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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 11.

“That…damned granny! She pulled that sort of stunt on us!? We were just one step away from our victory here!”


“How many days—doesn’t she know how many days I’ve been waiting for this!? Now she’s actually saying such selfish things to me now!?”


“I won't be content with just splitting her body now! How am I going to repay this grudge now!?”


“Don’t stop me, Shouko! I’m going to concentrate my burning rage and boiling grudge inside this bat and smash that old hag a thousand times—”

“…We lost just now.”


“…You won, Yuuji and everyone else. We admit defeat.”

“…Why are you saying such a thing? What are you trying to say?”

“…This isn’t okay?”

“What do you mean not okay…Shouko, this isn’t the problem to me here.”

“…Then, what’s the problem?”

“For the sake of better facilities.”

“…You’re lying. You won’t fuss over such a thing, Yuuji.”

“Himeji’s physical condition.”

“…There hasn’t been any problems up till now.”

“Ahh…well, about that, how should I put it?”


“Don’t mind about such small details!”

“…You haven’t answered my question.”

“Oh, looks like Akihisa got into quite the tough predicament there! I have to go help him out there!”


“…Yuuji, why are you so insistent on having the summoning war?”

The First Question[edit]

Please answer the following question:

Please name the three kingdoms that ruled China during the Three Kingdoms era.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“Gi” “Shoku” “Go”[1]

Teacher’s comment:

Correct answer. They are also called Sougi For Gi, Shokukan for Shoku, and Tougo for Go.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“Gi” Shoku” “Go” [2]

Teacher’s comment:

Please write down the answers in kanji.

Shimada Minami’s answer:

“Gi “Shoku” “Kure”

Teacher’s comment:

Since you don’t know how to write kanji, you ended up mixing in a certain city in Hiroshima. [3]

BTS vol 07.5 243c.jpg

His eyebrows are really long.

He has a nice nose bridge and a slender lower chin; I can only describe such a beautiful face as a work of art.

“—And then, his fringe gently caressed my face and I…”



What happened just now was so shocking that I can’t face reality properly.

“Takashiro, you bastard…! You actually used such a psychological attack…! It’s okay for you now because Akihisa just managed to understand homosexual love, isn’t it!?”


Yuuji’s words dragged me from my thoughts back into reality. I, I actually kissed a guy…!

“A-Akihisa-kun? Erm, well…I don’t know what to say now, but thank you for saving me…is this alright…?”

Himeji-san’s feeling really troubled, but she still awkwardly thanked me. No, it’s fine. If it’s for Himeji-san’s sake, this little thing…

“Himeji, don’t mind Akihisa. This has been his ambition for a long time anyway.” “(GARRAK) Tamano Miki’s late, but she’s now here!”

“Tamano!? Who called you here!? Nobody can keep up with you in such conversations!”

“But someone called me here by saying ‘homo’!”[4]

“Aren’t your ears a little too weird!? You’re mistaken here! Go back now!”

“Did I hear it wrongly…really, why must you get in my way? I’ve been thinking of getting memorial photos of Aki-chan and Takashiro-sempai here…”

“Hold on a minute, Tamano-san! I think I just heard some weird lines in the back!”

“Akihisa that’s enough! Letting her stay here is going to cause us nothing but trouble!”

“…‘I want to see your surprised expression’…the ‘terminal of friendship’…the ‘new world’…”


Before my cries of agony reached Tamano-san, she skipped out of 2-A’s classroom. Argh…to what extent is my pride going to be trampled on…?

“Hm…looks like I can’t continue talking like this now. Let’s start over again since it can’t be helped.” My enemy as well as the mastermind behind this, Takashiro-sempai, continues on as he sees us in this commotion.

“Takashiro-sempai, can I speak with you for a moment?”

A male student stands in front of Takashiro-sempai.

“Hm? You’re the second ranked of the second years, Kubo Toshimitsu-kun right? What do you want with me?”

“Well, it’s very awkward to say such a thing to you, sempai—”

Kubo-kun nudged his glasses and warned Takashiro-sempai.

“—But I can’t just let you go back like this you know.”

And then, Kubo-kun lowered his upper body as he faced Takashiro-kun. To the serious Kubo-kun, I guess it’s really hard for him to accept the ridiculous proposal from the 3rd years. He may have sounded really calm, but I’ve never seen him so angry up till now.

“Kubo Toshimitsu-kun, if you have any objections about the proposal us 3rd years made—”

“That doesn’t matter now.”

Kubo-kun immediately denied this. What is he trying to do?

“Sempai, just let me beat you up or I won’t be able to relieve my frustration”

“So you’re going to punch me once for the sake of your friend?”

“No, for Yoshii-kun’s—and my sake. Two punches altogether.”

Why is he counting me in this too?

“I see. I don’t like violence—but at this moment, it looks like I can only play along with you.”

“Even if you’re an upperclassman, there are some boundaries that are not meant to be crossed but you have crossed them. I’m going to beat you up with Yoshii-kun’s regret and my fury.”

Wh-why do things feel very complicated here…I have to say something, some joke to calm the situation now! Erm, erm…!

“Stop it you two! Don’t fight each other for my sake!”

“Don’t stop me here Yoshii-kun! I’ll take back your trampled pride for your sake!”

“Alright, Kubo Toshimitsu-kun, if you insist, I’ll be your opponent for now.”


What’s going on…they won’t stop no matter what I do now…!?

“Oi! Heroine! If you don’t do something, we’ll end up with a situation we can’t handle!”


“First your lips were suddenly taken away, and now guys are fighting over you…aren’t you the heroine since you’re in the middle of all this?”


“What is it Akihisa?”


“Wait! You’re really crying!?”

“Because Yuuji said (sobs) something really cruel to me (Snivels)”

“Don’t cry Akihisa. You’ll cause a bigger commotion if you keep crying here!”

“Damn it—! Either you or Takashiro-sempai can go kiss that old hag of a principal and become unfortunate! Consider this a wish from me!”


How selfish! He’s not going down to hell with me here. What kind of classmate is he!?

“Hey, Mizuki.”

“What is it, Minami-chan?”

“Exactly what happened in the end?

“I-I don’t really know…I came here late, so I’m not really informed…”

“I’ve been here right from the beginning, but I don’t understand what’s going on at all.”

“Ahh, that’s enough! You brats are really noisy! Quiet down and listen to me!”


The principal’s interference caused us to interrupt our showdown when we could nearly do so, and the class F members all shouted in unison as they were vexed because of this.

“Kubo Toshimitsu-kun and everyone from class F, please calm down”

Takashiro-sempai, who had a stareoff with Kubo-kun, stood in front of the principal while seemingly trying to mediate.

“How do you expect everyone to calm down here! Someone interfered with our wish here!”

“And you made us see such a disgusting thing! How do you expect to compensate us here!?”

“You and that old hag can scram! Bring out Kogure-sempai!”

The members of class F started yelling at Takashiro-sempai and the principal.

“Is that so? I understand why everyone’s unhappy here.”

Takashiro-sempai answered in an extremely calm manner.

“Obviously as everyone can see here, the principal indeed does not have a nice appearance.”

Is this really the main point of this issue?

“Takashiro-kun, that’s enough”

Kogure-sempai has the same idea as me, and although she tried to advise Takashiro-sempai, he continues on.

“The principal really isn’t pretty—and I can even say that her looks aren’t even average.”

“Please stop. Don’t continue on any further.”

“Ehh…I might even say that it’s more accurate to call her ugly!”

“Please calm down, Takashiro-kun! The principal will really become your enemy in this case.”

“Relax, Kogure. Right from the start, I’ve been treating everyone here as my enemy.”

“But people’s worth isn’t decided by their appearance! You have to listen to the principal even if she’s ugly! Even if she looks like this, she’s still able to talk with others here!”

“I understand now, Takashiro-kun. Looks like there’s still a need to further educate you.”

Kogure-sempai herself may not have that intention, but she let out a sigh in a really bewitching manner.

Also, is Takashiro-sempai’s head really alright here…?

“Alright, we’ll leave Takashiro’s punishment to Kogure…now let’s get back to the main point about the ‘summoning war between the second years and third years’.”

It seems that the principal agreed to the fact that Takashiro-sempai needs to be punished as she changed the topic.

Upon hearing the summoning war issue pop up, Yuuji’s expression changed.

“Principal, let me get this straight. Do we have the right to refuse this war?”

“If there is, you don’t think that I’ll deliberately make my way here to interfere in your war, right?”

“That’s true. Just to be sure.”

Yuuji nodded away, seemingly expecting this.

That’s true, if we can reject the principal’s proposal even after her interference, she’ll really deserve a thousand deaths or more.”

“So what about that? It’s enough for us to kill you here…!”

“We planned to use that large display for a viewing party…!”

“How do you intend to compensate me when I was going to rub my face on Kirishima-san’s seat here…!”

Never mind. It doesn’t matter whether it was the case or not, since the end would be the same for her either way.

The principal looks like she’s trying to appease the furious class as she tries to warn them not to do so yet.

“Anyway, there are still a lot of things you want to say to me, right? But you can leave it for the time being can’t you? You can boil me or roast me however you want after this anyway.”

“I understand. Once this is over, I’ll kill you without remorse here.”


The principal answered in shock. What are you shocked about? You’re the one who said this. It’s not weird to have whatever outcome happen to you after this, right?

“A-anyway, The summoning war between the second and third years is an established thing so we can consider this to be a school event.”

Since it’s a school event, we naturally don’t have room to object. Of course, boycotting it is a completely different case altogether.”

“Let me ask you again, old hag. What’s being bet on this year?”

“The facilities of the respective years. The losing year has to give up its own A, B, C, classrooms, for the winner’s D, E, F classrooms.”

“In other words, as long as we win, we can get their A, B, C classrooms…?”

“That’s how it is.”

“Is that condition really fair to us?”

“Huh. They won’t give up anything even if they lose, right?”


Yuuji said while nearly clicking his tongue. What’s going on?

“Think about it, Akihisa. There’s still 2 months before the 3rd years can have their study break. Even if they lose their facilities, they can just stay at home to study, and they don’t have to come to school to study at all.”

As the private Fumitzuki Gakuen is called a prep school, the free school period is earlier than the other schools. It’s true that the 3rd years don’t need to attend school starting from December onwards.

“In contrast, we second years have to study on until March next year. The benefits are the same, but the risks are different, which makes things unfair for us, right?”

“That’s not true, Sakamoto Yuuji-kun. We third years have given up on the ‘precious time before the exams’. Don’t you find that our risks are equal?”

“Well, in that case, how about we maintain the status quo for each other’s sake.”

“That’s a pity, but you can’t do that.”

A little boy suddenly appeared from behind Takashiro-sempai. It’s the overseas exchange student Linne-kun.

“Why not, Linne-kun?”

“Because I came here to watch this summoning war!”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Un! So I’ll be troubled if you interrupt this war!”

Even if you tell us that…

“And this will be more troubling for you, isn’t it, Akihisa? This war will involve the sponsor’s mmm—”

“It’s not good to rattle off like this, brat.”

Linne-kun wanted to say something, but his mouth was covered by the principal from behind.

“Cough, I see…sorry Toudou.”

“Good that you understand.”

There’s probably some reason amongst the adults, but it seems that the principal doesn’t want Linne-kun blurting it out.

“I don’t really understand the situation, but it seems that we’re not really at a loss of what to do.”

It seemed that Yuuji thought of something as he went over to Linne-kun.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Oh brat, I think you said that you like tras—Akihisa, right?”

“Right, I really like tras—Akihisa!”

I resisted the urge to argue back.

“And then, you’re the representative reporting the situation in this school, right?”


“Then it’s simple. For your most beloved Akihisa, just report that this school is in great condition. All problems will be settled then.”

“I see! Nope!”


Ah, there’s a popped vein on Yuuji’s head.

“Why no? This idea’s really logical.”

“Because I like the cool Akihisa. I can see Akihisa’s cool side in a summoning war, so you have to do this!”

“Listen up, brat.”

Once he said this, Yuuji placed his hands on Linne-kun’s shoulders, and answered seriously,

“If you want to keep believing in that illusion, it’s best that you listen to me.”

“Oi Yuuji, you’re saying that a summoning war can kill someone’s illusion like that!?”

“I can’t stand it if this brat goes crazy due to despair.”

“There’s no problem! I only saw two summoning wars, but Akihisa’s really cool!”

In this situation, anyone can see that Linne-kun’s on my side here.

“Sakamoto Yuuji-kun, no matter what you said, the principal has already agreed to this summoning war. Let’s just treat it as a school official event .”

“Huh? So the third year upperclassmen are that obedient?”

Yuuji answered back Takashiro-sempai in a sarcastic manner. It seems that he’s still furious that the war with A class was interrupted.

“Pardon me for interrupting here.”

Hideyoshi, who had been observing things up till now, suddenly raised his hand.”

“What is it?”

“Hm, well, how about the second years can make peace with the third years and declare this contest as a draw? In this case, the third years won’t have to waste time that can be used to prepare for the exam.”

Hideyoshi’s proposal is good.


“No, if you’re going to do such a stupid thing, I’ll tell the higher ups something bad here, you know?”

Linne-kun immediately refused.

“But Linne, your beloved Akihisa will feel troubled by this.”

“I said no! I like this cool Akihisa here! Akihisa will be sad if I end up not liking him!”

Linne-kun, I’m happy that you’re saying this about me, but this is like saying that I’m not likeable outside the summoning war.

“And Akihisa’s not only my hero! I know that!”

And then, he gives a meaningful look at my pocket and Minami. My pocket should have a translated text of some random English book, right?

“Linne-kun, what’s on the paper you just gave me?”

“Un, it’s something really important.”

Something important to Linne-kun…it’s most likely something regarding the summoning war, or maybe about the school exchange thing.

Takashiro-sempai probably had the same idea as me as he lowers his head at me.

“I’m really sorry, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, but can you please hand me the paper he just mentioned?”


“Maybe there’s some personal career path written on it or something.”

“Career path?”

“Yeah. It’s really private.”

Speaking of which, what’s Takashiro-sempai’s personal career path. It’s useless to me even if I read it…what shall I do? I just feel annoyed if I have to just hand it over like this for some reason—

“I don’t feel this way, but are you somewhat in my personal information, Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

“Take it, you damned thief—!”

I take out the letter from my pocket and throw it hard at Takashiro-sempai. What kind of joke is this! I don’t have any interest in this immature upperclassman at all! I like normal girls!

“Ah…the content of that letter isn’t about that…”

“Eh? What’s written on it then?”

“That? Erm…it’s really something private!”

No, I’ll say that I don’t have any interest in Takashiro-sempai’s private affairs at all.

“Good grief. We’re not getting anywhere at all.”

Upon seeing our rally here, the principal deliberately sighed.

“But principal, even if you want us to accept this immediately…”

“Be quiet. I’ve already said that this is already established right from the beginning. Don’t you find that it’s more constructive to talk about the details of some things rather than waste time like this?”

The principal said with a somewhat stern tone. It’s true that since we’ve decided to hold this summoning war, our conversations don’t have any meaning. Since our important war was already interfered with, there might not be much time left.

Upon hearing the principal say this, Yuuji deliberately snorts and answers,

“Tch, damned old granny…okay. I can’t accept this, but since I understand the reason behind this, let’s talk about this summoning war.”

“As expected of you, Sakamoto Yuuji-kun. That’s really a wise decision.”

“I’m not happy that you’re praising me, not at all.”

The conversation’s now getting into the main point.”

“Then, damned old granny, what are the rules of this summoning war?”

“It’s about the same as an ordinary summoning war.”

“So that means that it’ll end when the reps for both years are defeated, right?”

“That’s how it is.”

If we’re talking about the representatives for both years, the 3rd year’s rep will be Takashiro-sempai in front of me here—

“And considering that the battle was ended prematurely just now, the second years’ rep will be Shouko.”

—And it would end up like that.

“At the same time, there seems to be some special rule for the other class reps.”

“Right, as long as a class rep is defeated, all the members of that class will have to head to the remedial room.”

In others, if Yuuji is defeated, our F class will have to head to the remedial room. Should we take down the general immediately? Or do we weaken each other’s fighting strength by beating the class reps? It’s really hard to choose.

“Then what about the subjects of the summoning war? Us second years have a difference in choice of subjects compared to you, right?”

“That’s basically it. We’ll base it on the subjects tested in the National Center Test.”

“““The center test[5]!!?”””

Takashiro-sempai’s words caused everyone to be shocked.

Impossible, we’re using the Center Test’s subjects…we’re using the Center Test’s subjects for this summoning war!?

1. State the defensive position of Center Field in baseball [6] 2. State the position closest to the hoop in basketball, the Center [7]

What’s that upperclassman saying out of a sudden…!? Is he an idiot!? I can’t stand this no matter what!

“It’s really weird to have such unrelated subjects for such a thing here!”

“Oh my? Yoshii Akihisa-kun, if you don’t intend to take the Center Test, are you planning to enter a private school?”

“Private!? Please don’t say such an off-topic thing here, alright!?”

“Shush, Akihisa. The fact that you don’t have plans for your future may be leaked just like this, you know?”

I’m thinking about it! At least I know that I can’t possibly be a professional baseball player or a basketball player!

“Well, Akihisa-kun, please talk with me over there for a while. I’ll tell you everything about the Center Test, okay?”

Since Himeji-san says so, I follow her to a corner of A class. Himeji-san’s not too familiar with baseball rules, but she actually knows about the professional Center Test?

<What is the Center Test?> [8]

It’s an abbreviation of the National Center Test for University Admission, an independent administrative common Test that is held in the entire country at the same time. It is held before the universities begin their recruiting, and is held on the first weekend before January 13th.

~Taken from the ‘Daijien’[9]~


“Akihisa, what is it? Why are you honest out of a sudden?”

“Maybe you don’t know about the Center Test at all, Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

“No, that’s not it. Well, I just mixed it up with the sports recommendation thing there. It’s not like I don’t know about it…”

Upon hearing my answer, Takashiro-sempai shrugs his shoulders in an exaggerated manner.

“…As expected, such a person who doesn’t plan ahead can’t be with you, Miss Himeji Mizuki.”

“No, this isn’t it! Akihisa-kun’s just a little bad at studying and common sense, and he doesn’t know about current affairs, that’s all! It’s not like he doesn’t plan ahead!”

“Yeah, Himeji’s right! You should be praising him for not mixing up the term ‘center’ with the ‘setter’ in volleyball!”

“Okay okay, Aki’s working hard already. I believe he’s a kid who can succeed as long as he works hard at it, you know?”

Uu…no matter whose opinion is it here, the damage to my pride is really great here…!

As I’m thinking about this issue of pride, Yuuji immediately gets back to the topic at hand.

“But since the test subjects selection is based on the Center Test, isn’t it beneficial for you upperclassmen?”

“But this is the best choice for both parties, right? Our Fumitzuki Gakuen here is a prep school after all.”

Takashiro-sempai smiles as he receives Yuuji’s glare.

“Then, what about health education? Do we scrap that subject completely?”

“I suggested it to the principal…”

“But I can’t allow this here. Both second and third years are studying health education. Are you unhappy about having this as a tested subject?”

Without health education, the fighting strength of our F class will drop drastically. I really want to support the principal for making this decision here.

“Then, I suppose my explanation ends here. The summoning war will happen a week later, and I’ll notify you of any further rules later.”

The principal ends this conversation with an urgency of wanting to end her explanation.

“Hm? A week later?”

“Are you unhappy about this?”

“No, this isn’t what I mean…”

I might say it’s a good situation for us second years here. A week is enough time for us to replenish all our depleted points in the summoning war completely. Takashiro-sempai probably knows this as he asks the principal for confirmation again.

“Principal-sensei, do you seriously want to carry this out a week later?”

“You’re noisy here, Takashiro. Didn’t I say that the scale of this war is going to be 6 times that of before, and that I need the time to prepare?”

“So that’s how it is…”

If this is really the case, it’ll be really strange. Since there’s still a week left, why must she deliberately make her way here to stop our battle? We were so close here.

“The war will begin a week later at 9am. The entire school will be used for this. Do prepare well before the day of the war.”

The principal left these words, and left the classroom.

“Un…ah, never mind. You’ll know about what’s written on that letter one day, Akihisa. Don’t mind too much about it!”

“Sorry to intrude on the second years. I’m really looking forward to the summoning war next week.”

And then, Linne-kun and Kogure-sempai proceed out of the classroom.

Just when I suspect that Takashiro-sempai will stay here, he proceeds to walk towards me. What does he want..?

“Takashiro-sempai, you still have something you want with me?”

“Do relax, Yoshii Akihisa-kun. I’m not looking for you now. But since there’s a chance now, I want to talk with Miss Himeji Mizuki here.”

The moment Takashiro-sempai said this, I immediately got in front of Himeji-san to prevent him from approaching her.

“I’m sorry, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, but can you let me through?”

“It can’t be helped, Takashiro-sempai. Since you intended to do something strange to Himeji-san just now, I can’t let you approach her again.”

If you want to forcefully kiss Himeji-san again, I’ll send you flying.

“As expected of you, Akihisa, your readiness to kiss a man is not just for show here.”

“…Are you addicted to it?”

“Akihisa’s moving further and further away from us here…”


W-well, I’m mentally prepared to take this level of disaster for Himeji-san’s sake…but I really want to avoid such a situation here.

“I’m really sorry, but I want to talk with Miss Himeji Mizuki, not you.”

Takashiro-sempai intends to ignore my existence, and immediately heads off to Himeji-san.

“Is that so? I’ll pass on your words to her then.”

At this moment, I got right between them to prevent sempai from moving.

“I want the two of us to talk together. Can you please move aside for now?”

“I understand now. Himeji-san said ‘please wait for me in the incinerator. I’ll go over there once I find a matchstick or a lighter’.”

“My Miss Mizuki won’t say such a thing…!”


Sempai continues to use his footwork and feints to get past me, and I try my best to block his body. Our battle’s like a one vs one duel in basketball or soccer here.

After a little struggle, we both stop at the same time, and our shoulders are heaving as we pant.

“Haa…haa…you’ll be hated if you’re too annoying, sempai.”

Himeji-san now doesn’t look like she likes Takashiro-sempai, but it’s best to agitate him now.

“Annoying? Being hated? What are you saying, Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

In response to my words, Takashiro-sempai seems rather surprised as he shrugs his shoulders.

“What’s there to be hated in this enthusiasm from my overflow of love here?”

“Everyone normally call such a person a ‘stalker’.”

He probably doesn’t realize it himself.

“…The enthusiasm from the overwhelming love…I can understand this.”

“Kirishima-san!? You mustn’t understand such a thing—I want to say this, but I think that you two have similar thoughts here!”

Kirishima-san nods away as she looks at us.

“Yep. It’s just like what the second year valedictorian said. Enthusiasm is an outstanding weapon. Nobody’s unhappy about being confessed to by the opposite gender, I suppose? I believe these feelings will be accepted by her one day.”

“If this sort of thinking is correct, I believe there won’t be a thing called unrequited love here!”

And the term ‘stalker’ most probably won’t appear.

“But Yoshii Akihisa-kun. Please calm down and think. Since the second and third years valedictorian have the same view, the answer should be obvious, right?”

Wha-what’s going on…? I should be the correct side, but I’m being attacked by this weird logic. Is-is there anything I can use to argue back?”

“Speaking of which, the girl I’ve been concerned with recently seems to be tailed by a stalker recently.”

“Is that so? That’s really scary. I think I shall strengthen the security around her because I’m worried.”

“I’ll do this too. I better watch around her house for her sake.”

“Right! You see this, sempai? What you described and what these F class people plan to do is basically the same thing! This sort of thinking is definitely wrong!”

“No, they’ll be the only ones who’ll be viewed as disgusting stalkers.”


Because of Takashiro-sempai’s words, killing intent immediately erupted everywhere in this classroom. The difference in thought process between us and this upperclassman is probably so deep that nothing can bury it anymore…well, leaving aside what those three look like, they’re basically doing what stalkers do, so it’s necessary to report them to the police later.

“Do you understand, Yoshii Akihisa-kun? Even if there’s nothing special about it, she’ll be happy if I devote all my time to interact with her, right?”

“What are you saying!? Kirishima-san’s enthusiasm to snap Yuuji’s neck forcefully is because of her heart as a young cute maiden, but what you’re doing is a crime here!”

I think I just heard Yuuji’s voice, but I just have to ignore it now.

Just when I’m feeling that Kirishima-san will probably be angry at this, I glance aside at her,


But she has her hand at her lips, seemingly thinking about something.

“What is it, Kirishima-san?”


Kirishima-san nods slightly as she answers me.

“…I was just thinking. If what sempai said was true, why did Yuuji not express his love to me…?”

Kirishima-san is in deep thought. In what aspect is she thinking of here?

Hmmm…there are all sorts of reasons here…

“That’s definitely because—”

Just when I want to explain,

“Anyway, Miss Mizuki, can I have some of your time?”

Takashiro-sempai approaches Himeji-san during this pause. Damn it, this guy’s really annoying…!

“Ahh, that’s enough! Please behave and leave Himeji-san!”

I got in front of Himeji-san and face Takashiro-sempai.

“I’m talking to Miss Mizuki here. Please don’t get in our way.”

Takashiro-sempai intends to avoid me as he approaches Himeji-san.

“Sorry, but there’s nothing I want to talk about with Takashiro-sempai…”

And Himeji-san firmly refuses him even though she looks really scared. What’s going on? For some reason, I feel that this is the first time Himeji-san’s avoiding someone like this.

In response to her rejection, Takashiro-sempai places his hand in front of his chest, and loudly proclaims with a serious look.

“Miss Mizuki, you are mistaken about me. I don’t have any intent of harming here. I just want to tell you a piece of good news.”

“What? The good news is…”

“Yes. There’s a chance that the mentioned thing beforehand can be cancelled.


Upon hearing Takashiro-sempai’s words, Himeji-san appears from behind me. Takashiro-sempai then looks really happy as he sees her approach him, and says,

“I lied.”

At that moment, Himeji-san’s face became gloomy.

“That’s too much, Takashiro-sempai…this lie is too much…”

“I'm really sorry, but I guess this is the only way I get to talk with you.”

Takashiro-sempai apologizes with a sincere look, but is he really feeling sorry? It really seems suspicious because of that smile before this.

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, please don’t make such a sad face. Your distressed look is really the scariest form of torture to me…”

“Please don’t lie to me anymore. You’ll just bully me, Takashiro-sempai. It was the same for just now. We finally managed to get the chance to get A class’ facilities…”

“These things are done for your sake, Miss Himeji Mizuki.”

? Takashiro-sempai said something weird. We’re getting A class facilities for her sake, so why is it that this interference is considered helping her?

“It’ll take some time, but I believe you will trust me one of these days. The same goes for the issue about the sister school—”


Himeji-san suddenly exclaimed loudly, and I inadvertently widen my eyes.

“But that thing will soon…”

“Even so, now’s not the time to talk about this, right?”

Himeji-san is really angry here, and her face is flushed red. Wha-what’s going on? Why is Himeji-san feeling so stressed here?

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, please calm down and listen to me.”

“No! Please return back.”

Even as Takashiro-sempai tries to calm Himeji-san down, Himeji-san won’t give him room to talk. I suppose Takashiro-sempai can’t continue on like this now.

“…I understand. I’ll take my leave today, Miss Mizuki, and I do sincerely apologize for making you unhappy.”

He says as he lowers his head deeply. It seems that he’s really sorry for angering Himeji-san.

And then, he lifts his head, and holds Himeji-san by the hands.

“I can’t really call it an apology, but may I know if you can have a meal with me next time—”

“Himeji-san’s not willing at all, Takashiro-sempai, so can you please head back now?”

I grab his hand from aside viciously.

BTS vol 11 037.jpg

“…Yoshii Akihisa-kun, can you please let go?”

“I refuse.”

At that moment alone, I feel that he’s showing a different expression, a hard glare.


After that, Takashiro-sempai glares at me with a cold expression.

“Is there anything?”

I was incensed by those eyes, and subconsciously increase the harshness in my voice.

“No, it’s just that I have a few thoughts after seeing your actions.”


“Yes. I’m thinking that since you have the time to get in my way, how about you spend the time reflecting?”

Takashiro-sempai says this as he shakes off my hand in an effortless and smart manner.

“So, what do you want to say?”

Anyway, since he has already let go of Himeji-san’s hand, I retract my own.

It seems that Takashiro-sempai’s telling off a student with bad grades as he continues.

“A long time, I saw how noble you were during the summoning tournament of the Cool Summer Festival. You were completely different from the rumors back then. You looked like a student that could be an outstanding student.”

Speaking of the Cool Summer Festival, it would be the battle I had with the Toko-Natsu pair. I’m not too sure what he’s trying to get at, but it’s not a bad feeling to be praised.

“No, it’s not that much, actually.”

“But after that, you never changed at all. It’s like you never matured at all.”

Looks like I was convinced too early…

“I-I did mature a little.”

“Do you feel your grades are good enough for A class?”


I can’t argue back at all.

“This is what I want to say. You say that you want to get A class facilities, but you’re not studying hard. You’re not working hard at all.”

This criticism pierce into my chest sharply.

And then, Takashiro-sempai takes a deep breath.

“How much meaningless time did you spend after that?”

He shows me an expression of wanting to knock me out, and says that to me decisively.

“Pardon me, but it seems that I delayed everyone quite a bit. See you for now. And Miss Himeji Mizuki, let’s meet again when you’re free.”

Takashiro-sempai raises his hand to bid farewell to Himeji-san, and then,

“Yoshii Akihisa-kun, a man being jealous is not cute at all.”

The last line was said to be deliberately just loud enough for me to hear, and then, he leaves the classroom.


I got hit in one vital point after another, and I can’t even groan.

I never matured. I never worked hard. Right, that’s how it was.

But even so—



My outburst shocks Hideyoshi, Muttsurini and the others standing near me.

“What’s the matter, Aki? Just let him say what he wants.”

“Yeah, and it’s a matter of fact that you haven’t matured at all up till now.”

“You think so too!? Do you think that I never matured at all!?”

“Are you an idiot…I knew this before that guy did. We’re…friends, right?”



“Anyway, calm down for now. Now’s not the time for idle chit-chat, right?”

Muu…I don’t find it idle, but there’s something more important than my pride here, just like what Yuuji said.

“Are you alright, Himeji-san?”

“Eh? Ah, yes.”

Once Takashiro-sempai left, Himeji-san’s angry expression disappeared, and she’s now looking gloomy.

“Then, there’s nothing troubling you, right?”

“It-it’s fine! I’m really alright!”

Himeji-san says this, but she’s obviously lying. There’s probably something she’s hiding in her conversation with Takashiro-sempai just now.

“Anyway, the summoning war’s cancelled. Let’s head back for now.”

“Right. Oi everyone! Let’s go back!”

Yuuji’s command cause everyone to leave A classroom slowly.


On the way back, I suddenly thought of something.

Takashiro-sempai knows the thing Himeji-san’s hiding from us. This really makes my heart uneasy.

The Second Question[edit]

Please read the following paragraph and answer the questions:

( 1 ) is one of the aspects of ( 2 ), commonly used as an indicator of ( 3 ).

Q1: Please write down the term that describes the term ‘Gross Domestic Product’. Q2: Please write down the term that describes ‘the output of all goods and services produced in a country’ Q3: Please write down the term that fits the context.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer.

( GDP ) is one of the aspects of ( National Income ), commonly used as an indicator of ( Economic Growth ).

Teacher’s Comment:

Correct answer. As GDP is commonly confused with GNP (Gross National Product, the total produce of the citizens of a country), it is important to memorize the definitions. Also, GNP is commonly replaced with GNI (Gross National Income), so it is better to memorize them together.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

( HP & MP ) is one of the aspects of ( Player status ), commonly used as an indicator of ( level ).

Teacher’s Comment:

It is because of you that sensei here seems to hate RPGs recently.

BTS ExcaliburMizuki.jpg

Due to all sorts of reasons, we were forced to end our intense clash with A class.

C classroom is still ours before we start our war with A class.

Right now, we’re waiting for Yuuji, who’s in the strategy meeting.

“But that was really crazy yesterday.”

“…Never thought that the third years would appear.”

“It really was a crazy day for me yesterday too…I never thought that my diary was in someone else’s hands…”

“Hm? What diary?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing! Anyway, I really don’t know how this level summoning war will happen!”

“…Things got really complicated.”

“Yeah, since this has already become a school event itself…”

The Taihō Code[10] divides the people into two different classes. What are they? The answer’s…good civilians and bad civilians…right? Right right.[11]

“Well…I feel that it’ll be good if the current situation continues on like this.”

“…I agree.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

“Same goes for me.”

Under the code, what’s the ‘guard’? Please answer. The answer’s…a soldier protecting the gates of a palace. I know this.


The system to grant people land and collect tax from them is—

“Hey, Aki.”

The Group field collection system. [12]

“Aki! (Pak)”


I’ve been focusing so much on the reference book. The sudden attack really shocked me, and I feel darkness in front of my eyes out of a sudden that I can’t pull myself from.

“Good grief, isn’t that too violent? My head went backwards at that moment.”

“What do you mean? It’s Aki’s fault for ignoring me here.”

“No no no, I’d say that your wrestling shouldn’t appear in an amicable conversation, you two.”

It seems that when the joints are trained, the angle they can turn towards will grow larger. This is some trivia.

“Then, what now?”

“What do you mean by ‘what now’…I’m just wondering if you have a fever because you started studying hard out of a sudden.”

“If you’re worried that I have a fever, you don’t have to turn my head 180 backwards…”

What kind of structure do you think my body has here?

“But Akihisa, I know that you’re very concerned about this war, but you don’t have to be that serious, right?”

“Yeah, Aki. The opposite effect might happen if you strain yourself too much.”

“…You need to relax.”

Minami and the others say. It’s true that I’ll be lying if I say that I’m not forcing myself…but,

“After being told off by that guy like that, I really want to buck up and study hard.”

It’s already too late, but I want to try my best here.

“How much meaningless time did you spend after that?”

Takashiro-sempai’s words appear in my mind.

“And it’s just like what sempai said.”

At that time, I did not react at all because I admitted to sempai’s words.”

“But it’s true that studying’s important.”

“Even so, I think that you didn’t waste that time at all, Aki.”

“…Everyone’s values are different.”

“I feel this way too.”

Everyone too disapproved of Takashiro-sempai’s views.

“Never mind. Don’t worry too much about me. I just want to do what I can right now.”

“But if you fall ill when it’s time for you to step up, won’t you be reversing your priorities?”


“And you don’t have to be so serious about this, right?”

“Hm, that third year valedictorian Takashiro is someone who’s easily tricked. Since his grades aren’t as amazing as Kirishima, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“…If we’re comparing the abilities of the valedictorians, we have the advantage.”

It’s like what everyone said. Takashiro-sempai’s grades are good, but his scores aren’t really outstanding. Also, he’s easily fooled, and maybe he’s not someone we have to worry against.


“I’ve…had enough of that guy.”

“I suppose that is the case.”

“…If you’re not angry after what you did, you’re basically a person from another world here.”


Even if we ignore that, I want to say that there’s something wrong with it somewhere!

“You don’t have to worry too much about that, Aki.”

“That’s true, but…”

“It’s fine. It’s not like it’s your first kiss—”

As she said this, Minami suddenly seems to recall something as she starts to stammer.


Minami blushes as she lowers her head. That wasn’t the first kiss; well, this first kiss will refer to, the one Minami and I had—



“Really, you said it yourself, so what’s so embarrassing about that?”

Once I recall what happened back then, even I can’t lift my head. Uu, ugh, it’s really embarrassing!

“…Even…I too…”

“Hm? What did you say, Himeji?”

“It-it’s nothing. I didn’t say anything!”

Anyway, let’s change the topic…! Erm…!

“Speaking of which, where did Yuuji go to?”

“It seems that he’s having a strategy meeting for the summoning war against the third years.”

“Right right! The representative of each class are discussing about that now.”

“Heh? It’ll be great if they can come up with a good plan!”

“Yes! That’s right!”

“…The change in topic is too obvious here.”

“Muttsurini, playing along with them is a show of our kindness as friends, you know?”


Minami and I laugh as we cover up the voices of Hideyoshi and the rest.

What’s there to worry about? There’s no problems if the meeting has Yuuji and Kirishima-san!

“To be honest, I do have interest in Sakamoto-kun.”

“Ho-how’s that possible. Yuuka…!”

“Oi oi, Sakamoto, when did you and Koyama…?”

“Unforgivable…! I can’t even confess to Kubo-kun properly, and now someone’s concerned about his own love…!”


(…What with, this situation here…)

To be honest, with the class representatives of A to E here, I’m really confused here.

(Right, got to calm down and analyse the situation properly.)

I take a deep breath, and recall what happened up till now.

It was just 5 minutes ago when we used a corner of A classroom for our strategic meeting. B class rep Nemoto proposed ‘Let’s choose a main strategist amongst us’, and up till this point, there hasn’t been any disagreements.

Unlike a usual war between classes, this is a war between the school years. It’s already troublesome for us to manage everyone’s scores; Shouko’s not good at speaking, and she’s shy. Will her burden lessen if she’s to just set up and explain the strategy? I think it’s good that she does that.

That’s still good, but the question after that was ‘who’ll take that role’.

“And so, I propose that Sakamoto-kun be the main strategist."

And Koyama overturns my ideas with just that line.

…Right. For some reason, Koyama recommended me.

“What do you intend to do, Koyama?”

“Oh my, that’s surprising. Is it strange that I recommend you?”

To be honest, it’s really strange. After all that had happened up till now, the relationship between our F class and her C class is practically at the brink of collapse. So why did she choose me?

“Didn’t I say it before? ‘I like smart people’.”

And then, this line came up. To be honest, I really don’t understand at all.

“You managed to overturn the tide of the war against us even in that situation. I don’t think it’s strange for me to change my view of you, right, Sakamoto-kun?”

“Yu-Yuuka! What are you saying!?”

“You’re noisy, Nemoto-kun. I don’t have any relationship with you here, right?”

“Bu-but, using such personal reason to decide such an important position is really…”

“Even without that reason, I do feel that Sakamoto-kun has quite a lot of accomplishments. And Nemoto-kun,”

“Wh-what is it?”

“Don’t call me on a first-name basis like this, okay?”

Koyama immediately dumped Nemoto just like that.

“Wha…!? Wh-why, why on earth…!?”

Nemoto was all shaken up.

“…Be quiet, everyone.”

Even so, it’s not like I don’t understand. Koyama is Nemoto’s ex-girlfriend.

“…In this situation, we have to calm down with Lamaze breathing techniques[13].”

But why are you panicking too, Shouko?

“Calm down, Shouko. If anyone sees a High School student do a Lamaze breathing here, it may become a huge problem.”

Shouko seems somewhat normal, no different from usual, but her fingers are trembling, and her eyes are moving around. I can see her faltering through such minor details.

“Really, what are you panicking for?”

“…Because this is the first time someone of the other gender likes you, Yuuji.”

It’s true that this is the first time in my life.

“…I thought that you definitely would never have anyone falling for you, ever.”

But aren’t you being too overboard here?

Just when I’m thinking of how to comment on this, Koyama asks me,

“How about it, Sakamoto-kun? Do you want to go out with me?”

Hm. That’s impossible.

Why? It’s simple? If I think about it, Koyama’s saying such things in front of her ex, Nemoto. This means that she’s just doing this to spite him. I’m going to go out with someone else because of this reason? Definitely no way.

Maybe Koyama is sincere here, but she’s someone who latched onto another guy in front of a guy she once dated. Who wants this kind of woman?

In other words, I can only reject her here.

So, I’ve already made this conclusion, but even though I got it…


“What’s with you, Sakamoto-kun? You look really bothered here.”

I’m really hesitating on whether I should reject her here.

I don’t care about her pride, since she just tossed away Nemoto viciously. There’s no way I’ll show her mercy. But what I’m concerned with is that…with the upcoming summoning war against the 3rd years looming, Koyama may harbour intense hatred if I reject her here. Having enemies now will be really stupid.

And also, if I pretend to play along with her, I don’t know what kind of reaction Nemoto will have. Also, there’s the possibility that those guys from F class will want my life…I don’t know whether I can see the sun two days later, let alone the summoning war next week. There’s no need to use my brain to see these developments coming.

Right now, I’m in a dilemma, but there’s no time for me to hesitate. If I can’t settle this decisively, the neutral Hiraga and Nakabayashi may become my enemies.

(Seriously. Is there a line that I can use to reject her without bringing a grudge on me…)

I really don’t want to admit this, but this is truly the result of my inexperience with the opposite gender. Damn it, what should I do…!

As I’m hesitating, Shouko, who had been coy up till now, speaks up. Right, didn’t she have a lot of confessions up till now? She’ll definitely handle this situation properly—

“…No way, Yuuji’s my item.”

This is what it means by adding fuel to the fire.


This line cause Hiraga and Nakabayashi, who had been looking on, to give me antagonistic intent.

Why are you pressuring me like this now!? Don’t you want to win this summoning war!?

“My item? What do you mean? You’re not dating with Sakamoto-kun, are you, Kirishima-san?’

“Alright! This topic ends here! Let’s continue with our strategic meeting!”

“…No, we’re going steady here.”


We’re breaking up this disjointed year even further now. Are you happy with this now!? Or do you want the 5 classes to work together against mine here!?

“When did you start dating?”

“…It was promised when I won the summoning war before this.”

“Speaking of which, I heard of similar rumors.”

That was the promise to the bet I easily agreed to in the previous summoning war. It may be just rumors to others here, but I really want to forget about this.

“…So I won’t allow such a thing when he’s dating me.”

“But that sort of thing is simply a formality, isn’t it? Don’t you find it strange to restrain others with that kind of thing?”

“…But a promise is a promise.”

“Hmm…hey, Sakamoto-kun, I won’t restrain my partner here, you know? We have to respect each other’s choices, so that means I won’t intrude on your personal space. Don’t you find this kind of interaction good?”

No matter whether it’s good or bad, I only had one answer right from the beginning.

But I can’t have more enemies until the summoning war ends. In that case…I can only answer this now?

“Koyama, is it okay if I give you my answer after the summoning war?”

Anyway, let’s try to delay this for now. I really hate such an answer, but I can only do this in this situation. Seriously, spare me here.

“…? …After the summoning war?”

Koyama and even Shouko are showing a surprised look. I suppose the latter is too tense that she doesn’t realize that I’m trying to appease everyone here.

“I see…after the summoning war, is it?”

On the other hand, Koyama seems to understand something as she answers my request meaningfully, and glances at Shouko.


Shouko receives Koyama’s stare, and ponders for a slight moment.


It seems that she notices this too as she closes her mouth. She probably realized that her unnecessary words are disrupting the harmony—I hope.

“Then, I can attract your attention if I work hard in the summoning war, right, Sakamoto-kun? I’ll do my best for the sake of getting a confession from you.”

Not good. These guys don’t understand at all.

“Yu-Yuuka—no, Koyama-san! I’ll do my best too, so watch me!”

But well, it seems that Nemoto can perform well in this situation, so the outcome isn’t too bad. Good grief…now we can finally start with the strategic meeting.

“Then, regarding the strategist we talked about in the beginning, I’ll do it—”

“No, leave it to me. I’ll be fine.”

“No, it’s better for me to do so when I’m B class’ rep, right?”

Koyama and Nemoto raise their hands, ostensibly jostling for the positions. You guys are really annoying here…!

“You two should calm down here. This is a summoning war; don’t involve your personal thoughts in this.”

“Yeah, Nemoto-kun, can you please give up quietly?”

“No way! If this really is the case, you’re doing things out of your own selfishness here, Sakamoto! I should be the one handling things because of the class ranking!”

All the various suggestions are preventing us from having a proper meeting here.

“I really, absolutely object to having Sakamoto as strategist!”

Nemoto loudly declares. It’s really troublesome, but if I leave it like this, it’ll be tougher for me to follow up in the future. Looks like I really have to talk with him here.

“Can you hear me out regarding the reasons, Nemoto?”

“If you’re going to command everyone here, you need to have everyone believe in that strategy! You already betrayed our trust completely here!”

“Huh? I feel that Sakamoto-kun had quite a lot of accomplishments here, you know?’

“I’m not talking about this, I’m simply talking about personal trustworthiness here! You may have forgotten about it, but Sakamoto was the main culprit behind the peeping incident back then! Hasn’t this guy lost the trust of the girls; that’s half the second year’s cohort!”

If we’re talking about personal trustworthiness , there’s no way Nemoto can be the strategist no matter what he says. He probably knows that he’s not to be trusted at all…but I guess that being dumped by Koyama caused him so great a shock that he can’t seem to calm down and think properly.

But if I involve this topic now, it’ll be troublesome to me too.

“If we’re talking about trust, I still have a few issues with F class too.”

Nakabayashi joins in the conversation, ostensibly saying that even if she has nothing to complain about the strategy, she can’t let her guard down.

“Nakabayashi, the lack of developments between you and Kubo is because of Kubo’s personal issues, you know?”


Wait, how in the world did Kubo reject her?


Everyone’s stare is focused on the infuriated Nakabayashi.

Once she notices that everyone’s staring at her, she seems to be very flustered by this, and clears her throat,

“An-anyway, if we’re talking about trustworthiness, I personally can’t support Yoshii Aki—F class!”

After saying this, she sits on the chair with a thump. Speaking of which, she was just about to say Akihisa, right? That damned bastard’s getting in my way even in such a manner.

“But if Sakamoto’s a no go here, what do we do? I just said that I’m not good at coming up with strategies here.”

“Then…well, even though I voiced my disapproval, even I too…”

Hiraga and Nakabayashi don’t seem confident as they say this.

“Then, it’s back to class ranking again, so that’ll be me since I’m in B class.”

“““No way.”””

Naturally, Nemoto, who volunteered for this, was immediately rejected.

But in this case, Koyama will be the strategist for this war, and I have a bad feeling about this. Got to prevent this development.

“…In this case.”

And then, Shouko, who had been silent up till now, speaks up.

“…In this case, I’ll collect everyone’s view and summarize everything.”

She suggested.

“You’ll summarize?”

“…And then, we’ll make up a strategy all members can accept.”

It’s true that if Shouko’s going to collect the suggestions, there won’t be any objections, and there’s a binding force of unity here. The angles we can see will be wider since there are opinions from more people.

“But Kirishima-san, won’t it be adding onto your burden? This will be a reverse of priorities here.”

“…It’s fine.”

Shouko firmly answers in response to Hiraga’s question. Since she says so, I’ll just end up butting heads with Nemoto if I say anything more.

“A strategy everyone can accept. In other words, if I strongly disagree with a certain person’s strategy, it won’t be used, will it…?”

Nemoto shows a devious smile. He probably thought through the meaning behind Shouko’s proposal here.

—Right, Shouko wants to make sure that everyone can accept this, and this will mean a majority vote. As the minority, our F class has enemies everywhere, and it’s basically impossible for my view to be accepted.

In this case, if anything happens, our F class won’t be able to do anything at all.

It’s like—

“…Please leave it to me.”

—It’s like saying that she doesn’t need my strength here, and they’re cutting me off from here…this really isn’t funny to me.

“Um, yeah! It’s best to leave it to Kirishima-san!”

“Right, nobody will object here.”

“If Kirishima-san has no issues with this, I’ll agree as well.”

Nemoto and the rest raise their approvals.

To be honest, even if I don’t involve my selfish intents here, I really don’t agree with this proposal. Accepting everyone’s view will allow us to see issues from all angles, but it’s very time-consuming, and it’ll be tough for the person summarizing everything. Also, Shouko’s not good at doing this at all. I really don’t think this is a good idea.

“…I’ll do my best.”

But even with so much burden, Shouko herself is very enthusiastic.

If I voice my opposition here, the unity Shouko worked so hard to exchange for will be for naught—and that’s a stupid thing to do.


It seems that Shouko’s waiting for my answer as she continues to stare at me.

“…I understand. I agree with this too.”

Upon hearing my answer, Nemoto shows a disgustingly sinister smile.

“Sakamoto, since everyone decided on this, you better not talk about dating or anything.”

So this means you don’t want me to say anything weird to Koyama, right? It just so happens that I don’t want to get involved in such things either.

“Of course, I don’t want to do any unnecessary things that will get me suspected for no good reason.”

“Humph, but I’m rather suspicious about whether you’re hurt or not by this.”

Nemoto’s little nagging line ends all discussions about the hierarchy.

And then, everyone raises their suggestions, Shouko collates them, plans the strategy, and the meeting ended like this.

“Ah, Sakamoto, you’re back.”

On hearing Minami’s voice, I lift my head and look at Yuuji, who entered the classroom.

“…How is it?’

Muttsurini asks Yuuji as the latter approaches us. Of course, the ‘it’ here will refer to the strategy meeting.

“…Ah, at least we had a basic idea of what to do.”

Yuuji answers Muttsurini’s question with a very cold tone.

“Sakamoto, what happened? You have a rough idea of what to do, but why do you not look happy at all?”

“Did something happen?”

“Lots of it.”

Yuuji really looks very frustrated here.

“It looks like you got some really troublesome thing to handle here, right?”

“What nonsense. I won’t get hotheaded just because of that.”

You definitely will.

“Hm…then, why are you so unhappy?”

“…Your suggestion wasn’t accepted or anything?”

“Hm…yeah, it’s not too far from what you said, Muttsurini.”

Yuuji probably calmed down a little. He looks really annoyed here, but at least he’s answering in his usual manner.

“What? What’s going on?”

“I sacrificed my right to speak up so that all the classes can get along.”


I really don’t understand.

“Forget about it. Let’s not mind about such small things. I can handle it on my own.”

“Hm—if you say so, Yuuji, I think it’s fine either way.”

This guy has his own thoughts, and if he’s not willing to talk about them, I can’t just force him to say them out.

“Then, can you tell us what the strategy involves?’

Hideyoshi seems to be thinking the same thing as me as he starts to talk about the strategy again.

“Hm, as long as she can summarize everything properly, I think there shouldn’t be a problem…”

“The way you’re saying this feels ambiguous to me.”

“It’s a strategy formed by the combined suggestions of everyone, so I can’t say anything now.”

Hm…it’s a little worrying to me that Yuuji, who normally (even if he’s wrong) concludes so decisively, used such terms.

“Don’t show such worried looks. Since we need to spend manpower and time, we definitely mustn’t come up with some weird strategy. In fact, there will be less blind spots compared to a strategy I come up with.”

BTS vol 08 011.jpg

It’s true that since we have Kirishima-san, there shouldn’t be a problem.

“That’s how it is. Instead of worrying about such things, you better focus on what you can do.”

Yuuji says as he looks at the reference book I’m holding.

“Got it. Let’s do this.”

There’s still a week till the level summoning war. I don’t know how much I can improve in this time, but I better study hard.

The Third Question[edit]

Please translate the following into English:


Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“I was UDON[15].”

Teacher’s Comment:


BTS FallingAkihisa.jpg

“Yo Takashiro. Do you have some time now?”

“Oh. Natsukawa-kun, Tsunemura-kun, what do you want with me?”

“It’s not like we trust you here.”

“But let’s hear about the strategy that was planned.”

“Ah, about that, I don’t really mind.”

“That’s great.”

“Then, what are the teams?”

“We’ll basically be using the classes as units for our attacks.”

“No complains here. We can sort ourselves out without issues.”

“And the strategy?”

“We’ll have C class and D class cover the flanks since they have high attack power. E class and F class will be in the center, especially since the latter is good at stalling. A class will remain on standby in the new school campus.”

“Hm? And B class?”

“It’ll be on standby as a backup force, looking for the weakest link and attacking it.”

“Ah, that’s the tactic used by that Shaka something of Africa, right?”

“Shaka Zulu? Well…it’s slightly different from his ‘Bull Horn’, but well, it’s basically that strategy.''

“Hm…is that it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You get tricked easily, but you’re definitely not an idiot. In this case, there’s definitely some other plan you have, right?”

“Well…it depends on what the opponent does, right?”



“A summoning war is a battle of points, but the ones using these points are still humans. In other words, there will be all sorts of unexpected situations that will arise.”

The weather feels good on the morning we’re about to have our summoning war against the third years.

Our F class members are gathered at the usual gathering place, the 2-F classroom we’re used to staying at.

“Right, let’s announce the teams of the summoning war.”

Yuuji explains at the podium; this is already something of a common practice in this summoning war too.

“Asaga, Iijima, Udou, Kimishima, Tezuka, you’re the first team. When the war starts, stay at this position on the ground floor.”

Yuuji holds onto a note as he points at a corner of the map drawn on the blackboard and reads the names.

In response to Yuuji’s words, Hideyoshi raises his hands to ask.

“Yuuji, are 5 people going to defend such a large place?”

The 5 people mentioned agree with Hideyoshi as they nod away.

In the end, Yuuji shakes his head and answers,

“No, we’re mixing our teams with the other classes this time.”

“Mixing teams?”

“We’ll mix our points so that there won’t be any weaknesses, and the combined strength of the teams will be basically the same.”

In other words, the ones with high scores will be mixed with the ones with low scores. I guess it’s best to have a formation with no weaknesses when we’re scouting out the opponent.

“But…I didn’t think we can really come up with this.”

Yuuji says as he looks at the note.

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Think about it. There’re almost 300 students in our year, and there will be 11 subjects tested. Under normal circumstances, will anyone even grasp the scores everyone has and assign all of us evenly?”

“Sp-speaking of which…”

It’s not like all of us have balanced scores. If there are some with high scores for some subjects, it will be troublesome to sort us out.

“I’m always frustrated when I’m trying to sort teams for you guys here.”

During a summoning war, Yuuji will have to memorize everyone’s scores and assign them. Even for this fast thinker, he has to keep checking the scores in the war. If we’re talking about the school year here, it’ll be unbelievably big. That’s why Yuuji’s nodding his head in shock.

“Well, A class do have serious people who aren’t afraid to do such things.”

“Kubo and Kinoshita there should be used to doing such things.”

I don’t know if Kudou-san’s good at doing this here.

“We’re getting out of point here. I’ll continue on with the teams.”

Yuuji reads out everyone’s names.

“Akihisa, Shimada, Muttsurini, Hideyoshi and I will be in the 9th team.”

I feel that we’re just teaming the usual guys together again.

“Well, we’re all specialized in a few subjects anyway.”

Hideyoshi probably read my thoughts as he says this,

It’s true that we all have specialized subjects; Minami specializes in Maths, Muttsurini in Health Education, Hideyoshi in Classics, me in Japanese History, and the differences in our specialized subjects compared to the rest is very big. I suppose this is a way to gather all the members here and make up for our weaknesses.”

“I see, so Mizuki is in another team.”

Himeji-san doesn’t have any weaknesses in her subjects, and she scores really high in all of them, so she’ll be in another team. It’s a little lonely, but this is for the war, so let’s try to endure this.

“Then, I’ll give an overall rundown on the strategy.”

Yuuji draws a layout of the school map on the blackboard.

“The main base of the enemy is at the 4th level of the new school campus, while our main base is at the 4th level of the old school building. We can shift our base according to the base, but it’s better for us to target the 4th level of the new building.”

“Hm…? But if we assign people like this and fight the higher ranked class on the 4th level corridor, won’t the war end before the other classes can interfere?”

Hideyoshi tilts his head as he says this.”

It’s true when he says this. Since both leaders are on the 4th level, if both sides head down the corridor, the war will end with a clash of the strongest force. Even if the width of the corridor is limited, once we assign people decently, the war will end before the lower ranked classes can even reach the climax of the battle.

“To prevent that from happening, we’re not going to use the stairs.”

Yuuji draws an X on the corridor. In that case…

“…The center of the battlefield is the field.”

“Right, there’ll be battles between B to F classes at the field and other places. The side being suppressed will be supported by A class, which will be in the school defending.”

I see. So it’ll become an overall battle. That old granny considered quite a few things here.

“And this is the strategy us second years have. We’ll mix the teams up to make up for our weaknesses, and battle to scout the enemy’s strength. Once we find any weaknesses in the opening, we’ll send in B class there to quickly turn the flow of victory to our side. That’s basically about it.”

“So that’s why we’re using an even distribution of forces here.”

“It doesn’t feel like a dangerous strategy.”

“Um, that’s certain.”

“…It’s really assuring.”

“If you can all get decent scores for all your subjects, especially Muttsurini, I’ll use this strategy in the class wars too.”

“…I’ll try my best to reflect on this comment appropriately.”

Why does it feel that it’s a negative even though he’s saying that he’s agreeing with this?

“Seriously…anyway, that’s how it is. Everyone’s to follow the instructions at each assigned point. That’s all.”

Yuuji finished, and the meeting in our familiar F class ended.

And so, we gather at the field.

As we gather to where the 9th team is gathered.


“Ugh! Miharu!?”

Shimizu-san, who arrived first, leapt at Minami. Well, Minami, it may be nothing, but I don’t think girls at this age will greet others by saying ‘Ugh’…

“Ahh, onee-sama…we can actually fight together in the same team. This must be fate’s will…so let’s just stay here…”


“Hmm~ onee-sama’s touch, smell, voice, everything about you is the best after all!”

Shimizu-san really seems very happy. Perhaps this sort of happiness is to be expected since this is the first time she can fight alongside her most beloved Minami.

“Ahh, seriously! Anyway, let go of me, Miharu!”

“Mi-Miharu won’t! …Miharu won’t let go of you, ever!”

“You’re scary! You’re really scary!”

“Ahaha, I’m jealous that you have someone who really likes you this much—achoo!”

What now? Why is it cold here—wait, EHHHH!?

“Wait! Where’s my shirt!? Why do I only have a T-shirt on my upper body!?”

“A-Aki-chan. It’s cold, isn’t it? If possible, can you please put on this clothing…?”


Tamano-san appears behind me without me knowing, and for some reason, she’s holding clothes that looks like an apron dress that’s of my size, a blazer and a white shirt that may have been on me up till just now.

“Isn’t it good, Aki? There’s someone who likes you and has such a good relationship with you.”

“If possible, I really hope it’s someone who likes me as I am!”

BTS vol 11 079.jpg

It definitely mustn’t be someone who’ll pull my blazer and shirt before I realize it, or someone who’s still pulling at my T-shirt.



“Even if you say so…fine fine fine. You two problematic kids of D class, stay.”

Yuuji calls out to Shimizu-san and Tamano-san as if he’s training dogs.

“Onee-sama onee-sama onee-sama onee-sama onee-sama onee-sama onee-sama onee-sama onee-sama onee-sama.”

“Aki-chan, you want to change clothes…right?”

But those two don’t seem to be listening. What’s with this team? Is it going to be worse than the F class comrades in the past…?

“There’ll be quite a problem before the battle even begins if this keeps up.”

“…What do we do?”

“To be honest, I don’t know what to do with them…Shimada, Akihisa, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to think of something on your own. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have to silence them when the battle starts.”


Minami and I lash out heavily at Yuuji, who acts as if he can’t do anything here. Hideyoshi and Muttsurini don’t look like they can help out here. Uu…so this means I can only think of a way myself?

“Well, Tamano-san, this kind of clothing doesn’t necessary need to be on me. A cool girl like Minami’s a fine choice for it too, right?”

“Hmm…I see, there’s some sense in that after all. It’s important to open a way to the new world.”

“Well, listen to me, Miharu. I’m happy, but you do remember that I…well, I kissed A-Aki before…that’s why…”

“Miharu understand. Miharu’ll eliminate that damned bastard before we continue.”



“Go to hell, you pigman!”


I barely managed to block the set square Shimizu-san stabs at me. H-her expression, she’s serious…!


“E-erm, Tamano-san? Can you please not look at me with that expression…?”

On the other hand, Tamano-san’s holding the apron dress and giving Minami an insatiable thirsty look.

“Good grief…the instruction for this 9th team to also cover those who need to replenish their test scores is really…”

Yuuji says as he looks at us now.

“As expected, things will get bad as long as we get involved with them after all…”

“Ahh. We can’t pull our group away from them…”

“…They left us so quickly.”

“Doesn’t this mean that we’re stuck in this group now?”

“So it ended up like this after all…”

Yuuji mutters as if he had given up. Eh? Does such a feeling occur in the middle of battle too!?

“Got to reduce the burden on myself at least…Shi-Shimizu-san! Muttsurini! Muttsurini’s guilty too because he took a lot of photos on Minami!”

“……!! ……Akihisa, you bastard…!!”

“Tamano-san, Kinoshita is more interesting than me here! He still calls himself a boy no matter what, you know!?”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with me, right!?”

Minami and I seem to have considered the same thing as we immediately scatter away.

“Right…let’s kill Tsuchiya Kouta too, alright…?”

“Understood. Then, Kinoshita-san, please put this on with Tsuchiya-kun too.”

The outstandingly problematic people of D class are showing a stronger light in their eyes than before.

“Why in the world does Miharu have to be teamed up with this swine…Miharu can show off a hundred, million times my usual potential if it’s onee-sama. Miharu’s the most unfortunate girl in the world…”

“No, I’m probably the most unfortunate one for teaming up with you like this, Shimizu-san, aren’t I…?”

As the war’s about to begin, Shimizu-san and I are standing side by side as we are in front of the second year students on the field.

“Miharu, I’m going to request a change in personnel if you dare to approach me again.”

Minami warns Shimizu-san with a sharp voice as she keeps her distance from us. Right now, Shimizu-san has given up the urge to leap at Minami, and mutters as she seems to have changed her ideas.

“It’s alright. If Miharu can perform outstandingly, onee-sama will undoubtedly fall for Miharu. Miharu will rip your nails out and kill you afterwards if you dare to pull Miharu down here.”

“Heh~ then what if I do well?”

“If there’s anything dangerous that can change onee-sama’s view, Miharu will rip the nails out and kill you.”

“Why are the options so limited…”

As expected, I feel that I’m the unfortunate one here.

“Aki-chan, I feel that Miharu-chan’s malice against you will change if your body and soul become a girl’s…”

“No, Tamano-san. This reasoning is flawed when Shimizu-san, a girl in body and mind, likes Minami, who’s a girl in body and mind too.”

“Why, Aki-chan…don’t just yap there and hurry up and crossdress you swine…okay?”


This person can actually insult someone with filthy words even when she’s acting flustered!!

“You guys, we’re about to start immediately, alright? At least have some tension.”

Hideyoshi says this as he looks on at us in a startled manner,

And so,

“…Understood. Let’s focus on the war in front of us first.”

“Yes, I’ll take note too, Kinoshita-san.”

The problematic duo calmed down, looking like they are not themselves any more.

“Huh? Those two immediately obeyed the moment Hideyoshi said that.”

“Miharu has noticed it recently, but Kinoshita-san is a beauty, has some masculine charms, and the serene nature is still passable…of course, onee-sama is still tens of thousands times better than him.”

“Because Kinoshita-san likes to crossdress as a guy, right? About that, well…I feel it’s passable…”


Hideyoshi’s eyes have gone blank. His expression is like a dead fish.

But this is a chance! It’s not good for Hideyoshi, but let me give those two a nudge!

“Shimizu-san, Tamano-san! Actually, it seems that Hideyoshi’s looking for a lover.”

“No no no! I already have a troublesome friend in Akihisa here! I don’t need a lover for the time being!”

Wha…what!? What are you saying, Hideyoshi!!?

“Understood. Looks like it’s time to put an end to this swine bastard after all.”

“Aki-chan, how about you change into a girl? All troubles will be settled if you do that.”

“You betrayed me, Hideyoshi! You’re the only one I trusted here!!”

“Do you have the right to say that about me here!?”

Guuh…! In that case, at least say something like being my lover or something…

And so, I start to look to others for help.

“…Akihisa, don’t look here.”

Muttsurini uses his hands to block the stare from me. It’s obvious from his attitude that he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.

On a side note, we’re basically operating in teams of two. Shimizu-san and I are in one team, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini in another, and Tamano-san and Minami…that Minami’s trying to keep her distance away by remaining at the minimum limit before Shimizu-san goes crazy.

“Seriously, I want that Yuuji to have some of our suffering here.”

“It can’t be helped. Yuuji’s the F class rep after all.”

Yuuji’s the rep, so he can’t come to the frontlines. If he’s defeated, F class will be disqualified, and we’ll lose a lot of our fighting strength.

“Since he won’t be coming to the frontlines anyway, at least he needs to be in charge of command here or work hard on something else.”

“What are you saying, you swine? The second years are working together as a whole now. If that scum of a bastard decides to take up command, there won’t be any united coordination here, right? At least use a little of your brain here, you lowlife.”

Shimizu-san sneers as she seems to feel that I’m a thorough idiot. Hm, well…if he had known of the intention behind this strategy, I think that Yuuji will be able to understand and command well.

“Humph, since you have time to think about something else, how about you think of how to survive at the beginning instead?”

“Ah, yeah, that’s right.”

The 3rd years are at the opposite end of the field, getting into position. There are many teachers in the middle, spaced out evenly to prevent overlaps. It’s possible to think that there’ll be quite the chaos when we start and charge forward.

“Really, are you really this confident in your language, you relaxed swine?”

Shimizu-san says as she looks at the language teacher in front of us. She’s asking me whether I have confidence in my language, why?

“Listen up here. This time, I!”

“On a side note, Miharu has 211 points here.”

“…It’s fine. Besides, someone like me…”

“it sounds like there’s no need to hear the exact score, right?”

The language subject used in this war is a combination of ‘modern language’ and ‘classics’, and this is a rule set as part of the Center Test conditions or something.

“—Now, we’re going to begin the summoning war between the second and third years of Fumitzuki Gakuen.”

As we’re talking, the loudspeakers in the school and on the field let out this announcement.

“So we’re finally starting?”

Miharu-san whispers softly. She just talked to me even though she probably hates me. Maybe she’s tense now for talking to herself like this.

“Well, it can’t be helped anyway. This really is an impressive scene.”

I guess there are 400 students gathered on the field. Half of the people won’t be involved in the first wave of battles, but this certainly is impressive. It’s understandable for us to be overwhelmed by this.

“Everyone is to follow the rules and act properly like students here. Now—let’s begin!”

“Miharu’s going first, you swine!”

“They’re here!”

Shimizu-san says this to me, and dashes towards the center. Once we step into the field, I immediately hear shouts,


Patterned arrays appear below our feet, and the summoned beasts appear from them.


I too call out my summoned beast behind Shimizu-san.

I see the enemy summoned beasts charging at us from the front. This look like a direct confrontation, a contest of pure power.

“Onee-sama! Please look at Miharu’s activeness here!”

Shimizu-san charges forward and crashes into the enemy. Since there’s no room for tricks here, we’ll show off our abilities best by attacking directly. Shimizu-san’s reckless attitude is scaring our opponents, and she continues to use the blade to stab through the opponent.

3-C Shimamoto Mina, Modern Language, 106 points


2-D Shimizu Miharu , Modern Language, 211 points

“Kukuku…be very afraid of Miharu here, sempai.”

“Ku…that girl’s giving the look of a hungry carnivore here…!”

If we minus the fact that the expression goes for both ally and foe, she certainly is reliable here.

“Damn…do we retreat for now?”

“This reckless attack wore us down. it’s really annoying…”

I can hear such voices from the 3rd years far away.

This is all part of Kirishima-san’s strategy. When we’re packed so closely that we can’t move freely, we can attack quickly, and negate the ‘difference in summoned beast control experience’ between the second and third years.

The assault right at the beginning went just as expected, but now, we can’t keep this up, or it’ll be a dogfight. Kirishima-san expected this, and let the frontline members be in pairs.

“Shimizu-san, please retreat for a while. I’ll take over.”

“Leave your dream talk for your dreams, you despicable stupid moron inept swine.”

Why is it that I’m being scolded like this when I merely asked to change positions.

“Miharu just wants to get as much contribution here and offer it to onee-sama.”

Shimizu-san’s certainly happy about being on the same team as Minami, but she looks like she’s way into this.

“If I perform well here, onee-sama will definitely praise Miharu…she’ll change her view of Miharu…she’ll accept Miharu…she’ll fall for Miharu again…”

Shimizu-san starts to mumble to herself again.

“…Let’s do it!”

What do you want to do?

“Anyway, Shimizu-san, please calm down! You might be able to change her view of you here successfully!”

“Kukuku…today, Miharu will offer the fresh blood of the 3rd years for this great anniversary with onee-sama…!”

“Hey, that id—Yoshii-kun! Can you hurry and swap with her, please?”

The third year upperclassman facing Shimizu-san calls out to me in a pleading-like manner. I want to swap with Shimizu-san too, but she doesn’t seem to be listening to me at all.

“Shimizu-san, we only need to charge in at the beginning! It’s going to become a battle of endurance!”


As I expected, Shimizu-san’s not listening to me at all as she starts to charge right at the group in front of us.

“It’ll be dangerous if that kid’s not imprisoned in the detention room as soon as possible!”

“I-if she’s charging in alone…!”

The enemies on the front and sides raise their weapons and charge forward as Shimizu-san charges at them. She’ll be skewered on three sides if this keeps up!


Even as I want to help as I follow her, I don’t have enough room to move around because of the many allies and enemies around me.

“Can’t be helped here… Shimizu-san, sorry!”

I let my summoned beast charge forward and target the back of Shimizu-san’s summoned beast—I use it as a jumping board and let my summoned beast jump up.


My summoned beast jumps over the summoned beasts of Shimizu-san and the third years, and it lands behind the enemies.


As the summoned beast falls, I let it swing its wooden sword and attack the enemy, who were unable to react to my attack and falls backwards.

“This—swine! Why are you doing such unnecessary things!?”

And so, as the enemies turn their focus back, Shimizu-san’s summoned beast attack. The trio’s points drop after they took our attacks.

“Here too!”

As I managed to break behind the enemy’s ranks, I start to attack another enemy. He still managed to turn around and get into position, but I still managed to attract his attention.

“Don’t get cocky, you second year brat!”

The enemy starts to attack me as I start to cause chaos in their ranks.

I dodge a strike that’s swung down on me, and immediately countertattack,

“Take this!”


The enemy attacks with a roundhouse kick without giving an opening. T-that’s too dangerous…he’s certainly well trained, to be able to switch to a kick after I dodged his attack…!

“But…you’re still naïve, sempai!”

I use the wooden sword to block the kick. The blade cut a little of the opponent’s side belly, which reduced a few points. They’re skilled, but that’s just the experience gained from the summoning war. There’s no way they can match my experience in being used for menial tasks!


Right now, the opponent’s unable to stay upright, so I better retreat back to my side for now. Since the formation is messed up, let’s start with the battle!

At the places with many people fighting, there are a lot of people switching in and out in their battles.

I lost count of how many people I battled, and I faced off a powerful opponent.

“Ku…! This is so troublesome…!”

I never thought that I’ll be fighting this person here.

How in the world do I break away from here..?

“Go and die, you swine. You deserve a thousand deaths for being more eyecatching than Miharu…!”

“Well, Shimizu-san, our battle here is really weird, you know!?”

I really can’t control this person at all…!

“Why did it end up like this!? Our battle is completely meaningless here!”

“Shut up, you despicable scum of a swine! You have been active all this while…! I can clearly see that you want to take onee-sama away from Miharu, you bastard! I can’t allow you to live anymore!”

“Calm down, Shimizu-san! If you start fighting against your ally here, Minami’s opinion of you will only drop!”

“How laughable! Do you think that onee-sama’s opinion of Miharu can drop any further!?”

“Shouldn’t you be working hard to improve on it if you realize this!?”

“There’s no need to worry. Once I eliminate everyone here, onee-sama will have no choice but to be with Miharu in the end!”

This is exactly the same line of thinking as a dictator using terror in politics.”

“And once I get rid of you here, I’ll eliminate all living things here!”

“You mustn’t do this! I’ll protect everyone’s lives!”

Unbelievably, the summoning war with the third years is still going on, but for some reason, I feel like I’m a warrior facing a demon lord.

“Just try if you can! You written rotten ordinary man of a story Yoshii Akihisa!”

Shimizu-san attacks me in the form of an Asura. Upon seeing her shrouded with such killing intent, everyone’s frozen in fear.


“…” Second year students gulping as they look on.

“…” Third year students gulping as they look on.

“…” Teachers gulping as they look on.

Ah…this is a chance.



3-C, Kokonoe Shinsuke, Modern Language, Dead.


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Modern Language, 133 points.

“Th-that’s despicable!”

“That idiot bastard actually did such a thing!”

“That was an awesome farce here!”

“Ahaha! Despicable and dirty are things only losers will complain about! Now’s a good chance, Shimizu-sa—”


2-D, Shimizu Miharu, Modern Language, 91 points.


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Modern Language, 42 points.



The butt of my summoned beast was stabbed into viciously by Shimizu-san’s sword. No, it’s not good here…

“Is there a problem?”


“Right, that’s why I want to deal the final blow.”


“I feel I’ve been called here!”

“Tamano-san!? Nobody called for you!! Go back!! Return to your own area!”

“I won’t. if Aki-chan’s butt ends up with some serious situation due to some big incident, I, Tamano Miki, must observe and record accordingly!”

“Retreat! Once Yoshii Akihisa retreats to replenish his scores for the time being, please follow up!”

“Wait up, you swine!”

“Who’s waiting here!?”

I’ve already done what I can do! I should be forgiven if I run away from here!

As I think about it, Tamano-san’s frantic shout reaches me from behind.

“Please wait for a moment, Aki-ch—Yoshii-kun!”

“Eh? It’s rare to see you change the way you call me here, Tamano-san! What’s wrong? Is there something major?”

“Well, once I heard about ‘my sword’ and ‘my butt hurts’, I feel like there’s a lot of lewd things I want to say to you!”

“Looks like you’re fine here! I’ll leave it to you here!”

I’m an idiot for thinking that it’s some emergency and stopping here!

“Wait, Aki-chan! Please listen to me and show me where it hurts! I’ll pat it for you!”

“Die you, you disgusting flower meet swine!”

“Hiii!? You caught up!?”

I’m grateful that it was my partner that hurt me, which means that the retreating from battle rule doesn’t apply here. I endure the pain on my butt as I bite my lips and leave the frontlines for the time being.

“Takashiro. It looks like the second years have balanced their scores.”

“In that case, the ‘send in the standby forces to the weak areas’ you planned can’t work here, you know?”

“Then, B class is to go around C class and head to the side of the school.”

“You intend to gather the enemies from the outside and surround them?”

“Yeah. Since ancient history, war has been all about ‘how to fight enemies with superior numbers’. Once we surround the opponent, it’ll be very beneficial to us.”

“Roger that. I’ll tell them this.”

“But even so, this is really a conservative strategy.”

“It’s very important to follow basic rules here.”

“Of course.”

“And because they’re using a basic method—the method I plan to use afterwards will be very effective.”

The Fourth Question[edit]

Please add the correct name of the chemical into the blank.

“Aluminium, when added with ( ), will form aluminum chloride and hydrogen.”

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“Aluminium, when added with (Hydrochloric Acid), will form aluminum chloride and hydrogen.”

Teacher’s Comment:

Correct, but it is very hard to see this reaction in practice. This is because aluminum has a layer of oxide on its surface. It is advised that you file off the surface.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“Aluminium, when added with (spell words), will form aluminum chloride and hydrogen.”

Teacher’s Comment:

I can’t find any spells here.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“Aluminium, when added with (pity), will form aluminum chloride and hydrogen.”

Teacher’s Comment:

This answer certainly is pitiful.

BTS NinjaMuttsurini.jpg

“Why did you attack me back then, Shimizu-san! That was the best chance for me to show off there!”

“Shut up, you swine of a man! Miharu’s strategy was to create such a situation! If you want to fool the enemy, you have to lie to your part—I don’t remember having you swine as an ally!”

“Doesn’t that mean that I’m an enemy now!?”

Shimizu-san and I quarrel as we retreat from the frontlines.

Upon seeing us like this, Yuuji says with a bored tone,

“What, aren’t you getting along well here?”

““Since when!?””

“Your hearts are certainly working in unison.”


How in the world do you see us having a good relationship here? I was working so hard here!

“Miharu really hates this! Miharu could have shown off her maximum capabilities if she had been partnered with onee-sama and not this swine here!”

“Me too! I feel that I can be very active as long as I’m teamed up with Muttsurini!”

“No, you guys have already dealt with quite a few opponents from the higher ranked classes. Isn’t that enough of a contribution here?”

“No, Miharu thinks differently from scum like you. Miharu’s able to provide active contributions with this swine of a guy as a partner, but why? If Miharu’s paired with onee-sama!”


“We’ll create a family happier than anyone else!”

“Do it after school.”

“Wh…! Why can’t you understand this?”

“Me too! If I’m paired with Hideyoshi!”


“We’ll create a family happier than anyone—isn’t it too cruel to tell me off like this!?”

Why must I team up with Shimizu-san like this…! We’re not compatible at all!

“Normally, if you pair up with someone you like, you’ll miss out on a lot of things you won’t normally see, and it’ll drop your fighting strength. Just give up.”

Yuuji says coldly.

As I’m gritting my teeth because of Yuuji’s words, Shimizu-san comes over and whispers to me.

(Listen up, you swine. Miharu thought of something.)

(Hm? What is it?)

(If we can’t team up with the ones we like, we’ll just make use of it instead.)

(Mu…that means?)

(This will cause Miharu’s stomach juices to rot her tongue, but there’s no other way. Miharu will reward you kindly, and you just need to accept these kind intentions heartily, you swine.)

(Okay. It’s easy if I can team up with Hideyoshi.)

“What is it, Akihisa, Shimizu.”

“No, it’s nothing. Speaking of which, scum.”

“Don’t just call others scum so naturally.”

“Anyway, sorry about that, Sakamoto-bastard.”

“This certainly is a brand new way of calling me.”

“Anyway, listen to Miharu, Sakarou[16]

“It sounds like I’ve been in the Estrous Cycle[17] for thousands of years here, you know!!”

It certainly sounds like a shortening of the term ‘Bastard in heat’ [18]

“Because of the common operation, Miharu has a different view of this swine here. He’s completely different from what Miharu thought.”

“Ya, this is really embarrassing, Shimizu-san.”

“I was fooled by the appearance of this rotten swine with a rotten head, but this Yoshii Akihisa boy isn’t a rotten swine.”

“Ahaha, seriously.”

“He’s a swine who’s going to rot.”

“No no, that’s too much praise here.”

“A rotten spirit, grimy eyes, even if he has the appearance of a rotten swine, this guy’s unexpectedly—why are you crying out of a sudden, you swine?”

“It’s impossible, Shimizu-san. My heart can’t take such praises from you here!”

Do I look completely rotten all over here…?

“Akihisa, so you’re able to get along well with Shimizu here.”

“…Did a friendship bud in the war?”

And over there, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini, who returned from the frontlines as well, appear in front of us.

“What are you saying now, Hideyoshi, Muttsurini!”

“Yeah! It’s extremely revolting!”

“Well, it doesn’t look that way to the people around you, you know?”

“What nonsense are you saying!?”

“The proof is that even Shimada’s feeling this way.”


I look over at where Hideyoshi’s pointing, and find Minami standing there with puffed cheeks.

“Fuuu~m…aren’t you two getting along well, Aki, Miharu.”

And she says this to us while looking very unhappy.

“That’s not the case at all!”

“But I can’t tell.”

“That’s why this is—right! Isn’t it like how you and I always quarrel, Minami?”

“…We can’t just pretend that this didn’t happen though.”


“Nothing at all, you dull idiot.”

Minami still doesn’t look happy at all. I really don’t understand girls at all.

As I’m having question marks float around me, Yuuji and the rest seem to be muttering happily about something for some reason.

BTS vol 11 107.jpg

“Seriously, Shimada’s not being cute here at all, isn’t she?”

“Right. Even I’m getting tired of seeing this here.”

“…Good grief.”

“Ah, seriously, don’t give me this kind of expression that’ll anger me!”

“It’s alright, onee-sama! That worry is unnecessary.”

“What is it, Miharu? Even you too? I’m not worried about anything!”

“As for why, that’s because as you can see, Miharu’s still the Miharu that loves onee-sama like usual! She doesn’t care about boys at all!”

“Ah, that doesn’t matter anyway.”


Shimizu-san lets out this scream after being dumped by this one line. She certainly is energetic…

“Then, why aren’t you happy, onee-sama…? You shouldn’t have any doubts with Miharu’s feelings at all…”

“Shimizu, don’t you understand?”

“I don’t understand! I don’t know of any reason other than onee-sama feeling jealous because she lost Miharu here!”

“Your positive thinking is really god-like!!”

Yuuji’s more shocked than Shimizu-san here. I’m not boasting, but actually, I don’t understand at all.

“That’s basically it. Shimada’s thinking that the position she always had was taken away, right Shimada?”

“Is-is that so, onee-sama? Are you angry because of that?”

“No, it’s not because of that.”

“Oh…that’s good…if onee-sama hates Miharu here, Miharu will,”

“I’m not angry at all, Shimizu-san.”


It seems that Shimizu-san can’t stand being called by her family name as she let out a bird-like scream.

“It’s all over here…I just have to give up on conquering onee-sama’s heart here…”

“What are you saying? I’m not just talking about now.”

“That’s why I have to get the body first!”

“Eh? Wait—KYAAHHH—!”

“Please be quiet, onee-sama! It’ll soon be over!”

“What are you saying—A-Aki! Don’t just stand there! Help me here!”

“No, because someone said before that we’ll get attacked by a beast if we interfere with their feeding of a prey.”


It’s not good, but I suppose it’s good to give Shimizu-san some relief here since she has been working together with me.

And right now, Shimizu-san’s giving a very scary look here.

Hm? Shimizu-san seems to be muttering something before she attacks Minami. What is it?

“This happened all because of the swine…I don’t have to think of what to do now…once I forcefully get onee-sama, I must make sure that swine’s skull, back and neck must snap…!”

This is a beast far beyond my imagination.

If Shimizu-san approaches me like this, I don’t know what will happen to my life. I better change my pairing here so that I can defend myself!

“Please—Yuuji, please change my pairing with someone else!”

“What are you saying, Akihisa? Since you have the accomplishments, nobody else’s unhappy, and it certainly is interesting. What is it about the pairing that you’re unhappy about?”


“I ignore your opinion.”



“Well, I don’t have the right to change the pairings anyway, so just give up. Just follow the initial pairing and do your best.”

Why is it like this…in this case, must I continue to fight this summoning war under such harsh conditions…!?

“Eh? If you’re not going to regroup teams, what are you doing here, Yuuji?”

“Morale will rise when I stand around freely like this.”

“I see, so you’re one huge rubbish.”

No wonder you’re so free now.

“…It can’t be helped. The class reps can’t go to the frontlines because they have to consider all possibilities.”

“So that means you’re not coming to the frontlines with us, right?”

For some reason, it certainly is somewhat rare to see Yuuji enjoy himself in a summoning war here, as he normally looks very busy in a summoning war.

“The current situation looks good. Kirishima’s strategy is the correct choice right.”

“It’s true that we’re defending our frontlines better than them.”

“It’s a formation to make up for the weakest ones by taking a formation where it’s hard to control the summoned beasts. Shouko’s formation is going smoothly now.”

No matter what subjects they use, we can handle them, and there’s no need to worry about a collapse in formation. If this keeps up, the momentum of the war will head to our side.

“What do you mean by the current situation?”

“That will depend on what the opponents do. This situation isn’t nice for the 3rd years.”

“Then we have to tell Kirishima-san that immediately.”

“…This action itself is forbidden.”

Yuuji mutters with an unhappy look.

Forbidden? What forbidden?

Before I can ask, Yuuji continues,

“Well, there’s no need for that in the first place. It’s to be expected that the opponent will change strategies.”

Hm…this is to be expected. Kirishima-san’s on our side too.

“But it certainly is tough for Kirishima-san. She has to manage the scores of everyone in the year, plan the strategy, and give instructions according to the situation of the battle. It’ll be great if she’s not forcing herself here.”

“It certainly is tough if she has to do everything else, but A class has outstanding people, so it should be fine.”

“I see. With so many of such people surrounding her, you don’t have to do anything at all, Yuuji.”

“What nonsense. That Nemoto was so noisy. My own ability is better than anyone else here.”

For some reason, I can hear an unyielding tone in Yuuji’s voice. Is he unhappy that Kirishima-san never relied on him? He definitely won’t admit this, but maybe he hasn’t realized this.

“Well, there’s no need to worry about Kirishima-san here, right?”

“That’s how it is.”

In that case, there’s nothing to worry about, so let’s just do what we can do.

“Aki~! Shouldn’t you be worrying about my personal safety here!?”

“Onee-sama! Why must you ask that swine for help! You should be looking to Miharu and Miharu only!”

“Uwah! Minami! You can’t come here! This will cause the berserker to change targets!”

“It’s fine, Aki! My overflowing love will protect you here!”

“Understood, let’s offer this swine as a sacrifice for a bloody ritual.”

“Damn it, Minami! Are you betraying me to save yourself here!?”

“Go, Aki! Use my love to beat that demon!”

“I’m seeing you as a demon too, Minami!”

And she’s now grabbing onto my arm now…! Isn’t it crazy to take on Shimizu-san when I can’t escape!?

“Um, looking at this scene certainly reminds me of the war against D class after the peeping incident.”

“Ahh, that time when we deliberately taunted Shimizu by bringing out Akihisa and Shimada’s relationship, right? That was really crazy.”

“…How memorable.”

“You three aren’t helping out your classmate who’s in danger here! Do you even have hearts!?”

“Didn’t you just abandon me too!?”

I can’t hope for their help here…in that case, at least I have to try and convince Shimizu-san and escape from here!

“You’re mistaken, Shimizu-san! We don’t have this kind of relationship at all!”

“Hoho…then, what kind of relationship do you say it is?”

“Minami and I…well, she’s like a male friend of mine here!”

“What are you saying, Aki! I know of what you said about me before this! Either way, you still view me as a girl here!”

“WHA…! Ah, that, that! How do I say this…!”

Is she talking about what I said to Shimizu-san when we had our war against D class? This is bad! There’s no way I can bluff Shimizu-san when she had heard of this line……hm?

“Hey, Minami?”


“Why…do you know about that, Minami…?”


I said that to Shimizu-san directly.

Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini heard of what I said through the recording.

But Minami—Minami’s the only one who did not hear it, right…?

“Well…I’m sorry, Aki, but I heard it out of coincidence…”



“You swine, didn’t Miharu say before? Miharu can exert several million times her usual power as long as onee-sama’s around. Miharu will show you that this isn’t a lie.”

“Bu-but Aki, I-I was really happy back then, you know…? The playful Aki actually saying that ‘I’m a charming girl’ so seriously.”

“Why!? Why are you two torturing me physically and mentally here!? What did I do wrong, God!”

Leaving aside the physical part, I’m not used to it mentally, and it’s really unbearable! St-stop it, Minami! Please don’t make me think or say anything related to what happened back then!

“Ahaha, it looks a little chaotic here. So it’s because of you after all, Yoshii-kun and everyone. You look very happy here!”

Kudou-san, who should be in the main base, is standing here.

“Oh, Kudou, what do you want with us?”

“Un, I’m here to pass the instructions from prez…but what are Minami-chan and the rest saying?”

“Ah, yeah, Aiko. It’s about what Aki said before…”


“You-you swine…! Why aren’t you screaming in pain even when your joints are dislocated!?”


Speaking of which, I think my body is feeling a little painful here!

“I’d say, you guys, you better stop your fun right now. We’re in the middle of a summoning war after all.”

“Yeah. Kudou, tell me the instructions Shouko gave me.”

“Then, here. There’s a lot of details, so she wrote a letter.”

“Oh, I see…it certainly is thick. How much did she write exactly?’

“Isn’t it~ I told her not to overwork herself, but prez wouldn’t listen to me at all~”

“But the current situation is simply what you see here.”


“Well, you’re at it again. Though you say so, the fact is that you’re not in a completely bad position here.”

Kudou-san says with a teasing tone. If you feel this way, swap around wit—


“? What is it, Yoshii-kun? You’re staring at my face and breasts. Do you want to touch them?”


“Aki? (Hoki)”

“Hahaha, it’s really quite funny to see Minami mix Aki and Hoki together.”

This is bad. I lost a finger because I said the truth.

(This isn’t it, Minami! Don’t you think that Kudou-san can take your position if this goes well?)

(? What?)

(I want to ask what Shimizu-san likes about you, Minami.)


Minami shows an enlightened expression for a moment, and manages to understand what I’m telling her. Right, that means—

“Then, Shimizu-san, what do you like about Minami exactly?”

“I like everything from the land she stands on to the air she breathes.”

“I’m sorry, Minami, but I think that nobody can replace your position after all.”

“Wait! Don’t give up! Hang in there until the end!”

No, I think Minami will never be able to shake off her.

“But what I like most is the elegant chest. Miharu can’t hold back when onee-sama feels inferior about her own chest!”

“I-I se…”

The answer just now was completely off-tangent, but this one is just what I expected.

“In this case, don’t you find that Kudou-san’s fine too?”

“Eh? M-me!? What are you saying out of a sudden, Yoshii-kun?”

“What are you saying, you swine. It’s true that Miharu likes that kind of breasts, but when compared with onee-sama’s breasts.”

“But Miharu, are you certain of this without checking it out?”

“But onee-sama!”

“And…I like those people who try to understand others, those that let me relax.”

“KYA—! KYA—! Mi-Miharu-chan!? Please calm down! Please calm down ~!”

“Fufufu…don’t think you can beat Miharu in terms of arm strength. Let onee-sama try it out!”

“Mi-Miharu-chan, I may have small breasts, but they’re still a little larger than Minami-chan. They aren’t your type at all.”

“Understood. Then let’s touch them.”

“Th-that’s why…seriously! Muttsurini-kun! Don’t just pause there, help me—ahh!? You’ve collapsed from nosebleed!?”

“…I have no regrets…”

“It’s not about regrets or anything, you big idiot Muttsurini-kun! You think it doesn’t matter what happens to me now—Miharu-chan! Your touching is really lewd here!”

BTS vol 11 121.jpg

Minami and I look on at their struggle.

“This is…a cruel scene beyond my expectations…”

“Yeah…I hope that I won’t get involved in this in the future…”

“If we can make sure not to get involved this, it’s possible for us to live steady lives.”

I don’t really believe in divination, but I really want to blame my fortune a little…

“Ah, Aki, there’s a line I have to say!”

“Eh? What is it?”

Minami clears her throat, and says,

“I don’t like some experienced guy or so! A person who has no girlfriends like you is fine too!”

“? Ye-yes…”

I have no idea what Minami is trying to say.

Just when we’re talking about this.

“Akihisa, you idiot! How long do you plan on playing around?”

A completely different voice can be heard at this inopportune time.

“Eh? Huh? Linne-kun? Why are you here?”

“I wanted to see you being cool, Akihisa! I only see you quarrelling here! I’ve misjudged you!”

He’s seeing the pain inflicted on me as me fooling around. What kind of country is Linne-kun living in actually?

“What is it, brat? Aren’t the first years having classes? Did you skip them?”

Yuuji says with a blaming tone. Hmm…skipping classes. Isn’t that a bad thing?

“Linne-kun, you can’t skip classes, you know? You won’t be able to catch up if you do so.”

“I think you’re the last one he wants to hear this line from…”

“Hm, that’s why I’m saying this, right Yuuji?”

“Ahh. You’ll become an idiot if you keep skipping classes.”

“Such a convincing statement…”

It’s a little inappropriate for me to say this, but we’re outstanding at opposing teachers here.

“Ahaha. it’s fine, Akihisa, you don’t have to worry about this.”

Not to worry, as in, he can catch up with the lessons even if he skips some of them? Or is it that he has the principal’s permission to oversee the summoning war? Well, since he says so, I guess it’s fine…

“And I may have to go over to the other side immediately.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“What do I mean indeed?”

Linne-kun grins as he says this. What’s going on? There seems to be some hidden meaning in this.

“Anyway, I look forward to you being more active, Akihisa!”

“No no, I don’t really get a chance to be active here.”

“Ehh? That’s boring.”

“Even if you say so…”

Kirishima-san’s strategy went smoothly. It will be hard to have one person hog the spotlight with so many people fighting.

“But I think it will be troublesome for you all if you don’t get proactive here, Akihisa.”

“I know that. I hate to see the equipment worsen.”

“No, this isn’t it.”


“Teehee. It’s too early to tell you this. Next time then!”

“? Still early?”

“A stage for you to perform well, Akihisa! I’ll go back then!”

Linne-kun leaves these meaningful words behind as he waves goodbye and leaves. What’s going on?

“Looks like that kid has something in his words.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s of ill intent, but I can’t conclude that this isn’t a bad thing to us.”

“As long as it’s not something troublesome…”

We mutter as we look over at where Linne-kun left.

“Hm…onee-sama’s small breasts are the ones Miharu likes after all…”

“Uu…Miharu-chan and Muttsurini-kun are both idiots…”

“…(worn out)”

Upon hearing the ruckus from Shimizu-san and the rest, the tension within me disappeared.

The Fifth Question[edit]

Please fill the blank with the correct answer.

“Please stay with me.”

Fuyumi’s words trouble me. In the midst of this doubt, a crisis continues to close in on a friend. I have to hurry up and get over there now, but Fuyumi’s pleading for me to stay here.

“What should I do now?”

In the ( ) of love and friendship, I could not help but sigh heavily.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“In the (dilemma) of love and friendship.”[19]

Teacher’s Comment:

Correct answer.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“In the (washboard)[20] of love and friendship”

Teacher’s Comment:

You added one extra noun.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“In the (wash) of love and friendship. [21]

Teacher’s Comment:

A key item has to be used somewhere in there, right?

Tamano Miki’s answer:

“In the (touch) of love and friendship. [22]

Teacher’s Comment:

Sewing scissors?[23]

BTS TamanoMiki.jpg

We replenish our points, and return to the frontlines; at this moment, the situation has changed.

“We seem to have advanced quite the distance here…”

“That seems to be the case, swine.”

Our 9th team has already moved quite some distance towards the new school building as compared to before. Most likely, that’s because we’re dealing with the opposing 3-F class.

Based on Kirishima-san’s plan, our overall fighting strength can be said to be equal throughout. The opponent’s dividing its teams by class, so there’s a difference in abilities; this will cause situations where there are teams in tough battles, and we manage to get an opponent we’re advantageous against.

“Because of this, we can ensure that we’ve space to move around freely…”

“That’s how it is, swine. It’s easier now because of the battle from before.”

It’s just like what Shimizu-san said. Because the battle’s advantageous to us, it’s easier for us to move, and we can move about freely psychologically.

“I-I say…I feel that, that boy’s been blinking at me.”

“I remember that’s, Sugawa from F class or something, right? Maybe it’s because there’s a lot of girls around him that he’s having a misunderstanding and delighted within?”

“Ugh, that’s so disgusting…”

“Leader Sugawa! You’re exchanging looks with the girls opposite you! No number of bodies will be enough for so many girls that are having good feelings about you!”

“Fufu…once this war’s over, shall I get married with all those chicks…?”

This conversation that came from somewhere is the best evidence. The rest, not just me, really don’t seem to feel any pressure at all.


“What’s…? This, strange feeling…?”

This strange disorderliness gives me the feeling that I’m feeling more freedom than how it was right at the beginning. What’s the reason…?

“Speaking of which, swine, hurry up and get defeated. This is for the sake of the glorious future for Miharu and onee-sama, and also for Miharu’s grudge!”

Though there’s also Shimizu-san, who’s attacking me without even looking at the enemy for some reason, but this isn’t the reason alone. That’s what I feel.

There’s something else I’m worried about.

That is, though we have a balanced force without weakness, how long can we last?

“Is it alright, Kirishima-san…?”

As the battles proceed, everyone’s scores will change drastically, so I can’t help but worry if Kirishima-san’s instructions can keep up with how fast the situation is changing. Besides, the frontlines are becoming wider.

Suddenly, I think of Yuuji, who looked rather relaxed up till now. Kudou-san said that Kirishima-san may be overexerting herself when she gave us instructions. If she can relent a little and give a little work to the others, that will be better.

“Maybe there’s a reason why she can’t let the people around her help out…?”

It’s true that an almost perfect job can be done by a particular outstanding person, but that means all the burden will be on that person. Even that Yuuji will take over as the commander at the scene during a class summoning war—

“This is bad! Requesting for backup here!”

“Hm? Aren’t you the guys who came back after replenishing your points? You’re being defeated too quickly here. Buck up.”

“Sh-shut up! We’re different from you! It’s very draining for us to keep attacking with our high scores like this! Don’t lump us with you idiots who can only keep delaying!”

“Ah? What are you saying, you bastard!? Who’re you calling Yoshii Akihisa!?”

The growls from not too far away interrupt my thoughts. I look over, and find F class and C class having a little argument.

“Shimizu-san! A little timeout! Things doesn’t look good here!”

“…That’s true. Fine, Miharu’ll hold back on the urge to get rid of you, you swine.”

Shimizu-san stops her attack as she glances at where the argument is.

“Goodness, our own people are having an argument at such a moment. That’s why I hate those foolish and useless swines who don’t look at the grand scheme.”

“Shimizu-san, you do remember who you’ve been attacking up till now, don’t you?”

“Yoshii Akihisa, what is it?”

“No…I really don’t know how to answer you here…”

Her thought pattern certainly is different from mine here.

“Ack, now’s not the time for this!”

I let my summoned beast return from afar, and then head over to the place in need of assistance. Then, I find two group of guys glaring at each other while ignoring their ally in trouble.

“What are you doing!”

“Oh, Yoshii! Listen to me! These guys called us Yoshii Akihisas! That’s the worst insult they can give to us!”

“What’s wrong with calling idiots idiots?”

That’s why I say, now’s not the time for this…!


Anyway, I ignore those guys and charge right at where the tough battle’s going on.

3-C, Isoyakin Jirou, Science, 101 points.


2-F Yoshii Akihisa, Science, 92 points.

Once I call out my summoned beast, I launch an attack at the opponent. Because of this attack, I interrupt a 3rd year student that seems to be ready to attack a 2-C girl, diverting his attention to me.

My wooden sword receives the opponent’s long-handle knife, and I use the chance to send a sweeping kick, but it was dodged.


I then let my summoned beast grip the wooden sword tightly and attack with full strength. The opponent however tries to use his blade to block this attack.


The summoned beast changes its attack path midway through, and swings the wooden sword at the opponent with all its strength.

3-C, Isoyakin Jirou, Science, 31 points.


2-F Yoshii Akihisa, Science, 92 points.

As expected of a third year, I can’t hit it easily…!

But I’ve worn out the opponent enough! I’ll be fine if I can hang on until the reinforcements arrive!

I stop my summoned beast from pursuing, and let it leap backwards to watch out for any other enemies. Then, just when I land and raise my weapon,




The girl’s summoned beast that was attacked touched my summoned beast.

What, she’s still here? This is bad…! Those F class guys must have scattered in this situation, so I carelessly…!

“Are you Yoshii! I’ll repay you the debt for the test of courage!”

The other enemies use this opportunity to attack my summoned beast. Damn…! I can’t dodge…!

“Seriously, Aki, what are you doing? It’s not like you to make a mistake in your control.”

3-C, Abe Shinsuke, Science, 57 points.


2-F Shimada Minami, Science, 128 points.

Just when I’m gritting my teeth, Minami charges in, sends the opponent flying with a kick, and saves me from my predicament here.

“Really, onee-sama’s no match for this kind of swine after all, but Miharu! Isn’t that right, onee-sama!”

“Ah, yeah yeah, maybe.”

It seems that Shimizu-san followed Minami here to help. Minami seems rather tired, but I’m really grateful that both of them are helping me out here. Now I can reposition myself by relying on others.

Or that’s what I thought.

“Shut up, F class! We don’t need the assistance of you idiots!”

“You dare say so!? Fine! I’m annoyed about having to work with you high marks people with such atrocious control! You can go on yourself, you bastards!”

Our allies that should be helping each other are being more divided instead of readying themselves.

“You guys, calm down! Now’s not the time for these meaningless arguments, right?”

Minami’s call isn’t effective at all, and our allies are showing signs of refusing each other.

“Everyone, it’s just like what Minami said! Even if our values are different, we’re still allies here; that’s why everyone has to work together!”

“You shut up, Yoshii!”

“I don’t want to hear that from you when you just fought against Shimizu!”

They’re not listening to my words at all, or rather, I think I just added fuel to the fire. In this situation, we mustn’t include people from F class, but get a third party to help. Is there someone we can call for help…?

We start to look for people who can defuse this situation, and though there’re a few trying to stop these arguments,

3-F Fujishita Kyouko, Science, 62 points


2-D, Onodera Yuuko, Science, 110 points.

3-F Okamura Gou, Science, 67 points


2-C, Okajima Kumi, Science, 125 points.

These two are being attacked by the enemy, and can’t act as mediators here.

“Argh, such bad luck! One bad stuff just piles up after another…!”

And as I said this, I wonder. Huh…? Bad luck…? Is it really bad luck…?

I have an annoying feeling about this. Is this really bad luck?

“The scores shown just now has been a little weird…”

Amongst those that can take part in the battle—the opponent has only half of our scores. Isn’t this weird? It’s like they’re not intending to win at all…

Something more than a premonition prompts me as I look around, and then,

“It’s better to stop those two girls first.”

“Okay, let’s go, Nakai.”

“Understood. Summon.”

There’s a third year student amongst the group on the other side, quietly giving instructions. He too called out his summoned beast, but hasn’t joined the battle at all. He’s pretending to do so, and obviously, his role is different from the others.

In other words—

“Is that the mastermind?”

“Eh!? Wait, Aki! Where’re you going!”

That third year sneaking around is the one creating this bad atmosphere, is he? In that case, things won’t revert back to normal if I don’t take him down!

“Everyone! Please follow me for a moment!”

There are 3 enemies to that guy, and I have 3 allies who can help me. I better take that guy down while my allies hold the opponents off…!

“I don’t really understand, but count on me!”

“We won’t be able to hang on for long though!”

The F class members present, Sugawa-kun and Nitta-kun immediately use their summoned beasts to obstruct the enemies. My summoned beast darts through the gap between them and charge at the target deep within.

“Don’t you dare, idiot bastard!”


I then knock into the enemy. My summoned beast’s sent flying into the dodge, unable to dodge, and takes the impact from the enemy before flying off in another direction.

“Eh? Eh? Follow?”

The girl on our side continues to blink, unable to understand what’s going on. Damn it…! I just saw how different us F class guys work from the others; I forgot about this so soon…!


3-F, Tokushima Ryouta, Science, 60 Points


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Science, 71 Points.

Luckily, the enemy’s worn out a little, so the damage isn’t that high, but the worst thing is that I revealed my objective.

“Die, Yoshii Akihisa!”

The enemy that sent me flying attacks my summoned beast that landed on the floor.

“I won’t let you!”

This time, Minami charges out and uses her weapon to block the enemy’s attack.

“Sorry Minami. You helped me out here!”

“This is nothing. But what’re you trying to do, attacking out of a sudden?”

“There’s an enemy deep within! He looks very suspicious here! I want to send him to the detention room!”

“Send him to the detention room? You make it sound easy…!”

That guy’s not only deep within enemy territory, but is also starting to retreat after noticing our objective. Damn it…! We’ll just watch him get away at this rate…!

Just when I’m gritting my teeth,

“You’re pretty capable there, Akihisa. This decision is right.”

The familiar voice of my bad friend came from behind me,


I turn around to find the trio of Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Fukumura-kun standing behind me. These guys really know how to pick the moment…!

“Hideyoshi, Fukumura! I’ll leave the follow-up to you! Akihisa! Don’t let him get away! Finish him off here no matter what!”

“““Roger that (Got it)!”””

Hideyoshi and Fukumura-kun summon their summoned beasts upon receiving the instructions, and start to get rid of the two enemies in front of me. This can allow me space to run through…but it’s not enough. What do I do?

“Alright, path’s clear! Let’s go, Shimada! Akihisa Cannon!”

“Okay! Aki, you better grit your teeth and hold the wooden sword tightly!”

“Eh? Oi, Yuuji, Minami!? I’m getting a bad vibe from this skill’s name.”

“Aim properly, Akihisa!”

“I won’t forgive you if you fail here, Aki!”

“No no, I don’t have any memory of agreeing to this plan—!”

““Grit your teeth (here)—“”


I ready my wooden sword just as they say, and Yuuji and Minami’s summoned beast punched right at my wooden sword. My summoned beast’s shot out like a cannon. A punch!? Can’t you have chosen a more gentler method like a throw or something!?

I try my best to let my summoned beast hold onto the wooden sword tightly and point the sword tip at the target.

“Huh? Something’s flying over—UWAHH!?”

I guess the enemy didn’t expect this sacrificial attack from my side, and the target’s stabbed through the heart by the wooden sword.

3-F, Tokushima Ryouta, Science, DEAD


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Science, 11 Points.

Anyway, my objective’s done, but it comes with the price that includes most of my points and my body aching all over

“Fuu…nice going there, Akihisa.”

“Good job, Aki.”

“Ah, hm. I guess I did a fine job there…”

Why is it that these two aren’t showing any signs of remorse at all?

“Speaking of that attack just now, what would have happened to my summoned beast if the enemy dodged it…?”

In response to my little doubt, Yuuji answers me with a smile on his face.

“Do you know, Akihisa? A bullet’s useless after it’s fired once.”


It’s because these classmates I’m familiar with are all like this that it’s normal that we can’t work together with the other classes.

“I see. Human relations.”

“If we form mixed groups, those who never fought before will be on the same time. It’s fine when they’re tense, but once they relax, they’ll start to notice things; this is common amongst humans.”

“Especially since the second years have the idiots of the idiots in this school, that F class.”

“Yes, their thoughts are very different from ordinary students, and they’ve went through a lot of battles as compared to everyone else. It’s good that they’re very experienced in battle, but there’ll be differences if they’re going to be paired up with other students.”

“And with the entire class comprising of guys with such rotten personalities, it’s hard not to have any divisions amongst them.”

“It’s going just as we’ve planned.”

“Yes…but there’s one missing thing.”

“Huh? What did you just say?”

“It’s nothing. Sorry that we have to remain on standby, but I hope that you two can calm down.”

“Yes yes, we get it.”

“It’s very troublesome if we expose ourselves here.”

“Please take care of matters here.”

“Then Yuuji, why did you come to the frontlines?”

I ask Yuuji at the standby area at the back, far away from the frontlines. Yuuji then folds his arms as he answers my question.

“I’m just here to relay Shouko’s instructions.”


“Regarding the regrouping of the collapsing frontlines. I just gave the instructions, didn’t I?”

“Speaking of which, you said something to everyone.”

Minami, who returned to the standby area with us, said this, feeling extremely relieved and lucky that Shimizu-san’s fighting on the frontlines.

After dealing with her, Yuuji gave the instruction for everyone present to retreat from there, and then regroup the frontlines here. I think that’s not Yuuji’s decision, but Kirishima-san’s.”

“Huh? Then, Kirishima-san’s noticing such things and coming up with counterstrategies while managing everyone else’s scores?”

“That’s how it is.”

That’s as active as someone reported on a human interest story.


“You really know her well, Sakamoto.”

“Because anyone can see that she’s a hands-on person.”

Kirishima-san’s really hardworking…she’s doing the calculations, analysis and strategies all alone; these are things we can’t possibly do alone. Even as we’re chatting here, Kirishima-san must be tabulating the scores and thinking about what else to do.

“The class representatives, including Shouko, were thinking about ‘retreating slightly and regrouping’. Your contributions however were to beat that guy on the opposing side giving the instructions.”

Hnm? That phrasing just now makes me a little curious. The way Yuuji say the class reps seem to imply that he’s not included…?

“But Sakamoto, isn’t that 3rd year in charge of giving orders? Doesn’t that mean that whatever Aki worked so hard for is basically useless?

“No, either way, it’s something that has to be done as a situational decision. This is the kind of instruction that probably won’t be given. That guy’s probably in charge of deciding who can take part in the battle, so it’s meaningful to have such a person retire.”

“In that case, why didn’t Kirishima-san give us the instruction to get rid of such a guy?”

“Simply because she deduced that our fighting strength is insufficient for that.”

It’s true that the third year is deep within enemy territory, so we needed a very powerful instantaneous move if we want to take him down. If I think about it normally, it’s best to retreat from the scene normally. My initial attack did fail too.

“She never expected Sakamoto and my wits here.”

“Minami and Yuuji’s wits are based on my sacrifice…”

I guess my allies sending me flying like a human cannon is completely beyond Kirishima-san’s expectations.

“But didn’t we do well because of this? Everything’s okay in the end.”

“Well, sorta…I can’t really accept this, I do accept that we wouldn’t be able to succeed if I didn’t do that.”

If I think about it carefully, our F class members are really unique. Let alone the fact that we have very low scores, have bad tempers, quarrel about love (mainly over heterosexual affairs), can dump our allies casually when they’re in trouble; these aspects are really rare in other classes. To Kirishima-san, who’s overly serious, this might be hard to understand.

“That sort of strategy is something only Sakamoto can do.”

“Yeah. We might as well have Yuuji as the frontline commander.”

Though I don’t really want to take part in that frontline.

Upon hearing our joke, Yuuji mutters softly with a regretful look on his face for some reason,

“…I’ll do that if that’s possible.”


What did he just say?

“Nothing. Don’t mind.”

Yuuji answers my reply, and has become his usual self. Was I mistaken about his expression before this?

“I can’t help but take action after seeing how useless you were before this, but my original work is just to stand behind and wait. Like hell I’m willing to look for trouble here.”


“And if I’m not careful, this might cause a classmate of mine to revolt. It’s not good when someone acts on his own while things are going smoothly, and cause the situation to change.”

Upon hearing that extremely smooth explanation from Yuuji, I again feel that something’s wrong here.

I at least know what he’s talking about. Since Kirishima-san’s trying her best to create this current situation, he naturally doesn’t hope that such an unnecessary action will reduce all our efforts to nothing.

But I don’t think that Yuuji’s decision at the frontline is wrong, especially just now when we needed to deal with the emergency fast. This feels like he’s killing off his strengths instead of focusing on teamwork—

“Oi, idiot, if you have time to think about other things, how about you save your strength for the battle afterwards? Your brain capacity is already smaller than an ordinary person, you know.”


My head’s hit, and my thoughts are interrupted.

“…I don’t know what you’re concerned about, but now’s not the time for such things. Just concentrate and focus on what you have to do.”

I get the intent in Yuuji’s words that ‘I’m being a busybody and worried for no good reason’, so I didn’t probe into it any further.

“Then, Yuuji, did Kirishima-san tell you what to do after that? Our opponent has used all sorts of strategies here, we at least have to do something here, right?”

“Ahh, regarding this—”

Just when Yuuji’s about to explain, we hear a familiar sound ring from where the speaker is hanging.


“Perfect, it’s lunch time. Let’s talk as we eat.”

“Ah, it’s already this time.”

A summoning war’s still a school activity, so there’s a proper lunch time. Since a normal summoning war can last for more than half a day, the rules state that we have to restart after lunch break with the same conditions as before.

“Let’s hurry then. Alright, Aki, let’s run.”

“Ahaha, are you that hungry, Minami?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Onee-sama~~~~! It’s lunch time! Let’s kill off the swine and feed each other bentos mouth to mouth—!”

“So that we can have a quiet lunch break.”

“Okay, let’s hurry then.”

We quickly leave, like we’re trying to escape from the sound coming from afar.

“This noon certainly is bustling, Yuuji.”

“Yeah, Hideyoshi.”

During the lunch break in the midst of the interrupted summoning war.

The usual F class members are joined by Kudou-san, Kubo-kun and the other class members, so today’s lunch break is as noisy as a festival.

“Here, onee-sama, ah~”

“No ahh! When did you get over to the same table as me!?”

“Meatball Miharu and Spring Roll Miharu are both delicious. Which Miharu do you want to start with?”

“Allow me to refuse here.”

“Well, Aki-chan, I think it’s better for you to put on an apron when you eat. You see, it’ll be troublesome if you dirty your uniform when you eat, right…?”

“That’s not it, Tamano-san! That’s not an apron but an apron dress, right!? I’m fine here! I can wash it off even if it drops on my uniform!”

“Then, Muttsurini-kun, when I get hot, I used ○○○to □□□. “

“…Kudou Aiko…are you trying…to kill me…? (BATABATABATABATA)”

“××× became△△△, and then, I☆☆☆……”

“Anyway, I think I understand the reason why Kudou told us ‘to go outside to eat since it’s a rare moment for everyone to be together’.”

“She’s worried that Muttsurini’s nosebleed will stain the floor, huh? That’s rather careful of her.”


On a side note, Shimizu-san and Tamano-san too joined in without us knowing. As far as I know, the existences called D class girls are really dangerous.


The one who may have reached her limit and yelled out at us is Hideyoshi’s older sister, Kinoshita Yuuko. Unlike the younger sister Hideyoshi, her yell has much more force in it, and caused Shimizu-san and Tamano-san to stop even though they’re unhappy about it. Sh-she helped me out here…

“I wanted to use this chance to improve my relationship with onee-sama…”

“Yuuko-chan…I thought you’ll help me out here since you have similar interests as me…”

“I wanted to punish Muttsurini-kun for not saving me just now…”


She yelled back forcefully. How reliable she is…!

“Speaking of which, Kinoshita-san, I think I just heard Tamano-san say that you have similar interests.”

“If you ask anything unnecessary, I’ll seal that mouth of yours with a stake.”

“I didn’t ask anything.”

“You’re really shy here, Yuuko-chan…”

“I’m not shy, I just have completely different interests from you, Miki!”

“In terms of dimensions.”

“Let’s play baseball, Hideyoshi. I’ll be the batter, you be the sandbag.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Kinoshita-san will give an Asura-like killing intent from time to time.

“Anyway, we won’t be able to finish lunch if we continue this ruckus. Time to change positions.”

“Understood. I’m fine as long as I get to sit with onee-sama.”

“Me too. I’m fine as long as I get some place to bully Muttsurini-kun.”

“Me-me too, as long as I can cuddle Aki-chan on my lap…”

“Right, I’m asking for a change in position so as to separate you three, so no way.”

Kinoshita-san immediately refuses the views of the 3 problematic people, and quickly sorts everyone’s positions. She’s smart, good at singing, cute, and reliable; a really perfect person.

And so, Muttsurini’s to my left, and Kinoshita-san’s to my right. From Muttsurini’s side, it’s Minami and Hideyoshi, while on the other side, there’s a missing seat, followed by Yuuji and Himeji-san.

“Kinoshita-san, that empty seat is?”

“Prez’s seat. Oi, prez, isn’t it about time for you to have lunch?”

We look over at where Kinoshita-san looked back at, and find Kirishima-san writing something on the notebook in her hand, standing there.


“You mustn’t. Efficient work requires a suitable amount of rest and glucose.”


“Okay okay, hurry up and seat down. It’s rare that I deliberately let you sit beside your beloved.”


“…I understand.”

After Kinoshita-san advised her, Kirishima-san gently sits down beside Yuuji. Perhaps it’s because she’s focusing too much on one thing that she ignored everything else that she can take the seat as the valedictorian of our year. That’s amazing…

“Okay, prez. What do you want to drink?”


“Okay, this time.”

Kinoshita-san takes out a can from the stack of drinks we randomly ordered, and handed it over to Kirishima-san. Even as she’s taking out her lunch from her bag, Kirishima-san’s still concerned about the content in the book, and will cast glances at it from time to time. She’s really a serious and hardworking person.

“You’re really working hard here, Kirishima-san.”

Upon hearing my words, Kirishima-san nods slightly.

“…Because I’m the class representative. The responsibility’s great.”

She has a strong sense of responsibility. What kind of outstanding person is Kirishima-san exactly? To us F class, who always try to skip and push aside cleaning duty, this is something we can’t compare to.

“Un un, you’re looking cool now, Kirishima-san.”


Kirishima-san looks at my face in a somewhat delighted manner,

“…Then in that case, I have to keep working harder.”

And then she clenches her fists.

BTS vol 11 155.jpg

“No no, Kirishima-san. You’re looking cool now, but don’t force yourself.”

“…It’s alright, I’ll do my best.”


“…Because I want to show my cool side.”

After that, Kirishima-san glances beside her.

And then, I realize her intention.

Hahaa…then, Kirishima-san, you want Yuuji to praise you? Seriously, you’re very cute here!

“Then, Yuuji. Look at Kirishima-san and give your honest feelings.”

“Hm? Ah, yeah…since her hair’s long, she may accidentally eat some of it if she eats food like ramen.”

“Not in that sense, you dull idiot! At least praise her for being serious and hardworking!”

“You’re the only one I don’t want to be called a dull idiot!”

Really, this guy doesn’t understand a girl’s heart at all! This guy’s a complete despicable bastard!

And Kirishima-san continues to remain calm as she says to this scum of a human that’s Yuuji.

“…It’s fine even if you don’t praise me.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

Kirishima-san then nods while seemingly answering my question, and speaks up again,

“…But, in place—”

In place?

“—I hope you say that you like me,.”


Everyone present spits out the drinks in their mouths because of Kirishima-san’s sudden words.

“P-P-P-Prez!? What are you saying at such a place out of a sudden!?”

“Yeah, Kirishima-san! You shocked me so much I just spat my cola on Yuuji!”

“Oi Akihisa, you should be apologizing to me first, right?”

“…Did I say something weird?”

“““YOU SAID IT!”””

“…Is that so?”

This isn’t something to be said when everyone’s eating, at least.

Upon hearing our responses, Kirishima-san ponders for a little while.

“…Then, it’s fine if you say that you love me.”


We have less of our drinks now. What’s with Kirishima-san here!? No, she has been very enthusiastic before this, but!

“Is she affected by something strange?”

Kinoshita-san asks worriedly.

As for being affected by something strange, that was the first thing I first thought about.

Suspicious enthusiasm, recent events, strange person.

“Are you affected by Takashiro-sempai!?”

“Wait a second, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, I do hate having my name mentioned regarding this issue.”

Speak of the devil. The person himself, Takashiro-sempai is standing beside us without us knowing.

“What are you doing here, Takashiro-sempai?”

“Don’t show such a scary expression. I’m just here to say a few words.”

“Yeah Akihisa. Listen to what he says, at least.”

“Alright, then make it quick.”

“Pardon me, but I don’t think I said that I’m here to talk with you?”

I know that without you telling me.

“I’m not here to talk with you—”

“Is that so? Shimizu-san, Takashiro-sempai’s here to talk love with you.”

“Don’t joke around! Hurry up and eat your hay in your 3rd year stable, you horse!”

“Erm…I do believe this is our first meeting…?”

Fufu, I guess it’s because he’s handsome that he has no immunity to a scolding from a female he just met. Serves him right!

“That’s not it. I’m here to talk with Miss Himeji Mizuki there.”

Himeji-san’s body immediately froze the moment her name’s mentioned.

“Sorry. I really hate you, Takashiro-sempai, so there’s nothing to talk about…please go back, you disgusting scumbag…”

“So, may I ask, why’re you answering, Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

Tch. I even tried to imitate Himeji-san’s tone. I thought he’ll be satisfied with that and just go back.

“Haa…good grief, why must you get in my way…?”

Takashiro-sempai gives a very pretentious tone and pose as he says,

“Even if our lips touched each other once, I’ll be really troubled if we become lovers like this.”

“Since when have I taken you as a lover!?”

Now you’re making me remember that disgusting memory during lunch…! I don’t have an appetite now!

“But instead of that, Takashiro-sempai. Won’t you cause any suspicions to the 3rd years for coming to us?”

Upon hearing my question, Takashiro-sempai answers without hesitation.

“You don’t have to worry, Yoshii Akihisa-kun. If anyone is to have such suspicions, I’ll send him to the frontlines.”

“Ab-abusing your own authority…”

“So you’re a scumbag who looks down on others? Seriously. Don’t you find it embarrassing that you’re using your position as the representative for your own desires?”

Takashiro-sempai looks at Yuuji and me, and says in a chiding manner,

“Aren’t these views of yours a pity, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, Sakamoto Yuuji-kun. I’m just using the power I have to pursue love. What’s embarrassing about this?”

It seems that Takashiro-sempai has no doubts about his own actions; in other words, he truly feels that he’s in the right.

“Please try and think. Considering the current situation and everything else, If I, Takashiro Masaharu, don’t use all my strength, does that not mean that my love is only to that extent?”

He said an overly radical, completely jaw-dropping line.

And on the other hand, Yuuji seems to feel that something doesn’t match at all as he glares at Takashiro-sempai.

“I think you and I disagree on this completely.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“About this frivolous act of always talking about love, pursuing love.”

Yuuji said viciously.

Then, Takashiro-sempai looks surprised as he asks Yuuji,

“? You never said such a thing before, Sakamoto Yuuji-kun?”

“…What’s bad about that?”

“No, instead of it being bad, I might say it’s weird.”

Weird? Where?

Takashiro-sempai seems to have read the doubt I never said out, and continues,

“Normally, if you more or less have the feeling of love, you’ll always say such things, right?”

Upon hearing Takashiro-sempai say with such a tone like it’s some sort of common sense, Yuuji, who wanted to ask something, is speechless.

“Or is it that you don’t have such a person—or something that causes you to be unable to express your love?”

Takashiro-sempai asked this while seemingly being really incredulous.

“…I give up. You and I seem to be on two different pages.”

In response, Yuuji merely raised his hands to give a surrendering pose as he answered.

“Is that so? That’s quite the pity.”

Takashiro-sempai seems to really feel pity that his answer’s not answered, and coughs in a lonely manner before looking at Himeji-san’s seat beside Yuuji.

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, I’m sorry for going out of point just now. Then, please allow me—”

“Ah, Takashiro-sempai, I think Mizuki just left, you know?”


Takashiro-sempai shows a lonelier expression and lowers his head.

I guess it’s a complete reversal of priorities, for him to let his target disappear while we talk about what we believe.

“Okay okay, sempai. Himeji-san won’t want to talk with you anyway even if she doesn’t run away.”

“Really…it’s true that Miss Himeji Mizuki’s very introverted. Perhaps it’s hard to talk to her regarding this.”

“This is really quite the scary optimism…”

He probably doesn’t realize that she’s trying to avoid him rather than being shy.

“But in that case, I have to create a situation where I can talk with her properly.”

“I suppose, looking at her now, she won’t come out even if you call her, right?”

Besides, he’s the guy who wanted to kiss her without warning. Himeji-san’s wary about him, and won’t randomly talk to him now.

“You don’t have to worry, Yoshii Akihisa-kun.”

“No no, I’m not worried at all.”

“Then, everyone, please excuse me.”

Takashiro-sempai doesn’t respond to my response, and after giving a graceful bow, he turns to walk towards the new school building. He’s seriously, seriously a troublesome senior.

“Okay, Mizuki. You can come out now.”

“Okay, Minami-chan. Well, thank you very much…”

Minami calls out to the shade of the tree, and Himeji-san suddenly appears from behind. What, so she hid herself instead of running away.

“That upperclassman’s really easy to fool. He really believed our words without doubts.”

“I’m saved because of this…”

Himeji-san puts her hand on her chest in relief. Anyway, it’s great that we can send him off without anything else happening.

“But Himeji, you shouldn’t hide around like that. It’ll be better for you to refuse him directly.”

“Ah. We-well…he hasn’t formally confessed to me…”

“What? That upperclassman has already said it to that extent, but haven’t said the most important thing?”


“And that guy’s not the kind who’ll give up even after being rejected. I should know very well.”

“That’s really the worst kind of person, onee-sama. That annoying swine needs to be locked in a stable.”

“Yeah Miharu, let’s go to a pig farm this weekend.”

“Is this an invitation from onee-sama!? Miharu gladly obliges!”

I see. This kind of enthusiasm is the same throughout.

“Seriously, we wasted quite a lot of time because of that weird upperclassman. We won’t be able to have the strategy meeting if we don’t hurry with our lunch.”

Yuuji mutters as he looks at the clock on the school. Is that so? The representatives need to gather and plan the afternoon meeting? That’s tough for them.

“Oh yeah, why can’t you just have the meeting here? There’s no need for you to rush through with lunch.”

“Impossible. Nakabayashi hates you. If I ask her to eat together with us, she’ll definitely refuse directly.

“Uu…Nakabayashi-san really hates me?”

All sorts of things happened during the baseball tournament, but for her to hate me to this extent is still…

“It’s natural for her to hate you, since the person she likes is heads over heels for you. It’s natural that she has hatred for you.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

Head over heels for me? Who’s that? I’m really sad that Nakabayashi-san hates me like this, but I do feel a little happy that someone likes me.

“Akihisa-kun, don’t you find anything weird about what we just said?”

“Weird? Where?”

“Well, Nakabayashi-san’s a girl, but the person she likes likes Akihisa-kun.”

“Mizuki, you mustn’t continue. It’s better not to rattle Aki in the middle of this summoning war.”

Why? Normally, I’ll have the urge of wanting to know who ‘the person who likes me’ is, but this time, I feel that my mind will become weird if I ask on. Is that so? Is this what it means by being popular…?

“What is it, Akihisa? You don’t look good.”

“…Don’t think too much.”

Yuuji and Muttsurini look at me.

“Well, I do have troubles you guys don’t know of~ HAHAHA.”

“Is…that so? Looks like we can’t help you here.”


I’m different from you two unpopular guys. I wanted to make this joke, but they’re giving me weird looks for some reason. It’s really causing me to feel a chill.

“? What is it, Yoshii-kun? Is there anything troubling you?”

Kubo-kun asks worriedly upon realizing how I’m now. Speaking of which, he’s rather popular too, so he should be able to understand my troubles better than Yuuji and Muttsurini.

“Thanks, Kubo-kun. Can I talk with you if I’m really troubled?”

“Understood. I don’t know if I can help with my feeble strength, but I’ll try my best at that moment.”

Kubo-kun heartily accepts. “Oi, what do we do…”“Akihisa dug his own grave…” “…They’ll just hurt each other.” He’s such a kind person.

“Akihisa…I may be a busybody here, but if it’s some way to reject someone else, I think Shimada and I’d be able to help out, right…?”

“Eh? No no, I think it’s better for people of the same gender to discuss this.”

BTS vol 11 167.jpg

“Didn’t I say it’s okay to talk to Shimada and me because of that?”


I don’t understand what Hideyoshi’s saying. What is he talking about?

“Well, you’ve kissed that upperclassman anyway. There’s some complications, but I think you’re fine.”

“Don’t say it Yuuji. I know you’re jealous that I’m popular, but it’s really despicable for you to rip open my wound and press onto it again and again.”

“Is that so? I’m sorry.”

Yuuji seems to be really sorry as he apologizes.

And beside him, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini give me unhappy looks too, giving me quite the impression.


“Oi, Prez, you’re thinking about something again.”


“Is it the summoning war?”


“I know you’re very worried, but you can’t eat while spacing out like that. If you don’t eat, your brain won’t be able to function properly.”

“…I understand.”

BTS ShoukoChan.jpg

The Sixth Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

The picture below shows a slope, and a round cylinder, I, of mass m, radius r, in stationary position, moves from position O to A after n number of rounds. Please calculate the value of the potential energy E that the object I has. Also, take the standard gravity acceleration as g, circumference ratio as π.

BTS Rolling.jpg

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

Difference in height between OA=n *2 π r*sin 30

As kinetic energy E is equivalent to the lost energy from O to A

E= m * g * (Difference in height between OA)


E = π nmgr

Teacher’s Comment:

Correct. This is a question on conservation of energy.

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:


m(_ _)m

Please don’t send me for remedials.

Teacher’s Comment:

No way.

Thanks to that weird upperclassman, I’m unable to finish my lunch probably. Shouko and I head over to the strategy meeting room, F class on the 3rd level of the old building.


“Hm? What’s with you, Shouko?”

“…Do you like me…Yuuji?”

“Wha…!? I say, what’s with you since just now?”

“”…Because I’ve been talking about ‘this and that’ with Yuuko just now.”

“Doesn’t that mean you can talk about that when no one’s around!?”

“…Yuuji, do you…hate me?”

What’s this girl saying!?

Just when I’m about to turn to Shouko and retort,


Upon seeing that serious expression on her face, I couldn’t help but swallow my words.

“…Well…let’s not talk about anything weird and focus on dealing with the summoning war.”

I don’t dare to look right at that face, and look in front as I said.

Shouko however ignores my response as she continues,

“…Why are you concerned about the summoning war, Yuuji?”

“What? Why’re you asking this now?”

“…Answer me.”

After that weird question, I again affirm the answer in my heart.

Right now, the reason why I’m concerned with the summoning war is—

“To beat your A class.”

I want to beat A class where Shouko is, not A class with anyone else, not D classroom where Shouko and the rest awaited. What I want to win is the A class led by Shouko, the second year valedictorian. After that…in that case, everything will be over.

Upon hearing my answer, Shouko asks with a soft voice.

“…Because if I win, you can disengage that promise we made?”

That promise definitely refers to the one we made during our first summong war.

“…Well, that’s one of the reasons.”

Or rather, that’s the biggest reason, rather than being one reason alone.

“…Yuuji, you’re now my lover.”


Shouko’s sudden words cause me to bite my tongue in shock.

“Lo-lovers? I say.”

There has been a lot of ways she described this, but this is the first time I hear her call me lover. This unfamiliar term makes me a little fearful.

“…During our first summoning war, you promised to go out with me.”

“We-well, yeah, probably.”

“…That’s why, you mustn’t cheat me…you have to like me.”

“No, well.”

“…I know that you want to beat me in the summoning war and nullify that agreement, Yuuji.”


At this moment, I don’t know how to answer.

“…But now, you haven’t beaten me yet, Yuuji, and I haven’t beaten you. I’m still your love, Yuuji…!”

Shouko presses her face towards me as I’m at a loss of words, nagging away unlike her usual self. Oi, oi oi, what’s going on here?

“Wait, Shouko, calm down. Aren’t you mistaken about something?”

“—That’s why you mustn’t go out with anyone else…! Even if it’s a little, give me a little time—”

“Oi, what are you doing, Sakamoto?”

Nemoto appears just when I’m trying to calm down the distraught Shouko. Damn. I wanted to hear what she was thinking; this bastard appeared at the worst timing possible.

“Are you still thinking about other things during this decisive moment?”

“Impossible. And speaking of which, let alone me, how can this person here have the time to do so when she’s handling the scores and giving commands herself?”

It’s not a lie. Our conversation here does involve the summoning war somewhat.

“Hm. Since Kirishima-san doesn’t have time to waste, you should at least relent and don’t waste her time, Sakamoto.”

“What’re you trying to get at?”

“I’m trying to tell you not to brainwash Kirishima-san with some weird things.”

I wanted to send those words right back at him, but it’s not a good idea to quarrel before the meeting. Shouko barely managed to unite us all, and I don’t want this to collapse because of such a trivial thing.

“…It’s alright, he didn’t say anything.”

Shouko too realized this and declared that nothing happened. Since he’s being this leery about me being with Shouko, this will cause the situation to worsen. This guy seems to be looking for a chance to belittle me all this while.

“Kirishima-san. If he has anything to say, let’s talk it out with everyone. Sakamoto can’t be trusted. In the case, this guy—”

“…We won’t have time if we don’t hurry.”

Shouko cuts off Nemoto, who intends to blabber about how unreliable I am to fine details, and prompts us to move forward.

“Yeah. Alright, let’s go, Nemoto.”


Shouko, Nemoto and I never said another word while we’re on the way to the classroom.

“…How is it?”

The first line from Shouko at the start of the meeting had neither subject nor objective.

“Kirishima-san, what do you mean by that?”

Of course, Koyama asks Shouko while not knowing what the latter’s asking. Goodness, if we’re not having a meeting with people we’re familiar with, we have to explain things clearly.

“She’s talking about the strength of the 3rd years, I guess. What ranks they were in during the morning battle, how strong they are, she wants to hear information about this.”

There’s no choice; I could only add on.

Us second years evened out our forces, and we can determine how strong the opponent is depending on which sides are stronger and which sides are weaker. This is the use of averaging out, besides not showing our weaknesses.

I have it easy here. The attack strength’s not too strong, and with me leading, we sent the opponents to the brink of defeat.”

Nemoto emphasized on the ‘I’ and kept glancing at Koyama; I guess he’s trying his best to use this battle to change his view.

“…And the rank?”

Shouko asks Nemoto.

“Rank? We’re teams 1 and 2.”

“That’s not what she meant, Nemoto. She’s asking what’s the opposing main force comprised of?”

“…E class.”

“Oh. Then it’s to be expected of you to be winning, right, Nemoto-kun?”

Upon hearing that it’s E class, Koyama says to Nemoto in a mocking manner, and the latter glares at me vengefully. Good grief, it’s not like I did anything wrong here.

“…Then, teams 3 and 4?”

“I’m basically even here—I want to say this, but we’re only weakened slightly. I think the opponent’s mostly C class.”

Koyama, who has been leading teams 3 and 4, answers. Since the opposing C class is only weakened slightly, I suppose that’s good commanding skill.

“As expected of Yuu—Koyama-san. It’s amazing that you can match C class blow for blow.”

“I’m just following the instructions.”

Koyama merely turns Nemoto’s flattering to deaf ears.

But Koyama’s very reliable for being able to give instructions word for word completely, just like the battle before. She does give a little arrogant vibe, but this is surprising.

“Hm? What is it, Sakamoto-kun? You want to praise me?”

“Well, I admit I may have to change my view about you.”

“Thank you. I’m happy that you recognized me for my contribution here, Sakamoto-kun.”

But this doesn’t mean I’ll have feelings to you just like that.

“Our 5, 6 teams took B class, though to be honest, we were in quite the pinch.”

“Our 7, 8 teams drew even with the opponent, though they’re D class.”

Hiiraga and Nakabayashi then follow up with their reports.

Right, then, it’s time for me to report my side.

“Us 9 and 10 have enough fighting strength, but we can’t proceed smoothly even though we’re dealing with F class.”

Considering the scores on both sides, this can only be called a tough battle.

“Humph. You’re being arrogant after a few wins, but when everyone’s on an even playing field, is that all you have?”

At that moment, I had an impulse to really punch Nemoto.

And also, I don’t have any authority to give commands at all; on top of that, someone’s keeping an eye on me, and my movements are restricted. How can I get any results beyond score expectations if I can’t move freely?


I swallow this counterargument in and show no emotion.

We can’t waste time because of unnecessary discussion, and we can’t do anything that’ll divide us here. Nemoto may be satisfied and follow the plan thoroughly if I let him say a few words, so I better let him loose for now. Right now, the most important thing is to continue with the meeting.

“…The afternoon battles will continue in classes.”

After our reports, we begin talking about the strategy for the afternoon. If we’re moving by classes, it won’t be easy to have divisions amongst our teams like this morning, and the enemy won’t be able to use the same method again.

“Haa…so we’re finally breaking free from that volatile situation.”

Nakabayashi said in relief. It seems her side had the same situation as I did.

“Kirishima-san, if we’re sorting by class, that means we’ll attack based on the original strategy?”


“By class…is that so…no, I’m not unhappy about this…”

Hiiraga shows a look of pity on his face, and looks like a salaryman who doesn’t want to remain home because of an abusive wife.

“Then, as for where we’re attacking—”

“Ah, before that, there’s something I want to say.”

I raise my hand to interrupt Nakabayashi’s explanation.

“What is it, Sakamoto? We don’t have time to hear your nonsense.”

And this alone causes Nemoto to glare at me with hatred.

“I have a proposal. It won’t take long.”

“A proposal now, you say? I refuse. Didn’t we already decide on what we have to do?”

It’s already like this when I’m trying to talk about here. This bastard Nemoto, I’m not going to fight with you just because of this.

“You’re being annoying trying to follow up on every single sentence, Nemoto-kun. Shouldn’t you hear what he wants to say?”

“…Tch…If Yuu—Koyama-san says so, I’ll hear you out for now, Sakamoto.”

After being told off by Koyama, Nemoto unwillingly lets me continue. Now I can say what I wanted to tell them,

“It’s about Shouko bearing all the burden.”

“Kirishima-san bearing all the burden?”

“Looking at the situation this morning, the burden’s too great for one person to manage the scores, gather information and give instructions. There’ll be great changes in the war later, so at least someone can help—”

“Hah! Rejected!”

Nemoto immediately rejected my proposal before I can get to the end.

“And the reason?”

“This is something everyone discussed through. There’s no reason for things to change just because of a word you said.”

“That’s because we never experienced it for real. The situation’s different now.”

“Humph. Kirishima-san won’t give up just because of that, right? Do you need help?”

Nemoto directs the question to Shouko,

And Shouko answers,

“…No need. I’ll handle everything.”

She said as she shook her head slightly.

“See? She says so herself. Your proposal’s rejected.”

Nemoto said with a smug expression.

The others don’t look like they’ll agree with my proposal. I guess it’s something they’ll feel repulsed since it was something they decided on, and something that has been successful up till now.

“…Is that so? Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.”

My proposal never passed through. This is to be expected however, so I’ll fall back for now.

“Then, back on point. It seems the current situation is that the 3rd years have high ranked classes on both sides.

“Ahh. That’s how it is, Yuu—Koyama-san.”

Nemoto agrees with Koyama in a sleazy manner.

If the wings are strong, they can surround us if the middle’s broken through. This is a formation set up based on the situation.

“…Then, it’s decided. B class in the middle, C, D, E classes on the left, and F class on the right.”

Us second years plan is that first, we’ll check the enemy’s fighting rank, confirm the situation, and look for weaknesses. If the wings are weak, we’ll break through and surround them. If the middle’s weak, we’ll cut them off, and destroy the weaker part—that’s all.

The current situation is that we’ll break off the enemy and focus the attack on the weaker side. Our F class is in charge of holding off the separated 3-B class, and our allies will attack through to the remaining classes.

“Sakamoto, can you really use F class’ fighting strength to hold off 3-B?”

Hiiraga asked in a somewhat worried manner. Well, it’s obvious he’ll be worried since it’s F class holding off B class.

“It’s fine. We’re already used to such battles. Don’t worry.”

Unlike before, our ranks comprises of the F class guys we’re already familiar with. We’ll find a way.

“That’s right. There’s no doubt that F class’ important here. Be careful, Sakamoto-kun.”

After Hiiraga, Koyama says that in a worried manner. In that case, if our agreement’s made, that’s a little…Nemoto glares at me with hatred.

“That’s right. It’s true that Sakamoto’s actions are worrying.”

These words are obviously taunting me.

“What do you mean, Nemoto?”

This saying really annoys me, and I unintentionally answer him back.

“I heard that Sakamoto left his position before lunch.”

Nemoto shows a treacherous smirk that’s very matching for this tone.

What he’s saying is about me going to take down the enemy trying to cause divisions amongst us.

“That’s called following the frontlines. I didn’t do anything that the enemy can take advantage of.”

If we had let them do as they want, our forces would have been depleted somewhat, and this team has a lot more unique characters than the others. There’s no reason for me to be told off just for supporting that side.

Of course, Nemoto won’t accept such logic.

“You never did anything they can take advantage of? What’re you saying? If you’re defeated as a class rep, F class will be defeated. In that case, our strategy afterwards can’t be established.”

“I prepared beforehand to prevent such a thing.”

“That’s just what you think right? Everyone’s working together on the plan we agreed on, and you’re going to bring us trouble if you work on your own like that.”


“Especially since this is an operation when our B class have to show our backs to you unreliable guys.”

These overboard words cause my mind to heat up.

“Oi, Nemoto! Stop harassing Sakamoto—”

“…….No, it’s fine, Hiiraga.”

I restrain my body that’s trembling with fear with all my strength. It’s very easy for me to let my emotions loose and beat Nemoto up.


And then, I’ll end up breaking the delicate unity between the second years completely—a very simple outcome.

“Sorry. I’ll be careful for that not to happen again.”

Anyway, I have to endure for now.

For the sake of winning this war.

To beat the 3rd years, and to beat the A class that person is in; this is all for the sake of my objective.

BTS vol 01 271.jpg

The Seventh Question[edit]

Please fill the blank with the correct answer.

In the year 1559, Oda Nobunaga unified the Owari Province, and in the following year 1560, defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto at the ( ), and made himself famous.

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:

“Battle of Okehazama”

Teacher’s Comment:

Correct Answer. This battle can be considered the first step Oda Nobunaga made to become one of the prominent people in the Sengoku Era.

Shimada Minami’s Answer:

The Honnou-ji incident.

Teacher's Comment:

Wrong. This battle is the one where Oda Nobunaga took the first step away from being a prominent figure in the Sengoku Era.

Tsuchiya Kouta:

The Honnou-ji love affair.

Teacher's Comment:

Two people being so close yet so far, what will be the final outcome?

BTS vol 03.5 157c.jpg

After lunch break, we have a group of people on the frontlines so that we don’t show that we’ve regrouped, while our gang’s gathered with the class at the back.


I call out to Yuuji, who has his eyes and mouth closed.


No response.

“Oi, Yuuji.”


Still no response.


“…Nn. What is it?”

After calling him again, Yuuji finally shows a response and opens his eyes.

“It’s nothing. Lunch break’s over. What’re you spacing out for?”

After the strategy meeting’s over, Yuuji explained the strategy for the afternoon to us, and had been sitting here with his eyes closed.

“It’s already this late…wait, let me gather my thoughts.”

Pak, he slaps his head as he says this. It’s that kind of ‘slap a sleepy head awake’ act.

“Then, okay.”

Then, Yuuji lifts his head and shows his usual expression. He has completely woken up.

“Sorry. I’m sleepy because of that stupid meeting after lunch.”

Hahaha, Yuuji laughs as he shows his bold side.

Hmm…I don’t think this guy will sleep in the midst of this important battle.

I ponder as I look over at Yuuji, but Yuuji suddenly looks at me.

“What, Akihisa? Why’re you staring at me like this? It’s too disgusting, isn’t it?”

It’s rare for me to worry about what’s with that attitude of yours.

“If you have time to worry about such stuff, how about you go into Zen mode like me and sort your thoughts out?”

“What Zen, you just fell asleep.”

“It’s the same thing to me.”

Speaking of which, these might be the same to be too.

“Let’s not talk about this now. Time to start getting back to our original directive. We’ll lose if we keep focusing on what we did just now. It’s most important for us to gather our thoughts and act like usual.”

Muu…that truly is reasonable. The afternoon battle seems important; I think it might be better if I don’t think about anything else and act like usual.

“And in such battles, we won’t be able to show our usual abilities. If you have the time to think about something else, you might as well focus on showing your abilities.”

Yuuji says it with his usual expression.

Since that guy has already thought of things to this extent, I’ll follow suit as well…besides, even if I say anything to him, he’ll just tell me that ‘I’m just worrying too much’.

Just when we’re talking to each other, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini arrives.

“Oh, you’re awake, Yuuji.”

“…Is it time to attack?”

“No. We’ll move a little later. B class will open a path between 3-E and 3-B, and we’ll charge in through there.”

If we attack so suddenly after lunch break, our opponents may become more wary, so it’s best for us to sit back for a while before taking action.

“I’ll give the instructions at that time. Before that, let’s all stand by for the time being.”

“““Got it.”””

We nod in response to Yuuji’s words.

Then, let’s just follow the instructions and randomly chat about something.

10 minutes passed.

“Holding them off again? Goodness…”

“Sometimes, I want to show off here instead of just defending and holding off.”

“We’re sent to these boring places because we’re the worst class”

“Stop yapping. This is important for our victory.”

Yuuji calls out to pacify the unhappy voices of those in standby. Whether it’s glamorous or not, I suppose that everyone’s attracting a lot of attention…in the wrong way.

“Mu…B class’ about to take action too.”

And right at the moment when Hideyoshi says so, there are shouts from the front,


I hear them call out their summoned beasts. The real afternoon battle’s about to heat up.

“Still a no go, Yuuji?”

“Nope. Let’s wait for B class to open a path for us.”

The plan is basically B class opening a path with their high scores, our side will hold off 3-B, and at this moment, B class will team up with the other second year students and defeat the enemy. Our F class’ mission is to prevent the strong people from 3-B, 3-C that will be interfering. Everyone wants to take part in the eye-catching annihilation battle, so I can understand why they’re unhappy.

“And…well, I guess this is the first time we’re not fighting while the other classes are, right?”

“Now that you mention it, that’s true.”

Our F class’ about to take action, but it certainly is refreshing for us to remain on standby in the classroom and watch the other classes fight.

“We’ve been taking part in the summoning wars here.”

“…That’s true.”

In terms of summoning war experience, we won’t lose to anyone. Maybe we have more experience than the 3rd years who don’t really fight much either.

“I guess we might be reliable to the other classes since we’ve always been in the wars.”

“That might be the case.”

“It certainly feels as cool as being called some special ops, like a SWAT team or sorts.”

“Ahaha. There’s no way they’ll call us that.”

While everyone’s laughing away, Muttsurini walks to us and says,

“…Calling us that.”


“…F class is called that because we’re often in the wars.”



Wow, I’m a little happy here. What do they call us, things like SEALs, SAT, or maybe SAS?



For some reason…there’s a huge difference compared to what I hope we’re called…

“Well, this is to be expected. We’re the only ones amongst the second years who carried out summoning wars with everyone.”

“Now that you mention it, that’s true…”

It’d be good if it were a little cooler…

“Everyone’s being so relaxed even at this moment. You’re very reliable.”

Himeji-san, who heard our conversation from nearby, says this. If this can bring this kind of feeling to others, I guess this conversation might not be as useless as we think, just like what Yuuji said.

“Oi, you guys, chit-chat’s over. Let’s go.”

At that moment, Yuuji finally give the instruction.

Right, time to begin the afternoon battle.

“Listen up! We’re going to charge to where our allies in 2-B are at, but don’t interfere with their battle against 3-E! Let 2-B handle those guys, got it!”


"Himeji and I will break through from the front! If you see any 2-B’s enemies, hold them off as according to plan! Let’s go!”



As what was said just now, Yuuji and Himeji-san leave our standby area. Once we reach the frontlines, we see the battle beween 2-B and 3-E.

“It’s not an overwhelming win because of the difference in experience, but at least our side’s obviously in the advantage.”

Hideyoshi looks around and whispers,

It looks like 2-B is really pushing back 3-E, and 3-E’s formation is divided into half. In that case, their mission will be done.

At this moment.

“They’re here! It’s 3-B!”

Someone’s voice came from behind.

3-B too came out to act in order to help the suppressed 3-E.

“You guys! Those are our opponents! Ignore 3-E and continue on!”

Yuuji gives the instructions. If the path leading to the 3rd level can’t be used, it’s to be expected that 3-B will appear here.

We ignore the battle between 2-B and 3-E, and proceed to face 3-B on the courtyard. If we can buy time here, 2-B’s victory will immediately turn the situation in our favor. We mustn’t let 3-B through no matter what!


Voices calling out their summoned beasts can be heard in quick succession. Right, in that case, I—

“Wait Akihisa, don’t go first.”

“Eh? Why?”

“3-B only sent in a part of their forces, and 3-A reinforcements may come in. You better wait on standby for the time being to deal with the attacks from the side.”

“Really? Got it.”

Though we spent all our efforts dividing the enemy forces into two sides, it’ll be a battle of endurance after that, so we can’t go all out at once afterwards. Looks like I’m in charge of filling any openings.

“It’s tough when we have 3-B as our opponents, but we can still handle such numbers. We gained quite some experience with delaying opponents.”

Yuuji says as he sees our F class guys fight against the 3-B upperclassmen.

“Sempai, your shoelaces are untied—AN OPENING!”


“If you beat me here, I’ll keep whispering grudges and curses at your ears until you graduate…”

I’ll just close my eyes at how unscrupulous our tactics all. These are skills we trained ourselves in to survive.

Whatever the case, there’re no problems up till now.

“We’ve more people here! Send more men there to form walls and don’t let them pass through!”

Yuuji sends some instructions. The F class guys with much experience in summoning wars respond to that instruction and form several human walls.

Amidst the crowd, I can see 3-B reinforcements coming over to help.

And then, there’re other people coming over from there.

“Sakamoto! 3-A’s here, but there’re a few of them!”

“Go, Akihisa! Hideyoshi and Sugawa are to help too!”

“““Got it!”””

I go along with Hideyoshi and Sugawa-kun to where 3-A is.

There’re 5 opponents, but we don’t have enough space for a fight against everyone. If we fight them right, we’ll be able to hang on.


Both sides take over the ones that had been battling. We have 3 on our side, and the opponent has 3. 6 summoned beasts in total appears before us.

3-A, Komura Ichirou, Language, 456 Points


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Language, 152 Points.

3-A, Moriya Kana, Language, 484 Points


2-F, Kinoshita Hideyoshi, Language, 212 Points.

3-A, Tada Nanaka, Language, 446 Points


2-F, Sugawa Ryo, Language, 124 Points.

Because this summoning war uses the Central Test system, ‘Modern Language’ and ‘Classics’ are mixed together to form ‘Language’. The scores look higher than usual simply because it’s a combination of 2 subjects.


Our summoned beasts rush towards our enemies. My opponent tries to swing a strike gently, and I naturally back away to avoid the attack. It’s obvious that he never used strength in this attack, but the difference in points is too great. That’s why I didn’t intend to take on this hit directly, but decide to dodge.

“Yoshii Akihisa…so it’s this guy…?”

The 3rd year opponent mutters upon seeing me name. Eh? Don’t tell me I’m already famous? I guess that’s because of the summoning tournament. It certainly feels nice to be feared by the opponent.

“Will the idiocy infect me if I interact with such a guy before the exam…?”

I take back those words. This feeling really feels unpleasant.



Sugawa-kun yells beside us. Is it really necessary for us weak guys to go to this extent just to survive…?

“Akihisa! We can’t survive on pride! It’s best to make use of Sugawa’s strategy!”

“Ugh…! I got it!”

Guess there’s no choice. Let’s pretend to be idiots to maintain our scores!

“I say, sempais, actually, when I went shopping—”




“Nice going Akihisa! That’s how it is!”


It seems to this acting expert that I can fool them easily just by saying that I’m shopping.

“Lo-looks like we can only attack the normal looking one here…!”

The three 3rd years gather their attacks on Hideyoshi.

“Unfortunately for you, sempais, Kinoshita’s an amazing idiot too!”

“That’s right! She’s someone who’s confused about her own gender either way!”


Hideyoshi bites his lower lip unhappily as he understands what we said to the upperclassmen, and says to them,

“I, I’m…actually a girl, but I’m an idiot who calls himself a guy…!”

I guess that’s not a line Hideyoshi’s used to saying since it’s something (s)he can’t act properly.

“““BRING IT ON THEN, 3-A!!”””

“Why’re these guys giving such pressure of reckless abandon…?”

If they aren’t going to attack, we’re going to start the attack!

My summoned beast holds its wooden sword tightly and flies at the enemy. The target enemy dodges in a ridiculous manner.

“Do-don’t touch me!”

And he swings back with a large motion. Hm, such a reaction really saddens me.

“Too naïve, sempai! If it’s an idiot of Yoshii’s level, it’s possible to be contaminated through air! Now you know why F class has so many idiots, right!?”

Now he’s blaming me for his own stupidity. Sugawa-kun, we need to have a long chat after this war, don’t we?

“Ah, ah, aaahhhh…!”

The senior’s overcome by fear and looks at me with blank eyes. Will an exam really break a person’s soul like this? It’s really scary…

“In-in that case, we can only get rid of the mastermind…”

“Right, let’s destroy that demon.’

“If he’s stuck in the detention room, it’ll be alright…!”

Uwah!? Why have they given up on themselves!?


“Tch! Don’t dodge!”

“Please hurry up and vanish!”

The seniors swing their weapons wildly at me. I’m already used to dodging attacks from guys with scores higher than me, but this really causes me to break out in cold sweat. They’ve one more year of summoned beast control experience than me, and are more nimble in their control than those enemies from before. They’re attacking wildly in a confused manner, but these attacks are sharp. This is an advantage to the enemy that can’t be seen on the score. Even so, it still can’t compare to me since I’ve resonated with the summoned beast and have been doing a lot more trivial stuff.

“Die, second year!”

One of the enemies shouts as he swings the sword at me,


At this moment, Hideyoshi’s affirming voice reaches me.

Hideyoshi and Sugawa-kun combines together to send a 3-B summoned beast flying to my side.


I grab the summoned beast by the back of its collar, and use it as a meat shield.

The sword swung down at me can’t stop, and the summoned beast of the 3-B senior becomes a meat shield as it takes a hit.

3-A, Komura Ichirou, Language, 456 Points


3-B, Haramura Yousuke, Language, 177 Points.

The scores of both guys after damaging each other are shown. It’s fine even though there’s not enough power to beat both sides completely, since it’s better for me if they’re alive.

“Ugh…! You bastard…!”

“So-sorry! I didn’t intend to attack you there!”

“I know that, but at least watch your surroundings…!”

And just like that, there’s a sense of distrust amongst the opponents. Now the enemies have to watch the surroundings too. Such petty tricks are very important when we’re trying to delay them.

“Damn, it’s hard to handle them…!”

Our opponents hate such a narrow place and start to retreat. It’s a good thing to us since we don’t intend to attack.

“Right, Akihisa, fall back! Fukumura, take over his place!”

Yuuji gives a clear instruction. He probably thinks that there’s no need for me to be here, so I’ll just retreat as he said.

“Yoshii, change."

“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you, Fukumura-kun.”

“I don’t really believe that I can inherit your idiocy, but I’ll try my best to act like one.”

“No problems, you’re a bigger idiot than me anyway, Fukumura-kun.”

“No no, I’m no match for you when you’re naturally an idiot even without acting, Yoshii.”


“Oi, you two! Now’s not the time for grabbing each other by the chest now, right?”

Humph. You dodged a bullet there, Fukumura-kun.

It’s impossible for us F class to go through with a strategy that calls for us to abandon distrust; that’s because we never trusted each other in the first place.

“Alright, bring it on, sempai! This Fukumura Kouhei famous for his ‘F class red marks’ will take over Yoshii and be your opponent!”


“I’d say, Fukumura…don’t red marks mean that you fail your tests…?”

“……Eh? Seriously?”

Hm, there’s definitely no problem if it’s Fukumura-kun.

I feel relieved for some reason, and return to where Yuuji’s at.

“Akihisa, your scores still alright?”

“Un. I didn’t get hit just now. I’m still unhurt up till now.”

“Is that so. We’re just holding off for now. Don’t go too deep into the enemy’s camp and cause unnecessary losses.”

“Got it.”

Our mission is to buy time and wait for 2-B behind us to defeat 3-E, and then they’ll go beat the other classes. We never hoped that we can beat the enemy here.

“And things are going better than I expected. I thought we’ll have more resistance after dividing their side in half.”

“I’m a little worried about that too…”

I guess this is the reason why Yuuji and Himeji-san are standing at the front. Even so, we’re worrying too much here.

“3-B’s not attacking either. The battle here’s our win, right?”

“Well, 3-A’s coming out. They know that they’ll have a handicap if they lose here. I don’t think they’ll go along as what we planned.”

Yuuji narrows his eyes at the new school building where 3-A is. This guy’s really having it tough thinking about so many things; I’m already having a headache over our opponents in front of us and the replenishing.

I think about this, and look around. Is there anyone that can be used as shield when we battle—eh?


“What is it, Akihisa?”

“No, I get the feeling that our allies here are increasing.”

‘Huh? Increasing allies.”


There’re more familiar faces than before, and the sense of pressure is weaker.

“Oi, don’t tell me…!”

Yuuji turns back behind anxiously to look. What appears in front of us is the battle between 3-E and 2-B that was proceeding as before.

“What is it, yuuji?”

“Not that! We entered the enemy’s side in a straight line! If our allies are gathering, that means!”

“Our advantage?”

“No! Those guys at the back are beating our allies and sending them here!”


Now that he mentions it, I suddenly realized it. There’re no signs of allies on the path we walked down on without us knowing. We’re already surrounded by the 3rd years.

“What’s going on!? 2-B with better grades are sent retreating rather than us F class?”

“It’s impossible for a lower ranked class to have an advantage! The problem is our current situation!”

With our escape route back sealed off, our 2-F and 2-B is isolated in the middle of enemy territory. We intended to surround the enemy and defeat them, but we’re the ones who’re about to be defeated…!

“Anyway, we’ll be completely defeated if we stay here. Let’s find a place to run to first…”

Just when Yuuji’s thinking,

“Sakamoto! Us B class will retreat first! I’ll leave it to you!”

B class rep Nemoto-kun’s voice rings from behind.

“Eh!? B class’ retreating!? Wait! Then what about us fighting here!?”

“Hold off the enemy properly!”

I look back, and find that the place where B class was at is completely empty. Nemoto-kun instructed everyone to retreat to the old school building, I guess. He probably intends to meet up with where classes C, D, E are at, and abandon us.


“It’s a tough decision, but something that can’t be helped! You F class being eliminated is a lower cost than us B class being eliminated!”


Yuuji yelled out, but B class has already left us.

“That big idiot…!”

Yuuji grits his teeth hard.

“Yuuji! Now’s not the time to sigh! We have to follow B class too!”

“No, this situation’s planned by the 3rd years. If we want to meet up like this, there’ll be a trap. We’ll end up right in the enemy’s hands if we run off like this…!”


At that moment, I finally realized why it was a lot easier to enter than what I expected.

““Deliberately lure the enemy in, isolate them and eliminate them. I see.”“

““So you can set people with high scores there to ambush.”“

““Looking at the average scores, it seems that they’re looking for us. That’s why I lured them into breaking up within, and causing them to revert to their original classes. In that case, there’s no need to talk about what strategies they can use.”“

““That’s how it is, huh.”“

““I don’t understand at all.”“

““That’s why I say that’s how it is.”“

““No…you may be stupid, but you do know how to be smart at times.”“

““I do feel that you just said something rude to me.”“

““I’m praising you, be happy.”“

““Oh, is that so? Thank you very much then.”“

““…You’re really so smart yet so stupid at the same time…”“

“This isn’t good, Sakamoto! The guys at the back are forced back!”

“Nemoto’s the only one from B class who managed to escape! The rest were crushed! I’d say, it’s just a matter of time before our side is defeated!”

Minami and Hideyoshi, who should be far away, are forced to retreat back. We have enemies everywhere. It’s to be expected that they’ll come right at us after breaking up apart successfully; there’s no way they’ll let us go at this point.


I call out to Yuuji with a glimmer of hope within me.

After looking around quietly,

“…Over there.”

He says softly as he looks at the new school building.


Yuuji gave this instruction, and charged right at the enemy’s lair.

“Is this really okay, Sakamoto? That’s opposite of where our allies are at!”

“It’s better to listen to Yuuji now, Minami! There’s no mistake in that guy’s decision making at this moment!”

“…I get it. I’ll leave the back to you then, Aki!”


Minami proceeds to the front, while I head to the back. On the way over there, I pass by Himeji-san, but she looks completely serious, and didn’t notice me as she heads forward.

“F class is to follow me! Don’t fall aside!”

“Let’s go!”


Himeji-san and Minami’s voices came from where Yuuji’s looking, but is going there really a good thing?

“Oi oi, those 2-F guys are coming over here.”

“It’s a little bad, right? They’ll enter the school building now.”

“Huh, what’s the matter now, Tsunemura?”

“Think about it a little, Natsukawa. We gathered the forces at where they’re going to meet up, right? In that case, we don’t have much forces to stop any enemies from coming here.”

“That is true, but there’s no need to worry if it’s that number of forces, right? They’re already half defeated.”

“But our opponents are that Yoshii and Sakamoto.”

“No, there’s no need to worry, Natsukawa-kun, Tsunemura-kun. This is to be expected.”

“See Tsunemura? You’re worrying too much.”

“Is that so? I hope that’s the case.”

“Tsunemura-kun, please instruct B class to focus on pursuing 2-F.”

“Oh, got it.”

“Then…I suppose, let’s prepare for what’s going to happen next.”


We follow the half Himeji-san opened, charge into the new school building, and hurry into this 3-B classroom no classes are using. Then, we quickly follow Yuuji’s instructions and seal the entrances.


Yuuji and I summon at the same time, and we block off the entrance here. While letting our escaping classmates enter and blocking the enemies, I ask Yuuji,

“Yuuji, what do we do!?”

“We have to defend here no matter what! Seal the entrance if you want to live!”

“But if we continue to defend here…!”

Right now, we’re in a classroom of the new school building. In other words, the 3rd years main base is right in front of us. Our enemies in front of us are the strongest class 3-A; if we want to get back to our base, we need to break through the other classes. We’re completely isolated.

“Don’t give up! There’s a reason why we’re here! We won’t be sacrificed for no reason if we fight here!”

Yuuji encourages everyone in our class.

It’s a good thing that we’re used to running away, and that we’re fast. We have less than half our scores left, but there’s no one dead in battle yet. In that case, we still have a chance to replenish our scores, we still have a chance!

“Damn…! In this situation, no matter what others say now, we can only look through the situation and decide accordingly…!”

Yuuji lets out a groan.

BTS Bucket.jpg

The wide B classroom clearly emphasizes how few people we have, and the classroom’s filled with a gloomy atmosphere.

The Eighth Question[edit]

Answer the following question with a 4-worded common phrase.

You lose hope and kick yourself around in despair.

In addition, you blame the reasons for your unhappiness and disappointment for the rash actions you take, and many more.

Kirishima Shouko:

"Giving up on Oneself"[25]

Teacher's comment:

Correct answer. [26]

To avoid the long spear my enemy’s swinging at me, I let my summoned beast jump backwards. Then, its foot’s caught in the sliding door rail, causing it to stumble and lose its balance.

3-B, Takahashi Ken, Biology, 131 Points


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Chemistry, 33 Points.

Because of this, I can’t dodge the attack, and I feel a blunt pain on my shoulders, and my points are deducted. What a mistake…!

“Fall back, Akihisa! Nakamura and Tozawa are to follow up!”

“Sorry, got to leave it to you two.”

“We can’t hang on for long!”

After switching over with the 2 others coming in, I retreat to a corner of the classroom. To be honest, that was really dangerous. I actually made such a rookie mistake; what am I thinking…!

“Sorry for that, Yuuji. I made a mistake. Let me hurry up and replenish…”

“There’s no need for that, just rest all you can while you regain your concentration.”

“Eh? Rest?”

I can’t help but parrot his words.

“What rest are you talking about at this moment? We don’t have the time…”

“You’re the one who doesn’t understand the situation.”

Yuuji stares intently at the door as he says,

“It’s better for you to rest and regain your concentration rather than to replenish your points.”


Now that Yuuji says this, I finally realize how tired I am.

It’s true that if we aren’t focusing on beating our opponents, our scores aren’t that important, and my attack power is rather lacking anyway. Rather than that, it’s more important to concentrate and dodge the enemy’s attacks agilely.

“And if you go take the replenishment tests, there’s no one to cover you when we’re in a pinch.”

“Okay then. I’ll accept your goodwill and sleep well for now.”


I sit on the rather luxurious chair appropriate for B classroom, and let out a large breath. I see; I seem to be rather tired now, just like what he said.

“Yuuji, how’s the situation now?”

I turn to Yuuji and ask him while trying to change my mood.

“Basically, I’m using this little hope to distract them and divert them from looking at despair.”

That’s a rather pessimistic line…but there’s something I’m concerned about.

“There’s hope?”


“What about it?”

If there’s something positive we can take, there’s a need for me to be certain.

“We’re forced into a dead end now, but the enemy base is right in front of our noses. If we think of it differently, that means the head of the enemy general is right within our range.”

“That really sounds like some positive joke here…”

“But there’s still a chance of us winning. The enemy will definitely not let us wait around here until our deaths.”

It does make sense when he says this. If there’re enemies in front of Kirishima-san, we’ll crush them without mercy even if they have low scores.

“The 3rd years have to send in some fighting strength just to crush us, and we’re stuck in a stalemate while being caged up.”

“In other words, they’re sending quite a bit of forces at us?”

“That’s right. Also, this meant that we managed to lure in a group of enemies that were supposed to battle at the courtyard. We aren’t taking part directly, but we still managed to provide cover for the rest.”

The ones we’ve been fighting since just now are basically all B class members, with a few A class members here and there. Our hard work here definitely isn’t meaningless if we consider how we’re able to hold off a few B class and A class members.

“While we continue to defend here and fight for a stalemate, if the second years can get an advantage, they can send in reinforcements, and the situation will change.”

The B class members on our side are forced into a tight spot because of Nemoto-kun, but they’re not completely defeated. The A class members should be able to provide support too, and we still have a chance of winning this courtyard battle. If we work hard, we probably can give an advantage to our allies.

“In the end, I’m not sure if the strategy HQ can grasp the situation and intention and make decisions.”

Yuuji says in a self-depreciating manner, but it’s much better than doing nothing.

“Let me ask again, what’s this despair…?”

“An overwhelming lack of fighting strength.”

I got a crystal-clear answer.

“To be specific?”

“First, because of 2-B’s retreat, our strength’s weakened by 20%, and our remaining strength was weakened by another 30% when we escaped here.”


“Also, from the moment we’ve been defending this place, Himeji and Shimada lost 60% of their scores, while the rest lost about 40% or so.”

“In other words, we have less than half our battle strength in the beginning…?”

“Less than 20%.”

“20%!? You didn’t make any mistakes in your calculations, did you!?”

“I’m very angry that you’re saying this about me, but I really hope that you’re right.”

Even with this weak fighting strength, you want me to rest? I’m still confident that I can use my few points to buy time.”

“We actually ended up like this…to be honest, it’s really an incredible situation that we aren’t taken to the detention room forcefully…”

“Yeah, I had this thought too. This really is a weird situation.”

Yuuji nods with a complicated look on his face; his response does exceed my expectations a little. I only said ‘it’s really an incredible situation’ only as a hyperbole here.

“What do you mean by incredible situation?”

“What do you mean by that? Didn’t you realize it?”

“No, I’m not thinking too far ahead. To be specific, what’s weird?”

“Well, to be specific—”

Yuuji checks the situation on the corridor as he continues,

“—There’re too few enemies.”


For a moment, I couldn’t understand what Yuuji just said.

“What about this situation causes you to say such things?”

The number of enemies right now is already more than what we can handle. He still thinks it’s not enough?

“No, I’m not talking about the difference in battle strength, but simply that the number of people don’t match.”

“Eh? Really?”

“Yeah. The other classes of the 3rd years are pursuing 2-B, but 3-B and 3-A are still here, right?”


“In that case, the enemies we saw just now are probably the same ones as before, and returned back to the battlefield after replenishing their points. This is really suspicious.”

If it’s a normal situation, it may be nothing, but it’s certainly weird to have only a few selected people take part in the battles.

“So that means 3-B and 3-A aren’t attacking us with full strength?”

“Yeah. If that’s not the case, it’s unreasonable that we’re still barely alive when we’re already this weak.”

That truly is the case now that he says it. Even if it’s a limited place, it’s overly unrealistic that we’re not completely defeated with 3-B and 3-A against us. If it’s not because of some tactic they’re using, it’s more natural to use the difference in fighting strength and break through.

“How much of their fighting strength are they using to attack us?”

“Most of B class is still here, but I guess there’s not even one-quarter of A class attacking.”

“Are they saving their strength to protect the commander?”

“Even if we consider that, well, in the end, there’s an enemy setting base right in front of the general’s eyes. If it’s me, I’ll send forces to crush them without hesitation.”

It certainly makes sense. Even if the enemy’s weak, we can’t just leave them relaxed in front of the commander like that; we have to eliminate them immediately. Besides, Yuuji’s leading this enemy squad; no matter what happens at this distance, they can come back to defend no matter what, and there’s no reason for them to be stingy with their strength.

In that case…

“Something happened in 3-A?”

“That’s possible, but it’s hard to imagine…”

Yuuji folds his arms as he sighs.


And then, he ponders for a moment,

“…Or maybe the fighting strength of 3-A is divided into groups and scattered everywhere…”

He mutters.

“Huh? What does that mean?”

“I’m not too certain here.”

Yuuji continues with this as a premise,

“The match between 3-E and 2-B before this; don’t you find it weird that 2-B, the higher ranked class, was forced back?”

Yuuji’s talking about the battle we just had in the courtyard.

“We’re dealing with 3rd years, so there’s nothing weird about it, right?”

“No. There’s a major difference in control skills, but us second years have already gone through quite a few summoning war. The experience alone can’t possibly make up for the difference in fighting strength between B class and E class.”

And the difficulty of the test questions are based on the levels, Yuuji adds. With the Center Test as the standard, only a few test subjects will be affected, and the difficulty of the questions are still set according to the 3rd years and 2nd years’ level. There shouldn’t be any difference in this.

“Also, 3-E was certainly forced back right at the beginning. It’s impossible for such a difference to be covered without some assistance if 2-B’s still forced back.”

If we want to stop these opponents that are on a hot streak, we need a stronger power than usual. If we can do that, that means—

“We can simply think that 3-E’s fighting strength managed to surpass that of 2-B’s. That makes more sense”

No matter what situation our F class is in, the biggest reason why we can survive on the battlefield like this is because of Himeji-san. There’s an A class level overwhelming power in the middle of this weak F class.

“In other words, there’re some in 3-E.”

“There’s a possibility that A class members are amongst them. In that case, everything makes sense.”

It’s not that the enemy’s holding back and not finishing us F class off, but that they can’t get the fighting strength to finish us off!?

“No, this doing…it’s not just 3-E. There should be a few other A class members hidden in the other classes. In that case, the difference in battle strength amongst the classes will be overwhelming, and our chances of winning the courtyard battle is slim.”

Yuuji said out words of such despair. Then, we won’t get reinforcements even if we struggle here, and we’ll end up in complete defeat!? Are you kidding me!

Upon hearing this confusing bad news, I’m immediately confused.

“…There’s no way to escape from here…and not enough fighting strength…even if we manage to escape miraculously, we need to get those guys to listen to me, regroup and pass through…the level of vocal rights I have right now is…”

Yuuji, who’s sitting beside us, seem to be muttering something, but what he said didn’t enter my mind at all. All I feel is some anxiety rising in me, that I have to do something.

“…In the end, what happens if the strategy repeats itself again…they won’t be able to take action in time even after I tell them…whether it’s time, fighting strength, power to talk, none of it is enough…”

We’ll lose if this keeps up. What do we do? What shall we do? What can I do?

“An-anyway, we have to find a way to get back to Kirishima-san…!”

I first thought about the logical thing of reporting our current situation.

“Ha…haha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Yuuji suddenly puts his hand on his forehead and starts laughing in front of me while I’m in this state.

“…We can only give up and surrender here.”

He said coldly.

Huh…? What’s this guy, saying…?


“That’s right, isn’t it? In the end, we’re just F class, and we have a higher ranked B class as our opponent, completely trapped in the middle of enemy territory. Do you think we can possibly escape from here, pass through enemy ranks and get back to our allies?

Yuuji looks completely broken as he explains to me the disadvantages we’re in right now.

“And even if we go back, the situation of the battle has changed. If we want to reverse this situation, we need to have some strategy to resurrect ourselves and the fighting strength needed to do this. But in the end, I don’t have the right to speak up here. What can I do at this moment!?”

My reply probably doesn’t matter here, and Yuuji continues to list out the current disadvantageous situation clearly.

“We have an almost negligible amount of positive materials to work with, and way too much negative material. Don’t joke around. It’s impossible to overcome so many disadvantageous conditions even if it’s me. The outcome of this war’s already decided.”

And then, Yuuji admits that he has really given up—showing an expression he has never shown others before.


Looking at him like this, I start to think.

I realize that this guy will show abnormal looks from time to time. If something causes him to be unable to think properly and execute his plan, he’ll start to feel frustrated.

A lot of things must have happened, things he’s angry about, things he’s regretting about, things he’s depressed about, and other things.

But Yuuji has never explained such things to us. He feels that there’s no need for us to know about them. In other words…this guy never thought about letting me or anyone else hear him out on why he’s like this, or to hear us give him some consolation.

That’s to be expected of us. The relationship between us isn’t that gentle.


“What is it, Aki—GUAH!”

Yuuji lets out a weird voice as he’s punched right in the face.

BTS vol 11 233.jpg

“Akihisa, you bastard! What’re you doing out of a sudden!?”

Yuuji, who took a punch from me, growls.

“…I’ll……solve this.”


Yuuji lets out a threatening voice in response to my words.

“Well, I’m saying, since you’ve already given up, Yuuji, it’s time for me to find a way to break through this current situation.”

I answer back with a tone, not showing any weaknesses on my side.

“You’re saying that you’ll think of a way?”

Yuuji narrows his eyes at me. Right, I did say that.

“Isn’t this the perfect chance?”

“A chance, you say? Are you an idiot!? What nonsense are you saying!? We’ve nowhere to go, and we can’t hope for any reinforcements. What sort of chance do you think we have here?”

“What nonsense are you saying now? The 3rd years’ general’s right in front of us, and he has the minimum number of guards with him. There won’t be a second chance for us in this situation, right?”

“Stop kidding around! We can’t even break through 3-B in front of us. How do you expect us to beat the general sitting deeper in!?”

He’s being different from usual after all. The normal Yuuji will definitely think the same way as I do.

“You’re wrong Yuuji. If we can solve this problem, won’t the chance to beat the enemy general land in front of us? Normally, when the other classes should be trying their best protecting 3-A, we can’t do anything, but if there’s only one obstacle in front of us here. If this isn’t a chance, what is a chance to you?”


Yuuji’s unable to reply to my words.

“…Can…you do it?”

“I don’t know. I’m thinking now.”

I continue to rack my brains as I look around 3-B classroom.

All I can see are a wide classroom and a large blackboard.

There’re people gathered at the entrances, a complete difference from the inside of the classroom.

And there’s also a high-class equipment, air-conditioning, that we had never used before.

“Our members are gathered here, they can’t tell what we’re doing in the classroom; maybe, in this case…”

“…I see. Since you have a plan, I’ll leave it to you.”

Yuuji’s planning to move away from me while I’m still in deep thought.

“Wait. I need you to join in for this plan, Yuuji. I hope you can help me.”

I stop Yuuji and look at him with eyes full of confidence.

“I’d say, Akihisa, you’re talking about the snacks packets or the disposal chopsticks you see on TV.”

“Got it. Thanks Hideyoshi.”

After hearing a suggestion from Hideyoshi, who’s helping me out in this, I start to look through the cupboards and tables in the classrooms. I find quite a few snacks some 3-B students brought, probably from 3-A classroom. Very good, there’re disposable chopsticks here. Now this can work!

“Highest temperature is 29°C, huh…?”

I set the air-conditioning to its maximum temperature, and switch it to heating mode. Immediately after, there’s a stuffy hot air blowing through the vents of the air con.

“Huh…? Did anyone hear something…?”

Hideyoshi then times this moment perfectly and says this unnerving line.

This line passes through everyone, and there’s silence all around; I use this chance to rub the packets and break several of the free chopsticks.

Pach Pach…PAK!

Some sort of cracking sound rings around us.

It sounds like the noise made when a bonfire’s being lit.

“O-oi oi…isn’t this?”

Someone on the corridor mutters nervously.

After that, I quickly toppled the blackboard cleaner to the feet where the crowd’s gathered.

With the hot air of the air conditioning blowing, white smoke rises.

“““A fire!?”””

I don’t know who said this first, but the lit fuse to our momentum’s spreading.


I give the signal to my classmates in the room.

Everyone from F class nod in silence, and we charge out from the classroom while using this commotion as an opportunity.

“A fire? Everyone, please move aside!”

The teachers nearby appear with fire extinguishers in hand. That’s a nice uninitiated follow up from them! Thanks! “Over there will do. Please use the fire extinguisher!”

I call out to the teachers holding the fire extinguishers.

Several seconds later, the fire extinguishers let out dust that danced about, forming a veil of smoke that coverly covered their sights.

“Aki, your thoughts are still as underhanded as before.”

“Please call this knowing how to adapt to the situation.”

The moment Minami says this, I suddenly recall the first summoning war we had, when we used the fire extinguisher. I think I pushed the blame to Minami that time and ran away. Well, that’s certainly memorable.

“Though it’s almost illegal, our side never shouted out ‘fire’ at all, so this is still within the rules.”

I can hear Hideyoshi’s voice from beside him. (S)he really is a member of F class, to be able to think of it this way.


“I bought some time for us all; let’s go.”


Once our preparations are complete, we sneak by the enemy in the midst of the smoke and start moving to the 3-C classroom where the enemy’s base is.

If Takashiro-sempai notices this commotion and comes out here, I’ll just have to use Yuuji’s bracelet to open a field and fight. If the subject’s health education, we’ll send in Muttsurini, while Himeji-san will handle the other subjects. Minami, Hideyoshi and I will then go in for the win. This is the plan I came up with.


I glance behind to confirm the situation, and see Yuuji follow me while looking unconcerned with this. This strategy won’t work with that guy around, so even if he has his own thoughts, I can’t let him act on his own.

I look for Takashiro-sempai amongst the crowd on the corridor…nope.

In other words, he should still be inside 3-C classroom. I’ll charge in just like this.

If I say too much here, I’ll expose my intention to the people around us, so I didn’t say my actual target while continuing to move to 3-C classroom silently.

“—What—this situation!?”


“—Wait, Aki—! The situation’s—not—!”

I can hear everyone muttering something in the midst of this panic.

We start to scatter around to prevent our surroundings from finding this suspicious.

And just like that, even though we lost a bit of time going against the people moving against us, we still reach the 3-C classroom.

Everyone…good. All of them are near me. Now all I have to do is to attack quickly.

“Come on…let’s battle!”

Just when I exclaim this and enter the classroom.

“Wait, Aki! Something doesn’t feel right!”

Minami catches up to me and warns me. Eh…? Weird? Where?

“Isn’t that upperclassman someone easily fooled? He’s still remaining inside the classroom even in this situation.”

“Miss Himeji Mizuki and everyone else, welcome.”

This voice came from the classroom, interrupting Minami’s explantion.

This voice is—

“Takashiro, sempai…!”

I look over at the source of the voice, and see Takashiro-sempai, lounging on the chair as he looks over at us.

“Hello, Yoshii Akihisa-kun. This certainly is a leisurely afternoon.”

He doesn’t look frantic, doesn’t look like he has any intention to escape, and shows no signs of being confused. He doesn’t seem surprised by the fact that we’re right in front of him at all.

“So you set a trap back on us…?”

“Yes, unfortunately for you.”

Takashiro-sempai says this with a pitiful voice. Damn it…!

“Yuuji! In this case, let’s go—”

“Oh yes, I’ll advise you to stop, Yoshii Akihisa-kun.”

Takashiro-sempai warns me just when I’m about to activate the field and challenge him.

“Because if you activate the field here, you’ll lose.”

He says this as he looks behind us.

“Everyone, please do not remain behind there. Come in.”

Unknowingly, Kogure-sempai and who looks like the other 3-A students are standing there.

“…Looks like you let a teacher standby there beforehand already…”

Minami grits her teeth as she mutters. Now we can’t use the bracelet to fight against them now.

In that case, the only path for us is complete elimination. Besides, if we do not accept the duel challenge, we’ll be deemed as running away from battle.

Even so,

“Now I can finally have a proper chat.”

Takashiro-sempai gives no indication to attack, but merely smiles at me. He actually says that he can have a proper chat now?

“What ridiculous words are you saying? We’re in the middle of a summoning war here!”

“Yes, I know this all too well.”

Takashiro-sempai nods to us in a pretentious manner.

“But there is someone I want to have a chat with no matter what present here.”


Upon hearing this, Himeji-san, who has been standing beside me, shudders.

I see. So this is what Takashiro-sempai meant when he said, “I’ve prepared the stage for us to talk”…he really got us here.

“Himeji-san, please fall back. We need to find a way to run away no matter what here.”

“With this scenario I’ve created now, do you think I’ll allow that to happen?”

Takashiro-sempai says that, intending to make us give up on resisting, and looked around the classroom.

The exits are blocked, the switches are being watched, and they won’t allow us to approach the windows even though this is the 4th level. It seems that Takashiro-sempai is sufficiently prepared.

While I’m still desperately looking for an exit, Takashiro-sempai says,

“There’s no need to be so cautious. There’re just a few questions I want to ask. If you can answer me honestly, I can make an agreement with you and release everyone present.”

He’s going to release us to safety even after doing this? How stupid that is.

“It’s amazing to have the others accept your actions when you’re doing so on such personal reasons, sempai.”

“That’s how it is. What you said is absolutely correct. I’m the student representative, so the others obey my instructions like what they’re doing so. This action of mine will most likely damage the trust everyone has towards me.”

“In that case, why…”

“But to me, Miss Himeji Mizuki is someone I really have to have a proper talk with, one who I have to make such a large risk for.”

Takashiro-sempai puts his hand in front of his chest and firmly declares.

Upon hearing him say such resolute words, I can’t help but be at a loss of words.

“What do you think? Are you finally willing to listen to me now, Miss Himeji Mizuki?”

Takashiro-sempai proposes a question to me, asking if we want him to send us to the detention room or to listen to his words with a gentle voice.


There’s no room to choose here, Himeji-san seems to be saying this as she bites her lower lips.

“…What do you want to say? Takashiro-sempai?”

She looks really unhappy as she looks up to Takashiro-sempai and says this.

“I’m extremely grateful that you’re finally not going to run away here. May you please listen to what I have to say?”

Takashiro-sempai nods his head in a satisfied manner, and walks towards Himeji-san.

He then holds her hand,

“Miss Himeji Mizuki. I, like, you.”

He made a proper confession while everyone’s looking at me.

“Please be by my side. I’ll definitely be able to bring you happiness, and I’ll release you from that dirty and battered classroom.”

Takashiro-sempai continues to say such cheesy lines.

“I-I…already have someone I like.”

“But can that man really bring you happiness? Can he provide the best facilities for you?”

“We were so close to getting A class! Even now, we’re working hard—”

“This working hard is simply about putting the gentle you on the frontlines.”

Takashiro-sempai says this as he continues to approach Himeji-san, and then uses a handkerchief to pat the chalk off her face.

“His method is really too crude, and it’s a mistake. If it’s me, I won’t allow you to have such suffering, and I’ll bring you to a better environment.”

I already know Himeji-san has someone she likes, so her reaction didn’t surprise me at all.

“…Is that all you have to say?”

“Yes. I’m sorry for taking your time, but I do want to express the love in my heart to you no matter what.”

What I’m surprised at however is Takashiro-sempai’s action. Of course, I already knew, even without him saying things so clearly, that Takashiro-sempai really likes Himeji-san, and he’s willing to bear such risks and express his love to her. From his actions, I can tell how earnest he is when he says this.

To be honest, I do feel that his direct method is very cool too.

“Takashiro-sempai, I—”

“It’s okay, Miss Mizuki. There are still many moments awaiting the relationship between me and you.”

He interrupts Himeji-san’s words, showing a gentle smile on his face.

“…Sorry. Let’s go.”

Himeji-san gives up on saying anything as she heads to the entrance. Minami, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini then follow her out.


Yuuji stares at Takashiro-sempai for a moment before going out of the classroom as well. Maybe he probably understood Takashiro-sempai’s actions from his own viewpoint because of Kirishima-san.

“You aren’t following them out as well, Yoshii-kun? You don’t have to be so cautious; I’ll keep to my side of the bargain and won’t hurt you here.”

“Of course I will. It’s rare of you to show some mercy here.”

“Hahaha. I do feel that your honest attitude is a virtue.”

“However, since the strategy I thought of failed, I have to be in charge of covering them at the back.”

In this situation, no matter what the enemy says, I can’t guarantee that they won’t attack immediately after we leave the classroom.

While I’m thinking about this, Takashiro-sempai seems shocked in response and asks,

“Please hold on for a moment. That attack just now…wasn’t something thought by Sakamoto-kun?”

“Eh? You really think so?”

“Yes. That’s an audacious plan that nobody other than him can think of.”

Is that so? If you really think of it this way, that’s a really grave mistake.

“This plan is something I thought of.”

“Is that so? I apologize for this.”

Takashiro-sempai gives a bow, and then mutters as he looks at my face,

“Speaking of which, Yoshii-kun, it’s really shocking to me that you have such a unique way of thinking like Sakamoto-kun.”

“No, that’s not the case.”

“There’s no need for you to be so humble.”

“This isn’t being humble.”

“But to be able to actually think like Sakamoto-kun—”

“If it’s that guy thinking of a strategy for real, you won’t be able to stand here like this, sempai.”


Upon hearing my words, Takashiro-sempai narrows his eyes.

“That truly is an exaggerated saying.”

“Because what I said is the truth.”

I said what I really thought.

Right now, my strategies can’t match Takashiro-sempai. This level of planning I have now is going to be unable to beat him.

But even if I can’t, that guy can definitely do it. That guy can definitely do something I can’t do, that guy has countless things I don’t have—because he’s someone I admire.

“How unfortunate. If you’re the one actually making the strategies, I wonder if Sakamoto-kun has given up the desire to win now?”

Takashiro-sempai shows a taunting look in his eyes.

“Please don’t worry. I’ll give him the all-use method of repairing a TV set passed down since ancient Japan.”

I’ll kick that back that’s not moving forward. I’ll use the most effective method I can think of now. After that, there’s no room for me to interfere.

“Normally speaking, that violent method will cause the television to break down, you know?”

“Will it, I wonder? From what I see, letting us free here will cause you to regret this for the rest of your life, sempai?”

Upon hearing my declaration, Takashiro-sempai answers me with a relaxed smile.

“Is that so? I’m looking forward to it then.”

In this situation, Takashiro-sempai’s smile will not waver. But I said what I wanted, and it’s meaningless for me to remain here

“Please excuse me now.”

“Yes, farewell, Yoshii Akihisa-kun.”

I turn around to leave the classroom.

I enter the corridor, arrive at the stairs, and find Hideyoshi watching out for any enemies hiding downstairs.

“So it’s Akihisa? You’re slow here. What did that Takashiro say to you?”

Hideyoshi looks back at me and asks,

“Nn, a little. He told me that my method’s still a lot less despicable compared to Yuuji.”

“If that’s not enough, what else is…”

“I have a pure innocent heart after all. That seems to be my limit.”

“…What causes you to say that?”


They seem to be laughing it off as if it’s a joke, but I’m very serious here…

“Huh? Speaking of which, where’s Yuuji?”

I can see Himeji-san at the stairs platform, observing the situation downstairs, but I still don’t see Yuuji around here.

“As for Yuuji, he should be right at the back…eh, what’s going on here? Isn’t he there?”


Now that this is mentioned, I turn around, and find Yuuji standing in front of me without me knowing.

“Yuuji, you’re late. Did you notice anything strange?”


Even with Hideyoshi asking him, Yuuji continues to head downstairs wordlessly. What is it? He looks a little…

“What’s with you, Yuuji?”

I’m a little concerned, and lower my head to look at his expression. And then…




Yuuji again puts his hand on his face and starts laughing, just like the time before we went out to attack. What’s going on!?

BTS vol 11 251.jpg

“I’m unhappy…really unhappy now. To think that I can still remain silent after being beaten up by someone.”

Yuuji suddenly says such vague words. I-is he alright…?

“Good grief. I’m seriously, really really unhappy deep inside now. I never thought I’m—actually being viewed as the same level as you here.”

Yuuji ignores my worry as he says out the frustrations from inside his heart, and starts laughing away for some reason.

“That’s absolutely true. I’m the only one who can handle the entire situation in this predicament, instead of you, instead of that person. Even if you guys can’t do it, I can definitely do so.”

Yuuji stops laughing and murmurs,

“What’s with this me, pushing my responsibility to someone else after just a few disadvantages? This is the situation where I should be the one stepping up rather than anyone else, right!?”

He says that, and suddenly grabs his face. Wha-what!? What’s going on!?

“Sakamoto. What exactly, are you…?”

“Ah, it’s nothing…sorry. Looks like I’m dazed after dosing off just now.”

Yuuji answers Minami’s concern and lifts his head that had been looking down.

His eyes that are looking up—again show the strength he had before.

What’s going on? I really don’t know what happened to this guy.

“Let’s go everyone! The commotion just now hasn’t calmed down yet! Let’s use this chance to escape the new building!”

That’s an arrogant voice that came from deep within him. I really don’t know what’s going on…but well, it certainly does sound like his usual flair now, right?

“Yuuji, even if you say so, how do we actually escape from here?”

“Yeah. The 3-B upperclassmen who just evacuated should be back soon, right?”

“…We’ll meet up on the way.”

“First, we’ll meet up with the F class guys downstairs. We’ll discuss the strategy there!”

Yuuji hurries down the stairs and agilely heads to the temporary base we were just in. It looks like he has his own thoughts. I’ll believe in him and follow him then.

Our F class classmates, who evacuated the seniors and understood the truth after entering 2-B classroom, are waiting for us there.

“Ah! How’s the situation, Yoshii!? How exactly did it fail!?”

“It’s s strategy you thought of anyway! We already knew it’ll fail!”

“Anyway, we need to regroup somewhere— ”


Everyone’s stare naturally gather upon Yuuji.

…Speaking of which, is it really a given that my strategy would fail?

“Oi Sakamoto! What do we do!?”

“We’re going to be completely annihilated at this rate!”

“Alright! Leave it to me! We’ll abandon this classroom immediately! Everyone, escape from the new building!”

“Escape, you say!? Are you an idiot!?”

“There’re still 3-B guys on the way, you dimwit!”

“If they’ve already finished meeting up, there might be other 3rd year classes around, you bastard!”

“I know these already! Please believe in me and head on courageously!”

In the face of the questions and scolding from everyone, Yuuji makes a formal response.

Upon seeing Yuuji answer with such a confident look,


They charge out of the classroom and run down the stairs.

“Mizuki, let’s hang on!”


“No, we’ll remain a little further behind from the rest. Don’t move too far away from me.”

Yuuji stops Himeji-san and Minami who were intending to head out, and we continue to move forward while being slightly behind everyone else in our class that’s attacking.

And after walking forward for a little while,

“You guys sure have guts to trick us here…!”

“You better be prepared here, you second year bastards!”

“Don’t you dare think you can walk out of here alive…!”

It’s just like what we expected. The 3-B members meet up with our F class comrades as we return to the first level.

“Sakamoto, what do we do now!?”

“It’s about time for us to hear your strategy!”

I can hear the expectant voices from everyone in our class.


Yuuji faces them,


And simply says this to them.


“Sorry! There wasn’t any plan right from the beginning! Please help act as bait for the few of us to escape; I’ll let you guys decide on how to protect yourself! Looking forward to see you fight till the bitter end!”



Th-that’s the worst…! What I did is extremely underhanded, but this operation itself is just as despicable as how Nemoto-kun abandoned us. It’s really despicable. Because of this, we’re exchanging insults and countering over the issue of saving and betraying our comrades.

In other words, things are just as usual.

“Right, we can finally handle this thanks to everyone’s sacrifice! Everyone else is to head to the courtyard!”

“Yuuji, charging out is no problem, but how are we going to break through the 3rd years on the courtyard!”

“Look for a health education territory, and break through there using Muttsurini’s strength! If he’s weakening, Himeji and I will step up!”

“You sure that’s enough?”

“If things get worse, I’ll betray some other people!”

Yuuji says this as he points at our classmates who’re making noble sacrifices. Though he can’t use it too many times consecutively, and can’t maintain this for long, but we might be able to break through with the power of the bracelet.

“Then after meeting the main team?”

“I need to first know the battle strength of the second years. For that to happen, Nemoto’s existence is a hindrance.”

“Fm fm. In details, please?”

The dead can’t talk.


How is this guy able to say such a horrifying line?

“Well well, look at me now. It seems that my thinking process has become a lot sharper while I’ve been focusing on my studies.”


I feel there are so many things I can argue back here, but it’s best for me to remain silent.

“There’s no need to worry about trivial things like vocal rights or working together. If nobody’s going to accept me, I’ll make them obey me, whether it’s by threat or by assassination. This is my—our F class modus operandi.”

Yuuji declares this as he continues to run, with no signs of any doubts in his eyes anymore.

BTS SwagYuuji.jpg

The Ninth Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

Please state the name of the compound in the picture.

BTS Paradichlorobenzene.jpg

Himeji Mizuki’s Answer:


Teacher’s Comment:

Correct Answer.

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:


Teacher’s Comment:

I get the feeling that I am seeing some telephone game here.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s Answer:

Slapped on the backside by papa.[28]

Teacher’s Comment.

I get the feeling that I am seeing the end of some telephone game here.

BTS Mizuki himeji v9c1.png

We run out from the new school building, with Muttsurini leading, Himeji-san and Yuuji next, Hideyoshi and Minami, and me at the back.

“Got it! It’s the Health Education territory!”

“Good! I’ll leave it to you, Muttsurini!”


The moment Muttsurini puts a foot into the field, “…Summon”, he says softly and calls out his summoned beast.

And just when he’s waiting for the enemy to swing,

“Watch thi—Wooh!”'

DONK! A loud thud rings, and the enemy rank’s broken through in one go.

“Eh? What happened!?”

A summoned beast and its controller appears from deep within the broken enemy ranks.

“Found you! Muttsurini!”

“…Kudou Aiko…!?”

The one opening a path right in front of us is the expert in health education who’s second only to Muttsurini, Kudou Aiko.

“Sakamoto-kun! Over here!”

“Kudou? Why’re you over here!?”

“I’ll explain later! Hurry!”


All of us run through the path Kudou-san opened for us.

And then, there’re other 2 A class members on the path we’re headed to.

“It’s really good that you people are fine, Yoshii-kun.”

“Okay! Hurry up and run through!”

“Kubo-kun! Kinoshita-san!”

The three people who have considerable marks even amongst the second years are here to help us. This certainly is reassuring!

“Let’s go, Muttsurini-kun! We’re opening a path here!”


2-A, Kudou Aiko, Health Education, 513 points.


2-F, Tsuchiya Kouta, Health Education, 621 points.

Those two’s overwhelming scores are shown.

The summoned beasts of Kudou-san and Muttsurini open a path in front of us, while Kubo-kun and Kinoshita-san are on the side supporting us. In this formation, we have a penetration ability that can’t be stopped.

“Looks like we can break through here!”

“Right! Kubo-kun, Kudou-san, Kinoshita-san, thanks for helping us!”

It’s thanks to the three of them helping that we can possibly break through the field easily. The enemies are far fewer than what we expected.

Just when I’m thinking about this, Kinoshita-san, who’s running beside us, says,

“No! We’re the ones who need help here!”


Aren’t we the ones saved?

“Kinoshita, this situation you say, does it have anything to do with the enemy’s formation now?”

“…Yes, prez—”

Prez, as in Kirishima-san? What about Kirishima-san?

“Prez insists ‘I’ll act as bait, please go and save F class’, and wouldn’t listen to anyone at all…!”

“Wait! Isn’t this a reversal of priorities here!?”

We’re just a single group here, and Kirishima-san’s the general. Obviously, we’re fighting so that Kirishima-san’s not beaten by the enemy, but she’s coming onto the frontlines to save us. There’s definitely something wrong with this.

“Yoshii-kun. Kirishima-san won’t listen to us no matter what we say.”

“Yes. That’s why…please convince Prez!”

“Wore her out enough.”

“Once we beat her, this battle will be over!”

“Just need a final blow! Summon!”


2-A, Kirishima Shouko, Geography, 162 points


3-A Kanefuji Asuka, World History, 142 points


3-C, Beppu Aki, Geography, 102 points.


3-C, Onda Toshio, Japanese History 119 points.


3 summoned beasts pass by our defense lines, and charge over at Kirishima-san’s summoned beast.

She dodges the first sword strike, parries off the second spear thrust with her sword,


She’s unable to dodge the 3rd axe dodge, and loses her balance.

“Got you—”


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Japanese History, 237 points


3-C, Onda Toshio, World History, 12points.[29]


“What’re you doing here, Kirishima-san!?”

My attack manage to catch up right in the nick of time.

“Thanks, Yoshii-kun. Allow me to take over here. Please hurry and retreat with Kirishima-san—summon.”

“Got it! Let’s go, Kirishima-san!”

With Kubo-kun taking over me, I use this opening to forcefully grab Kirishima-san’s hand and pull her away.

“Nice, Akihisa!”

“Retreat to the old school building like this!”

After that, Hideyoshi and Minami follow us by the side, solidifying our formation. There’re no signs of enemies around us, and now we managed to avoid this crisis—though this is what I think,

“…I…can still fight on.”

But Kirishima-san swings my hand away and stops.

“What’re you saying now, Kirishima-san!? If you lose here, everything will be over! Shouldn’t you be waiting at somewhere safer?”

“Yeah, Prez! We followed your orders and saved Sakamoto-kun and the rest. That’s enough already, right? Please don’t say such stubborn things!”

While Kinoshita-san and I are still trying to bring her back to the old school building, Kirishima-san merely lowers her head at us and says,

“…I, can still fight on.”

What do you mean by being able to fight on? Though you do have enough scores…

“…I must at least take down B class and balance our fighting strength.

Upon saying this, Kirishima-san continues to stubbornly head towards the frontline, and is immediately scolded by Kinoshita-san.

“Prez! That’s enough—”

Kinoshita-san lets out a voice that clearly shows that she’s at her limit.

“…Because, if I don’t do that…!”

But, as compared to Kinoshita-san’s voice,

“…If I don’t do that, Yuuji won’t say that he loves me…!”

Kirishima-san’s feeble voice feels more shocking for some reason.


I can’t help but look at her expression.

“…He said he’ll give Koyama the answer, after the summoning war…the moment his promise with me is no longer in effect…”

Kirishima-san lowers her head as she says this. Large bead-like tears can be seen in her eyes.

Upon hearing the name Yuuji and Koyama-san, I remember Koyama-san’s posture when she approached Yuuji, saying ‘I like smart guys’.

In my mind, I try to think of why Kirishima-san’s crying.

Yuuji made a certain response to Koyama-san who approached him, and that would be after the summoning war ends, once his promise to go out with Kirishima-san’s over, In other words, Yuuji’s completely free.

Once he gets his freedom, he’ll respond to the confession. Upon hearing this, there’s one conclusion that can be simply made.

“…I already knew that Yuuji didn’t choose me, but Koyama…”

And so, Kirishima-san must be having this thought, ‘Yuuji’s taking part in this summoning war to break up with me and go out with Koyama’.

“…In this case, I must at least…just once, get him to say that he loves me…!”

Kirishima-san continues to let her tears flow out and drip to the floor.

In my mind, the reason as to why Kirishima-san’s acting so impulsively finally appears in my mind.

Kirishima-san thought that Yuuji will abandon her—so she wants to hear him tell her that he loves her once, even until the end; she’s working hard for this aim.



Minami and Himeji-san, who’re nearby, must have gotten a rough idea of why this is happening, and turn to talk to Yuuji.

This is a case of personal feelings; there’s no way to force someone into saying that he or she loves someone. Besides, only the person knows whether the love truly exists. Even if it’s said out with false feelings, it’ll just cause damage on both sides.

But even with that little amount of feelings, she naturally hoped to hear him personally say this. Even if this wish can’t be fulfilled, she hopes to get a reply.


I too call out to Yuuji.

“…Ah, yeah.”

Yuuji nods slightly in response.

Then, he slowly walks to Kirishima-san, and says with a calm voice,



“I have a plan. Please give me the authority.”


Upon hearing these words that cause us to doubt our ears, everyone present widen their eyes.

“Hold it right there, Sakamoto! Stop acting so snobbish here!”

“Yeah! Don’t you find Prez very pitiful here!?”

“Sakamoto-kun! This is too much! I really can’t believe you’ll do this!”

“Even I can’t accept that just now!”

The girls let out strong objections at Yuuji. This is to be expected; he’s really the lowest of all humans for saying such a thing after what happened just now.

“I’m mistaken about you, Sakamoto! If you hate her to this extent, you should have said so right from the beginning! You’re still being so indecisive even at this moment!”

“Prez! You should just forget about this worst of the worst scumbag! There’re many good men on this world!”

“Sakamoto-kun! Hurry up, change your words and apologize!”

“Sakamoto-kun, you’re really the worst!”

The girls continue to tell him off harshly.

In response to these blaming calls, Yuuji merely uses his unique clear voice and growls back at them firmly.

“Seriously, you guys are too annoying!”

He seems to be venting out the frustrations he had for a long time.

And then, Yuuji continues to say as if he’s protecting something most important to him.

“I waited for 6 full years already! Can’t I just finish this confession according to my plan!!?”


Upon hearing these words from Yuuji, everyone present widen their eyes again.

Waited for 6 years…? Finish according to my plan…?

I repeat Yuuji’s words in my mind and digest it carefully.

After thinking about it for a while, I finally understand the entire situation.

Ah, I see. So that’s how it is.


“A-Akihisa, what’s with you!? What’s so funny about this!?”

“Ah, sorry sorry.”

Now this explains things; why Yuuji won’t confess to Kirishima-san up till now, why he won’t say that he doesn’t like or hate her.

It’s nothing big. Yuuji already thought of how he’s going to confess to her, so even if he has to lie to her, he still doesn’t want to say the word ‘like’ at this moment.

After me, Himeji-san and the rest are starting to understand the situation too.


They probably feel awkward here as their faces are starting to turn red. Un un. I don’t know why, but for some reason, such things from those we’re familiar with makes us embarrassed. I understand it very well.

“I see. So you have a cute side to you too, Yuuji?”

“…A romantic.”

“Shut up! Who’s a romantic here!? I’ll kill you!”

While Hideyoshi and Muttsurini are looking like they’re enjoying themselves as they ridicule Yuuji, a completely red-faced Yuuji growls at them.

Well deary me. I thought I understood this Yuuji very well, but I’m really surprised that he has such a side to him.

And after finding out this side to him, I’m able to see many more things.

“I say, Yuuji. Do you have the idea that ‘guys have to be the one confessing’?”

“…What’re you trying to get at?”

“Nothing at all. It’s just that I’m starting to vaguely understand why you’re so insistent on having the summoning war against Kirishima-san now.”


Looks like I’m right here.

We had a summoning war against A class at first because of other reasons. After failing in that battle, Yuuji had no choice, and ended up going out with Kirishima-san.

And then, after spending half a year together, that guy must have gotten a clear answer in his mind already.

And so,

“You didn’t want that kind of relationship, but to start building a new relationship from your side?”

“Fm…that’s why Yuuji wanted to win the summoning war. He wants to get back that white paper in the promise, right?”

“…How indirect.”

“Akihisaaaaaa!! You’re saying so much unnecessary stuff here…!!”

“It…it burts, Yuuji…!”

Yuuji suddenly puts me in a full-powered chokehold. Haha, I see! No wonder he doesn’t want to explain the details of this now!

“—Th-this seems to be the case, right, Kirishima-san?”

I turn the topic to Kirishima-san, who hasn’t been showing any response up till now.

And then, Kirishima-san, who’s standing at where she is, lowers her head.

“…I’m…really sorry…”

Her eyes are letting out large tears again. Eh!? Why!?

“I’m…sorry…!...It’s, my fault…for doing this…!”

Kirishima-san’s not letting out tears of joy, but tears of anguish in her heart as she starts apologizing.

“Ki-Kirishima-san. Why are you crying!?”

I don’t know why she’s crying, and can’t help but panic.

And she just continues to cry in front of us like this.

“…Because…if this kept up, we’ll have lost…! Everyone’s…working hard, but because of me…!”

I immediately understand everything in this single line. It seems that Kirishima-san’s blaming herself for how this summoning war has become like this.

“…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…!”

She continues to cry as she apologizes.

Yuuji pats Kirishima-san on the head while she’s like this, and says,

“It’s alright, just leave it to me.”

BTS vol 11 275.jpg

His face is showing a confident smile that makes everyone relieved upon seeing this.


“Because I know you’ve been working hard.”


To Kirishima-san right now, there’s probably nothing more reliable than this.

“Heh…that’s rather cool, Yuuji.”

“Shut up. I’m always cool.”

Yuuji replies my dig with a dig of his own. Yes yes, that’s how it is, huh?

“So now, how do we continue with this battle?”

“It’s nothing. This time will be the same before. Let’s reverse this little disadvantageous situation at one go. We’ll do what we always do, it’s just that simple.”

“Such nice words there. We always manage to win barely here, you know?”

“Hah, that’s why you’re here to help to avoid failure, right partner?”

Really. What kind of nice tone is this? He’s always trying to suck up to others like this when it’s convenient for him.

“Let me say this first, Yuuji. This isn’t for you, but for Kirishima-san.”

“That’s really great. I’ll be really disgusted if you say that you’re fighting for my sake.”

The first day of the summoning war against the 3rd years was our loss.

But unbelievably, there was no restlessness left in our hearts at all.

Author's Notes[edit]

I really want to thank all the readers for picking up this book. I am the writer of this story, Inoue Kenji.

This series is a little unique because of the naming of the short stories, so when writing my afterwords, I will think ‘what volume is this’, and then count it again. I never thought this volume is the 16th volume, 16! Maybe Baka Test as a series has quite the long life. I really want to thank the readers who had been accompanying me for such a long time with all my heart. Thank you very much.

Allow me to put aside such courteous words that lack creativity. This time, allow me to revisit the past and write something random in my afterwords again.

Whenever I look at the afterwords of this series, I think I am always lamenting that “I don’t have enough pages for the afterword’.

There are a lot of things I want to write, but not enough space.

There are a lot of things I want to describe to everyone, but I cannot express them sufficiently.

Hatred, sadness, regrets, I always have such things when I am thinking about this.

However, there are no such problems this time. The least I had for this was two pages, and this time, I get 11 pages! The minimum 2 pages to 11 pages, that is more than 5 times! If I use a percentage here, it is a 450% increase! This is really amazing! I can do whatever I want with such a large space! Ahh, seriously…

Do, I, not, feel, that, this, is, too, much?

I think about it this way again…to put it somehow, I should be grateful if it were just 7-8 pages…not everything can go smoothly for me, huh?

On a side note, as for how the number of afterword pages for Baka Test is decided, it is like this,

① Due to printing issues, the total number of pages for a Bunko book has to be a multiple of 32. After counting the main story, illustrations and other contents, the smallest multiple number will be the number of pages for the volume. ② A book is then created for real, and we count the total number of pages the modified main story takes. ③ Once we count the remaining pages, the remaining part is used for afterwords.

Using this volume for example, the story, illustrations, content page, copyright page and everything else total to 277 pages. The smallest multiple of 32 that can contain all these is 288 pages, and the total number of pages for volume 11 is set at 288. These 11 remaining pages become the number of pages I can use for this volume.

In other words, regarding what’s going on now…the increase and decrease in number of afterword pages is all my fault. The illustrations and content do not seem like they will increase the number of overall pages, so if I have to complain, I have to do so to myself. This idiot! I am so sorry.

Also, there is theoretically a situation where I can have 31 pages for the afterwords, but in that case, I can write a short story here. At that time, I might want to fill the pages in a short story format like, “Me and Kids and Summoned Beasts”, “Me and Doubt and a Man's Pride”, “Me and Japan and the Language I'm Unfamiliar With”, “I’m an author and there are too many pages for the afterwords”. Maybe it might be unexpectedly natural—not. The last topic obviously doesn’t fit in.

If I have to say,

“Hero of Benevolence, Liu Bei Xuan De!”

“Hero of Loyalty, Guan Yu Yun Chang!”

“Hero of valor, Zhang Fei Yi De!”[30]

“Will apologize after chopping a tree! George Washington!”

It just feels that there is something that cannot be associated with the rest at all; there has to be some restrain. I also have to make sure the 31 page afterword do not end up like that.

Allow me to leave aside such random talk for now. This time, I might reintroduce the theme I forgot to introduce in the afterword of volume 6.5—no, omitted because of the page number. The theme is—

‘Inoue Kenji Vs Moving Company’s Onee-san - ~Please allow me to explain the contents of the box~’

It is a common theme, so I did not feel really moved or emotional here; it is a very normal topic. If you feel that this is a waste of time, please flip on for another 4 pages; it will be better, and will also the correct decision, to enjoy Haga-san’s illustrations, as time is limited.

As for those who wish to continue reading…I am sorry. Please continue to bear with me for a while.

Alright, this probably happened more than 3 years ago. At that time, I had to move houses due to work.

Moving houses…it is a tedious and time-consuming job. The time and energy required was really arduous for me, who had been working from morning till night at the office, sleeping immediately after reaching home, and spending all my free time on games the light novel.

I hoped to finish it in as little time as possible, and when I was thinking about this, I found there was a ‘handle everything’ option on the freight bulletin. The offer was that they would come to the room to pack up, unpack everything upon reaching there, and put everything in place. Simply put, I just have to look. This is a set that can be said to be catered to me, and I made this request without further ado.

And so, on the day of moving houses.

After clearing up my room, I followed the instructions given by the freight company, and waited for the workers to come over without doing anything.

(Are there anything embarrassing that can be seen? Maybe I should just pack it up myself and ask them to move the stuff after all…)

I had that thought for an instant, but it was too late. I could only prepare myself.”

After waiting for a while, the doorbell alarm indicated the arrival of the workers.

Worker (leader): “Please take care of us today.”

Me: “Please take care of me”

It seemed there were three of them helping out, two men and a woman. Heh…so there are female workers in a freight company…I thought that there were only males because it would require manual labor…

The leader ignored this curious me and continued to give clear instructions clearly.

Leader: “○○-kun and I will be in charge of the large objects. △ △-san will be in charge of packing.”

Worker onii-san and onee-san: ““Got it.””

And they started carrying out their own work. I see, the two men are in charge of moving the fridge and other large furniture, while the woman’s in charge of moving the other spare boxes? I suppose this is a delegation of tasks.

The two men started moving out the fridge and the washing machine. Eh, it does not seem right for me to just watch them do this; I have to do something.

But even if I say so, I might end up causing them trouble if I go help move the large furniture as well.

And so, I decided to help the onee-san packing my stuff.

Onee-san: “…(Sasasa)”

The onee-san was quietly moving the books on the bookshelf into the box. I think I should help here, and so, I took another box and pack my books.

And then, after clearing up a bookshelf, I was about to move to the next bookshelf.

Onee-san: “…”

I found that the onee-san stopped for a moment.

What was that,

‘The H-books drawn by many illustrators I know of (needs to be mosaicked).”

Onee-san: “……(Gos…gos…)”

No no no no, that is not the case. You are mistaken. These are all sent by others or bought by friends, they are not my inter…I am sorry. Actually, I really love them!

The onee-san ignored my feelings completely and stuffed the books neatly into the box. Then, her movements stopped again for a moment.

‘Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu X Numerous Copies

Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu Volume 2 X Numerous Copies

Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu Volume 3 X Numerous Copies

Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu Volume (and so on) X Numerous Copies’

There were several copies of the same volume stacked together. This onee-san must have been thinking, “How much do you like this series?”

That was not the case. These were the books that were given to the author as an obligatory gift. Of course I will not repeat the same stupid mistake of buying the books I bought before many times.

I continued to do my work without saying such excuses.

This time, she moved to the other series, and then, there were books there as well,

‘Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu (Korean Edition) X Numerous Copies

(Chinese Edition) X Numerous Copies

(Taiwanese Edition) X Numerous Copies etc…’

So I say, that was really not the case. It is impossible for me to buy different languages versions of the same book besides buying numerous copies of the same book. These too are given to the author.

I might be able to explain things if I could change the topic, but she merely continued to work silently, probably because her job required her not to talk. In this situation, I could only summon my courage and try to talk to her.

Just when I was about to make up my mind, I saw some things placed in the corner of the room.

‘Cheongsam and gym clothes and bloomers’.

Ah. It was over. There was no room for me to make an excuse.

The remaining gifts given to me during the company’s end-of-year party, the gifts I received from the readers as a joke (I guess?), the complimentary books given to the author were all placed inside the room. The fact is that I am just an ordinary light novel author, but this is a fact…but I wonder if anyone would notice it. Even I, who knew the truth, “Ah, un…looks like you had quite a lot of stress…” would probably have such a response after seeing this room.

In the end, I gave up on explaining, and the moving of house was completed in silence as we continued this awkward work. I had absolutely no intention of knowing what that onee-san would say to the other two workers on the truck ride back.

And this is how it is, all those intending to move houses. When you choose a freight company in charge of dealing anything, you will really have nothing to do, and you will spend quite the awkward time working, so please take note. To be honest, that awkward atmosphere really made me uneasy…

And after this explanation of a very common lesson I learned in my life, the pages are soon filled up. Really, who was the one complaining that there were too many pages?

Anyway, allow me to input my customary thanks.

To Haga-san in charge of illustrators, I am really happy as a reader to see three characters appear on the cover this time! Also, the SD[31] Miharu and the color illustration of Shouko on the 8th page are so charming, making me blissful here. Thank you for taking care of me every volume.

Editor-in-charge K-sama, I could not finish my original script in term, but it is thanks to your hard work that the publishing was not delayed. I can only lower my head and show respect at that profile of yours, squeezing out every ounce of strength and will, fighting against fatigue and stress, using your hazy eyes and trembling hands to finalize the script. I am truly sorry, and really grateful.

To Kagaya-san in charge of design, thank you for always providing such pretty title designs and pictures for the test questions, content page and explanations. It is thanks to your work, Kagaya-san, that I could try out all sorts of things. Please continue to take care of me in the future.

To all the people involved in the anime, manga, collaborations and special editions, I earnestly thank you for taking care of me. I am really sorry that I cannot contribute much…

And to all the readers! I can only say some customary things, but I am really grateful that all of you can continue to support me like this. Besides the countless letters and fan mail, I actually received some lovers’ chocolate for Muttsurini. I am truly grateful for that. Speaking of which, Muttsurini is very popular amongst the females for some reason. When the series started, I started to feel pity for him, thinking, “This guy’s just a pervert, so the female readers will most likely hate him…”. In the end, things ended up like this. Return me all the sympathy I had back them! Also, following up after him in terms of popularity is Hideyoshi. This however is what I expected. I sincerity thank for all the support from everyone.

And finally, I shall mention a little bit regarding the next volume,

It is still not finalized, but if it is successful, I hope the next one will be the final volume of the main series. As for what sort of ending this story will have, I will be delighted if you can witness it until the end.

On a side note, the prelude in the previous volume was presented as a ‘final episode’, and the reason was that there was a high possibility I could not compress all the content into one volume just like how it ended up. I originally planned the main series to last 10 volumes, but I could not compress the 8th volume, and added another volume as a result. I could not end it on the 10th volume, so I had to add another volume, forming 12 volumes altogether. I do not think the plan will deviate much more…yes, probably, supposedly, likely. At this moment, it will be cool if I can proceed as what I planned…but it is hard to get things to go as just I want, just like the number of pages of the afterwords.

Alright then. I am really grateful that all the readers can still read such a long afterword after the main text. At this moment, I sincerely hope that I will meet everyone on the stage of Baka Test again.

BTS vol 11 287.jpg


  1. Those not familiar with the three kingdoms, the kingdoms are Wei(魏), Shu(蜀), and Wu(呉). The given Romanization here is how the Japanese pronounce.
  2. His answers are in hiragana, not kanji
  3. Kureshi (呉市). The 呉here is read as Kure
  4. 本望 – Ambition for a long time. Homo – read asほんもう
  5. The National Center Test for University Admission, a standardized test in Japan (大学入試センター試験). It’s the nationwide equivalent of a college/university entrance exam. Test subjects are Civics, Geography and History, Japanese, Science, Maths, and Foreign Language. Do understand that Health Education isn’t a tested subject.
  6. The original is a translation from Japanese to English, so I’ll reverse it here. The answer is 中堅手, chuukente.
  7. Same thing as above, answer is 中心, chuushin
  8. Author has kindly left this part in the story.
  9. The Japanese civil affairs website:
  10. An administrative reorganization act in the 8th century.
  11. In fact, the answer is Daijō-kan, 太政官 (ruling council) and Jingi-kan, 神祇官(Shinto priests)
  12. 班田収受法, A system started in the 7th century, based on China’s Equal-field System. The land is lent to the people, based on gender, age and performance. The land is reallocated once every six years, and if the land owner dies, the land is taken over by the country.
  13. Basically, the breathing technique used for childbirth…
  14. I once lived in Kagawa Prefecture
  15. Kagawa Prefecture is famous for its Udon.
  16. Miharu took the ‘rou’ from yarou ‘野郎’(All good kids shouldn’t try this, alright?) and the first half of Yuuji’s family name ‘saka’ to form this one.
  17. Note, this term is normally only reserved for females. For the sake of their privacy, I will decline to comment further on this issue.
  18. Original term is盛りのついた (Sakarinotsuitayarou)
  19. 板ばさみ here will mean stuck in the middle, but I change it to dilemma out of context. The correct answer in the blank will be ‘板’, which means board, leading to the jokes later.
  20. Akihisa gave his answer as 洗濯板, washboard
  21. Kouta gave his answer as 洗濯, wash
  22. Miki gave her answer as タチ. I…won’t explain the joke here.
  23. ‘裁ちばさみ’
  24. Onegai(お願い) means please, by the way.
  25. 自暴自棄
  26. There are no other answers. The guys gave up on answering
  27. Or 1,4-Dicholorobenzene
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