Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume9.5 Special Bulletin2

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Special Bulletin: Ironfist-sensei's Life Counseling Chatroom[edit]

Ironman-sensei: This time, we're going to go about doing the correct method of extracting information.

What does it mean to extract information?

There are many countless disasters in the world recently. Discard unnecessary information from the vast amount of information you can't handle. Do not try to understand what the reports are about. Just remember the necessary information. This is the so-called information extraction I'm talking about.

Ironman-sensei: What Sugawa did the last time was not information extraction, but manipulating the information through parts. The important thing is to not change the content of the information and keep what you find important or interesting. Do you two understand?

Yoshii Akihisa-kun + Tamano Miki-san: Yes! I'll try it out!

Yoshii Akihisa's Chosen Reports Also, our reporter had interviewed the other students who took part in this experiment, only to get negative feedback like “I got messed around hard. I had enough of this.” and “I don’t want to experience such a thing. That damned old granny’s definitely up to no good no matter what she does.” It seemed that just like how there are two opposing sides on the view of fortune telling, there are two opposing sides in regards to predicting the appearances of the children. Also, the aforementioned children-sized summoned beasts are just modifications of the summoners’ characteristics, and the children’s growth environments and social relationships are not considered. As for this, due to the fact that technology isn’t at that level yet, it wouldn’t be easy to count in other factors.

Class 2-F’s grades are improving.

According to rumors, class 2-F, hailed the number 1 worst class in the school, has been improving their grades recently. The general consensus is that part of the reason is due to the continual summoning wars helping F class to improve their grades. Class rep Sakamoto Yuuji-shi and Yoshii Akihisa-shi

have made huge improvements, and even Tsuchiya Kouta-shi and Sugawa Ryo-shi’s grades have improved by a little.

Home Economics Classroom exploded. Luckily, no one was hurt.

The Home Economics Room, which was opened for students to prepare their refreshments for club activities, exploded for unknown reasons. According to Himeji Mizuki-san, who was inside the classroom, “It suddenly exploded once I added Nitric acid, Sulfuric Acid and Glycerine last when I was making cookies.”

On the other hand, in regards to the news that the Home Economics Classroom has to be closed,

Fight against pressure in current society.

Works extremely well against stomachaches and vomiting!

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Please purchase from the Chemistry Department.

Proven to be unauthorized by the Government.

Nearby School walk-along and eat-along MAP.


From the school to the station,

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Tamano Miki's Chosen Reports boys can have babies with each other