Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume7.5 Special Bulletin-Ironman's Life Counselling Session

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TETSUJIN: I’ll try my best to answer every student's problems.

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S-moto Y-ji-san's troubles.

Ironman-sensei, please listen to my troubles.

My mother really lacks common sense, and doesn't have any ability to survive at all. To be specific, she just couldn't differ between Lobsters and Crayfish before serving them, and would sometimes even mix up coffee with noodle sauce. How can I teach my mom common sense of this world?

Tekken-sensei's Suggestion

Sorry. This is the first time a student asked me this. To be honest, I really don't know how to answer. In fact, I would like to ask everyone how to teach common sense to educate a certain group of uncouth students in our class. Really, speaking of those guys, no matter how much I lectured them--no, don't worry, this trivial thing has nothing to do with you.

Back to the main point, in regards to your problem...every time your mother goes out of line, I guess the best way is to be patient and correct her mistakes one by one. Common sense is about surviving in this society. With a little more time, I suppose she would remember. As the saying goes 'haste won't do the job'. Instead of trying to correct her way of living at one go, it's better to educate her to the ways of this world slowly. It's really tought, but sensei hope that you can do your best.

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Y-shi A-hisa-san's troubles.

Ironman-sensei, please listen to me. I have an older sister, and I'm really bothered that she has no common sense at all. Specifically, she would walk around in a bathrobe on the road because 'she's all sweaty', and even intended to kiss her little brother here with 'a kiss that makes me unable to marry'. She even told my friends 'I love my little brother as someone of the opposite gender'. Sensei, what should I do to teach this older sister of mine common sense?

Tekken-sensei's Suggestion

To be honest, I hope that you can teach me what to do. Why is it that all the troubles sent here are way different from the troubles I know students should have? I'm about to lose my confidence as an educator. If I receive such doubts and troubles like this, I might want to end this bulletin--no, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be complaining here, so please forget what I just said.

As for your troubles, why don't you talk it through with your older sister? Maybe she didn't even view you as her own younger brother. Under such a situation, it's best to clarify the situation.

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K-bo Y-mitsu-san's problems.

Ironman-sensei, I found a pillow with a certain male student's photo printed on it in my hardworking older brother's room. Please save me.

Tekken-sensei's Suggestion

  • As Nishimura-sensei suddenly resigned from this position, this bulletin will end here.
  • Thanks to everyone for your love and support.