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The Seventh Question[edit]

Please choose the correct element symbol corresponding to the question, and write down the correct name of the element.

‘Mn O S Na I Pb Ne’

  1. Has a crystal-lattice structure. It will react strongly with water to form a yellowish flame.
  2. Has a boiling point of 184.26 degrees Celsius and melting point of 113.75 degrees Celsius. It reacts with Starch to form a blue compound.
  3. Has a relative atomic mass of 54. The oxide material is commonly used as a catalyst to decompose oxides into oxygen and water.
  4. A rare element. It is in the second period. It can be liquefied and used as a refrigerant.[1]

Himeji Mizuki's answer

"1--Na (Sodium), 2--I (Iodine), 3--Mn (Manganese), 4--Ne (Neon)"

Teacher's comment

Correct answer. Once you can memorize all these names of the elements, you can explain the reactions of each element. So you have to memorize the basics.

Shimada Minami's Answer

"I don't want to write."

BTS vol 07 237c.jpg

Teacher's Comment

What's wrong? I'm really sad that you don't want to take the test. Sensei always thought that Shimada-san is a hardworking girl. I'm disappointed that you aren't willing to answer the question. I can understand if you don't know the answer, but that isn't an excuse. Before we talk about studying, you have a big problem with your attitude. If you don't correct this now, it will be tough on you when you go out into society.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer

"1--Na ( ナ), 2--I (イ), 3--Mn (ム), 4--Ne (ネ)"[2]

Teacher's Comment

I really have to apologize to Shimada-san.

Even though it’s just an activity on the sports meet schedule, the most important event in the sports meet to us is the baseball tournament. Before starting the finals that involve life and death, we’re all gathered at the F class bench near 1st base as we all check our batting arrangements.

“So Kinoshita’s third. The first subject’s Chemistry, right?”

“Mn. My other subjects are rather bad, but this batting order is good for me if it’s Chemistry.”

“My Chemistry’s one of my better subjects too. The opponents are of that level, so we have to compete with them using the subjects we’re good at.”

“Me too. World history and English were too difficult. I couldn’t even compete with others.”

This time, our opponents are the teachers’ team. Since they’re somewhat old, their athletic ability and decision making should have decreased quite a lot, but their scores alone make them our strongest opponents. It wouldn’t be overzealous of us to check our defensive alignments and make sure what we will do later.

“Is it really okay for Yuuji to take the eighth batter?”

“…My English and world history are somewhat manageable.”

Yuuji coldly responded. It seems like he’s not too happy at the moment, maybe he’s feeling down.

“Really…it can’t be helped that Yuuji would be so angry, but we can’t involve these two together.”

I try to calm Yuuji down for the next match. At this moment, I feel someone tugging at my sleeve. Who is it?

(Well, Akihisa-kun…)

(Hm? Himeji-san? What’s wrong?)

(When Akihisa-kun said that it couldn’t be helped, is it because you felt that it’s weird for Sakamoto-kun to be so angry?)

Himeji-san kept her voice to the softest possible in order not to let Yuuji hear it.

Even if she asks me if I feel this way, I…

(Not really. It’s just that from all I know, even when Kirishima-san got so angry at Yuuji, it couldn’t change anything…)

Basically, I’m leaning towards Kirishima-san’s side instead of Yuuji’s side, but this just can’t be settled like that.

(I think Sakamoto-kun just argued back like that because Shouko-chan said that, so it’s not really all Sakamoto-kun’s fault, but…)

Himeji-san’s tone had at little sadness in it.

(But when he calms down, I really hope that Sakamoto-kun will apologize to Shouko-chan properly, or else Shouko-chan will be feeling pitiful.)

Saying this, Himeji-san looked down.

It seems that Himeji-san is completely standing on Kirishima-san’s side, but I can understand Yuuji’s feelings… Uu… are the guys’ pattern of thought different from girls in this situation?

“Now, we’ll be beginning the teachers-vs-students baseball meet, all students, please assemble in a straight line.”

The refereeing teacher spoke up.

“Oi, stop chit-chatting over there. Time to go, Akihisa.”

“Ah, I’m coming over.”

Anyway, we’ll leave this aside for now, everyone, including the bench players went over to the middle of the sports arena as we line up. The teachers also walk over casually from 3rd base, and line up against up.


“““Please take care of us!”””

After bowing, we head to our defensive positions.

In this match, we’ll be pitching first and batting later, so I stood on the pitcher’s mound. The first subject should be Chemistry. I’m the pitcher, and Yuuji’s still the catcher.

  1. First batter: 3rd baseman Kondou Yoshimune
  2. Second batter: Left fielder Yokomizo Koji
  3. Third batter: 1st baseman Kinoshita Hideyoshi
  4. Fourth batter: 2nd baseman Shimada Minami
  5. Fifth batter: Center fielder Sugawa Ryo
  6. Sixth batter: Shortstop Fukumura Kohei
  7. Seventh batter: Pitcher Yoshii Akihisa
  8. Eighth batter: Catcher Sakamoto Yuuji
  9. Ninth batter: Right fielder Himeji Mizuki

Bench players: Kimishima Hiroshi and Tsuchiya Kouta (Muttsurini)

BTS vol 07 253.jpg

After calling out my summoned beast, I just need to wait for the opponent to step up.

“Baseball, huh... Haven't played it for over 20 years—summon.”

The first batter of the teachers’ team, Fuse-sensei entered the batter’s box and summoned his summoned beast.

Chemistry Teacher, Fuse Fumihiro, Chemistry, 501 points


F Class, Yoshii Akihisa, Chemistry, 57 points.

Though it’s to be expected, isn’t this difference in scores too huge! If he hits it, the ball I pitched will be sent flying out of the park.

I’m facing such a strong opponent at the beginning. Now what do I do…

I stand on the pitcher’s mound and wait for Yuuji’s instruction. We can't use curveballs, so Yuuji could only instruct me with the ball direction and speed.

(Outside corner, low, slow ball.)

As the teachers were running all the events of the sports meet, they only came over to play with us when it’s time for the match. In other words, these teachers are having their first match. Yuuji guessed that they would let the ball through first, so this is to be expected.

I nod my head slightly and pitch the first ball. Outside corner, low and slow ball…!


Fuse-sensei didn’t move at all. As expected, he’s watching carefully. They themselves haven’t played much baseball, so it’s expected that it he would be cautious.

(Inside corner, high, slow ball)

Yuuji next instructed a ball. Is he trying to use a ball to see how the opponent will react?

I swing my arm wide and pitch the 2nd ball.



Fuse-sensei seemed to move a bit, but he didn’t swing the bat. This means that it’s one ball one strike.

(Low inside corner, fastball.)

It’s the 3rd pitch now, and the opponent should be swinging now. I have to be very careful with this pitch.

I swing my arm wide and pitch the ball with all I got. Eat this, Fuse-sensei! This is my, our F class’ full power—!

“Where are you pitching this ball to?”

Damn it, I used too much force.

In this situation where the ball would normally be hit, my pitch went straight to the strike zone in a dangerous matter.

“U!? Oh, oh my…”

On seeing this ball, Fuse-sensei seemed to lose his balance for some reason as he swung the bat out. That’s strange? What just happened?

The ball had grazed the bat and immediately felt up into the sky. I’m impressed that there was so much power with just a simple graze, but unfortunately, this ball was hit too poorly.


In the end, the ball got hit into the air and finally reached the left fielder’s glove. We managed to eliminate the first batter safely. That lack of control scared me, but it’s a good thing that it’s under control.

“Yare yare…I got too anxious because the ball was too good…”

Fuse-sensei chuckled wryly as he returned back to the bench. I see, since the ball was pitched better than what he expected, he got shocked and panicked. It may be a coincidence, but to be able to deal with a Chemistry teacher in the subject of Chemistry is a strong start for us.

“I’ll be the next batter. Summon.”

This time, it’s a young man’s voice. This isn’t the voice of Takeuchi-sensei who usually teaches our class, but rather, the other modern literature teacher of year 2, Terai-sensei.

Modern Literature Teacher, Terai Shinsuke, Chemistry, 211 points


F Class, Yoshii Akihisa, Chemistry, 57 points.

211 points? Since he’s the teacher in charge of Modern Literature, he’s not really that good in Chemistry, I guess. Well, but at least his grades are in class A level.

(Keep it low as possible, fastball.)

I nod my head at Yuuji’s comment, making sure not to throw a wild pitch. The ball path—locked on. How about this?


KAN! With a blunt impact sound, the ball was hit low as it quickly grazed pass the ground. It went through the hole between first and second base. Ku...! He took action so quickly…!

“I thought I could hit the center of the ball. Looks like it’s really different from playing it live.”

Terai-sensei gave a wry smile after standing on first base. Speaking of which, I heard that Terai-sensei once played baseball in school…maybe it would have been better to give a ball?

Right now, it’s one man out, one man on first base, and the third batter who’ll come up is—

“Let’s have a good game.”

The talented woman who’s our level head, Takahashi Yoko-sensei, stepped up. Today, she’s not wearing the speck-free suit, but a sports attire that’s suitable for this event. This makes her look even more kind and approachable.

“Please hold back, Yoshii-kun—summon.”

Takahashi-sensei normally wouldn’t initiate a conversation with us, so this is a rare and valuable experience. Speaking of which, the last time we spoke to each other was during the 2nd year guys peeping incident. Thinking about this, I feel that having this event to improve the relationship between students and teachers is actually—SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!!

Level head, Takahashi Yoko, Chemistry, 801 points


F Class, Yoshii Akihisa, Chemistry, 57 points.


I didn’t need to look back to tell that everyone in their defensive positions all cried out in amazement when they saw the score. 800 points!! What’s with this person? Why is her score even higher than that of a teacher in charge of Chemistry!!

(We can’t fight it out with her. Send her on base.)

Yuuji used his eyes to indicate that I send her on base. Of course, I would agree with his view. How can I win against someone with such a terrifying score using my own score? It can’t be helped that we have to send her on base. I see, so that’s how it is. All our opponents up till now probably felt the same way when they faced Himeji-san—hm?

“That’s strange? What’s going on…”

Takahasi-sensei’s summoned beast that was standing in the batter’s box seemed to be doing something wrong. I know she looks clumsy, but it’s not just that…ah! She mixed up the way she should be holding the bat. The left and right hands are both placed wrongly. In that case…

(Let’s fight it out, Yuuji. It seems that Takahashi-sensei doesn’t really know how to play baseball.)

I told Yuuji to check Takahashi-sensei’s hands with my eyes. After being prompted by me, Yuuji realized that Takahashi-sensei placed her hands wrongly, and immediately got ready to catch as he positions the glove.

“Takahashi-sensei, your hands are positioned wrongly. You can’t hit well like this.”

“Ahh, that’s right…thank you for reminding me, Nishimura-sensei.”

Ready to get on, Ironman reminded Takahashi-sensei, and she immediately put her hands properly. Right now, she’s holding the bat correctly, but now that confirms our guess that Takahashi-sensei can’t play baseball. If that’s the case, it’s not impossible to get her out.

(Outside corner, high, fastball.)

Noticing the position and manner that Takahashi-sensei’s holding the bat, Yuuji slightly adjusted the position of the glove. Bait her with a ball…I think she can’t play baseball well, so maybe it’s a good idea to let her swing and miss.

I follow Yuuji’s instruction and get ready to pitch. As I pitch

“Let me see, like this?”

Takahashi-sensei suddenly changed her posture and holds her bat again.


As I deliberately pitched the ball out of the strike zone, Takahashi-sensei didn’t hit the ball as it flew directly into Yuuji’s glove. Is she trying to bunt…? Un…

(Let her bunt if she wants to. We can add another out.)

Yuuji threw the ball back and gave me this instruction. Yuuji’s right. If Takahashi-sensei wants to bunt to advance the runner, we can add another out. The reason’s simple. The next batter will be the 4th batter, and it will be the teacher with the highest score. We will send him on base no matter what. In other words, the runner on first base will go to second base no matter what. With one person out, it’s better for us to let her do a sacrifice.

I ready myself and pitch the ball hard. Really, was sensei too naïve? Bunting in this situation, it’s like she’s giving herself up in this situation. If I think about it carefully—

“No wait! That’s not how it is!”

The opponent doesn’t even know how to play baseball, and is one of the teachers! How can she be so naïve to let us see through it! If even I can sense this, she would notice it too…!

But it was too late when I realized this. Before I knew it, the ball that left my fingers reached the front of the bat.

“Over here, like this…”

DONK! The forceful hit rang in my ears. Takahashi-sensei didn’t change her bunting position, however—

“A Drag-Bunt?”

A bunt is a bunt, but this is a drag bunt. It’s different from a sacrifice bunt. This is to score. Damn it! So that was her aim!

The ball that got hit flew low and passed by me and the 3rd baseman. Not good!

Just when I was about to give up, god gave us timely reinforcements.

“Leave it to me!”

“Fukumura-kun!? Thank goodness!”

The flight of the ball flew directly to the shortstop Fukumura-kun.

Fukumura-kun put the glove in front of him as he lowered his body to grab this body. Now, Fukumura-kun just need to catch the ball and throw to 1st base.



Fukumura-kun’s summoned beast got blown away together with him.

Hold, hold on a minute! What’s the situation now! That was just a normal bunt! It didn’t hit the center. How does it have such tremendous power to send a summoned beast flying as well!


Someone among the teachers shouted out. Fukumura-kun’s summoned beast and the ball got knocked into center field, and even rolled a few times. Damn it, Takahashi-sensei’s going to take second base!

“Second base? I got it.”

Takahashi-sensei nodded her head calmly.

And then, her summoned beast ran to second base, directly at second base, even past the pitcher’s mound I’m standing on.


Including Terai-sensei on the base, everyone present widened their eyes.

“…Batter out.”

The umpire declared that Takahashi-sensei was out. The rules of baseball stipulates that the baserunner can only run in the directed path, and can’t skip first base before running to second base. It seems that Takahashi-sensei doesn’t understand these rules at all.

BTS vol 07 265 EN.jpg

“Takahashi-sensei…you’re out, please return to the bench…”

“Why’s that?”

“Anyway, that’s the case…”

The eyes hidden behind the glasses narrowed, but Takahashi-sensei’s summoned beast could only return back to her own camp. Whether it’s Himeji-san or Takahashi-sensei…they can study, but why don’t they understand the rules of sports…

“Well…sensei, you’re tagged out.”


Unknowingly, Terai-sensei, who was standing blankly behind first and second base, got tagged out. While everyone was still stunned, Sugawa-kun picked the rolling ball up to do a terrific defensive play, but…what’s with this complete lack of enthusiasm?

Level head, Takahashi Yoko, Chemistry, 801 points


Class F, Fukumura Kohei, Chemistry, DEAD.

On a side note, Fukumura-kun’s summoned beast got called back to the Lord.

“I'm going then.”

“We'll leave the rest to you, Kondou-kun.”

“Leave it to me. I'll give a big one.”

Our first batter here is Kondou-kun, who stood in position. This half-inning will be played with Chemistry as the subject. The pitcher's Fuse-sensei, and Ironman's the catcher. As for Takahashi-sensei, the level head is guarding right field. They can't let her pitch anyone. Takahashi-sensei's kindness now would be like our Himeji-san here.

“Maybe we might have a chance if the ball flies to right outfield.”

I mentioned it to Yuuji beside me. If the ball flew to Takahashi-sensei, maybe we can expect her to make an error.

“Ahh, maybe.”

Yuuji's response's as cold as ever. It seems that his mood hasn't improved.

“How will this match end up...”

I couldn't help but mutter.

According to the plan--


--I just heard a bit,--


--The chances of us winning should be--


--decided at the final stage. To Yuuji--


--Our attacks now--


--Aren't worth looking forward to.--


--But no matter what--


--Since our class' on the offense--


--We should cheer them.


Oh, time to defend. Let's do our best.

Kondou-kun, Yokomizo-kun and Hideyoshi got struck out with three strikes each. Compared to the last half-inning, our attack seemed to end so suddenly...

F class again arrived on the field as we all stand at our designated defensive alignments. In this inning, the subject tested will be world history, and I'll be the batter. Ever since the last summoning tournament, Japanese history and world history have become my specialities somewhat. I think I should be able to do well in this inning.

“Alright, come on! I won't let you score that easily.”

I stood on the pitcher's mound and wait for the next batter. Alright, who's next?

“You really can talk big, Yoshii.”

I, Ironman...what's going on? My hot-bloodedness seemed to subside in an instant....ah, this can't be helped. Ironman's most terrifying aspect isn't his scores, but his athletic ability. Besides, since he's teaching us class F, how can his brain be--

Remedial Teacher, Nishimura Sochi, World History, 741 points


F Class, Yoshii Akihisa, 121 points.

(Send him on base.)

(OK, Yuuji.)

I can tell what Yuuji's thinking without seeing it. Facing such a monster, only a fool would ask for a proper showdown.

Yuuji positioned the glove outside the strikezone. Eh? He's not getting up? Is he thinking of letting Ironman think that it would be a foul ball but want me to throw a strike? Or is he just lazy to get up?

Though I have lots of question marks above my head, I still pitched the ball according to where Yuuji is.

After the ball got pitched, Ironman frowned, but he didn't swing at the first pitch.


As the umpire declared it, Yuuji silently pitched the ball to me.

Seeing him like that, Ironman muttered in a coarse voice.

“...Was that you instruction, Sakamoto?”

“That's right. What's wrong with it.”

After answering Ironman, Yuuji put the glove at the same area again.

“I see...”

Ironman muttered unhappily as he again looked at me. What is Ironman trying to say? Is he going to scold us for sending him on base?

“I thought that you guys just couldn't study, but at least you knew what to do in this situation...looks like I have to educate you.”

“Eh? What are you saying? Aren't we just sending you on base? It's common in the game. Are you thinking about telling us off because of this?”

“No, I'm not talking about sending me onto base...listen up, Sakamoto, as a teacher, I have something to tell you.”

Ignoring what Yuuji and Ironman were saying, I pitched the ball at where Yuuji positions his glove. I just need to send him on base anyway. It doesn't matter whether they're chit-chatting, I'll just pitch anyway.


KLANG!! With a crisp batting sound, the ball that was flying at the glove disappeared. How is that possible? Did Ironman just hit a ball?

In the blink of an eye, the ball disappeared from my eyes. My motion senses couldn't catch up to that ball. That ball that was hit isn't in the summoning field now.



Ironman’s summoned beast casually stepped through all the bases. We were careless…! If we want to send the opponent on base, I should have called Yuuji to stand up even if it’s troublesome and throw it at a place the bat can’t possibly hit…!


While standing on the pitcher’s mound, I can clearly heard Yuuji bite his lip and looking really troubled. Really, this isn’t like him. There was no need for Ironman to lecture him; Yuuji’s a guy who wouldn’t be careless when it’s time to be careless, but he actually performed poorly in this situation. This isn’t the Yuuji I know.

Looking at this, I have to speak up.


I immediately asked the umpire for a timeout, and get off the pitcher’s mound as I head to Yuuji.

“…What now, Akihisa? You’re going to scold me now?”

Yuuji glared at me unhappily and spoke up before me.

“Mn, I guess.”

“Keh, you don’t have to say it. I know that.”

Yuuji replied me with a bad tone.

It seems that Yuuji himself understands that he wasn’t focusing on this match. When we had to send Ironman on base, or when facing Takahashi-sensei, the normal Yuuji would have noticed that Takahashi-sensei held the bat wrongly earlier than me, and he would have deduced that she was going for a drag bunt. How can a guy who’s always thinking not notice it when even I noticed it?

“I won’t nag on if you understand. We’re facing an opponent that you can’t just beat by just thinking wildly.”

“Enough nagging. Okay, get back onto the pitcher’s mound when you’re done. The match’s still on.”

After saying that, I didn’t want to talk any more as I turn and return back to my defensive position.

But even though I said so,

“I told him to concentrate, but it can’t be helped that Yuuji is so angry…”

To be honest, I felt that I just gave him one huge problem.

Yare yare…the way that guy is now, it’s unlikely that we can win this match…


Once I returned back to the pitcher’s mound, the umpire declared that the match would continue.

Right now, there’s nobody out and no baserunner on base. Now, we’re facing the 5th batter, which is Ooshima-sensei, the teacher in charge of Health and Physical Education.

“So we’re playing baseball with summoned beasts against the students instead of having lessons…summon.”

Health Education Teacher, Ooshima Takeshi, World History, 233 points


F Class, Yoshii Akihisa, 121 points.

This period would mostly be held outdoors, and Health Ed’s the only lesson we would stay in class. But what’s with such a score? Forget about the athletic ability first, we must have lots of guts if we want to face him.

(Inside corner, lower, fastball.)

Yuuji’s instruction was a inside pitch that’s normally harder to hit, and keeping it low will prevent the long ball. This may seem passive, but it can’t be helped.

I get ready as my eyes watch Yuuji’s glove. I then pitch the first ball.



The ball that got hit passed by 3rd base and went to the patch of grass in the corner of the sports hall. Swinging the bat like that without much thought, Ooshima-sensei’s really into it.

“I see. So it’s different from swinging it personally.”

Ooshima-sensei muttered softly. It’s a good thing that the teachers were assembled together at the last minute. If this were the second match when they got warmed up, that’ll be a really scary thought.

After receiving the ball, I silently wait for the instruction of the second pitch from Yuuji.

(Inside corner, high.)

Another inside ball. Yuuji must be preparing to use this good opportunity while the opponent isn’t warmed up yet and deliberately pitch the ball at the inside corner which is the hardest point to hit.

I nod my head at Yuuji’s instruction and get ready to pitch. This time, since he didn’t indicate the speed of the ball, I just need to pitch it like before?



I was about to pitch it out, and he only gave such a command now. That idiot, at this moment…!

While the ball was about the be pitched up, I force my own movements. Can I make it…!?

The summoned beast pitched the ball out in an awkward manner, and the ball slowly flew to the catcher’s glove. As for the ballpath—it’s not in the direction Yuuji directed! This ball went into a sweet spot!


Daishima-sensei’s summoned beast swung the bat hard, and the ball flew high up into the air. The ball landed at 3rd base. That ball looked like it was hit on the bottom of the bat, so he couldn’t hit a long ball.

“I can make it—u!”

Yokomizo-kun’s summoned beast continued to chase the ball and finally managed to catch it in the glove. If there’s no problem, the batter will be out.


But the umpire didn’t declare that the batter was out. Maybe he’s questioning my seemingly two-part pitch. Though there’s no baserunner, strictly speaking, I did break the pitching rules.

But Ooshima-sensei went back to his own bench on his own, even saying to the umpire, “Just treat it as that I was out.”

Is he not being too fussy because it’s only the first inning? To be honest, I really don’t like Ooshima-sensei’s casual attitude here—but he did help us out.

That damned Yuuji hasn’t recovered yet. Where did that daring decision making of him that’s worth praising go to?

(…I gave the command too slow. I’ll take note next time.)

Yuuji scowled impatiently, but at least he understood that he should apologize for the error just now.

In this unstable situation, the match continued.

Right now, it’s 2 men out and bases full. After Hasegawa-sensei hit a fly ball, two batters hit two base hits, and I walked on batter, causing this devastating situation. We kept the ball low, but that was enough to cause a crisis.

Thus, the net batter will be the first batter Fuse-sensei as we went through one round of the batting order. This is his second time in the batter’s box, so he should more or less be used to controlling the summoned beast. I can’t expect him to make an error like the last time now.

Perhaps he saw that I’m too nervous, as I caught Hideyoshi raising his hand at me, seemingly trying to say something to me. Is he trying to ask me to throw a pickoff to relax myself in this disadvantageous situation?

The runner at first base didn’t look like he was going to steal base, so there’s no need to throw it at him, but to buy time, I still pitched the ball at Hideyoshi.

PAKN. The ball that wasn’t pitched too hard immediately landed in Hideyoshi’s summoned beast’s glove. Of course, the runner at first base wasn’t tagged out as he casually returned back to the bag.


The umpire’s decision rang. Of course, I don’t think that I can get a third man out here, and the I threw a pickoff to calm myself down—at least that’s what I think. But Hideyoshi looked troubled for some reason. Hm? What is it? Did I throw that ball strangely or something.


Hideyoshi called out to the umpire and ask for a timeout, and then led his summoned beast to me. Most likely, Hideyoshi wants to give me suggestions while returning the ball to me.

“Hm? Hideyoshi, what’s wrong?”

“Uu, actually—”

Hideyoshi leaned closer to me as he looked like he’s about to whisper something to me. Beside us, our summoned beasts lean together like us.

“Actually what?”

“Actually, after this game—I want to take a bath.”


At that moment, I forget everything about baseball, and my consciousness started to swim.

Hideyoshi…wants to…bath…?

Why did he say such a thing out of the sudden? What benefit does Hideyoshi get for messing with my heart at this moment? Or there’s a deeper meaning to this? Maybe it has something to do with the notion that Hideyoshi’s breasts are growing a little?

“I just want to say that. Sorry for disturbing you.”

There seemed to be some ploy as Hideyoshi gave me a devilishly cute smile before returning back to his defensive position, but I couldn’t get rid of the wild thoughts in my mind.

I don’t understand. Why would Hideyoshi mention about bathing with me? What should I do after hearing him say that? Do I have to guard Hideyoshi while he’s bathing?


The umpire’s call to continue the match entered my ears.

That, that’s right. We still have a baseball game. Right now, I shouldn’t be thinking of why Hideyoshi suddenly mentioned about bathing. I need to think of how to get past this dangerous situation, and bath with Hideyoshi! If we can beat the teachers, I can smile and bath together with Hideyoshi. But if we lose to the teachers, I will have to cry and bath with Hideyoshi. I DON’T WANT THAT!

“…Well, I feel that Akihisa-kun’s giving off a really evil presence.”

“…I don’t know what’s going on either, but seeing him like this makes me really angry.”

Alright! At this moment, I’m all pumped up. Either way, I have to get a 3rd man out—eh, hold it, that’s strange?

“Hm? Where did the ball go?”

Just when I was about to pitch, I found out that my summoned beast wasn’t holding the ball. That’s strange? When Hideyoshi came over to the pitcher’s mound with his summoned beast, I believed he did bring the ball over…didn’t I receive the ball?

I start to look around for the ball. At this moment,

“Tagged out, here.”


Hideyoshi’s voice could be heard from first base. Tagged out? What’s the situation now?

The ball wasn’t with me, and Hideyoshi that was defending first base is still holding onto the ball I was looking for just a second ago. Then, Hideyoshi reached out the hand that has the glove on and tapped the runner at first base that was slightly far away and ready to run off. Is this the famous—hidden ball?


The umpire declared that we switch over. Eh? Really? We just escaped this dangerous half-inning like that?

“Nice, Kinoshita!”

“You acted really well, using that hidden ball!”

“…Good job.”

“At least I was of some use now.”

After walking back to the bench, everyone praised Hideyoshi for his brilliant performance. He really saved us there. Really, I thought that that half-inning as a goner. If that’s the case—

“So I can bath happily with Hideyoshi!”

“…Akihisa, what’s with that messed-up thinking of yours?”

Hideyoshi gave me a ‘I don’t know what to do with you look’. Hm? There seems to be something strange with that.

“Eh? But didn’t you just say on the mound that you wanted to bath with me, Hideyoshi?”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t say that just now—“

Speaking halfway through, Hideyoshi suddenly remembered something and immediately remembered,

“No, wait! Speaking of which, I seemed to have said it just now! That’s right! A bath! Akihisa, you must go to the men’s bath with me—Kuu!”

“Oh my, Kinoshita, how can that do? A bath is separated by gender, you know.”

“That’s right Kinoshita-kun. If you want to bath with your friends, you can bath with us later.”

“Sh, Shimada and Himeji!? Calm down first! Don’t tell me you’re thinking that there’s nothing wrong about bathing with me.”

Himeji-san and Minami grabbed Hideyoshi on each hand as they showed a sweet smile. Uu, that’s right. Even I feel that it’s bad to bath together with the opposite gender, and that it’s unforgivable. It’s the same as when he hid the ball just now, Hideyoshi was just joking around. Ye, yes, just a joke. I knew that, I knew that, so I won’t feel so disappointed…

“…Akihisa, tell me the specifics about bathing just now.”

Unknowingly, Muttsurini prepared a recorder as he stood beside me. Once something pervy happens, this guy’s smell and mobility is really amazing.

Uu, I’ll just leave this thing that happens normally aside.

“Alright, time for us to attack! Time to concentrate!”


“Alright, everyone. Time for us to defend again. Got to do our best.”


That was fast, really fast. Why did our offense end in the blink of an eye?

The three batters that lined up were quickly struck out, and we switched over. We couldn't even get a base on balls, let alone a single hit. We're just getting pounded here.

We're attacking later, and so as the second inning ended, it became the top half of the third inning. The subject changed from world history to biology.

The first batter Fuse-sensei hit a nice hit, and the second batter Terai-sensei was intending to do a sacrifice bunt, but unexpectedly, it became no men out and runners on first and second base. Before I noticed it, danger lurked in front of us again.

And the third batter—is her again.

“Please guide me through.”

The talented woman who's the level head—Takahashi Yoko-sensei again stood in the batter's box.

(No need to send her on base?)

(Of course not.)

I expected Yuuji's answer. If we walk Takahashi-sensei here, we have to face Ironman with bases full.

Takahashi-sensei's scary, but the next batter Ironman's even scarier. With that score and freakish athleticism, he's not someone we can beat no matter how hard we try.

“I'll hit it well this time.”

Takahashi-sensei held her bat in a really short and obvious manner, she intends to bunt. Well, she just looked like she just wanted a hit. Someone among the teachers must have taught her that, I suppose.

(Outside corner, high, fastball.)

Yuji wanted me to throw at the furthest point from Takahashi-sensei’s summoned beast’s reach. This should be a decision made to counter her bunt.

I use all my strength and pitch the ball according to where Yuuji indicated. If she’s not ready, I guess it’ll be hard to hit the ball—

“Well, just as I expected.”


Suddenly, Takahashi-sensei extended her arms. Damn it! I got carelessly thinking that Takahashi-sensei was an amateur at baseball, but she’s still the smartest of all the teachers!

As the ballpath got seen through, the pitch I threw with all I got was hit easily, and the ball flew out in a very low trajectory.


Fukumura-kun’s summoned beast got sent flying away again and rolled to center field. K…u! he got completely defeated again!

“Takahashi-sensei! Please run in order, starting from first base!”

An instruction could be heard from the teachers. Che! They’re so naggy!

“Got it. I won’t make the same mistake twice.”

Takahashi-sensei’s summoned beast ran through first base, second base and third base at a speed respective to her score. It’s amazing that she can be that fast, really fast.

And because she was too fast—

“Takahashi-sensei…you’re, out…”


She sprinted past the other baserunners in front of her as she was too fast.


Everyone seeing this is dumbstruck.

In baseball, one of the rules state that the baserunner behind, if not out, will be treated as out if he overtakes the front baserunner. Anyway, she will be out if she runs past a baserunner in front.

We, well, I can understand that she doesn’t know these baseball rules…erm, I guess…? I think because Takahashi-sensei’s summoned beast was too powerful that such a tragedy occurred, but that’s lucky to us.

“Anyway, you’re out, Takahashi-sensei. Please return to the bench.”

“I can’t accept that.”

“That’s the way it is…”

Takahashi-sensei narrowed her eyes unhappily, but she returned to her camp obediently. Well, this exchange match made me suddenly have a feeling that my distance with Takahashi-sensei got shortened…she really feels like my sister in some ways.

“Eh…hai, tagged out. Hey, Shimada (pew)!”


“(PA) OK—tagged him out here.”


The other two baserunners that were stunned by Takahashi-sensei’s actions got tagged out by Sugawa-kun and Minami respectively. Well, we got 3 outs like this…

“…3 outs, switch.”

The umpire declared weakly as if he was muttering to himself. I can’t say that I don’t understand. Having 3 men out like this is completely unheard of, so I guess the umpire would be so listless.

“I can’t believe that Takahashi-sensei would do such a ridiculous thing...”

“Actually, I always looked up to Takahashi-sensei…”

Fuse-sensei and Terai-sensei look dejected as they return back to the bench. Takahashi-sensei’s normally hardworking, smart and knowledgeable when she’s in the staff room, so I guess they should be rather shocked on seeing her like this.

“An, anyway, we passed through another crisis. Time to hit a base hit now! Who’s the next batter—ha?”

“It’s you, Akihisa.”

Ah, oh yeah. So my responsibilty’s really great. I have to meet everyone’s expectations no matter what.

“…I have great faith in you, Sakamoto.”

“Sakamoto, we can only rest our hopes on you.”

“Please hit a homeroom.”

For some reason, my classmates started stating their vote of confidence to the batter after me.

“Is everyone doing that so as not to burden me with too much pressure?”

“““…Ah…well, you can put it like that…Anyway, Yoshii…”””


The way everyone showed their expectations of me made me unable to hide my disappointment as it showed on my face. Even my heart’s crying now.

“Well…Akihisa-kun, please do your best!”

At this moment, I heard an Angelic voice healing me.

“Hi, Himeji-san…! Thank you! I’ll do my best!”

“Yes, I’ll cheer you on!”

“Alright! I must get on base! That’ll be my gift for Himeji-san!”

It’s time to show my manly side. I have to show my cool side to make others think better about me. I went to the batter’s box with swagger and watch the opponent pitch the ball right in the middle of my vision.



“So, sorry Yoshii-kun…I had a bit of problem with the force I used just now.”

Just when I stepped from with swagger, the opponent just gave me a wild pitch…it was a bad pitch, but why was the force so great!!

“We, well…Akihisa-kun said that he would dedicate this moving onto base to me, but how can I accept it…”

“Mizuki, just snort and mock him all you want and say that he’s embarrassing for trying to look cool.”

“Ha, okay…”

“Uu…I wanted to show off, but I embarrassed myself…”

I finally pulled my body through the excruciating pain and head off to first base silently. My summoned beast look like it just escaped from the gates of hell.

But even so, I did end up on base, and without anyone out. It’s apt to say that it’s our best chance. I’ll just have to wait for the next batter to perform well.

“Alright, time for me to go up.”

The next batter Yuuji entered the batter’s box. With Yuuji’s score and athletic ability, maybe we can break through in this half-inning.

Chemistry teacher, Fuse Fumihiro, Biology, 269 points


F Class, Sakamoto Yuuji, Biology, 188 points.

Though biology’s the subject used in this inning, the pitcher’s still Fuse-sensei, the teacher in charge of Chemistry, as there’s only one Biology teacher who’s free enough to be here and supervise. Fuse-sensei, who took over as pitcher, has a better score than Yuuji, but with Yuuji’s own athletic ability and reflexes, this matchup’s worth watching. I got to get ready first and rush the moment Yuuji hit the ball.

“I have to be careful not to throw a wild pitch…”

Fuse-sensei’s summoned beast gets ready to pitch and launches the ball from his hand. The ball was right down the middle at an ordinary speed. Maybe he deliberately controlled the force on the ball because of the hit pitch on me. If that’s the case…there’s a good chance!


Yuuji watched this ball pass as his body tremble--but he did not swing.


In the end, the opponent got a nice start. Maybe Yuuji didn’t hit that ball because he was thinking about something, or did he just miss the opportunity.

Just when I tilt my head as I don’t understand, Fuse-sensei then pitched the second ball. This time it’s the low outside corner. It seems that the ball can barely squeeze into the strikezone. How should I deal with this ball?


Like just now, Yuuji trembled, but this time, he actually swung the bat.

Kang! What resounded wasn’t a loud crisp sound as the ball rolled in front of the pitcher. That moron! He didn’t hit well because he hesitated!

The pitchered picked up the ball that dropped and threw directly to second base. Damn it! I can’t make it in time!


The ball already landed in the second baseman’s glove before my summoned beast could even reach there, and the second baseman then threw the ball at first base.


The batter Yuuji was out, and in the blink of an eye, it became two men out. This is a rare chance, and unfortunately, we couldn’t take advantage of it well.


Once we returned to the bench, I heard Yuuji howl out.

I bring my summoned beast back to the bench, and at this moment, Minami leans over to me.

(Aki, what’s wrong with Sakamoto?)

Minami looked over at Yuuji worriedly and whispered to me softly. Speaking of which, Minami was busy trying to convince Hideyoshi to change into cheerleader costumes, so she didn’t notice Yuuji quarreling with Kirishima-san.

(He had a bit of a quarrel with Kirishima-san…)

(Fu…so something happened…)

I didn’t explain it specifically to Minami, but it seemed that she caught onto something. Maybe she felt that it’s not good to dig into private matters like that as she didn’t ask any more and returned back to the bench.


“Uu…I’m sorry…”

As I was talking to Minami, Himeji-san was struck out and returned back. Just like that, we switched over offense and defense again.

3rd inning over, and we’re losing 0-1. We’re just losing by one point, but this match’s basically a one-sided beatdown!

I feel that it’s time to come up with a reversal like usual, but the most important thing is that Yuuji’s still in that state..

Seems like we can only give up. Besides, trying to beat the teachers is basically like dreaming. Right now, I should so something to console Yuuji.

“Yuuji, your feelings—”


Before I finished, Yuuji glared at me angrily. It seems that he’s still raging inside.

“Really…Yuuji, you should be more mature, right? Kirishima-san would occasionally be in a bad mood too.”


I basically just added fuel to the fire, as Yuuji’s rage just burned even more.

He clenched his fist and trembled in anger.


Here we go again. How many times did he roar today? We can’t patch things up like this.

Yare yare, really, you…just when I was sighing—

“Eh? You’re talking about the piece of scrap paper?”

Himeji-san tilted her head in a weird manner. That’s strange? Did she know what was confiscated from Kirishima-san?

“What’s wrong, Himeji? Are you going to lecture me and tell me not to treat important documents to others as a trash?”

Even though he’s not angry with Himeji-san, Yuuji sounded really unfriendly.

Himeji-san stared at Yuuji with an inexplicable look,

“No, that’s not it. I’m not talking about that…the paper you just mentioned about…was different from what I heard…”

Eh? Different from what she heard? What’s different?

This time, Yuuji and I have question marks above our head.

“What do you mean by that, Himeji-san—”

“Well…I heard that what was confiscated from Shouko-chan was the wedding headdress she got from Sakamoto-kun at Kisaragi Highlands…”


For some reason, even I asked back at these unexpected words.

Wedding headdress. The wedding headdress she’s talking about…isn’t that the thin piece of cloth covering the face when wearing the wedding gown. Is it that thing that’s worn with the wedding gown when the bride’s about to be married? Speaking of Kisaragi Highlands, is it that thing from the wedding experience? Did Kirishima-san get the wedding certificate confiscated from her?

Facing us with question marks above our heads, Himeji-san continued to explain.

“Shouko-chan once told me happily that Sakamoto-kun gave it to her after she got laughed at in public. It was a wedding headdress full of important memories.”

“Ah, I remember that as well. She even looked happy when she mentioned that during our study meeting. That left a deep impression on me. So the headdress got confiscated…no wonder she looked so shocked.”

Standing beside us, Minami lowered her eyes in sympathy.

““…”” Having heard the facts from Himeji-san’s mouth, Yuuji and I can’t say a single thing out.

That was the only dream Kirishima-san harbored since young. It must have hurt her to hear so many people mock her like that. However,

“‘But then, I won't laugh at your dream’…”

If Yuuji said such a thing, it will become the most important memory in her life.

“So I felt that it was too much when Sakamoto-kun said that the headdress was something ‘worthless’.”

It’s no wonder that Kirishima-san would be so shocked after hearing those words, because Yuuji didn’t care about that headdress at all. Yuuji said that ‘I won’t laugh at your dream’, but his cruel words mocked Kirishima-san’s dream.

“If it’s Shouko-chan, she should be able to get that headdress back if she explains to the teachers properly…”

Himeji-san and Minami looked down in sympathy. The teachers wouldn’t mock Kirishima-san’s story. Everyone knows that, but even so—she’s afraid of the one in a million chance.

My mind recalls the words Yuuji said.

That thing.

That useless trash.

I’ll throw it away.

The dream she always kept so preciously just got mocked by Yuuji like that. Those words would be so cruel to Kirishima-san.

“…Yuuji…what have you done…”

Though this is unrelated to me, even I can’t help but think of covering my face and sigh. No wonder Himeji-san’s standing on Kirishima-san’s side.

“Sakamoto-kun…that was given to Shouko-chan by you. You didn’t know what was confiscated…?”

“…I really didn’t know.”

Yuuji answered weakly and honestly.

Anyway, Yuuji was mistaken. Kirishima-san thought that Yuuji knew what it was because Yuuji gave it to her. That’s why she couldn’t accept that it was something ‘worthless’.


It’s only now that we all realized that we were thinking about different things.

Nobody can be blamed as everyone was mistaken. But if there’s any side worth feeling sympathy for, it’ll be Kirishima-san. Even though he didn’t know what was going on, Yuuji did hurt her. Because of this, Yuuji showed such a shocked expression when he realized everything.

Trying to wake up this guy that got lost in thoughts, I deliberately raised my voice to ask him,

“Alright, Yuuji, what do you intend to do? If this keeps up, we can’t get back those confiscated items.”

If we lose this match, we won’t be able to get back out confiscated items, either our treasured items or a certain person’s memorabilia.

“What else can we do…we can only defend well and get points to win the match.”

But even so, he doesn’t have a detailed plan. It seems that Yuuji’s mind is still unable to move.

“Even so, Yuuji, the next fourth batter’s that Ironman. We have to think of something or this inning’s not going to be easy.”

Having remained quiet up till now, Hideyoshi joined in the conversation. Like what Hideyoshi said, the next batting order is from Ironman onwards, and it’s his second time. If we use our tactic from before, the teachers will definitely score. Besides, we can’t really expect the teachers to make any mistakes now.

I glance at Yuuji. This time, that idiot’s trying to move his brain and think of a way to get through the next inning.

--That’s the first time I ever saw him so serious ever since I knew him.


Lacking the casual attitude he had up till now, Yuuji started to think of a plan.

Really, since this guy’s showing such an expression…looks like I should lend him a hand.


“…What is it, Akihisa?”

Yuuji looked up. I stretch and point my finger and myself and Yuuji as I say,

“Switch positions.”


On hearing my words, everyone gave me a ‘what is this guy thinking about look’, but amongst them, Yuuji was the only one who realized the meaning behind that proposal. He looks straight into my eyes and asks,

“…Can you do it?”

Yuuji’s words were more like confirmation than a question.

You’re talking about that at this moment?

“Let’s give it a shot. We can’t lose this match, right?”


On hearing me say that, Yuuji gave me a smirk.

“What’s going on, Akihisa? It’s okay for Yuuji to be the pitcher, but who can be the catcher in our class? Are you talking about Himeji?”

“Haha, Hideyoshi, what are you talking about? How can I let Himeji-san do such a tough job?”

The catcher has a lot of things to deal with. It’s too cruel to let Himeji-san to carry out this role.

“If that’s the case, who can catch Yuuji’s pitches?”

“Yeah. In this situation, there’s still one person who can catch the pitches.”

It’s simple. If I don’t want to be ejected from the game because I have no points left, I just need to catch every single pitch. In front of my body, right at the center of the glove. I just need to catch every single pitch without leaving any injuries on me. It’s just that simple. And as for the only person with that level of control…that’s me.

“Bring it, Yuuji. I’ll catch every single pitches of yours!”

“You said so, Akihisa. Don’t regret because you said those words. Your summoned beast’s going to fly if you don’t catch my pitches.”

It’s now the top half of the fourth inning. The match officially begins for us now.


The match began again. Yuuji’s the pitcher, and I’m the catcher. We’re facing the fourth batter Ironman.

(Right down the middle. I’m going to throw it straight.)

(Got it.)

I ready my glove at the position Yuuji designated through eye contact. The first ball is going to be a pitch right down the middle. That’s one daring path for someone stepping up for the first time.

Yuuji’s summoned beast gets ready to pitch and throws the first ball with a powerful force.

PAM! The glove let out a crisp sound, and my arms and shoulders feel the transfer of the recoil. It hurts—! That bastard pitched at me with such force!

F Class, Sakamoto Yuuji, English Writing, 281 points


F Class, Yoshii Akihisa, English Writing, 75 points

I caught the ball from the front, but I still got damaged. Seems like I have to exert more force and catch the ball down the middle of the glove with a softer stance. Concentrate. I have to concentrate and catch every single pitch Yuuji throws to prevent any damage.

BTS vol 07 301.jpg


The umpire hesitated for a while before making his decision.

Ironman couldn’t even react to Yuuji’s pitch. That’s to be expected, since after getting used to my weak pitches, even Ironman’s eyes can’t catch up to a fastball like that.

“Nice pitch.”

“Of course.”

I threw the ball back at Yuuji and quipped a praise at him. I then see Yuuji smirk. Really, this guy’s not cute at all even when I gave him a rare praise.

(Right down the middle. Straight. I’m going to pitch now.)

On catching the ball, Yuuji gave me that signal through eye contact. This bastard…he’s going to pitch without resting?

I frantically readied my glove.

Yuuji caught the ball, and without giving the normal hand signals, he suddenly widened his arm and pitched at me.

The ball went down the path just now and flew over in the blink of an eye. The impact was transferred to my body again.


I threw the ball back at Yuuji and warned him with my eyes,

(That was dangerous! What will happen if I couldn’t catch it!)

I managed to catch it, but that pitch just now was really dangerous. If I wasn’t careful, my summoned beast may end up on the casualty list, and maybe it can’t fight on.

But, that Yuuji,

(Stop yapping. Didn’t you say that you would catch every pitch I throw?)

Yuuji responded like that with his eyes.

…That bastard…! He sure can talk! My score’s quite far off from Yuuji, but my control of the summoned beast’s definitely better! Just wait and see!

Maybe my thoughts reached Yuuji, as he pinched the ball without waiting for me to answer.

The ballpath this time is—since it’s this guy, I can tell without looking.

“Alright, senseis. I’m sorry for being so stubborn…because a lot of things happened today.”

BTS vol 07 293c.jpg

Yuuji’s summoned beast pitched the third ball.

The next moment, the ball flew straight forcefully with blazing speed and ended up right in the middle of my glove. I managed to catch it well, but the impact numbed my arms.


With that, it’s three balls and three strikes, and we managed to get the first out.

“From now on, you’re not going to get another point off us!”

This is our real ability when we fight, and what that means is that the teachers aren’t going to hit the ball anymore!


  1. Explanation :
    1. 2Na + 2H2O => 2NaOH + H2
    2. Iodine in this case must be in aqueous potassium Iodide, since Iodine can barely dissolve in water.
    3. Catalyst is Potassium Permanganate, KMnO4. It is a very powerful oxidizing agent.
    4. Neon is a good refrigerant.
  2. Na I Mn(Mu) Ne --> ナ イ ム ネ --> 無い胸 --> No breasts