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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 4.

"...... Yuuji."

"Wha --- arghhh!? What the hell are you doing all of a sudden!?"

"...... don't dodge."

"When you're butting your head with me, of course I'll dodge!"

"...... I'm not butting my head."

"? Then what's that? A heddobatto[1]?"

"...... a kiss."

"Alright. I don't want to see any unnecessary movement from you. Put your hands behind your head and explain this slowly in a way that's easy to understand."

"...... putting lips together. A natural act between an engaged couple like Yuuji and me. It's called 'making out'."

"Wait. I didn't mean that I don't know what a 'kiss' is. I'm asking, why are you doing that out of the bl......ahhhh!"

"....... you say you know, with whom, when, and where did you......!!"

"N, no! I mean I know the meaning of a kiss, it doesn't mean that I have any ---"

"...... experience?"

"--- you can't really say that I don't have any ex...gyaaaaa! I'm kidding! I'm just being cocky, I've never experienced a real one before!"

"...... I see. Then, it's fine."

"I, I thought I was going to die...... So, why did you talk about that out of the blue?"

"...... look."

"Yeah? Isn't that Akihisa and Shimada? I can't really see it from here --- but isn't Shimada running away from him?"

"...... they were kissing before that."

"Seriously! Ugh, the fellows in our class have started to surround the ditched guy, Akihisa."

"...... an incredible killing intent."

"Woah, what a nice body! Something good is also stuffed in between his jaws. As expected, he's outnumbered."

"...... he can't move anymore."

"Tsk tsk. As usual, Akihisa is an idiot. They are famous for not showing any mercy to anyone who has experienced even something as small as a kiss."

"...... I'm sorry."

"Huh? What's wrong? Why are you apologizing? Since I haven't done anything like that, I'll be fine, you know?"

"...... the truth is, while Yuuji was sleeping ---"

"I can't hear you! I totally, completely can't hear you at all!"

"...... it's ok. Since I'll take responsibility."

"That's not the problem, is it!? --- hah! Killing intent gyaaaaaaaaa!"

"Heretics discovered. We've secured them."

"Alright. Take them away."

"Roger! President Sugawa!"

"....... ah...... Yuuji......"

"How goes the preparations for the trial?"

"No problem."

"Well done. We're going to begin the emergency heretic trial! All members, do not be negligent in inspecting your tools!"

"""Roger! President Sugawa!"""

"...... what should I do. I was so busy selling him out that I forgot to mention that I only did it on his cheek......"

The First Question[edit]

Convert the following words to proper English.

"Haatofuru Rabusutourii"

Himeji Mizuki's answer

"heartful love story"

Teacher's comment

Correct. It's a common catchphrase you see in movies and books, but every now and then, there will be someone who will get the "heart" part wrong. Even though it should be a familiar English word to most, it's surprisingly difficult to get it right.

By the way, translated to Japanese, it's "A romance story filled with love". I'd definitely like to see you all spend your springtime of youth in such a manner.

Shimada Minami's answer

"hurt full rough story"

Teacher's comment

  • hurt...... injury
  • full...... to be filled with
  • rough...... rough
  • story...... story

It's a beautiful mistake to the effect that I was wondering whether you got it wrong on purpose.

I think you will be the only one "playing out"[2] such a "heartful love story".

Kirishima Shouko's answer

"hurt full rough story"

Teacher's comment

To think that there's another one.

BTS JulietMinami.jpg

"Aki, close your eyes."

That came rather suddenly.

In front of me were a pair of large eyes framed with full eyelashes.

A shampoo fragrance could be detected emanating from that beautiful hair with the back tied up into a ponytail.

And then on my lips --- I could feel the touch of the soft, warm lips of Minami.

What's this. What just happened. Why is Minami's face so close to me. Why am I spacing out like this.

In a jerking motion, Minami pulled away from me,

"Th, this...... is not a joke, I'm telling you......!"

After saying that one line, she ran away from me.

Ahaha. Minami's face is surprisingly red. Just like a tomato.

I was overseeing this scene, taking in this situation in a strangely calm manner.

"As I thought...... Minami-chan, towards Akihisa-kun......"

I'm strangely concerned with the murmuring voice of the nearby Himeji-san.

"Yoshii, prepare yourself!"

And then, what came next was rather sudden.

A tightly clenched large fist appeared in front of me.

And then, I felt the hard, sweltering touch of Sugawa's fist on my cheek.

What's this. What just happened. Why is Sugawa-kun and the rest of F class closing in on me like predators closing in on their prey. Why is my vision quivering.

Not knowing what happened, in a jerking motion, Sugawa-kun pulled away from me,

"Th, that...... is not a joke, I'm telling you......! ...... we're really going to kill you!"

He raised his hand and gave the others around him a signal.

"Eh!? Eh!? Wait wait! I don't understand the situa --- gyaaaaa!"

A killing intent that had never been felt before. For some reason, it seemed like everyone was looking at me with serious eyes!?

"As I thought...... Minami-chan, towards Akihisa......"

"No, Himeji-san! Enough of that! Anyway, for now, save me--- !"

At that moment, my consciousness descended into darkness.

"Gentlemen. Where are we?"

"""The court that passes down the oldest form of judgement!"""

"What will the heretic get?"

"""The iron hammer of death!"""

"What will the guy get?"

"""He shall throw away his love, and live in sorrow!"""

"Good. Now --- let the heretic trial of class 2-F begin!"

When I opened my eyes, it was the meeting place of Sabbath.

"Eh? Huh? What's the meaning of this?"

Even though the curtains had been drawn up and it was dark, I realized I was in my usual classroom from the feel of tatami. In other words, the masked guys standing beside the platform were of class 2-F.

"Akihisa, you've awakened."

A familiar voice came from nearby. As I tried to turn around to face that voice, I realized for the first time that my hands and feet had been bound.

I had no choice but to roll my entire body to face the direction of the owner of that voice. What I was seeing before me was the figure of my bad pal, also with his hands and feet bound, lying there.

"...... Yuuji, what are you doing?"

"...... I've been dragged into this by you."

He spat with his scowling, annoyed face that gave out a complete feeling of wildness. Just like a wild animal tied up in a cage.

"Dragged into this?"

"Thanks to you, the talk about 'Shouko kissing me while I was asleep' was overheard by them. What a great bother, bastard."

Hm hm. Kirishima-san kissing. Kissing Yuuji. I see ---

".............................. huh?"

No no no. Wait a minute please. Isn't it too good a thing to be ignored?

Kirishima-san and Yuuji have kissed? That beautiful Kirishima Shouko-san who is good in studies and sports and also with a good family background, and the plain Sakamoto Yuuji who is bad in personality and brains, have kissed? Haha. That's really a distasteful joke. So stupid to the point its beyond laughable....... but, what if.

I don't really want to think about it, but what if. If in one in a million chance, that's true.

If that's the case, even if God permits, I shall not forgive him......!

"Everyone, this is bad! Sakamoto Yuuji is suspected to be a heretic! Time to prepare for an emergency trial!"

"Wait Akihisa! Rather, weren't you the one who was trying to make us kiss at the Kisaragi Highland incident!? In other words, you are the real heretic!"

Yuuji was prattling about some nonsensical stuff. Me, a heretic?

"Yuuji, how unsightly! You're plotting to shift some unfounded allegation onto me to protect yourself! Do you think I'll swallow that!"

This was not a joke. Having lived in this world for sixteen years. This was not something to be proud of, but I had never yet had the joyful experience of being kissed! ...... well, I've received one on the cheek however......

"This, this idiot......! If you don't believe me, just try listening to what they are saying!"

Even though I didn't get what Yuuji was saying, for now, I'd do as he said and try stretching my hearing. As I did that, I could make out a strange conversation going on between my classmates.

"--- read out the charges."

"Yes, President Sugawa. Eh--- the accused, Yoshii Akihisa (from now on, he shall be referred to as A), a student of our Fumizuki Academy's class 2-F, is suspected of violating our doctrine. The charges for A are indecent assault, as well as, acts of infidelity. At early dawn of this very day, when A was forcefully performing an obscene act on his classmate, Shimada Minami (from now on, she shall be referred to as Flat-Chest), he was apprehended by our compatriots. He is now brought before us. From here on, after we have thoroughly investigated the relationship between A and Flat-Chest, to properly deal with A ---"

"Skip the trivialities. Read out the conclusion."

"We're envious of him being kissed!"

"Uhm. It's truly an easy-to-understand report."

Eh? Huh? Kiss? What's that. Speaking of that, something like that did seem to happen, or didn't seem to happen......

"Akihisa. You must have lost your memories from the excessive shock, so let me tell you about it. This morning, you and Shimada kissed. And it was right in front of Himeji."

Yuuji seemed to be explaining to me.

Kiss. With Minami. I kissed. What's that. After being told that, it did seem like Minami and I kissed.

But that's not possible.

"Haha. You can stop the jokes, Yuuji. Since there's definitely no way that Minami would actually kiss someone like me, right?"

Even for me, I'd know my place. I'm not someone who's passionate about any club activities, neither am I good in studies, nor am I good in anything in particular. Only someone who's not aware of any of these realities, someone like Hazuki-chan, would actually be willing to kiss me.

"Well, don't put yourself down so much, Akihisa. Indeed, you are the worst when it comes to looks, studies, and personality, and even if one closes his eyes to them, you're just someone with neither ability nor wealth, isn't it?"

"Damn you! Are you saying I'm good for nothing except for shoulder massages!?"

"At this age, only shoulder massages!? Don't you have other strengths that you can use to argue!?"

There should be a limit to how much he can make a fool out of me. If my hands and feet were not bound up, I would have made a grab for him.

"In any case, it's a fact that you and Shimada have kissed. Seems like there's undeniable proof."

Before I could ask about the proof, a photograph was thrust before my eyes.

"............ traitors should die."

The person who muttered that and who was holding on to the photograph was none other than my classmate, the Muttsuliini Tsuchiya Kouta. Even though he is usually a quiet guy who is hardworking in taking photos while erasing his presence, right now, he is releasing a quiet killing intent just like a ninja who's a moment away from carrying out an assassination.

And in that photograph in his hand, was a scene of a guy who resembled me kissing a girl who resembled Minami --- so, as to speak, however you look at it, it's me kissing Minami.

"Eh!? Is this for real!? That wasn't a dream!?"

"If it were a dream, you wouldn't be all tied up like this."

"I, I see. So that's how I ended up like this......"

I did possess a hazy memory of that, but to think that it was real...... Me and Minami kiss huh.......

"I'm sorry for interrupting your reverie in embarrassment to the point where even your ears are red, but I have a question."

"That, that's not it......! This, is just, my face getting hot......"

"I get it, I get it. So, how did the both of you end up like that?"

How, you say......

"I'd like to ask that as well."

I had not the slightest idea why Minami would do that all of a sudden. She was probably threatened by someone to catch me in a trap, I guess.

"Use that spongy head of yours to think it through. Did anything strange happen recently, or was there anything about her that was out of the ordinary?"

Even if we're talking about something recent, ever since my mobile was broken, I've not contacted her at all.


What was it. What actually happened?

"Let's change the question. When was the last time you saw Shimada?"

The last time I saw her. It's of course referring to a time other than this morning, isn't it? If that's the case,

"Erm...... the last night of the training camp, I guess?"

"The last night?"

"Yeah. After everyone was asleep, Minami came to me secretly."

"............ why didn't you think of that as strange?"

Yuuji had a dumbstruck look on his face.

"Well, because she was coming to kill me......"

"...... well then, what did you say to her before seeing her that night?"

The conversation before we met huh. Speaking of that, then it had to be the mail, I guess.

The contents of that mail, if I remembered correctly ---

"Something that sounded like a confession was said."

"...... huh? Shimada said that to you?"

"No, I said it to Minami."

"Did such a thing really happen?"

"Yeah. That did happen."

"Right, right. I see, I see."

Yuuji nodded.

And following that, as I was thinking of letting out a large sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

"Go to hell."


The heel of his shoe came burying itself into my face.

"...... ugh! My face......ugh! I can feel a dent forming in my skull...... ugh!"

"What's with the 'I don't know'! Isn't that something totally out of the ordinary, you idiot!"

Yuuji was looking at the writhing me as if I was some kind of idiot. Damn! I can't afford to get any plainer than this!

"So, what was it that you said?"

Having calmed down again, Yuuji continued asking.

What did I say? What did I write in that misleading mail?

Erm....... ah, that's right. The mail that time, if I remember correctly,

"'I love you more than Yuuji' was written."

"Wait, your standard of love is pegged to me!?"

With a look of disgust on his face, Yuuji pulled away from me. A big misunderstanding.

Just as I was thinking about how to make it clear to Yuuji that even if I was a homosexual I wouldn't go after him, the apparent organizer of this suspicious gathering (I'm afraid it's Sugawa-kun) looked towards here.

"Heretic, Yoshii Akihisa. Would thou repent and accept our judgement?"

With a quiet voice, Sugawa-kun (?) waits for my response. If I respond to him carelessly, I might jeopardize my life.

"Hey, before I answer you, I have a question."


"What kind of judgement are you referring to?"

Responding to my query, Sugawa-kun (assumed) squinted his eyes and announced to me.

"First, we shall prepare kerosene and a lighter ---"

"The accusations are false! I'm not a believer who would go against the doctrine!"

As if I would let myself get roasted from a misunderstanding!

"I see. In that case, we shall force you to confess."

"You said it! You just said 'force you to confess' all of a sudden! This trial is useless!"

"That's right! Let's force him to confess!"

"Let's falsify the records of the proceedings!"

"Hey wait! You guys are not playing by the rules!? Normally, at this juncture, I don't think you should be going along with the act of forcing confessions!"

Do these guys really understand what a trial means?

"Eeh, the kerosene and lighter are not ready yet!"

"Are those what you use for interrogation to yield a confession!? Both are used for execution right!?"

"That's not it, Yoshii. In the case when the accused pleads innocence, this would be used twice, once for forcing a confession, and once for meting out the sentence; we're just taking enough of it for one use."

"I won't be deceived! Even when you say it like the selling catchphrase of a facial cleanser that comes with added volume, I won't be deceived."

In the first place, when it comes down to using a lighter and kerosene, there won't be a second time.

"Yuuji! Yuuji, you should say something as well! At this rate, we're going to become roasted bodies!"

"Damn you guys......! If you want to do it, just do it on this guy!"

"Yuuji...... thank --- no! That line, thinking about it clearly, aren't you just selling me out to save yourself! You low-life. You only care about yourself!"

Normally, it should have been, 'if you want to do it, just do it to me!'. Because he said it in such a cool way, for an instant, I was thankful to Yuuji.

"Aren't you the man, Sakamoto. If you're willing to go this far, as you wish, we'll do it to Yoshii."

Even now, Sugawa-kun (verified) was still deceived by Yuuji's words.

"Realize it, Sugawa-kun! At this rate, I'll be the only victim!"

While I hollered at the top of my voice, I did not display my fiery tension outwardly.

"Well, since the preparation of the kerosene seems delayed, for now, let's make Yoshii do 'Special Bungee Jump'."

I could smell a whiff of death from the sudden announcement from Sugawa.

"Sugawa-kun. Just out of curiosity, what's this 'Special Bungee Jump'?"

Even I know what a bungee jump is. The question is how 'special' is it.

"Let's see...... If I go into too many details, it might bring unnecessary unease to Yoshii, so I'll just give a hint ---"

Sugawa turned his face away, and seemed to look at the windows with the drawn-up curtains.

"--- I'd just say that it's akin to skydiving without a parachute."

People call that execution.

"You call that complete description a hint that wouldn't bring me unnecessary unease?! With no cord!? You want me to do a bungee jump with no cord!?"

These guys are seriously bad news. In order to escape from this place, just as I was considering ramming my body against the window and using the broken pieces to cut away these ropes that were bounding me,


I could hear the nearby Yuuji whispering to me.

"Eh? What's up, Yuuji?"

"Use this."

Hidden from Sugawa-kun's view, Yuuji handed out something with his bound hands.

"Yuuji..... Thanks......."

As I said my word of thanks to my bad pal who was saving me from this pinch, I ascertained the thing he passed over to me...... a rubber band?

"You can use this on your feet."

Yuuji announced to me confidently, and I looked at him and thought.

Ah I see. This guy must have contracted a terrible illness of the head.

"You know, Yuuji. I'm really happy, but just this alone can't support my weight."

However you think about it, I would end up in pieces.

As I explained this gently to my sick bad pal, an unbefitting smile floated on Yuuji's face and he replied.

"Stupid Akihisa. That's not all."

"Eh? Is that so?"

I see. This isn't everything yet. That should have been expected. Even if it's Yuuji, he should know this well enough. I was jumping to conclusions too early ---

"I've prepared another one."

He said confidently as he passed me another rubber band.

A pity. Yuuji's illness must have entered terminal stage and can no longer be cured by modern medicine.

"You know, Yuuji. It's not about the numbers."

As I looked at my bad pal who was carrying an illness of the head with pained eyes,

"...... suspension has just ended, and what are you guys doing right now......"

Ironman sighed as he slapped his hand on his forehead, having just walked into class for morning homeroom.

"Ah, Sensei! You've come just at the right time! Save me! This is an act of violence in school! I'm being bullied by my classmates!"

"That's not it! This is a holy war to maintain the morals within this school! Yoshii has committed acts of indecency towards members of the opposite sex!"

After listening to us, with an utter look of amazement, Ironman began.

"Ah...... Whatever, are you guys okay with not taking mark replenishment tests? Thanks to what happened at the training camp, all the guys practically have no marks left right?"

Ironman was talking about the application to take the tests.

In order to take the tests during normal lesson times, the teachers have to make preparations and as such, so it's necessary to make an application beforehand. At this rate, without making any applications, we're probably going to carry on with normal classes.

At the end of that training camp, there was a death fray using every subject, and because of that, practically everyone was depleted of marks in all subjects. That's why it might be necessary for us to replenish our marks sometime down the road......

""This is not the time for that.""

Since three months had yet to pass since the last Summoner Test War, we would not be able to wage a new Summoner Test War. Furthermore, we're the F class with the worst facilities. There was no need to worry about anyone attacking us. Instead of worrying about the test marks which wouldn't have any impending use, the direction in which my fate would take was much more pressing.

"Man man. If you guys say so, it doesn't matter to me then...... Anyway, just an announcement. The maintenance work on the Shoukanjuu Summoning System that started last week will take longer than expected. Even though the teachers are pushing for it, seems like it won't be ready till tomorrow. Just note that Summoner Test Wars are not possible till then. That's all."

While Ironman seemed to have left the class after prattling about something, all our attention was focused on the trial.

"Yoshii! Stop resisting! It's bad not to know when to give up!"

"Damn! Someone, save m--- that's right! Himeji-san! Where's Himeji-san!? The kind Himeji-san will definitely save me!"

I looked around the dark classroom to search for the figure of Himeji-san. The cute, smart, and well-endowed idol of F class was sitting in her own seat quietly.

"I beg you, Himeji-san! Save me!"

I called out to her frantically.

However, Himeji-san seemed to have not heard me and was spacing out, mumbling about something.

"As I thought...... Minami-chan, towards Akihisa-kun......"

"Eeh!? You're still going on about that!?"

She seemed to be repeating that same old line for the past thirty minutes.

At the time when all ways seemed to be exhausted and as I was preparing myself for the worst,

"What, what on earth is this?"

A glimmer of hope appeared in the classroom.

"Hideyoshi! Thank heavens......! Since there was no sign of you all this while, I thought you were on a leave of absence."

Standing in shock, with a hand on the door, was my classmate who has been awarded the high honor of a rare beauty, Kinoshita Hideyoshi. I have heard rumors of her parents having made a mistake in entering the register, as this dear friend of mine with a cute outward appearance has proclaimed herself to be a guy.

"I was held up by some preparations this morning, and thus late, but....... Akihisa, what did you guys do?"

The classroom was curtained in darkness, and Yuuji and I were curled up like bagworms. And our classmates were masked. Anyone normal would have been surprised by this situation occurring in a classroom.

"Kinoshita. Don't interfere. Right now, we're about to execute heretics Yoshii Akihisa and Sakamoto Yuuji."

Finally, it's no longer a trial but an execution, it seemed.

"Is that so. However, I can understand if it's Yuuji, but what did Akihisa do?"

"Listen carefully, Kinoshita. The heretic Yoshii Akihisa had conducted an act of indecency by kissing Shimada Minami this morning in the premises of our holy city, Fumitsu Academy ---"


In the middle of Sugawa's sentence, the door of the classroom, different from the one from which Hideyoshi had come through, opened.

And then, flushing all the way to her ears, with her face downwards, a female student appeared, quickly walking to her seat. Speak of the devil. It was the individual whose name had just been mentioned, Shimada Minami herself.


A sudden silence descended upon the classroom.

With a strange atmosphere that was different from usual, no one in F class spoke.

"Good morning, everyone. Due to various matters, I'm here to take over Fuse-sensei's class--- what's wrong, everyone?"

The teacher for the first period looked at us with wide eyes.

The Second Question[edit]

Please answer the question below:

"Please write the full name of the person who discovered the American continent in AD1492."

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

"Kurisutofaa Koronbusu (Christopher Columbus)."

Teacher's comment:

"Correct. He is a famous noble person in the story of the Egg of Columbus. Even though Columbus is a famous name, surprisingly, his first name is not known to many. This was supposed to be a trick question, but it seems like this does not concern Himeji-san at all. Well done."

Shimizu Miharu's answer:

"Koron Busu (Colum Bus)."

Teacher's comment:

"Don't understand the meaning of 'full name'? 'Columbus' alone is his family name, and 'Colum Bus' does not make it a full name. Please remember that."

Shimada Minami's answer:

"Busu (Ugly Woman)"

Teacher's comment:

"What a thing to do to a historic noble person."

BTS ButchMiharu.jpg

What is this. This strange atmosphere.

The classroom was filled with an unprecedented silence. It seemed so unreal for the usually noisy F class.

My classmates who had not uttered even a single line of idle talk. The writing sound of Sensei’s chalk on the blackboard reverberated.


Abruptly, I felt someone’s eyes on me and turned around.

As I did that, there was a person who seemed to have caught my glance and she frantically lowered her face.

--- Minami.

What, what’s that. Could she have been looking in my direction all this while? Doesn’t that seem like...... the behavior of a person towards someone she likes......

As I considered that, a ‘don’, ‘don’, throbbing began escalating to a rapid rate.

Uw, uwah...... Somehow, even I'm feeling embarrassed......I can feel my cheeks burning. That kiss, could it be that Minami, towards me......? But, up till now, I’ve only been beaten severely by her; it didn’t seem like an element of love......

“Now, Sugawa-kun. What chemical is needed to yield 3 mole of ammonia?”

“Pour hydrochloric acid into Yoshii’s eyes.”

“Wrong. Well then, Asakura-kun.”

“Pour hydrochloric acid into Yoshii’s nose.”

“It’s meaningless if you pour it into the wrong place. Well then, Udou-kun.”

“Pour hydrochloric acid into both Yoshii’s eyes and nose.”

""That’s it!""

“That’s not it. And when you’re answering, don’t look in the direction of Yoshii-kun, but look in the direction of Sensei here.”

With that kind of atmosphere that was different from usual, the chime rang to signal the end of the first period.

“Eh.........., that’s all for today.”

Sensei let out a large sigh and left the classroom.

“That damn Yoshii had made eye contact with Shimada......!”

“That damn bastard had the eyes that were aiming for Shimada......!”

“Bastard......! Following Himeji and Kinoshita, if he were to have Shimada as well, then doesn’t that mean that the only hope of this class is no one else but Aki-chan......!”

As the killing gazes shot me in turns, I could see someone making her way to my seat.

Swing, swing, like the tail of a horse, approaching me,

"Mi, Minami?"

"Aki. Good, good morning......"

Greeted Minami with her eyes downcast.

"Uhn, good morning."

For some reason, I couldn't look at her as well. There were many times I couldn't look at her straight in the eye when she was seething with anger, but this occasion was a first.

"Erm, you know, Aki. I have two requests, will you hear them......?"

"Request? What is it, I wonder?"

Without looking at each other, our conversation continued.

"Erm, regarding the first one, I would like to use the same chabudai as you......"

"Huh? Chabudai?"

"Yeah. Last week, because of various things that happened with Miharu, my chabudai has become a little difficult to use."

On hearing that, I took a look at Minami's chabudai, and it appeared pretty roughed up. The tabletop was full of scratches and one of the legs were broken. I didn't think anything could be more difficult to use than that.

"Aki. Is it ok?"

"Erm, yeah. I don't mind."

"I see. Thanks."

She broke into a smile like a flower bursting into bloom,

"Then, I'm sitting down now......"

Minami took a seat beside me.

Right. While I don't really mind......


"Wh-what's wrong Aki. Why are you keeping quiet?"

"No. Erm, nothing......"

Was that my imagination...... Isn't she a little too close......?

"And, you know, Aki. About my second request...... if you don't mind, shall we...... have lunch together today?"

The second request was an invitation to lunch. Up till now, everything seemed normal and routine, but, today, there was something different.

"Erm, y-yeah, sure. Then, let's go to the place where I drink water......"

Even though I was merely replying, I was abnormally nervous somehow.

"No. Not that, since I've made Aki's portion as well......"

Just as Minami was about to take out something from the bag she was holding,

"Onee-sama! What are you doing!? Why are you sticking so close to that pig-head!?"

A strained voice, which sounded close to a shriek, rang out in the classroom suddenly.

"Mi-Miharu!? Did you come to interfere with me!?"

"Of course! How can I keep quiet after seeing that pig-head stick so close to you!"

The girl who was glowering at me with bitter tears flowing was Shimizu Miharu-san from D-class. As the name implied, she is a girl, though for some strange reason, she likes girls more than guys and is carrying a torch for Minami.

"I-It can't be helped for us to stick close together right!? Since there's no substitute chabudai, and it's a little small, it won't do if we don't stay close together......"

It would be spacious if she had sat opposite me, but, in order to pay attention to the lessons, she would have to sit beside me. To say that it couldn't be helped to sit close together, was something that couldn't be helped.

"Onee-sama. If that's the case, you could have sat beside Himeji-san right! Why would you have to sit beside that pig-head!"

"Th-That's...... Because it's not good for me to become a bother to Mizuki's studies right? And by the same point, at any rate, even if I don't become a bother to Aki's studies, his results will still be bad......"

"Minami. I kind of felt that you were talking bad about me in a subtle way though."

But yet, it felt kind of soothing for some reason. How used was I to such verbal abuse, I wonder.

"Erm, Minami-chan. I don't think of you as a bother, so please come over here. Besides...... there are a few things I'd like to talk to you about......"

Himeji-san, who had heard the exchange, called out to Minami in a timid manner. It seemed like her earlier distraught mode was finally over.

"I'm really happy about that though...... But, Mizuki, since you're kind, you'll probably bear with it even if I prove to be a bother right?"

"N-No. Really, you won't be a bother."

"That's right Onee-sama! Change your seat, and let's eat your handmade bento together! After I caught sight of you yesterday buying ingredients for a handmade bento, I didn't eat anything and came with a totally empty stomach!"

"But, I made this for Aki."

"The fried food seasoned with handmade Tare-sauce that Onee-sama had taken the trouble to wake up at four in the morning to prepare, the hamburger made from extravagant minced meat, and the potato salad made from specially selected local potato produce; just by thinking about that makes me, makes me......!"

"Wait a second Miharu! How did you know all that!?"

"And a heart-shaped pattern on the rice!?"

"Miharu ---!?"

Minami yelled with a totally flushed face. She was probably greatly embarrassed.

"Erm, say, Miharu. Listen to me carefully. Although I've been patient with you till now, I'm requesting you to not go on any further. Because ---."

With a red face, Minami announced it clearly to Shimizu-san.

"--- because I'm going out with Aki."

"Tatami reversal!"


Numerous razors came flying towards me, who had erected a tatami shield in an instant. That was dangerous. If this classroom uses a wooden floor, I would have lost my life.

"""--- tch."""

Flicking tongues could be heard throughout the classroom. Making a count of the razors on the tatami, it seemed like there were more than two per head. Strange. Normally, bringing just one razor to school should be more than enough.

"O-Onee-sama......? You must be joking about that right......?"

Shimizu-san staggered, as if grief-stricken. Minami quietly turned her head to the side and replied.

"I'm not joking. It's true."

"Th-Then, Onee-sama. Was this morning's kiss that Miharu thought was a hallucination real......?"

Minami, appearing to have recalled something, stopped moving for an instant, and then,

"...... yeah."

She nodded slightly.

I see. That was indeed neither a dream nor a hallucination.

"So, Miharu. From now on."

"...... things such as men."

"As much as possible, continue to be friends with me."

"...... it's because of things like men, that Onee-sama......"

Shimizu-san was trembling.

"Miharu, are you listening?"

"It's because of things like men, that Onee-sama has been led astray!"

Immediately after that, she started pouncing forward. And the target of her aim was --- me!?

"I shall exterminate this pig-head! And I shall become the Yoshii Akihisa number two and tie the knot with Onee-sama!"

"Wa-wait a minute, Shimizu-san!? Aren't you getting confused!? I think it's a little difficult to eliminate me and take my place though!?"

Before that, am I going out with Minami!?

"After eliminating you with utmost care in order not to inflict a wound onto your body, I shall carve your skin out and wear them to become Yoshii Akihisa!"

"That's damn gross! And you're actually seriously considering that!"

"It'll be fine! The raccoon dogs from the old stories of Japan did that too!"

"Besides, the original story is surprisingly cute!"

The movements of the attacking Shimizu-san was abnormally fast. Even though I frantically tried to escape, it was a matter of time before I get caught.

There was only one person who could deal with these movements.

"Save me, Muttsuliini! Stop Shimizu-san!"

The ninja of the modern society, Tsuchiya Kouta, a.k.a Muttsuliini, would be able to keep up with such movements. I shall leave this to you, Muttsulini......!

"............ right now, I'm busy using eraser residue to make a kneaded eraser."

(Kneaded Eraser) > (Life of a Friend)

My life seems to be a rather cheap thing.

"Damn, I really hate the Muttsulini who's pretending to make a kneaded eraser while taking this chance to peek under the skirt of the bustling Shimizu-san."

"............!! (dang dang)"

While adopting a pose of denial, his eyes didn't flinch away. Isn't his nickname Mr Stylish?

"Men can just disappear from this world! What Onee-sama needs is me!"

"Wait Shimizu-san! Don't you also have a father? Don't say sad things like 'men can disappear from this world'!"

"That man should disappear before any others!"

The thought of a berserker fleeted across my mind.

What should I do now. I can't find a counter argument.

"Er, erm...... did something happen?"

"...... I don't want to remember."

Shimizu-san's body shook as if she just recalled something repulsive. What's that, I wonder. Was she forced into the bath with him, I wonder.

"Anyway, I must erase the pig-head! And I shall marry Onee-sama, and our daughter shall take a character from Onee-sama's 'Minami' and be named 'Mirai'[3]!"

"Wait a minute Shimizu-san! What if you give birth to a boy!"

"If it's a boy, then 'Namihei'[4] is more than enough!"

"That's too much!"

"The two of you! Before that, realize that there's no way Miharu and I can have a child duh!"

But even so, the fact that she could still take a character from Minami's name was praiseworthy. As expected of a D-class member, there's no opening at all.

"Now, I'll give you five seconds. Say your prayers to God."


Shimizu-san approached slowly. Is this the end......?


"Alright, class is starting. Today, Endou-sensei is out because of some other matter, so I'll ---? Well well...... Shimizu-san again...... Class is starting so get back to your own classroom."

The door opened at the right timing, and Ironman appeared. He looked at Shimizu-san and sighed.

Again, for Ironman to have said that, something must have happened during our suspension last week.

"To-today is different from last week. It's a matter of utmost importance! Nishimura-sensei, please overlook this for once!"

"A matter of utmost importance? What would that be? Don't tell me it's something like last week's I want to attend lessons with Onee-sama in the classroom where the obstructions are not around huh?"

What a simple-minded fella she is.

"Noo! The matter of utmost importance is about eliminating all the men in this classroom ---"

"From now onward, you're banned from this classroom."


Ironman drove Shimizu-san out of the classroom and slammed the door shut.

"O-Onee-sama! I still have something to say to you! At the very least, sit away from that pig-head and protect your chasti ---"

Bang Bang Bang, Shimizu-san knocked on the door loudly.

"Shimizu. Recently, your actions have been too much. ...... do you really want a life counseling session so much?"

Abruptly, the knocking sounds stopped.

Ironman's life counseling. Even me and Yuuji who have been a regular at that hellish session have yet to become used to it. Not to mention for a person who lacks the necessary resistance, there's no place that can be more scary than that.

"Onee-sama......! If you are using the chabudai as a reason for getting close to the pig-head, I won't be just keeping quiet about it...... !"

After peering through the window and glaring at me, Shimizu-san spouted something inappropriate and without further aggression, she put our classroom behind her.

"Now, everyone take your seats. Turn to page 86 of your textbook. Today's lessons ---."

Without any other eventful thing happening, the lesson started. It seemed like Endou-sensei had to go invigilate the exam of another class. Because of that, the fact that Ironman became our relief was the worst possible thing that could have happened.

" --- 'I wish I were a bird.' This is a special use of past tense to express subjunctive mood ---"

That being said, it was a fact that I was saved thanks to Ironman's arrival. After what he said, I doubt that Shimizu-san will be coming to this classroom anytime soon.

" --- In other words, if we translate it directly to Japanese, it becomes 'I wish I were a bird' --- "

However, I can't imagine that she will just give up on Minami so easily. No, before that, she has misunderstood that Minami and I are going out ---



A breath was squeezed out of my lungs as I felt something brush across the back of my neck amid my thoughts.

(Ah, sorry Aki.)

Minami apologized softly as she held down her hair with her hand. So that was Minami's hair huh......

(Er, well, don't worry about it......)

My hand went to the back of my neck which was still feeling ticklish. So this is what it meant when the girls often talk about how undesirably ticklish the neck can get with hair which has been grown to a half-ass length. Indeed, this might be quite unbearable ---



It came again. As I turned to look, Minami was looking at me playfully with her hair in one hand.

(Aki, I say, your 'Hya!' sounds weird.)

That was on purpose huh. Ku......! Don't make fun of me!

If she did it on purpose, then there's no way I will take it down lying. I will teach her that she's not the only person sitting at a range where she could carry out her attacks.

Even though I said that, my hair is short so I couldn't do the same to Minami. While it'd be good if I have something that resembles a brush, I wonder what can I use?

I only pondered for a few seconds. Quite readily, I remembered the thing I had placed inside my pencil box previously. I didn't recall clearing it out before, so it should probably be still there......

I rummaged through my pencil box to search for the thing I wanted.

(...... Aki, what are you doing?)

(I'm of course preparing something to take revenge on you. With this, I'd be able to do the same to you ---)



This was the third time.

(N-not fair, Minami! It should be my turn to attack this time! Don't interfere!)

(It's only obvious that I'd interfere if you're preparing something like that right!? Isn't it full of ink!)

My hand got pressed down by Minami, and I ended up dropping the calligraphy brush in my hand. My means of attack......!

(Damn! If that's the case, I'd have to use your hair!)

(Wa-wait a minute!?)

I stretched my hand towards the head of Minami, who was holding onto me as well as her hair. The tight space between us meant that she wouldn't be able to resist.

Before long, Minami's tied-up hair was gathered in my hand. Alright. With this, I can strike back with full force, with full force ---


(...... A-Aki? What's wrong?)

As a result of the sudden stop in my movements, Minami peered at me doubtfully.

(No, erm......)

I said in a faltering tone involuntarily.

Something's strange. This isn't the hair that I know of. The hair I know of, that is my own hair, doesn't feel so nice to touch; it doesn't have such a nice smell; and needless to say, it doesn't make my heart race. In other words, this is something foreign to me I guess. From its appearance, it looks just like normal hair similar to those on top of my head, but, this hair-like thing is not hair. Which means, this is ---

(I see. It's a wig......)

(What the heck are you talking about!?)

In order to not cause an unexpected incident as a result of over-pulling it, I let go of my hand. Even Minami has her own problems huh......

(Heyyy! Don't let go of your hand and leave such an incredible misunderstanding alone! Touch it properly and ascertain it yourself!)

Minami reached to the back of her head and whish, she pulled out something. Following that, her bundled up soft hair spread out in the air. As the flowing hair received the rays of the sun, like elegant silk, they were dazzling like silverware and jewelry.

(This is the well groomed hair that I'm proud of, you know! Don't mess with me by calling it a wig! Touch it and ascertain it yourself!)

Minami handed me a bunch of her hair that had been released from her hair rubberband.

But, I didn't touch it to ascertain it.

(Sorry, Minami. I misunderstood.)

(? That's suspicious. Do you really get it?)

Minami threw me a doubtful gaze. But I really got it. Because,

(Of course. Even if it's me, I won't make a mistake about this............ thing.)

BTS vol 04 049.jpg

(This, what?)

(Th-that is......, this, beautiful......)

(...... huh......?)

That's right. Even if it's me, I'm not so stupid as to mistake such a beautiful thing for an imitation thing. This is a genuinely made article ---

"""We can't take this anymore --- !!"""

At that moment, all of a sudden, an angry roar was heard in the classroom.

As I looked up frantically, I saw my classmates facing me with their razors raised. What in the world!?

"We've been watching you for a while, you dare flirt openly to show off!"

"We'll kill you. Seriously. Most definitely. We'll kill even your soul."

"...... to touch Onee-sama's hair...... even if you are torn to eight pieces, I can't forgive you......!"

"Reinforce the exit! Let's kill him here!

Everyone started going into throwing motion together. That! If my tatami reversal is breached ---

"All hands, after throwing your razors, with lightning speed, strike him with your chabudai! Make sure you guys don't hit Onee-sama in the process!"


Damn......! What precise instructions! Stopping my movements with the razor blades and then delivering the finishing blow with an overwhelming number of chabudai. Faced with attacks from every direction, there's nowhere I can run. Bastard, as expected of Shimizu. Just by being in D-class, she has good thinking---

A stinging, uncomfortable feeling.

"Onee-sama! Quickly retreat to here! It's dangerous to stay with that pig-head!"

"Shimizu-san, when did you get there!? And why is everyone listening to Shimizu-san and preparing your chabudai!? You should treasure your classmate!"

"Miharu, you still haven't given up on me? If you keep this on, it will just make things difficult for the both of us though......"

"Onee-sama, you are just deceived by that pig-head! The only person who truly cares about you is me---"

"You all! We're in the middle of a lesson you know!!"

At last, Ironman bellowed at us while we were engaged in our heated arguments.

The classroom fell silent all of a sudden. The bellow of Ironman was extraordinary.

"Shimizu. What happened to your lesson?"

"Th-this is not the time for that......! Onee-sama."


Ironman called out her name softly, and with just that alone, Shimizu-san kept quiet.

"This is the second warning. Behave yourself and get back to your own classroom. I'll say this again, but you are banned from coming to this class. Understand?"

"...... understood."

Reluctantly, Shimizu-san left the classroom. During then, as she was leaving, she once again glared at me as if I were an enemy of her parents.

"You guys, don't play around during lesson time. Do that during your breaks."

On hearing that, my classmates put away their razors and put back their chabudai.

With that, thanks to Ironman this time, things had come to a close --- it seemed.

Break time. After having gone through the experience of razors and chabudai hurtling towards me, as I returned from the toilet, the usual three --- Yuuji, Hideyoshi, Muttsuliini, those three --- were sitting at Yuuji's place, facing one another and talking about something. What is it, I wonder.

"What's up with you guys. Making such serious faces."

"Mu, Akihisa huh. You came at the right time."

Hideyoshi made some space for me and I sat down, cross-legged.

"What's up? Is there trouble?"

"............ (nod)."

"Yeah. Thanks to you, trouble seems to be brewing."

Yuuji said with a sigh. I see. Trouble again. This class really can't take a breather with the various bothersome stuff......

"So, what's the trouble you're referring to?"

"............ D-class seems to be preparing for a Summoner Test War."

"Summoner Test War? D-class?"

The Summoner Test War where summoned beasts, whose strength are determined by the test scores, are used in fighting. The outcome of the war will decide the facilities of the classes, making it a matter of grave importance but,

"Even if D-class were to attack B-class, it won't really concern us right? At any rate, our class has yet to regain the right to wage a summoning war anyways."

We've already applied for a Summoner Test War in April and after our loss, as a penalty to F-class, we won't get the right to apply for another war for 3 months. Since we couldn't apply for a war, how the other classes were moving shouldn't be a matter of concern for us.

"Like what you said, if D-class were aiming for B-class, there wouldn't be a problem but......"

Hideyoshi trailed off.

"Eh? It's not that? In that case, are they aiming for A-class?"

By the way, C-class lost to A-class in a Summoner Test War previously, and now has the same type of facilities as D-class. Given that, D-class should not be aiming for C-class.

"Are you an idiot? If there were the case, we won't be feeling troubled right?"

"Then, don't tell me......"

"............ D-class is aiming for this very F-class."


How can that be! Impossible!

"But, isn't it that we have yet the right to have a Summoner Test War?"

"Yeah. Indeed, F-class does not have the right to apply for a Summoner Test War against another class. However, it doesn't mean that Summoner Test Wars do not concern us at all. Even if we can't initiate a war against another class, we can't afford not to fight back one that is initiated against us."

According to the rules of the Summoner Test War, the losing class is unable to apply for a Summoner Test War for 3 months. This is a rule to prevent the Summoner Test Wars from getting drawn out, but, nowhere was it written in the rule that a class which has lost cannot participate in a Summoner Test War, it seems.

"But, we are the F-class which should have the worst facilities, and there shouldn't be anyone who would come attack us right?"

There is plenty of merit for a lower ranked class in winning against a higher ranked class. Since that means they can swap their facilities. However, even if the higher ranked class win against the lower ranked class, the higher ranked class wouldn't be able to upgrade their facilities so there is no merit for them. Only the lower ranked class which has lost would get their facilities downgraded.

"That's why like I said earlier, it's thanks to you that we got ourselves into such a troublesome situation."

Thanks to me? What did I do?

"Akihisa I say. The opponent is D-class. Isn't there something that would ring a bell in your mind?"

Erm, the opponent is D-class. What comes to my mind would be ---

"...... don't tell me, it's Shimizu-san?"

"............ (nod)"

Muttsuliini gave a small nod.

"You've done it Akihisa. Thanks to you flirting around with Shimada, the heated up Shimizu got the fellas in D-class involved and is planning to take it out on us."

"N-no way! I've never planned for that to......"

"But still, even if you didn't intended that, Shimizu-san would think otherwise."

"Besides, didn't Shimizu say it as well? I'll do something about the chabudai, she said. It seems like in order to separate you and Shimada's seat, she plans to turn our desks back into orange carton boxes."

If we were to lose the Summoner Test War, our desks will turn back to orange carton boxes. If that were to happen, indeed, we won't be able to share the same seat. It seems like that's the true purpose of Shimizu-san.

"B-but, there's no way the whole of D-class would buy this right? I doubt that the class will get involved in a war with such a purpose behind it. Won't the representative of D-class object to this as well?"

The D-class representative is a male student called Hiraga-kun who we've battled out with previously. He owed it to us to be able to retain his class facilities, and he had cooperated with us at the strengthening training camp, acting together for the sake of a single objective. It was quite unthinkable that he would agree to a war for the mere sake of backstabbing us.

"That's where the problem is. Right now, we are the prime perpetrators for the mass peeping incident. A normal girl will not hold any feelings of affection for us. Rather, they might be thinking about meting out punishment with their own hands perhaps."

"You already know this, but the D-class representative is a guy. In his current situation of being treated as a peeping tom, he would have no say in the matter. I doubt he can suppress the girls who are riled up from their anger, and Shimizu, who's riled up from her jealousy."

"N-no way....."

The way things are going, we'll end up going back to using those terrible facilities, the orange carton boxes. No, they are already pretty terrible right now......

"Yuuji, if they attack, are you confident in us winning?"

"Tough. Thanks to the ruckus the fellas in our class caused since morning, we couldn't replenish our points, and our girls numbered merely two. Even if our circumstances were perfect, we wouldn't be able to cross swords without a strategy, but still, if we only have Himeji and Shimada who still have points remaining, unless something extraordinary happens, there is no chance of us winning."

All the male students had exhausted their points during the strengthening training camp and had been suspended after that. If we don't replenish them today, our fighting strength is equivalent to zero, I guess. The girls should have been able to replenish them while we suspended so there is no problem there.

"In short, in our current situation, our only fighting strength are the girls. Our F-class has two girls, while D-class has over twenty of them. Even with Himeji, the difference in fighting strength is clear."

For example, even if Himeji is equivalent to ten people, the difference is about one time more. That's a pretty rough situation.

"In other words, it'd be wise to avoid the Summoner Test War this time. Even if we win, we'll just get D-class's facilities which holds no merit, and it'd be senseless to go through the trouble of making a class which has a debt to us our enemy."

"Eh? Can we avoid it?"

"It depends on you and Shimada though."

After saying that, Yuuji turned his head left and right to look around him.

"Is something wrong, Yuuji?"

"Yeah. I'm checking to see whether Shimada is nearby."

"If you're looking for Minami, she left for someplace together with Himeji-san just now."

When break time started, while I wasn't sure who initiated it, but Himeji-san and Minami left the classroom together. They had a pretty serious look on their face, and probably had something important to talk to each other.

"A scene of carnage I guess."

"A scene of carnage yeah."

"............ a scene of carnage."

"Eh? Are those two fighting?"

Speaking of that, those two were behaving strangely today. I wonder what had happened between them during the week when we weren't around.

"That aside, Akihisa, there's something I need to verify."

"Huh? What is it?"

"Are you going out with Shimada?"

That sentence which came out from Yuuji pierced through me.

That's right. Due to the ruckus since morning, I didn't really think too deeply into it, but, I have to make it clear. According to Minami, we are going out it seems, but I don't remember saying anything of that sorts.

"According to my memory, I think we aren't going out though......"

If we are really going out, then I'm probably the worst for saying that.

"But, Shimada's behavior is clearly that of a person who's dating isn't it?"

"Yeah. That was probably due to a mail which I sent out by mistake ---"

He explained the incident that had taken place at the strengthening training camp to the three of them. He had sent out a mail which appeared to be a confession, but it was actually a misunderstanding.

"I see. Akihisa being Akihisa but...... Yuuji, you really picked a wonderful timing to do that......"

"Really Yuuji. You should gut yourself as an apology."

"Uwu...... Well, it was indeed my fault. Sorry Akihisa."

"............ but, it's not enough for just Akihisa to verify the root cause."

"Yeah. That's right."

Like what Muttsuliini said, the point is even if we knew it's totally Yuuji's responsibility, the mess can't be cleared up just like that. The original cause was not due to anyone else but me. Blaming it on Yuuji is like barking up the wrong tree. Besides, I did get back at him.

"However, if this was a misunderstanding then it makes things easy."

"Eh? About what?"

"About the Summoner Test War with D-class. If we resolve the misunderstanding with Shimada and return the both of you to the previous state of things, then Shimizu will probably stay quiet. If that were to happen, then even if D-class remained dissatisfied with us, without the igniting core behind this Summoner Test War, they will probably let things slide. This means that we can have everything resolved and go back to our daily routine."

After Yuuji, like his usual self, suggested the solution, the door suddenly burst open with someone dashing in.

"Er-erm, Akihisa-kun! I have something to ask you!"

Himeji came to where I was sitting as she was catching her breath.

"Eh? Wh-what is it?"

I was somewhat surprised at the usually gentle Himeji-san, who was having a rare menacing look on her face.

"Er-erm......! Did Akihisa-kun...... confess to Minami-chan......?"

Himeji's voice gradually tapered off as she spoke. However, I could clearly understand what she was trying to say.

"Eh, erm...... about that......"

It was a little difficult to say it out. It seems like I'm doing something bad to Minami.

"Himeji, regarding that, it's probably better to include Shimada. Do you know where she is?"

Yuuji cut into our conversation. Thanks for the help.

"Minami-chan was together with me on the rooftop a while ago though......"

"Alright. In that case, let's all go to the rooftop. This isn't such a good place to talk."

Rooftop huh. It'd be easier to talk there with less people.

"That's right. I'm sorry to make Himeji-san go back up there."

"Ah, no. I don't really mind."

"Well then, let's go."


We stood up and headed to the rooftop. While we were moving, Yuuji called out to Muttsuliini.

"Muttsuliini. Will you be able to ascertain whether that fella's eavesdropping devices are present?"

"............ probably, there will be. They were set up in F-class as well."

That fella was probably referring to Shimizu-san.

"What happened to those in the F-class?"

"............ I've already removed them during the lessons."

As expected of Muttsuliini. As usual, he does his job fast.

"I see. That means, Shimizu-san is unaware of our earlier conversation right?"

"............ (nod)."

In that case, we needed another way to let her know that our relationship was a misunderstanding. If there are eavesdropping devices on the rooftop, then Shimizu-san can probably use them to ascertain that --- which also means that what we say will be recorded right. In that case,

"Say, Muttsuliini. If there are eavesdropping devices on the rooftop, can you make them unusable for just a short while?"

It's already bad enough to have caused her to misunderstand, if this were to be recorded, I would have done her too much wrong.

"............ understood."

Just at the time when Muttsuliini agreed, we reached the end of the stairs and could see the door leading to the rooftop.

Subsequently, Yuuji, who was leading, pushed open the door. There, under the bright blue sky on the other side of the door, was the figure of Minami, standing there quietly.

"Ah, Mizuki --- you guys as well? Why are all of you together?"

Minami looked at us in surprise.


"............ (nod)."

With a piercing look in his eyes, Muttsuliini looked around him and following that, with a small device in one hand, he walked about the area. While I don't know what kind of device that was, it should be something that allows him to search for installed eavesdropping devices and cameras and such.

"............ okay."

Not even a minute had passed before Muttsuliini was done. With that, Shimizu-san would not be able to record our conversation. It seems like I can talk without reservations.

"What's wrong, Aki?"

"Ahh, erm......"

Upon meeting Minami's gaze, I started to falter as an image of my brutally killed corpse surfaced in mind. Since I was about to say to her, "The confession mail was a joke", something which could be regarded as the lowliest thing that we could do to her. There was no way Minami wouldn't be mad.

"God, I seek your divine protection......"

"? What are you doing, Aki?"

"Uhn. I'm just offering a prayer."

After making a sign of the cross to bless myself, I steeled myself and walked towards Minami in earnest.

"Minami. The truth is, there's something I want to tell you."

"Ah, right. What is it?"

"You know, it's about the mail that I sent during the strengthening training camp......"

"M-mail, you say, that mail?"

For some reason, Minami's face turned red.

"Yeah. About the mail, the truth is."

I could tell that I was starting to sweat from the guilt-arisen fear. It's ok. It's ok. Whatever happens, it shouldn't be at the extent of losing my life. ............ probably.

"The truth is?"

Looking into Minami's eyes as she returned the question, I announced clearly.

"The truth is --- it's a misunderstanding."

"............ eh?"

With her face flushed, Minami stiffened.

"No, rather than to say it's a misunderstanding, it's probably more correct to say that I got the forwarding address wrong."

This may be despicable, but even if it's not like I have any bad intentions, I have to tell that to her. For the sake of my life.

"G-got it wrong, you say, so who was the one......"

Inquired Minami with her body stiffened up.

As to whose address did I mix up with hers, it was the person who I was texting then......

"Sugawa-kun I guess."


For some reason, even Himeji-san exclaimed together with Minami.

"Th-then, Aki's confession was not to me but to Sugawa!?"

"N-no way! Even when others say otherwise, Akihisa-kun, I'd think you like girls, but, as you really guys instead, and to top if off, it's neither Sakamoto-kun nor Kinoshita-kun nor Kubo-kun, but Sugawa-kun......!"

What's this? It's like the misunderstanding just deepened.

"No, it's not like this. If I remembered correctly, a mail like 'Are you really interested in girls? Isn't Sakamoto or Kinoshita more preferable?' came from Sugawa-kun, and when I replied, I made a mistake in the address and it was sent to Minami."

Speaking of that, did Sugawa's misunderstanding of me continued, I wonder. Jeez, Why am I misunderstood to be a gay? I don't get this at all.

"But, the mail content can't be thought of as any thing other than a confession ---"

Minami took out her cellphone from her pocket and started operating it. She's probably ascertaining the mail I sent.

"Eh? Huh? Somehow, after looking at it now, the mail is a little strange for a confession though......"

"Is that so? Minami-chan, can I take a look at it as well?"


Minami turned the display towards Himeji-san.

"Erm...... what's this sickle mark attached to the head of the mail?"

"D-don't worry about that! It's just a decoration!"

Sickle mark? Did I make such a mark when I sent the mail?

"Akihisa, do you still remember what you sent?"

"Yeah, but I can't remember the details well though......"

As a result of my cellphone getting broken by Yuuji, I have no records of my mails, and in addition, I don't have a head that can retain the small details of the contents of a mail which I sent more than a week ago.

"What was written in Aki's mail was 'Of course, there's no doubt that I love it right! Much more than someone like Yuuji!'."

That was some mail, I thought. If it were really a confession, I would want to word it a little more properly.

"Hm. Didn't it occur to you that the mail was a strange one for a confession?"

"I didn't think much about it when I got it though...... But, if I read it again more calmly, it does seem a little strange perhaps......"

"If you have realized it earlier, things wouldn't have come to this."

"Shimada is a returnee[5]. It can't be helped."

Yuuji and Hideyoshi smiled wryly. Indeed, if the other party was Himeji-san, the misunderstanding would have been resolved at a much earlier stage.

On hearing that, Minami undauntedly argued.

"B-but, anyone would have misunderstood it when he said that he loved it more than Sakamoto!?"

"No way! I'm a straight who likes girls!"

Somehow, I feel that the point of debate is off!

"So good for you, Minami-chan...... I would also like to be told that......"

"Himeji-san, you are weird too!? That sounded like it's a fact that I'm in love with Yuuji right!"

"A-Akihisa...... How should I reply to you......?"

"Just normally duh!"

Right before me, after Yuuji made a jab at me by mimicking Hideyoshi's reaction, gahaha, he laughed in delight. Damn! Damn the lowlife who is getting a kick out of other people's misery!

"Well, anyway, because of that, there was a mistake in that mail."

"I see. I've misunderstood. I also thought that it was a little strange, but now, it's finally clear."

"Ah-haha. Minami, you got careless."

"Jeez. I don't want to be told that by you, Aki, when you got the sending address wrong."

We both laughed cheerfully.

And after we laughed for a short while.

"What are you going to do about it!? That was my first kiss!!"

BTS vol 04 069.jpg

With lots of vigor, Minami grabbed hold of my collars.

"S-S-S-Sorryyy! I didn't have any bad intentions!"

"This isn't something you can brush off with just an apology right!?"

Indeed, it wasn't. Erm, what should I say......?

"You know, Minami."


"Erm --- it was my first time as well, so it's a tie, isn't that enough......?"

"Of course not!"

The shrewd Yuuji jabbed in. That's right huh. Even I thought so.

"Eh......? I-is that so...... In that, case...... erm...... thanks for the treat......?"

"Oiy! Are you fine with that Shimada!?"

Notwithstanding, Minami gave a reply that was out of our expectations.

Speaking of that, there is one thing which I really wanted to know. I shall take this chance to ask.

"Say Minami. I'd like for you to answer this without getting angry though."

"Eh? What?"

"It's regarding the matter of us going out, could it be that, Minami actually...... erm, likes me......?"

"Ah......! Th-that.......!"

Frantically, Minami waved her hand in a flapping manner.

What had bothered me were Minami's actions. Minami's actions resulting from the misunderstanding from the mail was 180 degrees different from what I expected. I would have thought that I would definitely be rejected, but yet, Minami acted in a way that was completely opposite of that.

That's why, I really wanted to know. Perhaps, there was also a possibility that I wasn't really hated by Minami ---

"Ah, that, you see. Miharu was getting really persistent, so I thought she might give up if I have a boyfriend, and then it was just good timing that Aki's confession came along......."

Minami explained while her hands and eyes were fidgeting restlessly.

"Aah, I see. That's how it was huh."

I see, no wonder she did those various things openly without reservation. I had jumped to the wrong conclusion huh.

...... hn? Somehow, I could feel a large sense of regret......!

"Well well. What a painful excuse. Everyone can see through it except for one person."

"That's right. Well, after being told that the confession was a misunderstanding, it's not like I can't understand why you want to put up a deception."

"............ you're not being honest."

"I-It's not like I'm making an excuse of any sort, really......! Wh-Who would like such an idiot!"

See through, they said, it was probably referring to the matter of me and Minami dating. What the hell. Everyone had realized that it was a lie? I was the only one who didn't realize it huh.

"Jeez......, in that case, you should have told me earlier. I ended up thinking Minami really likes me."

"Uwu...... Th-That can't be possible right!"

"Yeah. I also thought it strange. It's unthinkable that Minami will fall for me, besides ---"

"B-Besides what?"

"Besides, it's weird that Minami could act so gentle and meek right?"

"...... that's right. Good grief, it's just like what you said......!!"

"Mi-Minami!? I thought I heard an awful sound coming from my shoulder joint though!?"

Even when it's already fragile because of a lack of calcium, but yet!

"Anyway, the misunderstanding has been resolved. What's left is to tell this to Shimizu and everything will be resolved, right?"

"Yeah. With this, Shimizu will probably accept it."

"............ I will relay this properly."

For now, one thing has been settled. F-class can relax, I guess.

"Eh? What are you talking about? Mizuki, did anything happen?"

"No, I'm also clueless though...... Did anything happen?"

"Aah, that's right. You guys are out of the loop with regards to the matter with D-class. The truth is ---"

As I listened to Yuuji's explanation to Himeji-san and Minami, I stared blankly up at the sky.

Was Minami really fine with kissing me just for the sake of deceiving Shimizu-san? I wonder.

The Third Question[edit]

Please imagine the scene below then answer the question.

‘You are going on a vacation with the person you like. You are getting ready to board the flight, and you suddenly realized that you have forgotten to bring something. Exactly what did you forget to bring?”

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

Medicines such as those for headache and stomachache.

Teacher’s comment:

This is actually a psychological test of “what you expect of the person you like”, the forgotten things symbolizes what you expect of. When you forgot to bring something for a vacation and you didn’t realize it, it means you hope that your partner will make up for it. I can see that Himeji-san desires a sense of relief from the person you like.

Kirishima Shouko’s answer:


Teacher’s comment:

Before talking about what you forgot to bring, there seems to be a problem that you’d bring a pair of handcuffs in the first place.

Kudou Aiko’s answer:

Forgot to wear underpants.

Teacher’s comment:

What do you actually want from the person you like?

BTS vol 07 237c.jpg

Once the misunderstanding between me and Minami was cleared up, I’d still have to get through a few more periods, and now it’s finally recess time.

When the misunderstanding of Minami and me being in a relationship was made known, Class D’s preparation for the Summoner Test War came to an end. Minami went and shared a table with Himeji-san, Shimizu-san should’ve let it go already right?

Shimizu-san’s anger might be appeased, but now there’s a different person who’s pissed off……

“Mizuki, do you want to have lunch together?”

I heard Minami asked Himeji-san this when the recess bell rang.

“Uh, Minami……”

I called out hurriedly to Minami who was standing up and getting ready to go somewhere.

“What, Aki, what are you calling me for?”

“Uh, that……about the bento that you mentioned this morning……”

While I was still speaking, Minami raised on of her eyebrows.

“Aki, what’re you saying? You’ve embarrassed me this much, and you still want me to give you my bento?”

I can feel the killing intent hidden in Minami’s words.

“I’m sorry, I’ve really apologized from the bottom of my heart.”

I guess Minami-sama is blinded by anger.

But its right, that kind of thing happened, it’s normal that she’d be angry……

“Really, Aki is always so oblivious! Mizuki, the weather is great today, let’s find a comfortable place without this idiot and have our lunch.”

Minami said that to Himeji-san who was standing beside her.

I guess, they’ve decided to have their lunch outside.

“Ah, Minami-chan, wait for me. Then, then it’s decided, Akihisa-kun, later.”

Himeji-san then jogged to catch up with Minami who didn’t look back and strode away.

It seems like she’s going to blow up with anger soon……Ever since going through that confession misunderstanding, Minami would only frown at me, I guess, she can still be considered gentle.

“What happened, Akihisa? You didn’t get the bento that Shimada made herself?”

Looking at her leaving, Yuuji brought his bento to my seat as usual, Hideyoshi following suit.

“Un, Minami seems like she’s still angry at me. I actually hoped for that bento……”

“Forget about it, like this, if she were to share her personally made bento with you, Shimizu may just rush in and cause trouble. From my point of view, you should just give up.”

“I guess you’re right in a way……”

Nevertheless, the food that Minami makes is really delicious, that’s why I feel that it’s a pity……No no no, I don’t compare her with anyone on purpose.

“By the way, where did Muttsurini run off to? How come I didn’t see him anywhere?”

“He seems to have come upon a rumor, I guess he must’ve run off the confirm it—Oh, he’s back!”

“……I’m back.”

Muttsurini came out before us without even making a slight noise. Just that, it’s the jolly lunch time, but he looked gloomy.

“Muttsurini, what happened to you? Did something happen again?”


“It is about the rumor that you just mentioned?”

“……The current condition is worse than this morning.”

As he was saying that, he took out his mini recorder that he always takes pride in on the table.

He pushed the play button, and a conversation that was mixed up with other noises.

(That, that, Tsuchiya-kun, I heard that you’ve got your hands on pictures of Akihisa-kun in sailor uniform, is this true?)

(……One hundred yen per piece, secondary distribution is forbidden.)

(Secondary distribution is forbidden……That’s a pity……But keeping it for myself alone is already worth it.)

--Ka cha!

“……I’ve got the wrong contents.”

“Eh, what was that? What was that conversation about?! That conversation seems to be extremely unfavorable to me!”

“Akihisa, you are too noisy, don’t get worked up because of a trivial matter.”

“This is obviously not a trivial matter! Why are pictures of me cross-dressing similar to those pictures of Hideyoshi being sold secretly?!”

“Wait! Akihisa, the words that you've just said are very terrible information to me!”

Damn it, who is it? Who is that person who bought my picture and ran away?

“……This is the real one.”

Muttsurini took out another similar recorder from his pocket. I just realized that he’s got more than one mini recorder on him.

(What’s the condition of Class F?)

(They seems to be doing something idiotic, they didn’t apply for mark replenishment this morning. I can see that they still haven’t found out our intentions.

(Really……There won’t be any problem like this. Now we’ll just replenish our points, and we’ll declare war immediately when they think that something’s not right.)


Since this conversation was recorded, the sound quality was as lousy as the one just now, I couldn’t find out who were the people behind this. But, at least we knew that it’s a conversation between two guys.

“Is it Class D? If it is, maybe the misunderstanding still isn’t cleared up I guess?”

“……(Shakes head)”

Muttsurini shook his head in reply.

Not Class D? If it isn’t Class D, then which class did this conversation come from?

“I’ve already confirmed that Class D has no other movements, I’m afraid that they are from a different class. From the guy who is giving orders, they should be……”

“……It’s Class B’s conversation.”

“Class B? Why!?”

That conversation clearly pointed us as enemies, so they’re preparing for a Summoner Test War secretly. If so, will Class B become our enemy?

“Talking about Class B, is it that Nemoto guy pulling the strings? That pathetic guy, he actually came up with such a plot to get back at us.”

Yuuji made a sound with his tongue unhappily.

“I agree, no matter how they want to get back at us, Class B will be overdoing it by declaring a Summoner Test War on Class F.” This is just plain bullying on an easy target.

“No, I’m afraid Nemoto’s objective isn’t only this.”

“Eh? No?”

“I can’t say that you’re wrong, that guy has enough reason to despise us, but what I meant is, their objective isn’t just revenge.”

Yuuji was still speaking in riddles, getting others confused with what he was actually thinking of.

“Yuuji, you said that they’ve got another objective, what is it?”

Hideyoshi also couldn’t comprehend what Yuuji was trying to convey, he asked while slightly inclining his head in confusion.

“It’s to put down everyone’s blame on him.”

“Eh? How is this related to what we’re discussing?”

“Nemoto isn’t popular from the beginning, and yet he was defeated even though he had used pathetic tricks against us during the Summoner Test War on April, that caused his position in his class to be more unstable.”

“Un, I understand that.”

Nemoto must be feeling like he’s in a frying pan.

“This is the problem! When a country is in obvious turmoil, what do you think the leader will do in order to appease the citizens in the fastest time possible?”

“Hn? Eh, this……”

That moment, I couldn’t understand Yuuji’s meaning.

“Akihisa, do you know the answer?”

“Pardon me, can you repeat it?”

“Really……Can’t you just pay attention to what others are saying?”

Yuuji rolled his eye in frustration.

He suddenly talked about such a profound topic, my brain couldn’t catch up with what he’s saying. But I’ll have to listen to him attentive now.

“What I mean is ‘to appease everyone, what is needed to be done’.”

Oh oh oh! That, I understand now. The answer to this question is very simple.

“Just use perfume.”

“Your answer is so unexpected that it stunned everyone.”

“……It scared me.”

“Eh? I remember a European guy on television saying ‘to control body odor, you must use perfume’!”[6]

Did a television program lie to me?

“No, Akihisa, Yuuji didn’t mean that, he meant what is needed to be done in order to appease the public in the fastest time possible instead…… About that, what about using terrorism?”

“It’s a way, but it isn’t the fastest. Not to mention, dictatorship requires an overwhelmingly suppressive force beforehand in order for it to work.”

Replacing it with Class B’s condition, Nemoto-kun doesn’t have the right to speak now, so it’s pretty much impossible for him to use that method to appease everyone.

“If so, are there any other ideas?”

“The answer is ‘create a mutual enemy’. This can be seen everywhere in our daily life, if they have a mutual enemy, and by causing a small dispute purposely, it’ll be easier for them to form an alliance. There are a few people in history that used this method to stabilize their position."

Here, he listed a few historical figures as example. I see, so this is the case.

“By doing this, not only can they change the target of Class B’s anger from Nemoto to us, he can also vent some of his hatred. If he’s lucky, he’ll not only be able to beat Class F, he can also regain his position in Class B and his right of speech, and this should be what Nemoto is planning.”

When I finish hearing Yuuji’s explanation, I can finally fully understand his motive of trying to incite Class B into declaring war on us. If there’s this much reason for me, I’d also want to start a Summoner Test War.

“Even if Nemoto doesn’t have his right of speech, all he has to do is claim that he wants to ‘eliminate the mastermind from Class F who caused the peeping incident’, he can still get the whole class to listen to him. Our current condition is a very rare opportunity to him.”

To put it another way, it’s a good opportunity for us to help Nemoto-kun create a chance for him to redeem himself.

“If it’s as Yuuji said, I guess that there’s no way for us to avoid this war. Forget about it if it’s during peacetime, we still haven’t replenished our points now, that bastard Nemoto won’t let go of such an opportunity.”

“Hideyoshi is right. Even if it’s during peacetime, we still don’t have much of a chance to win, especially since that only Himeji and Shimada are able to fight this battle, and it’s pretty much an empty dream for us to win under such disadvantageous condition. Forget about Class D, if our opponent changes to Class B, the odds of us winning are less than one in ten thousand."

It was as Muttsurini said, our current condition is more dangerous than in the morning. If I had known sooner, I would’ve continued to let Class D misunderstand, and let them declare war on us there and then.

“If so…… Yuuji, what should we do? Why don’t we apply for tests now, and use the whole afternoon to replenish our points?” “I agree, that’s the only thing left for us to do.”

The difference between our class and theirs is, half of Class B is girls, and the remaining half boys had been replenishing their marks since morning. On the other hand, our class mostly consists of boys, even if we start our marks replenishment now it’ll be just a drop in the bucket. But other than that, we’ve no other options.

But at that moment, Yuuji spoke against my way of thinking.

“…… No, it’s better not to do those unnecessary matters.”


Yuuji objected to the point replenishment advice when he spoke.

“How do you explain it then? Or do you have a plan to defeat Class B without replenishing our marks?”

“No, I’m not that optimistic until I’d go and believe that we’d have an idea to defeat Class B.”

“If so, why did you say that we don’t need to replenish our marks? Then what should we do?”

If we can’t win with our current condition, then we’ll have to at least try by taking a different alternative that can make our condition better.

“First we need to buy some time, we must delay Class B from declaring war on us somehow.”

“Buy some time? Will this even benefit us?”

If we don’t replenish our marks, they’ll attack us eventually, will delaying make any difference?

“Just listen, if Class D declares war on us, we’ll just have to accept it obediently. Like this, we are bound to lose, but if they still haven’t declared war, we’ll still have a chance to avoid it.”

“But just now Hideyoshi said that, Nemoto-kun has more than enough reason to declare war on us, do you think it’d be easy to make him give up the idea?”

“That’s true, that’s why we need to make it impossible for Class B to declare war on us. Fortunately the Summoner Test War only allow a one-on-one war, that means—“

“You are going to let other classes battle Class B?”

If so, Class B can’t do anything to us then.

“Oh……You want me to disguise as my sister and provoke them like last time?”

“No, not like that. We’ve already used that trick before; we can’t use it a second time. I don’t want Class B to battle other classes, I’d like other classes to battle us instead.”

“You want other classes to battle us……I see, if so, Class B can’t declare war on us for a while, and we can still replenish our marks after the battle. Is this what you mean, Yuuji?”


One of the detailed rules of the Summoner Test War is that after a war ends, the participants will have a short ceasefire to replenish their marks. It’s because if this rule didn’t exist, all classes could be easily defeated.

“I used to be dissatisfied with this rule personally, but this time because of this rule, we get to avoid a disaster.”

Hideyoshi is right, if this rule didn’t exist, we would have been able to defeat Class A during the last Summoner Test War. But, this time we’d have to feel thankful for this rule’s existence.

“If we replenish our marks properly, and being fully prepared to resist Class B’s force, I don’t think they’ll dare to challenge us directly.”

“To put it another way, all we have to do is get into top form, then Class B won’t dare to challenge us, right?”

Because of the lesson learnt from the last Summoner Test War, if we get into top form, Class B will hesitate on whether they should challenge us.

In other words, whether they are going to battle us or not, it all depends on the condition of us Class F.

“But, how do we find our opponent? We’re still under disciplinary probation, so we can’t declare war on other classes, we can only wait for other classes to declare war on us right?”

“Our target is none other than Class D. If we let them take the initiative and declare war on us, we can also replenish our marks while the battle is ongoing. If our opponent is Class B it would be too risky to do so, but if our opponent is Class D, even if we can’t gain victory, we still won’t lose. Fortunately their class is divided into combatants and non-combatants, while they’re debating whether they should declare war on us, they don’t have much time to fully replenish their marks.”

The way he put it, the main force of Class D are the girls, which is obviously better than facing Class B.

“Yuuji, if we have a chance to win the battle all along, why don’t we just go all out at the beginning in the battle with Class D?”

It’s as if he’s confused by Yuuji, Hideyoshi slightly tilted his head in confusion.

“Hideyoshi, you misunderstood me. What I meant is, if we declare war on Class D, we may not lose but we won’t be able to win, that battle is meant to be a draw. We should try to avoid such annoying matter if we can, don’t you agree?”

I see. Even if they aren’t afraid of being troubled like Yuuji, but most people would try and avoid cumbersome matters.

“Eh? But the way you said it, we are still going to battle? If so, why don’t we use the afternoon period to replenish our marks?”

“Are your ears there for just decoration purpose? Try and remember the report that Muttsurini recorded.”

Err, let me think, the conversation that Muttsurini recorded is—

“Muttsurini! 100 yen per piece is too cheap! Hideyoshi’s pictures are already 500 yen per piece!”

“Oh oh, mine is sold for 500 yen……Regarding the pictures, can both of you explain it to me more clearly?”

“…… Those are all done by my secretary.”

“You actually said something that a politician would say!”

“You guys, can you at least feel a little more worked up.”

Yuuji facepalmed, and said that with frustration. But, I personally felt that the picture issue was also very important.

“From the recording just now, Nemoto said that ‘we’ll declare war immediately when they think that something’s not right’ right?”

“Ah ah, so you meant that. Eh, it’s true that he said that.”

“In other words, before we notice it, they intend to continue replenishing their marks. This means, unless they’ve finished replenishing their marks, or we noticed it, they won’t declare war on us suddenly.”

Even if they don’t replenish their marks, Class B is still bound to beat us, but they’re this cautious, I guess it’s because of the loss they suffered from the last Summoner Test War. They can still beat us with just one or two strikes even if it’s during peacetime, but all the boy of Class B including the class representative don’t have many marks left to use. After all, it’s good to be cautious. Feeling safer by replenishing marks to a point—I can understand the feeling.

“Oh, so tomorrow is the deadline, we’ll still have time to decide.”

“Really? Won’t they attack today?”

“Didn’t Ironman say it this morning? The Shoukanjuu Summoning System is still under maintenance, so nobody will be able to declare war until tomorrow morning.”

I didn’t have the mood to listen to Ironman this morning, so don’t know a thing about this……I see, so the Shoukanjuu Summoning System is under maintenance.

“Err…… We’ve discussed for so long, what should we do?”

“We are going to start the preparations of course, let Class D declare war on us. The deadline is today, if we can’t do it, then we’ll be back to using orange boxes as tables for classes.”

If so we’ll have to be successful somehow. If the tables are back to orange boxes, I’m afraid Himeji-san will have to transfer school this time.

“In a nutshell, what should we do?”

“We’ll make use of the incident this morning, let Akihisa and Shimada be together, and ignite Shimizu’s fury.”

“Eh? But Minami already knows that it was a misunderstanding.”

“Let’s just put aside the truth, all in all, I want you and Shimida to act as a sweet couple, and let Shimizu get jealous until she freaks out.”

“Eh eh eh eh! That won’t work! If I talk about it with Minami, she’ll freak out!”

“Then we’ll have to make her promise somehow, just leave the acting part to Hideyoshi, it’ll be better if you write down a script, hope it isn’t much of a trouble.”

“I understand.”

“Muttsurini’s task is to gather information and stealth operations. Once everything is done, just leave the war preparations against Class D to me.”

“……I understand.”

“Good, it’s decided, we don’t have time to spare for lunch, we’ll wait for Himeji and Shimada to come back, then we’ll begin the operation. Muttsurini, is our class bugged?”

“…… There won’t be any problem.”

The battle this time is more of battle of mix-up information. The condition may be different from before, but will everything go as planned this time?

“To put it simply, what do you guys want me to do?”

Once we’ve told everything to both of the girls who just came back, Minami stared at me with squinted eyes. Oh oh… she's still angry…

“I’d like you and Akihisa pretend to be dating, and it must be so sweet that all the bystanders who are looking will be so angry that their blood vessels burst.”

He might have seen Minami’s unhappy expression, but Yuuji still stated his request as if nothing happened.

“I won’t do it.”

Minami rejected it casually. I can comprehend this, after all that thing happened just this morning, and now requesting both of us to be lovers, no matter how people see it, they’ll think that it’s a terrible prank.

“I beg you to help, not only Shimada, Himeji will need to help too.”

“Eh? I, I’m involved?”

“Yes, it’s not real enough if it’s just Akihisa and Shimada, that’s why I hope Himeji will play as the part of someone who is jealous of their relationship.”

In other words, Himeji-san was just a supporting actress. Actually they didn’t have to trouble Himeji-san with this, those Class F guys could also play this supporting part as well. If Himeji-san was jealous because of me, it’d be less real instead... But regarding the acting part, I’m a complete idiot, I guess I’ll leave this to Hideyoshi the veteran, I’ll just follow orders.

“You want me to play as someone who is jealous of Akihisa-kun and Minami-chan…...”

Himeji-san spoke softly as she think about the words Hideyoshi said. What happened? She seems hesitant about it.

“No matter what you guys say, I won’t accept it. You actually want me to act as this idiot’s lover, please stop joking!”

Minami still rejects it stubbornly.

“Shimada, just calm down and think. I understand it’s hard for you to do this, but other than you, there’s no one else who can play this role. If you still choose to disregard it, you’ll regret it in the future. For example, Himeji will transfer school because of this…..If it comes to that, won’t you blame yourself?”

Hideyoshi’s advice made Minami sigh reluctantly. If our class utilities worsen, Himeji-san may be forced by her parents to transfer school. Nobody wants that to happen.

It may be so, but I understand Minami’s feeling when she rejected this role.

Even so, then we can only—

“If so, as long as her partner isn’t me, then the problem’s solved, right?”

The reason Minami rejected it painfully, was because her partner was me, but she seemed satisfied with the plot of provoking Shimizu-san. If so, all we had to do was find someone to replace me.

“Eh? Why don’t we find someone else to act as Minami’s boyfriend? This idea isn’t too shabby……But, who should we find?”

“Who… I think Yuuji is acceptable.”

“Eh, are you telling me to go and commit suicide?”

“If you can’t, what about Muttsurini?”

“……I’m tasked with controlling the listening bugs.”

“Oh……Others, what about those like Sugawa-kun?”

“Akihisa, it seems like you’ve skipped me on purpose, does it mean anything?”

Hideyoshi can’t accept this role, even if I didn’t say it, I’m pretty sure everyone knows the reason.

“Don’t bother talking about it anymore, the role cannot be replaced by anyone else. If you just did that thing in public this morning, and now you are dating a different person, who will fall for it? It must be you and Shimada.”

That’s right, since that thing happened, if Minami is with someone else in public, it’ll be very suspicious for others.

“About that, Minami-chan and Akihisa-kun……I know that both of you aren’t willing, but, I beg both of you this time.”

When Himeji-san finished, she bowed in request to me and Minami. Weird, Himeji-san seems reluctant just now, am I thinking too much?

“Due to personal reasons, I really don’t want to transfer school, so I really need both of you to help!”

“Eh? Ah, of course I’ll help.”

I sneaked a glance at Minami’s direction, and noticed that she’s looking back at me with a complicated expression.

“Oh……I, I understand! It’s just an act! But, I’ve no idea how it will end up compared with the script, I can’t confirm this though!”

“Minami-chan, Akihisa-kun……Thank you.”

Once she’s received Minami’s acceptance, Himeji-san bowed deeply to both of us again.

“It’s, it’s nothing, those tatami mats and tables are bought not long ago, and they’re still in good condition……I’m not doing this for Mizuki, so don’t think about it too much……”

Himeji-san’s thanks made Minami really happy, just that she’s looking slightly away easily, mumbling. Minami isn't really honest.

“Since it’s decided, now let’s get to acting as a lovey-dovey couple, the three of you come and take these.”

Hideyoshi handed to us three scripts that are stapled into booklets. When I opened the booklet, all three of our names are inside, and below are the following lines. This must be……

“The script? You’ve already finished writing it? When did you finish it?”

“Most of them are excerpted from the scripts that I always bring with me.”

Even so, the period from us planning the war until Himeji-san and Minami returned to the classroom, was actually approximately five minutes, Hideyoshi could actually write down all the scripts in such a short time, what is his brain made up of? When drama is mentioned, Hideyoshi will change into someone completely different as expected.

“Take the scripts and try acting them at the roof floor. Muttsurini, what is the condition of the listening bug that Shimizu planted?”

“……I let her think that it was just a minor electrical disturbance just now, it’s back to normal now.”

“Really? If so, other than acting, you mustn’t say anything else. If Shimizu finds out about it, then it’s all over.”

“Just wait for a while, we still haven’t read through the script, how do we act when we still haven’t memorized the lines?”

“……Don’t worry, there’s a blind spot of the hidden camera at the roof floor, just read the script out loud.”

Muttsurini took out a piece of paper, drew a simple plan of the roof floor, and marked the blind spot that he meant.

“I see, if we can just read the script out loud, then we’ll have a way to deceive them. Minami, don’t you think so?”

“That’s right, this saved me from a lot of trouble, but we still have to read the contents at least, I’m worried that there might be some weird scenes, like……kissing…”

If, if there is then it’ll be a pain. We newbies can’t act those kinds of scene.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t write those kinds of scene. Even if I did, you guys are going to act at the blind spot anyway, just do some voice acting. Let’s stop chatting, time is running out, we’ll have to act fast.”

Under this kind of frustrating condition, Minami, Himeji-san and I were pushed out of the classroom by Hideyoshi.


Do we really have to? Just when I was going to say that, I saw Himeji-san show me the ‘shhh’ gesture. Ah ah, I see, the corridor may have been bugged, that’s why she told me not to speak lightly.

Feeling frustrated, I could only walk the corridor quietly, getting ready to go to the roof floor. There might be hidden cameras somewhere near here, so we kept out scripts inside for safety purpose.


I pushed open the rusty door to the roof floor, this is the second time we come here today. Next, I took out my script and winked to Minami, Minami then nodded back at me.

When we opened the first page of the script, the lines for each of us was written clearly inside.

Shimada : (Eh, Aki.)

Akihisa : (Yea? Minami, anything you need?)

Shimada : (Although it seems a little late……I still want to tell you my true feelings.)

Akihisa : (Eh? By now, you don’t have to mention that matter on purpose…..)

Shimada : (But I still hope Aki will listen to me. Although it’s true I can’t control my feelings and went to kiss you—I should clear this up to you.)

Akihisa : (Oh……En, I understand. Then you may say it, I’d also like to know Minami’s true feelings.)

Staring at our lines, I feel as if all of my blood is freezing. What is this script? Is this a punishment game?


Minami who was beside me was also frozen when she read the script. Does she dare to say these lines?

“……Eh, Aki.”

Oh oh! It has begun! Minami seems willing to help me. If so, I must put in some effort too.

“En? Minami, anything you need?”

I read the script out loud. It’s a lot easier if I can read the script and say it out loud.

“Although it seems a little late……I still want to tell you my true feelings.”

It might not be fluent, but Minami managed to finish reading that line. Her mind must be slightly rejecting it, but if things stayed this way, I doubt there’d be any problem.

Good, now it’s my turn.

“Eh, By now, you don’t have to mention that matter on purpose…”

By the way, there were phonetics beside the ‘by now’ in the scripts. It’s very considerate of Hideyoshi—but I thought I was being treated as an idiot, it made me feel very unhappy.

“But I still hope Aki will listen to me……I should clear this up to you.”

Huh? Did Minami just skip a line? Let me see……ah ah, it’s the kissing part. It’s not wrong, asking her to say it out would be very embarrassing for her. Also, if she were to mention that topic, I’d feel embarrassed too……I thought Minami would skip those undesirable parts as if nothing happened.

“Oh, en, I understand. Then you may say it, I’d also like to know Minami’s true feelings.”

Once I’d finished that line, my face felt so hot, doing this was more embarrassing than expected……It’s just saying, but we didn’t have any time left to hesitate, the next would be the lines on the second page. Now it’s Minami’s turn to speak—

Shimada: (I’m very sorry for calling you here suddenly, Aki…...That, actually I……I really like you!)

The moment I saw this line, I thought my gastric juice was going to spurt out of my nose.

She, she need to say this line? After all it’s an act to provoke Shimizu-san, so I can understand why it is so……But saying it, it’s really embarrassing!

What, what will Minami do? I observed her expression, her body was so stiff that she looked as if she’s going to tear the script apart, and she opened her mouth trembling.

Can it be, is she really going to say it?

“I, I’m very sorry for calling—"

She had already read a few words, I thought she actually decided to say it.

Good! Since Minami can handle her embarrassment and read this line, I shouldn’t hesitate or feel embarrassed. I must play my role well! “I’m very sorry for calling you here suddenly, Aki…”

Minami read that line with a soft and somewhat weak voice.

“That, actually I, I really—"

Minami stopped for a second, she took a deep breath for the next line.

What Minami was trying is interpret, was a delicate and charming girl calling me to the roof floor to confess her feelings, I was sure she would confess to me in a feminine and cute way—

“I really—hate you!”

To hear these words, is this the reason she called me to the roof floor?

“Mi, Minami?”

“From the first time I met Aki, I’ve always despised you! And us being friends, it actually pains me! I really, really can’t continue being your friend!”

What is with this new kind of confession? Calling me to the roof floor on purpose, saying that she’s hated me all along……Forget about in reality, I’ve never seen this kind of scene in comics or novels before.

But, this isn’t the time to be shocked, I’ve got to play my part! How? Minami can’t be controlled. If so, I’m the only one left, I must continue reading the script!

I looked at the script, and confirmed my following line.



In order to cover up for Minami’s screw-up, I looked at Minami’s eyes with passion, and said:

“Me too, I’ve also felt the same way all along.”

Minami kept hitting me with her tight fist, this is preposterous!

“The both you are so……How can you guys do something so off sync……”

While returning to Class F, I can see that Hideyoshi’s hand is on her forehead; her expression is full of frustration with no idea how to handle us. Everything that happened on the roof floor, the guys must’ve heard about it through the listening bug that Muttsurini planted.

“This, this can’t be helped! How can I say those lines! And it might be recorded as evidence!”

"‘That, that’s why! And how is it possible for Minami to say such a cute line—Weird? Did my right hand just go numb?”

To be able to see Minami doing something so cruel to my arm, was it just me thinking too much?

“Ah, can Hideyoshi act a part for us to see?”

Himeji-san clapped her hands and shared this idea. Right, we should see how a veteran actor acts, and then we should be able to act more naturally……But I thought it’s rather late to say this now.

“Huh? I’ve no problem with that.”

When he finished speaking, Hideyoshi picked up the script, and read through it with full attention for a few minutes.

“Good, I am ready.”

Hideyoshi put down the book, and pulled my hands up instead.

“Eh? What?”

I didn’t expect Hideyoshi to pull my hands up so sudden, I was shocked. What? What is happening?

I was confused and not paying attention at the same time, Hideyoshi then held my hand softly, lifting his head slowly.

“I’m very sorry for calling you here suddenly, Aki…...That, actually I……I really like you!”


BTS vol 04 105.jpg

Hideyoshi suddenly confessed! Hideyoshi who is holding my hand, with both of her cheeks blushing, trying hard to convey her feelings to me, is undescribably cute.

“From the first time I’ve met Aki, I’ve always like you! And us being just friends, it actually pains me! I really, really can’t continue being your friend!”

One after another killing lines, it short-circuited my brain for an instant—you admire me secretly all along, it made me happy from the bottom of my heart.

“Aki…...Kissing you first then only telling you this is a little late, but……I really like you, please date me.”

I can’t stand this anymore! After hearing this, how can I still be rational?!

“Mother…...This is the first time I thank you from the bottom of my heart……Thank you for bringing me into this world……”

“—Oh en, it should be like this.”

Suddenly, the warm touch on my hand went away. We, weird? Where did that feeling of bliss went?

“He, he’s really good……”

“That, that’s right……Although it isn’t me who is confessing, I could feel my heartbeat speed up.”

“You guys are flattering me, I feel a little embarrassed……But I have given up most of my studying to learn acting, this level is nothing much to me.”

Hideyoshi rubbed his cheeks shyly.

I, I see, so those words came from the script……

“Akihisa-kun, why did you cry?”

“It’s nothing, Himeji-san……That, can you leave me alone for a while…”

There’s nothing sadder than being awaken from a blissful dream. That moment, I’ve finally felt that sorrow.

“Let’s not talk about that first. From the way things are turning, forget about making Shimizu freak out, it’s the other way instead. Muttsurini, is Shimizu aware of Akihisa’s conversation at the roof floor yet?”

“……I doubt so, I did something halfway, causing the bug to have poor reception.”

Muttsurini’s hands are still busy operating some kind of machine while leaning over the table, he’s distracted for a while to answer Hideyoshi’s question. That’s Muttsurini, with his good judgment!”

The problem now lies at not knowing how much Shimizu-san managed to hear.

“All the lines came from the script at the beginning, Shimizu won’t know that it’s fake. All is not lost, now you guys better act well as a sweet couple.”


Since Hideyoshi has already shown us such excellent acting, we can’t reject it even if we wanted to. Regarding that screw-up just now, it has to be us who will be making up for it.

“Just now before Himeji’s appearance, the act was interrupted, now I hope it won’t be too much of a trouble for you guys.”

“O, OK, I will try my best!”

“Un un, I hope you do.”

Looking at Himeji full of spirit, Hideyoshi nodded with satisfaction.

“I don’t mind acting, but isn’t the next period going to start soon?”

I looked at the clock to confirm the time, lunch break has only—What? Forget about lunch break, the first afternoon period is going to start very soon!

“Because students of the other classes are taking tests, the few afternoon periods are changed to self-study periods. The teachers are busy correcting test papers and supervising, not to mention that there’s also not enough manpower to repair the Shoukanjuu Summoning System, all the teachers are busy as bees.”

I see. Because the teachers have to deal with strange cases like all the second year boys getting suspended, now all of the second year boys are having exams to replenish their points. It can’t be helped that the teachers will lack manpower.

“The few morning periods are all filled in by substitute teachers.”

“Oh yeah, I guess that we’ll be spending most of this weekend attending tuitions. From the way things are going, it might be actually helping us.”

Tuitions...Although it’s not the way we want it to be, it is as Hideyoshi said, the afternoon self-study periods came at the right time, we must make good use of it.

“The next scene will be Shimada and Akihisa leaving the classroom to date outside, Akihisa and Shimada will have to hold hands.”


Both Minami and I take a look at each other. Why are we left with such a difficult issue?

“About, about that......Hideyoshi-kun, it, it’ll be fine even if we don’t hold hands right?”

Maybe she’s concerned about how we feel, Himeji-san stood up to protest against Hideyoshi, while waving both of her clenched fists wildly. It seems that Himeji-san understands that we don’t feel like doing that, she’s such a tender maiden.

“Himeji, it’s not that I don’t understand how you feel, but when they are walking together, they may be photographed or seen by others anywhere anytime, it’s crucial that they hold hands.”

“Bu, but......”

“Akihisa, Shimada, to make up for that previous mistake, both of you have to get your head into the game. Not only the visual effects are crucial to the plot, it’ll be easier for both of you to get into it."

To put it another way, if we hold hands, both Minami’s and my act will be more heartfelt? Since even Hideyoshi also said it, I could only bite the bullet.

I turned my head to look at Minami, to see her nodding her head lightly with reluctance and holding out her hand to grab mine.

“Great, the chosen stage this time is the rooftop. This way, it’ll also be more convenient for Muttsurini to control the thingamabob right?”

“......If we need to sabotage the listening bug, choosing the one on the rooftop is more natural.”

If there are any accidents during the act, we’ll have to temporarily disable the listening bug, compared with the listening bugs at other places, choosing the one on the rooftop that is faulty before is more natural.

“I see.....Let’s go, Minami.”

“......I don’t mind holding hands, but if you dare to touch anywhere else, I’ll kill you.”

“I, I understand, I’ll be careful.”

Both Minami and I started to let out a stiff aura of discordance, but we still walked towards the corridor holding hands. The students from our class didn’t say anything about it, I guess Yuuji must’ve informed them about it beforehand.

While walking on the corridor leading to the rooftop, both Minami’s and my face were all smiles, and we’re chatting with each other.

“Hahaha, oh Minami. Holding my arm so tightly, don’t you find it hard to walk?”

“Hehe, I don’t see the problem, since we are in a relationship, it doesn’t matter much for me to hold your arm.”

My elbow joint made some scary cracking noises, but my smile stayed the same, because we were closely connected lovers.

“But Minami, you’ve been pushing against my elbow from just now.”

“Eh? You, you, you big pervert!”

“—My ribs!”

Being pushed against here and there with force, was causing so much pain that I wanted to die.

“Hehehe, oh Aki, you love to joke around, it’s really cute.”

“Hahahaha, oh Minami, you seem to be holding my hand harder than just now.”

“So what, I really do feel like hugging you tightly.”

“I really can’t stand you, Minami is a flighty girl.”

While chatting, I tried to hide the part below my elbow quietly so the others wouldn’t notice.

If they were to see this swelled up and beet red wrist of mine, no matter how hard we tried to act as a sweet couple, it would seem unconvincing.

While my fingers were getting numb, we were still strolling on the corridor. Good, now what should I say now? A lover’s conversation, a lover’s conversation......

“Right, Minami.”

“En? Is there anything, Aki?”

“Which part of me does Minami like?”

I remembered seeing this somewhere before using this line, from the examples of “conversations that makes you unhappy if it happens in front of you” I guess.

After hearing my question, Minami quieted down for a while, then hid all her emotions, and while looking directly at me and said: “Do I have to say such a thing?”

Oh, Minami seems to know about it too. I think she should be saying: “From your head to your toe, I like everything there!” an answer like this.

“From your head to your eyebrows, I like everything there.”

It seems that she’s only interested in my forehead.

“Anyway, what about you, Aki?”

“Do I even have to say it? Of course it is the same with Minami.”

“Oh, are really cute!”

I heard my joint made scary cracking sounds again.

Once we had reached the rooftop, my poor elbow couldn’t stop twitching and trembling due to the overwhelming pain.

“Minami, let’s go there.”

“I don’t want to, let’s go to the other side.”

“Nonono, we’ll be able to get sunlight over there, it’ll be really comfortable under the sunlight.”

“If the sunlight is too strong, it’ll have negative effects on our skin! The other side is better since it is under a shade.”

Behind our smiles, we were actually having a skirmish on the stage choice. In other words, it’s me who wanted to get to the blind spot of the camera so that I could free my elbow, against Minami who wanted to continue using her joint locks, a secret silent duel.

“Come, Aki, we’ll have a seat there!”

“Minami, oh you, how can you pull my hand so hard.”

You’ll break it this way.

“Look, it’s cooler here, isn’t it comfortable, right? You are sweating heavily.”

These are obviously cold sweat caused by my body in pain, how can Minami be oblivious to it.

“Guess so. It’s cooler here, so cool that it’s making my back shiver.

“Are you feeling cold? If so we’ll have to stick closer together.”

“Nonono, we are sticking close enough.”

“What are you saying, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about right?”

While we were showing smiles that weren’t seen by anyone, looking deeply into each other’s eyes, I caught a glimpse of Hideyoshi moving towards the blind spot.

Not long after that, I saw Hideyoshi waving his hands towards the safety door of the rooftop, then a familiar figure appeared in front of us.

“What, what are both of you doing here? The classes are not over yet!”

That person in front of us with an angry expression was none other than Himeji-san. She seemed to be really angry, she’s obviously a good student.


“Both of you actually stick so close to each other, and locking arms…..From the looks of it, it’s like……like, like a pair of lovers right?”

Himeji-san pointed at our connected wrists. Looks like she didn’t notice that Minami was actually punishing me personally with her joint lock.

From the way things are going, how should I reply Himeji-san? We don’t have any scripts now, improvising shouldn’t be a problem.

“About that, Himeji-san…..”

It won’t look good if we stay silent for too long, but after saying a few words, I’m suddenly stuck on what to say. Facing such dilemmas, what should I say?

Minami seemed to be unable to stand my stammering anymore, then she said:

“Mizuki, you are right, Aki and I are really going out.”

If you really think so, I hope that you’ll let go of my wrist this instant.

“Eh……You, you guys are dating, is it true?”

“En, I’m sorry for keeping it from you.”

Minami said it solemnly with an apologetic expression.

“Minami-chan……You really like Akihisa-kun?”

“Yes…..I’m not honest with you about it, I’m really sorry. I did know your actual feelings, but I still……”

She can say out these lines without a script, so awesome! This two must’ve actually had the talent to act.

Anyway, what should I say? Uh, un……Right! I’ll just use the lines from comics or novels with similar plots. I remember from that novel, there’s a similar plot, I’ll just use the lines from that novel.

I should be careful and try not to bite my tongue, I took a deep breath—

“Both of you don’t be like this, stop fighting over me!”

Crack—It’d be fine if Shimizu-san didn’t hear my joint being dislocated through her listening bug.

“I see……Minami-chan is also……”

“I know that this isn’t something that can be solved with an apology……but I’m really sorry. I don’t think that you’ll forgive me.”

I might be listening attentively to their conversation, but I was more worried that I didn’t feel anything although my joint was dislocated. I think that I’ve heard before that when an organism’s body is experiencing serious damage, the brain will shut out the pain receptors, I think that I’m……

“No, I can probably feel Minami’s feelings……The point that you’re actually willing to be honest with me, actually lets me feel more relaxed.”

For safety precautions, I tried moving my fingers.

The first is my thumb—Oh, weird, why isn’t it moving at all.

“Eh? Mizuki, you are willing to forgive me?”

“It’s not about whether I’m willing to forgive you……I think that everyone have the freedom to like someone else, how can I chastise you for such a thing.”

“Mizuki……thank you……”

Their rivalry scene is going well, and it seems that I don’t even have to perform, hence, it’s crucial that I verify my body’s current condition.

Now I have to confirm my forefinger’s movement. The colour of this finger seems normal, it should be able to move—Eh? Why isn’t it moving? Is my current condition really that bad?

“But, I can’t forgive that kiss in the morning! That’s breaking the rules! And it’s also Akihisa-kun’s first kiss I think.”

How can it be, my middle finger should be well—there’s not even a slight movement.

Can it be true? Can this be really happening…

“That, that’s because……Aki……sent me that text message, and there are two and three situations happening consecutively, that’s why I……”

Woahohohohoh! My ring finger and pinkie can’t move too! Things are really terrible now!

“You have no excuses! Such sly action, even if God forgives you, I—“


It sounds like something hit the wall.

But I don’t have any will left to be concerned. Fingers! My fingers!


“What, what I meant isn’t this. That, that……Hehe!”

“That’s, that’s right……Hehe!”

Too weird, there’s something from my fingers to my elbow joint. What should I do? If this continues, I think I’ll be called with an awesome nickname like “the single-handed punishment inspector”.

“Anyway, what I want to say is……Minami-chan is a big idiot!”

“Ah! Mizuki!”

Now is not the time for acting. I have to rush to the infirmary, and have a treat to treat my injuries!

I tried to pull Minami’s wrist away—

“Wait, wait for a while, Aki? Why are you running away to chase Mizuki!”

Uwaaaaaaa! Minami doesn’t want to let go! My body is not well already, and she’s still like this! I really have to get to the infirmary!

“When this situation happens, Aki will actually abandon me and choose Mizuki……”

I had no idea what was Minami muttering, and she didn’t even notice my wrist.

Eiyayaya! The color of my wrist is so horrible that I don’t dare to look at it! This is really bad!

“If, if so, then I……Ah, Aki……Be with me please? Because……that……for you……because I like you……”

Minami continued to act with a serious expression, but I was already at my limits!

“Mi, Minami, I’m sorry! I have somewhere that I really need to go!”


I threw off her arm with force and bolted off.

Infirmary! I have to get there fast, or else things will turn out to be hopeless!

“……Really……I guess this must be the reality……”

“Shi, Shimada, calm down first, don’t speak such nonsense……”

“I had enough, I don’t want to continue acting. After all, you……like a ‘girl’ such as Mizuki.”

There seems to be a sound from behind, but when my blood starts to flow again, pain starts to invade my injured arm, now I don’t have any strength left to be concerned about anything else.

“Great……My hand can still move, it’s really great……”

Lucky that my injured wrist was treated in time, I stroke my chest with ease while walking back towards the classroom, and bumped into Himeji-san on the way.

What happened? Is she troubled about something? Why does she look so gloomy.



I tried calling out to her, and Himeji-san only noticed me then, she lifted her head slowly.

“What happened to you? You look so gloomy.”

“Eh? Do I look really gloomy?”

“Yes, you look a little lonely.”

If she were to ask me “which part of me looks lonely”, I wouldn’t be able to answer it, I just felt that she seemed different from the usual her.

“Do I look really lonely? Actually, I don’t especially feel that way.”

Himeji-san tilted her head with embarrassment.

“But, if it looks this way to Akihisa-kun, it must be—“

“It must be what?”

“—Because the person whom I like is taken away, so I feel miserable……Even though, I knew that it’s just an act……”

The moment she said this, Himeji-san’s expression seems to be veiled by depression and sorrow.

I see, she’s a girl as expected. It’s just the character setting of a plot of being sad because the crush was taken away by a good friend, those macho guy friends of mine won’t have such an emotion.

In order not to hurt the fragile Himeji-san, I tried my best choosing the most suitable words, and telling her: “Himeji-san, don’t worry, it was all an act.”

“Yes, you’re right, that was just an act.”

“That’s right.”

Right, as it was an act, you don't have to be too concerned about it. Moreover, I can’t imagine a guy so charismatic that both Himeji-san and Minami both fell for him. If such a guy really exists, that guy must have an intelligent brain, a handsome appearance and extraordinary sports talent, and also tender, popular with girls, honest, reliable, and completely not a playboy, I guess only such a charismatic guy will be able to capture their hearts.

While thinking about this, I couldn’t help myself but feel envious, although I know that such a guy doesn’t exist in real life.

“……If…” Just when I was unhappy with that imaginary character, Himeji-san who was beside me muttered something inaudible.

“En? Himeji-san, did you say something?”

“If……that situation really happens……that time, what will Akihisa-kun do?”


While I was fully awaken, I'd just noticed that Himeji-san was staring deeply at me with a serious expression.

I guess that topic just now made her feel uneasy? It was obviously an act, but she was too into it, maybe Himeji-san is really sensitive. If so, I can’t talk about this topic with humor.

Even if it’s not good for me, but I’m still a guy, if I just speak lightly, she’ll take it to heart, so I’ll have to answer her question earnestly.

After thinking for a long while, I slowly replied from the bottom of my heart.

“About that, if I were faced with such a situation—I’ll try hard to think.”

“You will……try hard to think?”

“Un, because I’m not that smart…...even so, I will try my best to think. Once I’ve thought of something, I’ll give out my answer earnestly.”

After hearing my answer, Himeji-san looked as if she let out a soft smile with embarrassment. Weird, isn’t this the answer that Himeji-san wants to hear?

“I was thinking of asking who you would choose, eh……”

She sounded as if she didn’t want me to hear it, Himeji-san muttered something as soft as a fly’s buzz.

“Un? What did you say?”

“Nope, I didn’t say anything.”

“Aiyo, but I think that I won’t be able to encounter such a situation in this life, so I really can’t imagine much about it.”

I felt it slightly from that act just now, I did feel happy enough. It’s great that I got to play that character.

“How can it be, Akihisa-kun is too modest.”

“Hahaha, Himeji-san is good at flattering others.”

“I wasn’t flattering you. Akihisa-kun is cheerful and tender, no matter who you are with, they’ll feel calm, and you always give others a sense of relief.”

“Un? Himeji-san?”

“But, also because you are vulnerable, it makes others around you feel uneasy.”

Vulnerable? I don’t think so. I’m fine living alone, how would I be vulnerable?

“Really? I think that my vigilance is good enough.”

“Is that so?”

“Un, of course. About that, I’m really—Eh? Himeji-san, what are you looking at?”

While I was talking, Himeji-san was looking at something far behind me.

Is there something there? I looked at where she was looking, but, there’s only an empty notice board there.

“Eh? There’s nothing there, Himeji-sa—“

After confirming, and turning back my head. I didn’t expect—

“Look, Akihisa-kun is really vulnerable.”

--Himeji-san’s face was right in front of me

“Wh, What! What happened to you?”

“……Akihisa-kun actually……makes others feel uneasy. It’s unexpectedly easy to get close to you……”

Himeji-san is staring at both of my eyes. What? What just happened?

“No matter who you are with, is Akihisa-kun this vulnerable? Or……it’s because you’re with me…..”

An unexpected turn of events caused my trail of thoughts to pause. It seems that situation like this happened numerous times today, what is actually happening?

BTS vol 04 123.jpg

“Er, that…..Himeji-san……”

How! What should I be saying! What is she asking?

While I was confused on how I should react—

“Hehe, just kidding.”

Himeji-san let out a sweet smile like a child that successfully played a prank, and took a step back.

“That was just the continuation of the act, did I scare you?”

After increasing the distance between us, that atmosphere just now disappeared, Himeji-san let out her usual soft smile.

Wh, what, she was joking all along……it’s not good for the heart……

“I wasn’t just scared, my heart nearly jumped out of my mouth.”

“I, I still want to see the way Akihisa-kun look when you are scared till your heart jumped out of your mouth.”

Wuwuwu, well really! That made me so nervous that my heart raced. That was really scary~

“I’m sorry, it’s because I’ve never acted before, and I got hooked up the first time I act.”

Between her words, Himeji-san’s expression seemed a little more embarrassed. From the way it seems, Himeji-san may actually like to pull pranks.

While I was thinking of these trivial things, a question suddenly came into my mind—Eh? Did she just say that “she’s never acted before”?

“Himeji-san, you really didn’t act before?”

“That’s right, I’ve never acted before.”

“If so, you are really awesome……”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

Himeji-san looked at me with bewilderment. It can’t be helped, I usually won’t notice such things.

“It’s just now, you've shown me the act of ‘falling for someone’, haven’t you? But from what I see, it’s far from just an act.”


“It felt like, you really do have someone whom you like.”

“Eh? Eh? Eh!”

“So I guess……”

“Ab, about that, that……I……actually……”

“I just guessed that, Himeji-san may have actually acted before.”

“It’s as Akihisa-kun guessed, that wasn’t an act, but my actual—Eh, what did you say?”

“You may be new to it but you can act with such skills, Himeji-san may actually have the talent of acting!”

“Ah……You are talking about that…..”

And she’s also so sensitive, Himeji-san may really be an acting genius.

I was actually flattering her, but—


I didn’t know why, but that moment, Himeji-san showed me a sulking awkward expression.

“Eh? Did you say something?”

“I didn’t say anything. Anyway, we should be getting back to our classroom. I’m also concerned about my performance at the rooftop, I wonder if the effect is good or not.”

“You are right. It’s all because Himeji-san scared me purposely, that made me forget about this.”

“Hehe, I’m sorry.”

Now is not the time to act or play. Whether that act on the rooftop managed to fool Shimizu-san, is related to our Class F future teaching utilities.

But, there won’t be any problems! I’ve tried my best to endure my wrist’s pain, so this battle will be successful!

BTS vol 08 183.jpg

The Fourth Question[edit]

Please fill in the correct answer into the blank provided.

“The force that combines molecules in liquids and solids is called ( ).”

Mizuki Himeji’s answer:

“(Van der Waals) force.”

Teacher’s comment:

“Correct. It is also known as intermolecular force. Please mind that Van der Waals force is easily confused with Coulomb’s force.”

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“(Wandervogel)[7] force.”

Teacher’s comment:

At least you still have some idea what the answer sounds like. Unfortunately, the answer is not the force of climbing mountains, but the force between molecules.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“(Work) force”

Teacher’s comment:

I don’t hate your answer.

BTS ShinobiMuttsurini.jpg

“You failed even at such a good moment, you useless garbage”

I felt like crying.

“Sakamoto-kun, what did you mean by "you failed"?”

Once we were back in class F, we gathered around Yuuji’s seat. Yuuji, the main organizer of the Summoning War against Class D, seemed to have finished his job. And he was just sitting there, sighing while shaking his head.

“You still dare to talk?! Because you idiot ran away at the last minute, all our efforts are in vain now. After witnessing such a scene, no one in their right mind would believe that Shimada and Akihisa are in a relationship.”

Then, Yuuji hit my head with a rolled-up script.

Muu......I was thinking about my beet red wrist at that moment, and didn’t even know what happened. Did my acting skills really suck?

“I’d say, the only good news is that Shimada looks as if she harbors affection for Yoshii…… but this alone won’t be enough to cause that Shimizu to freak out.”

Hideyoshi, who was standing beside Yuuji, let out a sigh. If it was just Yuuji alone saying it, I wouldn’t have minded, but now that even Hideyoshi said that, then it must be true. Damn it, we failed again……

“Even if you want to have another go, Shimada is still quite pissed off, and you even happily came back to class together with Himeji......”

I turned my head to look at Minami’s seat, which was pretty far from Yuuji’s, but Minami just let out a “Hmmph” and looked away when she noticed me. It’s over for me; she looks mad.

“I…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone back to class together with Akihisa-kun, it would have been weird if Minami-chan and Akihisa-kun were having a relationship for real……”

“Actually, there shouldn’t be any problem since both of you are classmates....I’d think that the real problem was that Akihisa dumped Shimada, and then you two came back for now. Ignoring what others think, Shimada’s thoughts are obvious, right?”

Although it was all just an act, I, who was acting as Minami’s boyfriend, came back to class with Himeji-san instead, so this must’ve hurt Minami’s pride. I never meant for that to happen all along……

“Never mind that, Akihisa, you should apologize to Shimada.”

Yuuji pointed at her direction with his chin.

Yuuji’s right. Minami was angry at me all along. She agreed to act with me even though she was reluctant, and I embarrassed her in the end. This must’ve been very unreasonable to her. I should really apologize to her.

“You’re right. I’ll apologize to her now.”

I stood up and walk towards Minami’s seat.

Although my intentions were good, it still couldn’t change the fact that I hurt her.

“Minami, about that……”

I stuttered to Minami, who was unhappy and gazing outside the window.

“……What do you want?”

She might have replied, but she still wouldn’t look at me. She stared at me from the corner of her eye for only a moment.

“About that, I’m really sorry.”

I still couldn’t raise my head even though I knew that she was looking elsewhere. She still wouldn’t look at me, not even once.

“I don’t want to bother you anymore. Don’t you prefer hanging out with Mizuki?”

“No, it was just a coincidence that I met Himeji-san at the corridor.”

“I don’t want to listen to your excuses.”


Damn, I’m already out of ideas.

It has to be done like this; I can only use Hideyoshi’s lines to convince her.

“But, if it continues like this, Himeji-san will……”

She might be forced to transfer – I wanted to say it, but Minami suddenly stared at me sharply.

“……It’s always Mizuki, Mizuki, why are you always like this?”


“Why do you always treat her like a princess?! Then what am I? Do you treat me as a guy? Why do you always treat me like this?!”

I’ve never seen Minami this angry before, and she even said so much in one shot.

“I, I never meant that……”

“If Mizuki really needs to transfer out, then I’ll talk to her parents myself. Stop bugging me now, I don’t want to see you anymore!”

After saying this, she turned her head away.

Seems that no matter how hard I try, she wouldn’t look at me again.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

I bowed down to apologize again, and I then returned to where everyone was.

They looked at me, their faces implying “even you can’t do anything.”

“She’s really pissed off……”

“I’d feel the same way.”

Hideyoshi and the gang must’ve heard my conversation with Minami.

“I’m sorry, I’ll apologize to her again……”

“……Wait until her anger recedes first.”

“Uh huh, Muttsurini is right. If Akihisa and Himeji aren’t careful, it’ll make Shimada even angrier.”

“Really, you……wait for her to calm down, Akihisa. You have to settle the problem between you and Shimada.”

“Yeah, I will.”

I really did a lot of cruel things to Minami today….

“Let’s put this matter aside for now. If this continues, Class D won’t declare a Summoning War with us no matter how long we wait. That’s why we have to improvise.”

After changing the topic, Yuuji’s expression is as attentive and cool as ever. Leaving Minami’s rage aside for now, our Class F is at a disadvantage.

I’m really concerned about how Minami’s feeling now, I should pay attention to Yuuji’s question.

“Muttsurini, what is the situation report of Class B”?

“……Three quarters of their class have already replenished their points, and a small portion have prepared for declaration of war.”

“I see……They’re faster than expected. I think they’re serious this time.”

“……They were replenishing their points even during their breaks.”

They even used their noon breaks and other breaks to do the tests. This means that they’re going to finish replenishing their points. It’s just a matter of time before Class B declares a Summoning War against us.

“We need to buy ourselves more time before setting the trap for Class D. Muttsurini, please deliver the false reports with Sugawa.”

“……What will it be about?”

“Just say that Class D is getting ready for a Summoner Test War and they’re targeting Class B.”


After seeing Muttsurini nod, I still couldn’t understand Yuuji’s real intentions. How would we benefit from this if we deliver false reports of Class D’s imminent declaration of war against Class B?

“Yuuji, why are you doing this?”

“It’s just to buy us some time. If Class B realizes that they're getting attacked by Class D, they'll try avoiding other upcoming battles. They’ll think twice before declaring war on us.”

I see. If Class B declares war against us, it means they’ll be hard-pressed to participate in the next battle, so they’ll have to keep a tight watch on Class D’s movements. The preparations they made to fight against us might be wasted on their war against Class D.

“My actual plan was to let Class C attack them.”

“But Class C lost their last Summoner Test War against Class A.”

Unfortunately, Class C shared the same conditions with us, so they couldn’t declare Summoner Test Wars. Thus, it can’t be helped.

“Oh, Muttsurini, you can just spread a little part of the false reports. Leave the rest to Sugawa since I have another important mission for you.”


Muttsurini finished speaking and walked towards Sugawa. Sugawa has experience with delivering false reports, so both of them can probably accomplish their mission perfectly.

“Good, next is Hideyoshi.”

“Oh, what do you want me to do?”

“I’d like you to lure out Class D's Shimizu for negotiations. Can you do this?”

“I don’t mind…..but what are the negotiations for?”

“Just do as you see fit. Our only aim is to provoke Shimizu and increase their enmity towards our class. If she falls for it, we’ll be successful and the other way around if she don’t, it’s this simple.”

Shimizu-san is the core figure of Class D. Although Yuuji didn’t say much, this negotiation is crucial to Class F’s future plans.

“Oh, and to lure out Shimizu……I have to bring Shimada with me, right?”

“Right, it’s easier to provoke them this way. And mind you, things may go awry if they're to meet face-to-face, but you can leave that to me.”

I glanced at Minami again, and she’s still looking out the window with the same pose. I couldn’t see her expression from here, but I could feel the anger seeping out from her.

In this situation, I don’t think I can provoke them with Minami. But, Yuuji probably has another idea to get this done.

“Oh, in that case, I’ll just have to try my best. I don’t think it’s realistic to assume that things will be back to normal, but it won’t be impossible to ask her to come with me to provoke Shimizu.”

I feel rather sorry that I'm unable to do things right because of my impulsiveness……

“You can leave this to me. So, the negotiation will be held in an empty classroom after school, is that alright?”

“Do it then. Before that, we’ll have to delay Class B from declaring war.”

“I understand.”

Hideyoshi stood up and left the classroom. Of course, he’s probably thinking of convincing Minami to hurry up and negotiate with D class.

And so, only Yuuji, Minami and I were still in the class.

I was trying to come up with a plan, but Yuuji interrupted me with an irrelevant question.

“By the way, Akihisa……”


“What did you have for breakfast?”

What did I eat? Time is running out, so how can Yuuji still have the time to chat about breakfast?

“Yuuji, do we even have time to chat?”

“Never mind about that, just answer my question, it’s very important!”

My breakfast is important? What is he trying to say? I really can’t understand that guy.

I don’t think there’s anything to hide about this, so I answered him truthfully.

“Just water as usual.”

After hearing my answer, Yuuji suddenly gave an exaggerated expression like one of those foreigners on those night shopping channels.

“Just water? How can that do, Akihisa?! You're the key to this battle; you need to replenish your energy with real food. Right, Himeji?”

“Oh? That’s right. I was worried that Akihisa-kun never had an actual meal.”

What’s happening? This bastard Yuuji is suddenly concerned about my eating habits; that’s a little suspicious. I think there is an evil intention hiding behind that kindness, so I’m not being paranoid, am I?

“Perfect timing Himeji.”


My sixth sense is telling me-- THIS GUY IS TRYING TO MURDER ME.

“Is there any food that you can give – ”

“As I was saying, I had toast and fried eggs for breakfast! Ahhh~ It really feels different when you have breakfast, I feel really energized.”

I chose to lie to avoid an imminent disaster. Himeji-san’s food cannot be eaten no matter what!

But unexpectedly, Yuuji’s ignoring my anxiousness as he even smiled at me and said,

“No, no, no, I understand your manly attitude of not wanting to let Himeji worry, but you shouldn't ignore her intentions, just tell her the truth.”

I don’t want to die. (This is the truth.)

But, I can’t bear to say such a painful truth; I remain silent with my mouth wide open. As I was thinking what to say next, Himeji-san talks before I can do so.

“I’m sorry. Lunch break is over, so I don’t have any food left for Yoshii-kun.”

Himeji-san apologized a lot to me. To me, her reply made me really happy. This is great…..Damn great!

Although I didn’t know what Yuuji was planning, I managed to foil his plans. Thinking of this, I’d like to see the frustration on that bastard’s face, as I was turning my head to look at him –

(Akihisa, you are too naive.)

Unexpectedly, he hinted at me with his eyes. What? What is this?

“Really? I guess you ran out of food then. I hope it isn’t too much trouble……but can you make some simple food for Akihisa?”

What’s next was Yuuji basically opening the door to Hell with his bare hands.


“Hey, Akihisa. Why am I the only one hearing you whispering ‘cook for me, cook for me’? You're a rather weird guy.”

You infidel!

What now? Is this my punishment? A death sentence? You are trying to take revenge on me with this evil trick just because of my failure just now?

“It’s ok, but about the ingredients……”

“Don’t worry, I borrowed (illegally) the culinary classroom’s key, the ingredients there are complete.”

Yuuji took out a key from his pocket while speaking.

This is an organized sin! Does he really hate me that much!?

“I understand. Akihisa-kun, what do you want to eat?”

Oblivious to my current emotions, she asked me with a smiling face.

What do I want to eat? Yes, if I make the right choice, the probability of me dying from food poisoning will be lower. I’ll just limit the ingredients. What dishes are there that can’t be poisoned……Then, I’ll choose omelette (Ingredients : Just eggs)!

“Erm, I’d like to eat……”

“You can have jelly then.”

Jelly (Ingredients : Not specific).


“What happened, Akihisa? You don’t have to look at me with such teary eyes like a Chihuahua that has been abandoned.”


My one and only, precious life!

“Jelly? Ok then, I’ll put effort into making it!”

“Sorry for the trouble, it’ll be better if you can pack the jelly like a nutrition packet drink, I think the sports team should have some drink packets left inside the culinary classroom.”

The sports team frequently uses the culinary classroom to make nutrition drinks. I think that's what Yuuji meant. But I never wanted things to be this way.

“I’ll go prepare it now.”

“Ok, thanks again.”


After taking the key from Yuuji, Himeji-san left the classroom.

“……Yuuji, what are you trying to do?”

I watched Himeji-san disappear from my sight, then glared at Yuuji who was standing still.

“I have no evil intention at all; a part of my plan needs Himeji’s food to be involved.”

“Huh? Needs her food?”

“That’s right.”

“What, if that was it, you should have told me sooner.”

I still don’t know what's happening, but since Yuuji’s intention wasn’t to punish me, this is great!

“Hey, that might be, but I can’t guarantee that Himeji won’t force you to eat it.”

Correction, it’s simply bad news.


I hurriedly stood up and tried to chase her down.

“Akihisa, where are you going?”

“To chase her down, of course! I must see for myself what she's making at least!”

I have no idea what ingredients she's going to use. I thought I should have an ambulance ready.

“If so, I’ll go with you, I’m also curious to find out how Himeji cooks.”

Yuuji had been endangered by her food more than once before. He must be curious about how she prepares those murderous foods.

“Hahaha! Yuuji, you don’t have to be so courteous. You don’t actually just want to see it, you want to eat it too, right? It’s not too late; I’ll ask her to make your share.”

“Oh God, I don’t want to die yet.”

I don’t want to die either.

“Hahaha, thanks but no thanks……I’m serious.”

“Hahaha, there’s no need……I’m also serious.”

While chatting happily with Yuuji, we hasten our footsteps to catch up with Himeji-san.

We finally reached the culinary classroom after awhile. Himeji-san is probably preparing the ingredients inside.

“I’ll open the door then.”

“Open it.”

We pushed open the door stealthily to avoid being noticed by Himeji-san, trying to find out what was happening inside.

Himeji-san could be heard walking around the culinary classroom. I focused my eyes to confirm what was happening at the cooking station.

Her preparations at the beginning seemed rather normal to me.

Himeji-san took two bowls from the cupboard, and then added a few ingredients. One of them was gelatin, and the other should be sugar.

(What the hell, everything seems rather normal.)

(True. If she’s making jelly with these ingredients, there shouldn’t be any problem.)

(If so, I’ll be troubled.)

As I was thinking what there is to be troubled about, I heard Himeji-san muttering something to herself.

“I think……I’ll mix the cocoa powder with corn bisque powder first……”

And then something unbelievable happened.

(Hey, Yuuji! What is Himeji-san trying to do? What she is making now is far from jelly!)

(Akihisa, just shut up, or you’ll be caught by her.)

My idea of food is starting to collapse. So horrifying, this is too horrifying.

“Should I add in mandarin or leek? I wonder which one Akihisa-kun prefers.”


(I’m guessing that she’s making something very nutritional for you who can’t even afford bentos……She has completely ignored how bad it would taste.)


She’s always thinking of making something like a feast, but that’s what makes us miserable.

“Then, the seasoning will be taba–”

(Akihisa, you can stop listening. You won’t dare to eat it.)

(Wait! At least let me know whether she added in “tobacco” or “Tabasco”[8]!)

Please! If you really want to add something, just add the spicy Tabasco to kill me with spiciness!

(There’s no time left, you don’t have to be stubborn at this point.)


My resistance was in vain as Yuuji pulled me away by my collar.

This bastard! I’ll have him eat this murderous meal somehow!

“Now, we’ll go to the third floor of the school’s new building, we need to act like we're carefree and messing around there.”

“Huh? I thought you said that there wasn’t any time left? Now you want me to act carefree?”

Yuuji then said something that confused me even more. Maybe this is about starting the war.

“This is to convince Class B and D that we are oblivious to what is happening. If our act isn’t seen through, we’ll be able to buy some time from Class B and let Class D declare war on us.”

Classes A to D are all located at the third floor of the new school building. We’re acting carefree to let them think that Class F isn’t replenishing their points. Class B will think that we don’t know anything, and will thus continue to replenish their points; and Class D will think that this is a free win. As a result, both classes will fall for our trap, and we’ll be at advantage. I see, Yuuji’s planned everything carefully.

“Once Muttsurini spreads the false reports of Class D’s enmity with Class B, Class B will decide to declare war on Class D. Providing that, Class B will think that we are oblivious, and will continue replenishing their points before declaring war on us. D class will probably think that this is an easy battle for them once they know that we’re not replenishing our points. In that case, both classes will fall into our trap, and the situation will greatly benefit us.

Even though this was what Yuuji said, I still thought that this chaotic situation was hard to grasp. I tried to sort out his explanation in my head.

First is Class B. Their intention is to declare war on Class F, but since they lost to us once, they’re most likely more wary about us and are replenishing their points now. They won’t do anything before the Shoukanjuu Summoning System is repaired or until they've finish replenishing their points. Class B still hasn’t declared war on us because they want to let us think that they don’t have any intention to fight us. While we’re in the dark, we won’t be hard pressed to replenish our points, and it can also mean an easy win for them. On the other hand, if they were to find out that we knew of their planning all along, they’ll declare war on us that instant.

Then Class D. Their class is divided into two teams against us, one offense, one defense. The leader of the offensive team is Shimizu Miharu-san, and the leader of the defensive team is none other than their class representative, Hiraga Genji-kun. Under Shimizu-san’s pressure, the offensive team is to get ready, but things are different now. Shimizu-san is jealous of my relationship with Minami, but she is calm at the moment. In this case, they won’t declare Summoner Test War on us. They’ll just sit it out.

And now, our Class F. In terms of our current condition, we are defenseless against Class B. To prevent this from happening, we’ll have to let Class D declare war on us before they do. If that happens, we’ll have plenty of time to replenish our points after finishing the war with Class D – This is our side’s idea. We'll wait until we finish replenishing our points, and Class B will think twice before declaring war on us. They should’ve learnt their lesson after the last war.

Finally, I’ll analyze the current condition. We are trying to provoke Class D’s Shimizu-san, but we failed, it’s harder to provoke them into declaring war on us now. On the other hand, Class B is replenishing their points smoothly now, they’ll declare war on us soon. To prevent them from doing so, Muttsurini is spreading the news “Class D wants to attack Class B” in the dark, but we still don’t know how effective it's going to be. Although we can’t wait for Class D to declare war on us, at this point, we still have no idea about how things will turn out.

BTS vol 04 149.png

I guess this is how the situation's like. It may seem complicated, but in a nutshell, our current priority is only to buy some time, or we’ll be in huge trouble.

“About your last question, this will also make Class D declare war on us……But you still can’t understand, no matter how I explain it.”

What Yuuji is implying should be about our carefree attitude at the third floor – It may be so, but will Class D declare war on us just because of this? Frankly speaking, I still don’t understand. Unlike Yuuji, my head isn’t full of evil ideas, since I’ve wasted lots of energy trying to understand the current situation.

“You’re right. Tell me later. As I was saying, what you meant by hanging out, is it just walking around for no reasons?”

Although it is just to put our enemies off guard, I still don’t know how to do it right. It might be self-studying time, classes are still going on, it will be unnatural if we’re just hanging around.

“It’ll be boring if we just hang around, so why don’t we play a game?”

“Hmm, ok.”

Playing games is better than walking around with nothing to do.

“Then, we’ll just play a game of English words. I’ll ask about an English word, you’ll give me the definition. Of five questions, it will be considered a loss if you can’t answer one."

Ah, a game of English words……A game that is impossible for me to win.

But, there shouldn’t be a problem. After all, nothing is at stake here. We’re just killing time.

“Ok, give me your best shot.”

“Good, the penalty is that ‘the loser will heed the winner’s instruction without any question’.”


I thought he'd just added a weird condition.

“Wait, just wait a sec, Yuuji!”

I tried to stop him nervously, but Yuuji didn’t listen as he started the game anyway.


Astronaut…Ah, what? Great, I think I’ve heard it before. This shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll just calm myself down before answering.

I’m thinking, astronaut, astrout……asront……

(asphalt):The black material used to pave a road, main composition is carbohydrate.

Should be something like this.

“Akihisa, do you know the answer?”

There’s a smile on Yuuji’s face as he probably thinks that I don’t know. Hmmph. You are too naive, I’m not an idiot all the time.

“Of course I do.”

In order to contend with him, I let out a smile. It’s my win this time.

“Oh? Why don’t you say it then?”

I didn’t say the answer directly in order to rattle Yuuji.

“It is mostly used on road, right?”

“I won.”

Yuuji declared himself as the winner instantly as if I were an idiot – I, I still haven’t given the answer.

“How can you make such conclusions when you haven’t heard my answer?! The winner will only be decided when the game ends!”

“Hehe, not giving up eh? Think about it, how can the term ‘astronaut’ be used for roads?”


(astronaut) : Asphalt? Nope, it’s astronaut.

“……I made this mistake because I was careless……”

“Wait! I think this word is too simple to be mistaken carelessly!”

Such a shame; just one more step. I could only blame myself for letting my guard down too soon.

“I guess a loss is a loss……I’ll just admit defeat then, Yuuji.”

If results can only be classified in circles and crosses, my answer will get a cross this time. Even so, I am a man; I should be brave enough to admit my mistake.

“If you won’t admit your mistake no matter what, then you aren’t fit to be human……”

Yuuji looked at me with frustration. What, what'?

Yuuji’s turn has ended, and now it’s mine. –

“Now it’s Kirishima-san’s turn to ask the question.”

“……I’ll do my best.”

Kirishima-san, who was standing behind Yuuji, nodded. She looks mature on the outside, so she looks cute when she does something slightly childish like this.

BTS vol 04 159.jpg

“Ack! Sho, Shouko?! When did you……”

Yuuji panicked and turned his head hastily. Huh? He really didn’t notice her?

“I thought……she was there all along when we started this game.”

“……I came over instantly when Yuuji said ‘the loser will heed the winner’s instruction without any questions’.”

I see. Kirishima-san immediately came over once she heard that line. I guess she’s not only smart and beautiful, but also has good hearing.

“Ok, then it’s Kirishima-san’s turn to ask and Yuuji’s turn to answer.”

“……I understand.”

“Wait, wait a moment! Why wasn’t I told that she's also joining us?”

“I don’t think it’s good to say this when we’ve come this far. Or maybe you’re a guy who uses those kind of excuses to escape, Yuuji.”

That’s what Yuuji had said. If I were to repeat his lines, I didn’t think he can do anything.

“Oh…..I. I’m fine with that! I’ll answer it correctly no matter what the question is!”

Luckily, Yuuji’s easily manipulated in this situation; I don’t have to waste so much effort.

“That’s more like it. Kirishima-san, you can start now.”

“……Ok, let me think –“

Shouko was holding her jaw, as if thinking what she should ask.


Ta! (Yuuji turned around and tried to run.)

Ka! (I grabbed his shoulder.)

“Yuuji, where do you think you’re going?”

Yuuji tried to escape the scene once Kirishima-san asked the question. Trying to run away because you can’t answer? Too naive, just too naive.

Even so, it’s not that I couldn’t understand Yuuji’s feelings. I did find it a little boring that he got the death penalty at the first question.

“Kirishima-san, I think it’s too cruel to just kill him, why don’t you change your question?”

“……Okay then.”

Nodding silently, Kirishima-san accepted my advice. I guess she’s still got a good heart.

“’prize’……it’s ‘prize’ right[9]?"

This time Yuuji answered rather fluently. Shouko said “Correct” naively then proceeded to the next question.



“……’engagement ring’.”

“’engagement ring’.”




Ta! (Yuuji turned around and tried to run again.)

Ka! (I grabbed his shoulder again.)

“As I was saying, where do you think you’re going, Yuuji?”

“Akihisa, let me go! Please I beg you, let me go quickly!”

Oh, trying to run away just because you can’t answer, that’s just too sly.

“You bastard! After hearing those English words, you should know how scared I am by now.”

Let me think, if those English words form a sentence – “get” “engagement ring” “as” “prize” which I guess means, if Kirishima-san win this game, she hope Yuuji will buy her an engagement ring?

“Hahaha, Kirishima-san was just fooling around. We are still underaged, so how can we afford an engagement ring……”


A jewelry shop catalogue fell from Kirishima-san’s hand accidentally.

“……Just joking.”

After muttering these words, Kirishima-san then picked up the catalogue from the floor embarrassedly.


“Hahaha, Yuuji. I feel worried because you keep whispering ‘I’m dying, really dying’ into my ear.”

I will never forget those blank eyes.

“Alright, Yuuji, hurry up and answer.”

“’betrothed’ ah……’betray’ is ‘betray’, so does ‘betrothed’ means ‘betrayed’?”

“Kirishima-san, what is the correct answer?”

“……It’s Yuuji.”

“Does it mean a death row convict?”

“……It means ‘fiance’.”

I see, so “betrothed” meant a fiancé.

“I guess Yuuji lost for saying the wrong answer. As promised, you’ll have to follow whatever Kirishima-san says.”

Yuuji’s expression is becoming gloomier. It’s really rare to see such a blissful moment.

“Shouko, you just said that……it’s a joke, right?”

“……Yeah, the engagement ring was a joke.”

To even prepare the catalogue just for a joke, Kirishima-san is so mischievous.

“Just say it, what do you want me to do?”

“…….I want –“

Kirishima-san lowered her blushing head and spoke softly,

“……I’m too shy, I can’t say this in front of others……”

“What? What do you really want me to do?”

A request too shameful to be said in front of others? Although it seems unlikely, I still feel that this is related to what Muttsurini likes best.

“……You actually wanted me to say it in front of everyone, Yuuji? You’re so perverted.”


“Why are you attacking me? I didn’t even say anything!”

“Shut up! Explain everything, including the “kissing Kirishima-san who was asleep” you mentioned this morning!”

“Wait! I don’t remember saying that this morning. Actually it’s……”

“……Not just a kiss.”

That line released the first seal in my body.

“I’ll let you have a taste……of the rampage I can unleash by combining my envy and hatred!”

“Uh oh! I can’t see Akihisa’s movements!”

“……After kissing, we even slept together.”

Second seal released.

“Ugh! How, how can it be….I’m actually losing to Akihisa in terms of strength……”

“……It was so comfortable.”

Last seal released.

“And there’s a clone of you – No, is it an afterimage!? You are not human anymore!!”

“My heart that is ‘so envious that I want to kill you’ can do the impossible!”

“Consider yourself lucky! Since things have become like this, I guess I have to get serious too!”

The 3rd floor of the new school building was filled with a burnt smell caused by the friction of shoes soles at this point.

“Haa, haa, haa……Nearly lost my life there……”

“Did, didn’t think that Ironman……would, would actually appear at that kind of place……”

We’re back in Class F. Yuuji and I were having a life and death battle at the 3rd floor of the new school building. We never expected Ironman to appear suddenly, and we barely escaped from him before returning to our class.

“But, our, our objective……can be considered……accomplished……”

“That’s, that’s right……the, the other students should’ve seen it……right……”

Before the long chase with the muscular, evil looking Ironman, students from Class A to D came out to the corridor to see what all the ruckus was about. Just like this, Yuuji’s goal is accomplished.

“Hoo……I think we wasted a lot of time, but we are still right on schedule. Is Muttsurini back?

“I’ll take a look……”

I looked around the classroom, and Muttsurini happened to return as his profile came in sight.

“Oh, so you’re back. How’s the mission of the false reports?”

“……Everything is going according to plan.”

Not showing off deliberately, Muttsurini gave us a straight answer.

How should I say though? He looks rather professional now.

“…….Just say what is needed to be done next.”

“Good. Let’s wait for Himeji to return, and then we’ll take the next step.”

Himeji-san was nowhere in the class, so she must still be busy making that jelly. If I could help it, I really hope that Himeji-san will be merciful.

“As I was saying, Yuuji, you actually thought through so much just to make her cook. What do you actually want to do?”

You still want Himeji-san to cook in such a critical situation. I don’t think it's just to get back at me, is it? I think Yuuji probably got some trick up his sleeves.

“Himeji’s food will be our assassination weapon.”

If the person herself personally heard such an explanation, she’d be really hurt.

“Assassination weapon? On who?”

“That B class guy, of course.”

“But, will Nemoto-kun eat what we give him? He will be suspicious of our movements.”

Due to Nemoto-kun’s personality, it wouldn’t work, even if it’s someone else other than us. I couldn’t think of any way to make him eat it easily.

“No, our target isn’t Nemoto. Even if we assassinate him, we can’t stop Class B’s operation.”

I thought about the intel that Muttsurini brought. Nemoto-kun already gave the order for war by that time, so even if he’s down now, it wouldn’t stop anything.

“Our actual target is the messenger sent by Class B to Class D. I think Class B is trying to form an alliance with Class D.”


“Once the false reports Muttsurini spreads reaches their ears, Class B will commence their counter. At that time they’ll really find Class D to start an alliance. If just sending a messenger can prevent a war from happening, I think they’d do it.”

I see. Class B will try to negotiate secretly with Class D just to evade an upcoming war.

“Eh? Wouldn’t it be worse this way? If the Class B messenger were to start an alliance with Class D, wouldn’t our false reports of ‘Class D impending attack on Class B’ be found out?”

If they were to find out about the false reports that we spread, our plan to buy time will fail. The guys from class B have nearly finished replenishing their points. Won’t we be waiting for our deaths?

“That’s why I need Class B’s messenger assassinated. If that messenger is down for the count, Class B will acknowledge the hostility of Class D towards them. If so, they can’t form an alliance, and it’ll also increase the suspicion towards each other.”

How can this guy think of such treacherous ideas? From this day on, I’ll be careful not to become his enemy.

“But, if you are to assassinate him, why not with a taser? I don’t think you have to trouble Himeji-san to cook just to poison him.”

“If we use a taser, his cries will be heard, and we’ll be caught.”

“Just cover his mouth then.”

“Are you a moron? If we do it that way, we’d be electrocuted too.”


Even without using Himeji-san’s food, there should be other methods to assassinate that messenger.

“Don’t think too much. I chose Himeji’s food just to fulfill my personal interest.”

Just when Yuuji’s saying this line that totally inhumane and lacks empathy for my life—

“Eh? Sakamoto-kun, you really like my food?”

Himeji-san accidentally overhears his words.


*screech**screech**screech*, Yuuji turned his head slowly and clumsily like a robot to look at Himeji-san.

“That’s good, to hear you say that, I feel really happy. But if Kirishima-san were to know about it, I think she’d be angry.”

Himeji then smiled happily.


I silently put my hand on Yuuji’s shoulder to console him.

“Welcome to my world (thumbs up).”

“You damn bastard, what's with that hearty smile of yours that pisses me off?!”

Just like this, I have someone to accompany me. For this trip to hell, the more the merrier.

“I've also prepared Sakamoto-kun’s share. We’ll eat together if you guys don’t mind.”

Himeji gave us the jelly drink in packets while smiling.

“So, so uh……thanks for the trouble, I’ll keep it until I’m hungry.”

“Me, me too, thank you, Himeji-san.”

“No problem, it’s no big deal.”

Himeji-san is just so innocent, which is why I can’t bear to say ‘hope you’ll cook something that tastes good’. I wouldn’t mind if it doesn’t taste really good, I just hope that she won’t make any more of those horrifying foods that make us stand on the line between life and death.

“If so, Akihisa, Muttsurini, let’s go.”



We carried our weapons in our hands and headed to the new school building where Class A to D are.

(Wow, he really comes.)

(Seems that way. Guess I was right.)

In order to stay unnoticed, we hid near the stairs to observe Class B. Soon after, we finally saw a guy came out from Class B.

(There’s only one enemy. Did you predict that too?)

(Ya, Class B is still busy replenishing their points, they don’t have many messengers to send out. Considering the situation they are in, I guessed that they’d just send one guy to start the alliance.)

That’s why we need to assassinate him.

That’s right. If the enemy is a crowd, they’ll be hard to assassinate.

(Will the assassination be smooth?)

(If we dispatch Muttsurini, this assassination will be absolutely successful. Just watch with your eyes.)

I stared harder as I saw that Class B guy walked towards Class D.

There weren’t many people, but there were still at least three or more students passing by him each moment. How do we complete this assassination stealthily without alerting the crowd?

The messenger only needs to walk a short distance from Class B to Class D. In less than 30 seconds, he’d be knocking on Class D’s main door, and I was starting to get nervous because of this……Muttsurini, aren’t you intending to make your move?

The messenger is only 5 meters away from Class D.

(Yuuji, are you sure there aren’t any problems?)

As I asked Yuuji, the messenger didn’t slow down.

There’s still 3 meters.

(Don’t worry, just believe in Muttsurini.)

Two more meters, and Muttsurini still hasn’t done anything.

(But, the distance is……)

But, just before the messenger was 1 meter away from the main door of Class D, something passed by my sight out of a sudden.



A ‘ke!’ sound came from the wall not far away from the messenger. What’s going on? I stared harder, and saw a utility knife was stuck into the wall……No; it’s not just a utility knife. There’s a photo stuck on the wall with the knife. Is this just a different version of an arrow with a message?

“What is that?”

“Something seems to be stuck on it.”

“Isn’t it a photo?”

Everyone was focused on the photo and utility knife, and those students walking around the corridors gathered under the utility knife – Eventually, even the Class B messenger walked towards the crowd.

“……(Sha! Sha!)”

Muttsurini silently approaches the messenger. Right now, the surrounding stares are all gathered at the utility knife and the photo. No one’s noticing what’s going on behind.


“—Ugh! Ack!”

The messenger who was unaware of his impending death craned his neck to take a peek at the photo, and the next second, he was choked from behind by Muttsurini with both hands as his mouth was covered. His eyes immediately bulged, clearly stunned by this sudden turn of events.

Then, Muttsurini’s hand is holding the weapon – There’s no mistake, that is Himeji-san’s jelly.


“—Ugh!—Ack! Ugh!”

Through the gaps between his fingers, Muttsurini squeezed out the jelly through the mouthpiece. The messenger was struggling, trying to stop Muttsurini.

Just as everyone was looking at the photo stuck on the wall, they were oblivious of a fight between life and death that just took place behind them.

Yuuji and I watched this scene while holding our breath as the fight between Muttsurini and the messenger was coming to an end.

Glug, glug……

The lethal poison slowly entered the messenger’s throat, accompanied by cool sound effects.

“Ha……Ha…You……You are……Muttsurini…….”

“……(squeezes harder)”

Facing the vengeful glare of a dying person, Muttsurini emptied the contents of the packet into his mouth mercilessly.

The messenger’s hand suddenly jerked – and he wasn't even able to move in the next moment.

Showing no mercy when facing an enemy, an assassin is a synonym of ruthlessness.

BTS vol 04 169.jpg

(……Assassination complete.)

Muttsurini walked towards us while holding the guy's limp body.

(Awesome, your nimble wrist amazes me, Muttsurini.)

(……There’s no need to mention such a small thing.)

Muttsurini remained unmoved as Yuuji praised him, and then threw the body into Class B with his nimble arms into a corner B class can see, but Class D cannot.

(……With this, Class B will immediately find this corpse.)

(Very good. There is nothing left to be done, let’s go back to class.)

(Right, I’m thinking about what to do next.)

We pretended to know nothing of what just happened as we turned around and headed for our Class F.

“The girl in the photo who was wearing a sailor uniform looks rather cute.”

“Agree. But, don’t you think that she resembles a certain idiot from Class F?”

“So what? I think it isn’t too bad, being cute is enough.”

What’s going on? I’m rather bothered by the conversation behind me!

BTS DelinquentYuuji.jpg

The Fifth Question[edit]

Please write down the correct pronunciation of the phrases below, and then make sentences with them.


Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“Pronunciation, SOUSAI. Sentence: Just use the profit earned from trades to offset those liabilities.”

Teacher’s comment:

Correct. It means ‘to offset liabilities’, and this term is regularly used for debit and credit.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“Pronunciation, SOUSATSU. Sentence: Offset the enemy’s power by fighting fist to fist.

Teacher’s comment:

Unfortunately, you’re wrong. Although it can also be pronounced ‘SOUSATSU’, the meaning would be ‘killing each other’. The correct pronunciation is ‘SOUSAI’, this time your answer offsets Shimada’s sentence.

Shimada Minami’s answer:

“Pronunciation, AISATSU[10].

Sentence: On a quiet and peaceful morning, my friends and I kill each other.

Teacher’s comment:

I don’t think a morning such as this can be considered quiet and peaceful.

BTS AkiChan.jpg

After finishing the assassination, we continued to observe Class B’s every move. While the 6th period was still ongoing, Class B finally started to send a message as expected.

“Did we succeed in buying some time?”

As previously said, all of our Class F’s periods this afternoon are self-studying periods, and for now, we are gathering beside Yuuji’s seat in order to have a strategic discussion.

“Although we couldn’t buy more time, I think it’s enough to last till tomorrow..”

At least Class B won’t even have a clue that we were the one behind this before that poisoned messenger regains consciousness..

However, we can only delay this for just one day, today. Tomorrow, once that messenger revives, he’ll spit everything out, and then Class B will find Class D to sort things out. Then, a large enemy that can’t be dealt with through assassination will attack.

Our deadline is today. No, strictly speaking, it should be until tomorrow morning. Once tomorrow morning arrives, if Class D declares war against us, then our plans can be considered successful.

In this circumstance, there’s only one problem left to be solved.

“Hideyoshi, how’s your negotiation going with Class D?”

“Un, I’ve already asked Shimizu out. She’ll be waiting for us in an empty classroom of the old school building after school.”

The stage was set properly, and what was left was just to provoke Class D.

“Yuuji, have you thought on how to force Class D to declare war on us?”

“Of course, I have an ace up my sleeve.”

Yuuji’s line felt very reliable. Provoking and insulting is this guy’s specialty after all! We should have no problem if we leave this huge assignment to him.

“But, Akihisa, you will have to keep your mouth shut. If you and Shimada aren’t together, we won’t be able to provoke Shimizu, so I'll have to let you guys follow. If you are to speak anything random, there may be irreversible consequences, so you really have to keep your mouth shut.”

“I know, we’ll just leave this matter to you to sort it out, Yuuji.”

All I needed to do is follow them to the scene, and say a few words. In such a situation, we can’t allow any failures, and I do feel relaxed for the fact that I only need to say a few words when acting.

“……There’s something that I’m concerned about.”

Muttsurini, who was standing beside me and fiddling with some kind of machinery, suddenly spoke up.

“Huh? Is there any problem, Muttsurini?”

“……I think Nemoto leaked some intel to Class A.”

Speaking of Nemoto-kun, he’s the class representative of Class B. As of the current circumstances, Class A shouldn't have anything to do with this, which makes this issue rather concerning.

“That’s too suspicious. They should be focusing on Class D, so why are they trying to involve Class A? Even if they involve all the other classes, the situation will worsen, and Class B wouldn't have any benefit either."

Muttsurini’s intel seemed to make Yuuji ponder for a while.


Suddenly a loud noise was heard, as the class door was opened forcefully.


The person who appeared at the door was none other than Kirishima-san, the class representative of Class A. However, why is this normally cool and collected Kirishima-san showing such a panicked look? Did something happen?

“Shouko? Why are you panicking?”

“……It has nothing to do with me. It actually concerns you, Yuuji. Why are you still here in school?!”

Is it wrong to be in school? School still hasn't ended yet. Or rather, it should be weird if he’s not in school now, isn’t it?

“Huh? What are you trying to say?”

“……Your mom fainted. Why aren’t you rushing back home to her!”

Kirishima-san spoke angrily.

Yuuji’s mother fainted? I didn’t know anything about it.

“Ah? You meant my mom? She doesn’t even have a cold; she’s as healthy as an ox!”

Yuuji also didn't look like he knew about this either.

Of course, if he had known about it, he would have rushed home to his mother by the 1st period.

“……Just get back home as soon as possible.”

Kirishima-san gripped Yuuji’s hand anxiously and pulled him away with force. She looked as if she was really worried about Yuuji’s mother.

“Hey, Shouko! Just wait for a while! I still have a very important plan –“

“This is not the time to say such things!”

Kirishima-san's growl, which I have never heard of before, caused my spine to immediately stiffen. I'm not the only one stunned as the other classmates from F class were speechless as they stare at her tugging at Yuuji.

“Shouko, I told you to wait! This is just plain weird! How can you know about it before me—“

“Don’t talk anymore!”

“Shouko, just calm down—“

Yuuji’s efforts to resist were in vain, as he was pulled out of the classroom by Kirishima-san in a short while.


This sudden turn of event stunned all of us for a short while.

“……About that, I find it rather suspicious.”

Muttsurini muttered something to me, breaking the silence.

“Uh? Is there anything wrong?”

“……Normally, if something were to happen to Yuuji’s mother, he’d the first to know about it.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

If an accident happened to his family members, Yuuji should be the first one to know about it. Even if Kirishima-san is Yuuji’s fiancée, she can’t possibly know about it earlier than Yuuji.

“I’d think……maybe they couldn’t contact Yuuji?”

“No, I don’t think so, Yuuji’s in school all the time.”

Once they know that Yuuji’s in school, the teachers will broadcast it via the school speakers. But, we didn’t hear any broadcast calling for Yuuji.

“Also, saying that Yuuji’s mother fainted……No matter how we look at it, it seems wrong.”

Yuuji never mentioned that his mother was sick. It would be more logical if it was a car accident, but fainting at home sounds more like a lie.

“Maybe……it has something to do with the news that Nemoto-kun spread out.”

“……Should be. It’s his fake report stating that Yuuji’s mother fainted.”

“How dare he!”

Hideyoshi slapped the desk in front of him.

We’ve been had. Nemoto-kun thought of using Kirishima-san to take out the troublesome Yuuji!

“This is bad! Yuuji is important in the plan to provoke Shimizu-san……”

And now, Yuuji the strategist has been taken away. In this situation, we’ll have to face the negotiation without any plan.

“Muttsurini, did that Yuuji told you anything?”

“……(shakes head)”

Muttsurini shook his head, and I didn’t hear anything from him too. From Hideyoshi’s expression, it seemed that he didn't know anything either.

Since I, who hangs out with Yuuji the most, don’t know anything, it’s even unlikely for the rest to hear anything from Yuuji.

“……I think, Yuuji must have been afraid of being eavesdropped.”

“That means Yuuji didn’t mention his plan to anyone.”

“If so, we won’t need to expect Yuuji writing any slip of paper that’s related to the strategy.”


If I had known earlier, I should’ve used that opportunity just now to ask Yuuji about his plan.

“Akihisa, why don’t you contact Yuuji with your cell phone?”

“……(nods harder)”

The duo without phones looked at me hopefully, but –

“I don’t think that’ll do. My phone has been taken for maintenance.”

“You mean that you took your phone for maintenance? If so, we have to find someone with Yuuji’s phone number and borrow his phone.”

“No. It’s true that my phone has been taken for maintenance, but that is the same for Yuuji's.”

I’m starting to regret things now. I shouldn’t have thrown Yuuji’s phone into the cup of tea. I didn’t expect things to be like this!

“Looking at Kirishima-san’s furious expression, I don’t think we can get any response even if we try to contact her……”

“I agree. If she’d be bothered to even answer the phone, Yuuji would’ve had the chance to explain things to her before then.”

I calculated the time it takes to go to Yuuji’s house and come back. No matter how I calculated, the negotiation with Shimizu-san would’ve started already before he got back. And, if Yuuji’s mother wasn’t home, it’d take longer for him to get back here.

It won’t be long until the negotiations begin, so I don’t think he’ll be able to attend it.

“Hideyoshi, can you postpone the negotiation?”

“I can’t. It’ll be fine if it’s tomorrow after school, but we can’t let Shimizu wait for a few hours after school today.”

“I see……”

If we postpone it to tomorrow, we won’t make it in time. By that time, Class B would’ve declared a Summoner Test War already and finished all of us off with ease. Even so, making Shimizu-san wait until Yuuji comes back will be a huge problem. It’s after school, and we’re asking her to wait for a few hours – Shimizu-san won’t have any reason to agree with this unreasonable demand.

“Damn it! Nemoto-kun, you are ruthless……”

“Ya, we’d only want to buy some time by making Class B suspicious of Class D, but now things have taken a bad turn.”

“……It has become troublesome.”

Is Nemoto-kun trying to buy some time too? Or maybe he’s got a plan that has something to do with the battle against Class D, and tried to get Yuuji out so we can be taken out with ease? I can’t read his thoughts, but no matter how Nemoto-kun thinks, he weakened us a lot by doing this.

“Hideyoshi, Muttsurini, do you guys have any good plan? Like……one that can provoke Shimizu-san?”

“That’s not easy……It’s easy normally, but our numerous movements today have aroused Shimizu’s suspicion. Under this condition, to be able to provoke her and make her freak out……only Yuuji is able to do such a thing.”

“……I have no plan either.”

We’re screwed. So am I, since I can’t think of any good plan. How should we do this……

I’ve racked up my brain, but couldn’t even get a small bit of idea. Damn it, we really are finished this time!

“……It’s time.”


I looked at the wall clock, and the clock's hands were pointing at the time the 6th period ends. The negotiation with Shimizu-san starts now.


Muttsurini asked. But—

“Is there any other way? Since Yuuji isn’t here, we’ll have to bite the bullet and go anyway.”

Even if we have faith in that absent bastard, it won’t change anything. We’re going there without a plan, and even if we don’t have confidence that we can successfully provoke her, we can only charge in.

“I agree. At this moment, we have no way back.”

There's not even five minutes left; we have to get ready soon.

“Anyway, only the three of us and Minami are going, right?"

“No, Muttsurini should be positioned somewhere, unnoticed. The reason I told Shimizu was ‘we’d like to apologize about the stealing issue’, so their class rep Hiraga and the girls' representative should be there to accompany her. That’s why I think we should send the same number of people as them.”

I see. If we are to discuss about the stealing incident, Hiraga-kun, the class rep of Class D, and Shimizu-san, who is at least looking angry, will attend. If the provocation goes smoothly, maybe she’ll declare war on us there and then.

“I know. We’ll just forget about the apology that we were going to give, then try our best to provoke them.”

“That’s right, our target is not only Class D’s rep Hiraga. We must try to put in more effort to provoke Shimizu. All the decision-making in Class D right now can be considered to be in Shimizu’s hands.”

“……The guys don’t even have the right to speak.”

From Muttsurini’s scouting, we noticed that the boys of Class D are always ignored, and the girls of Class D follow Shimizu-san’s lead. Thus, the key to this battle is Shimizu-san.

“Good, we must piss Shimizu-san off!”

“I understand.”


And so, the negotiation that is crucial to our class’ fate is getting closer by the second without Yuuji’s presence.

After school, once we stepped into the class where we agreed to meet, we noticed that Class D’s rep Hiraga-kun and Shimizu-san were already sitting on the chairs, waiting for us.

“Sorry for letting you guys wait.”

We pretend not to be sincerely apologizing, and simply let it pass with a ‘sorry’. We asked them out to ‘apologize’, but our actual aim is to provoke them. If we fail to provoke them, then asking them out is just a waste of time.

With these objective, we intended to show them more of our rude attitudes, but –

“Onee-sama! Miharu really misses you!”

“Miharu, wait! It’s stuffy, stop hugging me!”

But, our target ignored out presence completely as she tackled Minami straight on. It seems that other than Minami, everyone else is nothing in her eyes.

“Onee-sama, you've agreed to be alone with Miharu in an empty classroom……Onee-sama treats Miharu—

“Where, where are you touching?! And aren’t you looking at the people around you?”

“Ahah……onee-sama’s breasts are just too good……That’s right, just like a calm sea……”

Although Shimizu-san described it in a poetic way, but it’s still the same, it’s still means ‘like a horizontal washing board’.

“Onee-sama……Miharu really loves onee-sama from the bottom of her heart…….”

“Don’t, don’t be like this! I’m not interested in that!”

“There’s three hundred and sixty days in a year, and there’s not a day that Miharu isn’t thinking of onee-sama……”

I think she forgot to add in New Year’s Day and Obon[11].

“Just let go of me!”

Minami used all her strength to get Shimizu-san, who was hugging her tightly, off her.

Why does it seem that the enemy just scored the first point? Can we really piss Shimizu-san off like this?

“Shimizu, I really think that you should stop. Shimada is Akihisa’s lover, you must not simply touch Akihisa’s girlfriend.”

Hideyoshi threw the first blow. If she doesn’t really care about our apology, it’ll be best if we mention this.

Once Hideyoshi finished speaking, Shimizu-san changed her facial expression as if finally noticed that Minami’s not the only one here.

“Are you joking? Just by looking at onee-sama’s attitude, I know that she has no relationship with that swine.”

From her words, it seems she knows everything about this. After all, they just need to gather some intel, and then they’ll find out that Minami and me in a relationship is fake.


Minami didn’t react to Miharu’s reply.

She’s still angry with me, and wants to deny the fact that I’m her boyfriend, but for Class F, she has to play along. Will she deny it or just play along? I think Minami must be busy thinking about which choice to make.

“As I was saying, that swine doesn’t suit onee-sama in any way.”

Shimizu pointed at me when she was saying that.

--Doesn’t suit her?

“You are right, I know my homework sucks, and I don’t participate in any co-curriculum activities, but……”

“Homework? Co-curriculum activities? I don’t think you understand! What Miharu meant wasn’t that, it’s something more basic.”

Interrupting my sentence, Shimizu-san stared at me condescendingly and said: “Miharu has always observed both of you, and noticed that this swine’s attitude really sucks.”

My attitude really sucks? Uu…..there are too many possible reason I can think of.

“The way you treat Himeji-san and onee-sama is too different.”

As Shimizu-san was saying this, Minami jerked a little.

“You treat Himeji-san like as if you are treating a princess, but what is your attitude towards onee-sama? Not only you don’t care about her, but you don’t even give her the basic respect you should give to someone of opposite gender.”

Minami bit her lips. She looks like she is going to cry, giving a pitiful and helpless vibe.

“I’ll make it clearer, that swine doesn’t notice onee-sama’s charm, doesn’t care about onee-sama, just treats her as if she’s just another of his male friends, and is a really huge idiot. Compared with homework and looks, your basic attitude is a bigger problem, and yet, you still dare to say that you suit onee-sama. Besides…..”

As if she’s about to deal me the finishing blow, Shimizu-san smirked, and then says each word slowly.

“Even if it’s just an act, when onee-sama said ‘I like you’, you dumped her, and then went to chase Himeji-san. A normal person wouldn’t have done this. You actually see onee-sama as a guy, right?”


I don’t know whether Minami finished hearing what Shimizu-san said as she had already lowered her head and rushed out of the classroom.

BTS vol 04 191.jpg


She looks rather weird. I should chase her down quickly!

“So what if you chased her? You’ll treat her as a guy, and say something vicious to her? You still want to hurt onee-sama?”

Miharu’s scolding stopped me on my track.

“Akihisa, leave Shimada to me. Even if you go and chase her now, it won’t do any good.”

Hideyoshi tapped my shoulder, and then left the classroom to chase after Minami.

Suddenly there were so few people left, and what's left was an atmosphere hard to describe around the classroom.

“……I don’t know what's happening, but may I take my leave? I don’t think now’s a time for apology.”

Hiraga-kun, the class rep of Class D who was waiting silently, stood up awkwardly, and then makes his way out of the classroom. Maybe he couldn’t stand this atmosphere.

Finally, there’s only Shimizu-san and me left.

“Miharu doesn’t know how this conversation benefits you all, but Miharu doesn’t think of you as a love rival anymore. To be jealous of someone who can’t understand onee-sama’s charm, and a swine that treats her like a guy, it's just wasting Miharu’s time……After all, Miharu is the only one who understands onee-sama’s charm, and that’s enough.”

Shimizu-san finished and got up from her chair.

It seems that this negotiation is a failure. I guess Class D won’t be declaring war on us anytime soon.

But, I don’t care whether they declare war on us or not, the Summoner Test War doesn’t matter now. There’s something that’s more important than the Summoning War, something that I can’t back off on. I must make this clear.

“Shimizu-san, please wait.”

“……For what? Do you still have anything to say to Miharu?”

BTS XBento.jpg

The Sixth Question[edit]

Please imagine the scene below before answering.

“You are walking alone in a forest, and you realize that you are lost. You continue walking through the pitch-black forest, and you come upon a small hut beside a lake. You feel relieved as you enter the hut, and you notice that there is a chair, a bed and a portrait. What characteristics can you see from the person in the portrait? Please list three characteristics that you think of.”

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

1.A cheerful expression 2.Tender eyes 3.A happy-go-lucky attitude

Teacher’s comment:

This psychology test can show ‘the characteristics of the person you like’. The dark forest represents an uneasy mind, and after noticing the hut, the portrait represents ‘partner that provides mental support’. Looks like you like a person who is tender, cheerful and can make you smile, Himeji-san.

Shimizu Miharu’s answer:

1.Sharp eyes 2.A manly chest 3.Ponytail

Teacher’s comment:

The last characteristic seems wrong.

Shimada Minami’s answer:

1.Broken fingers 2.Knee bent in the wrong way 3.Dislocated wrist

Teacher’s comment:

All of the above are very wrong.

BTS Mizuki himeji v9c2.png

“We, Class D, declare war on Class F now!”

As the self-study session of the following day ends, the guys from Class D came to our class and declared war.

“Eh? What's wrong?”

Hideyoshi, who was standing near me, muttered in surprise. After what happened yesterday, it's understandable for him to be surprised.

“What? Didn't I hear you guys say that the plan to provoke Shimizu failed?”

Yuuji was also puzzled. I supposed that it’s different from what Hideyoshi told him on the phone, so they couldn’t comprehend what was happening in front of them. By the way, Yuuji called me too, but it seemed that he couldn't get me. I thought I'd need to pay for the phone service soon...

“Muttsurini, do you know what are the circumstances now?”

“……I’ve no idea what happened yesterday, but Shimizu has been very agitated since this morning.”

“Shimizu? If so, did our provocation succeed?”

“No, it isn’t possible for this to happen…...Akihisa, when Shimada ran away yesterday, did you say anything to Shimizu?”

“No, nothing at all. I didn’t say anything special. In contrast, the Summoner Test War is more important! Although our opponent isn’t Class B, Class D is not an easy target based on our current condition, so we should prepare quickly!”

I dodged Hideyoshi’s questioning stare. Under this condition, Hideyoshi’s acting talent is hard to handle.

“……That's right. Let’s put aside the truth for the time being, since the most important issue now is the imminent Summoner Test War. We’ve put in our effort for so long, so if we lose to Class D now, all our efforts will be in vain.”

Regardless of the process, we managed to get Class D declare war upon us. But things aren't over yet. We have to fight Class D head-on with our meagre marks after this. Yuuji will say that the truth doesn’t matter now, and I think he’s got his priorities right inside his mind.

“Yuuji's right, the number of Class F students that's able to fight is too low, to gain victory with this weak force is not easy, it’s obvious that we don’t have the extra time to clear things up.”

“……Let’s focus on defense.”

Hideyoshi and Muttsurini were clear on the current priorities, and they started planning that instant, getting into the stage of preparation.

Okay, I must work hard on the Summoner Test Exams!

“By the way, Yuuji, have you thought of any strategies yet?”

“Of course I do, but before that, I need to confirm the strength of my team. Other than Himeji and Shimada, I need to find out how many people we have that are able to fight.”

Once he finished speaking, Yuuji stood up and went up the podium.

“Comrades, pay attention! Just like those guys said, our Class F’s Summoner Test War against Class D will commence soon! First things first, I need to know how strong we are! Please write down your own marks on a piece of paper and pass it to me!”

The whole class, which was agitated by Class D’s declaration of war, suddenly calmed down, and they – proceeded to write down their current marks.

The recent peeping incident depleted much of our marks, but none were left with zero marks. Students would be chosen for remedial tests based on the amount of their marks.

“By the way, I notice that I didn’t lose any mark at all.”

“Eh? Is that so?”


Thinking back, I don’t remember seeing Hideyoshi participating in that battle.

“Really? If so, there will be three people who can fully take part in the war, Himeji, Shimada and Hideyoshi, right?”

“Right. If they were to choose Integrated Subject, then we’ll fight first.”

While speaking, Hideyoshi took out a piece of paper and wrote his marks on it. Oh, I guess I need to write down my marks quickly and hand it in to Yuuji.

“Here, Yuuji.”

“Got it.”

After passing up the piece of paper with my marks to Yuuji, I returned to my seat.

Once all the students handed in their papers, Yuuji flipped the pages and called out names.

“The ten students with the lowest marks will take the remedial tests now. They’ll stay in the classroom, and there will be seven students who will be taking Mathematics tests and the other three will be taking World History, Chemistry and Health Education tests respectively. The battle formation will be decided once the marks are confirmed.”

While holding the papers under his arm, Yuuji returned to his seat.

Looking at Yuuji who was stacking the papers on his desk and thinking of how to balance the team’s force, I couldn’t stop myself and spoke to him.

“Eh, Yuuji…”

“What do you want?”

“Do the students picked for remedial tests have to be this precise? We should replenish our marks as fast as possible, so shouldn’t we all be taking the easiest remedial test at the same time?”

Let’s not talk about Chemistry and Health Education, although World History is easy to earn marks, the teacher who marks the papers is infamous for his slow marking speed, as for us now, it should be the most unsuitable subject.

“It’s because the main objective of this battle is to buy some time. Rather than using those strategies, we should consider using psychological warfare, and think of some plan to elongate the battle.”

“Oh, I get your idea.”

“We need to confuse the enemy, and if the Mathematics teacher was the only one to enter our class for point replenishment, what would the enemy think? It’s the same as telling everyone straightaway that we haven’t prepared our forces.”

“That's right……But, about us not replenishing our marks, doesn’t everyone know about it already? Even if we did this, I doubt that they’ll be alerted.”

I understood Yuuji’s point, but I doubt that this alone was enough to arouse the enemy’s suspicion, and getting control.

“Making them suspicious will be the key to this battle, just wait and see.”

Yuuji read through the papers with our marks while marking the battle positions on his notebook. Looks like this guy had already thought of the next battle plan.

I peeked at his notebook from beside, and found out that I wasn't in the group of point replenishing, but in the defensive group positioned at the corridor instead.

“Eh? I don’t need to replenish my marks?”

A lot of my marks were used up on that peeping incident; I thought that I would have to stay inside the classroom to take the tests.

“You've still got a few marks left that can be used, let those who lost all their marks replenish first.”

I see. I had only battled with Ironman that time, and won in the end, so I didn’t lose all my marks. Compared with those whose marks were reduced to zero, I’m still a capable fighter.

“Also, you are talented in a special way.”

“Saying that I’m special, actually I’m not that……”

As my marks aren’t that high from the beginning, what my summoned beast relies on to win during a battle isn’t on brute strength,but skill. Rather than letting me replenish my marks, it’d be better if I’m on the battlefield, and gain reinforcements at the same time by letting others students replenish their marks – was that what Yuuji's thinking? I’d never thought that Yuuji held me in such a high regard, it made me feel rather embarrassed,

“Your role is very important in this battle. Although it’ll be very difficult, you’ll have to hold on.”

“I understand. If that's the case, I’ll have to put in my best effort.”

The way Yuuji said it put a lot of pressure on me, but it feels good to have another’s faith in me.

It's 8.50am now, and the imminent war was scheduled to begin at nine, there were still 10 minutes left.

With moderate tension, I was already geared up waiting for the Summoner Test War to begin.

“Everyone, listen up! Don’t underestimate our enemy just because we beat them once! We are at a disadvantage, and our enemy is a class two levels higher than ours,. The tables might be turned on us if we're overconfident!

Yuuji stood on the podium and gave his last instruction before we attacked.

“Therefore, even if we gain the upper hand, we must never rush recklessly! All of you must defend your positions with all you've got.”

If we rush recklessly, in a very short time our defense will be – broken. After all, we found out that our points, excluding Himeji-san’s, Minami’s and Hideyoshi’s, when added up, wouldn’t exceed ten thousand. But if we counted that of the girls of Class D, who had already finished replenishing their points to around 1500 points each; the total points of Class D’s girls were near forty thousand. And that’s not counting the boys of their class. The gap between both classes was huge; we cannot hope to fight them head-on.

“The enemy is advancing with their advantageous main force of girls who excel at their Combined Subject, so we’ll contend with them with Shimada and Hideyoshi leading the force! After reaching the limit, only then is retreating back to the classroom an option! That’s it! I hope that everyone will put in their best effort and fight to win!”

Once Yuuji’s speech finished, the clock on the wall pointed at the exact time of the beginning of the war with a “tick”.

Nine o’clock in the morning, the war was commenced.

“ “ “Look at our—“ “ “

Our side’s main objective was to secure the corridors and the stairs, and once the war began, the vanguard rushed onto the battlefield. Our opponent hoped to finish us before we put our plans into action, so they’d probably use flash raid tactics. To put it another way, this was a battle of speed.

As I was getting ready to leave the classroom, I noticed Minami walking to the door from the corner of my eyes. It’s been a day, is she still pissed off with me?

Fine, I’ll just try to talk to her.

“Good morning, Minami.”


No reply.

“Class D declared war on us, that’s very good.”


She wouldn’t even look at me.

“We’ll just have to win this battle, then all will be fine.”


She treated me as if I was just plain air.

Damn it, I won’t just admit defeat! I can’t give up; I must try harder to find topics to chat with her!

It must be that I was like talking to myself just now; I’ll try to start a conversation with her with a question.

“I’d say, doesn’t this remind you of the last Summoner Test War?”

“……Yes, I was abandoned and left alone by you the last time too.”

‘Digging your own grave’: idiom, a metaphor, meaning causing one self’s downfall.

“Minami, are you…….still angry at me?”

I asked her nervously. So far, I’ve angered her many times, but she would get over it in a day. She had never been angry for more than a day, this was the first time.

This time, Minami lowered her head and finally answered my question.

“……What do you mean by that?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

Damn, I thought I just said something that I shouldn’t.

“You must’ve thought that I’m ‘like a guy, so I’ll just forget about it in a day’ right? You big idiot!”


“Didn’t I tell you not to talk with me? Stay away from me! Don’t care about me anymore!”

When she finished speaking, Minami took a step away from me instantly, and ran out the classroom.

I’m such a big failure……I really didn’t mean that at all, but it somehow made Minami ticked off……

Then, I sighed, and followed suit to leave the classroom. Never mind that, I must get to the corridor as soon as possible.

I ran along the corridor with light steps, running towards the corridor that connected the old and new school building.

“Class F, repent!”

“Takahashi-sensei, Tamano Miki of Class D requests permission for summoning!’

I’d just reached the long corridor when I heard the girls’ voices; I thought they brought Takahashi-sensei with them. Just as Yuuji predicted, Class D had planned to use Combined Subject against us all along.

Since our opponent has already engaged us in battle, if we don’t summon our beast, it’ll mean that we deserted the battle, and it’ll also be counted as being KO-ed in a battle. No matter how we are at a disadvantage, we still have to fight them.

“Come if you dare! Let me see how powerful Class F is!”

“Fukumura, are you okay?”

“Leave it to me! I’ll let her know what suffering is!”

“ “Summon!” “

The Class D girl and Class F boy summoned at the same time, as a familiar magical seal started to appear in front of them. Appearing in the middle of the magical seal, was a beast that shares the same look with the summoner.

Class D Tamano Miki VS Class F Fukumura Kohei Combined Subjects 1543 points VS 118 points

“Damn it! I can’t take it anymore!”

“Fukumura? Didn’t you just summon a few seconds ago?”

The difference between their power is 1300%, this is worse than expected.

“Take this!”

The summoned beast of Class D’s Tamano Miki brought down the huge blade in its hand.

“Oh……If so……”

At the same time, Fukumura-san’s summoned beast decided to discard its weapon, then took a different stance. Is he trying to fight the enemy bare-handed? That's just plain suicide!

“You, what are you……”

“You mustn’t underestimate Class F!”

Ignoring Tamano-san’s bewilderment, his eyes focused on the enemy’s sword edge, Fukumura-san’s summoned beast suddenly raised its hands.

Ah, that's –

As the spectators watched in suspense, both hands of Fukumura-san’s summoned beast made a loud clapping sound.

“Heh,hehehehe…….Catching a blade with bare hands, succeed……”

Fukumura-san declared proudly.

It’s true; this is a deadly bare-handed move to use against the opponent – catching a blade with bare hands. Unfortunately, his summoned beast’s head is already split in half.

“Didn’t you just screw up?”

“Id, idiot! That’s, that’s not true! This is exactly what I expected!”

Fukumura-san then declared loudly: “This move is called – Using both sides of the brain to catch the blade bare-handed.”

“Fukumura Kohei, KO-ed!”

Fukumura-san’s quibble was just plain nonsense anyway as he was declared killed.

Although we knew this all along, the differences between our strength still frightened us.

“You actually made Fukumura-san……This time I’ll fight instead! Summon!”

I glanced at Fukumura-san’s desolate figure being dragged into the remedial classroom from the corner of my eye, while the battle raged on.

Looking around the scene of the battle in front of my eyes, I noticed something.

“Eh? Their number seems very low……”

It’s very suspicious that Class D’s main force consisted of just nine girls. If we were to beat Class D, we needed to get past this corridor, but their force seemed so weak, something’s wrong no matter how you saw it. If Class D want to win this war by rushing, they should be putting more force into it.

“……Himeji-san isn’t here as expected……”

“She isn’t at the stairs too.”

“Seems like their aim is to buy some time, it can’t go wrong……”

When I heard the Class D’s girls say that, I noticed two of them left the group of nine.

Fewer opponents is better for us, but what was really happening?

“There are few enemies around! Surround them, and don’t let them move an inch!” Hideyoshi commanded loudly.

We had twenty students on our side, three-fold that the opponent had. Although our points were inferior to theirs when compared one-on-one, we could equalize our strength with theirs, there’s still a battle waiting for us. Hideyoshi and Minami were leading our small force, the other students were – taking up supporting positions.

“Shimizu got a report for us. She said: ‘I’ve received suspicious reports, just put up your guard. Before trying to find out our opponent’s plan, continue to battle with a team of six!’”


A boy from Class D came to deliver the message, and another girl left the frontline shortly. The condition seemed to be more and more favorable, but I still had no idea what was actually happening.

“Oh, never mind. Just follow Yuuji’s instruction – Summon!”

I followed those around me and summoned by beast. The instruction that Yuuji gave me was: “ Summon your beast, fight for a while, then pretend like everything’s in the bag and leave the frontline instantly. Let them think that ‘you don’t have any points left’.” I had no idea what Yuuji was actually planning, but this must be a part of his main plan, I’ll just follow his instructions obediently.

Class D Tamano Miki VS Class F Akihisa Yoshii Combined Subjects 1019 points VS 311 points

I locked on to Tamano-san whose points is slightly depleted, controlling my summoned beast to advance and meet hers in battle.

“A- Aki-cha – No, Yoshii-kun! You, you actually……”

At that instant, I thought Minami called my name out affectionately, but this was not the time to think about it, I must finish this battle.

I dodged the opponent’s slash with a sidestep, at the same time rushing at the opponent. Good, like this, it’ll be my turn to attack –

“So obedient eh!”

But, I didn’t attack, and tapped the opponents head softly. Yuuji said to ‘act as if it is in the bag’, like this?


Tamano-san who was expecting me to attack and had taken a defensive stance, stood there dumbfounded.

Good, I think my actions fulfilled the instructions.

“Good, Hideyoshi. It seems that there won’t be any problem here, I’ll return first.”

“OK, I understand.”

I passed my authority to Hideyoshi, and then left the scene of the battle. Passing the task onto someone else like this isn’t considered deserting the war.

“But, anyway……the battle this time has too many parts that I don’t understand.”

I thought about it while running back to Class F.

Yuuji said that his aim is to buy some time, but the aim changed to adjusting my side’s force, letting Class D feel threatened, and finally making them form a truce with us.

I understand this part, what I don’t understand is what just happened?

Why did our opponent just send out a small team? What is the suspicious report that Class D mentioned? And what was the aim of my actions just now?

Oh……No idea, I couldn’t understand anything, I'll just clear things up with Yuuji.

Once I left the chaos, and stepped into Class F –

“Ah, Akihisa-kun, you’re back.”

“Yeah, I’m back.”

Himeji-san hurried to my front. The look of her rushing towards me made me really happy……But is a powerful fighter such as Himeji-san staying back at class a good idea?

“Himeji-san, did Yuuji give you any instructions?”

“He did…….About this; I’m not very clear about it, Sakamoto-kun only told me: ‘you must not leave Class F no matter what’.”

“Eh? He only said that?”

“Yes, only that.”

Oh hmm……I’m getting more confused, what is Yuuji really thinking?

“Akihisa, you are back.”

As I was discussing with Himeji-san about that matter, Yuuji walked towards us.

“How is the plan going?”

“Oh uh, hmm, I did as you told……But isn’t it about time you made clear your real intentions?”

Other than the ten students staying in the classroom for remedial tests, there are five hand-picked students to hold the last line. Other than that, there are a few students who are preparing their force.

“About that……Sakamoto-kun, I’d like you to explain to us too.”

“Himeji, you have any questions?”

“I can really stay here and do nothing?”

Himeji-san slightly inclined her head and let out a confused expression.

Himeji-san can be considered our Class F’s main force, and also her points are fully replenished long ago, hence, she should be the most needed fighter at the corridor and the stairs.

“That’s right, Yuuji. Why did you decide to position Himeji-san in the classroom? If we let Himeji-san join the fight, wouldn’t this war become easier for all of us?”

When I said that, Yuuji let out a ‘I knew you’d say that’ attitude, then said: “Yes, the enemy will also think this way.”

“Oh, the way you say it, seems like you are hiding something.”

Yuuji just wouldn’t answer nicely what others asked, he is really an annoying bastard.

“Our enemy will think this way: “Class F put a lot of their force at the corridor and the stairs, but why isn’t Himeji anywhere? Don’t they want to secure the corridor and the stairs?’ I think, that’s the way they’ll feel.”

“But, aren’t we aiming to hold the corridor and stairs?”

“Even if I want to, but is it really worth it to focus all of our force there? Our main objective isn’t to suppress, but to buy some time.”

“Oh, so that’s why you decided to increase our force until it match our enemy’s”

“To match our force with theirs, strengthening ourself isn’t the only way, letting them use their smallest force is also a way.”

Hearing Yuuji’s explanation, a scene that happened not long ago suddenly flashed through my thoughts.

Like he said, when those Class D guys noticed that Himeji-san wasn’t anywhere nearby, a few of them retreated……

“To put it another way, they feel threatened by Himeji-san’s absence, so they’ll put more of their force to guard their class representative right?”

“That's so.”

I see, so it’s this way.

True, by just weakening our opponent's force, our casualties will be at a minimum. If we can retain Himeji-san’s strength, it’ll benefit once our force breaks through the corridor and the stairs, it’ll also let Himeji-san whose body is frail rest more. This is a good idea.

“Class D’s representative Hiraga was beaten by Himeji once, so they are very worried.”

“I see, so this is your plan all along.”

If it’s in a normal situation, luring them wouldn’t be this easy, but these circumstances benefit our battle plan by a lot. Just like what Yuuji said, we made our enemy suffer once, and their class representative is a guy, this also benefits us.

If we want to win this battle, then we should not strike upfront, we must rely on a plan that would go unnoticed easily to defeat them. Under this condition, because Class D’s representative got most of his points depleted during the last peeping incident, and during this critical time they couldn’t find our Class F’s main force – Himeji-san’s figure anywhere. Like this, nine out of ten would think that Himeji-san was waiting for a chance to launch a sneak attack, taking down class representative Hiraga, so they’ll have to replenish their points, and then cut a portion of their main force to be their class representative's personal bodyguards.

“So that’s why those girls rushed back……”

“But this alone isn’t enough. In order not to let our enemies turn the tables on us, I had to use another wicked plot.”

“Another wicked plot?”

“It’s controlling their intelligence. Just because of this, I didn’t let Muttsurini replenish his points.”

The Health Education teacher Oshima-sensei was busy in the classroom giving a few students tests, but Muttsurini wasn’t included. I was guessing why that Muttsurini who by replenishing just his Health Educations points could replenish his total points wasn’t taking tests in the classroom, he couldn’t have been sent out for a mission, could he?

“Muttsurini is currently spreading that ‘Class F really wished for the battle with Class D’ to Class D. If they didn’t have any informant all along, they’d find it strange if they received this report suddenly, but their class has Shimizu. For Muttsurini, using a bug to spread this information couldn’t be any easier."

I just remembered, while battling at the corridor, a guy from Class D came to deliver an order. “Oh right, the students from Class D did mention about ‘receiving a suspicious report’ or something like that.”

The Class D guy said that it was a message from Shimizu-san, if so, Muttsurini must be pretty successful in using the bug to spread information.

“Counting in that negotiation with unclear intentions yesterday, Class D’s Shimizu and representative must be suspicious with many things, this time they’ll easily fall for our next trick.”

“I see. Just by spreading this message, it’ll make Class D more cautious towards us. ‘They won’t hope to fight a hopeless Summoning War, Class F must’ve got something up their sleeves.’ – You want them to think this way right?”

Hmm, like this, they’d be more and more careful of us who had nearly no chance of winning, and wouldn’t be taking any rash actions.

“Ah! Right! Yuuji and me hanging out at Class D’s corridor last time, it really was for……”

“Hmm, most of them are correct. That time I only wanted them to think that ‘Class F is not replenishing their points’, but now things have changed. In their eyes, they’d probably feel: ‘Sakamoto and Yoshii who obviously have classes at a different building hanging out here is really suspicious, are they pretending that way to let us take the initiative and declare war upon them?’ This way I planted the seed of suspicion. A coincidence happening more than twice won’t be regarded as a coincidence; this is the way human thinks. I think they aren’t harboring any intentions – so it’s normal for them to think this way.”

This guy Yuuji……I didn’t expect him to have already thought this far by that time. Just by connecting the dots, this guy’s thinking speed would speed up, that’s really scary. Is this what they meant by a prodigy’s reincarnation? It looked like he’d already considered everything carefully……

“They must be starting to regret declaring war on us, since winning this war won’t benefit them much, and losing will cause them to face the risk of having their classroom downgraded into the worst possible one. So if they are given an opportunity, they’ll surely agree to form a truce with us.”

“If they are given an opportunity……That means, we’ll still have to deal them a telling blow right?” Even if we are done regulating our forces, there's no good opportunity, so it would be hard to propose a truce……I guessed that Yuuji thought this way.

It’s not wrong, if there’s no good opportunity, it’s highly impossible for both sides to want to form a truce.

“Right, the last blow will be by taking out their head.”

“Their head……you mean the Class D’s representative Hiraga-san? But, if we can deal with their head, what do we need a truce for?”

“We can’t do anything to Hiraga. Class D is already alerted to us, Hiraga surely won’t come personally. And in this battle, their head isn’t just Hiraga alone.”

After hearing Yuuji’s explanation, Himeji-san clapped her hands once suddenly.

“I know, you’re talking about Shimizu-san right?”

“Correct. If we finish off Shimizu, the main force of Class D won’t dare to take any action. If we want to form a truce with them, making an example out of Shimizu will create a good opportunity.”

Thinking back, the one who was actually calling the shots and commanding the army wasn’t Hiragi-san, but Shimizu-san. So if we could take Shimizu-san out, it’d be easier for us to form a truce with Class D.

“That’s just it, so Akihisa, it’s you who’ll be going to the empty classroom beside this one alone, and face Shimizu in a solo battle.”

“Eh? I need to go?”

If we want to beat Shimizu-san, there should be another candidate more powerful and suitable.

“I didn’t replenish my points because I needed to be ready to give orders at any time. Muttsurini also shared the same fate with me. Moreover, we can’t let others find out Himeji’s whereabouts, and if something unexpected happens, she’ll need to join the defensive army. So, this mission can only be completed by you.”

Minami and Hideyoshi are currently on the frontlines, the other students have their own duties respectively. And also, I’m more skilled in handling my summoned beast than anybody, so that makes me the best candidate.

“And don’t forget, you’ll be the best to provoke Shimizu. I heard the whole story from Hideyoshi, but after that, didn’t you successfully provoke her?”

“Oh……That, that's…..How should I put it……I, I’m not clear about it myself……”

Let’s not talk about how the provocation went, but I’m the person that Shimizu-san wants to get rid of the most.

“Ah, so this is how the choice is made.”

Himeji-san who was listening to our conversation silently pointed to the stack of paper on Yuuji’s desk, as if she just understood something. She meant that only one person is deployed into the empty classroom, and that's the part that I play.

“As expected of you, Himeji; you are really sharp with your eyes.”

“……Sorry, and what does that mean?”

By the way, I’m the one who doesn’t understand anything they just said.

“To put it……For example, if I give Sugawa that position, and you’ll be his opponent. Seeing Sugawa stand here, what would you think?”

BTS vol 04 219.png

“Will I even be thinking anything……I will just feel that it’s rather meaningless.”

The empty classroom that Yuuji referred to doesn’t have a leader inside it that needed to be closely guarded, and taking the positions into account, it’s not a location that needs to be fought for. That way, even if we threw any random guy into that empty classroom, the enemy may be suspicious, but they wouldn’t be thinking too much about it.

“Right, most people would think this way. But, what if I put in another condition?”


“Right. If at that time, you are fighting Sugawa for Himeji, like this, how would things look like?”

“That, that, for me…….”

Oh……Me and Sugawa-san fighting over Himeji-san, and there’s a Summoner Test War? If so, to me, getting Himeji-san is something very important, even if there isn’t a Summoner Test War, I’ll try my best to finish Sugawa-san off, and to think that Sugawa-san thinks the same way…….Under this condition, if Sugawa-san waited in an empty classroom alone –

“I’d think that he’s waiting for me there. For Himeji-san, we’ll have to settle things the hard way.”

“Right, things are like this.”

As if he’s saying ‘you answered nicely’, Yuuji nodded with approval.

“To put it another way, to another’s eye, Akihisa who is waiting in an empty classroom is just a small pawn, but to Shimizu, it’s different. She’ll think that you’re trying to battle with her, and you are waiting in an empty classroom for her. To let others think this way too, I let you join the frontline at the beginning, to let them know you’re here.”

So that's why Yuuji told me to go show myself at the frontline. Although I still have enough points to continue battling, I did not fully participate in the frontline fight just to make my attitude and actions clearer, as if I am telling Shimizu-san “I’m waiting for you”.

“Sakamoto-kun's telling him ‘you can retreat to the front of our classroom’ just now is to…….”

“If I didn’t do it this way, they wouldn’t know that Akihisa is here waiting for her. Because of that, while waiting for them here to finish replenishing their points so that we can negotiate a truce with them, we need to break through their defense at the corridor and stairs, and let Shimizu know that Akihisa is waiting for her in an empty classroom, we also couldn’t let the enemy know that we are the one at a disadvantage. On how to solve this problem exactly, it’s really hard for me to anticipate.”

Yuuji is right, if we can lure out Shimizu-san, maybe we can propose a truce with them before we are defeated. But……

“Will things go that smoothly?”

I’m still worried. Especially under these conditions, I really can’t anticipate whether Shimizu-san will appear to challenge me one-on-one.

“All I can say is, just wait and see.”

Yuuji is still full of confidence.

“Oh……Since Yuuji dared to say that, then there shouldn’t be any problem.”

“Good! Now that everything’s clear, Akihisa should get into the empty classroom as soon as possible; I’ve no idea when both defensive lines will be broken through.

“Understood, I’ll go there now.”

I nearly grasped my mission. Now I’ll just follow Yuuji’s words, and then enter the empty classroom and wait for Shimizu-san.

“Before Shimizu appears, we’ll just standby here.”

“I’m fine with that……hehe.”

“Himeji, what's up with you? It’s actually rude of you to smile at me that way.”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“Then what did you mean to do?”

“No, I just feel that no matter how you put it, Sakamoto-kun really understands Akihisa-kun.”

“Ah? Wh-why are you suddenly saying something so disgusting?!”

“It’s irrelevant, you don’t have to be shy about it.”

“I’m not shy, I just feel that it’s really disgusting……”

“Because, if you don’t really understand Akihisa-kun, you can’t carry out that plan you've mentioned just now, can you?”

“You mean the one about luring Shimizu out?”


“……Oh, let’s not talk about understanding him, all I have to do is think about Akihisa’s personality, and then I can guess what Akihisa said to Shimizu when Hideyoshi left yesterday. To Shimizu, that must be something that's really infuriating.”

“Me too……I don’t know why, but I can guess what Akihisa-kun said.”

“That guy is stupid, so it’s easy to grasp the way he thinks.”

“It’s because he’s honest, it must be so.”

“I don’t agree.”

“Hehe, Sakamoto-kun is very untruthful.”

“Tut, whatever you say…….But, you really don’t mind?”

“Uh? What do you mean?”

“No, this matter seems bad for you…….”

“About this……..I guess so…….It does make me unhappy, but—“

“But what?”

“……But, this is why I find Akihisa-kun attractive.”

“Uh? Pardon, I didn’t hear you very well just now.”

“Ah, nothing, I didn’t say anything.”

“Really? But, still……Thanks for the info.”

“I, I hate you, I think you heard it very clearly!”

While waiting in the empty classroom, I felt really bored as I had nothing else to do. I felt like playing my handheld gaming console or reading a book just to kill time, but if I do this, it won’t look like I’m getting ready to challenge others, and if a teacher find me here, my handheld gaming console will be confiscated. Since I have no choice, I’ll just daydream here.

Then, Minami’s figure suddenly appeared unexpectedly in my thoughts.

Was my attitude towards Minami unacceptable?

Is Minami really hurt because I was not considerate enough?

Am I hated down to the core by her?

Such questions came into my thoughts one by one. I thought about it a lot, but the more I think, the more chaotic my thoughts got. I knew that I’d face this problem beforehand; I should’ve trained myself to handle my thoughts.

I felt frustrated by my pathetic brain, but I was still trying hard to ponder the answer for these questions.

I couldn’t tidy up my messy thoughts, and I also could not find a trace to the answer. Because of that, I decided to continue thinking.

Just when I fell deep in thoughts, I heard something coming from the corridor, and it seemed to be getting closer and closer.

“……It’s about time she comes.”

I cleared my thoughts instantly, and changed what I was thinking. After all this was a crucial moment, the Summoner Test War was still going on. Was it going well for the bodyguards at the classroom? I closed my eye forcefully, and tried to swallow down the uneasiness, because I still had a mission to complete.

I could hear the ruckus caused by the defensive battle, and I felt that someone from the enemy that passed by noticed me.

I continued waiting.

“It’s great that you are waiting here alone, Miharu has something to say!”

After waiting for a while, I suddenly heard the voice of the person that I’m waiting for. Great, she’s finally here.

I let out a sigh of relief, and slowly opened my eyes to see the person who was standing in front of me.

“You have something to say to me? What is it about?”

I walked slowly to her as I said that.

Although I’d been waiting for her for a while, I had nothing worth telling her.

“It’s nothing much. In a nutshell – Miharu just wants to clear things up.”

While saying that, she stared at me with pure hatred. It seems like she really detests me.

“It’s fortunate that there’s a Summoner Test War going on, I can take this opportunity and settle things once and for all.”

Standing behind Shimizu-san was Fuse-sensei, it looked like she’s fully prepared for the occasion. If I escaped from this battle, it would be counted as deserting the battle and is the same as being KO-ed. So, I’d have to accept her challenge.

Since Shimizu-san had already engaged me in battle, other than agreeing, there’s nothing else that I could do. Or…… did she think that I wouldn’t reject her challenge, believing that I wanted to settle things with her once and for all too?

-- All I can say is, the way she thinks is really scary.

“I understand, we’ll fight this out, Shimizu-san.”

When I said that, Shimizu-san turned to Fuse-sensei and said: “Teacher, permission for summoning.”

“I know.”

Once we received Fuse-sensei’s permission, Shimizu-san and I summoned our beast with Chemistry as the battle subject.

“ “Summon!” “

We shouted at the same time, and some kind of magical seal appear at our feet. Following that, appearing in the midst is our alter ego the summoned beasts.

Both of us let our summoned beasts take a ready stance, staring at each other.

Shimizu-san is pretty experienced with Summoner Test War, but we aren’t fighting with brute force this time. Therefore, she won’t be an easy target, I’ll have to fight with caution.

Both of us were trying to find openings on our body, this continued for a while.

“……Right, before fighting, I’ve something that I want to confirm with you.”

In such a tight atmosphere, Shimizu-san who was keeping a close eye on the summoned beasts suddenly said something to me.

“About what?”

I replied, undoubtedly without letting my eyes off the summoned beasts too.

“It’s about what you said yesterday.”


“Did you say that just to instigate this battle? Miharu meant at the negotiation yesterday, the words you said before leaving."

She meant the report about “Class F wants to battle with Class D all along”. Shimizu-san must had seen through the real intention of the negotiation yesterday, I guess that's why she had such inquiries.


I couldn’t answer her instantly, and stayed silent for a while.

Even if I told her the truth, would she believe me?

No matter how I answer, she treats all of my words as lies. From everyone’s point of view, it was us that used Minami…...But we really did use Minami, it’s true that we wanted to provoke Class D at the negotiation yesterday.


Shimizu-san asked again, but I still didn’t have the answer.

“If so……”

She treated my silence as if I was admitting it, Shimizu-san didn’t continue her inquiries, and kept her mouth closed instead.



The summoned beasts didn’t move an inch, staying that way silently.

We didn’t stare at each other. It’s because Shimizu-san lowered her head, not focusing on the summoned beasts any more.

A few seconds passed, and she stayed that way.

Suddenly, Shimizu-san muttered with a trembling voice.

“……She cried.”

That tone might be soft but it was filled with fury.

“……When onee-sama ran away yesterday……She cried……”

Hearing these words, I recalled the scene.

Shimizu-san is right; Minami’s tears were flowing when she rushed out of the classroom.

“She cried because of Miharu’s words……But, the reason she cried…….the real reason she cried was—“

Shimizu-san slowly raised her head, from the pair of eyes that was staring at me, I thought I saw a burning inferno of hatred.

“ – was you! Because of a guy like you! Hurt her and made her cry!”

That line was like a tip, Shimizu-san’s summoned beast rushed at mine.

She chose to attack directly, I hurried to dodge that attack.


My body felt a burst of pain.

I wasn’t hit by her directly, what was the meaning of such strength? Was it because of our difference of points?

Class D Shimizu Miharu VS Class F Yoshii Akihisa

Chemistry 112 points VS 22 points

I squinted to confirm the difference between our points; the difference was approximately five-fold. Such a huge gap, putting me overwhelmingly at a disadvantage.

“Why is it that a pathetic guy like you can stay at onee-sama’s side! Why does a person like you who only knows how to play with other’s feelings dare to talk to onee-sama! “

The opponent slashed like a child throwing a tantrum. Getting attacked once again, the heavy strikes made my hands start to feel numb.

It’s true I made Minami cry.

It’s also true that we used Minami.


“Just to use Minami, you guys lied to her inconsiderately, and purposefully became close to her as friends! Why is it so!”


I raised the wooden sword to block the opponent's slashing sword.

But, even so, I’m still…...

“……I did not……lie!”

I pushed her blade away forcefully.

“What, what did you say!”

It’s true that I did many cruel things.

I hurt her, and made her cry.

That’s why my words are so despicable that others find it hard to believe.

But, even so—

“My words, are not lies!”

With the blunt sounds of battle around us, my summoned beast blocked the opponents blade again.


That’s right, that's not a lie.

Even if that part about being in a relationship was just acting, even if the kiss was just a misunderstanding, but my words to Shimizu-san weren’t lies, they were spoken truthfully from the bottom of my heart.

After all…...Under those conditions, I’m not smart to tell a lie with a straight face.

“Even if I’m an idiot, I still know how to differentiate on what kind of lies I’m allowed to say! And those words that I said to you yesterday are really from the bottom of my heart!”

After blocking her blade upfront, my wooden sword broke with a crack.

Fighting head-on with an enemy who is five times stronger than me, I’d lost a considerable amount of points.

Under this condition, I had got no chance of winning.

“But……I still won’t run away!”

Frankly speaking, this whole commotion was caused by me. I had to be responsible for those people that I had involved!

Looking at this from a different angle, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. If the mission of challenging Shimizu-san alone was given to Himeji-san or Yuuji, then I’m just the one to blame for all this commotion, and also an irresponsible piece of trash who only knows how to run away. Since I was given the chance to shoulder the responsibility, I must thank Yuuji—

“ “ “Summon!” “ “

“ “Eh?” “

The unexpected shout of summon was heard. Squinting, Yuuji led group of Class F students that had finished replenishing their points here, and he stood not far from me. He must’ve used Himeji’s power to get past the chaos in front of Class F and here.

No, that's just a trivial matter. The problem was, why were they stepping into the battle between me and Shimizu-san?

“It’s an ambush……You actually did something so despicable!”

Shimizu-san stared at me with fury. What ambush, can it be—

“Yuuji! No matter how important it is to win this battle, you can’t do this!”

We agreed that this would be a one-on-one battle, but him bringing so many students, did he plan this to be an ambush? Of course I understand that this battle is very important to Class F, but doing it this way is just too despicable!

“I’m sorry, this is not just about winning, this is a war. My duty is to protect the whole class.” Yuuji said these words coolly, then hinted at the students behind him with his eyes.

The summoned beasts that received their instructions—raised their weapons, then took a ready stance.

“Don’t, don’t do this—“


I couldn’t stop them in time, the summoned beasts surrounding us stabbed with their swords and spears.

-- Aiming for my summoned beast.


At the turn that things have taken, my mind went blank for a moment.

When I started to realize what was happening around me, my body started to feel something.

“It hurts alottttttttttttttt! Eh, what is it now? I’ve never felt such pain before! And my whole body hurts at the same time! The pain is killing me from my toes to the top of my head!”

“Shimizu, I’ve already taken care of the person who is responsible for all these troubles, so, are you willing to let this go?”

“Wahhhhhhhhhh! Did somebody just throw a blunt weapon at me? The pain of being stabbed and hit mixed together brings the pain to a whole new level!”

Shimizu-san gaped at me who was rolling on the floor in pain.

Then, she sighed deeply.

“……that's so, although doing this can’t quench Miharu’s anger……”

Sha shoof--- A sound filled with strength resonated in the classroom.

“Shi, Shimizu-san! Hasn’t the winner of the battle decided? Why are you still attacking me with such fury! It hurts hurts hurts hurts hurts! The pain of being stabbed through from my leg to my stomach then to the top of my head!”

“Wait until Miharu cuts him into eight parts, and if you agree to force this swine to stay in the remedial classroom until school ends, Miharu will agree to form a truce.”

“I promise. Akihisa will be sent to the remedial classroom immediately when he is KO-ed. Before school ends, he’ll have to replenish all of his points in that classroom; while he’s doing that, he’ll be Ironman’s food.”

How, how did it become such an evil trade! My whole body was hurt, and I still had to go through Ironman’s hellish tuition until the end of school?

“Hmmph! What does that hateful expression of yours mean? You should blame yourself for lying to onee-sama! You swine should take this chance and reflect on your wrongdoings!”

Stab stab stab stab stab—While Shimizu-san was speaking, she stabbed my summoned beast a few times.

“I, I I I do reflect on my mistakes! About hurting Minami, I’m really sorry! It hurts hurts hurts hurts hurts hurts hurts!”

The pain that Minami felt when I hurt her is now repaid to me, on my body.

Stop fussing, if it’s someone who can’t take this much pain, he would’ve already died from fear.

“……Hmmph, if what you said yesterday were lies, Miharu wouldn’t have forgiven you this easily.”

This time she raised her foot and stomped at the wounds her sword made.

Damn! This is a heartless devil!

“This time, Miharu will stop here and let you live!”

She didn’t even want to let me live! It hurts a lot! It just hurts a lot! It hurts until I can’t think of anything!

After that, once Shimizu had done kicking me, I finally got a chance to rest for a few minutes, I’d been through hell for real.

“Good, since the negotiation is successful, we should return to our class. Guys! Let’s return!”

“ “ “Oh—“ “ “

All of them walked out of the empty classroom together, leaving me, who was covered with cuts and bruises until I couldn’t stand up, here alone.

“Too, too pathetic……”

I endured the excruciating pain and managed to sit on the floor, and suddenly I felt a hand clasped on my shoulder, this alone scared me so much that I nearly let out a scream.

It’s not easy to stop myself from screaming, I turned my head slowly—

BTS Ironman.jpg

“Welcome to my world.”

The person that appeared in front of me was Ironman, smiling sinisterly with obviously evil intentions.

The Final Question[edit]

Please write the correct English word in the ( ), then translate the following sentence.

“She ( ) a bus.”

Himeji Mizuki’s answer

“She (took) a bus. Translation : She took a bus.[1]”

Teacher’s comment

Correct. Other than the verb “take”, you can also use “get on” instead of ' "take".

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer

“She (is) a bus.”

Teacher’s comment

How do you translate this? It seems right at first sight, but it’s wrong on so many levels. Since you can’t even translate it into Japanese, then your English needs improvement.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer

“Translation : She is an ugly person[2].”

Teacher’s comment

This answer really is an eye-opener.

BTS BeatenAkihisa.jpg

“Wooo……Today really is an unlucky day……”

Ironman’s tuition finally ended, I could go home at last.

There were only a few people still in school. School had already ended, everyone should’d gone home already. Himeji-san said that she had something to do, the others were less likely to wait for me to finish my tuition.

I sighed as I pushed open Class F’s door.

Great, I’ve got to pack my things quickly—Eh? How……

“The three of you still haven’t gone home?”

As the usual trio—Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini, actually stayed. What happened? Do they have something they need to do?

“There’s something that I’m concerned about.”

“Something that you’re concerned about?”

Yuuji smiled as if he was very cheerful.

“Yeah. Also, Muttsurini has got something very interesting to tell us.”

Hideyoshi who was standing beside Yuuji was also smiling cheerfully, seemed like he was really happy.

“……Akihisa should come and listen too.”

Muttsurini took out the mini recorder that he always brought with him and put it on a desk.

“Something interesting…..What is it? Seems like everyone is so cheerful, is it really that great?"

“Muttsurini didn’t verify the details, but I guarantee you that it is very interesting.”

“……I dare to guarantee too.”

Muttsurini nodded his head confidently.

Since this guy said that he dares to guarantee it, I guess this thing must be really interesting.

“Eh, what are the contents?”

“Ah, looks like it’s a conversation between a boy and a girl.”

“……A conversation between a boy and a girl?”

Is it someone’s confession? Or maybe it’s a pair of lovers’ quarrel? No matter which it is, I doubt that these three guys have such evil interests.

“It’s a conversation that can clear our doubts.”


I found it shockingly strange. It’s really weird, it seems like something's not right. These three guys are all smiles, but why are the smiles that I see so sinister?


Muttsurini pressed the play button of the recorder, the voice that was played by the recorder sounded rather familiar.

(Miharu doesn’t know how this conversation benefits you all, but Miharu doesn’t think of you as a love rival anymore. To be jealous of someone who can’t understand onee-sama’s charm, and a swine that treats her like a guy, it's just wasting Miharu’s time……After all, Miharu is the only one who understands onee-sama’s charm, and that’s enough..)

“Eh, This voice is……”

“Is Class D Shimizu’s”

It’s true that it is Shimizu-san’s voice, and everyone also knows that Shimizu-san likes Minami, if so, why do they say that it is a conversation “between a boy and a girl”?

(……For what? Do you still have anything to say to Miharu?)

Shimizu-san’s voice continued.

But….isn’t it weird? Where did I hear those words before?

“Oh! Just, just wait a second! Isn’t this the conversation……”

“Correct. What you actually discussed with Shimizu was all recorded.”

That sinister smile was so obvious that it couldn’t be hidden, Yuuji looked at me with evil intentions.

(Yeah, there’s only one thing that I want to say. It’s because you misunderstood, so I’ll make things clear.)

(Misunderstood? Misunderstood what? The part about you and onee-sama dating is fake, Miharu knew this all long.)

The voices coming out from the recorder, were Shimizu-san’s—and mine.

“Wait wait wait wait! Why do you need to play this part? Stop joking! Hurry stop—“


“I understand.”

When Yuuji gave his order, Hideyoshi acted instantly. In a flash, he already locked me from behind, holding my upper body.

This isn't good! I have to stop them fast!

(No, what I meant isn’t that. That……Minami’s charm isn’t only known by you—this is what I want to say.)

“Eh! Let, let me go, Hideyoshi! Only this matter is not allowed!”

“Hehehe, I won’t let you get it.”

Both of my hands are held tight; I can’t even move. Eeeeeeek!

(What did you just say! You always talk to onee-sama inconsiderately, and you don’t even treat her as a girl, no?)

(Yeah, Shimizu-san is probably right.)

(If so, how dare you say that you know onee-sama’s charm!)

(I don’t treat Minami as a princess, but--)

They didn’t even understand how I felt, as the conversation continued being played out by the recorder. If so……

“Wa~Wa~Don’t listen~~Don’t play with such things~~~~”

“You are very noisy, quiet down please.”

“Ugu! Unu—“

Yuuji covered my mouth with his hand.

Don’t! I beg all of you, stop listening!

(But what?)

(But, to me, Minami is someone whom I can show my real side to, I find it comfortable to chat with her, and am happy when I have fun with her. I also find some of her little tricks in between her actions rather cute—she really is a charming girl.)

Waaaaa~The voice that came out of the recorder turned the world in front of my eyes blank with white.

Heard? Were those words heard? Did those lines go into their minds?

I looked away shyly to see their reactions.

“ “ “……” “ “

All three of them looked at me in surprise.

“……Eh, this is really unexpected……”

“Uh, yes……I thought that you would say things a little less obvious……”

“……it’s a challenge.”

They heard each and every part of it……That line was not supposed to be made known, but these three guys actually……

“Akihisa, I didn’t know that you’d sound so courageous when you clear things up.”

“How, how is it so, I feel that my heart is beating faster……”

“……How manly.”

I really want to erase this trio’s memory. What should I do? If I hit them hard enough, will they forget those lines?

Just when I was thinking—


Muttsurini’s expression suddenly changed, then he instantly ran to the corridor.

“What happened? Muttsurini, did anything happen?”

“……I was too careless.”

Muttsurini muttered unhappily as he walked back here.

“What do you mean careless? There was someone in the corridor?”

“……The records may have been eavesdropped.”

Muttsurini had just said the worst case scenario.

Eh? Eavesdropped……Don’t tell me it’s the most embarrassing part that was overheard!

“Muttsurini! Who is that someone!”

“……I guess it’s someone involved.”

Someone, someone involved……Does he mean Shimizu-san?

If so……En, I guess it’s fine, although it’s still embarrassing, it’s acceptable. After all, those were the words that I said to her, it’s better than being overheard by Sugawa-kun.

“I , I guess it’s overheard……Akihisa, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that the contents were like this……”

“I feel sorry too.”


The three of them bowed their head in apology.

“Never mind, if it’s overheard by someone involved, I guess it’s nothing much. And, if you guys are really sorry about it, you should try and help me make up with Minami! Ever since that issue, our relationship became really bad.”

I managed to retain our old class equipment, but I’ve still got a problem to solve, this is such a drag.

“No, I don’t think there’s any problem anymore.”

“That’s right, I doubt you’ll be needing any of our help……”


All three of them smiled bitterly at me at the same time.

“Eh? How come there’s no problem?”

No good miracles happened, why did they say that there’s no problem?

But, all three of them seemed confident about it—Maybe they’d already spoken with Minami behind my back.

It’s great if it’s true. If so, everything will be back to normal soon.

It’s great, it’s really great.

BTS vol 04 249.jpg

Ka Cha.

“Ah! onee-chan, you’re back.”

“I, I’m back……”

“Eh? onee-chan, did anything happen? You face is really red.”

“Hazuki, how should I……”

“How should you what? Is there any problem with school?”

“Hazuki, listen to me……”

“I’m listening.”

“This time, your onee-chan……has fallen head over heels for someone……”

Author's Notes[edit]

I’m very thankful that you are reading this book; I’m the novelist Inoue Kenji.

This is the fourth volume, and also the fifth book of this series. I’m able to write sequels because of the readers’ encouragement and the editors’ huge support. Everyone, I’m very thankful.

So, next will be as usual, I’ll give thanks and talk about the next volume.

To Haga-sensei who is tasked with illustrations, when I saw the last volume’s author’s notes, I was really surprised, I’ve never expected Miharu to have such potential! I hope it won’t be much of a trouble for you to give me more of the author’s service in the future. As for the great Kagaya who is tasked with designing, I’m really sorry that I made an unreasonable request even though I knew all along that you are not feeling well. And great thanks to my editor the great N, although many things happened, it was fortunate that you react fast, doing the right things at the right time, it really helped me a lot, I hope that you’ll advise me more in the future.

Of course, there’s also all the readers! Just willing to read my works alone makes me so grateful that I could cry, I didn’t expect that there would be writers who’ll write me letters or their opinions cards to me, I’ve no idea how I should express my joy. Although I couldn’t reply, I read through each and every opinions and impressions in the letters and postcards thoroughly. Every time I finished reading them I feel energized : The passion to continue writing the novel surged through me, I’m really thankful!

Also, one of the reader’s opinions I received is a “Please make me a student of Class F, and involved in the storyline” request, but I’m very sorry that I couldn’t fulfill your wish. There’s also letters like this “Can I establish a ‘Baka and Test – Summon the Beast’ society?” that makes me happy. Of course you can! To let everyone to be happy, I’ll continue doing my best in the future.

About the next volume’s preview, I think I should let Akihisa and the gang study. It seems rather inappropriate for a novelist like me to say such things, but I do feel that they’ve overdone it. And do not forget, Fumizuki School is a famous school.

That’s why, Volume 5 will be written about them burning the midnight oil together before the final exams. But according to their personalities, I doubt they’ll just study obediently.

Okay, the chatting will stop here, it’s about time I talk about the trivial events of my life.

Practically, at around the time this book was published to the world, the radio drama CD of this book is going to be released. Although I knew that it was going a little too far, I – Inoue Kenji (♂), still rushed to attend the recording of the radio drama CD, this time I’ll talk about the details. Then, the story of Inoue Kenji and the radio drama CD recording starts now~

I met a pervert on the tram.

That’s right, although this line seems rather weird. As the name Inoue Kenji, is obviously a “male”. Since I’m not female, nor am I Hideyoshi, everyone must not misunderstand this.

Even so, but just saying this, I guess that everyone is confused, let me clear this issue.

On the day of the long-waited radio drama CD recording, I got on a tram, getting ready to leave for the location where I’d meet the editor. As we agreed to meet in the morning, the tram wasn’t crammed like a can of sardines, but there wasn’t a seat left. Then I held unto a ring freely, and of course I was thinking about the radio drama CD thing. What kind of voice will the voice actors use? What kind of tension will they make? I was like a boy looking forward to an excursion when I thought about it.

At that time, I noticed that rear lower waist (I won’t admit that it’s my butt) has a weird sensation.

That isn’t an accident touch caused by the tram’s wobble—it wasn’t an accident, it felt more like on purpose. If it wasn’t done intentionally, then the person won’t be touching in this way.

I could only think of a possibility by that time—maybe I’ve bumped into a pickpocket.

I usually put my wallet at the right rear pocket of my pants; the enemy must be trying to take it away.

Of course I couldn’t let that person steal my wallet, so I gripped the hand moving near my wallet. If he’s caught out, then it’s all over for him. If I let him know that I’m already aware of what he’s doing, I guess he’ll give up right? If so then the problem is solved, I’ve nothing to be scared of anymore.

While I thought of this—


That person made out such a sound, and suddenly gripped back my hand with force.


That moment, the object that threatened me changed from “economy” into “virginity”. But I’m a big man, how could I be caught up in this kind of danger—wrong! I should say that it’s more dangerous since I’m a guy.

(Wa, just calm down and think, Inoue Kenji. From the feeling of the hand I can deduce that it is a guy, he must’ve thought you were someone else so he touched you. If I just stare at him, he’ll know that he got the wrong person, and then run away instantly.)

Hence, I turned my head towards the window, staring at the enemy’s face fiercely.

Clang! (Inoue Kenji with fierce eyes)

Smile~☆(That person smiled back at me heartily)

Sha! (Inoue Kenji bowing his head)

Why? Why is he smiling so heartily? This guy, are you sure you didn’t get the wrong guy? Could it be that I’m the one at fault?

Obviously I did nothing wrong, what unthinkable is I couldn’t bear to meet his eyes. Even if I wanted to ask for help to free me from this predicament, but I didn’t have any idea to expose him.

If I grabbed his hand and shouted: “He is a pervert on a tram!” I’m afraid that before saving me, everyone would say: “Eh, mister, are you sure?” in reply. After that, the conductor will take me with him to clear things up, and I’ll have to call my editor and say: “I met a pervert, so I couldn’t attend the recording.” I’m obviously a guy, yet I couldn’t attend the radio drama recording as I met a tram pervert, and added that all the characters in my work are a bunch of idiots—how could I face my colleagues in the future?

In the end, I’ll have to endure it until the next stop then get off the tram and scram. Because of this, I’m late by five minutes, luckily I was in time for the meeting, but now there’s a scar on my heart that cannot be erased. Everyone must be more careful, and not catching the eye of a pervert.

That’s why, I noticed too late that there’s no space left to write about the recording process. Since there’s nothing I can do now, I’ll tell you guys the next time I have the chance.

BTS vol 04 255.jpg


  1. heddobatto = Headbutt.
  2. Playing out : Here, the word used is "演じる" which could mean, "acting"(meaning Minami's love story is really as such) as well as "committing a blunder"(meaning Minami made a mistake in her answer).
  3. Mirai(美来) : Literally Beauty-Comes.
  4. Namihei(波平) : Literally Wave-Ordinary.
  5. Returnee : I don't want to make it long so I just used this word used by the dictionary. Returnee = a person who returned to his home country after a long time of residing in a foreign country.
  6. In Japanese, the pronunciation of “everyone” and “body odor” is similar.
  7. German for “wanderer”
  8. In Japanese, tobacco—Tabako—is pronounced the same as Tabasco at the front part.
  9. It is actually asked in English, so don’t get confused.
  10. 挨拶 means ‘to greet’ in Japanese.
  11. Obon (お盆) is a japanese festival to commemorate deceased ancestors.