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Fumitzuki News (Entertainment)[edit]

BTSv9.5 Headline.jpg

In every single release of Fumitzuki News, Class 2-F would always grab the headlines. This time, it was the news about the beauty girl who everyone feels has outstanding grades, pretty looks and a kind demeanour living together with the wretched scumbag with atrocious grades, horrendous looks and uncouth behavior living together. Both of them went to school together for unknown reasons, and were said to have gone to the supermarket after school to shop. The witness' detailed testimony was as follows: "Those two have the same ingredients in the bentos as well. Something's definitely fishy between the two of them."

As for the truth, dear readers, please patiently wait for further news.

On the other hand, after knowing about this suspicious incident, the F class' students view on the male student suspect are as follows (please refer to the appendix).

BTSv9.5 Pie.jpg

As this was an important classmate they were punishing here, the students were severely divided over opinions. The response rate in this investigation showed a shocking 103.7%, showing that society has a very grave concern over this incident. On the other hand, in regards to the girl who was under suspicioun, opinions of severe punishment such as 'severe warning', 'the girl needs to show her remorse' and 'I hope she will tearfully say that she's wrong' are becoming louder and louder. As we can see, the school really values gender equality.

Also, our reporter has interviewed a well-behaved male student representative, a certain student from class 2-A, and his opinion is as follows.

K-bo T-mitsu-san of class 2-A

"If this is true, I will lodge a litigation without hesitation."

K-bo-san pushed his glasses and said that to us before stamping away to leave the classroom. To the usually innocent and upright him, it seemed that he could not accept such a scandal happening inside the school. Also, the 'litigation' he is saying is most likely against the court called the 'Inquisition', the largest organization in the school. It seemed that he wished to debate over whether this incident is true in court and deal punishment to the guilty.

The existence of the 'Inquisition' and the actual situation'.

In regards to the 'Inquisition' we described before, our reporter had thoroughly made investigations over the mystery behind it.

The tribulation organization 'Inquisition' was started by class 2-F. As for the number of members, it was stated in reality to be more than 60% of all the second year boys. The rapid increase in numbers can be said to be heavily related to the activities involved. Their actions are divided into two stages. The first is to sniff out the 'heretic', and the next is to deal judgment. The organization will receive the tipoff from their own members or ordinary students and process straight to the judgment phase. As a lot of unnecessary steps are skipped, the organization has achieved an increase in efficiency. Also, a lot of heretics who were judged became single, got jealous of other heretics, and ended up being members of the 'Inquisition'. The members who joined in such a way would then become the main people involved in searching out the other heretics and dealing judgment on them. This organization has continued to increase in size through this manner.

The absolute leader of the organization'.

Head of FFF Inquisition, S-gawa-san

Behind the overwhelming influence of the organization, there is an absolute leader. That person is the brain behind the organization, called the 'leader'. His searching ability and manner of dealing with heretics were outstanding, and he managed to build his position up till now through 'trust'. The members had the absolute faith in him, that 'no matter what happens, this guy will never leave us alone and obtain his own, he can't do so.' This time, our scoop report interviewed this leader and asked him about the view of this organization.

We will continue to fight with diligence, through day and night, all to prevent the happiness of all the students in school and protect their loneliness." Leader S-gawa chimed in regarding the dignity of the organization.

As our reporter expressed questions like 'but some students have some suspicion regarding your organization's investigations', leader S-gawa said, "We've raised our arrests efficiency to 249% through the reports from all forms of media. Please do not worry and let us handle this." As for why such an amazing high arrest rate can happen, to get down to it, it's due to the 'diligence' he said.