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Me and the Future and Summoned Beasts[edit]

Me and the Future and Summoned Beasts


“? What’s with you guys? Why are you looking so troubled?”

“It’s rare to see you look so serious.”

“What happened?”

On a day after school, Yuuji, Muttsurini and I were bothered over something, and Minami, Hideyoshi and Himeji-san came over to us.

“Well, about this, we’re wondering what to do…”

I handed over the one responsible for my troubles over to Himeji-san.

“Ah, it’s the Career Aspiration Questionnaire?”


The Career Aspiration Questionnaire is about what we want to do after we graduate from High School, and it is something important that will affect our lives, and also something bothering me.

“What do you mean by you’re wondering? You’re not going to further your studies?”

Minami asked with disbelief.

Fumitzuki Gakuen is a prep school after all, and as Minami said, most of us will write that we’re continuing our studies.

“I’d thought you would write that you’ll continue your studies, Yuuji.”

“Well, that’s what I thought too. But if I write that I’m going to further my studies, I should at least write the school’s name?”

“Of course. If you’re going to further your studies, you have to write the school you wish to enter and the subjects, or so I heard.”

“I’m really wondering how I’m going to write this here…”

Yuuji sighed softly.

Besides furthering our studies, we also have to choose what jobs we want. It feels really difficult for me.

“I’m not the only one bothered about this. Akihisa too is troubled over which seaside tree to choose.”

“Wait, Yuuji, don’t just add an option ‘hanged in the forest’ in my progress options there!”

I guess Ironman will be shocked if he receives this piece from me that has the words “Choice of University: Sakaeou University, Place you wish to work at: Haseda Trading, Place you wish to be hung at: Fuji Forest.”

I suppose we should leave aside such useless talk for now.

“We’re troubled because of this.”

“Hmm…if you really don’t know what to write, how about you write down what you want first before changing it later?”

“I think you can write until your 3rd wish, right?”

“No, we’re hoping that we can write until the 15th wish.”

“Isn’t that too much?”

In other words, 3 wishes alone won’t be able to include our wishes completely. That Ironman…! He should die ten thousand deaths for lumping me together with Yuuji and Muttsurini…!

“If you have to write 15 wishes, it’s no wonder that it’s hard.”


And we have to hand it over to that Ironman. If we are to write something weird, we’ll be punished by the iron fist and forced to rewrite. It’s going to be an endless suffering for us. Good grief…

“Speaking of which, have you finished writing, Hideyoshi?”

I decided to ask Hideyoshi for reference.

From what they said, I guess that Himeji-san and Minami are going to continue their studies, but what about Hideyoshi?

“Hm? I haven’t written anything yet, but I do know what I want to do in the future. That’s why I’m not lost about anything.”

“Is that so? That’s good.”

If we’re talking about Hideyoshi, it has to be acting. He’s definitely going to put that as his career path. At this point, I really envy those who won’t be lost because they have a clear goal.

As she sees me looking this troubled, Minami claps her hands together and says,

“In that case, how about you choose something you want to do as your career path, Aki?”

“What I want to do?”

“Yeah. Isn’t it good to consider whether you want to further your studies or to work first?”

“What interests do you have, Akihisa-kun?”

Once the girls said this, I start to think for a while.

Interests, interests…as for what I like, I’ll say,

“Something like manga and games.”

I like playing games a lot, but if I am to say what I really like most.

“Fm…a mangaka or something similar?”

“Or a game designer. That can work.”

“It has nothing to do with manga and games, but you can be quite the chef, you know, Aki?”

Himeji-san and the rest listed out the options. Fm fm, I see.

“In other words, in the future, I’ll become—”

“…An ero-mangaka, an ero gamer designer, an ero-chef.”

“—One of those…wait, why are they all related to ero!? Aren’t these all your wishes, Muttsurini!?”

“…!!(Shakes head wildly)”

And what’s with that ero-chef especially? Is that a chef that will use an erotic-looking radish with the shape of feet to cook?

Yuuji looks like he’s lecturing Muttsurini as he says,

“Oi oi, Muttsurini, this can be considered something that will affect your life, you know? You have to treat it seriously.”

“…I’m already serious here.”

That’s very problematic too.

I ignore Muttsurini and turn towards Yuuji,

“Then, Akihisa.”


“Honestly, which middle school do you want to enter?”


“Aki and Hazuki in the same grade…as a sister, I’m really thankful for that.”

“Before that, you should pity me as a friend here, Minami!”

They are really friends who aren’t worth making.

“Ahaha…well, leaving aside Akihisa-kun…what do you want to do in the future, Tsuchiya-san?”


(He wanted to say nude cameraman there.)

(He wanted to say nude cameraman there, right?)

(He wanted to say nude cameraman there, didn’t he.)

Our thoughts were in sync.

“Well, Tsuchiya-kun…I suppose you should write something to explain if you want to hand this questionnaire over to the teacher.”

“…! (Shakes head violently)”

It’s just like what Himeji-san said. Muttsurini has to maintain a good image.

“What you want to do is a problem itself, Muttsurini.”

“But I do feel that it’s good that you have a clear idea of what you want to do.”

Yuuji looked over at Muttsurini and me as he said this.

“Speaking of which, don’t you have any interests, Sakamoto-kun?”

“Un? I see, as for me.”

“…Like this.”

We receive the paper that was handed over, and start to read.

“First wish: groom. Second wish: husband. Third wish: loving couple. Fourth wish: Newly weds. Fifth wish: Kirishima Yuuji. Sixth wish: Belongs to Shouko forever. Etc.”

“What about that, Sakamoto? Didn’t you decide on your career path already?”

“Really there. Why are you saying that you’re envious of others?”

“…I really envy you.”


Yuuji’s career aspiration questionnaire was already filled up by Kirishima-san neatly without us knowing. She’s really a nice girl who pays attention to details.

“Ah, Shouko-chan, you’re here.”


Kirishima-san appeared without warning, and we completely accepted that. To me, this is a common part of my daily life, so there’s nothing strange about that at all.

“What are you doing here, Shouko?”

Yuuji continued to keep his guard as he asked unhappily.

Kirishima-san did not care about Yuuji’s attitude as she said adamantly,

“…To check on my career progress.”

It’s really amazing that she can say that while holding Yuuji’s career aspiration questionnaire.

“Seriously, you’ve been quick at these kinds of things ever since the past…!”

“…Because it is something important.”

As we stare at them, Minami suddenly narrows her eyes.

“Hm…I see. So Sakamoto’s not worrying about ‘what to choose for the career path’, but ‘how to keep it a secret’, huh?”

“Ah, so that’s why Sakamoto-kun is troubled over ‘how to write this’.”

Speaking of which, he hasn't been worrying about ‘what schools he will write’, but ‘what to write’. So that’s why.

“What? So you’ve been worrying about that kind of thing, Yuuji?”

“Shut up. I’m worrying about my future too.”

“…It’s useless. Mother-in-law will inform everyone about it.”

“You even thought about a countermeasure for that!?”

It’s impossible for Yuuji to hide his career progression from his parents and Kirishima-san, but he’s still trying his best to think for his own freedom in life.

“Anyway, I can’t possibly tell you my career path, so just give up and go back.”

Yuuji said this coldly, and Kirishima-san looked really sad as she leaned over to him.

“…Yuuji, why must you say such hurting things to me…? …Do you hate being with me in the same school?”

Kirishima-san asked with a quiet tone. Anyone who doesn’t have a blackened iron heart will definitely be touched by these words.

In response to Kirishima-san’s question, Yuuji answers with a serious tone,

“No, Shouko, I want you to have your own freedom to choose. You’re going to miss out on what you really want if you keep getting restrained by me, and there’s nothing worse than that.”

I better note and remember how his face looked like a bean there.

“…But I want to put you first and foremost in my thoughts, Yuuji. That’s the happiest thing for me.”

“No way, I want you to look for your own happiness.”

“…No, Yuuji, I hope you don’t mind about me when you choose your own path.”

Even though it looks like they’re saying that they’re thinking for each other’s sake on the surface, there shouldn’t be this kind of selfishness both sides are showing for their own sakes.

Well, let’s leave aside Yuuji. I have my own career path to settle.

“U—n…how troubling…”

Just thinking about it alone really makes me want to sigh.

KARAK. At this moment, the F class homeroom teacher Ironman opened the door as he walked into the classroom.

“What, you’re still here? If you have nothing to do, hurry up and go back.”

Ironman looked in through the classroom windows, and it seems like he’s checking if the doors and windows are closed properly.

“Sorry, Nishimura-sensei. Everyone’s still asking about their career aspirations.”

Himeji-san said as she lowered her head.

“Oh, the career aspirations.”

Ironman muses as he looks at me, Yuuji and Muttsurini in turn.

“It’ll be great if it can be solved within this century…”

Why is this teacher so rude?

“Well, I won’t make any jokes now. How about you come over to the career counseling room if you’re out of ideas?”


“Oi, why are you all giving such surprised looks?”

Go to the career counseling room to talk about career aspirations…?

“Ah, I see, so that room is used for that purpose.”

“I never thought you could give career counseling indirectly by interrogation and remedials…”

“…That’s an unexpected use.”

“What did you think of after hearing that room’s name?”

No. The reason why we thought of it this way is because of the remedial you usually give.

“Erm, Nishimura-sensei, what will the career talk touch on?”

“Well, I’ll give you detailed suggestions on the aspirations you raise, like for example, if you want to be a doctor, I’ll introduce a few schools based on the student’s academic ability and the courses the student need to study.”

Ironman said what the main use of the career counseling room was, at least.

He then looks away from Himeji-san and the rest to stare at us and ask,

“And so, have you at least gotten an idea of what you wish for?”

“I do, but I’m unwilling to say it.”


“Anything other than a forest.”

“Alright, everyone, line up and clench your teeth.”

Why is he being so angry? We're being serious here.

“In other words, you haven’t decided on the path you want to take?”

“That’s right.”

I answer Ironman’s words definitely. The description of ‘haven’t decided on the path you want’ Ironman said of does fit me here at least.

“Is that so? In that case, discuss it with everyone. If there’s anything you don’t know, come over to the career counseling room.”

Ironman said that and left the classroom.

Hm…enter the counseling room…

“(KARAK) I heard about everything here.”

“Ah, principal-sen—”

“(SLAM) Bye!”

“Nice response there, Akihisa.”

“…Good job.”

“(KARAK) Really, there has to be a limit to your rudeness, you people.”

The one who swapped places with Ironman and appeared at the classroom is the old granny and principal we’re all very familiar with.

“Is there anything for us now, principal-sensei?”

Minami asks the principal while being on her guard. Considering the actions this old granny would do up till now, it’s natural for us to be on our guard.

“Actually, I just installed some new settings on the summoned beasts.”

“Such a coincidence.” (Minami)

“Another favor from us again.” (Hideyoshi)

“…Go back” (Muttsurini)

“Blow yourself back.” (Yuuji)

“Turn yourself bald.” (Me)

“What’s with such reactions? And the last two people are just chiding me here!”

That’s not all we have here.

“Erm, principal sensei, what’re the new settings of the summoned beasts about…?”

Himeji-san asks respectfully. She’s really someone very serious, even if it’s this kind of person she’s listening to.

The principal seems rather satisfied by Himeji-san’s question as she says proudly.

“We used the summoned beasts to read the user’s mental processing and use the personality data to simulate children before, haven’t we? This time, we’re using this idea to make a simple simulation of the summoner’s future.”

“Simulate the summoner’s future…is it?”

“Well, I would say that it’s closer to divination than prediction. I’ll input the data for personalities, athleticism, grades, social relationships and sorts, and from there, we’ll be able to obtain the most likely future.”

Is it like the kind of divination where we enter the birthdays and blood type?

“Then, what kind of future can we see?”

“Most likely, it’s around the time when you’re 23-25 years old. Your personalities, preferences and your thoughts when choosing your career paths will also be considered. The reflected age will also consider your physical and mental growth.”

In other words, it’ll tell me what my future is like based on what I feel when I choose my career path?

“That’s rather useful for Aki now.”

“That’s true. Sure came in handy here.”

Minami and Hideyoshi look like they’re rather interested in this. This is really interesting, and both of them have somewhat stated that they don’t have to take part in this since they have already thought of career paths, but in that sense, it means that I have to take part in this…

“But if something goes wrong again…”

On hearing me say this, the principal says,

“If you want to stop, just shout ‘out’ and it will disappear. Do that if anything goes wrong.”

I see, so we can let it disappear as and when we want it. Since she has already planned some safety (?) measures, it seems that she has already reflected upon it.

“Doesn’t sound like there’s any major problem here.”

“Un…even if you say so…”

This is the doing of that principal after all. She’s not very trustworthy.

“Never mind, you can use it whenever you want to. Don’t force yourself.”

The field is expanded such that we can use it however we want to. Leaving these words behind, the principal walks off. From the way she walks out, it looks like she’s really providing this for us out of well intentions. Un, I don’t think there’ll be any special tricks here.

“Then, what do you plan to do, Akihisa?”

Hideyoshi’s asking me as I ponder over whether to use it…alright!

“It’s a rare chance, so let’s try it.”

“Oh, how decisive.”

“That’s good.”

It’s not my style to keep worrying over such things. Since I have something I can do, let’s just try it out first.

“Then, I’m going to summon. Everyone, stand back just in case…let’s go.”


In response to that familiar call, a familiar pattern appears.

And then, right in the middle of it is my summoned beast, based on my avatar.

“Ohh, it’s a big one this time.”

“…Ever since the test of courage tournament.”

It’s just like what Yuuji and Muttsurini said. The summoned beast that appears isn’t 3 heads tall, but as large as a real human.

“Fm, it’s not a uniform this time, but a suit.”

“So that means he managed to make it into society?”

It’s impossible for me to be wearing my high school uniform in the future. The principal must have changed the clothing to an ordinary suit based on this thinking.

“Huh? It’s taller than me?”

“In other words, the prediction is that you’ll grow even taller.”

“Heh~ that’s really great.”

The future me says to us,

“Ah! How nostalgic! It’s everyone in high school!”

The summoned beast is talking normally. This happened before, so I can’t say that I’m not used to it. Also, I won’t be able to ask anything if it can’t talk.

“I see I see. So this is how I was like when I was in high school.”

The summoned beast who looks like an ordinary person looks at me as he says it. Speaking of which, is my voice like this? It just doesn’t feel right to me.

“But I feel that I should be looking wiser here…”

Why must he say such rude things?

“Let’s hear from you. You’re the future form of Akihisa, right?”

“That’s right. Oh, is this Yuuji? Hideyoshi, Muttsurini and Kirishima-san really look young here.”

The future me says this happily. The way I see it, this summoned beast is really showing my future self.

“I never thought that I could meet everyone in high school like this.”

In fact, you didn’t come from the future, but you’re set up to have such thoughts here, right? My summoned beast starts to nod as he looks over at everyone.

“And over there are Himeji-san and Minami, right? Hello there.”

“Ah, yes! He-he-he-he-hello!”

“Eh, erm, nice to meet you for the first—no! It’s been a whi—not that too! Th-that, that…!”

“? Why are you panicking so much?”

Himeji-san and Minami are shaken up once they started talking to the future me. Are they not used to talking with older people?

“…Mizuki and Minami’s reactions are really cute.”

“Ah…it’s true that he looks much more decent than he is now.”

“Fm, he has really become a good man.”

“…I can see the suffering in the future.”

I don’t really know the reason, but I really feel a little unhappy over how those two are blushing in front of this future me.

“Well, never mind. Anyway, I have to ask the future me something.”

“Hm? What is it?”

The future me looks over at my side. Looks are secondary, there’s something more important I have to talk about.

“I’ll go straight to the point. What will happen to me 2 years later?”

Since I’m in my second year, I really want to know what happens to me 2 years later.

The future me smiles and answers,

“Ah, it’s fine.”

“? It’s fine? What do you mean?”

“You’ll still have a nice happy high school life 2 years later.”


I had already prepared myself mentally many times, but I can’t even get through the checkpoint before that!?

“Huh? You don’t understand? It means that you can’t graduate ne—”


“No, you had enough attendance and points.”

“Then why is it then!?”

“But you can’t graduate in your second year…”



“Un~, I see. My reactions are really interesting. It’s no wonder everyone always made fun of me.”


What is this idiot saying now? Don’t tell me…he’s bluffing me?

“Don’t worry, you studied till near death, knelt down to the teachers every day and managed to graduate with tender feelings”

“This line alone is enough to scare me here!”

I can’t graduate if this keeps up!? How severe is my current situation now!?

“Anything else you want to ask?”

“I want to ask a lot of things, but I don’t want to know the answer…”

I really don’t dare to ask anything about the future.

And then, right after I spoke up,

“Then, may I ask something?”

“I want to ask something too…”

“Nn? What is it?”

Himeji-san and Minami step forward with intensity.

“Erm…are you dating anyone now?”

“Th-that’s right. Or rather, are you married yet?”

In response to these two’s questions, as they seemed really agitated for some reason—


After a short moment of thinking—

“I won’t tell you.”

The future me smiles as he says.

“Wh-why aren’t you telling us anything at all!”

“That’s right, Aki! It’s not like you to hide stuff like this!”

“Ahaha. Speaking of which, Himeji-san and Minami were being like this at high school as well.”

“Are you not telling us because it’s related to us!?”

“Please tell us! Akihisa-kun!”

The future me has his sleeves tugged by them as he says happily,

“Nope. I have to keep a secret.”


While those two were pressing on, the future me proceeds to tease them easily. I really can’t imagine myself being like that—and for some reason, I really got infuriated as I look at them.

“Then then, please at least tell us your type, Akihisa-kun!”

“I see. But that’s a little—”


The future me vanishes once I says this. Phew, I sure feel a lot better here.

“Ah, Akihisa-kun! Why must you be so mean!?”

“I want to ask him regarding some other things too!”

“That’s fine. You won’t be able to get back any decent answer even if you ask that kind of stupid idiot.”

“? Why are you angry?”

“I’m not.”


Really, that guy’s not decent at all. I won’t become like that in the future.

“Anyway, we don’t know whether it will work, but we can tell that there’s no major problem with it.”

“Um. How about it, Muttsurini? If you don’t know what career path to choose, you can summon.”

“…Let me try.”

Muttsurini nods “…summon” and says this. And like before, a summoned beast about as tall as me appears.

The adult Muttsurini is wearing a suit with a necktie, and he really looks very cool to us.

“Heh, this is really unexpected. It looks like Muttsurini still hasn’t grown up enough.”

“It’s even taller than mine. That’s good, huh?”

“…That kind of thing doesn’t really matter.”

Muttsurini does not have any interest in his future appearance, and he immediately asks this question,

“…There’s something I want to ask.”

“…What is it?”

“…Did I become a nude cameraman?”

His desires have been fully released, and he looks like a kid who just met his hero as he asks this.

“…In other words, you want to know my current profession?”


“…I am a news reporter.”


“…What’s the matter?”


Why English?

“…I am a news reporter.”

After he was asked again, the future Muttsurini repeats his words again.

A news reporter? I see. With his information gathering abilities, agility and other unique talents, Muttsurini is really suited to be a news reporter.

On hearing those words, Muttsurini’s body starts to tremble with rage.



“…What…are you doing…!”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“…Why can you forgive yourself for not being a nude cameraman…!”

Actually, I would say that we’re curious about why you can’t forgive yourself for not becoming a nude cameraman.

“…Have you given up on your dreams—the meaning of living…!?”

“…My mission is to reveal the dark side in politics.”

“…No…! My real mission is to reveal the secrets hidden under the clothes…!”

“…This is really bad…the old me…”

“…I don’t accept this…! I definitely won’t accept this me…!”

The future has gone on a separate path from his dreams. Muttsurini can’t accept that way of life as he glares back at this future him.

“Speaking of which, I never thought that I would hear Muttsurini say ‘My mission is to reveal the dark side in politics’.”

“I never thought that he would become a news reporter and get involved in politics.”

“If he continues to head down the path of Ero, he might be able to walk down the proper path after some time.”

I see. So there’s that kind of possibility too.

As we continue to look,

—Pipi. Pasha

An electronic sound rang. Is that the sound of a cellphone shutter?

“…Thank you Mizuki.”

“It’s fine. It’s just a small thing.”

Himeji-san and Kirishima-san were the ones who spoke up. It seems that Himeji-san used the cellphone to take a photo of future Muttsurini.

“Himeji-san, why did you take a photo of Muttsurini?”

“Ah, it’s not me. Shouko-chan asked me for help. She doesn’t know how to take a photo.”

“…I’m bad with cellphones.”

“You’re already well-versed at deleting the visual data on my cellphone memory…”

“…I’m not good with any cellphone other than Yuuji’s.”

It seems that machines are one of the rare things Kirishima-san isn’t good at. However, there seems to be some exceptions.

“So what did you do with Muttsurini’s photo, Kirishima-san?”

“…I sent it to Aiko.”

She sent the photo of future Muttsurini to Kudou-san?

“Ah, I see. Make her laugh at Muttsurini for having his dreams ruined.”

“That’s really a good idea. Muttsurini’s dream will only receive a tragic end. It’s so funny that my toes are tingling here.”

“Sometimes, I really feel that you people can’t be considered friends.”

“How rude. Our friendship lasts for a lifetime.”

“Seriously. We swore that we will remain as friends forever.”

((—Until the moment where he is of no use to us.))

“Why is it that I’m hearing your hearts’ voices here?”

“It’s a friendship that’s thinner than a metal leaf…”

The friendship between men is a beautiful thing. We, who are bonded firmly while we’re not even relatives or acquaintances, can be considered true friends.

“—I sent it to Aiko-chan.”

“…Thank you, Mizuki.”

“No no, this little thing is nothing—wah. She replied back.”

Just a moment after she sent the mail, Himeji-san’s cellphone rings, indicating that she received a message.

Once she checked her mail, Himeji-san laughs happily.

“Fufufu. Really there, Aiko-chan.”

“Here here, I want to see too.”

“…Me too.”

Minami and Kirishima-san head over to look at Himeji-san’s cellphone.

“Ahaha. That’s quite a nice reaction.”

“…Aiko’s really cute.”

Both of them show grins on their faces after that.

“What? Is the reply really funny?”

“What kind of reaction is that?”

Yuuji and I want to head over to look too.

“Un…it’s a secret. We can’t let you see that, Akihisa-kun, everyone.”

Himeji-san closes her phone. She can’t let us see it? What is that? What kind of reaction does Kudou-san have? I’m really curious.

“…What you have aren’t dreams, but desires.”

“…What is the man who betrayed his own code of beliefs saying…!”

“…Then show me, show me fully, what kind of beliefs you have.”

“…I don’t need you to tell me that. My beliefs will never be twisted…!”

“…Dreams will change. You must remember me.”

“…I have nothing to say to you…!”

“…Out” Muttsurini says, and the summoned beast vanishes.

Speaking of which, that conversation just now really sounded very cool…on the surface.

“Then, it’s Sakamoto’s turn next.”

Once Muttsurini’s turn finishes, Minami turns towards Yuuji.

“No. I really don’t want to know about my future.”

“…Yuuji (grabs)”

“Alright, resistance is useless, right? I know that, damn it!”

Yuuji calls out his summoned beast reluctantly.

The future Yuuji slowly appears from the patterns on the floor.

The future Yuuji hasn’t changed as compared to now, and his face is still full of wildness, but he seems to be gentler in some way here—

BTS vol 10.5 173.jpg


—The ring on the collar really fits him.

“…Yuuji, don’t disappear so quickly.”

“Yeah Yuuji. We haven’t heard anything about what will happen in the future here, you know?”


It’s really a pity here that this idiot immediately caused it to vanish, which meant that we can’t ask anything about the future here.

“…Yuuji, summon it again.”

“No way.”

This time, Yuuji is completely unwilling to agree to it. He really doesn’t want to look at his own future here.

“In that case, how about we ask the future Shouko-chan?”

Himeji-san claps her hands as she proposes this. I see. There’s no doubt that Kirishima-san’s definitely going to be linked to Yuuji. We will know once we ask.

“That’s right. We don’t have to ask the person himself.”

“Looking at that Yuuji now, I really can’t feel that it has nothing to do with Kirishima.”

“…Let me try.”

Kirishima-san says softly “Summon”, and this time, the future Kirishima-san appears.

The future Kirishima-san is prettier than she is now, and her long black hair looks really dazzling—


—And also, her belly grew to be quite big.


All of us shouted once we saw the future Kirishima-san like this. What is this!? isn’t this bad if the school carries out such a simulation here!?

“Akihisa-kun, everyone, why is your reaction so big?”

“She’s at the age where it’s not weird for her to have a baby in her stomach.”

“No no no! This isn’t the problem here! It’s something more about the ethical issue or something else here…eh? What? Are we thinking too much here?”

That’s because, after seeing someone of the same age have a child here, what…for some reason, right!”

“Shouko-chan, so that child is really Sakamoto-kun’s—”

Himeji-san ignores us as we’re still puzzled here, and turns to look at the future Kirishima-san. The future Kirishima-san then turns around, and just when she’s about to answer,


A ball drops out from beneath the clothing on the belly.


The ball just bounces right in front of us as we remain speechless.


The future Kirishima-san picks up the ball and puts it back at her belly, giving a shy look as she says,

“…It moved.”


What the? So it was just a ball. That really scared me.

“Kirishima-san’s still very mischievous even after becoming an adult.”

“…She hasn’t lost her sense of playfulness.”

“It’s really just like Shouko-chan.”


Yuuji’s yelling away for some reason. There’s no need for him to be so excited in the first place anyway.

“…A joke?”

The future Kirishima-san tilts her head once she hears Yuuji’s yell.

“I can’t think of it being anything other than a joke when you put a ball on your belly and appear like this.”


Kirishima-san doesn’t look like she understands Yuuji’s words as she tilts her head even further.

“Hm? Didn’t you put the ball in order to get ready to shock us here?”

“…I was not thinking about that.”

Naturally, Kirishima-san denies it.

Well, then why did you put that ball there in the first place?

“…This is an appeal to Yuuji that I want to bear children as soon as possible.”

“““Ahh, I see.”””


So she’s trying to blame Yuuji for him being so indecisive? It’s really a great idea for her to plan and practice this in advance.

“What? So you haven’t had children yet?”

“I thought it’ll be fast because Sakamoto-kun likes children.”

“He’s normally so forceful when he says such things, but he’s unexpectedly timid here, huh?”

“Seriously, this is so unsightly.”


What he said is true. Her appearance shocked us so much that we ended up forgetting over this.

“Then, let me change this question…what are you doing in the future, future Shouko-chan?”

“…Working in the day.”

“““And at night!?”””

“…Working hard.”



Unforgivable…we’ll kill this person…!

“Then, future Kirishima, what do you work hard on at night?”

“…Cooking, sewing and studying.”

Ahh, what the heck. So it’s like this?

“No, we’re too hasty. I thought it was something else.”

“Ah, ahaha…I was mistaken too.”


Kirishima-san looks at us as she chuckles, and says,

“…This kind of talk is a secret to high school students.”


“HOLD ON, YOU IDIOTS! DON’T GIVE ME THE LOOK OF ‘we must kill this guy here now…!’”

We must kill this person here right now…!

“Well, Yuuji can’t possibly have any grudges if he’s stabbed to death out of jealousy in the future.”


“Eh? The future Sakamoto-kun will get stabbed?”

“What are you saying here, Himeji! How can such a thing happen?”


“That was dangerous—!!”

Yuuji manages to dodge the punches from Muttsurini and me by a hair’s breadth. Seriously, that trash of a bastard has good intuition…!

“Looks like it’s only a matter of time before he gets stabbed, huh?”

“No no! This sort of thing won’t happen…right?”

Yuuji has no confidence as he says this, and he timidly looks over at the future Shouko to ask.

In response, Kirishima-san nods her head and answers,

“…Yuuji’s fine. Nothing happened to him, he’s really happy.”

“Is, is that so…? Here, I said it, nothing will happen to me in the future after all—”

“…The proof is that even when hearing today’s weather report, he will answer ‘yes, I’m very happy’.”


So I see. The future Yuuji is really happy. This is good.


While we’re still talking, Kirishima-san removes her summon. Huh?

“You’re fine with it, Kirishima-san?”


“What, as in the summoned beast, of course. You finally managed to call it out, so isn’t it a good idea to ask your future self about all sorts of things in the future?”

On hearing my words, Kirishima-san shakes her head side to side and says,

“…To me, the most important thing will never change.”

Won’t change? What is it?

“…These feelings will always remain the same.”

I couldn’t say anything at all when I saw Kirishima-san look forward in a direct manner with those pure eyes of hers.

Well, anyway—



Let’s just beat this lucky Yuuji for looking forward with those blank eyes, running away from reality here.

“This is really fun.”

“Yeah. We still can’t be certain since it’s a simulation, but it’s fun in its own way too.”

“And there hasn’t been any mishap up till now yet.”

Minami and Himeji-san says in a happy manner.

I suppose Yuuji, whose blank eyes are no longer focused, and Muttsurini, who’s unwilling to admit his own future, are not issues of mishaps to their eyes.

“Then, let me try to summon this too.”

“What kind of job will you have in the future, Minami-chan?”

“I don’t think I’ll definitely be working here. Maybe I might be a full-time housewife—summon!”

Minami calls out the keyword, and the summoned beast is called out.

The future Minami is wearing a female suit just like Kirishima-san’s summoned beast from before, and her hair is let down this time, not tied in a ponytail.

She’s all grown up now, and really became quite a beautiful mature woman. For some reason…she’s so pretty that it’s making me feel nervous.

“Ah, Minami-chan’s grown up a bit more than she is now.”

“…She has nice long legs.”

Himeji-san and Kirishima-san look rather delighted as they see this future Minami. It’s true that the future Minami is a little taller than she is now.

I don’t know if that’s the reason why I find something out of place here.

“Ah, that’s true. I’ve really grown taller.”

Minami stands beside her summoned beast to compare heights.

She really looks very happy.

“Well, we’ve seen how she looks like. How about we ask some questions here?”

“Ah, yes, then…what are you working as, future Minami-chan?”

Himeji-san asks the future Minami, who then looks a little shy as she answers,

“Me? I can be considered…well…a model…”

“““A MODEL!?”””

“It, it’s supposedly that, you know? I also want to do something related to design in the future, and I’m still studying that now…”

I always thought that Minami has a model-like figure, but I never thought that it’ll become real…seriously, this is really shocking.

“Amazing, Minami-chan! What was the opportunity that allowed you to do this?”

“Erm, there was a performance during the school festival in university, and I was requested to take part in it.”

“…And you were scouted for that?”

“No…a really passionate friend took pictures on her own and took it to an audition for review…”

A certain twintails girl suddenly appears in everyone’s mind.

“On a side note, what was that friend doing?”

“She’s an editor for a fashion magazine.”

It looks like Minami’s relationship with Shimizu-san’s still going on strongly.

“I really never heard of someone saying that ‘a friend took photos of me and sent it for application’ before.”

“To think that something like that really happened.”

“But that was an opportunity, and I did take part in it because I was interested.”

That’s true. I don’t think Minami will do this because of some reason like because she has a nice appearance only. Minami herself probably has an interest in it, and definitely worked hard for it precisely because of this reason.

“By the way, instead of talking about that—?


Minami’s summoned beast turns towards me happily—

“It’s Aki in high school! I really miss you~♪”


I was embraced fully, unable to move. Wha-what’s going on!?

“Wait! What are you doing!?”

“U-n, how cute! He really fits in me perfectly when I hug him!”

The future Minami does not mind as she continues to hug me while I’m confused. That softness and her act was really preventing me from resisting. Is, is this the charm of an adult here…!?

“Mi-Minami-chan! You can’t get a headstart like that!”

“I-I did try to stop her!”

“Good boy good boy! You’re so cute, Aki~”

She pats me in the back of my head while embracing me tightly.

Speaking of which, she’s really soft. I hardly had an opportunity to touch Minami like this—

“Let, go, of, him!”

And Minami forcefully makes her way in before separating me away from the future Minami.

I hurriedly fan my burning face to cool myself down as I glance at the Minami who became an adult beside me. Then, I realize a very important fact.

“!! No-no way…!”

“Hm? What is it, Akihisa?”

Shocked, I point at a certain part on the future Minami as I answer,



“Minami’s breasts…have grown…!”


This fact was so overly shocking that Yuuji and Muttsurini widened their eyes.

“Eh? Didn’t you all notice it, Akihisa-kun and everyone?”

“…We were able to tell from the clothes.”

“Bu-but that, that’s because we thought it would be impossible…”

“I’ll kill you.”

Minami’s killing intent intensity has risen to a dangerous zone. I guess I better watch what I say from now on.

“But in that case, that means the rumors of fashion models with big breasts are less likely to be used is just a rumor?”

Hideyoshi too stares at the future Minami’s breasts as he says this. Though it has something to do with what kind of models there are, the models we see often on fashion shows are rather slender.

“There’s really such a rumor going about.”

“…Minami’s breasts have grown to a C.”

“Fufufu, amazing, isn’t it~”

The future Minami puffs her chest as she continues,

“These are breast pads for the future.”


The future Minami hasn’t finished her words as she suddenly disappeared.

“Then, I guess I’ll try summoning next—summon”

Hideyoshi calls out his own summoned beast, and after a moment, a summoned beast with a familiar looking face appeared in the middle of the patterned array.

“??!! Wh-why is it like that!?”

“Um um, Hideyoshi’s just like what I imagined.”


“How in the world do you people view me here!? I’m a guy but my chest has grown here!? Something’s definitely wrong here!”

It’s just like what Hideyoshi said. The future Hideyoshi has a larger chest as compared to the current state. Good, very good.


“Don’t look at me with that kind of expression too, Shimada! This is definitely a padding in the future—no, it’s not normal of me if I really pad myself here in the future!?”

Hideyoshi is all confused. It doesn’t look like it’s padded however.

“Well, it’s a simulation, so there’s this kind of possibility too.”

“Yuuji, what do you mean when you say that?”

“This is a simulation done by obtaining the data from the linked relationships, so the reflected simulation is what everyone recognizes it as.”

“In other words?”

“It probably recognized and considered the recent rumors regarding how ‘Hideyoshi’s chest has grown bigger recently’, maybe?”


“Yuuji, say it in a way that’s easier to understand.”

“Ah…in other words, what’s shown is whether you want the ‘thoroughly bearded and not-handsome version of Hideyoshi’ or the ‘future beauty version of Hideyoshi here’.”

“I see, so that means it can’t simulate a future that can’t possibly exist, is it?”

“Uu…I’d thought I can still grow a moustache 10 years into the future…”

I can firmly conclude that the possibility is 0%.

“It’s alright, Kinoshita-kun. Maybe there’s a chance that it might have mistaken for Yuuko-chan…”

“Ane-ue? Ane-ue’s doing well here, you know?”

“—The possibility may be gone here…but, please pull yourself through.”



Hideyoshi’s summoned beast vanishes before we can even stop him. What a pity! We haven’t seen enough of her yet!

“…Why did this happen.”

Muttsurini beside me is holding onto the camera, looking utterly regretful.


Muttsurini and I exchange looks and nod. Looks like we have the same interests here.

“Hey, Hideyoshi, do you know how to read this (Social Inequality)[2]?”

“Must social and inequality be read together here?”

“…And this (Akihisa, you break the curfew)?” [3]

“It’s ‘Akihisa dot you break the curfew’.”


“Wh-why? Why are you two suddenly quiet and kneeling down to beg?”

“Our intelligence aren’t enough, so the only way for us now is to show our honesty.”

“Hideyoshi, can you please summon it again? These guys are really so pitiful that I can’t bear to watch on.”


“Seriously, you guys…”

Hideyoshi then sighs, “Good grief” and summons his summoned beast again. Alright! I’ll leave it to you, Muttsurini!

“…!! (Snap Snap Snap)”

Muttsurini keeps pressing the shutter the moment the array appears. He even takes the shots from low angles, and I can only admire his great agility.

“Wait, huh? Why does something feel different from before…”

Hideyoshi’s summoned beast that’s called out this time seems a little different from before.

“I see. The hair’s different now. It’s long and bundled up.”

“No breasts here.”

Minami looks exceptionally happy.

This time, Hideyoshi’s summoned beast has long hair bundled up into a knot, and it has grown a little taller. It looks rather androgynous as compared to the pretty big sister from before.

BTS vol 10.5 191.jpg

“…It didn’t just predict one kind of future?”

“Ah, maybe that’s it! Maybe we can see a different kind of future from every single summon.”

“I see! That’s what I said! How can there be such a future—summon! ”Yes, I’m very happy.”

“Yeah, I’ll definitely have a bright future—summon! “You kneel down to beg every single day.”

“…Summon“…I have to find out if there’s any corruption.”

“““WHAT’S GOING ON!!!”””

Yuuji, my and Muttsurini summoned beasts are still the same as before.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but Hideyoshi’s the only one that’s different.”

“Well, leaving aside the progress, it’s already unable to predict how Hideyoshi looks here.”

“…The computer’s definitely puzzled here.”

“Um, in other words, there exist countless possibilities within me.”

Un un. Hideyoshi continues to nod. That’s true. It’s really hard to predict whether he’ll become the beautiful-type or the cute-type.

“Speaking of which, what’s Kinoshita-san’s career?”

“I’m in a drama troupe.”

“Well, we can expect that.”

We can’t imagine Hideyoshi choosing another route here. There’s no need to bother asking here.

“…Then, Yuuko?”

Kirishima-san asks, and the future Hideyoshi looks rather bothered as he’s tongue-tied,

“Ane-ue…well, ane-ue, that’s…”

What happened? Don’t tell me,

“Did she meet some traffic accident or fell ill?”

“No, that’s not the case. She’s fine and working now.”

“I see. That’s good~”

“What kind of job is Yuuko-chan working on?”

“U, um…that…an author.”

“““AN AUTHOR!?”””

Everyone cry out in shock. This really is unexpected.

“What kind of author? Novels? Manga?”

“What kind of book? I want to look at it too.”

“…Tell us the pen name.”

The girls look very excited.


—But for some reason, Hideyoshi looks really troubled. What’s the matter?

“It-it’s really amazing that ane-ue became an author. What about the rest?”

“Un! Yeah, for example, Kubo’s amazing too!”

The current and future Hideyoshis immediately change the topic. Leaving aside the future Hideyoshi, is the current Hideyoshi not interested in knowing here? Nobody expected that Kinoshita-san to become an author here.

“Kubo’s a secretary in the parliament now!”


Amazing! If he’s a parliamentary secretary, that means he’s in politics, right? Kubo-kun’s smart, but I never thought he’ll go down this path.

“Is-is that so…so Kubo has finally walked down this path…?”

This time, Yuuji gives a grimace on his face. Huh?

“Kubo said that he wants to ‘work hard to change the civil law”


On hearing that, even Hideyoshi and Muttsurini grimaced. Why are they showing such expressions?

“…Civil code, section 731 to 749.”

“?What is it about the marriage-related law, Shouko-chan?”

“…It’s nothing.”

I don’t know why, but I feel it’s better not to talk about it.

“Then what about Kudou-san?”

“She’s working hard to become a premier talent as a doctor.”

A doctor! I thought she’ll become a sportsman. This is really unexpected.

“Anyway, after doing all sort of stupid things together, we forgot that she’s a student of A class too.”

“Yeah. It’s not weird for her to attend medical school.”

“She’s very familiar with the human anatomy too.”

In all sorts of ways…

“…A…female doctor…?”

Muttsurini’s voice trembles as he whispers—

“…She…how long is she going to mess around with me…?”

Kudou-san becomes a female doctor even with that kind of personality. Is that even possible…?

“Then, I think that should be enough.”

And just when Hideyoshi’s going to call back his summoned beast,

“Hm? Speaking of which, where did Akihisa and the rest go to?”

Hideyoshi turns his head around to look, and asks,

“We’re over here, Hideyoshi.”

“No, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about the summoned beasts. Didn’t you call them out right before?”

Speaking of which, we did call out our summoned beasts to see if there were any changes just a moment ago…

“If it’s Akihisa and the rest, they walked out of the classroom out of nostalgia, you know?”


We check the classroom door that should be closed, but it’s really opened.

“I see. It’s said that they can act according to their own will here.”

“…We forgot.”

The summoned beasts used this time are different from before, they’re the future versions of us here. It is possible for them to walk around like this as and when they like it.

Un un, we nod our heads, but Hideyoshi looks worried as he asks us,

“Is it really alright? Something bad might come up if you don’t hurry up and look for them.”

“It’s alright, Hideyoshi. If they’re just walking around the school out of nostalgia, I don’t think there’ll be any sort of trouble—”


“It-it’s a misunderstanding! We’re just lost here!”

“Muttsurini! Why the heck did you lead us to that side!”

“…Sorry, I just followed my old body instincts…”

The trio dressed in suits are chased by the girls of the sports clubs as they run off in front of F class.


“Even though…it shouldn’t happen…”

The words we said before are all wasted now. Seriously, those idiots…!

“Why is there a problem now after just a short moment! Aren’t those guys our avatars here!?”

“It’s because they’re your avatars that they’re like this.”

How is that possible! Leaving aside Yuuji and the rest, it’s definitely impossible for my avatar to do such an illogical action!

“Anyway, we can’t let things get out of hand here! Akihisa, Muttsurini, let’s go after them!”

“Ahh, got it!”


We discuss our strategy as we look for our summoned beasts.

“Yuuji! Can we remove them once we see them?”

“No! We’ll be suspected of peeping in suits if we remove them here! The damage to us will be reduced to the minimum if we hand them over!”

“…I think the worst part is that this seems to be the case.”

What kind of joke is this! We’re treated as peeping toms even though we didn’t do so! Even if we’re going to be scolded, we should as least have some wonderful memories before we get punished!

We continue to chase after them at full speed as we think. During this time, we hear the conversation of the girls in front of us,

“Does anyone know who those people are?”

“No! We didn’t see their faces clearly!”

“They might not be people from this school!”

This is the best thing in this misfortune! They didn’t see the faces of the summoned beasts clearly! In that case we can just remove the summoned beasts without any issues!

“Yuuji! Muttsurini!”

“Ahh, got it!”



The three of us continue to run as we yell the keyword to remove the summoned beasts.

And in response to the word, they vanish.



—While they’re running away, their pants vanish.

“Wait! What’s going on? Why are the clothes the only thing disappearing?”

“How would I know! Did that old granny make a mistake in the adjustments again!”

“…What kind of perverts…!”

Only the clothing disappeared off the summoned beasts! This sort of thing should only happen on the girls!

In the end, the situation is such that a trio of men wearing suits on top and boxers below are running around the school corridors. I don’t know what to call them in this state other than perverts.

“Damn it! We have to hurry up and remove them! Out!”

“Idiot! Stop it, Akihisa!”

I say the keyword again before Yuuji can stop me.

And this time.

“Hii! Now even the shirt’s gonnneee!”

And now the shirt’s gone from the future me! How did this happen!

“Don’t say it anymore, Akihisa! It’ll end up going beyond the level of peeping!”

“I-I get it!”

Right now, the future me is wearing a singlet on top and boxers blow. If I remove another clothing here, there’ll be an added crime in addition to peeping.

“Then what do we do now, Yuuji!?”

“Anyway, the best option will be to go over to that old hag and switch off the field.”

“Hey! Don’t those peeping toms look like the three idiots from F class!?”

“Ah! That’s true!”

“In other words, they disguised themselves and peeped!?”

We just heard some words of despair.

“…What do we do now!?”

“We can’t remove the accusations on us even if we remove them no! We’re changing our strategy now, damn it!”

“Ahh…how did such a thing happen after only several minutes…”

I really can’t believe that the one running away in a singlet and boxers is my future self here. I don’t want to believe in this.

“Let’s go over to Nishimura-sensei then!”

“That, that’s right! We can’t catch up with them at all!”

“That escaping speed they’re running at, it’s definitely them!”

The girls gave up on chasing after firmly believing that it’s us and immediately head down to the staff room downstairs.

“Damn it! It’s better if they actually continue to chase after them!”


“If we can run beside them, we might be able to clear ourselves of suspicions here!”

Yuuji can’t explain clearly as we sprint with all we have.

In other words, the logic should be ‘we, who they believe they’re chasing, are running beside them, so they can believe that they’re chasing after someone else’.

“We just have to appear in front of the girls.”

“You’ll just get grabbed by Ironman and interrogated.”


In that case, we can’t do anything other than to provide evidence to clear our names! As for why that is necessary, it’s because we have a past history of this.

“In that case, we better hand those guys over to prove that it’s not us! Don’t let them get away!”

“But we can’t touch summoned beasts here.”

“Didn’t you just touch Shimada just now? It is possible to catch them!”


Normally, it will be easiest to simply remove them back, but we’re in big trouble if the clothes are the next things that disappear. In the end, we can only try to catch up to them and catch them.

“But how do we chase after them!? The distance’s not closing at all!”

“…It’s very tough to chase after ourselves.”

“We can do it if we believe in it! Let them understand the difference between graduates and students!”

And just like that, we start to chase after our futures, starting a chapter that seemed to be themed on youth.

“We, we can’t catch up…!”

“Speaking of which, those guys are summoned beasts after all…”

“…I forgot…”

The summoned beasts have power several times that of a normal human, and we forgot all about it because they look just like our future selves. It’s impossible for us to beat them in strength and endurance.

“Fuu, seriously there…that was really close.”

“For real…”

“…A disaster.”

The future us run to the corridor and pause to take a break.

“But then, it’s your fault for wanting to walk around the school out of nostalgia, Akihisa!”

“No! It’s Muttsurini’s fault for going to the girl’s changing room, right!?”

“…No, it’s Yuuji’s fault for opening the door after seeing the girls’ changing room sign.”

Once the summoned beasts see that they’ve escaped, they heave a sigh of relief and start blaming each other.

“But you’re the one who walked in without understanding the situation, Akihisa!”

“I did walk in, but things didn’t go out of hand if not for Muttsurini’s bringing in the camera like that!”

“…It’s Yuuji’s fault for not hiding well at all.”




And so, the trio causing the ruckus start fighting each other. These guys aren’t acting like adults here…!

“Erm…what do we do here, Yuuji?”

“Even if you ask me this…I don’t believe I can stop this, do you?”

“…Too reckless.”

I do know that I can’t stop that scene of violence by myself, considering my own strength; it’s just that our crimes can’t be cleared if we don’t do anything at all…

Just when we’re wondering about what to do—

“Akihisa-kun, Sakamoto-kun, Tsuchiya-kun. What are you doing?”

A beautiful woman appears.

She has slightly wavy soft hair and wide cute eyes.

She looks a lot mature than she is now, but there’s no question that she’s—

“Thank goodness…I caught up…”

“Himeji-san? Then, this is really.”

“Yes. It’s my summoned beast.”

The woman’s the future Himeji-san.

“But why are you here?”

“It’ll be bad if there’s a commotion here, so Minami-chan and the rest went off to split. Also…I want to ask my future self something.”

So that’s why she came along? Her tenderness is really touching me. I suppose the commotion will end peacefully.

“You three, I don’t know what's happening, but you can’t cause trouble for Akihisa-kun and the rest in high school—wh-why are the three of you dressed like this!?”


“No, this isn’t it! I don’t know what’s going on here, but we’re being chased because of peeping!”

“O-oi, Akihisa you idiot!”


Arre arre?

“…Yuuji, what is it about the peeping…?”

“Akihisa-kun, can you please explain things clearly?”

“Did you people go to peep on underaged people here?”

“No matter what, it’s really bad of you guys.”

In an instant, Minami, Hideyoshi and Kirishima-san’s summoned beasts appear, and the four of them surround our future selves.

Isn’t this development a little weird…

“…Yuuji, tell me the details.”

“Yeah. We might have to consider whether to hand you over to the police based on the situation.”

“I want to know what’s going on as well.”

The trio say as they get ready to punish us. They, they haven’t changed at all…! Himeji-san and the rest are still the same as they are now even when they’re adults…!

“Oi! Get ready to run, you guys!”


“Ah seriously, this kind of thing actually happens today ! Let’s go, Hideyoshi!”

“It has nothing to do with me, right?”

Our future selves sense danger as they get ready to bring Hideyoshi along.

“Ah! Wait, Aki!”

“…We won’t let you get away.”

“You have to explain this clearly!”

—And so, Himeji-san and the rest ran out to chase after them too.

Soon after, our futures selves were no longer present here.


We remain dumbstruck as we remain at where we are. I say, this is…

Amongst us, someone starts to laugh.

“Fufu. Everyone’s still the same as ever.”

Himeji-san’s the one laughing. She seems to be rather happy amidst this puzzling scene for some reason.

“Yeah, I wonder if we can say that we haven’t grown up, or whether it’s something else…”

“I think this is good.”

Good, huh…? I think we’re just causing useless trouble for no reason, you know?

Leaving aside that—

“Good grief…we won’t be able to ask anything about the future now.”

We summoned them to ask about the future, but in that situation, we can’t ask anything.

After hearing my grumbling, Himeji-san says,

“Yeah, I think if we want to ask, we should summon them one by one and ask once everything’s over.”


I ponder for a while.

Summon again later…though there is that possibility…

“No, there’s no need for that.”

“Are you sure?”


I still want to ask a lot of things in the future, but I guess there’s no need for them. Besides, I’ll just get weird answers, and also—

“Anyway, I don’t see any regret in whatever path I choose.”

Even though I don’t know what kind of future awaits us, we can firmly believe that we won’t regret it. Knowing this alone is enough for me.

“That’s because you’re always so optimistic and hardworking.”


It’s a little too much to say that about me. I’m not that kind of amazing person.

And then, more importantly,

“You too, Himeji-san. It’s better to call out your summoned beast alone, right? Don’t you have something you want to ask?”

Unlike us, who managed to talk right at the beginning, Himeji-san never had the chance to ask anything because of the commotion. I suppose it’s better to ask whatever she wants to ask later.

Himeji-san then shakes her head.

“No, there’s no need.”

“Eh? Really? Why?”

There’s a risk of being tricked by the future Himeji-san, but it’s better to ask whatever she wants to ask.

“There’s no need for that. Regarding what I want to know about, I already knew after looking at everyone.”

Himeji-san says as she smiles at where our futures ran off to.


  1. Furigana given is Can you repeat that again (もう一度お願いします)? Original text is in English
  2. Same joke from the first talking summoned beast chapter, 格差問題, kakusa mondai. sa mon=summon, the way the Japanese pronounce it.
  3. Text, when read together, goes, Akihisa mongen o yaburu明久,門限を破る