Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume2 The Second Question

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The Second Question

Please answer the following question:

Please write down the names of the three Baltic states.

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.[1]

Teacher's comment:


Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

BTS vol 02 031.jpg

Asia, Europe, Urayasu.[2]

Teacher's comment:

Sensei is more worried about what Tsuchiya-san defines as 'country'.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime, Kochi. [3]

Teacher's comment:

Before I correct your answer, sensei wishes that you notice that you didn't answer the correct number of answers.

"Aki, can I talk to you for a while?"

Right now, school is over. Just as I plan to go home with nothing special in mind, Minami called me.

"Un, you need my help?"

"Instead of needing your help, it's more of discussing something with you."

She seems rather normal now, seems like she's not planning to say anything random.

"Discuss? I'll listen if you like."

"Um, thanks. I feel that Aki's the most suited person to talk to regarding this—about that, is there really no way to get Sakamoto involved?"

Speaking of Sakamoto, that's my best bad friend, the representative of class F—Sakamoto Yuuji.

Seems like Minami believes that the teahouse would only be successful if Yuuji is the one leading class F. by not trying to do this the foolhardy way, it seems that she's a pretty smart girl.

"Mm—this is going to be hard...I just said it before, Yuuji won't care about anything that he's not interested in."

That guy probably doesn't even know what the class would be doing.

"However, if Aki is to ask him, maybe he might do something?"

Minami stares at me with an expectant look.

"Eh? I feel that even if I'm to ask him myself, that guy won't change his answer—"

"No, this won't happen. He will definitely accept Aki's request, because—"

"Even though we're together often, there isn't really much difference..."

"Because both of you guys are in love, right?"


Why can you say such a thing with a straight face...

"Who wants to be with that Yuuji in the first place? Even if that's the case, I'll prefer Hideyoshi!"

"...Ah, Akihisa?"

At this moment, Hideyoshi, who's just standing beside us, stopped his movements. Oh dear? Is the situation somewhat weird now?

"That...about that, I'm grateful for your feelings, but even if you're to say that, there are many obstacles that can't be overcome. That, let's think, something like age difference..."

"Hi...Hideyoshi! It's not like that! You completely misunderstood me! It was just a figure of speech! And the biggest obstacle between us isn't the age difference!!"

Hideyoshi blushes as he lowers his head. What, what now! I'm starting to think that it's fine if it's Hideyoshi!

"Then, you mean that you can't convince Sakamoto as well?"

"Eh? Ah, mm, that's basically it."

I shook my head, trying to get these dangerous thoughts out of my mind, and turn to look at Minami.

"Isn't there any way we can do this? If this keeps up, the teahouse will be a failure."

Her eyes are looking down, her face looking gloomy as well. That's right, I'm also thinking about how to get Yuuji involved in this.

Once the teahouse succeeds, we can use the money to improve F class facilities, and lessen the burden on Himeji-san's body as well. if possible, I'll also want this shop to succeed.

"Oh yeah, what are you talking about? Seeing both of you looking so troubled, it should be serious."

"It's not really something serious, we're just talking about store management and class equipment."

"Aki, it's not really like this. This is really serious."

"Eh, what's it about?"

Minami looks rather weird. She's not really unhappy with the facilities, but for her to be this enthusiastic, what is she thinking?

"Though she told me not to tell this to anyone, but this situation...can you keep a secret about it?"

"Um, mm, I got it."

I'm rather shocked by Minami's serious expression.

"Actually, this has something to do with Himeji."

"Himeji-san? What's wrong with Himeji-san?"

"She may end up transferring school."


Himeji-san's transferring school? How is that possible! We're finally in the same class, and just getting started. Now she's about to transfer schools! I haven't created any wonderful memories with her, nor have I lay on Himeji-san's lap and let her dig my ears. Come to think of it, what will happen to this class? As the class idol, the whole class would be left to ruin if she's not around, and would be reduced to a hell full of violence and plundering. The hairstyle of the whole class will become a Mohican that's of a late-century savior, after that, it'll be an all out bloody war for Hideyoshi—

"Ugh, not good, Akihisa's losing it."

"That idiot! He really can't deal with this unexpected situation!"

"Akihisa, snap out of it!"

Who's shaking my shoulders so hard? Ah, it's Hideyoshi. You're cute today.

"Hideyoshi...even if I have a Mohawk, would you still like me?"

"...How did you associate that with Himeji's transfer?"

"In a certain sense, this may be a rare talent."

...Ack! Damn it, I thought too much!

"Minami, what's with Himeji-san transferring school out of a sudden?"

"Exactly what I said. If this keeps up, Himeji may end up transferring schools."

"If this keeps up...?"

This is really a strange way to say it. I thought that in normal circumstances, once someone decides to transfer school, it's inevitable.

"Shimada. Isn't the reason Himeji-san's transferring school unrelated to what you're talking about?"

Hideyoshi reveals a puzzled look.

"It's not like this. The reason why Himeji is transferring school is 'the environment of F class'."

"In other words, it's not because of her parents' jobs—"

"Yeah, it's basically the facilities."

Hearing her say this, I suddenly realized it.

Anyone can easily understand that the facilities of class F isn't suitable for Himeji-san. Though I'm not against the school's method of increasing the competition through education, it's weird for Himeji-san, who's at such a high level, to have to endure this poor treatment. We have only straw mats and cardboard boxes. Even if she has to study with our class, there are only idiots all around us. She hasn't done anything wrong herself, yet she's forced to study in this poor environment, any parent would want her to transfer schools.

"And besides, Himeji's condition isn't very good."

"That's true, this is really troublesome..."

Like what Minami said, this poor conditions may end up damaging Himeji's health in the long run. Though we do sweep the floor sometimes (well, rarely), it's still not a hygienic place. Right now, the conditions are okay, but when winter comes blowing through the windows, even if it's not Himeji-san, a lot of us will end up falling sick.

"I see, so you want the teahouse to be successful so that we can upgrade the facilities?"

"Hm, even though Himeji wants to change her dad's view of F class by winning the 'summoning tournament', if we don't upgrade the facilities..."

One of the reasons why Himeji-san is transferring is because F class is full of idiots, so Himeji-san's actions aren't just for show. However, the most important thing is still Himeji-san's health. If we don't find a way to improve it, her parents will never change their mindset.

" don't like the idea of Himeji transferring school, right...?"

Minami looks at me with a tentative look. This is really unexpected; do I really look that cold-blooded?

"Of course, I don't like it! Not just Himeji-san, even if it was Minami and Hideyoshi I would feel the same."

If it's because of family problems, then it can't be helped, I don't want to be separated from my friends because of this stupid reason.

"Really...well, I guess you're that kind of person."

Incidentally, if it's Yuuji, I won't even bother.

"If so, we have to get Yuuji involved no matter what.""

"That's right. After hearing this, I can't stand around and remain silent."

"Then we better contact Yuuji."

I took out my handphone and dialed Yuuji's number. That guy has his school bag in school even though he's not around, which means that he's still in school.

Duludulu. The phone chatter bell continues to ring on the phone.


"Ah Yuuji, I got something I want to—"

"Akihisa? Good timing. Sorry, can you help me get my bag—Argh! SHOUKO!"

"Eh? Yuuji, what are you doing now?"

"Damn it, I was discovered! Anyway, I'll leave my bag to you!"

"Yuuji? Hello, hello—!"

The phone line was cut, leaving behind a 'du du du' sound.

"What did Sakamoto say?"

"Eh, something like 'I was discovered' and 'I'll leave my bag with you'."

"What on earth does that mean?"

Minami is glaring at me with a 'you useless bum' expression, how rude!

"Seems like he was being pursued by Kirishima Shouko. Despite his outer looks, he's rather weak to the opposite gender."

Hideyoshi folds his arms, nodding and making a 'mm'sound in agreement.

Kirishima-san is the school representative, jet-black hair and slender limbs, a charismatic and talented girl. However, for some reason, there is something wrong with her, to fall for Yuuji like that...

Um, why must Yuuji run around and hide? If it's an ordinary boy, they won't be pursued by her, but would pursue her instead. Yuuji, to think that you would waste this opportunity!

"If so, it'll be hard for us to contact Yuuji."

"No, this may be our best opportunity."

"Eh? What does that mean?"

"In this current situation, it's the best moment to get Yuuji to lead us in preparing the teahouse. Mm, can both of you help out?"

"Well, there is no problem...but do you know where Sakamoto is?"

"No problem, I can most probably guess what he's thinking."

"Seem like you have a plan in mind."

"Well, most likely."

I reveal a cunning smile, bringing both of them out of the classroom.

"Oh my, Yuuji, what a coincidence to see you here."

"...Can you tell me how it is a coincidence that we're meeting each other in the girls' changing room?"

That's right. Like what Yuuji said, this is the girls' changing room. Because it's Yuuji, I don't think that he's honestly hiding inside the male toilet or changing room, where the girls are not allowed to enter, and would use reverse psychology and hide inside places that guys are forbidden to's just that I never expected myself to find him so easily.

"What are you talking about, it's just a coincidence."

"Don't lie, as if you're supposed to be here."


The door is opened as soon as the sound is heard, a girl wearing P.E. attire is standing at the door.

" Aren't you guys the problematic duo from F class? This is the girls' changing room, you know!"

"Oh my, Kinoshita Yuuko-san, what a coincidence."

"OH, Hideyoshi's sister, nice meeting you here."

"Ah, yeah, what a coincidence."

I tried to let out a casual laugh. Hmmm, this IS too coincidental.



"Got it!"

We leaped out of the small window in the changing room, seems like there's no way we can get past this.


"Damn it, Yuuji! It's Ironman!"

"Anyway, let's run!"

Though we're wearing only slippers, we still continued to run. The opponent is Ironman, we'll be dead if we're caught.

"Found you! I'm not going to let you get away!"

The gruff voice can be heard from behind. Damn it! He's chasing up!


Yuuji's voice came from behind. His eyes are aimed at an open window on the seconds level of the new campus. Are we going to escape through there?


After receiving Yuuji's signal, I took off my coat as I ran. At this moment, Yuuji starts to run past me.

"There's no way out there! Give up and accept your supplementary lessons!"

"Ironman's voice is becoming closer and closer. To be honest, I'm rather scared myself."

"Come on, Aki!"

Yuuji, who was running in front of me, stops and turns towards me.

"Got it!"

I jump onto the platform formed by Yuuji's hands, and at that moment, Yuuji swings his hands up, allowing me to get up to the second level easily.

"Ugh, those idiots! Having such athletic abilities only in stupid events like this!"

Ignoring Ironman's loud roar, as I got into the school compound, I lowered the coat that I just took off.


This time, Yuuji kicks the wall, using the momentum to lift himself up into the air and grab my coat.


At this moment, I swing my coat up. Though the coat creates an irritating flapping sound, at least we managed to get in safely.


Even if it's Ironman, he can't get up to the second level. What we are hearing is the sound of a defeated dog barking.

" our bad reputation has just went up again..."

Wearing my coat again, I let out a sigh. This is too much.

"I should be the troubled one. If you weren't here, this wouldn't have happened.

Yuuji acted as if he wasn't in the wrong.

"What are you saying. Aren't you the one in the wrong? To hide in the girls' changing room?"

It'll be alright if Yuuji were to just hide in a random classroom.

"It, it can't be helped! It's Shouko we're talking about here! It's not like I can hide anywhere when it's her!"

Certainly, she does give the vibe that she'll enter a male changing room without any hesitation.

"Come to think of it, why are you hiding from Kirishima-san?"

"...She wanted me to go to her house."

Yuuji reveals an unhappy look. What's so irritating about that?

"From my perspective, this is something worth being envious about right? Is it to Kirishima-san's room? I want to go in—"

"She wants to introduce me to her family."

"...You're not going out with her yet, right?"

Maybe her emotions are a bit too much. I start to feel some pity to Yuuji. However, this regret has nothing to do with why I'm looking for him!

"Then Yuuji, since you're in quite a fix, I got something good to say to you."

"Really? I'm gonna kill you if it's bad news."


Yuuji's serious tone makes me speechless momentarily.

"Anyway, please use my phone."

I pull out my phone, presses Shouko's number and passes it to Yuuji.

"Really, what sort of plan are you thinking of?"

Yuuji reveals a surprised look as he receives the phone and places it by his ear.

"Hello? Is it Sakamoto?"

"Oh Shimada, what are you guys doing?"

"Wait a sec, I'm handing over the phone."

"To who? Hello—hey, hello hello? "

From the sound of it, it seems like Minami has handed the phone over to the other person.

"...Yuuji, where are you right now?"

"Wrong number."

Such a scary split-second decision. Not a lot of people in the world can immediately reply 'wrong number'.

"I'll kill you..."

This phrase gives me an unprecedented chill down my spine.

"Now, now, calm down. If you're willing to help, I won't do anything bad to you."

"Help? Humph, it's about the teahouse, right?"

Every time this sort of situation pops up, I'll have to remember the fact that Yuuji was known as a prodigy, because his mind reacts extremely fast.

"Really, you didn't have to do it in such a roundabout way. If you just said that 'I want to do something for my beloved Himeji-san! Please help me!', I would have helped even if it's a hassle."

"Wha? I haven't even said such a word!"

"Ah—okay okay. I know your request. Guess I'll help you then."

Yuuji immediately puts on an enthusiastic expression. Why is he always like this...!

"Never mind. Anyway, thanks for your help."

"No problem. Come to think of it, are Shimada and Shouko close?"

At this moment, Yuuji reveals his probing eyes. Seems like he's wondering why Kirishima-san from class A would be together with Minami from F-class.

"Un--you won't be angry after listening?"

"Idiot. Since I've already agreed to help, there's no point in getting angry, right?"

That's true, Yuuji has agreed to help.

"Then let me tell you. Actually, the one who was imitating Kirishima-san's voice was Hideyoshi."


Yuuji! You liar!

"I see. So Himeji-san is transferring schools..."

After Yuuji and I met up with Minami and Hideyoshi, we're now in our F class.

"If so, it's not enough even if the teahouse is successful."

Yuuji looks around the tattered classroom as he said this.

"That's not enough? Why?"

"There are three reasons why Himeji-san's dad wants her to transfer."

Yuuji says as he puts up three fingers.

"First, the learning facilities that are so lacking that there are only straw mats and cardboard boxes. In other words, this isn't a pleasant studying environment. If the teahouse succeeds, at least we can use the money to settle the problem."

Yuuji says as he folds one finger down.

"Second, this old and dilapidated classroom. In other words, the study environment here will be damaging to her health in the long run."

"So you're saying that the first is the setup of the classroom, while the second is the classroom itself?"

"That's right. As for these, there is no way we can settle this by using the small amount of money we earn through the teahouse. If we want to repair the classroom, we have to get assistance from the school."

If we have money, we can buy tables and chairs. However, if we want to improve the classroom, we have to settle the admin matters and get contractors over. This isn't something that we can do ourselves, which is probably what Yuuji's trying to imply.

"And the third point, the last one—is the poor standard of our class. In other words, this environment isn't going to let Himeji-san continue to improve."

Though we can take part in social clubs, in order to improve ourselves, close competition is required. As long as Himeji-san's in F class, she can't expect this sort of competition around.

"I give up, there are too many problems."

"That's true. It's alright if it's just one point, the second and third are going to be difficult."

At first, having a summoning battle would have settled the problem, but right now, the situation has gotten complicated.

"That's not true. As for the third point, hasn't Himeji and Shimada come up with a plan?"

Yuuji turns to look at Minami.

Come to think of it, Himeji-san said that she wanted to surprise her dad during class today. If she can win the summoning battle, it can definitely prove that F class has the capability to compete with the best. If so, the competition is settled.

"This is because Mizuki asked me, saying 'I don't want to transfer schools, so please help me.' Even though I hate to take part in unnecessary entertainment like summoning battle, I can't refuse if she asks me like this, no?"

Minami looks rather gentle, which is so unlike her. In an instant, it took my eyes away. She looks like an onee-chan who'll take care of her sister. Maybe she has a younger brother or sister?

"If Shouko is to take part in the tournament, it'll be hard for us to win. However, she doesn't seem to be interested in such things. With Himeji and Shimada's ability, there's a high chance that they'll win."

"That's right, both of you can do it."

If Kirishima-san is to take part in this, her partner would be from class A as well. It'll be a tough battle. It's great that she's uninterested in this summoning battle.

"Actually, it'll be best if some student other than Himeji-san is to participate."

"Let's not talk about it."

If it's another pairing, we probably won't be able to make it past the preliminaries. This is because F class is full of idiots.

"If Himeji and Shimada is to win, it'll generate publicity for the teahouse, this would be killing two birds with one stone."

Hideyoshi says as he nods in agreement. Since our class is in the old and dirty campus, this sort of publicity would be great.

"Then, Sakamoto, leaving that aside, what about the second problem?"

"No matter, we'll just talk to the principal."

Yuuji says with 'a matter of fact' look.

"Just this? The principal will settle this once we talk to her?"

"I say, no matter how terrible this is, it's still an institute of education, you know? No matter what kind of policy they have, as long as a student's health is affected, we have the right to request for an improvement."

If we can do this, then there's hope that all three problems would be solved.

"Then let's see the principal."

As the saying goes, strike the iron when it's hot, is that it?

"That's right, so now, we'll march into her office. Hideyoshi and Shimada, you two think about the preparations for the school festival. Also, if you see Ironman, tell him that we've already gone home."

Yuuji stood up as he gives the instructions. To be able to give orders so naturally, I guess that's a talent in itself.

"Mm, I got it. If we see Ironman or Kirishima Shouko, we'll tell them that."

Hideyoshi smiles as he says that. Once Kirishima-san's name was mentioned, Yuuji looks flabbergasted.

"Aki, you got to do it well."

"OK, leave it to me."

Receiving Minami's voice of support, Yuuji and I left the classroom, and head towards the principal's office.

"...The prize...hidden..."

"...This time...on their own...Kisaragi Highland..."

As we arrived in front of the principal's office, which is located in a corner of the new school campus, there seem to be some sort of argument going on inside.

Prize? Kisaragi Highland? What are they talking about?

"What's wrong, Akihisa?"

"Nothing, it's just that they're talking inside right now."

"Really? In other words, the principal's inside. It's great that we didn't make a wasted trip, let's go in."

Well, we'll decide whether they're busy or not. Yuuji's right. Anyway, since we're here, we might as well finish off what we came here for.

"Excuse me!"

After knocking on the fancy doors of the principal's office, Yuuji and I immediately barged in.

"You rude brats, normally one would wait for a reply before entering."

The person inviting us is a principal with a head full of white hair, Todou Kaoru. She's also the person who's behind the test summoning system. Is it because she's a scientist? She does seem to have quite a few quirks. And the first thing she says when she first met us is 'you rude brats'.

"Really. We're busy here, and yet there are some unexpected visitors. Well, we can't continue on like this...don't tell me that you planned this?"

The man adjusting his glasses and glaring at the principal is the dean, Takehara-sensei. He's very popular with some of the girls due to his sharp eyes and cold attitude. However, I don't really like him.

"Stop saying such stupid things. I have nothing to hide in the first place, so why must I use such meaningless tactics?"

"Oh really? You're really good at hiding things."

The conversation continued on, with us not even understanding anything. The principal and the dean are discussing something related to the running of the school. Maybe it's better to come over another day.

"Like I said before, I'm not hiding anything. You're just mistaken."

"...Oh really. Since you want to deny it, then that's it for today."

After he finished speaking, Takehara-sensei glances at a corner of the room—

"Then I'll be leaving."

After that, he turns around and leaves the room. Just now, Takehara-sensei seems to be confirming something, but what? Is it in this room?

"Okay, brats. What did you come here for?"

The principal, who definitely doesn't look like she minded having her conversation with Takehara-sensei interrupted, asks us.

"Excuse me, madam. We came to discuss something with you."

Standing in front of the principal, Yuuji spoke. I'm surprised that he can even say such polite words.

"I have no time to talk to you regarding this. If it's regarding the school administration, look for Takehara-sensei. Also, it's common courtesy to give your names, remember that."

To be lectured about manners by such an arrogant granny, this is truly the end of the world.

"Sorry for my rudeness. I'm the representative of second year, F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, and he—"

Yuuji introduces himself, then points at me.

"—The idiot representative from the second year."

Why can't this guy just introduce me using my proper name?

"Oh...I see. You're Sakamoto and Yoshii from class F, right?"

Wait a sec, principal! I haven't even introduced myself yet! To be able to associate my name with that introduction, I'm about to cry...

"I change my mind, so let's hear what you have to say."

Like a big bad looking up, the principal's lips curls up. For such a person to be an educator, this is really inexplicable.

"Thank you very much."

"If you have the time to say your thanks, hurry up, you half-wit."

"Okay then."

Come to think of it, the scene in front of me is really surprising to me. To be verbally abused like this, Yuuji's attitude is still so cold. I never ever thought that he'll be this mature.

"We're here to request for improvements in class F's facilities."

"Oh really, I'm impressed that you have so much free time."

"Right now, F class is like an old-wrinkled brain with a hole, the state is so deplorable that cold wind would always flow inside."

Ah, he's finally started to scold.

"If it's the principal, who's like a piece of trash that existed since the Sengoku era, it's alright. But now, this sort of studying environment is too dangerous for a normal high school student. We feel that it might endanger someone's life." To mix in some provocative words in this respectful tone, seems like Yuuji's about to go crazy as well.

"Anyway, because the cold wind has been blowing into our classroom, some students have already fallen sick. So hurry up and fix it, you stupid old granny! That's about it."

Mm, this is the Yuuji that I know.

Hearing Yuuji's seemingly polite words that are actually rude, the principal gives a thoughtful expression, not uttering a single word.

"Excuse me, principal..."

Maybe she's enraged by Yuuji's attitude? Sigh, any ordinary person would be angry by it.

"...Mm, this is the perfect timing..."

Hm? What is the principal muttering just now?

"Alright, I understand what you mean."

"Eh? Then can you help us fix it?'

Yuuji was right. Even though the policy is weird, Fumitzuki Gakuen is still an institute of education. As long as it involves a student's health, the school would take appropriate action. This is good, this is good.

BTS vol 02 055.jpg

"I refuse."

"Yuuji, fill this old granny with mud and toss her into the sea."

"...Akihisa, watch your attitude."

Ah? I accidentally said my true feelings!

"Really, this idiot is too disrespectful. If possible, can you tell us the reason? You stinking granny."

"That's right. Please tell us, you damn granny."

"...You two, do you really want to know?"

The principal stares at us in a surprised manner. Did we say something weird?

"There isn't any need for any reason. This is because creating a difference in the classrooms is our objective. So don't give me this nonsense, you brats."

This, this old granny!

"That's not good! If this keeps us, forget about us, the weaker girls in our class would collapse—"

"—Is what I'll say under normal circumstances."

The principal interrupts me, placing her hands under her jaw as she says this.

"Besides, since it's my cute students saying this. We'll have a deal if you listen to my request."

A deal? In other words, there's no such thing as a free meal, huh?


Eh? Yuuji's not reacting at all. He places his hand near his mouth, seemingly thinking about something.

"What's the condition?"

Now that the situation has turned out like this, I can only substitute Yuuji and prompt the principal into speaking.

"Do you know of the summoning tournament in the cool summer festival?"

"Mm, somewhat."

"Then do you know what's the prize?"

"Eh? Prize?"

I didn't even know that there was a prize. This is because I didn't want to take part in the tournament, and I don't think that I can win even if I'm taking part.

"To the winners of the tournament, we'll give them a certificate, trophy, and a platinum bracelet. For the runner-ups, we'll give them a pair of 'Kisaragi Highlands' pre-opening premium tickets.

Hearing this prize, Yuuji froze up. What's wrong with him?

"Oh...what has this got to do with the conditions?"

"Let me finish first, haven't you heard of the saying 'if you rush, you'll whatever'[4]?"

No idea.

"It's regarding the premium tickets. I heard some bad rumors about it, so if possible, I'll like to have it back."

"Have it back? Then why not you just don't give them the tickets?"

"I would if I could. However, though the dean is in charge of this, he signed an agreement with Kisaragi corporation, and right now, we can't back out of it."

Come to think of it, I heard of the rumor before that 'the principal was busy with the summoning system, and allowed the dean to run the school'. Seems like this is true.

"As the principal, shouldn't you be careful when you sign an agreement?"

"Be quiet, brats. I was already busy with the platinum bracelets. Besides, I only heard of these bad rumors recently."

The principal frowns. She sounds rather casual, but it seems that she feels that she has some responsibility to bear.

"Then, what's the bad rumor about?"

The principal starts to explain with the words 'just something troublesome' and explains the entire situation.

"The Kisaragi Corporation want to create a omen at the Kisaragi Highlands, the content being 'couples visiting there will be very happy'."

"What's so bad about this rumor? Isn't that a good thing?"

"In order to create this omen, they want to create a wedding atmosphere for couples who go there with the premium tickets. For marketing purposes, their methods are rather forceful."


Yuuji suddenly roared—ah, it scared me.

"What now, Yuuji. Why are you so scared?"


"Uh huh. I understand without you explaining it a second time."

To see Yuuji act up like this, it's rather refreshing.

"What this mean is that the couple would have to be chosen from our Fumitzuki Gakuen."

"Damn it. For some reason, we have quite a lot of beauties in our school, and everyone's talking about the summoning system. It'll be perfect for them to create this omen if they create this rumor of getting married during high school! Of course we'll be targeted by Kisaragi Corporation!"

Yuuji bites onto his lips in anguish. Why is he acting so strangely up till now?

"Hm, as expected of the prodigy, your mind works pretty fast."

Hearing Yuuji say this, the principal nods her head. She seems to know Yuuji quite well, and she immediately called me by my name just now.

"Yuuji, calm down first. Kisaragi Corporation's plan isn't so bad. Besides, we know about this plot, so we just don't have to go there."

He's most likely scared of being dragged along by Kirishima-san. I'm so jealous of him.

On a side note, if it's me, I'll probably have no one to go with. This makes me feel so lonely...

"...She will definitely participate in the tournament to win...if I go, I'll have to get married. If I don't go, I'll also be forced to get future has..."

Yuuji's eyes have gone blank, what on earth is going on? He probably promised Kirishima-san that 'we'll go together once we get the premium tickets'. Though I don't know what's the price for not fulfilling the promise, it should be something stupid.

"Hm, like what he just said, I don't like the idea of ignoring the wishes of the couple in question and forcing a future onto my cute students."

Does she really think that the students are cute? I'm really suspicious about that.

"In other words, the condition is to—"

"That's right. It's to win 'the prizes of the summoning tournament'. If you can do it, I'll get your classroom repaired."

Oh, in exchange of the prizes of the summoning battle, huh? Then—

"Of course, you can't take them by force from the winners, nor can they voluntarily give up the tickets. I'm telling you to win the tournament."

Ugh! She read my mind! Though she's a weirdo, she's still an educator, huh? Seems like she wouldn't allow anything like cheating.

"...If we win, you'll promise to fix our classroom and upgrade the facility?"

"What are you talking about? I only agreed to help you guys fix the classroom. As for the facilities, that's part of the school's policy, and I don't intend to change it."

As expected, she answered like this. If we can get new facilities through this deal, it'll be a bad example to the other classes...

"However, if you're to use the money earned through the cool summer festival, that's another matter altogether. I'll close one eye on that and allow you to upgrade your facilities."

This is the principal's proposal. Normally, according to the school's policy, buying our own facilities like tables and chairs is forbidden. But it seems like as long as we can agree to her condition, she'll give us leeway.

"Can you help us improve the standard of our facilities? To us, repairing the classroom is as important as improving our facilities."

"And then?"

"If our teahouse isn't successful, and we're not able to improve our facilities, we'll be worried about the situation down there, and won't be able to concentrate on the tournament. This won't be good for us and principal..."

"What? That's it? No way, I won't allow it."

"But! If you can promise us to improve our facilities, we can concentrate on the tournament—"

"Akihisa, it's useless. That granny has no intention of stepping aside. We have no choice but to accept the deal."

Unknowingly, Yuuji regains his composure and pats my shoulder.

...Damn it. Though I hate it, we really have no choice but to go along with the conditions.

"I understand. We'll accept your conditions."

"Really? Then our negotiations are complete."

The principal reveals a sly 'just as planned' look on the face.

"However, we have another proposal as well."

Just as I thought that the negotiations are complete and intend to head back to class, Yuuji adds another condition on the principal.

"Oh really? Let's hear it."

"I heard that the summoning tournament is a two-on-two contest. An elimination type match. The first is mathematics, and the second is chemistry."

If the first subject is mathematics, all the participants would have to compete in mathematics. The reason why they would change the subject in the second battle is probably because the points lost in the first battle would reduce the entertainment value of the competition. No matter what anyone says, this is a school promotional activity.

"So what?"

"Once the participants are decided, please allow me to decide the subjects."

After Yuuji said this, for some reason, he showed some sharp eyes at the principal, trying to probe her. Is he feeling suspicious about anything?

"Hm...alright. I won't allow it if you request for an inflation in points. But if it's just this, then I guess I can help you with it."

"...Thank you very much."

Yuuji's eyes became even sharper. It's definitely beneficial to us already, so why bother giving such an expression. I really can't understand him.

BTS vol 02 065.jpg

"Then, that's as far as I'm going to help you. I presume you're going to win in the summoning tournament, right?"

The principal asks. Does she really intend to prevent the Kisaragi Corporation's plan?

"Of course, who do you think we are?"

Yuuji reveals a bold smile. This is a fully motivated look that he had during the test summoning battle.

"We'll definitely win, so don't forget about our promise!"

Of course, I'm fully motivated as well. This is because the method to solve this problem is right in front of us, and we only need to finish the job.

"Then brats, I'll leave it to you."


Just like this, the worst partnership in Fumitzuki Gakuen is formed.


  1. The Baltic States, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Located in Northern Europe. The term 'Baltic' came about because the countries are located near the Baltic sea. For more info.
  2. Urayasu, a city located in Western Chiba of Japan, most noted for having Disneyland over there.
  3. All these names are the prefectures of Shikoku, an island of Japan, with the capital cities being of the same names.
  4. Note that the principal forgot the original saying, and just made it up on the spot. The original saying would be something like 'the slow and steady will win the race' or 'haste won't get the job done'.