidence.

“Himeji-san can't understand, Kirishima-san isn't embarrassed at all, and nee-san doesn't seem to mind about it.”

“Kudou will even flip it to show others, and Hideyoshi probably won't feel embarrassed about it...”

The common sense in our minds is starting to crack and break apart. So girls are like this after all?

“Yuuji, are we really mistaken here?'

“Wait, Akihisa! It's too early to make a conclusion now!”


“We got to be confident in ourselves! Amongst us guys and them, who are the ones with common sense?”

“Now that you put it this way...!”

I forgot that everyone around us is a weirdo. Yeah...! I can't just let myself be swept along with everyone. Even amongst us, I'm the only one here with common sense...!

“No, sorry. It's too much to ask common sense out of you. I'm being too harsh here.”

“Why did you add me to that list too!?”

While I'm saying this,

“Eh? Aki, Sakamoto? What are you doing here?”

Minami, probably checking on stuff in the library, just so happens to pass by us.


“Sorry Minami. Mind checking if there's common sense in my head?”

“Aki's common sense? I'm fine with that, but it doesn't seem to be something down there--”

“No hard feelings there (flips)”


Minami shrieks as she hurriedly presses down on the skirt I flip. Right! This is it! This is the reaction we want here!

“What are you doing here, Aki--!?”

Minami's so embarrassed her face is all red. I guess I had the right thoughts!

“See, Yuuji? I'm the one with common sense here!”

“Hm...guess I got no choice. I can only agree with you on this then.”

“If you have common sense, at least move away hand away from my skirt!?”

“Ah, yeah.”

Well, the fact that I have common sense is proven, so I follow what she said, and let go.

“Sorry Minami.”


Minami adjusts her skirt, and it doesn't look like she noticed my apologies as she flattens the wrinkles.

But it's really thanks to Minami.

“Thanks, Minami. I'm starting to have confidence in my own thoughts.”


Minami remains silent.

“We're worried that our common sense is shattered or something, so really, you've been a great help.”


Minami continues to remain silent.

“Also, please allow me to say this.”


“I didn't flip your skirt out of lewd intentions.”

“You alright, Akihisa?”

“Yeah, I just have my limbs shivering and my fingertips numb and my vision all swaying about so I can't move straight, that's all.”

“Is that so? I guess that's fine.”

It's thanks to a passing teacher that Minami wasn't in the mood to execute me any further, and it ends with me with some minor injuries. Now then, I can continue with the operation from before.

"Found you, Aki!"


It's not too soon after I felt relieved that I see a raging Minami charging over from the other end of the corridor. This is bad! If I get caught now, I'll be beaten so badly that I can't get up!

"Let's run, Yuuji--what the? He's not here!?"

"Akihisa! I'll escape this way, so you go the other way!"

"No! It's better for both of us to act together!"

"That's not it! It's better to scatter and ask for help like dolphins being pursued by carnivores!"

"That's just you wanting to save yourself right now!"

So despicable and shameless! That scumbag! Trash! F class!

"it's fine, Yuuji! There's only one Minami! We can work together to take her down. If we explain things--"

"You flipped! Onee-sama's! Skirt! You pigs! I'll trash you!!"

"...There's more now."

"...There's more of them."

The voice of the infamous berserker of class D can be heard. Information sure spreads fast, Shimizu-ssan...

"B-but! We only have 2 girls as our enemies. Using your arm strength, Yuuji, we probably can--"

"Yoshii!! Sakamoto!! What mischief are you up to this time, you bastards!?"

"...Yuuji. Being frivolous is the death penalty."

"I'll leave the rest to you, Akihisa!"

"Like I'll let you!"

With all my might, I dash after Yuuji who's trying to bid me goodbye.

It's probably because Yuuji realizes that he can't increase the distance from his pursuers (including me) that he escapes into an empty classroom.


Since Yuuji's hiding, I can't remain like this. With everyone me, I can only duck into the empty classroom...but I can't find anyone there. All I see are the open windows and the curtains fluttering thanks to the winds.


It's the voice of the pursuers closing in. What do I do? Jump down? N-no, there's...!

"Over here!"

I duck to the cleaning closet assigned to the classroom. If I escape from the window right now, I'll probably end up being chased by them when they can see me now. I might want to hide myself right now, and let Minami and the others keep chasing after Yuuji!

Having made such a conclusion, I then open the cleaning closet.

And inside it is,

"...There's someone inside."

There's Yuuji, who hid himself inside beforehand. Th-this bastard...!

"Hey! There's no other place here!"

"Ah! Wait! Go somewhere else!"

I press myself against Yuuji and force myself into the closet. Good thing it's empty, and the closet doesn't have any cleaning tools here, so we barely managed to stuff ourselves inside and lock ourselves.

(Don't squeeze in here, you bastard!! That's too reckless!)

(Shut up! You're the one who used me as bait and tried to escape freely!)

(You're thinking of the same thing anyway!)

We're arguing in the cleaning closet. At this moment,

"Akii! You're here, right!?"

Screech!!! Minami's rubber soles can be heard ripping as she arrives at the empty classroom. I guess her soles is melting because of the friction caused by the feet and the corridor. Seriously, for a girl in her ripe age, who is she?

"...Yuuji, I won't let you run away."

And she's followed by Kirishima-san. Shimizu-san and Ironman probably went somewhere else to look.


Yuuji and I hold our breaths. If we're discovered here, there's no way out. Even if I do use Yuuji as a shield to get past Minami, the second and third shots are ready to be fired, and I guess it can only be called despair.

"Huh? Minami-chan, Shouko-chan? You're being quite loud. Did something happen?"

"Ah, Mizuki."

"...We meet again."

Himeji-san appears as she just so happens to pass by this classroom. I hope Minami and Kirishima-san's killing intent can fade here...

"Listen to me, Mizuki, that Aki's really unbelievable."

"What's wrong with Akihisa-kun?"

"That guy flipped my skirt the moment we met."

"Ehh!? Really!?"

"Yeah. Seriously, he's like a kid..."

Now Minami's tone seems a little softer now as she lets out a long sigh. Huh? has she calmed down after talking to Himeji-san?

"So I'm thinking that when I find him later, I'm definitely going to snap his 4 limbs and 5 legs."

Sounds like the only thing calming down is her tone.

(What will you do, Akihisa? I think we should have you carry out a noble sacrifice to calm everything.)

(No! I'm surely that my limbs will be chopped up, so what's the fifth leg here!? Is my head going to be chopped off as a result!?)

(Don't worry. I'll bring you to the infirmary later.)

(That's not a wound that the infirmary can deal with later!)

While we're having such an argument in the cleaning closet, Himeji-san's troubled voice can be heard.

"I-is that so...then Akihisa-kun's really intending to flip my skirt..."

"...Yuuji too was serious. It shocked me."

"Hm? What's the matter?"

"Ah, no. To put it..."

"...Yuuji and Yoshii intended to flip my skirt since a while back."

"Huh!? Those two did that to you two, not only me!?"

"I'll be troubled if they're serious."

"...Me too. I'll be a little embarrassed if it's in school."

Oh? This is...?

(Hey, Yuuji. This is.)

(Yeah, this is what they mean by going a roundabout way to get to the point.)

Thanks to Minami, it seems Himeji-san and Kirishima-san realize that we're really intending to flip their skirts. Maybe we'll be able to get our main objective...!

"Anyway, I got to look for Aki."

"Do you know where he is?"

"I'm guessing that they went into this classroom...and got off through the window."

Looks like they're thinking we got out through the window, just like we planned. It'll be perfect if Yuuji's out there, but I guess I can be happy with this.

"I'll go outside to look. If you do find Aki, Mizuki--"

Minami says that, and just when she's about to leave the empty classroom, Kirishima-san calls out.


"? What is it, Shouko?"

"...No, the window."

"What's with the window?"

"--There's still dust by the window frame."


Yuuji and I gasp inside the closet. This is bad...! This is really bad...!

"Ah, now that you mention it!"

"There's dust on the frame."

"...It's impossible to jump over the window frame without touching it, so that means--"

"--Aki and Sakamoto are in this classroom, right?"


Now we're at our wits end. Escaping into this closet that's without a way out is going to turn out badly for us...!

(Damn it...! There's 3 enemies and one shield. Can I escape...!?)

And the scumbag of all scumbags is right beside me is trying his best to strangle me. Now even if I grab his shirt and try to use him as a shield, there's a high chance of his trying to fight back.

"...They're probably hiding."

"Yea. Where are they~?"

Through the gap in the closet, I can see Minami and Kirishima-san looking around the room.

And then, their eyes seem to stop here.

"But it doesn't look there's any place to actually hide."


It's a scene a hundred times scarier than the horror flick I saw a few days back. This is weird...! We just want to flip their skirts...!

Just when I'm mentally prepared to push all the blame to Yuuji like a man.

"Akihisa! Let's run!"

"Okay, Yuuji!"


Such voices can be heard from the corridor.

"That came from the opposite corridor, right?"

"...When did they?"

"I won't let you get away!"

Minami and Kirishima-san run out as they say this, and Himeji-san too follow them out. We-we're saved now, right...?

We remain inside the room juust in case they come back to check on us, before opening the closet door. Once we're relaxed from the extremely nervousness and the cramped positions, we can't help but collapse onto the floor.

"I don't know what's going on, but we're saved..."


Yuuji too sits down beside me.

And then, appearing in front of us is,

"...Good thing I made it in time."


Muttsurini arrives with a blood bag and a little recorder.

"You saved us, Muttsurini! Thank you very much!"

"Thanks to you, we can get out without dying."

"...Don't mind."

Our savior answers with a cool look. Even though he has tissues stuffed in his nostrils to stop the bleeding, he's showing the coolest face to us right now.

"Then, what do we do next?"

Right now, we're having a meeting at the staircase platform right before the roof. It can't be considered the safest place right now, so we want to make sure we got a plan as fast as possible.

"What else can we do, Akihisa? You forgot what they said, didn't you?"

"I guess."

Himeji-san and Kirishima-san finally do understand that we're trying to flip their skirts, and they're starting to feel embarrassed. If that's the case, looks like we can only go forward now.

"But even though we say this, looking at the current situation, us working in a group is tantamount to suicide."

Right now, we just need to go about flipping skirts, and we need speed and stealth to do it. In other words, it's more convenient to work separately and not attract the enemy's attention rather than working together.

"Let's split then. I'll go for Himeji-san."

"I'll go for Shouko. What will you do, Muttsurini?"


Muttsurini's looking as serious as he can while thinks, and then, he answers,

"...I'll go with Akihisa...!"

It feels like he made this decision after much agony. Since I still have Minami and Shimizu-san pursuing me, it's great that I have Muttsurini following me right now.

"OK. Good luck."

"Same to you, Yuuji. Do your best."

"...If I can make it, I'll get over to you as fast as I can."

The three of us give fist bumps, and we proceed towards our different objectives.

“...Found them.”

“As expected of you, Muttsurini. Good work.”

We have two targets to look for. Muttsurini manages to find Himeji-san and Minami walking together in the old school building. Great.

“...What do we do?”

“Of course we go for the kill.”

Now then, if we just need to flip their skirts, there's no need to continue hesitating. We'll flip them. Go in as one will, and don't hesitate!

"...Another 15 seconds."

Muttsurini takes out his camera and installs a large lens in it. That's already the level of a pro, and I nearly mistook him for a hired killer or a super sniper.


"Right, let's go--"

"Huh? Muttsurini-kun, Yoshii-kun?"


Right when we're about to charge about, a voice calls out to us, shocking us so much we jump. Th-this is bad! We got careless and didn't defend the back!

"W-well, Ku-Ku-Kudou-san."

"...What a surprise."

"? What's the matter? Why are you panicking so much?"

If she's suspecting us here, Himeji-san will find out. Got to outsmart her somehow!



Kudou-san immediately shows me a doubting look. Did I fail?

(...Akihisa, saying too much will make you suspicious.)

(So-sorry about that, Muttsurni.)

(...Leave it to me.)

While I'm suspected, Muttsurini looks like he's about to do something to Kudou-san. How reliable...!

"...Kudou Aiko."

"Hm? What is it, Muttsurini-kun?"

"...Let us go."

Muttsurini lowers his head really deep. that pose looks like he's giving up his shame and honor to beg.

But even so,

(Muttsurini's fists are trembling now...!)

The enemy's Kudou-san, who has lots of incidents with Muttsurini, and even if his ugly side is to be seen, he'll give up his pride for his objective.

Yes. All that for the sake of--

"...Flipping skirts...!"



I guess, it's bad, to mention that.

(Muttsurini, you idiot! It's bad that I'm suspected, but confessing it directly is going to make it worse, right?)

(...Sorry, I got excited.)

(Though it's not a feeling I don't understand, that is!)

We tentatively look at Kudou-san's reactions.



After pondering for a while,

"Here (flashes)."

BTS vol 12.5 127.jpg

Kudou-san proceeds to lift her skirt.

"...Humph. I have no interest in spats here (Sploosh)""Yeah, Kudou-san. Even soOOOOOO!!!?"""

Kudou-san's not wearing her usual spats.

"I--am--joking. This is the swimsuit for club activities. Did I shock you?"

Kudou-san gives us a teasing look as she says this. I-is that so? Swimsuit? It's so sudden that I thought...

"Seriously, Kudou-san, don't tease us here."

"Ahaha. Sorry sorry. It's just a little joke."

"How rude, seriously."

Both of us continue to laugh.

"...This...isn't...something...that with...a joke...(splash)"

And over there is the life that's about to fade along with that little joke.

"Now then, Yoshii-kun, what's it about flipping skirts?"

", it's nothing that important."


Kudou-san squints her eyes, giving me a suspicious look.

"I see. It's something to do with why Minami-chan's so angry now, I guess?"


Finding that it's a waste of effort to confirm, I dash with all my might. Then, I can hear a deep, rippling breath near the back of my head. It's dangerous!!

"Akihisa! You can go after you leave your limbs and spine behind!"

"The fifth leg's the spine here!?"

Now that I'm sure it's a fatal injury, I can't allow myself to stop in my tracks, and I'm dashing forward with all my might.

"Gu...! Because of Tsuchiya's nosebleed at my feet...!"

"Minami-chan, what is that about?"

"Hear me out, Aiko! Those idiots were--"

I can hear Minami explaining the situation to Kudou-san behind me.

Now the pursuers have increased, and there's heightened security. Looks like it's going to be tougher approaching my target now...

"...Aki...hisa..I'll leave...the you..."

"Speaking of which, what's wrong with this Tsuchiya?"

"For added safety, I'll make sure he can't move (flashes)"

"...Ahh...aa.......! (Splatters)"

Speaking of which, I'm supposed to have my limbs and spine snapped, while Kudou-san's basically rewarding Muttsurini. Isn't this really unfair here?

"Did you hear? That Yoshii and some others seem to be going around flipping skirts."

"Nishimura-sensei says to contact him if we find them."

"And they were peeping a while back. Such a terrible bunch of guys...!"

I can hear such chatter from the corridor in front of the stairs. This is's getting harder for me to act independently. In that case, it may be getting hard for me to achieve my objective.

"Anyway, let's get away from here first."

I give up on going to the old school stairs, and instead head off to the new school stairs. Since I don't know where Himeji-san is now, I think it's better that I calm down first.

"If I have to go the gym first."

The pursuers are basically lurking around in the school buildings, and there are club activities held in the gym, so there's a chance they may not know anything about it. Even if something does happen, there are many places to escape to at this level, so I'll probably let things go as they are.

So I head towards to the gym.

I can't find any pursuers, probably because Yuuji's acting independently, so I head into the gym.

"Hm? What, isn't it Akihisa?"

"Ah, Hideyoshi."

Once I enter the gym, Hideyoshi, dressed in gym clothes, talks to me. Looks like the drama club is using the gym today.

"If you're here at the gym at this did something, I guess."

How sharp.

"Eh...ahaha, it's nothing much."

I can't help but stammer. As for why that is? of course. Think, we're flipping skirts right now. It's basically an act of outrage against women.

"--I can't say this to a girl like you, Hideyoshi..."

"...You said it, Akihisa."


Hideyoshi's squinting her eyes at me. This is bad. Looks like I'm blurting out my thoughts.

"T-this isn't it, Hideyoshi! Don't be mistaken! I'm not acting based on any lewd thoughts here!"

"Before that, I'd like to comment about the me in your heart..."

Hideyoshi's puffing her face, probably looking unhappy about this. Looks like it's something really unforgivable to a girl, and I blurt it out...

It's tough waiting here. Right when I'm about to leave, she says to me,

" that case, I'll help you out, Akihisa."


Hideyoshi places her hand on her chin. She's going to help?

"Really, Hideyoshi!? It's hard for me to ask from a girl though!"

"...Even if I have to change your understanding, please allow me to help you out."

I don't really understand, but many thanks here!

"I'm sorry about this, but is there somewhere for me to hide?"

"No no no, Akihisa."

Hideyoshi stops me from trying to hide. Hm? She can't help me out here, can she?

"I don't know what's going on, but you're acting to make sure you aren't discovered, right?"

"You're right."

Right now, I'm being hunted by a bunch of girls, and I have to approach some girls. I need to find a place to calm down and solve this paradox of an issue, think of a counterstrategy, and take action.

"In that case, leave it to me."

"...Hey, Hideyoshi."

"Hm. Not bad."

"...Hey, Hideyoshi."

"Maybe the fake eyebrows should be a little thicker."

"...Hey, Hideyoshi."

"I'll change your hair from your usual color and style into long black hair. Now Himeji and Shimada won't possibly notice it."

"I say, Hideyoshi!"

"What is it, Akihisa?"

"...Am-am I being bluffed here?'

Soon after I'm lead by Hideyoshi into the changing room, the drama club's props and costumes in Hideyoshi's hands end up changing my appearance.

"I'm not bluffing you. Isn't this very logical?"

"No, ah. Though that's a little..."

Putting on a disguise is the best way for me to escape from my pursuers and approach my target. Since the pursuers are basically all girls, I think it's easier for a girl to approach a girl than a guy. Maybe that's the case here.


"Why is it that I'm wearing female clothing when I want revenge on them for making me wear female clothing...?"

"Don't think too much into it, Akihisa. Your brain will melt."

Is this what it means to be putting the cart before the horse?

"Okay, done. Even I too think of it as a complete work."

Hideyoshi nods as she looks at me. Since it's like this, I think it's too late to think about it. I try to convince myself of this as I continue to look at my disguise.

"Wow...there's no sign of it being like myself..."

"...What is that about, Akihisa? You don't sound happy at all."

Leaving aside the hair, even my face and eyes just doesn't seem to look like me now. It's said that Hideyoshi's so skilled in makeup it can be used for disguises, but this is a little hard, and I'm not sure what's that about.

"Well, let's leave it at that. I guess I won't be discovered now."

"Yeah, I'd assure you that."

The sight of Hideyoshi puffing his flat chest is really cute.

"Right, I'll be going then! Thanks Hideyoshi!"

"I'll hope that you'll have a good outcome out of this."

After thanking Hideyoshi, I proceed out of the changing room, out from the gym, and to the new school building. On the way back, I pass by a female student, but it doesn't look like I'm discovered here.

"Amazing...I don't feel out of place at all."

There's no need to run around like how I did just now, so I'm leisurely walking around, looking for Himeji-san.

At this moment, a cry can be heard from behind.

"The one there! Have you seen the trash who did something rude to my onee-sama!?"


I nearly blurt out a shirek, and barely manage to keep it in. Th-this voice is Shimizu-san's...!

"Wh-who are you looking for..?"

"Do you understand if I say that it's the only idiot and trash of a boy in this school?"

Is she referring to me now?

"I don't know..."

"Is that so? You didn't see him? Bye!"

Shimizu-san merely ends off with that, and then charges off with amazing furor. The 'I don't know' I just said seems like 'I don't know what you mean' to me, but it probably doesn't seem to be this case for her. Is it relally that anyone would have realized it's me after those conditions are named...I guess?

"Speaking of which, she never suspected me..."

Shimizu-san exhibits an amazing sense of smell whenever Minami's involved, but even she didn't notice this. I'm guessing that I managed to disguise myself well as a girl. Can I, really succeed here...?

While I quietly cheer in my heart with a guts pose, I continue down the corridor.

At this moment, I see Tamano-san, who's of the same class as Shimizu-san, approaching from the front.

"Erm, sorry, Aki-chan."


I straightened my back the moment she talked to me. Am I seen through...?

"--Should be somewhere in this school dressed as a girl. Have you seen him?"

Tamano-san says to me while I'm so nervous. I-I'm not...seen through...?

"Erm, that's..."

"Ah, sorry. Aki-chan refers to that Yoshii-kun who's the 4 time reigning champion as the sou-uke and the one I really want to see crying."


Eh...! I want to retort...! I want to retort at that ranking...!

But if I do so now, everything will be wasted. I'll endure it for now, and ask about that issue tomorrow.

"I-I didn't see him."

"Really? Thanks?"

Tamano-san lowers her head without suspecting me.

"Speaking of which, am--is Yoshii-kun really wearing female clothing now?"

"Yes, I'm very sure based on my instincts. There's no doubt Aki-chan's wearing female clothing now."

Scary...! This girl's really scary...!

"Now then, I'll be looking for Aki-chan now. If you see him, tell me."

"Go-got it."

"Thanks. I'll be going then."

I see off Tamano-san as she waves at me. I'm feeling chilly in many ways, but my real identity's not being seen through, and even that Tamano-san with that amazing sixth sense of hers hasn't realized it. This can work...! This can definitely work...!

"In that case, I'll just have to find my target...!"

Assured of my victory, I proceed to look for Himeji-san bold.

After wandering around in school, I see Minami, who seems to have calmed down, her temper's not flaring anymore. Now's a chance.

"Erm, sorry."

"Hm? What do you want?"

I pretend to talk to her as a junior, and she hasn't realized it's me. As to be expected of Hideyoshi's makeup.

"I'm looking for Himeji-senpai."

"Ah, really? I'll lead the way.:"

"Thank you."

Success. Minami hasn't shown any signs of noticing me.

Minami leads me to the old school building, to the F classroom I'm so familiar with.

"Mizuki--someone's looking for you!"

"Eh? Ah, yes."

Inside the classroom is Himeji-san, and once she hears her name, she skips over to me.

"Hello, Himeji-senpai."

I bow towards her like a junior.


"Sorry about this suddenness, but I'm looking for you."

I take a step towards her as naturally as I can, estimating the distance between us. It's probably 60cm between us now, a distance where my hand can reach. Got her!

"--Actually, it's this--!"

Saying this, the hand I let down quickly rises up, like it's pulling her skirt.


"Okay, that's enough already, Aki."

"Akihisa-kun, you mustn't, you know?"


That hand's grabbed by Minami in mid-air. Wh-what's going on!?

"Yo-you two knew that it's me...!"


"The long hair does fit you, Akihisa-kun."

Himeji-san and Minami are smiling as they look at me. How's that possible!

"Why!? This is such a perfect disguise!"

"No, there's no real reason to it, right Mizuki?"

"Yes. There's nothing to it!"

While I'm looking all sheepish, these two are nodding away in front of me as if it's to be expected.

And then, at this moment.

"Got you, Shouko!"


The voice of the idiot I'm already used to hear is right behind me. The moment I have this thought,

"Take this!"

With much guts in his roar, the skirt I'm wearing is flipped high up.


The voices of me, with my skirt flipped, and Yuuji, the one flipping the skirt, echoes through this school that's after class.

"What the. It still ends up failing after all."

"Looking at this, I guess it's your handiwork after all, Kinoshita."

"It's really amazing, Kinoshita-kun's makeup."

"Mmm...I do have confidence in this, but you two did manage to see through it."

"Well yeah."

"Yes. We noticed it right from the beginning."

"As reference, do you mind telling me how you realized it?"

" do I put it, huh."

"I guess if I have to say it, it is because of instinct."

""Because he's the one we like (after all).""