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The Final Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

A shooter was standing at the same height as a monkey on a tree. As the bullet’s shot, the tree branch under the monkey broke, and the monkey started to fall. What will happen to the monkey and the bullet? If needed, please use the following values to calculate.

The distance between the monkey and the shooter is A. The monkey’s height on the tree was H, and the time taken for the bullet to reach the tree branch is t. The height of the bullet then was h(i), and the height of the monkey h(j). The speed of the bullet is v, the force of gravity is g. Assume no air resistance.

BTS vol 08 228.jpg

Himeji Mizuki’s Answer

h(i)=H-1/2 gt2

h(j)=H-1/2 gt2



From this, we can prove that the height of the monkey and the bullet are the same, so the bullet will hit the monkey.

Teacher's Comment

Correct answer. People would normally assume that the bullet would be too fast and won’t be affected by gravity. But in fact, the monkey’s falling down to the ground at terminal velocity[1]. At this moment, the height of the bullet h(i) and the height of the monkey h(j) has nothing to do with the bullet speed V, but only related to the force of gravity g and time t. Sensei deliberately added unnecessary symbols in the answer, but as expected of Himeji-san, that was a good answer.

Sakamoto Yuuji's Answer

BTS vol 08 229.jpg

'The bullet will hit the head and the brains will splat out like pomegranate.'

Teacher's Comment

Himeji-san's performance in the summoned beast baseball tournament seems to have been really impressive.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer


Teacher Comment

Even if it's not a monkey, it hurts.

"Wel, welcome back, Akihisa-kun!"


As I opened the door to my house, Himeji-san walked out and received me today.

She was standing in the corridor, like yesterday.

She was looking uneasy, like yesterday.

And she’s…wearing even more revealing clothes than yesterday.


“Well, Himeji-san…”

“Ye, yes!”

“That rumor was a misunderstanding, you should understand, right?”

“Yes, I misunderstood Akihisa-kun…I’m really sorry.”

Himeji-san seemed like she was really sorry as she lowered her head at me. Un, seems like she really understands that that weird relationship between Yuuji and me was just an empty rumor.

“Then, why are you dressed like this?”

“…That’s how I dress up normally.”

In that case, why aren’t you looking straight at me?

“Himeji-san, let me ask you again. Those rumors were completely baseless, and I like girls—you should understand, right?”


“If you understand, you don’t have to wear—”

“Tha, that’s why I have to do this all the more!”

Himeji-san suddenly bent forward. Wha, what?

“Because of that, I should dress up like this. Because—”

“Be, because?”

“Because Akihisa-kun likes girls and yet didn’t look interested in me yesterday.”


What in the world is she saying? My mind couldn’t process the development of this topic for the moment.

Eh, let’s see…in other words, I say that I’m interested in girls, but I didn’t do anything when I saw Himeji-san in light clothing yesterday, and this hurt her pride…is that it? Nononono! That’s definitely a misunderstanding! I’m interested in Himeji-san in her light clothing! It’s just that I’m using my sanity to suppress my lust!

“Thus I have to say it out! This is a battle I can’t back away from!”

Himeji-san said as she brought her body forward. Wa, wai, wait a minute!

“Ca, cacacacacacalm down, Himeji-san! This isn’t good!”

“I know this isn’t good too! But I have no way to retreat now that things become like this!”

“It’s because things became like this that I’m telling you to stop! If it’s a moment of impulse that causes you to hook up with someone you don’t like at all, you’ll regret this for the rest of your life!”

So take a deep breath first and calm down—just when I was about to say this, Himeji-san suddenly stopped.

“…Someone I don’t like at all?”

“Ah…un, that’s right. Someone you don’t like at all.”


“Wha, what is it?”

Himeji-san narrowed her eyes at me. Why does it feel so scary?

“Do you feel…I’m the sort of person who will do this to someone I don’t like out of impulse?”

On hearing her ask this, I pondered for a while.

Including Himeji-san, everyone around me would insist in what they believe in and won’t listen to other people’s explanations.

“Un, sort of.”


The next moment, I think I saw a vein explode on Himeji-san’s face. That’s strange? Did I say something wrong?

“Heh…in that case, you really misunderstood me…”

Putting her smile back on her face, Himeji-san said this with a heavy tone. Damn it. Looks like I made her angry.

“Since Akihisa-kun says so, I have my own thoughts.”

Just when I was about to kneel down and beg for forgiveness, Himeji-san said clearly, word for word,

“Akihisa-kun, let’s have a game of endurance.”

“Game of endurance? Eh…what’s that?”

“Will I be unable to hold back my shame, or will Akihisa-kun unravel this misunderstanding about me—it’s this kind of endurance match, a ‘woman’s determination’!”

As Himeji-san said that, she put her hand onto her own chest for some reason…heh?

“Wha, what are you doing?”

“I’m trying to seduce Akihisa-kun.”

Gchi, Himeji-san’s back had a light snap behind her. Was that sound…

“Shouko-chan and Aikou-chan taught me that guys like this. So—Akihisa-kun? You’re nosebleeding!”

“So, sorry, Himeji-san! I think some blood rushed up in me! I’ll go wash my face first!”

“Eh? Ho, hold on! Have you given up? I just undid the hook of my bra, and you had such a reaction…wouldn’t my determination I worked so hard to show be wasted? It’s kinda lonely—”

I ignored Himeji-san’s voice from behind as I ran to the basin. The moment she put her hand inside her shirt, the shirt was flipped up and showed a small amount of skin! And that collar! Her collar was so open that I could see a lot of her chest inside! This is bad—hm? What’s this? Do, don’t tell me…

“Akihisa-kun, please don’t run away! I haven’t done any—A, Akihisa-kun? Why are you bleeding even more!?”

Himeji-san followed me to the basin and shouted in shock. Fu…fufu…you’re really good, Himeji-san…

“To think that you would actually expect me to run away and set this trap…”

There was a pink undergarment next to the basin.

“How should I say this? This lonely feeling…in the end, I only undid my bra hook…”

I don’t understand what Himeji-san was planning, but if she wants to kill me, her plan worked. My mind’s all fuzzy.

“Uuu…this is bad. Why is my vision all blurry too?”

My mind’s all dizzy, and my body’s really hot. I know that Himeji-san’s seduction plan was really effective on me.

“Eh? A, Akihisa-kun? Are you alright? Your face is all red…”

“No, if you’re really worried about me, please don’t wear such revealing clothing—ugh, erm…”

My vision’s starting to sway. Is this what it means to be drunk?

“Akihisa-kun, are you having a fever!?”

“Nonono, I’m not—”

Before I even finished, Himeji-san opened her arms wide and hugged my swaying body. A certain warm touch came through the contact. No, wait. No matter what, this touch’s abnormally thin. Speaking of which, I think there’s only a thin shirt separating my hand from Himeji-san’s body.

“Akihisa-kun! Why is your face redder!? Are you having a high fever!?”

At this moment, I suddenly remembered what Himeji-san did. Didn’t she say it? She undid her bra hook!

That’s right. I see. The soft touch in my hand was actually that…



Feeling extremely fortunate, I lost consciousness.

Splash splash…the sound of water and ice cubes hitting each other reached my ears.

There seemed to be someone twisting something near my head, and then my head had an icy cold thing placed on it. Ah…how refreshing…


“Are you alright, Akihisa-kun?”

“That’s strange…what happened to me…”

Why am I lying on the bed? And Himeji-san’s standing beside my bed and looking at me worriedly.

“Sorry…it’s because I did such a strange thing that I caused you to become like that…”

Himeji-san said that as she looked really depressed.

“Sorry, Himeji-san. Looks like I fell asleep.”

“You didn’t fall asleep. You had a fever.”

No wonder my head felt heavy and my feet light, because I caught a cold. Maybe it’s because I’ve been caught in the rain for the past two days and ran around, causing myself to sweat all over.

“Don’t force yourself. Please continue to lie down and sleep.”

“Ahh, there’s no need. This little thing won’t even…”

“You can’t underestimate illnesses. A lot of people had major illnesses because of just a little cold.”

“No, I’m really alright…”

I don’t really feel uncomfortable. The reason why I had a fever just now should mostly be because of Himeji-san.

“You can’t. Please lie down and rest quietly. I guess it’s because you were too tired.”


“That’s how it is.”

Himeji-san concluded. I do have a little fever, but she’s really taking it too far.

I reluctantly gave up on getting up and could only lie down and watch the ceiling. Uu~ there’s nothing.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

Seeing that I had no intention to close my eyes and sleep, Himeji-san showed a somewhat troubled expression.

“It’s not that I don’t want to sleep, but I can’t just sleep as and when I like it…better do something else first…”

“No you can’t. Even if you can’t sleep, it’s alright. Please just remain here.”

Looks like Himeji-san won’t allow me to get off the bed no matter what. This is bad…it’s really boring to lie down like that…



Kach, Kach. The sound of the moving hand of the clock echoed throughout the otherwise silent room.

We didn’t talk as time steadily went by.

I lay on the bed, and Himeji-san sat on the chair beside me. That’s strange? What’s going on? It’s like I saw this scene before…

“Well…waiting quietly like this makes me remember past events.”

“Past events?”

“Yes, like during primary school.”

“But our positions were completely different.”

Himeji-san then said.

Ahh, I see. I just felt that I saw this scene before. So that’s how it is.

“Oh yeah, it felt like this when Himeji-san was hospitalized.”

“Eh…Akihisa-kun, you still remembered?”

Himeji-san widened her eyes and looked at me. Those eyes looked like they were expecting something.

“Sorry, I don’t really remember much, but I can vaguely remember that this happened.”

“No, it’s good enough that you can remember that.”

I’m likely unable to respond to her expectations, but Himeji-san smiled happily.

“Then, Akihisa-kun…”

“Hm? What is it, Himeji-san?”

“Can I…play a little prank on you…?”

Himeji-san looked at me with a questioning look, seemingly asking for my permission.

This doesn’t look good, and I don’t know what she’ll do to me…

“The most I’ll allow you is drawing on my face.”

“I won’t do that.”

Kuku, Himeji-san chuckled and smiled happily. Well, I have nothing against that then.

“Then please be gentle with me.”

“Thank you. Then, since I got Akihisa-kun’s permission—”

Before she finished, Himeji-san suddenly reached for her hair.

“—Okay, I took it off.”

She took her trademark bunny hairclip off and put it between my bangs. Is her so-called prank this?

“Really, I thought Himeji-san would do something to me…”

“Fufufu, you really look cute. Akihisa-kun’s really suited for this.”

It’s troubling that she would still view me as a girl in this situation. That’s troubling.

“Eh…that’s weird…”

Suddenly, my mind recalled a memory.

“When I was sick, I would feel lonely and anxious.”

“Eh? Un, yeah, maybe.”

As I don’t usually get sick, I wasn’t really certain about this, but when there’s someone beside me now like Himeji-san, it’s really something worth being happy about. Without Himeji-san beside me, nee-san would have continued to work and be unable to get home, and I’d continue to have my fever…let me see; I’d feel really lonely and anxious, right?

“Not feeling well, feeling really bored, and thinking of unhappy stuff…”

People normally say that mood and body have a close relationship. As the heart becomes weaker, the body will fall ill; and as the body falls ill, the heart becomes weaker. Thus, when humans are weak, they will have negative thoughts. I guess that’s the common logic amongst all this.

“Will I be lonely forever, will everyone bully me…I once thought about this.”

It was just a little saying—but what Himeji-san said etched mysteriously in my heart.

“So, during that time, a boy was willing to be with me, which made me really feel…happy…and it’s really wonderful.”

The current atmosphere made me unable to interrupt Himeji-san’s words as she slowly said her words out like she was confessing.

Maybe…to us, it’s not just an ordinary saying?

“I’m back.”

“Welcome back, Akira-san. It’s been tough on you to work till this late.”

“Sorry for being late. Did Aki-kun do something to you he shouldn’t do?”

“Uu, about this…actually, Akihisa-kun had a fever.”

“Oh my? He has a fever? That’s really rare.”

“He’s sleeping in his room.”

“I understand. I’ll take a look at him then. Is Aki-kun sleeping in his own room?”

“Yes, he’s sleeping in his own room.”

“Let me see…ahh, he’s sound asleep.”

“He was reading just now.”

“Thank you, Mizuki-san, for taking care of Aki-kun while he’s sick.”

“No, this is nothing.”

“Eh, but that kid, really…it’s because he ran around and got caught in the rain that he fell sick. I have to lecture him the next time I have a chance.”

“Because Akihisa-kun always forces himself…”

“That kid’s always been like that. Once something happens, he will go for it without thinking and end up being all hurt himself.”

“Ahaha, that’s true.”

“Or rather, that’s just like what that kid would do.”

“Like what Akihisa-kun would do…is it…?”



“Yes, what is it, Mizuki-san?”

“Aren’t you worried about Akihisa-kun?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Akihisa-kun would get involved and would sometimes even ignore his own situation or condition.”

“So you’re talking about that.”

“Yes. Don’t you want to stop him?”

“Well…I really want to do something if I can help him achieve his aim and stop getting into trouble…”


“But if I can’t do anything and that kid wants to do it—I will respect his decision and let him do whatever he wants.”

“But what’ll happen if he gets hurt?”

“Even if he gets hurt, it’s what he wants. There’s nothing to say then, is there?”

“How is it…”

“That kid can’t study, is stupid and clumsy and just fails to understand things. But…”

“But what?”

“But that kid’s straightforward personality is my greatest pride as a sister.”


“So I want to treasure that straight-forward side of his.”

“Akira-san…you’re really an adult.”

“No, I’m not that amazing. Instead of being an adult—”

“Instead of being an adult?”

“—I’m just an older sister who loves her little brother the most.”


The next morning.

Before my electronic alarm clock rang, I woke up as I felt that someone was closing in on me.

“Ah…sorry, did I wake you up?”

Beside my bed was Himeji-san, who was about to reach her hand out to pat me—ah, she wants to check my body temperature and see if my fever subsided yet, right?

“Are you okay, Akihisa-kun?”

Unfortunately, I woke up, and Himeji-san’s hand that was stretched towards me shrank back, which I felt was a pity.

“Un, ever better. My cold’s all good now.”

It’s not just that I don’t want to make her worry, but in fact, I don’t feel bad anywhere. Thus, I gripped my fist tightly and answered her energetically. Speaking of which, my cold wasn’t that serious. It’s because Himeji-san did those things that blood rushed up in me…


“You can’t lie, Akihisa-kun. Your face is still red.”

“Ahh, no, that’s because…”

That’s because I was thinking about what happened yesterday!

“Akihisa-kun, you can’t force yourself. Rest well for today and cure your cold completely.”

Asking me to take a break from school…I really can’t study well, but it’s not that I hate going to school. It should be more interesting being in school than staying at home, right? More importantly—

“The important summoning battle hasn’t ended yet. Even with such a level of fighting ability, I can’t just take a break all because I got a cold.”

If we lose this summoning battle, our distance from A class will be spread further. Then, we can only continue to use those lousy facilities. That’s why we can’t lose.

“Really, Akihisa-kun…you don’t have to worry about the summoning tournament. I’ll work hard together with Akihisa-kun. I’ll work even harder, so you don’t have to force yourself.”

“No, but…”

“You can’t say stubborn things. I won’t nag at you once you’re fully recovered.”

“I don’t mean that…”

“Really, why wouldn’t you listen to me? You would obey if Akira-san says it.”

“That’s not about me obeying. It’s her threatening moves that force me to submit…”

Looking at things now, nee-san should be out at work. Is she really busy nowadays?

Looks like I don’t have to worry about being lectured and punished by her in the morning as I heaved a sigh of relief.

BTS vol 08 247.jpg

However, Himeji-san said this to me,

“In that case…Akihisa-kun, if you’re not going to listen to me, I’m going to kiss you!”

What the heck? She’s copying nee-san? Really…

“Well…even if Himeji-san imitates nee-san, it won’t do anything to me—”


A soft sensation brushed by my lips.


“Okay. You must sleep now.”

Himeji-san left these words behind, bata, closed my door and left.


Being left alone inside the room, I still didn’t know what’s going on as I could only sit on the bed blankly.


  1. A very important part of physics. When an object falls due to gravity, air resistance will increase until the object falls at constant speed. That is Terminal Velocity
  2. itai, いたい, Japanese for 'it hurts'.