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The Sixth Question[edit]

Question: In the following blank, please fill in the correct answer. The meaning will be ‘even with a small force, if one continues to persist, he will succeed’.

“Water droplets (_____)”

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“Water droplets (piercing through)”[1]

Teacher’s comment:

That’s correct. This term is created from how ‘tiny rain droplets that drip down from the roof can pierce through a rock after dripping for a long time at the same place’. Another explanation can be persistence is victory.

Sakamoto Yuuji’s answer:

“Water droplets (smashing through)”

Teacher’s comment:

The nuance is right, but the force is too great.

It’s a rare error, but there’s a student with the exact same answer as you, Sakamoto-kun.

BTS vol 08 011.jpg

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“Water droplets (smashing through)”

Teacher’s comment:

Honestly, it’s unbelievable. I really wonder whether you two are in cahoots at times occasionally.

Right now, F class is defended by several students with the top scores. The replenishing test is under way in the classroom, and C class didn’t try to break through the entrance forcefully when they saw us do this, but let about half of their of fighting strength take tests of the same subject as us.

C class will win if they can break through, but if they fail, they’ll end up losing to our class after the replenishing tests. It’s better to be steady and take the same tests as our class rather than take such a huge risk and go for the victory. This should be Koyama’s thought since she’s very cautious.

“And that strategy to render Himeji useless…”

There’s no reason for the enemy to force their way in, so once they’re done with the replenishing tests, they can launch an overall attack and attack F class in a complete state.

It looks like a steady strategy that makes use of the difference between C class and F class. The steady C class will have no reason to lose.





F class is full of momentum after hearing my instruction, and the C class students that came to observe us are all stunned. That’s right. The time now is 14:05. The replenishing tests only started 5 minutes ago, and it’s likely that everyone’s scores dropped. We’re using up our points instead of replenishing them.

“What are these guys saying—”


While the enemy was stunned, I joined in the battle at the exit to create an opening to break through. The real show’s still not up yet. Of course, the enemy got careless thinking that they will be alright if they go take the replenishing tests, and they were all defeated without much resistance.



Everyone, who’re full of momentum now, rushed out from F class. Of course, the target is Koyama, who’s at the roof!

“Tho, those guys are already out!?”

“Are the replenishing tests over!?”

“Damn it! Take down Sakamoto first! Sensei, please allow permission to—”

The C class forces that were waiting on the corridor were ready to summon.

But just when the summoning field was about to be activated.

“Kept you waiting, Tsuchiya! Show them what you got!”

“…That’s what I’ve been waiting for…!”

Shimada brought the health ed teacher here, so the subject tested here is health education, Muttsurini’s personal stage!



Since it’s a fight using health education, Muttsurini can’t possibly lose. There’s no problem with ensuring the exit before everyone from F class get out.

“Damn it, we won’t let you get past here!”

“Don’t think you won just by getting out of the classroom!”

“Come on! Summon!”

After the health ed summoning field was activated, the students who were on standby behind summoned.

“Sugawa, Shibasaki, Hanabusa!”


In response, we use numbers to counter them.

C class, Kawase Masato, Japanese History, 88 points.


F class, Sugawa Ryou, Japanese History 6 points.

C class, Teraki Takashi, Japanese History, 91 points.


F class, Shibasaki Isao, Japanese History, 5 points.

C class, Izumi Kotarou, Japanese History, 112 points.


F class, Hanabusa Shin, Japanese History, 3 points.

Like what everyone can see, the battles will be decided several seconds after this.

But the several seconds will be completely enough to get through the summoning field.


Just when Sugawa and the rest were delaying the enemy, we ran up the stairs and reached the area in front of the stairs. I then use the same strategy to fight with the enemy.

“I’ll leave it to you, Seto, Takahashi, Nakamura, Nunota!”


We use the moment of fighting to reach the platform of the stairs. There were enemies blocking the staircase leading up. We then use similar numbers to get past them.

Right now, it looks like we’re easily holding off the enemy, but this is only a move that we can only use now. As for why it is, that’s because half of C class are taking the replenishing tests, so they aren’t around. In other words, they don’t have enough numbers to defend the stairs, and it’s because of this that we can continue to break through.

—And this is an advantage only F class has.

The so-called replenishing tests will reset the points when they’re taken. In other words, no matter how good the higher-ranked classes are, stopping the test only after a few minutes will be almost no different from not taking a test at all. It’s unimaginable to bring people with such points onto the battlefield, and this is no different from going to the hellish remedial classroom head on.

However, our F class can do this. We’re used to low scores, remedials that are a part and parcel of life, and have an attitude of anger with how people view us as the weakest class. Since we’re always treated as idiots all the time, rushing onto the battlefield with these few points is way easy for us!

“They’re here!? Summon!”


“Hasawa! Hirada!”

““Okay! Summon!””

We got past the platform on the stairs and head up the 4th level.

It’s still okay up till now. The problem is the staircase leading to the roof. Koyama is thoroughly defended there, so there’ll definitely be a lot of people. We can’t use the same method to break through if it’s thoroughly defended.

That’s why I set up the dispatch squad. If Himeji can do her mission properly, I can break through here.

I look up at the destination of this so-called watershed of victory and defeat.

And then, what appeared in my eyes is,


That guy, who looked like he’s going to exhale all his tension.

And I naturally eased my tense lips.

That idiot…normally, he can’t do it. But in this situation, he was still able to get to Himeji.

I’ll say it honestly this time. He’s an idiot, but really, really—



We clapped each other on the hand and continued on to the roof. I got it! Leave it to us!

“He’s here! It’s Sakamoto!”

“Definitely can’t let him get past here!”

“Sensei, please allow us to summon! Summon!”

6 students from C class were standing on the platform of the stairs leading to the roof. If they summon here, it’ll be impossible to find a gap to go upstairs.


“Eh? Why aren’t they out!?”


I won’t let you do so! This is Himeji’s mission, to secure the classroom closest to the stairs and then let a teacher set a summoning field there. The platform of the stairs and the empty classroom are very close to each other, and it’s impossible to look at both sides. Normally speaking, the teachers that will normally check the summoning fields to avoid an interference did not notice this at all.

Also, if the summoning field isn’t activated, it won’t be considered running away from battle if I get past here!

BAM! The door leading to the roof was opened. Over there was the class rep of C class, Koyama, looking around.

“Yo, Koyama. You did quite a lot of interesting things there.”


Besides Koyama, there’re two C class students acting as escorts, but we still have leftover fighting strength.


One of them is Hideyoshi, who’s blocking the entrance to the roof to prevent enemy reinforcements from coming.

And there’s another.

“Sorry to keep you waiting! F class’ Himeji Mizuki, summon!”

Himeji, who’s done with the empty classroom mission.

In that case, there’re two people defending, while we have Himeji and me here. Right now, the situation has become such that if Koyama doesn’t summon, the outcome will be decided, and the rep will be left. Right now, Koyama has to summon her summoned beast, and she has no choice but to do so even if she understands that there’s no chance of winning this 3 vs 2 situation.


Koyama glared at us angrily.

What a pity, Koyama.

This victory—


BTS vol 09 236-237.jpg

“Speaking of which, Aki. I just asked you before, but don’t you have a cold?”

“Ah, un. It was yesterday, but I’m a lot better today, so I was just late.”

The summoning war ended, and it’s now after school.

Seeing me walk out of the remedial room as the summoning war’s over, Minami says,

“Really? You say so, but you still have a fever, right?”

Minami used her hand to tap my head, and then she put it on her own forehead to test the temperature.

Looking at Minami right now, I just recalled the kissing incident, and blood immediately gushed up my head. Uah…it was alright because I was too focused on the summoning war before this, but if this keeps up, there’ll be all kinds of evil thoughts…!

“The, then, Minami…”

“Wh, why are you blushing so hard!? It’s just a joke!”

I know that it’s a joke, but that act itself was tough to bear.

As I started to realize this, a lot of thoughts went through my mind.

I kissed Minami before, but that was in fact an act to get away from Shimizu-san. At that time, I accepted this fact, but there’s something weird about this. Do foreigners find this normal?

“Er, erm, Minami.”


“In Germany…do you greet by kissing?”

“Wha…!? What are you saying!?”

“No! it’s just that I’m a little curious! No real reason here!”

I explained to Minami, who panicked.

Damn it! I was too honest!

“Well, it should be a mistake, but at least around me, no one will really kiss each other to greet each other. And even so, it’s just on the face, not on the lips.”

“Is, is that so.”

In other words, that’s not normal for Minami, is it…?


“That’s why I say, why must you blush!? Are you really having a fever!?”

Damn it. I don’t dare to look at her face directly.

“What’s the problem, Akihisa? Your face looks like a cooked crab.”

This time, Hideyoshi’s very worried voice came from beside me.

“Aki, you still haven’t recovered from your cold, is it? Is it because you forced yourself to take part in the summoning war?”

“Un? Fever? I thought it’s because of the special cooking…let’s see.”

Hideyoshi then put the hand on my forehead. Ugh…


BTS vol 09 241.jpg

“It, it’s even hotter no!? You’re burning up!!”

I can’t take this! I can’t look at the other gender directly!

“What are you guys talking about? Don’t they say that idiots don’t catch colds?”

And Yuuji came along.

That lion-mane-like hair, the wild-looking face. Un un.

“Ahh, finally calmed down…”

“(Slides back) Don, don’t just grin blankly after looking at someone’s face. It’s disgusting!”

“—So I can calm down after looking at an ugly face…”

“I don’t know what you mean, but I’m going to beat you until you cry. Get out.”

The heat on my face was eased slightly. Is it because I have those fantasies because I don’t really think? Anyway, Minami herself doesn’t seem to mind the kiss, so I better not think too much. That kiss Himeji-san gave me this morning should have some similar reason as to why Minami did so back then.

“Nn? Where’s Himeji-san?”

I can’t do anything by just keeping it in my heart. Better talk to Himeji-san—but the important Himeji-san isn’t here now.

“Nn? Himeji? She went off with some strange kid.

“A strange kid?”

“Ahh, blond hair, green eyes, looks very Scandinavian.”

That’s most likely Linne-kun. I thought Linne-kun should be going home now, but he’s still in school.

“If she’s with a kid, Himeji probably went to the staff room.”

“Yeah. With Mizuki’s personality, she probably won’t let a lost kid stand around.”

“Is that so…”

The staff room? As the punishment inspector, I don’t really want to be there if there’s nothing for me to do.

“More than that, Aki, your face was really red since just now. It’s better for you to go back and rest earlier.”

“Yeah. You don’t want to fall now due to illness when we’re aiming for A class.”

Even though I’m not blushing because of the cold…

But if anyone asks me, it’ll be hard to explain. I better listen to Minami and go home. Even if I have to talk to Himeji-san, it won’t be good to talk in school where anyone can eavesdrop.

“How about I send you home?”

“No no. it’s fine. You don’t have to worry about me.”

The reason why I became hot was because of Minami and Hideyoshi.

“There’s no need to be kind with me. It’ll be troublesome if you collapse on the way, and also,”


“—I better clarify about you living together with Mizuki.”

“That’s it for today then! See you tomorrow!”

“Ah, hey!? Wait a second, Aki!”

And just like this, I went home early.

“Himeji-san still hasn’t come back…”

“Did something happen on the way back?”

I finally finished everything in the afternoon, and together with nee-san, who came back home early, I waited for Himeji-san to come back. It’s now time for dinner.

“Did something happen on the way back?”

“Is that so…?”

The sun is about to set, and it’s worrying. I better go back to the school to check.

Just when I thought of this.


“Ah, she’s back~”

I heard the doorbell from the entrance. Great. Looks like she’s back.

“Welcome back. You’re la—huh?”

“Hello, good evening.”

“Ah, yes, good evening.”

Once I opened the door, I found a 40+ year old middle aged man in a business suit. Wait, who is this…?

“Sorry for the late greetings. I’m Himeji Mizuki’s father.”

“Eh? Himeji-san’s dad?”

“Yes. My daughter here was taken care by you.”

Himeji-san’s dad bowed deeply at us. He really shows through his etiquette that he’s a real gentleman, and it seems that he’s a winner in life or something.

“Here’s a small token of appreciation. Please don’t mind.”

He handed over something in a packet. I really don’t know whether I should accept it now…but it’ll be weird to refuse.

“Sorry, you’re too kind…”

Anyway, I better bow and accept it.

Just at this moment, a girl’s profile appeared from behind Himeji-san’s dad.

“Otou-san, you’re blocking me there~”

“Ahh, sorry.”

The father apologized and stood behind, and a girl that was only at the height of my chest was standing in front of me.

“Nice to meet you for the first time. I’m Himeji Mizuho.”

“Ah, nice to meet you too. I’m Yoshii Akihisa.”

The girl nodded slightly. She looks to be slightly bigger than Hazuki-chan. From their similar expressions, I guess she’s Himeji-san’s little sister. I thought Himeji-san was a lone daughter, so this is unexpected.

“You’re here with your dad to bring your older sister home? Amazing~”

“Onee-chan? No, that’s not it.”

“She’s my wife.”


I stared at Mizuho-chan (san?)’s appearance.


A naïve expression, a petite body, and a cheery mood.

…Fm, I see.

“For safety's sake, I should call the police.”

“No need for the cops.”

GAK. Himeji-san’s dad grabbed my hand tightly. Such fluid movements. This guy…isn’t a normal lolicon, but a thoroughly hardened and seasoned lolicon…!

“Yoshii-kun, are you mistaking something about me?”

“Ha, haa…but, well…how to put it?”

“Please say it.”

We’re meeting for the first time, so I can’t say it so directly. Better go about in a roundabout way.

“I guess Himeji-san’s dad is the kind of person that’s called ‘loli’ at the beginning and ‘con’ at the back.”

“If that’s the case, you might as well just say it out.”

“Are you a lolicon?”

“…This is a little…too hurting…”

Unexpectedly, this person’s heart is rather weak.

“Anyway, look at this.”

Himeji-san’s dad took out Mizuho-chan’s driving license to show it to me. Well…the year, month and day is,

“I’m 41 years old this year~”


This is really a shocking truth! Did she mistake it for 14 years old instead!? No, I think she’ll be lying even if she says that she’s 14!!

“Well, I really hope that she has an appearance befitting her age too…I’ve been viewed as an offender countless times…”

“I feel that it’s about time for puberty.”

I think it’s impossible when she’s grown like this after 41 years. And when I look closely, the height doesn’t fit, but the curves do curve at the right areas. It’s really Himeji-san’s mother here.

“I hear that you’re Yoshii-kun, are you~?”

“Ah, yes.”

Mizuho-san stared at me over and over again.

I can tell how Himeji-san’s family summarizes me. That may be rather happy for me.

“So you’re the one on the cushion and the bedsheet—”

“Wait a second. How was I introduced!!?”

What’s with that bedsheet? Now that Himeji-san’s mother said it, I’m really wondering what’s going on.

“Aki-kun, do we have guests?”

While we’re talking, nee-san came out from the living room. On seeing nee-san, Himeji-san’s parents greet her,

“Nice to meet you. I’m Himeji Mizuki’s father.”

“I’m the mother.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Yoshii Akihisa’s wife, Akira.”


I frantically corrected. What in the world is this person saying!?

“Sorry, Aki-kun, I just blurted it out accidentally.”



“Mizuki-san’s parents, is it. It may be a bit rude to let you remain standing here, so please come in if you’re okay if it. We’ll prepare nice tea and sweets from Shizuoka and a maid outfit.”

“Wait a second, nee-san. Did you just slip in something that shouldn’t be in the conversation!?”

“Sorry for that~ I appreciate your intentions and the maid outfit~”

“Don’t worry. It looks like Mizuki-san’s not back yet.”

Ku…! It’s too late for me to snark about it…! I better ask the more normal Himeji-san’s dad for help “…” Not good! This guy’s already spaced out.

“We, well, please come in anyway! I think Himeji-san should be back soon.”

“Don’t worry. You must be tired after coming a long way.”

“Is that so? Please excuse us then.”

“Thank you. Please excuse us~”

Just like this, when Himeji-san’s parents were about to step into the house.

“Arre? Otou-san, okaa-san?”

Himeji-san, who just came back, was standing with wide eyes.

“Hn? Himeji-san, you’re done with these luggage?”

“Yes. I only brought clothes and studying stuff along.”

Himeji-san said as she carried her bag that was packed. We’re sending Himeji-san off, so nee-san and I are standing in front of the apartment house.

“You finally came back, okaa-san. Didn’t you say the plane couldn’t fly?”

“Yeah. That’s why your otou-san here went to a nearby country to buy a ticket back to Japan.”

I see. So they went to another airport. Being able to come back is better than anything else.

“My daughter’s been in your care; we’ll come over properly to thank you.”

“No, don’t worry about it. Mizuki-san’s been of great help here, so we’re grateful to her too.”

Himeji-san’s dad and nee-san are having an adult conversation. Nee-san only looks like a normal adult living in society in such a moment.

“Yoshii-kun, you must come visit my house next time. I’ll show you Mizuki-chan’s embarrassing photos and her dad’s strange underwear next time.”

“O, okaa-san! Didn’t I say that you can’t show them!? An, anyway, pardon us for intruding! Okay, otou-san, okaa-san! Let’s go!”

“We’ll be leaving then.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I’m really sorry, Akihisa-kun, Akira-san. I’ll bring gifts next time.”

After giving countless greetings to us, Himeji-san ran off to her parents who were saying goodbye to us. This is the first time I’m seeing Himeji-san like this.

“Okaa-san! Don’t say such embarrassing things like my embarrassing photos and otou-san’s underwear!”

“But they took care of you, Mizuki-chan. You have to repay them.”

“That’s alright either way, but why show them my underwear?”

“Otou-san’s right! What’ll happen if Akihisa-kun sees them and hates them.”

“…So the underwear this dad of yours has are annoying things…”

“Eh!? No, that’s not it, otou-san! I don’t mean that!”

“It’s true that otou-san’s underwear aren’t as cute at Mizuki.”

“Don’t say that, otou-san! Don’t compare your daughter’s underwear with your own! Akihisa-kun will think of you as a pervert!”

“Is that so…Mizuki’s all grown up and doesn’t want to compare her underwear with otou-san’s.”

“That’s not it, otou-san!? It’s not that kind of problem already!?”

“It’s fine, otou-san. I’ll buy some cute underwear for you that won’t lose to Mizuki’s own underwear.”

“Even okaa-san too!? Just buy normal ones!”

“No…okaa-san, your tastes are actually…that kitty boxers you bought before got me lots of weird looks from my colleagues at my workplace.”

“That’s why I said not to wear such underwear at the office!”

On the way home, I heard interrupted parts of Himeji-san’s conversation with her parents. Well, they’re going to be mistaken for perverts when they say things like ‘underwear’ so loudly when they’re going home.

“Alright, Aki-kun. Come in. if you get a fever again—”

“Ah, yeah.”

“This nee-san will have to sleep with you to take care of you.”

“Ah, got to warm the futon up! Better take some cold medicine just in case!”

I hurriedly stepped into the house.

But well…I still can’t talk to Himeji-san properly…so I can only wait until tomorrow…?

“…Speaking of which, otou-san, okaa-san. There’s something important I want to talk about…”

“? What is it, Mizuki-chan? You’re being very formal.”

“What happened?”

“Un. Well—”

BTS vol 08 183.jpg


  1. The original saying will be this '雨垂れ石を穿つ', Amadare ishiwougatsu, which will actually mean 'constant dripping wears away the stone'. I just wanted something shorter, so yeah...