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The Sixth Question[edit]

Please write down your thoughts regarding this training camp.

Himeji Mizuki's comment:

'I benefitted a lot from studying with students from the other classes, and managed to get many beneficial tips from quite a few reference books involving subjects that I'm frustrated with, which I believe will help me in my studies. Though it may be rather loud at night, it's still our school's characteristic. Also, I managed to get a great secret photo from a certain someone, I'm so happy!'

Teacher's comment:

BakaTest v03 p200.JPG

Himeji-san's grades for every subject are rather impressive, and sensei didn't realise that you have subjects that you are unfamiliar with; I'm really sorry about that. However, it's good that you found a way to solve the problems. It's really been beneficial for you to study with class A students, so work hard during the next streaming exam. Also, please don't be affected by the noise that those idiots caused.

Shimada Minami's comment:

'I will never ever forget about what happened on the third night. What should I do? I can't discuss this with anyone, and I couldn't find time to talk to that person...I knew about Mizuki's feelings, so have I betrayed her? But if it's in terms of liking, I liked him since last year, so I should be the earlier one, right? Arrgghh~! I don't know what to do!'

Teacher's comment:

What happened? It doesn't feel normal when you can't even discuss it with your friends. If you want, you can talk to sensei. Since I lived longer than you by a few years, I should be able to help out. But seeing you mention the word 'feelings' here, I'm wondering if it's related to love?

If so, sensei can only say this. Don't make a rash decision that you'll regret for the rest of your life. A student's responsibility is to think, be bothered, and grow up to be an accomplished adult.

Yoshii Akihisa's comment:

'Didn't expect so many troublesome things to occur, this is really shocking. I lost consciousness on the first day and was carted directly into the hotel, so I didn't have any memories of it. After that, I got labeled as a peeping tom, and those suspicious stares around me really bothered me. In order to train myself, I tried hard to break through the strongholds to peep inside the girls bathing area, but is this really alright? Actually, I'm really worried. This training camp really made me think about a lot of things.'

Teacher's comment:

That's right.


Without thinking of holding back, I made a huge yawn.

I want to sleep. Anyway, I really want to sleep. I'm so sleepy I'm about to drop. I would have slept if it wasn't for the precious breakfast time now.

"I'm so sleepy..."

Beside me, Yuuji's rubbing his eyes as well.

It's expected that we want to sleep. We got lectured by Ironman (with fists) into the morning. It's been three consecutive days now, so It's impossible for us to not want to sleep.

"You guys are really unlucky..."

Hideyoshi said with an apologetic tone. Is he feeling guilty that only the two of us got lectured? He doesn't need to feel sorry since he was asleep.

"Even if we're unlucky, it's too—Uuahhh~~"

I can't take it already. I continued to stretch my back. Today's the last day already, so we got to replenish our sleep during the self-study period...

"It's useless! Seeing you guys like this, for tonight's attack, we might have to..."

"It's not that we're completely asleep. If we're motivated, we will definitely wake up—Huahh~~"

Making a yawn just after opening the mouth, seems like the symptoms are really serious. As for how serious it is, let's just say that even with the sliced salmon and delicious dishes in front of me, it's unlikely for me to overcome the sleep demon.

"I can't make it as well, not motivated at all—OOOHHHH!!"

"Wha, what's with you, Yuuji?"

The dazed and sleepy Yuuji suddenly widened his eyes after seeing something. What? What did he see?

"...Super effective."

"Ah, you're here, Muttsulini. Good morning."

Muttsulini appeared at the door and walked towards us. He seems to be holding something in his hand.

"Muttsulini, what did you show Yuuji just now? He seems really excited."

"...A magic photo."

It's rare for Muttsulini to proudly lift his chest and make such a claim.

"Oh? Can you let me see it?"

"...(Hands over)"

Muttsulini slides the photos in his hand between Hideyoshi and me.

"A magic photo? What nonsense are you talking about? We're already high school students, how can we be motivated by just a single photo—WWOOOWWW!!"

"Oh, this photo is..."

The first photo Muttsulini showed us is the photo of Himeji-san and Hideyoshi in yukatas.

Dressed in yukatas, Himeji-san and Hideyoshi seemed rather shy as they looked up at the camera, in a somewhat sexy manner, and there's also a glimpse of the breasts!

BTS vol 03 195.jpg

"It's great to live on this world..."

This picture doesn't really show that much skin, but why am I feeling all excited? However, I'll do anything just to get a photo of these two bathing!

"What's the second photo, Akihisa?"

"Let me see..."

I pulled aside the first photo. It's a double shot of Kirishima-san closing in while dressed in a yukata and Minami who's in sports shorts.

"This, this is great! Muttsulini, this photo was taken at a perfect angle! You have my utmost respect!"

"That's really be able to cut Akihisa and Yuuji out of the photo, isn't this of professional level already?"

This photo isn't any different from those self-photos sold on the market! Though it's too bad that not everyone's in a yukata, it's still a very viewable photo. To be able to bring out even Minami's attractive side in such a healthy manner, I can only say that Muttsulini's photo-taking skills are near godlike!

"And the third photo?"

"Ah, Mm! The third photo is—"

I pull out another photo from below. The third photo that appears in front of me is—isn't this me in the sailor uniform?

"...It was taken beautifully, so I developed that one."


"Calm down first, Akihisa! Isn't this photo taken beautifully?"

Hideyoshi hugged me tightly, not allowing me to deal the killer blow.

When was that photo taken anyway?

"That's amazing, Muttsulini. When did you take that photo?"

Yuuji's eyes have regained their vigour as he suddenly praised Muttsulini. For Yuuji to react like this when he doesn't even show that much reaction to girls, it's likely that ordinary guy will react a lot more than him.

"Now we just need to hope for reinforcements."

Hideyoshi's right, it's unlikely for those guys to not falter once they see these photos. As a guy, I understand this the most, but...

"...Do we really have to show these photos to the rest?"

Ah~ if possible, I hope that I can stuff these photos directly into my bag.

"Akihisa, don't forget our initial aim. We won't be able to succeed if we don't care about the entire plan."

"Uu...I know that..."

I just feel that it's a pity that we have to show it to the rest!

Even so, I know that Yuuji's right. Our aim isn't to get these photos, but to be able to successfully peep inside the girls bathing area.

"Sorry, my bad. These photos are meant to achieve our goal, so I should abstain from such thoughts. Besides, I will tell Muttsulini to prepare one gross[1] for me, so I just need to endure it."

"Isn't one gross too much?"

"You're not thinking of abstaining!"

Stop bothering me, you guys!

"Alright, if so, then—"

Yuuji pulled out a pen from who knows where, and writes a few messy words behind the photos.

'Pass these photos to all the guys, and don't let the girls or the teachers see it! If anyone is to try and take these photos for their own, they will executed under the name Sakamoto Yuuji!'

I see, if we don't write down these notes, these photos will likely be stolen.

"Oi, Sugawa, pass these to the guys."

Yuuji passes the photos to Sugawa-san, who's beside our eating breakfast. He receives the photos with a puzzled look.


And the next moment, he's awake.

"Oh yeah, Yuuji, you should have taken away my photos, right?"

"Relax, passing that kind of thing around will only demoralise them. I did take away that photo of yours."

"I see. It's good that you took it."

If those photos are to be passed out, it's utterly meaningless for me to even think of preventing those photos of me in girls' clothes to be spread around.

"Eh? Muttsulini, you still have more photos?"

Hideyoshi sees that Muttsulini still has a photo in his hand. Really, what did he take?

"Let me see, what did you take here?"

"Ah, me too!"

I peek in to look at the photo that Hideyoshi received from Muttsulini.

What's on the photo is—me in a sailor uniform (with underwear revealed)

"...I couldn't help but take it."



Anyway, whatever the case, our momentum's at the highest now due to these photos.

Tida tida—for some reason, the sound made by the second hand becomes really loud. I didn't really bother about it in the past, and unexpectedly, I started to be mindful of it.

"Akihisa, don't get anxious right before the event. We got our points replenished and passed the photos over for everyone to see. We already did what we can do, and we just need to do fight with our best effort."

Resting in a corner of the room with his eyes closed, Yuuji warned me. The more critical the situation is, the more I feel like praising this guy's nerves.

"The three classes D, E and F will be participating with full strength like yesterday, so we'll just see if the other three classes A, B and C are willing to help out."

Since we had to focus on the tests in order to replenish our points, we didn't have time to talk to the other boys, so we have no idea how effective the photos are now. We can only see the effects during the battle.

"...I must take revenge today."

Even Muttsulini's getting pumped. Maybe it's because he's satisfied with the photos he took that he managed to answer quite a lot of questions with a lot of enthusiasm during the day tests. Muttsulini's attitude tonight is already terrifying.

"It's about time to battle, so let's get our final battle meeting done."

Opening his eyes, Yuuji walked over to me, with Hideyoshi and Muttsulini following suit.

"We're now on the third level, and we have to break through the four areas, third level, second level, first level and the girls bathing area before we can get to our final destination."

If it's according to room allocation, the third level will be handled by classes E and F; the second level will be handled by classes C and D, classes A and B for the first level. In other words, our location is the furthest to the girls' bathing area.

"Those guys from classes E and F will help out suppress our enemies on the third level, and class D will be handling the enemies on the second level, however..."

"It's hard to defend fully with only class C, right?"

The teachers will also distribute the forces according to the strength of the students, so without class C, it's going to be hard to break through the second level.

"However, we can only do this in the end."

"That's a certainty, and after we break through the second level—"

"...We'll have to face Takahashi-sensei."

"That's right, as the level head, the resistance led by Takahashi-sensei will be guarding the first level. I guess Shouko, Himeji and Kudo Aiko will be waiting for us there."

One of the biggest problems in our operation today will be the first level guarded by Takahashi-sensei. Whether we can succeed in this operation will be greatly dependent on whether we can break through this pass.

"I'll create the space for Akihisa and Muttsulini to break through. However, you guys better be mentally prepared, since I won't be able to stop Takahashi-sensei, Shouko and the rest for long."

It's impossible for Yuuji to stop those three alone, no, it's likely that those three won't be our only opponents. Those class A girls will likely be helping out, and I don't dare to imagine how hard it is to try and stop them.

"If we can't stop them..."

"That's right, we're finished once Akihisa and Muttsulini get pincered, and everything will be over. My remaining life will be ripped apart by Shouko, and Akihisa will be treated as a pervert for the rest of his life."

"Even if we fail though, it doesn't feel like anything will change..."


"Anyway, we can only try our best to stop Takahashi-sensei. If classes A and B are willing to help out, we should still have a chance of winning."

"Uh hm, anyway, forget about class A, there shouldn't be any problem for class B to join in, right? Their boys, seem to be interested in girls, especially their class rep. That photo should be rather effective."

"Ah hahaha, hearing Hideyoshi say this, it seems like class A's rep doesn't seem interested in girls at all."


Eh? Why is everyone looking away awkwardly?

"Once we get past Takahashi-sensei, the rest of the job will be yours. Akihisa, Muttsulini, you guys know what to do?"

"..I'll definitely beat Ooshima-sensei."

"And I'll have to take on Ironman, right?"

Really, I have never had such a tough battle in all the battles I took part in, because there are too many unknown variables. However...

"...No problem. We will definitely succeed."


"That's to be expected."

"That's right."


As long as we work together, we can definitely do something and make the impossible possible.

—Hua hua!

An electronic sound can be heard. It's the reporting time of 8pm, and also the sound to signal the imminent battle.

"It's finally the moment. You guys better get ready to give a good fight!"


"No matter whether our opponents are the teachers or the girls, class A or class F, it doesn't matter. AS MEN, WE'LL MAKE THEM SEE OUR STRONG FIGHTING SPIRIT!!!"



"""THAT'S RIGHT!!!"""


"""WATCH US!!!"""

At 8pm of the fourth night of training camp. At this moment, the final fight to peep begins.

"We spotted them! Those four are the main culprits!"

"Hasegawa-sensei! Let us deal with those four!"

The moment we stepped out of our room, we immediately face off against the girls led by Hasegawa-sensei. Seems like we were targeted right from the beginning.

"Humph, do you think you shrimps can beat me? Summon!"

Facing the two girls who charged forward, Yuuji summons his summoned beast without any hesitation.

They should be class E's girls, right? If it were Yuuji two months ago, they would still have a chance, but there's no chance now.

Class E, Furukawa Ayumi, Maths 83 points & class E, Minamoto Ryoka, Maths 77 points

Class F, Sakamoto Yuuji, Maths 224 points.

"Study some more before facing against me!"


Yuuji's summoned beast closed in extremely quickly and dished out some heavy punches. Just one hit is enough to determine the winner, and it's impossible for class E to fight when they don't have any experience against us who have tons of experience.

"Sakamoto-kun! Hold it right there!"

After the two girls got beaten, the leader of this girls' bridage, Hasegawa-sensei, steps forward. Unfortunately for her though, she's one step too slow.

"Sorry Hasegawa-sensei, but we won't let you pass here."

Stepping between us and Hasegawa-sensei are Sugawa-san and the rest.

"Yoshii, Sakamoto, leave this to us! You guys head on first! Summon!"


Sugawa-san and the rest line up their summoned beasts like an iron wall.

"We'll leave this to you guys, Sugawa-san!"

"Sure thing! But make sure you beat Ironman! Or else we won't be able to peep either way!"

"I get it! We'll meet at the girls' bathing area then!"

Leaving this area to Sugawa-san, we turn our backs and head off in the other direction, and the brave warriors who won't back down in the face of a teacher let out loud howls from deep within their spirits—





"Such amazing morale! We should be able to take down the third level now."

"This is because everyone's working together."

There are four people defending the third level, including Hasegawa-sensei, but no matter whether it's sensei or the other girls coming over to help, they are suppressed by the boys of class E and class F, so the third level is a safe zone.

"However, the next one's a tough one..."

"That's right! We don't know whether class C is participating or whether class D is doing it alone..."

Seems like there are battles going on downstairs. If only class D is participating, there is almost no time to avoid the teachers already. If we can't successfully take down the forces on the second level, we'll be pincered even if we're to break through this pass, and our efforts will be futile.

"...No time to hesitate."

"You're right. Let's roll!"

The four of us dash down the staircase. Jumping down two steps at a time and rounding around the platform, the scene that unfolds in front of us is—

"Don't stop us from peeping! Summon!"

"Sensei! Please be prepared!"

"Eve, even you guys are participating in this..."

Chemistry teacher, Fuse Fumihiro, Chemistry 663 points

Class C, Kurosaki Tooru, Chemistry 144 points & Class C, Noguchi Isshin 132 points.

"Class C! You're here to help!"

Those are the reinforcements that we so awaited.


Yuuji let out a highly motivated shout to encourage classes C and D, who are here for the same purpose.




Amazing! Everyone's so pumped up that they're shouting all over the place. To think that we mesh well with classes C and D.

"I say, this will get anyone excited."

"Yeah, what gets us excited more than increasing our comrades?"

The opponents whom we faced off in the previous summoning battles are now fighting alongside us against the teachers and the girls. This is really touching.

"But the girls who were our comrades are now our enemies..."

"Don't mind that."

Speaking of which, the second level is clear. What's next are the first level and the strongest opponent in front of the bathing area.

"Looking at the way things are going, class A and class B will definitely help out!"

"Don't be so sure. Who knows whether it will be that smooth sailing?"

We head down another level, and the first level is already in front of us. If the two classes aren't willing to help out, we shouldn't be hearing any sounds of battle...

"...Help out...will ya..."

"...Fine win..."

Great! Seems like we won the bet! It's a riot on the first level!

"Nice! Seems like we can take down the first level—"

"No, wait! Something's not right!"

We hide back inside the darkness and analyse the situation. But what's in front of us is the pitiful sight of the alliance of the teachers and the girls forcing the class B boys into a corner.

Class A, Kirishima Shouko, Combined subjects 4762 points & Class F, Himeji Mizuki, Combined subjects 4472 points.

Class B, Kasai Shinichi, Combine subjects 1692 points.

The overwhelming difference in points cause our forces to fall one after another. What's going on!?

"...End of the line here, Yuuji."

"Akihisa-kun, I won't let you continue on."


"Himeji-san, you..."

We got blocked at the staircase leading downstairs. Like what Yuuji predicted, it's the strongest duo of Kirishima-san and Himeji-san. There are many defeated summoned beasts around them.

"Seems like class A isn't here..."

Looking around, Hideyoshi unhappily states this fact. No matter whether it's the combined subjects battles in front of us or the physics battles slightly further away, there's no sign of class A. So in the end, only class B is willing to help out...?

"To think that they would deliberately set up such a formation, damn it!"

Seeing the defensive formation in front of the stairs, Yuuji cursed. Standing right tn front of the stairs is Takahashi-sensei, and it seems like she has no intention of moving aside. And surrounding her are Himeji-san, Kirishima-san and some other girls from class A. Takahashi-sensei's role is most likely to take down another who tries to pass this place. As long as sensei don't move aside, it's hard to break past this area.

"Yuuji, what about the battle plan just now?"

"It's alright to use it now, but you'll get pincered once you get down to the basement. Thus, we need forces to hold them for now."

The No.1 and No.2 of our school year are here, and Takahashi-sensei's leading them with double their points. We can't belittle the rest as well here; the situation here is critical. Most of class B's boys are being held off by the physics teacher Kimura-sensei, who's standing in the middle of the corridor, and English teacher Endo-sensei, so we can't expect any reinforcements from them.

"...Yuuji. Take this punishment."

"Ugh! Nemoto shield!"

"Sa, Sakamoto! Is this how you treat any ally when he steps up to help you?"

Class A, Kirishima Shouko, Combined subjects 4762 points.

Class B, Nemoto Kyoji, Combine subjects 1931 points.

No way! Kirishima-san's summoned beast is too powerful. Class B's rep Nemoto was mercilessly buried without much work.

"Akihisa-kun, please surrender quietly."

Himeji-san slowly walk towards me with her summoned beast in front of her, and nearby, Yuuji's being cornered by Kirishima-san.

"It's can we get past Himeji, Kirishima and Takahashi-sensei?"

"And if Himeji and Kirishima aren't in the bathing area, there's no point to peep already..."

The remaining two boys from class B say this dejectedly.


How is it possible for these girls to not bath? Speaking of which, those girls that aren't around should still be bathing now!

Seeing me getting worked up, Hideyoshi shows a surprised look, and asks,

"Akihisa, anyone can see that the situation is extremely disadvantageous to us, so why do you still not want to give up? You're a 'punishment inspector', all the damage the summoned beast gets will end up affecting you. Even if you want to get back those photos, is there really a need to make such a sacrifice?"

In the end, nobody will change their opinion of you anyway—Hideyoshi adds on.

It's not stupid for Hideyoshi to say this, since the pain suffered by the summoned beast of a 'punishment inspector' will be passed back to the controller. In addition, the situation is already so disadvantageous. It's better to surrender before the punishment gets worse, right? But—

"—Listen, Hideyoshi. It's not like this."

"Not like this?"

Hideyoshi's mistaken. The reason why I'm doing this is just for those photos.

"It's true that I only thought of seizing the photos and capture the real culprit to erase the misconception that I was the peeping tom. But after seeing our comrades fall one by one, and as we continued to move on, I finally realised something."

"What are you saying, Akihisa?"

That's right. Right now, I understood everything. Till now, I've always been lying to myself and making some noble reason to hide my true thoughts.

But no matter how much I pretend, I really have only one aim. All I did up till now was to mask that unwavering will.

"—Even if it's not a crime that can be forgiven, I can't deceive myself any longer. Basically, I—JUST WANT TO PEEP INSIDE THE GIRLS' BATHING AREA TO SATISFY MY OWN LUST!!!"


It has nothing to do with the blackmail anyway, it doesn't matter who the real culprit is. Right now, my only wish is to charge forward and peep on that sweet heaven that those girls on the photos are.

"Akihisa-kun, so you want to peep on Minami who's bathing now instead of me...I won't forgive you! Peeping is a crime!"

Himeji-san commands her summoned beast. Even if I can't beat her, I will fight by my belief till the bitter end! "'This has nothing to do with social views! No matter what anyone thinks, I must live on by being honest with my feelings."

I called out my summoned beast, getting into position to take on Himeji-san.

But at this moment—

"Well said, Yoshii Akihisa-san!"

A seemingly familiar voice echoes throughout the corridor.

"Who, who's that?"

My momentum got cut off by half, and Himeji-san stopped her summoning movement as she looks around to find the one who spoke.

"We kept you waiting, Yoshii-san. Those words of yours were filled with your emotions, and I received it."

This voice, this manner of speaking, can't be mistaken...he's—

"Kubo-kun! You're finally here!"

"Sorry I'm late. I was unable to take the final step, so I was really bothered while preparing for this...but after hearing those motivated words of yours, I finally decided to take part."

"You said you decided, that means..."

"That's right, from this moment on, the 24 boys of class A will help in Yoshii Akihisa's peeping with all their might! EVERYONE IN CLASS A, DO YOU HEAR THAT? EVERYONE'S TO SUMMON THEIR SUMMONED BEAST AND MAKE A WAY FOR YOSHII AKIHISA!"



"Kubo-kun, thank you very much! I knew that you guys will help us!"

At this moment, the boys of class A have finally become our comrade. With this, all the second year boys of Fumitzuki Gakuen are participating in this battle. There's nothing more exhilarating than this!

What's going on? Why do I feel chilly out of a sudden?

"No, I'm the one who has to thank you. That's right, just as you said, I shan't lie to myself any further—even if it's a love that society won't accept, it can't be helped if I like someone!"

"Kubo-kun, please don't try and prevent me from punishing Akihisa-kun."

"That won't do, Himeji-san. We've already decided to help him peep. The only force that can beat Nishimura-sensei can't fall here."

Kubo-kun and the rest of class A's boys stepped up in order to protect me. Now's the chance!


"I know! Akihisa, Muttsulini, run forward!"

The reinforcements surround Kirishima-san at such a terrifying pace, and Yuuji himself rushes over at Takahashi-sensei, with me and Muttsulini following behind.

"Didn't think that the boys from class A would help, but it's alright, since nobody can get past me—summon!"

Takahashi-sensei's summoned beast appears in front of us. The nightmare yesterday appear in our mind, but now's not the time to hesitate.

"Sorry Takahashi-sensei, but we have to get past this stage! Let's start—awaken!"

Under Yuuji's summon, the platinum bracelet obtained from the last tournament activates. The power of Yuuji's bracelet is to create a competitive arena. In other words—

"An interference? Well done, Sakamoto-san..."

"Hurry up and go, Akihisa! Beat Ironman, and lead us to Fantasy Heaven!"

"Leave it to me!"

Activating two different arenas at the same time will cause both effects to be negated. Thus, there aren't any summoned beasts here. If so, the opponent is just an ordinary girl, and therefore, there's not much effort required to get past her.


The other boys follow me.

"Damn it! Though Yoshii and Tsuchiya managed to slip past, I can't just let you brats slip past like that!"

At this moment, Takahashi-sensei summons her summoned beast again.

"To be able to think quickly, as expected of Takahashi-sensei."

Yuuji's low voice can be heard from her. Seems like Takahashi-sensei automatically negated her own field, waited till Yuuji's field was left, and summoned her summoned beast again. Now, Yuuji would be unable to catch up. Since he has to use points to activate the platinum bracelet, he can't just turn it on or off so easily, and so Muttsulini and I move on.

"Muttsulini, you'll take on Ooshima-sensei."

"...Got it."

We hastily move down the stairs that's longer than the last few, and right now, it's the largest distance left to our fantasy heaven.

After dashing down the staircase, as what Yuuji expected, Ooshima-sensei is—no, that's also someone else waiting there.

"Muttsulini-kun, I waited for you for quite a long time. I even thought that you wouldn't be able to make it here."

"Ku, Kudo-san."

It can be said that her appearance here is unexpected. The path isn't wide here, so we thought that there would only be a teacher guarding here.

"Kudo-san, can you let us through? We don't want to be your opponent."

"Eh? You're thinking of this now?"

"Eh? You're not coming for this now?"

After saying that, she pulls out that familiar tape recorder from her pocket.

"It doesn't matter already. We have other aims that we want to attain."

"I see...but even if you say that, I can't let you guys pass. No matter what, I'm a girl after all, so I have to prevent you perverts from peeping. Isn't that right?"

I thought we could persuade her, but it seems that the situation's a lot tougher now.

"Can't be help. Muttsulini, I'll assist you here!"

If it's a battle involving health education, our disadvantage can be seen clearly in contrast to those those. But even if Muttsulini's strong, he can't possibly take on those two, right?

"—The plan hasn't changed, leave it to me."


I couldn't help but doubt my ears.

Stop joking around, how can he beat those two alone?

"...I got a score to settle with them."

But Muttsulini's eyes are ever serious. He really thinks that he can beat those two, beat the duo made up of a student from an elite class and a teacher.

"Is it really alright, Muttsulini?"

"...Of course there's no problem."

Muttsulini gives me a carefree smile. This guy really thinks that he has the ability to beat them, he knows that he will definitely not lose.

Since he said this, how can I, as his partner, doubt him?

"I got it, then I'll leave it to you here! However, I will beat Ironman as well!"

Leaving behind Muttsulini, I head on to the end of the corridor. Behind me, Kudo-san and Ooshima-sensei don't seem like they want to stop me.

"Since Muttsulini-kun requested it, I'll let you pass."

While passing by, I seem to hear Kudo-san say that.

Don't ever lose, Muttsulini!

"Tsuchiya, you really disappoint me. To think that you can actually beat a teacher..."

"Ooshima-sensei, you don't have to take action. I'll take care of Muttsulini-kun."

"Really? Then I'll leave it to you then. However, I'll summon my summoned beast and witness your ability from behind then."

"Yes, leave it to me, sensei!"

"...Who decided that?"

"Hm? What did you say, Muttsulini-kun?"

"...Who said that a student can't beat a teacher?"

"Oh my? Muttsulini-kun sure is interesting. However, if you want to beat sensei, you have to get past me, you know? Summon!"


Health Education Teacher, Ooshima Takeshi, Health Education 501 points and Class A, Kudo Aiko, Health Education, 383 points

Class F, Tsuchiya Kouta, Health Education, 774 points.

"Eh? Muttsulini-kun...what's with your points?"

"...A human's belief can make the impossible possible."

"774 points? How is it possible? I've never heard of anyone who could get these marks!"

"(Glares), Tsuchiya, when did you increase your ability to this extent?"

"...No time to waste. You two, bring it on."

I could feel a summoned beast appearing behind me. Seems like Muttsulini's about to fight.

It came down to this, and I can only believe him. Besides, instead of getting involved in someone else's battle, there's still something that I have to settle in front of me.

"Everyone, thank you..."

The moment I realised this, the words had already came out of my mouth.

I originally thought that this was an unwinnable battle. But with the help of so many comrades, there's a chance to succeed.

Right now, everything will be over if I can win here.

There's just a high wall that I have to climb over...

The time now is 20.15, and it's the best time to achieve our aim. I could actually reach this place at this time, and it's all because of all my comrades who assisted us. Because of you guys, we were able to create such a miracle.

"I must reach my goal!"

This is the final pass. A few more steps, and it will be the Fantasy Heaven that every male dreams of.

"...You really came here, Yoshii."

The final enemy who's standing in front of the entrance slowly widens his eyes, silently getting into a battle position.


It's finally this moment, and the final battle of this long training camp starts now.


  1. One gross is 12 dozens (12*12), so basically, 144.