Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume11 The Fifth Question

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The Fifth Question[edit]

Please fill the blank with the correct answer.

“Please stay with me.”

Fuyumi’s words trouble me. In the midst of this doubt, a crisis continues to close in on a friend. I have to hurry up and get over there now, but Fuyumi’s pleading for me to stay here.

“What should I do now?”

In the ( ) of love and friendship, I could not help but sigh heavily.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“In the (dilemma) of love and friendship.”[1]

Teacher’s Comment:

Correct answer.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“In the (washboard)[2] of love and friendship”

Teacher’s Comment:

You added one extra noun.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“In the (wash) of love and friendship. [3]

Teacher’s Comment:

A key item has to be used somewhere in there, right?

Tamano Miki’s answer:

“In the (touch) of love and friendship. [4]

Teacher’s Comment:

Sewing scissors?[5]

BTS TamanoMiki.jpg

We replenish our points, and return to the frontlines; at this moment, the situation has changed.

“We seem to have advanced quite the distance here…”

“That seems to be the case, swine.”

Our 9th team has already moved quite some distance towards the new school building as compared to before. Most likely, that’s because we’re dealing with the opposing 3-F class.

Based on Kirishima-san’s plan, our overall fighting strength can be said to be equal throughout. The opponent’s dividing its teams by class, so there’s a difference in abilities; this will cause situations where there are teams in tough battles, and we manage to get an opponent we’re advantageous against.

“Because of this, we can ensure that we’ve space to move around freely…”

“That’s how it is, swine. It’s easier now because of the battle from before.”

It’s just like what Shimizu-san said. Because the battle’s advantageous to us, it’s easier for us to move, and we can move about freely psychologically.

“I-I say…I feel that, that boy’s been blinking at me.”

“I remember that’s, Sugawa from F class or something, right? Maybe it’s because there’s a lot of girls around him that he’s having a misunderstanding and delighted within?”

“Ugh, that’s so disgusting…”

“Leader Sugawa! You’re exchanging looks with the girls opposite you! No number of bodies will be enough for so many girls that are having good feelings about you!”

“Fufu…once this war’s over, shall I get married with all those chicks…?”

This conversation that came from somewhere is the best evidence. The rest, not just me, really don’t seem to feel any pressure at all.


“What’s…? This, strange feeling…?”

This strange disorderliness gives me the feeling that I’m feeling more freedom than how it was right at the beginning. What’s the reason…?

“Speaking of which, swine, hurry up and get defeated. This is for the sake of the glorious future for Miharu and onee-sama, and also for Miharu’s grudge!”

Though there’s also Shimizu-san, who’s attacking me without even looking at the enemy for some reason, but this isn’t the reason alone. That’s what I feel.

There’s something else I’m worried about.

That is, though we have a balanced force without weakness, how long can we last?

“Is it alright, Kirishima-san…?”

As the battles proceed, everyone’s scores will change drastically, so I can’t help but worry if Kirishima-san’s instructions can keep up with how fast the situation is changing. Besides, the frontlines are becoming wider.

Suddenly, I think of Yuuji, who looked rather relaxed up till now. Kudou-san said that Kirishima-san may be overexerting herself when she gave us instructions. If she can relent a little and give a little work to the others, that will be better.

“Maybe there’s a reason why she can’t let the people around her help out…?”

It’s true that an almost perfect job can be done by a particular outstanding person, but that means all the burden will be on that person. Even that Yuuji will take over as the commander at the scene during a class summoning war—

“This is bad! Requesting for backup here!”

“Hm? Aren’t you the guys who came back after replenishing your points? You’re being defeated too quickly here. Buck up.”

“Sh-shut up! We’re different from you! It’s very draining for us to keep attacking with our high scores like this! Don’t lump us with you idiots who can only keep delaying!”

“Ah? What are you saying, you bastard!? Who’re you calling Yoshii Akihisa!?”

The growls from not too far away interrupt my thoughts. I look over, and find F class and C class having a little argument.

“Shimizu-san! A little timeout! Things doesn’t look good here!”

“…That’s true. Fine, Miharu’ll hold back on the urge to get rid of you, you swine.”

Shimizu-san stops her attack as she glances at where the argument is.

“Goodness, our own people are having an argument at such a moment. That’s why I hate those foolish and useless swines who don’t look at the grand scheme.”

“Shimizu-san, you do remember who you’ve been attacking up till now, don’t you?”

“Yoshii Akihisa, what is it?”

“No…I really don’t know how to answer you here…”

Her thought pattern certainly is different from mine here.

“Ack, now’s not the time for this!”

I let my summoned beast return from afar, and then head over to the place in need of assistance. Then, I find two group of guys glaring at each other while ignoring their ally in trouble.

“What are you doing!”

“Oh, Yoshii! Listen to me! These guys called us Yoshii Akihisas! That’s the worst insult they can give to us!”

“What’s wrong with calling idiots idiots?”

That’s why I say, now’s not the time for this…!


Anyway, I ignore those guys and charge right at where the tough battle’s going on.

3-C, Isoyakin Jirou, Science, 101 points.


2-F Yoshii Akihisa, Science, 92 points.

Once I call out my summoned beast, I launch an attack at the opponent. Because of this attack, I interrupt a 3rd year student that seems to be ready to attack a 2-C girl, diverting his attention to me.

My wooden sword receives the opponent’s long-handle knife, and I use the chance to send a sweeping kick, but it was dodged.


I then let my summoned beast grip the wooden sword tightly and attack with full strength. The opponent however tries to use his blade to block this attack.


The summoned beast changes its attack path midway through, and swings the wooden sword at the opponent with all its strength.

3-C, Isoyakin Jirou, Science, 31 points.


2-F Yoshii Akihisa, Science, 92 points.

As expected of a third year, I can’t hit it easily…!

But I’ve worn out the opponent enough! I’ll be fine if I can hang on until the reinforcements arrive!

I stop my summoned beast from pursuing, and let it leap backwards to watch out for any other enemies. Then, just when I land and raise my weapon,




The girl’s summoned beast that was attacked touched my summoned beast.

What, she’s still here? This is bad…! Those F class guys must have scattered in this situation, so I carelessly…!

“Are you Yoshii! I’ll repay you the debt for the test of courage!”

The other enemies use this opportunity to attack my summoned beast. Damn…! I can’t dodge…!

“Seriously, Aki, what are you doing? It’s not like you to make a mistake in your control.”

3-C, Abe Shinsuke, Science, 57 points.


2-F Shimada Minami, Science, 128 points.

Just when I’m gritting my teeth, Minami charges in, sends the opponent flying with a kick, and saves me from my predicament here.

“Really, onee-sama’s no match for this kind of swine after all, but Miharu! Isn’t that right, onee-sama!”

“Ah, yeah yeah, maybe.”

It seems that Shimizu-san followed Minami here to help. Minami seems rather tired, but I’m really grateful that both of them are helping me out here. Now I can reposition myself by relying on others.

Or that’s what I thought.

“Shut up, F class! We don’t need the assistance of you idiots!”

“You dare say so!? Fine! I’m annoyed about having to work with you high marks people with such atrocious control! You can go on yourself, you bastards!”

Our allies that should be helping each other are being more divided instead of readying themselves.

“You guys, calm down! Now’s not the time for these meaningless arguments, right?”

Minami’s call isn’t effective at all, and our allies are showing signs of refusing each other.

“Everyone, it’s just like what Minami said! Even if our values are different, we’re still allies here; that’s why everyone has to work together!”

“You shut up, Yoshii!”

“I don’t want to hear that from you when you just fought against Shimizu!”

They’re not listening to my words at all, or rather, I think I just added fuel to the fire. In this situation, we mustn’t include people from F class, but get a third party to help. Is there someone we can call for help…?

We start to look for people who can defuse this situation, and though there’re a few trying to stop these arguments,

3-F Fujishita Kyouko, Science, 62 points


2-D, Onodera Yuuko, Science, 110 points.

3-F Okamura Gou, Science, 67 points


2-C, Okajima Kumi, Science, 125 points.

These two are being attacked by the enemy, and can’t act as mediators here.

“Argh, such bad luck! One bad stuff just piles up after another…!”

And as I said this, I wonder. Huh…? Bad luck…? Is it really bad luck…?

I have an annoying feeling about this. Is this really bad luck?

“The scores shown just now has been a little weird…”

Amongst those that can take part in the battle—the opponent has only half of our scores. Isn’t this weird? It’s like they’re not intending to win at all…

Something more than a premonition prompts me as I look around, and then,

“It’s better to stop those two girls first.”

“Okay, let’s go, Nakai.”

“Understood. Summon.”

There’s a third year student amongst the group on the other side, quietly giving instructions. He too called out his summoned beast, but hasn’t joined the battle at all. He’s pretending to do so, and obviously, his role is different from the others.

In other words—

“Is that the mastermind?”

“Eh!? Wait, Aki! Where’re you going!”

That third year sneaking around is the one creating this bad atmosphere, is he? In that case, things won’t revert back to normal if I don’t take him down!

“Everyone! Please follow me for a moment!”

There are 3 enemies to that guy, and I have 3 allies who can help me. I better take that guy down while my allies hold the opponents off…!

“I don’t really understand, but count on me!”

“We won’t be able to hang on for long though!”

The F class members present, Sugawa-kun and Nitta-kun immediately use their summoned beasts to obstruct the enemies. My summoned beast darts through the gap between them and charge at the target deep within.

“Don’t you dare, idiot bastard!”


I then knock into the enemy. My summoned beast’s sent flying into the dodge, unable to dodge, and takes the impact from the enemy before flying off in another direction.

“Eh? Eh? Follow?”

The girl on our side continues to blink, unable to understand what’s going on. Damn it…! I just saw how different us F class guys work from the others; I forgot about this so soon…!


3-F, Tokushima Ryouta, Science, 60 Points


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Science, 71 Points.

Luckily, the enemy’s worn out a little, so the damage isn’t that high, but the worst thing is that I revealed my objective.

“Die, Yoshii Akihisa!”

The enemy that sent me flying attacks my summoned beast that landed on the floor.

“I won’t let you!”

This time, Minami charges out and uses her weapon to block the enemy’s attack.

“Sorry Minami. You helped me out here!”

“This is nothing. But what’re you trying to do, attacking out of a sudden?”

“There’s an enemy deep within! He looks very suspicious here! I want to send him to the detention room!”

“Send him to the detention room? You make it sound easy…!”

That guy’s not only deep within enemy territory, but is also starting to retreat after noticing our objective. Damn it…! We’ll just watch him get away at this rate…!

Just when I’m gritting my teeth,

“You’re pretty capable there, Akihisa. This decision is right.”

The familiar voice of my bad friend came from behind me,


I turn around to find the trio of Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Fukumura-kun standing behind me. These guys really know how to pick the moment…!

“Hideyoshi, Fukumura! I’ll leave the follow-up to you! Akihisa! Don’t let him get away! Finish him off here no matter what!”

“““Roger that (Got it)!”””

Hideyoshi and Fukumura-kun summon their summoned beasts upon receiving the instructions, and start to get rid of the two enemies in front of me. This can allow me space to run through…but it’s not enough. What do I do?

“Alright, path’s clear! Let’s go, Shimada! Akihisa Cannon!”

“Okay! Aki, you better grit your teeth and hold the wooden sword tightly!”

“Eh? Oi, Yuuji, Minami!? I’m getting a bad vibe from this skill’s name.”

“Aim properly, Akihisa!”

“I won’t forgive you if you fail here, Aki!”

“No no, I don’t have any memory of agreeing to this plan—!”

““Grit your teeth (here)—“”


I ready my wooden sword just as they say, and Yuuji and Minami’s summoned beast punched right at my wooden sword. My summoned beast’s shot out like a cannon. A punch!? Can’t you have chosen a more gentler method like a throw or something!?

I try my best to let my summoned beast hold onto the wooden sword tightly and point the sword tip at the target.

“Huh? Something’s flying over—UWAHH!?”

I guess the enemy didn’t expect this sacrificial attack from my side, and the target’s stabbed through the heart by the wooden sword.

3-F, Tokushima Ryouta, Science, DEAD


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Science, 11 Points.

Anyway, my objective’s done, but it comes with the price that includes most of my points and my body aching all over

“Fuu…nice going there, Akihisa.”

“Good job, Aki.”

“Ah, hm. I guess I did a fine job there…”

Why is it that these two aren’t showing any signs of remorse at all?

“Speaking of that attack just now, what would have happened to my summoned beast if the enemy dodged it…?”

In response to my little doubt, Yuuji answers me with a smile on his face.

“Do you know, Akihisa? A bullet’s useless after it’s fired once.”


It’s because these classmates I’m familiar with are all like this that it’s normal that we can’t work together with the other classes.

“I see. Human relations.”

“If we form mixed groups, those who never fought before will be on the same time. It’s fine when they’re tense, but once they relax, they’ll start to notice things; this is common amongst humans.”

“Especially since the second years have the idiots of the idiots in this school, that F class.”

“Yes, their thoughts are very different from ordinary students, and they’ve went through a lot of battles as compared to everyone else. It’s good that they’re very experienced in battle, but there’ll be differences if they’re going to be paired up with other students.”

“And with the entire class comprising of guys with such rotten personalities, it’s hard not to have any divisions amongst them.”

“It’s going just as we’ve planned.”

“Yes…but there’s one missing thing.”

“Huh? What did you just say?”

“It’s nothing. Sorry that we have to remain on standby, but I hope that you two can calm down.”

“Yes yes, we get it.”

“It’s very troublesome if we expose ourselves here.”

“Please take care of matters here.”

“Then Yuuji, why did you come to the frontlines?”

I ask Yuuji at the standby area at the back, far away from the frontlines. Yuuji then folds his arms as he answers my question.

“I’m just here to relay Shouko’s instructions.”


“Regarding the regrouping of the collapsing frontlines. I just gave the instructions, didn’t I?”

“Speaking of which, you said something to everyone.”

Minami, who returned to the standby area with us, said this, feeling extremely relieved and lucky that Shimizu-san’s fighting on the frontlines.

After dealing with her, Yuuji gave the instruction for everyone present to retreat from there, and then regroup the frontlines here. I think that’s not Yuuji’s decision, but Kirishima-san’s.”

“Huh? Then, Kirishima-san’s noticing such things and coming up with counterstrategies while managing everyone else’s scores?”

“That’s how it is.”

That’s as active as someone reported on a human interest story.


“You really know her well, Sakamoto.”

“Because anyone can see that she’s a hands-on person.”

Kirishima-san’s really hardworking…she’s doing the calculations, analysis and strategies all alone; these are things we can’t possibly do alone. Even as we’re chatting here, Kirishima-san must be tabulating the scores and thinking about what else to do.

“The class representatives, including Shouko, were thinking about ‘retreating slightly and regrouping’. Your contributions however were to beat that guy on the opposing side giving the instructions.”

Hnm? That phrasing just now makes me a little curious. The way Yuuji say the class reps seem to imply that he’s not included…?

“But Sakamoto, isn’t that 3rd year in charge of giving orders? Doesn’t that mean that whatever Aki worked so hard for is basically useless?

“No, either way, it’s something that has to be done as a situational decision. This is the kind of instruction that probably won’t be given. That guy’s probably in charge of deciding who can take part in the battle, so it’s meaningful to have such a person retire.”

“In that case, why didn’t Kirishima-san give us the instruction to get rid of such a guy?”

“Simply because she deduced that our fighting strength is insufficient for that.”

It’s true that the third year is deep within enemy territory, so we needed a very powerful instantaneous move if we want to take him down. If I think about it normally, it’s best to retreat from the scene normally. My initial attack did fail too.

“She never expected Sakamoto and my wits here.”

“Minami and Yuuji’s wits are based on my sacrifice…”

I guess my allies sending me flying like a human cannon is completely beyond Kirishima-san’s expectations.

“But didn’t we do well because of this? Everything’s okay in the end.”

“Well, sorta…I can’t really accept this, I do accept that we wouldn’t be able to succeed if I didn’t do that.”

If I think about it carefully, our F class members are really unique. Let alone the fact that we have very low scores, have bad tempers, quarrel about love (mainly over heterosexual affairs), can dump our allies casually when they’re in trouble; these aspects are really rare in other classes. To Kirishima-san, who’s overly serious, this might be hard to understand.

“That sort of strategy is something only Sakamoto can do.”

“Yeah. We might as well have Yuuji as the frontline commander.”

Though I don’t really want to take part in that frontline.

Upon hearing our joke, Yuuji mutters softly with a regretful look on his face for some reason,

“…I’ll do that if that’s possible.”


What did he just say?

“Nothing. Don’t mind.”

Yuuji answers my reply, and has become his usual self. Was I mistaken about his expression before this?

“I can’t help but take action after seeing how useless you were before this, but my original work is just to stand behind and wait. Like hell I’m willing to look for trouble here.”


“And if I’m not careful, this might cause a classmate of mine to revolt. It’s not good when someone acts on his own while things are going smoothly, and cause the situation to change.”

Upon hearing that extremely smooth explanation from Yuuji, I again feel that something’s wrong here.

I at least know what he’s talking about. Since Kirishima-san’s trying her best to create this current situation, he naturally doesn’t hope that such an unnecessary action will reduce all our efforts to nothing.

But I don’t think that Yuuji’s decision at the frontline is wrong, especially just now when we needed to deal with the emergency fast. This feels like he’s killing off his strengths instead of focusing on teamwork—

“Oi, idiot, if you have time to think about other things, how about you save your strength for the battle afterwards? Your brain capacity is already smaller than an ordinary person, you know.”


My head’s hit, and my thoughts are interrupted.

“…I don’t know what you’re concerned about, but now’s not the time for such things. Just concentrate and focus on what you have to do.”

I get the intent in Yuuji’s words that ‘I’m being a busybody and worried for no good reason’, so I didn’t probe into it any further.

“Then, Yuuji, did Kirishima-san tell you what to do after that? Our opponent has used all sorts of strategies here, we at least have to do something here, right?”

“Ahh, regarding this—”

Just when Yuuji’s about to explain, we hear a familiar sound ring from where the speaker is hanging.


“Perfect, it’s lunch time. Let’s talk as we eat.”

“Ah, it’s already this time.”

A summoning war’s still a school activity, so there’s a proper lunch time. Since a normal summoning war can last for more than half a day, the rules state that we have to restart after lunch break with the same conditions as before.

“Let’s hurry then. Alright, Aki, let’s run.”

“Ahaha, are you that hungry, Minami?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Onee-sama~~~~! It’s lunch time! Let’s kill off the swine and feed each other bentos mouth to mouth—!”

“So that we can have a quiet lunch break.”

“Okay, let’s hurry then.”

We quickly leave, like we’re trying to escape from the sound coming from afar.

“This noon certainly is bustling, Yuuji.”

“Yeah, Hideyoshi.”

During the lunch break in the midst of the interrupted summoning war.

The usual F class members are joined by Kudou-san, Kubo-kun and the other class members, so today’s lunch break is as noisy as a festival.

“Here, onee-sama, ah~”

“No ahh! When did you get over to the same table as me!?”

“Meatball Miharu and Spring Roll Miharu are both delicious. Which Miharu do you want to start with?”

“Allow me to refuse here.”

“Well, Aki-chan, I think it’s better for you to put on an apron when you eat. You see, it’ll be troublesome if you dirty your uniform when you eat, right…?”

“That’s not it, Tamano-san! That’s not an apron but an apron dress, right!? I’m fine here! I can wash it off even if it drops on my uniform!”

“Then, Muttsurini-kun, when I get hot, I used ○○○to □□□. “

“…Kudou Aiko…are you trying…to kill me…? (BATABATABATABATA)”

“××× became△△△, and then, I☆☆☆……”

“Anyway, I think I understand the reason why Kudou told us ‘to go outside to eat since it’s a rare moment for everyone to be together’.”

“She’s worried that Muttsurini’s nosebleed will stain the floor, huh? That’s rather careful of her.”


On a side note, Shimizu-san and Tamano-san too joined in without us knowing. As far as I know, the existences called D class girls are really dangerous.


The one who may have reached her limit and yelled out at us is Hideyoshi’s older sister, Kinoshita Yuuko. Unlike the younger sister Hideyoshi, her yell has much more force in it, and caused Shimizu-san and Tamano-san to stop even though they’re unhappy about it. Sh-she helped me out here…

“I wanted to use this chance to improve my relationship with onee-sama…”

“Yuuko-chan…I thought you’ll help me out here since you have similar interests as me…”

“I wanted to punish Muttsurini-kun for not saving me just now…”


She yelled back forcefully. How reliable she is…!

“Speaking of which, Kinoshita-san, I think I just heard Tamano-san say that you have similar interests.”

“If you ask anything unnecessary, I’ll seal that mouth of yours with a stake.”

“I didn’t ask anything.”

“You’re really shy here, Yuuko-chan…”

“I’m not shy, I just have completely different interests from you, Miki!”

“In terms of dimensions.”

“Let’s play baseball, Hideyoshi. I’ll be the batter, you be the sandbag.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Kinoshita-san will give an Asura-like killing intent from time to time.

“Anyway, we won’t be able to finish lunch if we continue this ruckus. Time to change positions.”

“Understood. I’m fine as long as I get to sit with onee-sama.”

“Me too. I’m fine as long as I get some place to bully Muttsurini-kun.”

“Me-me too, as long as I can cuddle Aki-chan on my lap…”

“Right, I’m asking for a change in position so as to separate you three, so no way.”

Kinoshita-san immediately refuses the views of the 3 problematic people, and quickly sorts everyone’s positions. She’s smart, good at singing, cute, and reliable; a really perfect person.

And so, Muttsurini’s to my left, and Kinoshita-san’s to my right. From Muttsurini’s side, it’s Minami and Hideyoshi, while on the other side, there’s a missing seat, followed by Yuuji and Himeji-san.

“Kinoshita-san, that empty seat is?”

“Prez’s seat. Oi, prez, isn’t it about time for you to have lunch?”

We look over at where Kinoshita-san looked back at, and find Kirishima-san writing something on the notebook in her hand, standing there.


“You mustn’t. Efficient work requires a suitable amount of rest and glucose.”


“Okay okay, hurry up and seat down. It’s rare that I deliberately let you sit beside your beloved.”


“…I understand.”

After Kinoshita-san advised her, Kirishima-san gently sits down beside Yuuji. Perhaps it’s because she’s focusing too much on one thing that she ignored everything else that she can take the seat as the valedictorian of our year. That’s amazing…

“Okay, prez. What do you want to drink?”


“Okay, this time.”

Kinoshita-san takes out a can from the stack of drinks we randomly ordered, and handed it over to Kirishima-san. Even as she’s taking out her lunch from her bag, Kirishima-san’s still concerned about the content in the book, and will cast glances at it from time to time. She’s really a serious and hardworking person.

“You’re really working hard here, Kirishima-san.”

Upon hearing my words, Kirishima-san nods slightly.

“…Because I’m the class representative. The responsibility’s great.”

She has a strong sense of responsibility. What kind of outstanding person is Kirishima-san exactly? To us F class, who always try to skip and push aside cleaning duty, this is something we can’t compare to.

“Un un, you’re looking cool now, Kirishima-san.”


Kirishima-san looks at my face in a somewhat delighted manner,

“…Then in that case, I have to keep working harder.”

And then she clenches her fists.

BTS vol 11 155.jpg

“No no, Kirishima-san. You’re looking cool now, but don’t force yourself.”

“…It’s alright, I’ll do my best.”


“…Because I want to show my cool side.”

After that, Kirishima-san glances beside her.

And then, I realize her intention.

Hahaa…then, Kirishima-san, you want Yuuji to praise you? Seriously, you’re very cute here!

“Then, Yuuji. Look at Kirishima-san and give your honest feelings.”

“Hm? Ah, yeah…since her hair’s long, she may accidentally eat some of it if she eats food like ramen.”

“Not in that sense, you dull idiot! At least praise her for being serious and hardworking!”

“You’re the only one I don’t want to be called a dull idiot!”

Really, this guy doesn’t understand a girl’s heart at all! This guy’s a complete despicable bastard!

And Kirishima-san continues to remain calm as she says to this scum of a human that’s Yuuji.

“…It’s fine even if you don’t praise me.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

Kirishima-san then nods while seemingly answering my question, and speaks up again,

“…But, in place—”

In place?

“—I hope you say that you like me,.”


Everyone present spits out the drinks in their mouths because of Kirishima-san’s sudden words.

“P-P-P-Prez!? What are you saying at such a place out of a sudden!?”

“Yeah, Kirishima-san! You shocked me so much I just spat my cola on Yuuji!”

“Oi Akihisa, you should be apologizing to me first, right?”

“…Did I say something weird?”

“““YOU SAID IT!”””

“…Is that so?”

This isn’t something to be said when everyone’s eating, at least.

Upon hearing our responses, Kirishima-san ponders for a little while.

“…Then, it’s fine if you say that you love me.”


We have less of our drinks now. What’s with Kirishima-san here!? No, she has been very enthusiastic before this, but!

“Is she affected by something strange?”

Kinoshita-san asks worriedly.

As for being affected by something strange, that was the first thing I first thought about.

Suspicious enthusiasm, recent events, strange person.

“Are you affected by Takashiro-sempai!?”

“Wait a second, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, I do hate having my name mentioned regarding this issue.”

Speak of the devil. The person himself, Takashiro-sempai is standing beside us without us knowing.

“What are you doing here, Takashiro-sempai?”

“Don’t show such a scary expression. I’m just here to say a few words.”

“Yeah Akihisa. Listen to what he says, at least.”

“Alright, then make it quick.”

“Pardon me, but I don’t think I said that I’m here to talk with you?”

I know that without you telling me.

“I’m not here to talk with you—”

“Is that so? Shimizu-san, Takashiro-sempai’s here to talk love with you.”

“Don’t joke around! Hurry up and eat your hay in your 3rd year stable, you horse!”

“Erm…I do believe this is our first meeting…?”

Fufu, I guess it’s because he’s handsome that he has no immunity to a scolding from a female he just met. Serves him right!

“That’s not it. I’m here to talk with Miss Himeji Mizuki there.”

Himeji-san’s body immediately froze the moment her name’s mentioned.

“Sorry. I really hate you, Takashiro-sempai, so there’s nothing to talk about…please go back, you disgusting scumbag…”

“So, may I ask, why’re you answering, Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

Tch. I even tried to imitate Himeji-san’s tone. I thought he’ll be satisfied with that and just go back.

“Haa…good grief, why must you get in my way…?”

Takashiro-sempai gives a very pretentious tone and pose as he says,

“Even if our lips touched each other once, I’ll be really troubled if we become lovers like this.”

“Since when have I taken you as a lover!?”

Now you’re making me remember that disgusting memory during lunch…! I don’t have an appetite now!

“But instead of that, Takashiro-sempai. Won’t you cause any suspicions to the 3rd years for coming to us?”

Upon hearing my question, Takashiro-sempai answers without hesitation.

“You don’t have to worry, Yoshii Akihisa-kun. If anyone is to have such suspicions, I’ll send him to the frontlines.”

“Ab-abusing your own authority…”

“So you’re a scumbag who looks down on others? Seriously. Don’t you find it embarrassing that you’re using your position as the representative for your own desires?”

Takashiro-sempai looks at Yuuji and me, and says in a chiding manner,

“Aren’t these views of yours a pity, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, Sakamoto Yuuji-kun. I’m just using the power I have to pursue love. What’s embarrassing about this?”

It seems that Takashiro-sempai has no doubts about his own actions; in other words, he truly feels that he’s in the right.

“Please try and think. Considering the current situation and everything else, If I, Takashiro Masaharu, don’t use all my strength, does that not mean that my love is only to that extent?”

He said an overly radical, completely jaw-dropping line.

And on the other hand, Yuuji seems to feel that something doesn’t match at all as he glares at Takashiro-sempai.

“I think you and I disagree on this completely.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“About this frivolous act of always talking about love, pursuing love.”

Yuuji said viciously.

Then, Takashiro-sempai looks surprised as he asks Yuuji,

“? You never said such a thing before, Sakamoto Yuuji-kun?”

“…What’s bad about that?”

“No, instead of it being bad, I might say it’s weird.”

Weird? Where?

Takashiro-sempai seems to have read the doubt I never said out, and continues,

“Normally, if you more or less have the feeling of love, you’ll always say such things, right?”

Upon hearing Takashiro-sempai say with such a tone like it’s some sort of common sense, Yuuji, who wanted to ask something, is speechless.

“Or is it that you don’t have such a person—or something that causes you to be unable to express your love?”

Takashiro-sempai asked this while seemingly being really incredulous.

“…I give up. You and I seem to be on two different pages.”

In response, Yuuji merely raised his hands to give a surrendering pose as he answered.

“Is that so? That’s quite the pity.”

Takashiro-sempai seems to really feel pity that his answer’s not answered, and coughs in a lonely manner before looking at Himeji-san’s seat beside Yuuji.

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, I’m sorry for going out of point just now. Then, please allow me—”

“Ah, Takashiro-sempai, I think Mizuki just left, you know?”


Takashiro-sempai shows a lonelier expression and lowers his head.

I guess it’s a complete reversal of priorities, for him to let his target disappear while we talk about what we believe.

“Okay okay, sempai. Himeji-san won’t want to talk with you anyway even if she doesn’t run away.”

“Really…it’s true that Miss Himeji Mizuki’s very introverted. Perhaps it’s hard to talk to her regarding this.”

“This is really quite the scary optimism…”

He probably doesn’t realize that she’s trying to avoid him rather than being shy.

“But in that case, I have to create a situation where I can talk with her properly.”

“I suppose, looking at her now, she won’t come out even if you call her, right?”

Besides, he’s the guy who wanted to kiss her without warning. Himeji-san’s wary about him, and won’t randomly talk to him now.

“You don’t have to worry, Yoshii Akihisa-kun.”

“No no, I’m not worried at all.”

“Then, everyone, please excuse me.”

Takashiro-sempai doesn’t respond to my response, and after giving a graceful bow, he turns to walk towards the new school building. He’s seriously, seriously a troublesome senior.

“Okay, Mizuki. You can come out now.”

“Okay, Minami-chan. Well, thank you very much…”

Minami calls out to the shade of the tree, and Himeji-san suddenly appears from behind. What, so she hid herself instead of running away.

“That upperclassman’s really easy to fool. He really believed our words without doubts.”

“I’m saved because of this…”

Himeji-san puts her hand on her chest in relief. Anyway, it’s great that we can send him off without anything else happening.

“But Himeji, you shouldn’t hide around like that. It’ll be better for you to refuse him directly.”

“Ah. We-well…he hasn’t formally confessed to me…”

“What? That upperclassman has already said it to that extent, but haven’t said the most important thing?”


“And that guy’s not the kind who’ll give up even after being rejected. I should know very well.”

“That’s really the worst kind of person, onee-sama. That annoying swine needs to be locked in a stable.”

“Yeah Miharu, let’s go to a pig farm this weekend.”

“Is this an invitation from onee-sama!? Miharu gladly obliges!”

I see. This kind of enthusiasm is the same throughout.

“Seriously, we wasted quite a lot of time because of that weird upperclassman. We won’t be able to have the strategy meeting if we don’t hurry with our lunch.”

Yuuji mutters as he looks at the clock on the school. Is that so? The representatives need to gather and plan the afternoon meeting? That’s tough for them.

“Oh yeah, why can’t you just have the meeting here? There’s no need for you to rush through with lunch.”

“Impossible. Nakabayashi hates you. If I ask her to eat together with us, she’ll definitely refuse directly.

“Uu…Nakabayashi-san really hates me?”

All sorts of things happened during the baseball tournament, but for her to hate me to this extent is still…

“It’s natural for her to hate you, since the person she likes is heads over heels for you. It’s natural that she has hatred for you.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

Head over heels for me? Who’s that? I’m really sad that Nakabayashi-san hates me like this, but I do feel a little happy that someone likes me.

“Akihisa-kun, don’t you find anything weird about what we just said?”

“Weird? Where?”

“Well, Nakabayashi-san’s a girl, but the person she likes likes Akihisa-kun.”

“Mizuki, you mustn’t continue. It’s better not to rattle Aki in the middle of this summoning war.”

Why? Normally, I’ll have the urge of wanting to know who ‘the person who likes me’ is, but this time, I feel that my mind will become weird if I ask on. Is that so? Is this what it means by being popular…?

“What is it, Akihisa? You don’t look good.”

“…Don’t think too much.”

Yuuji and Muttsurini look at me.

“Well, I do have troubles you guys don’t know of~ HAHAHA.”

“Is…that so? Looks like we can’t help you here.”


I’m different from you two unpopular guys. I wanted to make this joke, but they’re giving me weird looks for some reason. It’s really causing me to feel a chill.

“? What is it, Yoshii-kun? Is there anything troubling you?”

Kubo-kun asks worriedly upon realizing how I’m now. Speaking of which, he’s rather popular too, so he should be able to understand my troubles better than Yuuji and Muttsurini.

“Thanks, Kubo-kun. Can I talk with you if I’m really troubled?”

“Understood. I don’t know if I can help with my feeble strength, but I’ll try my best at that moment.”

Kubo-kun heartily accepts. “Oi, what do we do…”“Akihisa dug his own grave…” “…They’ll just hurt each other.” He’s such a kind person.

“Akihisa…I may be a busybody here, but if it’s some way to reject someone else, I think Shimada and I’d be able to help out, right…?”

“Eh? No no, I think it’s better for people of the same gender to discuss this.”

BTS vol 11 167.jpg

“Didn’t I say it’s okay to talk to Shimada and me because of that?”


I don’t understand what Hideyoshi’s saying. What is he talking about?

“Well, you’ve kissed that upperclassman anyway. There’s some complications, but I think you’re fine.”

“Don’t say it Yuuji. I know you’re jealous that I’m popular, but it’s really despicable for you to rip open my wound and press onto it again and again.”

“Is that so? I’m sorry.”

Yuuji seems to be really sorry as he apologizes.

And beside him, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini give me unhappy looks too, giving me quite the impression.


“Oi, Prez, you’re thinking about something again.”


“Is it the summoning war?”


“I know you’re very worried, but you can’t eat while spacing out like that. If you don’t eat, your brain won’t be able to function properly.”

“…I understand.”

BTS ShoukoChan.jpg


  1. 板ばさみ here will mean stuck in the middle, but I change it to dilemma out of context. The correct answer in the blank will be ‘板’, which means board, leading to the jokes later.
  2. Akihisa gave his answer as 洗濯板, washboard
  3. Kouta gave his answer as 洗濯, wash
  4. Miki gave her answer as タチ. I…won’t explain the joke here.
  5. ‘裁ちばさみ’