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The Third Question[edit]

Please answer the following question

Explain about The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

Himeji Mizuki's answer

It's the meeting sponsored by the United Nations in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro. It's a discussion attended by each country's head and was also called the Earth Summit. Following this meeting, The Declaration of Forest Principle such as Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and Agenda 21 was agreed.

Teacher's Comment

You're right. It's one of the important meetings held where each country present enthusiastically discusses making efforts for earth's environment. Other than two of the names that Himeji-san gave in your answer, it's also called the Rio Cummit. It will be nice if you also remember it.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer

It's hard to explain in a single word.

Teacher's Comment

I understand. I'll hear your answer thoroughly later in the staff room.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer

· Being concerned about the environment, no ink is being used for the question's answer]

Teacher's Comment

Rather than the environment, let us think about whether you can graduate or not.

BTS6 Muttsurini.jpg

"Uwaah... somehow it has become something big hasn't it?"

"You're right... Even the academy side needs to invest quite a bit now that it has become like this...."

The following day, when peeking on class 3F in the new school building that has been turned into haunted house, I was genuinely surprised. Whether it was the dim atmosphere or the construction on the exterior, I didn't think they would make it this elaborate.

"The third year students' side is also quite serious aren't they? Could it be because those guys also want to stop screwing around at least on the last day of the summer short course?"

As expected, even Yuuji raised his voice in amazement as if he didn't think the academy side's support and the third years would go this far building the construction.

"T-they didn't have to work this hard though...."

"T-that's right isn't it? It's too much right?"

Looking at the tournament creating such a perfect atmosphere, Himeji-san and Minami put a file in front of their faces. For people who dislike these kind of scary things, there's nothing worse than seeing this is there?

"Yuuji, we're supposed to meet in the old school building aren't we?"

"Aa. We're supposed to prepare separately, the new school building class 3F for the third years and the old school building class 3F for us. When it's time to start, the first group will start by entering the new school building in order, as per the arrangement we agreed on earlier.

A fireproof shutter is pulled down to cover the corridor connecting the new and old school building, so although the atmosphere is conveyed to us, we can't check the situation over there. Surely, inside there, the Tokonatsu pair and the other third years are licking their lips while preparing to scare us.

".....The preparation of the cameras is also already done."

Mutsullini shows us the big bag he carries with him. It seems there are several cameras stuffed inside and we're supposed to bring those cameras with us when entering. It's to prove we passed through the checkpoints and to prevent us from cheating, and also to prevent the people waiting from getting bored and for several other reasons, it's also going be used as cameras.... Come to think of it, I was pretty surprised that the third years didn't raise any objections. I somehow thought the third years were going to say "the camera will reveal everything beforehand and we can't surprise you anymore so it's rejected!", but they've unexpectedly agreed to our request without any objections. Could it be because they are very confident that they'll succeed?

"Our preparation is getting ready the cameras and monitors and then making the pairing up combinations isn't it?"

"Ah, that's right. We haven't decided on the pairing up have we?"

According to the rules, basically there will be two people to a group. This seems to be an arrangement to keep the test of courage entertaining even if there are people that aren't even scared of things like that. Now that the situation has changed into a match against the third years, to win, in theory we should pair up people who aren't scared of things like this together, but....

Well, for the pair up, since this is a rare chance, let's make boy-girl pairs as much as possible. It should be more lively that way shouldn't it?"

"Eh? Is that okay?"

This was an unexpected proposal from someone who cares about winning like this guy.

"It's okay isn't it. I only wanted to escape from Ironman's extra lesson full course from hell. The third years are also the ones making the preparations for this test of courage. Just taking the preparations and cleaning up for the athletics isn't that big of a problem is it?"

"But, didn't Yuuji and Akihisa already promise the Tokonatsu duo to personally have a match with them?"

"That was just to stir them up back then. Now that we have succeeded in pushing the troublesome construction tasks onto them, there's no problem at all even if we don't take that challenge."

I nodded as if agreeing with his words.

"Then, your real intentions are?"

"As revenge for getting coerced by Shouko to pair up with her, I plan to drag everyone into this."

Un. It's generally just like what I thought.

Well, it doesn't matter. In the first place, making a boy-girl pair is the main principle in a test of courage, and in this kind of event, I will also be happier with a girl instead of a boy. Now all I need to do is to find someone to pair up with, but.... it will be hard won't it?

There're three girls in our class, Himeji-san, Minami, and Hideyoshi.

It's quite a high hurdle, but maybe I should invite Himeji-san? Uuunnn.... Himeji-san is a kind person so she might accept when I invite her, but I wonder if that's okay? Even from my point of view, unlike Yuuji, whether it's the strength to protect others, or giving some sense of security, I'm overwhelmingly lacking in those points. Frankly speaking, I'm unreliable. For Himeji-san who hates ghosts and is already frightened even now, to pair up with me would be too pitiable.

Then, how about asking Minami? She's quite frightened just like Himeji-san, but if it's Minami, I somehow get the feeling that she would be fine even if I'm this unreliable. Furthermore, if it's Minami, it should be more comfortable to be with. That includes the problem of accidental body contact. But, the problem is -

[Kill.... I'm gonna kill any pig who pairs up with onee-sama...]

Shimizu-san who keeps uttering those curses in a small voice from a place that only I can see. If I carelessly say that, my life would probably be exposed to danger in an instant wouldn't it? I'm not that much of an eccentric who would invite a real thrill for the sake of enjoying a man-made one.

That means, it's Hideyoshi after all isn't it?

"What is it Akihisa? Is there something on my face or something?"

It might be because there are lots of ghosts in the stories for drama plays, but right now it shows no trace of fear at all. Let's ask Hideyoshi here -

[Sugawa-kaichou, we found a heretic proposing to pair up with Kinoshita.]

[Take him away.]

[Ha. In what way should he be cooked?]

[Fingernail full course.]

[Thank you for the order.]

It's no good. It will be hard to open tabs if my nails are completely gone.

If that's so.....Oh well, there's no other way is there?

"Oi, Mutsullini."


"For the test of courage, will you go with me?"

"........!?(*shake shake shake*)"

When I called out to Mutsullini like that, he vigorously jumped back. Mu. What's with that reaction?

"A-Akihisa-kun!? Why are you choosing Tsuchiya-kun out of everyone here!?"

"That's right Aki! Leaving aside Kinoshita, you have an interest in Tsuchiya too!?"

"Eh? But, if I invite Yuuji, I will feel bad towards Kirishima-san won't I?"

"Out of the whole bunch here, you don't have any other choice besides me and Mutsullini!?"

"....Akihisa.... even just the feeling is already bothersome..."

"Your line of thought is as unreadable as always..."

It seems they meant not to hurt my feelings in various ways, but those were some cruel words alright.

"Onee-sama! If it's for your pair up during the test of courage, Miharu volunteers herself!"

Perhaps because she was relieved from me inviting Mutsullini, after she hid away the various stationery that she was holding, Shimizu-san jumped towards Minami. If I invited Minami, those various stationeries which are emanating a silver glow would surely be shot towards me wouldn't they? That was close....

"M-Miharu!? Wait a minute!? Sakamoto also said it just now didn't he, that it will be boy-girl pair!? I can't pair up with you you know!"

"No problem! As long as onee-sama has a chest that's as flat as the sea horizon, things such as gender differences, won't exist even if there is one.

If that was me, the instant that remark left my mouth, around 3 or 4 of my ribs would be lost wouldn't they?

"Geez! Let me go, Miharu! I don't have any intention to pair up with you - "

A dangerous smile surfaced on Minami's face, who tried to run away from Shimizu-san, when she looked at my face. This is bad! I've got a premonition of getting caught up, which means getting my whole body pierced by those stationeries that's emitting a silvery glow!

"Please, Mutsullini! Pair up with mugeeehhh!?"

"Sorry about that, Miharu. Actually, I already paired up with Aki. Why don't you try invite me again next time?"

My cervical vertebrae is grasped by Minami. The choices I have right now are, being killed by Minami right now for rejecting her or getting killed later by Shimizu-san for accepting it.

"But, onee-sama! If you're going with that pig - "

"Miharu. You know that I really hate breaking a promise right? Even so, are you still going to say those words?"

When Minami said that, Shimizu-san vexedly bit her lower lip while murmuring.

"....I understand, onee-sama. If it's like that then I will to withdraw from this place."

"Un. Thank you for your understanding, Miharu."

"But, on the slim chance that this pig becomes unable to attend, onee-sama with Miharu - "

"Sorry Miharu. At that time, I plan to have a stomachache."

"Onee-sama is so mean!"

Being told like that by Minami, Shimizu-san ran away while overflowing with tears.

Plan to have a stomachache...., what an original way of refusing something.

"T-that's the situation, so Aki, please take care of me?"

Even if you say please take care of me, it's not like I have any other choice with my vital spot being grabbed....

"But, Minami, is it okay for your partner to be me?"

"Y-you don't have to be so reserved about it. Aki is enough for me you know. You might be a little unreliable, but I'm not afraid of that kind of made-up things at all. Furthermore, it's not like you have any hope of getting any other par - "

"Are you sure it's okay Minami? I'm human you know?"

"....That misunderstanding, I'm absolutely going to clear it today."

[Yoshii Akihisa.....! I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill kill kill kill kill kill.....!!]

Suddenly out of nowhere, a message from hell can be heard.

When the sun sets today, my life will probably come to an end won't it.

[Wait a minute Shimizu-san. Let's observe the situation first.]

[ - You are....A class's Kubou Toshimitsu-kun right? Do you have any business with Miharu?]

[Let's cooperate Shimizu-san. Our interests probably coincide.]

[....It doesn't seem to be a bad proposition even for Miharu.]

What is that? That strange chill on my back. I get the feeling that some grave situation is developing in some unknown place.

"M-Minami-chan's not fair! Even I want to be with Akihisa-kun"

"Uuh....Sorry, Mizuki.... But, if you go together with Aki, you have to expose your summon beast to Aki at the check point you know?"

"Hau...! T-that's.....!"

Himeji-san made a really troubled face. Is that so? If I went with Himeji-san, that kind of embarrassing experience will be forced into my mind won't it? That was close.

"Well, the pairing up problem is more or less decided already so we can just leave the details for later right? What's important is to make the other participants enjoy this."

Pan pan! Yuuji said that while clapping his hands.

"? What's the matter Yuuji? Prioritizing other people is very unlike you."

"It's because we're the ones planning this test of courage. Our enjoyment is low priority. To first entertain everyone is the natural thing to do isn't it?"

"Your real intention is?"

"Since I have to pair up with Shouko, I want to send the others to clear this so that I won't have to participate too."

Un. A plain and simple reason that even I can understand.

"Now then, since we have to decide the order of attack, quit chattering and let's hurry to the assembly place."

"Ah, un. The headquarters is our class F right?"

"Aa. I also prepared class E as a stand-by room though. Just as expected, this number of people won't fit into just class F alone."

The participants are the students of class F who are obligated to attend supplementary classes numbering 50 people, and the volunteers who attended summer short course numbering 100 people. It's more or less half of the students in our school year.

"Mutsullini. How's the monitor preparation going?"

"....No problem. The LCD display from A class has been brought here."

"Yosh. Well then, let's enjoy this reminder-of-summer event comfortably."

"You're right. There's no severe punishment this time too, so let's enjoy this."

"Umu. If it's only on the level of cleaning up after the athletics festival, it's nothing compared to everything that we've experienced up until now."

"I'm actually, not enjoying this very much...."

"A-as for me, well, since I get to make Aki my shield, I guess I can enjoy it a little bit."

".....I'm looking forward to various good snapshots."

Inside the school building that suddenly becomes lively once again, we walk into the unexpected festivities holding each of our own thoughts.

<Ne, ne.... that nook over there, isn't it suspicious.....?>

<Y-you're right.... It feels like something's gonna come out from there doesn't it?.....>

From the monitor that Mutsullini installed, the voice and image of the B class boy-girl pair that went out first as the vanguard is flowing out. The first place we headed out to is the checkpoint of B class that's in charge with making things. The class has been turned into the street of old Edo era as a motif. Looking at that dim picture that purposely has its light intensity decreased for this event, there's enough thrill in it even for the people that are only looking through the camera.

[W-well then, I'll be going first...]


On the camera, a scene centering on a corner that bends suspiciously is projected. The two people holding the camera carefully proceed to that place while adopting a vigilant air.

"M-Minami-chan.... in that shade, isn't there something over there?"

"I-i-i-it's just your imagination Mizuki. There's nothing projected at all."

Himeji-san and Minami are looking at the monitor from afar with their hands clasped together. If you're that scared, it would be better to just not watch it though, is what I thought, but when thinking that we might also be going there, there's no way they're not watching this is there?

[I'm going...!!]


The camera is projecting the other side of the corner. Is there something there...?

While looking at it and holding in the fear from anticipation, the camera just projected a road continuing ahead.

"G-Geez. There's nothing at all is there...?"

"Thank God..... We can safely proceed there can't we?"

In the instant Minami and Himeji-san heave a sigh of relief -

[ [Gyaaaa....!!] ]


From the other side of the camera, a loud scream reverberates. Hearing that, Himeji-san and Minami also raise a scream simultaneously. Even though there's nothing caught in the camera, to get surprised from just a scream, they really don't like scary things at all do they?


Mutsullini muttered while pointing at the equipment. The digital meter with the word "camera 1" written under it jumped up at once and indicated that the voice level has far exceeded the red fail line mark.


By the way, although a girl just like Himeji-san and Minami, Kirishima-san repeatedly alternates her gaze towards the monitor and Himeji-san and the others while tilting her head as if she doesn't understand what they're scared about.

Bts6 0103.jpg

"Uuunn... for the advance squad to get eliminated in the very first corner... the other side is really serious aren't they?"

"Aren't they? Just as expected of the third years."

Preparing 5 sets of cameras, we have several groups entering together with a slight delay between each of them, but even before the second group managed to enter, the first group had suddenly already lost consciousness. This is beyond our expectations.

"If it's like this we won't find out what's going on in that first corner right?"

"If it's only this much information, the other guys will needlessly become too alert instead and generate even more fear won't they?"

The only girl in the F class who is able to resist ghost stories, Hideyoshi, nods her head in agreement.

"....The second group has already started."

Mutsulini points his finger at the monitor with a number "2" written below it. In it, the figure of a class A's boy-girl pair advancing is being projected.

"It will be nice if this time what the other side is doing can be clearly projected won't it?"

"You're right.."

This is a contest after all, also for the frightened Himeji-san and Minami, some information will really help. I'm not expecting them to clear the whole way until B class, but at least some information about what will come out will really help.

"No, that will be hard won't it?"

"Eh? Yuuji, what do you mean by - "

When I tried to confirm what he meant since his manner of speaking indicated that he knew something,



Right after commencing, a scream can be heard again from the other side of the camera.


This time a little bit different from earlier, it's at the place where the corner started to enter your field of vision. To come at us by changing the place, the other side is quite good.

<A-a blood-stained head suddenly appeared through the wall...>

<To have theKuchisake-onna appear suddenly from behind....>

That kind of murmur can be heard. So the reason it doesn't appear on the camera is because it's suddenly in the blind spot isn't it. This time, the summoned beast's size is large, unlike how it usually is. The bloody head and Kuchisake-onna is also in their real size, so it must have been quite scary.

"Nee, Yuuji. What did you mean when you said that it will be hard earlier?"

Beside me, Hideyoshi is asking Yuuji. That's also something I'm curious about.

"...I don't think we're the only ones using cameras."

Kirishima-san answered before Yuuji managed to do so. That means....

"The third years are also looking at this footage?"

"Of course they are. Without that, it would be too advantageous letting only us use a camera. Since they're not protesting, that means the other side also gets a merit from this."

"Is that so? I thought it was because they were too confident in their abilities or something."

And also, for the frightening side to enjoy in the interval while they wait for us to come.

"Well, that's also part of it too..... But if they look at the footage from the camera, they can find out roughly where can our side focuses our attention on. For the frightening side, it will be easier to find the timing, and it will be easy for them to attack us from our blind side too."

"Ah, is that so."

If it's just to confirm our location, there're a lot of other ways, but if it's to find out where our attention is directed at, then looking at the camera is definitely the way to go.

"Furthermore, the other people's summoned beast beside yours can't touch objects so they can slip through obstacles to do a sudden attack. If they also know the opponent's position and viewing directions, then it will be possible to do things like placing a monster behind them too."

"I see. So even without any fixed cameras, we actually revealed information to them ourselves. That certainly makes it easier for the other side doesn't it?"

"...If it's just a test of courage using summoned beasts that is."

On the monitor, the third group challenging the test of courage is being projected, but this time they also failed without managing to reach the check point. Looking at the condition from the first group of class B people, I'm concerned about where this battle is heading.

"Even if I say that, although there's no pressure for us to win this, a match is still a match. I just can't take it if we're one-sidedly losing."

Fun, Yuuji snort. Un un. For this guy who hates losing, this is a very Yuuji-like way of thinking.

"I was thinking of checking out the situation first, but this is already past the limit isn't it. If there're too many people with high scores getting failed here, it will be hard at the check-point."

"That's right isn't it. The other side also put people with good scores at the check point didn't they?"

The number of people doing summoned beast battles from the opponent side is divided into 4 groups consisting of 8 people. If it's just this number of people, they will fill the roster with names from A class for sure. If we don't send people with high test scores to face them in return, there's a possibility that we will get wiped out at the check point.

"Well then, I guess we'll have to start to make a move too. Everyone! Change of order! Sugawa and Fukumura pair from F class and Asakura and Udou pair from the same class will go in first!"

Yuuji raised his voice to give directions while still seated in his chair, and after a little while, the face of the familiar F class member is projected on both camera 4 and 5.

(We're going in!)

(I'll hold the camera.)

In order to delay the time of breaking in, the Asakura and Udou pair was asked to be on stand-by while the Sugawa and Fukumura pair advanced first while bringing a camera. I don't know whether it's because they have guts or because they're not thinking at all, both of them are closing in on the aforementioned corner without even a slightest hint of hesitation.

"Ah, if it's done with an attitude as if nothing will happen, it's less scary than before and it helps a lot."

"You're right. It's much better like this isn't it?"

Just like what Himeji-san and Minami said, compared to the camera work of people who were on their guard, the camera work of the people who steadily advanced without any tension at all is less scary. Also, if they move rapidly like this, even the frightening side will find it harder to find the right timing.

(Ooh, wasn't it there? The place that something seemed to come out?)

(You're right)

The corner where the three groups before failed in succession is projected by the camera. Both of them turn round the corner while holding the camera and unintentionally shot towards the wall at the side, and then,


A blood-stained severed neck appeared there. And then, just like that, the camera moved towards their backside.

And there, a gross woman whose mouth is torn up to her ears appeared.

""Kyaaaaaa!!! Kyaaaa!!!""

Himeji-san and Minami raised a scream on the level that makes people wonder how they are able to produce that loud of a scream. No, it's not just Himeji-san and Minami. Some of the rest watching the monitor at other places screamed too. Indeed, it might be scary for those who aren't used to things like this.


(Ooh, this person, her mouth is a little wide, but isn't she quite a beauty?)

(No no. This person here should be more beautiful isn't she? We won't know whether her body is sexy or not since there's nothing below her neck, but if the blood is washed she should be very pretty.)

Sugawa-kun and Fukumura-kun are coolly evaluating their opponent.

"H-how can those two be that calm about it!? Aki and the others too!? Aren't you afraid!? It's such a real looking ghost you know!?"

Minami shouts with a pale face. Well, even if you put it like that...

"Because it's not like our lives are in danger, I guess."

"It's because such grotesque things like that are things F class sees every day."

"...That much, is nothing compared to the punishment on Akihisa when he nearly gets killed by everyone."

"You're right. This much is child's play compared to ane-ue's punishment."

It's not like us to be scared of only some bloody things.

(Even so, it's dark here isn't it.... We'll trip into something if it stays like this..)

(Ah, lucky for us then. Let's borrow the light over there.)

A lantern that's used as a decoration is projected in the camera. Sugawa-kun and Fukumura-kun approach the lantern in order to arbitrarily borrow it.



Suddenly, a ogre-like face appears on the lantern and weird sized limbs come out from its body. Is that the lantern ghost? I see. They integrated their summoned beasts with the surrounding background huh? It's a very good performance.

(Ooh? I can't grab this.)

(Our summoned beasts should be able to grab this right? Summon!)

Disregarding the other party's thoughtful performance, the zombie summoned by Fukumura-kun grabbed the lantern ghost and started to advance even further. ....I feel sorry for that lantern ghost who noisily flails its limb.

" such a surreal scene isn't it...."

"T-that's right isn't it.... It's as if we're watching a television show or something."

"....Yuuji. I'm scared so hold my hand."

"Shut up Shouko. You weren't frightened even the slightest bit were you?"

"...I was too frightened that my voice wouldn't come out."

"Liar. You just missed the chance to scream didn't you?"

The frightened Himeji-san and Minami, also Kirishima-san and Yuuji who do the same routine as usual. Unaffected by the situation here, the two zombies advanced forward using the lantern to illuminate the way while scattering their rotten flesh. This is just some random thought, but if this goes well, this could very easily be turned into some kind of simple movie couldn't this?

And just like this, we watch over Sugawa-kun and Fukumura-kun's pleasant advance(?) for a while.

When the time comes, Asakura and Udou starts to break in while bringing camera no. 5.

"Nmu? By the way Yuuji, didn't you say that the pair for this test of courage has to be a boy-girl one?"

Hideyoshi, who takes a peek toward the monitor, asked Yuuji. Just like Hideyoshi said, the one in the monitor, the Sugawa and Fukumura pair, and the one that entered after that, the Asakura and Udou pair, are all boys.

"I wanted to make it more or less like that, but since us F class consists mostly of males, the numbers don't match."

The number of boys and girls in a whole class year is more or less the same, but the distribution in F class is 47 : 2 : 1. The number of boys and girls who voluntarily attend the summer additional lesson is more or less the same, that's why for the test of courage this time, only us F class have a lot of male participants. It can't be helped that not all of them can be formed into boy-girl pairs.

(Aah...! Damn it! Why is someone like me paired with a person like Sugawa...!)

(This is your fault for not being popular isn't it!)

A conversation like that between Sugawa-kun and Fukumura-kun can be heard from camera 4. It looks both parties are not satisfied with being partnered with each other. Even someone like me will also be unsatisfied with having to suffer the plight of being paired with the boys from F class when I'm supposed to enjoy this test of courage with a girl.

The two of them, whose displeasure can be felt even in the darkness of the image, continued their quarrel.

(Whaat.....? Sugawa, haven't you been trying to talk to around 20 girls since this morning and got rejected each time?)

(Y-you're wrong! T-they didn't reject me! It's because of their personal situation! There's no way I'm unpopular!)

(Then I'm the same too! There's no way I'm unpopular! I've only had bad timing up until now!)

Ah. That voice level of that shout just now seems to have passed the red mark on the voice strength meter....


"What are those two doing..."

The two groups that didn't get surprised by the attractions at all failed because of a stupid argument. Uuunnn.... As expected of class F...

"But, thanks to Sugawa-kun and Fukumura-kun, we found out about the enemy tricks didn't we?"

"Right. There's also the Asakura pair so reaching the check point is only a matter of time."

Asakura-kun's camera, who entered quite a while after Sugawa-kun's group, has already advanced quite far. There's a lot of attractions such as a long necked monster which suddenly appeared from a well, a one-eyed kozou, and even the more orthodox ones. Some of the groups which entered after them still got scared even though they knew what was coming to greet them, but most of the second year groups managed to break through.

And then, finally the Asakura group's camera took a shot of an open field. In the center of that field, two of the third year students whose faces I vaguely remembered and the science teacher, Fuse-sensei, were already waiting.

(Ooh. Is this the checkpoint? It was quite a breeze wasn't it?)

(It's only walking through class B's long runway though.)

Asakura-kun's group, who broke through (more like passed through though) the incoming enemy's summoned beasts one by one, was quite uplifting. If it's like this, we might be able to clear the class D area too.


While we watched over them through the monitor, the 4 of them start to call out their summoned beast under Fuse-sensei's permission, and their scores start to appear.

First, the third year's score are shown clearly.

A class, Kondou Yoshifumi, Chemistry 326 points.


A class Ootake Kimiko, Chemistry 263 points .

"Just as expected, it's class A people isn't it?"

"Since a lot of the third years attend prep school too, they prepared someone with the most superior test score available huh."

Although there are people with better science scores, but just like us, the other side also don't have full members. Which was why we assumed that people with scores over 400 hundred wouldn't appear this early...., but it seems people with scores over 300 do.

By the way, even for someone placed in A class, on average their scores will surpass at least 200. Because we see Himeji-san and Mutsullini's score quite a lot, our standards became quite weird, but usually even a score of over 200 is a great score you can puff your chest about. In other words, the third years shown in the camera are people who are around the top 10 for science subjects in their years.

And then, the one fighting them, the scores of the people on our side

F class Asakura Masahiro, Chemistry, 59 points


F class Udou Sumiyoshi -------


Aaah!! They got done in before the score was finished being displayed!?

"Well, just as expected wasn't it"

"You're right. The checkpoints are straight out test score battles after all."

Although they have guts, class F students are still class F students after all. There's no way they will win when it comes to a test score battle...

"But, with this we found out the way up till the checkpoint. Now the chance that students from other classes clearing it if we send them in should increase. Everyone! This is the time we settle this! Let's send in a pair who can fight against the enemy pair just now!"

Yuuji calls out to the people who have been on standby up till now.

"""Leave it to us!!!"""

"Your score can't stand up against the enemy at all!!!"

Somehow, the first ones to confidently step up are the guys from F class.

(Yosh! class B conquest completed!)

(We did it, Shinichi-kun!)

Seven pairs break in after Asakura-kun got crushed by the enemy, and among them 5 pairs manage to reach the checkpoint after repeatedly almost letting out screams that would exceed the fail level. There's no replenishment test allowed for the match this time, and there's also no substitution allowed. For us, as the offensive side, even if you can't win the match in one go, we can still clear the challenge by challenging them multiple times to drain their test scores. In short, the key to this match is to send in as many students with high test scores as possible without letting them fail on the way to the checkpoints.

"Haa... I'm glad... With this, we won't have to go to class B right?"

Himeji-san stroked her chest in relieve.

"Un. Since we've already cleared class B."

From the rule that we agreed upon before the game, the offensive side can just skip the class they already broke-through and start from the next class. From the position of the class and the shape of the maze, we have to clear class D after class B.

"I want to pass on this because it's scary....."

"Uuuun... but this is an official notice from the headmistress after all."

Since the class was cancelled, this courage test became a replacement to the class. For students from other classes who attend the summer short course out of their own volition, they can still use some kind of excuse to not participate, but for us class F students, we have an obligation to participate since we're the one that caused the supplementary class cancellation. We can't just withdraw from participating just because we're afraid.

"It will be nice if someone else can clear it all the way in this manner..."

Hanging onto a sliver of hope, Himeji-san's turn is set to be the last one to try. It's so that if someone else manages to clear it all the way to class A, she won't have to do the courage test at all.

"We'll try hard so Himeji-san won't have to take the test. Right, Minami?"

"Y-you're right, Aki. Let's do our best."

Although her face shows a complex expression, Minami seems motivated to do this. It's an expression of fear mixed with a little enjoyment from the event. It seems she doesn't like this kind of things, but I'm happy that she seems to still be able to enjoy this.

Not only Minami and us, everyone else that is participating also seem to be enjoying the event in their own way, from raising a scream while looking through the monitor to writing the enemies' positions on a note. It may be hard for Himeji-san who hates scary things, but I hope she at least enjoys the festival-like atmosphere.

(Well then, we'll continue on toward class D)

(Let's do our best, Shinichi-kun)

On the other side of the camera, the two person who just broke through class B went on towards class D. From this point forward, we still don't know the set up of the enemy. We'll have to be careful.

(Just tell me anytime if you ever get scared, Mami. I'll protect you)

(Un, thank you. I'll be in your care, Shinichi-kun)


Toward the conversation of those two which was heard from the monitor, tongue-clicking could be heard all over the classroom. When I look around to see who were the ones who did that, it was from the boys from class B and class C. Of course, that kind of ill-mannered actions couldn't have come from class F students.

"Sakamoto, please let me go next. I'll let them know that their true enemy is among the second years."

"Wait, Kondou. This is surely my, Mutou Keita, also known as "sure and reliable ally-killer's" turn to shine"

"No no, you should leave this to me, Harada Nobutaka, whose catch copy is "Gruesomely repaying kindness with resentment."

Class F's selling point is the power of action. We're not soft enough to let this slide with just a tongue-click.

"Oi oi, you all..... Let's all come down first."

Yuuji shrugs his shoulders as if he's amazed with this.

"- that kind of thing, should be done by everyone in the class."

The ever so magnificent class F. Although we'll let bad things run rampant, we'll never leave someone else's happiness alone. It's this kind of daily activity that builds up our feelings of solidarity isn't it?

"But, now is a bad time for infighting isn't it. Since they managed to go ahead, we need them to do their best to win this game."

"Umu. Since we are doing this, aiming for a win is just natural."

We return our gaze toward the monitor in order to see through the enemy's plan. The stage now, class D, is a lot smaller than the previous stage, class B. The size is only about a third of class B. They probably won't be able to do any tricks on a larger scale than the ones they did in class D, so I think we should be able to clear this one more easily -


(Eh!? What's wrong, Mami? What did you see!?)

(T-there's something slimy touching the back of my neck...!?)

Just as I was thinking about that, a scream can be heard from the monitor. What happened!?


The sound level went past the failure level. The scream just now belonged only to the girl, but in this case, the rules state that both participants are considered disqualified. That means their happy advance ends here.

"Ne, Yuuji. Just now, did you see what happened?"

"No. There's nothing captured on the camera."

In class D, instead of choosing to go with the street-looks motive, the class is just dark, with a lot of messy ornaments scattered about. If it's like this, it will be hard even for the participants to know what's going on won't it.


(Oi! What's wrong!)

The second group that entered after that, which was somehow able to advance without getting afraid of the ghosts which kept appearing repeatedly, was also disqualified along the way.

I wonder what happened. This time, unlike what happened up until this point, the other side's summon beasts were perfectly captured by the camera. That means, this time the summoned beasts are the decoy, and the real things are....

"....It's probably, direct contact."

"I think so too."

Just like what Mutsullini said, they probably surprised the participants by touching them with something from their blind spot. The slimy thing earlier was probably konyaku or some kind of other standard thing wasn't it.

(Owaaa!? S-snake!?)

(F-frogs!? There are frogs raining down!?)

Group three who continued after them also failed. So it's reptile toys this time. Whether the form or the touch sensation, it's good enough material to draw out screams in a darkness like this.

"Damn. So the other side is not that stupid. They managed to change their tactic pretty well."

"Changed their tactic? You mean their tactic to frighten people?"

"Yes. They changed from an intensity tactic to a touch sensation tactic. In class B, they only stimulated our sight. It's no wonder we can't keep up when they changed it to stimulate the other senses."

"I see. So that means the other side also used their head."

Until now, no matter how scary they were, in the end the ones appearing before us were just normal summoned beasts. They can't touch us directly. Besides, since the path is wide, it's good enough for us to only watch out for something that will surprises us by sight. But this time, they mixed it up with direct touch. The people who are going to go in from now on are also already imprinted with "fear from something that can be seen" from looking through the monitor . They won't be able to cope well with "fear from something that can be felt" which can't be conveyed from the monitor will they?

"Then, it's also time for us to strike back. Class F second group, prepare to sortie!"


Replies full of energy can be heard. The second group from class F consists of 4 pairs, or in other words, 8 people. Will they be able to proceed smoothly?

(Oi, based on what Sakamoto and those who failed said, it seems like we’ll be touched by something unknown during this course.)

(Is that so? Isn’t this worse than B class just now?)


The first group from F class’ second squad is warily looking around as they talk. Even if they were already used to bloody incidents, everyone probably has reservations when going through such a strategy. However, our F class looks a lot more reliable than those from the other classes.

(So actually, I already thought of a good countermeasure.)

(Countermeasure? You have a good idea?)

(That’s right! This is my secret move! Listen up, when something touches us, we scream most of the time because we think of this unknown thing that touches as something disgusting, right)

(Un, you’re right.)

(So during this moment, we just turn the feelings of fear in our mind into ‘this pretty girl likes me and wants to hold hands with me, but she feels shy and can only use something else to touch me! The scary feeling will immediately become a delightful one.)

(Wha, what did you say…this thinking is brilliant! Muto, that terrifying brain of yours really surprises me!)

(Heh, don’t praise me.)

“Oi, Yuuji, don’t those two know that their conversation can be heard by us through the monitor?”

“Who knows? They have brains that are terrifying anyway.”

“They’re scary alright…”

Because of this conversation, our F class’ rating will likely drop further.

We continue staring at their actions on the monitor for the next few minutes. Suddenly, it seems like the camera seemed to capture something that went by as they turned around the corner. Is that…a jelly?

Pitak. That thing that flits through the air sticks onto the two people walking by.


The idiot pair turned the horrifying feeling into a delightful one, and fell into the beautiful illusion they created.


“Akihisa, go deal with those two later.”

“Got it.”

How unfortunate that I have to do such cruel things to my classmates again.

“Th, this classroom doesn’t look that scary. That’s great…”

“Yeah. Maybe we can safely get through this.”

Even though they say so, these two girls are rather cute for inadvertently trembling whenever they hear the screams coming from the monitor.

“Yuuji, leaving aside those two idiots, the other three groups look like they’re proceeding well.”

“Yeah, that’s because those guys from our class aren’t so mentally weak as to scream once they suddenly feel something touching them.”

Even if they scream, it’s not like it will be so loud it will exceed the limit, so we don’t have to worry yet.

“I’d say, those guys should be taking action soon.”

“Yeah. The enemy knows our movements, and they’ll probably try some other methods of dealing with us.”

Both sides are using the cameras' footage to grasp the current situation, and obviously they can react accordingly. If the opponent’s plan is effective, we have to think of a way to reverse the situation. On the other hand, if our invasion is successful, the 3rd year seniors have to think of other ways to mess around with us.

“I wonder what kind of move they will come up with to deal with us?”

“Who knows. I didn’t see an—nn?”

Yuuji stops talking as he suddenly turns to the front and stares at the monitor.

“Ah, the atmosphere now doesn’t feel the same, does it?”

“I’d feel the same too. It’s pitch dark, and I can’t see clearly, but it looks like they entered a wider area.”

Hideyoshi’s right. Camera 2 is showing a dim yet open space.

“But it doesn’t look like there’s anything there.”

“Mu, it does look like a wide space. And it also looks like there is a lighting equipment right on top of the center area or something.”

Everyone gathers their concentration as they stare at the image shown on the monitor. We can see things like cables on the ceiling, and that should be a spotlight. As expected of Hideyoshi to know what it is just by seeing a few cables.

(It doesn’t look right.)

(Yeah. I don’t know what kind of situation it is, but I feel that this isn’t good…)

We can feel the duo at the scene swallow their saliva tensely through the monitor. Even if our F class members are retarded in terms of delicate senses, but they will have proper reactions when there is a need. I suppose this is an important moment, a showdown with the 3rd years.

“…Someone’s here.”

Muttsurini mutters.

On the image, a shadow is silently standing in the middle of the darkness. Is that a trap set by the opponent? No, it may just be a decoy. Maybe they’re deliberately forcing us to focus on that empty space and then deal us a fatal blow unsuspectingly from the back. This isn’t impossible.

(It’s useless to stand around. Let’s go.)

(Got it.)

The duo continue on, and the camera follows their footsteps as they slowly show the shadow in the dim corner.

3 steps before the duo reach the center of the wide space, the pitch-dark image on the monitor shows a radically different change.

PAN! The lighting source is switched on with a sound that echoes through the classroom.

A sudden flash of light appears in the middle of the pitch-dark image, and the baldy of the Toko-Natsu pair, Natsukawa-sempai is basked under the light, silently standing there.

—And wearing a golita costume with laces all over it.

Bts6 0131.jpg


Everyone, either within or outside the monitor, lets out agonizing screams of despair from the bottom of their hearts. Of course, I couldn’t help but tremble after seeing this most devastatingly terrifying image I’ve seen in my life, and couldn’t control my scream.




“Uuuu…! I’ll have nightmares…! I definitely won’t be able to sleep tonight…!”

“…Very disgusting.”


Even everyone from F class and Kirishima-san are inadvertently crying out after seeing this unexpected and overly disgusting image, and those with lower tolerance might fall unconscious or start puking. Those 3rd year guys actually came up with such a dangerous attack!

(What? I think there’s a voice coming from there?)

(Yeah, I heard it too. The cries over there—GYYYAAAAHHHHHH!!!)

Damn it! The second unit has been eliminated too! The screams are becoming more frequent! This will be bad if this keeps up!

“Damn…! Even so, we can’t save those guys who’re deep inside the enemy’s base…!”

“What!? You mean that we can only watch them head to their deaths!?”





“…Our intrusion squads…have all fallen!”

“Damn it! Our good brothers have all…”

The forces that were just sent in were all annihilated.

We already took damage physically and emotionally just by seeing the image through the camera, so those good buddies of ours who actually witnessed that kind of horror will most likely be unable to return back to society…damn you, baldy-senpai! Doing such an inhumane thing!



Our classmates are all complaining with tears in their eyes. My heart feels similar to them. No matter what anyone says, anyone will feel compassionate after seeing those guys who suffered the disaster die in such a way…

“Of course I know! Since those 3rd years are going to play this way, we have to fight it hard with those bastards! All those who were to enter, back down! I’m sending the pair of Muttsurini and Kudou Aiko!”


On hearing those two’s names, the entire classroom is instantly drowned in manly roars. If it’s Muttsurini and Kudou-san going, we’ll definitely have a way to break through this danger!



Amidst the calls of ‘Kudou and Muttsurini’, Kudou Aiko-san, who was named, doesn’t look tense at all as she calmly walks towards Muttsurini and says casually.

“That’s how it is. Please take care of me well later, Muttsurini-kun.”


Muttsurini, who nods silently, doesn’t show a single bit of panic on his face as well. This guy is definitely not normal to be able to remain calm after seeing such a gross image.

“I’ll leave things to you two. No matter what, you have to break through that damned baldy and take down D class!”

Yuuji stares right into Muttsurini and Kudou-san’s eyes as he says this.

Based on the size of the classroom, once we break through the baldy-sempai ‘s area, we’ll just have to clear the checkpoint. It seems that the teacher in charge of D classroom is a health education teacher, and if these two are going, it’s not impossible to take down D class. I hope Muttsurini and Kudou-san can give their all in fighting the 3rd years no matter what in order to prevent everyone else from becoming innocent martyrs like those buddies of ours just now.

“Un~ I can’t give you any guarantees, but I’ll definitely do my best, Sakamoto-kun.”

Kudou-san’s tone remains as carefree as ever as she answers Yuuji simply like this.

“Ahh. I’ll leave things to you. You too, Muttsurini. You’re okay, right?”

“…No problems.”

Muttsurini nods slightly.

“…I’ll teach that baldy, what true terror is.”

“Everyone! That scary image will immediately appear again! All girls are to hurry up and close their eyes!”

The camera Muttsurini and Kudou-san are holding is slowly reaching that horrifying point of accident. Even if we knew it was coming, we’re still mentally unable to endure that kind of bone-chilling torture. The pressure through the monitor is still so great that it's nearly incapable of stopping the cries rushing up to our mouths.

“If, if Tsuchiya-kun fails too, our only counter will be to let Akihisa-kun dress up in a cute girl outfit…”

“Ye, yeah. This is the only move left. It can’t be helped.”

“You two are saying such a weird proposal because you’re already scarred mentally, right? You don’t really want me to dress up in a cute girl outfit, right?”


I’ll pretend the reason both of them aren’t responding is because they’re ready to close their eyes and cover their ears, so they don’t have time to respond back to me, I hope.

(Muttsurini-kun, that interesting person just now should be right in front, right?)

(…All’s prepared)

The duo seem rather calm as they head closer towards the target, in contrast to everyone else who’s curled up in this classroom because of the horrifying scene.

Kudou-san is in charge of holding the camera, while Muttsurini’s hands are holding something. Looks like that’s the item they’re preparing to use in order to deal with that baldy-sempai.

“It still looks rather dark.”

“This is to make sure the effect of sudden shock works better. They’re probably estimating the best time to turn on the spotlight.”

In the midst of the darkness, the camera captures a shadow.

“Almost there.”


I exert all my strength in my stomach to prepare for the impact that will soon arrive.

It’s coming, it’s coming…!

PAK (the sound of the spotlight switch being flipped on)

DONK! (the sound of Muttsurini taking out a large mirror and placing it right in front of him)

KEBOKEBOKEBOKEBO!!! (the sound of the baldy-sempai vomiting)


(…Vomiting itself isn’t shameful. It’s something anyone will do after seeing it.)


(Muttsurini-kun, this sempai looks rather interesting. I think it’s fine if I get to know him if there’s an afterlife.)


(Ah, sorry, I didn’t really have any ill intent, puking-guy.)


(…I’m going to upload them onto foreign horror websites.)


The baldy-sempai dashes out and vanishes. Now, the biggest threat in D classroom’s horror house is probably removed.

“Speaking of which, I didn’t expect Kudou-san to be so vicious in her words. Baldy-sempai ran off crying…”

“…Aiko normally won’t say those words.”

“In other words, someone taught her?”

“Yeah, it seems that Kudou exchanged words with Shimizu before or something.”

“I see, no wonder she sent that baldy-sempai crying…”

I see, so that’s Kudou-san’s ploy to deal with the baldy-senpai. Let him first see the image of himself on the screen, let him understand how disgustingly ugly he is, and then deliver the insulting skills Shimizu-san taught her to deliver severe emotional damage that can’t be repaired. This is amazing.

(…Let’s keep going.)

(The checkpoint should be around here.)

The duo on the monitor screen walk towards where the baldy-sempai ran off to. After walking down the path that’s separated by panels, two figures appear right in front of them. Those two should be 3rd year students. Just as we thought, the checkpoint here is located not too far away after that horror zone.

“That’s weird? The baldy-sempai’s not at this checkpoint. I thought he will be the one in charge of this place.”

“This might not be the case. He may be in charge of A classroom or C classroom after that.”

“He probably won’t appear again, right?”

“It’ll be trouble if he doesn’t show up. I deliberately taunted him to lure him out.”

They’re A class students, but looking at the scores up till now, the Toko-Natsu pair’s scores aren’t that high. Most likely, Yuuji taunted them thinking that they’re easier to deal with.

“Well, we’ll talk about the rest later. The most important thing right now is this.”

“You’re right.”

I look back at the monitor, and the 4 people at D classroom’s checkpoint are all facing each other, getting ready to call out their summoned beasts.


Muttsurini’s summoned beast is the vampire we saw before, while Kudou-san’s a Noppera-bou[1]. From the back, both of their summoned beasts look like ordinary people.

“Kudou-san’s summoned beast is a Noppera-bou. What does this mean?”

“Who knows…if she doesn’t have a face, maybe she doesn’t want others seeing her real self.”

Not letting others see her true self, huh…if Kudou-san’s unique trait or true self is to hide her real self, those sexual harassment-like lines of her are probably to protect herself. This is really unexpected. She looks so energetic and carefree, so maybe she may have had some painful experiences in the past, or something happened in her family…

“Speaking of which, I investigated on some monster rumors when finding themes for drama, and there’s a little-known rumor about the Noppera-bou.”


“Um. It seems that when the Noppera-bou meets a person, it will strip itself of its clothing and bare itself naked.”

Return to me my worries.

“I see. Our summoned beasts’ aren’t that much different from ourselves, so Kudou-san’s situation is a lot easier to understand.”

“Yeah. In that case, it’ll be a lot easier to predict the enemy’s next actions.”

On the other hand, the summoned beasts the 3rd year-sempais called out are a mummy and a Frankenstein monster. These are rather famous monsters as we recognise them on first sight. These two sempais’ features are probably the kind that will get hurt easily or that they’re naturally gentle.

A class, Ichihara Ryojirou, Health Education 303 points


A class, Nanami Kenichi, Health Education 301 points.

Both their scores have broken through the 300 point mark. Health education isn’t a compulsory subject. There’s no need to be so serious about studying it. Are A class students that serious in learning?

(Muttsurini-kun, the seniors’ summoned beasts look impressive, and they have one more year’s worth of summoned beast control compared to us, so this might the tough, right?)

(…They’re really strong.)

Then, Muttsurini and Kudou-san’s scores are shown as well.

A class, Kudou Aiko, Health Education 479 points


F class, Tsuchiya Kouta, Health Education 557 points.

(…But they’re no match for Kudou-san and me.)

(That’s true.)

Before I can even blink my eyes, the mummy and the Frankenstein monster can’t even react as they lie flat on the floor weakly. Because of this, we can see the overwhelming difference in both sides’ battle strength. With regards to the subject of Health Education, I suppose even teachers can’t match Muttsurini and Kudou-san.

“Yuuji, did you see what just happened?”

“Yeah, though I didn’t see it really clearly…but the vampire seemed to have become a wolf, ripped the Frankenstein monster, and immediately went back to human form again.”

That’s really scary…that attack speed is really shocking…

“And the Noppera-bou?”

“As for her, I didn’t see it clearly…it looks like it went naked for an instant, started slamming the mummy’s body, and immediately put on its clothes again.”

I really don’t know…is there a need to take off its clothing while fighting each other?

“Also, Muttsurini managed to lose blood, stop the bleeding and transfuse blood all at the same time.”


“…Yuuji’s an accomplice in unfaithfulness.”


“…I won’t forgive you for being unfaithful.”

The most realistic test of courage tournament is happening right beside me. This is the biggest reason why our F class guys have more immunity to monsters compared to the other classes.

(Now D classroom is cleared. Where are we going next?)

(…C classroom.)

(Okay, got it. Speaking of which, Muttsurini-kun, why does your nose have tissue papers stuffed in them?)

(…Pollen sickness.)

(Heh~ is that so? So it’s pollen sickness~)

Kudou-san’s smiling rather happily, maybe because she already guessed the real reason Muttsurini’s nosebleeding.

Damn it! Why…why can’t my eyes track Kudou-san’s summoned beast’s speed!

“Well…Akihisa-kun, are you thinking of some pervy things?”

“No, I’m not thinking of any.”

“Your true thoughts?”

“I’ll definitely ask Muttsurini to let me see that battle footage just now in slow motion.”

“This is the hard disk Tsuchiya-kun is using to record the test of courage tournament’s proceedings.”


“It’s alright. There are many students here who can be witnesses.”

Too cruel…besides me, Muttsurini will definitely be crying tears of blood once he comes back from this test of courage tournament.

“Is, is that so…so Aki has interests in girls with small breasts too…””

For some reason, Minami has her hand on her chest as she gives a sigh of relief.

(That’s weird? What monster is that woman with two mouths?)


(Un, what’s that woman with a long-stretching body?)


(Then, what about that guy with thick fur?)

(…Who cares.)

The classroom is a lot narrower than B classroom, but still several times wider than D classroom. Muttsurini and Kudou-san continue chatting as they walk. Having faced that baldy-sempai, they don’t feel a sense of fear when facing those normal monsters as they head on.

“Yuuji, things seem to be proceeding smoothly. These two might be able to clear all the checkpoints if this keeps up, right?’

I really can’t imagine those two screaming after being shocked by monsters. The 3rd years must be thinking of something to deal with those two.

“No, that might not be the case. The opponent may have seen through Muttsurini’s true nature after seeing the health education score just now. I think it’s time they start revealing a method to deal with Muttsurini.”

“Eh? What do you mean?’

“Even if those 3rd years haven’t heard of the nickname Muttsurini, they should know about ‘a pervert who’s abnormally proficient at Health Education’. It seems that they might have realized Muttsurini’s weakness.”

“Weakness? If it’s Muttsurini’s weakness, he’ll just faint by nosebleed, but won’t cry out because of this, right?”

“Yeah, he probably won’t cry out.”

It seems that Yuuji’s tone implies that something’s about to happen. Don’t tell me the 3rd years don’t intend to scare Muttsurini into screaming, but something else?

“Yuuji, what do you mean by this?”

“Even if they don’t force him to scream, if Muttsurini can make some loud sound or something, it’ll be their win, like the noise from nosebleeding or something.”

“Ah, ahaha…what are you saying, Yuuji? How can the 3rd years possibly do this?”

”Never mind, you’ll understand if you continue watching…I suppose it’s about time.”

Our stares return back to the monitor, and the camera those two were holding shows a female figure standing under the dim light. Is that person ‘the counter to deal with Muttsurini’ Yuuji was talking about?

(…!(Widens eyes))

(Mu, Muttsurini-kun? Why are you looking so serious—ah, I see..)

The female’s figure gradually becomes clearer under the dim yellow light.

It is a beauty with her hair tied, and a pair of long narrow eyes—and she has an erotic-looking kimono that looks like it’s going to collapse draped on her shoulders.


The roars of delighted boys echo throughout the classroom.

If I have to describe it, that cold-looking expression and slender long limbs should be similar to Kirishima-san. It’s not unreasonable for everyone to be so excited when such a beauty is wearing a kimono and appearing bewitchingly in front of us. If not for Himeji-san, Minami and Hideyoshi sitting right beside me, I’ll definitely be roaring out in delight.



“…I’ll look like that too if I have a kimono on.”

Oh, it’s rare for Kirishima-san to give a cute expression when she puffs her cheeks. Is her heart feeling competitive because Yuuji saw a pretty girl of the same type as her?

“You’re mistaken. I didn’t ask you to wear a kimono.”

“…Nice, I was wondering what to wear for the wedding.”

“Hm? Are you talking about the Western type or a kimono? Leaving aside who’s going to get married, you can wear both if you’re really bothered—”

“…Then, I’ll wear a kimono and a maid outfit with cat ears.”


Oh yeah, Kirishima-san wore a Western wedding gown at Kisaragi Highlands before. Un un, Kirishima-san is a girl after all.

(…This…level…of get-up…is impossible…to take me…ugh!)

(…Muttsurini-kun, your feet don’t look like they’re able to hang on, you know?)

(…(Shakes head frantically))

Not good! The opponent just caused Muttsurini to nearly collapse. That kimono with the chest side slightly opened is nearly causing Muttsurini to lose consciousness! However…

“Amazing! That Muttsurini can actually resist nosebleeding even when facing such a bewitching beauty! He basically won!”

That beautiful figure is causing us to roar out in delight while we’re watching, but Muttsurini, who’s facing the opponent directly, is actually able to hold his nosebleed…the old Muttsurini will definitely be unable to do this. We’ll take this win.

“No, hold on! Looks like they still have one more!”


Yuuji’s voice awakens me from the excitement. Another one? Impossible? This is—

(Welcome here, you two. I’m Kogure Aoi from class 3-A.)

The lady with sexy voice and moist eyes doesn’t reveal more of her skin even though she bows to introduce herself.

Not good, this woman…this isn’t good.

(So it’s Kogure-sempai. Hello, I’m class 2-A’s Kudou Aiko. That kimono really suits you.)

(Thank you for your praise. I am a member of the Tea Ceremony Club after all.)

(Ah, really? So the Tea Ceremony Club members wear kimonos as well? So is that your club attire? It does look rather erotic when you wear it, sempai.)

(Yes, I’m wearing our club attire.)

(Then…I’m sorry, we have something busy to deal with, so we’ll be off first!)

(And also, I actually—)

(Hm? What? Is there anything?)

(--I also belong to the gymnastics club)

Bts6 0151.jpg

The kimono that reveals the breasts slightly fades off—and what appears under it is Kogure-sempai in a leotard.

“Tsuchiya Kouta, noise level beyond the limit, and the monitor’s dyed red by him! Fail!”





The burden that rests on me is rather heavy. Either way, I have to put it back before she deletes the images—that’s why? Why do I feel my sights fading?

“Aki, you can’t just leave things to Sakamoto and let him think of a plan. Isn’t that right, Mizuki?”

“Yes. You should be using your head and not your eyes this time, Akihisa-kun.”


“Yuuji, are your eyes faulty for seeing dirty things?”


Guu…! To think this once in a million chance actually came with this moment of despair…I have to think of something!”

“Himeji-san, consider this a plea from me! Now’s a ‘pinsu’[4] that’s extremely rare! So please hand me the hard disk!”

“Akihisa. You added a word. It’s like a next generation language here.”

Damn it, I got too anxious.





As I’m trying to snatch back the hard disk from Himeji-san, my classmates from F class are acting on their own.



“…Everyone got disqualified the moment they went in…”

“Why are the guys in our school a bunch of idiots…”

“I think I finally understand how that peeping incident happened…”

Our good brothers ended up getting disqualified one after another. Things were still going smoothly before, but our forces have dropped drastically now.

“U…uu…well, this is bad…if we let them act on their own, all the guys except for Kubo will all be annihilated!”

Yuuji covers his eyes as he mutters. I see, so the ever serious Kubo-kun won’t go about squealing like that, so of course he won’t run into the haunted house like that. Also, it doesn’t look like he has much interest in girls.

“That’s right. Yuuji, better send me in to overcome this situation.”

“Aki, haven’t you learnt your lesson at this point?”

“Akihisa-kun, if you’re not going to learn your lesson, I’ll tell your sister.”

Better give up on going then. Time to think through this calmly. This isn’t actually something so big that I have to put my life on the line.

“Can’t be helped. If they’re coming up with an erotic trap, we’ll just—”

“Send girls in! Alright, Hideyoshi, we’ll leave this course to you!”

“Akihisa, it seems that you’re mistaken about something. I do have interests in the other gender. If you don’t remember this, I’ll feel bothered here.”

“…Eh…? You want me to remember that you have interests in the other gender? Hideyoshi…if you say such things in front of everyone, I’ll…well…”

“Wa, wait a second, Akihisa! I’d wasn’t confessing to you in an indirect way! Why is your face blushing!”

Uwah… My face is feeling hot…my sweat seems to be dry.

“This isn’t fair…why is it that Kinoshita-kun’s words are treated like a confession just like that…”

“I did kiss him before—”

“Well, Himeji and Shimada, you don’t have to worry about this. Hideyoshi’s a guy either way, so their souls are rather close to each other.”

Yuuji is trying to encourage Himeji-san and Minami who seem depressed for some reason.

“Anyway, the most important thing now is still this test of courage tournament! Everyone listen up! It’ll be the Kinoshita sisters going in!”

“Yuuji! Did you just say Kinoshita ‘sisters’?”

“Hideyoshi, I’ll leave things to you.”

“Hideyoshi, please. If you can come back safely…I, I have something else I want to say to you.”

“Hearing you say such things make me feel like things won’t end even if I come back safely…”

Hideyoshi sighs heavily and drags his feet towards his sister reluctantly.


  1. put it, is a faceless monster, normally with human features.
  2. Futakuchi-onna, a woman with two mouths, one normal, and one on the back of the head. The mouth on the back of the head is basically a 'dark side' to the woman, complaining about how the woman eats so little, and has a mind on its own.
  3. Taka-onna, basically, the Japanese equivalent of a spectre. Hideous looking, it can stretch itself like Mr Fantastic, albeit only on the waist.
  4. ピンス, Given by his inner monologue, I think he combined the words 'pinch' (ピンチ) and 'chance' (チャンス).