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The Third Question[edit]

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From the picture on the right, state from 1-4 the identities of the Indian Caste System.

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

① Brahmin ② Kshatriya ③ Vaishyas ④ Shudras

Teacher's comment

Correct answer. When translated down, they are separately known as 'priests', 'nobility or warriors', 'citizens' and slaves' It's best to remember their meaning.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

① Brahmin King ② Brahmin Knight ③ Brahmin people ④ Brahmin.

Teacher's comment

BTS vol 08 103.jpg

Can you please remember something more than just Brahmin?

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

① Brahmin (Mother) ② Brahmin (Older Sister) ③ Brahmin (Others) ④ Brahmin (Younger brother) ⑤ Brahmin (Father)

Teacher's comment

How in the world is your father being treated?

Nothing bad happened after that, and the day ended like that. The next day, Himeji-san and I pretended to meet together on the way and went to school.

It seemed that Himeji-san was the person on duty for today, and had to head to the staff room. So I went alone to the classroom and saw the frail Yuuji lying at his seat.

“Morning Yuuji—wah, what happened to your face?”

As I walked near him and wanted to say hello to him, I found that his face was all covered in bruises of all sizes, which really shocked me. That's right. His face was entirely covered with wounds and bruises. What happened?

“Ahh, morning Akihisa. I just fell down from the stairs due to lack of sleep.”

“Lack of sleep... were you playing computer games all night long?”

“Yeah...that was a very realistic game. Once I'm caught, I would be locked up inside a room that's no different from a prison.”

“Heh~ I didn't know such a game existed.”

Did such a game come out in the market?

I never remembered seeing this kind of game. Maybe it's because I hardly touched games ever since nee-san was living with me?

“But for Yuuji to be unable to sleep like that, I guess it's a rather interesting game, right?”

“No, it's not about whether it's interesting or not.'s more like a survival game where I have to continue even if I want to stop.”

“Un...I see. I'll try that game next time then.”

“Leave it to me. Even if you're not willing, I'll make you play it until the end. We'll start playing after school!”

Yuuji's tone had a mysterious determination in it. It's rare for Yuuji to recommend it so strongly. Is that game really that interesting? Even I'm looking forward to it.

“Ah, speaking of which...”

“Hm? What is it?”

Yuuji's eyes were sparkling strangely, probably thinking about the contents of that game just now. To be safe, I deliberately kept my voice low to ask something I had been wondering the entire time.

(Yuuji, you haven't told anyone about that, right?)

Of course, that thing I was talking about was the fact that I was living with Himeji-san. If this is revealed, I'll be pursued by everyone in class, so I have to keep this secret no matter what.

(I never said it to anyone. That's to be expected, right?)

After saying that, Yuuji's scarred and bruised face gave a radiant smile.

Un, as expected of the most trustworthy person when we're on the same boat. Once this guy can be used, my safety's assured.

(Thanks, that was a great help.)

After thanking him, I returned back to my seat.

I couldn't help but ask Yuuji just now just to be safe, but there's no need to worry that he would reveal my secret in the first place.

As the classroom's quieter than usual, it didn't feel like anything big will happen. Besides, once these guys know that Himeji-san and I are living together, their nature wouldn't allow them to sit back. These guys will immediately leap at me once they see me, and they didn’t do so, which would be the biggest proof that my secret's not revealed.

“Eh? What's wrong? Today's rather quiet compared to yesterday.”

“Ah, morning Hideyoshi.”

“Ohh, Hideyoshi, so you came.”

“Morning, Akihisa, Yuuji.”

Maybe it was because of morning practice that Hideyoshi came into the classroom slightly later. He looked around and said that. It's true that yesterday was really noisy...

“If it happened every day, it'll be really bad for our health. Right, Yuuji?”

“Yeah, that's how it is.”


Perhaps Hideyoshi sensed something strange as he gave a strange look.

“Is this ‘the calm before the storm’…”

Hideyoshi muttered to himself, and for some reason, his words remained in my ears.

The premonition never came true, and nothing special happened as things went on until school dismissal.

“Class dismissed. Don’t hang out on the streets. Hurry up and head home.”

With these words ending things, homeroom ended. Ironman didn’t stay for long and turned to leave the classroom.

“All right, then I’ll head for club activities.”

As if trying to follow Ironman and get away, Hideyoshi carried his bag and walked towards the gym.

“Sorry, I was called to help in the staff room. Please go home first, everyone.”

And then, Himeji-san said so as she packed her stuff and left the classroom. I’ll definitely make her feel bad if I wait for her here, so I decided to go home like she said.

“Then let’s go home, Yuuji?”

“Hm? Ahh, wait a sec.”

Yuuji said ‘wait’ and didn’t take his bag. What’s going on?

“Is it alright now, Muttsurini?”

“…There’s no presence of people nearby who will stop us. No problems.”

Yuuji closed his eyes and nodded his head slightly at Muttsurini? People who will stop us? What are they talking about?

“Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No, I wasn’t really waiting for long…”

Hm? Yuuji’s eyes seem to look past me, right behind me—

“—Let the festival begin.”

“““YEAH! LET’S PARTY!!!”””

Killing intent!

Before I could even think too much, my body reacted instinctively and jumped aside. The next moment, there was an extra table at where I was standing. What? What’s the meaning of throwing the table onto the tatami!

“Yuuji! What’s going on!?”

“Akihisa! Today’s the day of your death! Return quietly to Hell and regret being born in this world!”

“Ever since Sakamoto brought it up in the morning, we have been waiting for this moment for a long time, Yoshii!”

“We waited until after school so that nobody would disturb us. We’ll make you see Hell clearly! DIE! YOSHII AKIHISSSSSAAAAAA!!”


Unknowingly, my classmates built several layers of human walls around me.

How did this happen! These simple-minded yet quick-footed straightforward guys would be able to endure until now after knowing my secret just to punish me!

“If we attacked you right from the beginning, there would still be lessons midway through, and we would be forced to stop the execution for the time being. But I won’t let you off that easily. Akihisa, enjoy the happy after-school time with everyone!”

Yuuji’s eyes were giving an uncomfortable evil glint. He didn’t take action on me yesterday when he found out the truth, and even said that he would try to hide this for me. Was that all a lie!?

“Yuuji! Why did you betray me!? Didn’t you promise?”

“What a pity, that’s only useful to me when it’s effective. When it’s not helpful to me and even causes disasters for me, what’s left is my rage towards you! I can’t get back anything by killing you, but I can’t get rid of my rage if I don’t do this…”

I have no idea what Yuuji was talking about at all, but the killing intent he was showing was definitely—and I’m absolutely certain about this. This guy’s…really is intending to send me to Hell!

“Everyone! Calm down! Yuuji’s obviously lying! How can Himeji-san be staying at my house? That’s a trap Yuuji set!”

To escape from this crisis in front of me, I desperately mentioned this baseless thing.

At this moment—

“Yeah. Everyone, please wait.”

At this moment, the only girl who stayed behind in the classroom—Minami suddenly spoke.

“Mi, Minami, are you willing to save me?”

“Didn’t you help me take care of Hazuki yesterday? I have to thank you properly for that.”

Minami said and smiled at me. That’s great! I’m finally saved! Thinking about it, I’m often in danger, but this may be the first time someone’s willing to stand up for me.

“Aki, thank you for yesterday. Because of you, Hazuki didn’t get a cold due to the rain.”

Seeing this delighted me, Minami shook her ponytail slightly and bowed slightly to me.

“Nonono, that’s nothing much.”

In fact, that’s really nothing much. Hazuki-chan’s just Minami’s little sister and my friend, so we should help each other out.

“No, you really helped us. Because of this, I…”

“Because of this…so?”

“—So I could tell that Mizuki was really staying at your house!”




The killing intent Minami released caused the classmates that were surrounding me to take a few steps back. Is this how we should thank when necessary and punish when necessary? Did Minami intend to thank me and execute me when she said ‘please wait’ while I’m still conscious?

“I thought that Hazuki mixed up Akira-san with Mizuki, but after hearing what Sakamoto said, it seemed that Hazuki wasn’t mistaken. Aki, you really know how to anger me.”

That Yuuji…why did he reveal my secret! If he didn’t say too much, Minami would have thought that Hazuki-chan was wrong, and things wouldn’t get worse…ah, I can’t let things go on let this! Got to find a way to escape! While everyone’s backing away in fear of Minami, it’ll be the best chance for me to escape!

“I can’t die here!”

“Ah! Yoshii! Hold it right there!”

“Damned bastard! You dare to run away!? Sakamoto, what should we do?”

“There’s no need to panic. Send 5 guys to hunt him down. Everyone else is to stand guard at each of the school’s entrances, and shrink the perimeter down. We have a lot of time to catch him. There’s no need to panic!”


The conversation could be heard from behind me. I may be able to escape if they searched for me frantically. That damned Yuuji…maybe it’s because he had to escape so many times that he knew all the scenarios a fugitive doesn’t want to meet the most! I feel that he’s a very disgusting person when we’re on the same side, but he’s really irritating when he’s my enemy.

“Yuuji…I’ll make you pay for what happens today!”

The rage of being hunted down…I’LL MAKE YOU PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!

I’m not a man if I don’t take revenge. I swore solemnly to myself and quickly ran to the new school compound to avoid Yuuji’s perimeter.

“Damn it! Someone’s keeping guard here too…?”

After having finally shaken off the 5 guys, I came to the first level and looked around where I was, but I could see F class members everywhere.

“Damn it…I can’t get away like this.”

I was so anxious that I felt like biting my fingernails.

Yuuji’s normally an idiot, but no matter how rotten he is inside, I can’t underestimate the fact that he was once called a ‘genius’. The tactics Yuuji ordered were so precise that it was irritating, and all the exits that could lead outside (even the windows) were guarded. They weren’t just guarding, but showing signs of shrinking the perimeter. Even if I deliberately show myself to mess their movements up, these guys wouldn’t just follow, and the contact with each other didn’t collapse as they closed in on me, slowly but surely. They had such efficient movement as they closed in, and I couldn’t hide my whereabouts at all and break through their perimeter. This is bad, this is really bad!

“In that case, I can only think of getting to the second level window and jump up…”

I don’t really want to do this, but it couldn’t be helped. Better go to the first years classrooms and jump out from the windows…

Once I had this thought, I looked around to check the situation and moved to the second level. At this moment—

“How about your side? Did you see him?”

“Yeah, we just spotted him. We have definitely surrounded him.”

“Okay, continue with Sakamoto’s plan.”

I could see F class people chasing me on the second level. So they have shrunk the perimeter to that small a size…to even think about my hesitation to jump out from the window and shrink the perimeter slowly like that…that damned Yuuji!

It’s now dangerous to escape from the second level. Right now, I can only head to the third or fourth level, or even the roof. Without any preparations at all, it’s impossible to jump off from the window and hope to survive.

“Damn it. My actions are being controlled by him.”

There’s a powerless feeling like I’m being forced into a dead end. If this keeps up, I’ll be completely trapped. If I really have to do something before I die, the best thing to do is to kill that Yuuji…but unfortunately, there’s no such chance.

Thus, I could only grit my teeth and move to the third level. I had no way back.

“In that case, I can only use the escape device for fire escape—no, if I use that slow thing to get them, they’ll be waiting for me to land there, and it’ll all be over.”

Anyway, I better get to the third level and find some way to escape. Maybe there’s something I can use…

“Yoshii, what are you doing?”

A voice suddenly came from behind me and nearly caused me to scream out.

Damn it! Was I found out?

I timidly looked around to see the person who spoke—the one who called my name. It was a girl with neat short hair and sharp eyes.

“Eh? Aren’t you C class’ rep…Koyama-san?”

“That’s right, that’s me.”

Koyama-san showed me a rather unenthusiastic expression as she responded. What should I say? She look like she’s reserved against calling me, but why did she call me in the first place?

No, now’s not the time to think too much about this. Right now, the most important thing is to escape from this current crisis.

“I’m escaping to save my life because a lot of things happened. If there’s nothing, I’m on my way!”

Just when I got ready to turn around and leave—

“Please wait. Are you being chased by F class?”

“Nn, that’s right.”

Koyama-san started asking for some reason.


Reason…because the fact that Himeji-san’s living with me was revealed, so—

“Eh…basically, it’s because of jealousy.”

"Jealousy? Un…I see.”

I seemed to see a glint flash in Koyama-san’s eyes for some reason.

“To take action faster than me. As expected of F class…”

Koyama-san started muttering something to herself. What’s going on?

“I understand. In that case, I’ll help you get away from here.”


It’s unexpected that she would say that, which made me suspicious. She’s going to help me escape? Koyama-san? She’s willing to help me?

“Please don’t be mistaken. Besides, if F class creates trouble again in this situation, our second year batch which already had a bad reputation will be even lowered. I’m not doing this to help you.”

Koyama-san coldly answered my question.

Ahh, I see, so it’s because of that reason. It’s true that the 3rd year sempais were giving us sterner looks. As a fellow peer, she couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Well, no matter what reason it is, anyway,

“Koyama-san, are you willing to help me out?”

“Yes, I’ll make an exception only this time.”

That’s great! Someone was actually willing to help me! And I never even expected this person. This should be something Yuuji didn’t expect, so I may really be able to break through and survive!

“Basically, you’re being hunted down by your classmates, right?”

“Un, that’s how it is. And they’re strategically hunting me down slowly. Right now, I can only escape to the fourth level and the roof.”

“Fuun…in that case…”

Goso goso, Koyama-san rummaged something out.

“Put this clothing on, wear a wig and dress up as a girl. Wouldn’t that do? I guess you should be able to avoid being hunted.”

Koyama-san took out a girls uniform and a wig, the so-called female attire set. Eh…why does Koyama-san have such things?

“Koyama-san, are you…”

“What? Is there anything you’re unhappy with?”

“Are you…actually a guy?”

“What’s with your thinking!?”

She’s angry.

“My situation has nothing to do with you, right? Are you wearing them or not?”

Koyama-san said that with an unhappy look. Uu…another girl’s outfit…emotionally, I’m really unwilling. I don’t want to dress up as a girl at all.


“Really, that Aki, where did he go? I’ll only be willing to forgive him if I push him down the roof. If he scampers off again, once I catch him, I’ll push him down without questioning him! I can’t get rid of my own anger!”

However, the voice that came with the wind was muttering ‘take the lesser evil of the two’. Comparing between my pride and my life, my life would be more important! Right now, I have nothing to hesitate about even if I have to wear it once or twice.”

“Koyama-san, please lend me this then. Thank you.”

“Shouldn’t you have said it right from the beginning? You’re really troublesome. Here, take it.”

Though she muttered this, Koyama-san handed me my disguise. Right now, I have no right to complain.

“Speaking of which, is it really alright to lend me this outfit?”

“It’s alright. That was specially prepared for you anyway.”

“Eh? For me?”

“Ah! It’s nothing, nothing at all! Don’t worry.”

Koyama-san looked a little panicky as she waved her hands. Un…I don’ t really understand…

“Anyway, thank you very much, Koyama-san.”

“I think the pursuers from F class haven’t gone near the empty classroom that’s unlocked in the old building. You can change there.”

“Un! I’ll go there to change then.”

After taking the uniform and wig from Koyama-san, I turned around and head towards the empty classroom. The perimeter that was meant to capture me was becoming smaller and smaller, and now I have no time to hesitate.

“Then do your best…in more ways than me.”

Koyama-san said with some special meaning behind it.

“Girls’ uniform…guys normally wouldn’t be associated with such a thing…”

I ran through the corridor linking towards the old school building as I muttered to myself. Luckily, like what Koyama-san said, those pursuers look like they haven’t surrounded the classroom.

“Saa…it’s pointless to sigh. Better change first…”

I rushed into the empty classroom, closed the door tight and started to take off my clothes.

“Eerm…how do I wear this?”

It’s really complicated to wear a girl’s uniform, and I really don’t know, but if I waste too much them and they rush in, it’ll be bad. Anyway, I better put my wig on.

Thinking about this, I stripped myself until I had my boxers on and wore the wig in my hands.

“Ah, Aki-cha—Yoshii-kun!”


A seemingly familiar female student rushed into the room. No way! The pursuers!

"Like what Koyama-san said! Aki-cha…Yoshii-kun’s really here!”

A seemingly quiet and well-behaved girl with 3 braids was blushing hard as she stared at me. Was she Yuuji’s assassin…no, this person couldn’t be a pursuer. How could an ordinary girl join that horrifying FFF?

But…if that’s the case, why would this girl follow me and enter this classroom? From the words she spoke, I can tell that she was looking for me.

“As expected…so cute…”


What’s going on? This girl’s stare is making me feel hot.

“Well…I’m Tamamo Miki from D class.”

“Ah, un. I’m Yoshii Akihisa from F class.”

We lowered our heads in the empty classroom and introduced ourselves. My own life and death’s pressing right down between my forehead. What am I doing…

“Well…can I talk to you for a while?”

“Sorry, I’m being hunted now, and I only have boxers on. If possible, can we talk next time?”

“Well, actually I—”

“Hello, are you listening to me? I did say that ‘I’m being hunted’ and ‘I only have a pair of boxers on me’. Either way, now’s not a situation where I can talk carefreely! Why can you still continue to talk?”

She really looks well-behaved, but she’s just someone who’ll do anything according to her own whims. That’s really hard to get along…

“Actually, I have someone I like.”

“I, I see. That’s good. Anyway, can you please turn around?”

“That person’s really, really cute~”

“Someone cute. That’s great. Anyway, can you please turn back?”

“And he’s a little stupid.”

“I got it! I know you have someone you like! But can you at least let me change?”

I’m now embarrassed and in an awkward position here, but she never had any intention of looking away from me. What! What kind of prank is this!

“But, that person, that person looks so happy everyday~”

“Ahh, I see. Unnn.”

Can’t be helped then. I don’t understand what’s the situation at all, but it seems that she’s not concentrating on me, so I can only use my clothing to block and change secretly.

“I feel that I can get happiness by being with him. That’s the impression the boy gives me.”

That boy? The term sounds a little weird, but now, the most important thing is to hurry up and change before talking. It’s so embarrassing to wear girls’ clothing in front of a girl, so much that I wanna die…but, if I don’t wear it, I’ll really die…

“Oh, so he’s such a boy.”

I responded nonchalantly, and as I took the shirt, I suddenly thought. If it’s the shirt, guys and girls shouldn’t be too different, right? In that case, I might as well wear my own shirt.

Just when I took that shirt I just took off,

“That’s right! He’s really really cute! He’s the best!”

My hand that was about to get the clothing was suddenly grabbed. Ehhh!? Did she just hear that response I made just now!?

“Wa, wait a second, Tamano-san! Calm down and let me go first—”

“He’s so cute he’s so cute! He’s so cute that I really want to eat him up!”

I know that person’s cute already! So please hurry up and hand me my shirt!

Maybe she was overly excited as Tamano-san continued to grab my hand and my shirt. Wait…what’s the situation now? Why am I wearing boxers and tussling over a shirt with a girl in an empty classroom?

“He’s so cute that I nearly forget his gender!”

In comparison to her forceful tone, the force Tamano-san used to pull was even harder, and my shirt landed in her hands mercilessly. I, I actually lost to a girl in strength…

BTS vol 08 123.jpg

As a boy, I’m really devastated by this fact, but looking at the current situation, it’s hard to get my shirt back from her. I can only reach out for the girl’s shirt Koyama-san lent. This is really bad…I never intended to dirty a borrowed shirt!!!

“And that boy has a lot of fans in school, both male and female!!”


The girl in front of my snatched the girl’s shirt Koyama-san lent me with shocking force. This girl looks like she’s really in her own world, but she’s always looking at me! In this case, I can’t even appear in front of anyone, let alone those guys from F class!

“If I continue to drag on, other people will take the initiative…so, I, I decided to gather my courage and confess!”

“Ahh! Even the coat…Tamano-san, I beg of you! At least leave the pants to me!”

Tamano-san snatched my clothing one by one and laid them on her arms.

I don’t know what to do if I’m only left with a skirt, but if I can wear pants, I won’t be arrested by the cops. Now I have to cling on to this last line of defense…

“It’s my first time, but I’ll do my best!”

“I got it! I’ll help you! I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll help you with all I’ve got, so please don’t be so forceful. You’re going to rip the waistline! Please return my pants, will you!?”

My pleas obviously became feeble, and unknowingly, all my clothing was in her hands. Maybe she’s really the assassin sent by Yuuji, right? Yuuji already knew that I would be stuck in such a situation, and actually snatched my clothing. That’s way too despicable!

“It’s okay, it’s okay…I practiced this many times at home…”

Tamano-san continued to breathe hard in front of me. The uniform that she snatched away was already thrown somewhere I couldn’t reach. Looks like I can’t get them back.

Anyway, since things ended up like this, I better settle this with her before moving on. Once she’s completely satisfied, she’ll definitely return the uniform.

Even if I only have boxers on myself, I better not think too much and listen to what she has to say first.

“Then…are you willing…to listen to me?”

“Un, tell me.”

Seeing such a serious girl, I nodded at her as one of my hands was holding onto the wig I took off. Don’t worry about such small things! Right now, I have to think of how to break through this tough situation!

“That’s great…well, Aki-cha—Yoshii-kun!”

“Tamano-san, I think I should tell you straight first. You must be calling me ‘Aki-chan’ secretly all the time, right?”

“I, I have someone I like!”

“No, you mentioned this before. Anyway, you should call me properly—”

“So, Aki-cha…Akiko-chan!”

“No! I don’t want such a worsened ending! My name’s Akihisa!”

What’s this person trying to say to me? Bullying? Or is it some gag show messing with me? Is everyone hiding somewhere and laughing at me while I’m all troubled?

I have no idea what her intentions were at all, but Tamano-san said in a really passionate tone.

“Please! Please go steady with me!”


The conversation just now went into a vague direction, on hearing those words from her, my mind was left blank.

Going steady? What? What’s that?

“Erm…you’re talking about that…with you?”

“Tha, that’s me…tha…and Aki—Aki-chan…”

The Aki-chan she said should be referring to…me? Me, Tamano-san—dating? Isn’t this a so-called love confession!?

“Ehhh!? What’s going on!? Why does Tamano-san like someone like me…”

“Please don’t say ‘someone like me’! Yoshii-kun may not know it very well, but Aki-chan’s really an attractive person!”

She forcefully declared that. This is the first time since I was born that a girl confessed to me. Well…how should I describe this…

“Because Aki-chan’s so handsome and so cute! Whether it’s the thin and soft skin, the large eyes or the shyness when you are forced to wear girls’ clothing and blushing, they’re all so cute! Yoshii-kun should know the charm of that kid!”

The overly excited Tamano-san closed in on me with shocking momentum.

“Ah…so, sorry.”

Perhaps she noticed that she was being way too rash as Tamano-san recovered and back away from me before lowering her head.

“So, that…”

Thinking about it for a while, Tamano-san then continued.

“Please, please become…my one and only Aki-chan who belongs to me only!”

That’s way too strange. I should be even happier than someone of the opposite gender confessed to me, but why is it that I can’t really answer her when I really got confessed to?

Actually, there’s really nothing much to say. Since she’s really serious in asking me to go steady with her, I should be more cautious and think of how to answer her.

In my mind, I simulated what the situation will be like if I went out with her.

“Yo, kept you waiting for long?”

“No, I just happened to arrive just now—hey, what’s with that attire of yours?”

“Eh? Just an ordinary T-shirt and jeans.”

“No wig and skirt? That’s too much! I wanted to bring you to an accessory shop that’s suited for Aki-chan!”

“No no no, Tamano-san, I have no interest in those things at all—ACK! Killing intent!?”

“Yoshii Akihisa…to even dare get a girlfriend. Have you forgotten about the pact of the FFF…”

“Wait a second! Our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriends are still in douuubbbbtttt!!!”

“Bury him!”


Shockingly, that’s not a heartening scene for me.

The problem’s not whether I liked or hated Tamano-san, but that we’re already fated not to be together. I can’t go out with her.

After saying that, I looked up and exchanged looks with Tamano-san.

“Sorry, Tamano-san. I’m really sorry, but I—”

Without waiting for me to finish, Tamano-san hurriedly said,

“I, I’ll definitely do my best! I’ll work hard to make lots of cute clothing for you to wear! Every week—no, every day! I’ll make lots of cute things that Aki-chan will like!”

Perhaps Tamano-san heard that ‘sorry’ part as she started to promote her good points. No…how should I put it. If someone says that ‘I’m willing to go out with you’ after hearing those words from her…will Tamano-san be really happy about having such a boyfriend?

“I don’t mean that. I’m sorry. I can’t go out with you.”

I really can’t follow her to that world.

On hearing my answer, Tamano-san went silent, and half a beat later, she asked me,

“You can’t go out with me, don’t tell me…it’s because you have someone you like…”

No matter whether I have someone I like or not, it’s unlikely that I’ll change my answer.

Even so, now that she’s using such a serious expression to ask me, I really find it hard not to answer her properly. Uu…how should I explain this to her? I really have no experience in this…

“Well…if I really have to say it, I do have…”

It’s really hard to say it out. No…instead of saying that it’s hard to answer, it’s more like I really don’t know how to answer. Besides, I never really thought through this seriously.

“Then, the person Aki-chan likes is—”

“Tha, that’s…”

My voice was stuck in my voice. This is really tough. I really don’t know what to do now.

Speaking of which, why am I forced in such a ridiculous predicament?

Maybe in my life, there wouldn’t be such a memorable confession, yet I’m only wearing a pair of boxers, and I’m really scared of the imminent danger. Also, I’m not the one being confessed to, but me in my girl disguise. How is fate manipulating me now?

To escape from the trouble in front of me, to escape from this reality that’s hard to resist, I started to use all my brain cells to find the culprit behind all this mess.

Where did I go wrong? How did such a negative chain of reaction occur?

“That person is…”

After thinking about it, a person’s profile appeared in my mind. That’s right. It all started once this person betrayed me!

The rage continued to rise up from the bottom of my torso. It’s all that guy’s fault! I won’t let it rest the next time I see him!

I started to search to all sorts of ways to execute my enemy.

At this moment, that mastermind himself appeared on the corridor, perhaps to check things out as he appeared in my eyes. Found him! So he’s actually moving about this! Now that I find you here, you’re dead meat! I’m going to kill you mercilessly and appease the rage inside me!



I couldn’t help but curse as I roared out. As I roared out, the other pursuers may definitely find me. But~, who cares about that now!?”

“Yo, you’re saying Yuuji…Sakamoto Yuuji!? Yoshii-kun likes Sakamoto-kun?”

Tamano-san seemed to be really shocked by something, but I’ll talk about that later. I have to catch that scum and beat him up good!

I transformed into Asura and leaped on the corridor. Yuuji, it’s your death today!!

I used all my strength to run down the corridor, and on the way, I seemed to hear someone tremble and mutter softly,

“…I, I’ think I just heard something big…!”

I just wanted to head to the empty classroom to get some props, but such a thing actually happened…knowing this unexpected thing, I really don’t know what to do…

“…Hideyoshi, what’s wrong?”

“Muu, un…Muttsurini…actually, that...I just went to the empty classroom to get some props the drama club needed, but I heard something big.”

“…Something big?”

“This really isn’t something that should be said to others, but I really can’t calm down…Muttsurini, are you willing to listen to me?”

“...I understand. Muttsurini store will definitely keep this secret tightly.”

“That’ll really help me out. Actually…”


That female student—if I remember correctly, she’s Tamano from D class, right?

That girl called Tamano,

“Likes him!”




To think that it wasn’t just Himeji and Shimada. That lad actually got confessions from other students…that fact really shocked me…

“…I, I just heard something really big…”

While heading to my club, I went by a certain classroom, and heard Muttsurini-kun and others talking about such a thing…that unexpected thing’s really shocking…

“Aiko? What’s with you?”

“Ah…Yuuko. Actually…that…I just went by the old campus for club and heard something unbelievably big.”

“Something big?”

The way he talks, it’s definitely Yuuko’s little brother—Kinoshita Hideyoshi.

That Kinoshita Hideyoshi—

“Likes him!”




“…Mi, Miharu just heard something big…”

I went after Yuuji in hot pursuit, but I lost him the next moment. Damn it, I revealed my position while being pursued. Besides, even though she's a little weird, it doesn't feel right to leave a girl who confessed to me in the classroom.

“Better head back to the empty classroom and sort things out...”

Ah, after muttering for a while, I found that I'm wearing only boxers! More than her problem, I have to wear my own clothes first!

I frantically returned back to the empty classroom and intended to wear my own clothes. Tamano-san looked like she had left, and there's only a uniform of each gender in the classroom. It looked like I really did something bad to Tamano-san...

As I was just confessed to, I lost all motivation to wear a girl's uniform, so I casually took my boy's uniform and wore it. Got to return this girl's uniform to Koyama-san...

“'s just like yesterday. Things just happen one after another...”

I sighed and tucked my borrowed uniform under my armpit. Is Koyama-san still in school?

Being wary of the situation around me, I cautiously moved to C class—


Howls of anger came from below. What's going on!?




If killing intent can be materialized, Fumitzuki Gakuen would likely become rubble.

A horrifying atmosphere came from downstairs, and I don't even dare too look down at, it's not downstairs. This vengeful and horrifying killing intent is obviously closing in on me!

“Yoshii-kun. Found you~I'm going to kill you~It's alright to kill you, right? I can fly, right?”



My classmates were moving in an empty manner like ghosts as they swayed about in front of me. They ignored Yuuji's instructions completely, and now they're a gang of berserkers. What happened to them?

“What? What's going on?”

It seemed that they rage had reached the limit, and the situation now became so dangerous it couldn't be controlled. The bones in their necks look so soft it felt like their necks couldn't support their heads. My classmates were swaying and moving closer to me, looking just like the ghosts that came out from a nightmare, disgusting and scary.

“This, this can't continue on! I’ve got to run away first.”

There's no time to predict their movements. I can only turn around and run quickly to escape this nightmare!




A somewhat normal commanding roar came from behind him.

What's going on? These people are all shouting to kill, capture and execute or something, but after hearing those classmates behind me, I just felt relieved. So, not everyone became a berserker. That's great...





I desperately tried to run away from my classmates who prided themselves in their leg power.

At this moment—


Unknowingly, my best worst friend looked like he was running away from something and dashing beside me.

“...Yuuji, what are you doing?”

“You can tell right? I'm running away!”

“Eh? What are you running away from?”

“The devil!”

“...Yuuji, I won't forgive you for cheating on me on the first day we're about to have our new life together.”

Looking closely, amongst the boys that are rather fast, there was a girl who had long black hair flying as she ran really fast. When did Kirishima-san...

“Cheating on her? What did you do this time?”

“How would I know?”

“And what's with you living together?”





We attacked each other as we ran, and at this moment, a few people appeared in front of us. It's those lifeless faces. They're...

“You can't get away~how troublesome~should we kill those people together? It may be lonely for someone to die alone~”



“Akihisa, I'll help you out. These guys really don't look good.”

“Okay, Yuuji! The most important thing right now is to keep my life safe!”

To get away from those berserkers, we immediately rushed down to the first level.

They're holding onto metal pipes and bats with nails that were obtained from someplace I don't know. If I'm not thinking too much...they just need to swing it about and the concrete walls beside them will show cracks!

“...Yuuji, is Yoshii really that good? Is that rumor true...”

“Wait, Yuuji! What's the rumor Kirishima-san said? Why did my name appear all of a sudden?”

“I'm not sure too! I heard that after Tamano Miki from D class confessed to you, you used some reason that's related to me to reject her, which caused this absurd rumor!”


I tried to recall what I just did up till now.

Let me conversation with Tamano-san back then seemed to be like—

“Then, the person Aki-chan likes is—”

“Tha, that’s…”

“That person is…”


Oh, I see...

“It's a baseless rumor alright! Other people would misunderstand this because of Yuuji's bad nature!”

“You must know something about it!”

“Of course not! If someone asks me to be honest and say whether I like or hate Yuuji, I'll definitely say 'I hate him so much that I want to rip him to shreds'!”

“I have the same feeling about this too! If anyone asks me if I like or hate you, I'll definitely say 'I really want to mince him into pig feed'!”

“Really? Our hearts are really in sync.”

“Oi, those two were already living with girls and confessed to, but they really seem like they like each other...”

“That's too dangerous! For the sake of all the humans in the world, it looks like we can only bury them deep inside the mountains.”

“...Yuuji, I won't ever forgive you.”

I didn't mean that when I said that our hearts are in sync! But no matter how I explain it, they won't really listen seriously.

“Yuuji, we better hurry up and escape. To the right!”

“I got it!”

We're running to those berserkers with lifeless eyes! It's scary! These classmates of mine are really scary!

“Don't get away~don't run away~you're not running over~”

Seeing the metal bat they're holding about to swing down,

“Watch me!”

We suddenly dodged into the classroom. It was a short moment, but they'll lose sight of Yuuji and me, right?

“Alright, now let's hurry and see if there's any suitable weapon to use...”

They're not just scary berserkers, but also holding weapons, so we have to find weapons to fight against them!

Thinking about this, Yuuji and I desperately tried to look for weapons nearby we could use.

However, at this moment, a strong and sturdy body with immense fighting ability appeared right in front of me.


That's right. It's the teacher who's looking at us reluctantly, that teacher called 'Ironman'.


Looking around the classroom, what appeared in my eyes was the spine of several books with the title 'Life Counselling Outlines'.

““Sorry, we're mistaken!””

Yuuji and I felt a chill down our backs as we bowed to Ironman and turned right.


“Well, you've been dragged into this classroom by me so many times, so I guess you should understand this well...”

The rough and heavy voice came from behind.

“—The door to the life counseling room can't be opened without the key.”

No matter how we tried to twist the handle, the metal door wouldn't budge at all.

“Open it! Hurry up and open! Get me away from this hell!”

“Da, damn it! Damned bastard! Open up!”

Crak crak crak. We tried our best to twist the handle, but what we got in response was the mercilessly cold touch from the metal handle.

“Alright, you two. I don't know what you two caused again, but to think that you two would automatically come over to accept counseling, it's really heartening.”

“No no no, you're mistaken! It's Yuuji—this idiot Sakamoto said that he wanted to have sensei's counseling, so I came over to accompany him!”

“Hold on a minute, you bastard! You have guts to betray me and run away! Ironman, don't be mistaken! This guy—”

“Don't say it. You two came over, and even though I'm busy, I can help you with extra remedial.”


Yuuji and I were grabbed by the strong and sturdy arms on our necks. Let go of me! Let me escape! Someone save me from here!

Perhaps our inner thoughts were passed out as the door that wouldn't budge at all let out a thud and is being pushed from the outside. This, don't tell me...a miracle's happening!

“...Sensei, I want to take this remedial as well!”

As Kirishima-san said that, the door slowly closed behind her just like how it opened before. In a poetic way of putting it, it's like that door leads us to our future,

“It's Kirishima. You have no need to take remedial, right?”

“...In that case, I'll teach Yuuji things like health education and common sense.”

“Is that so? That'll really help me out. Sensei can focus entirely on Yoshii then.”

That door that leads to our future closed in an icy and merciless fashion.

“Wait, Shouko! I don't need your help to teach me! Especially about common sense!”

“Sensei, this is too much! Why can Yuuji get a personal lesson from the beautiful Kirishima-san, and I'm stuck with a one-on-one personal teaching with Ironman? I strongly demand for a change!”

“What are you saying? Kirishima's the first in the cohort. You two have to learn from her.”

“...Sensei, we'll move to the sofa on the other side. I want to personally teach Yuuji the practical application of health education.”

“You heard that, Ironman? Didn't she just say something that would cause people to question her sanity? I have no need for such a remedial! Hurry up and let me go!”

“Who are you calling Ironman?”

“Oi! Why did you only hear the last part? Isn't what Shouko said before that more important!?”

“That's right, sensei! The most important thing is that this scum Yuuji tricked Kirishima-san! As a teacher, shouldn't you be guiding us to the right path!?”

“You're very noisy! Stop yapping and sit down!”



“...Seems like those two can't get out today.”

“We can only execute them tomorrow then.”

“That's really too bad. I really wanted to kill them today~!”

In the end, we were forced to take Ironman's special lesson until the school gates closed.

“It’s raining again today…”

Once special remedial ended, I walked out of the school gate, and it started to drizzle.

I didn’t bring my umbrella again, but after yesterday’s experience, I decided not to look for a place to hide from the rain, but run quickly back home in the rain. However, it was different from yesterday in that the rain stopped before I got home. Really, this…I suddenly felt that I had lots of things I could spot from these small things…

“I’m back…”

As I raised my hands to shake off the water droplets on me, I opened the door to the corridor.

“We, well, welcome back, Akihisa-kun!”

“Ah, I’m back. Himeji-sa—NNNNNNN!?”

Himeji-san, who came home earlier than me, deliberately went to the door to invite me in. This is good…this is supposed to be good…

“Well, Himeji-san…”

“Ye, yes!”

“What’s with your attire?”

“I, I wear this normally! That’s my attire at home!”

She’s wearing a T-shirt that revealed much of the skin on her shoulders, a mini-skirt that would show lots of dangerous images once she bends down! No matter how I see it, it’s overly revealing! How should I put it? This really makes Himeji-san look too perverse…Himeji-san’s breasts were already so big, and this revealing outfit that exposed much of her shoulders, and they would show so much of her figure that ordinary people won’t be able to hang on. No matter whether her shirt would slide down her shoulders or not, it wouldn’t be surprising at all…

“Do you normally wear this at home? But it seemed like you've never worn this before yesterday…”

Up till yesterday, Himeji-san was wearing shirts that didn’t show much skin, and the skirt was a little long. For her to come up with such a bold style, what caused a change in her mood?

“Yesterday…ye, yes, it was colder during the past few days! The temperature just went back up today, so I’m wearing what I normally wear!”

It’s true that it’s a little warmer than yesterday, but there’s no need for such change thar she had to suddenly change her attire, right? And it rained today. Though it’s a little warmer, I can still feel a little cold today.

“What happened?”

“Nothing at all! This is how I am normally!”

Himeji-san raised her voice agitatedly. Seeing her like this, something definitely happened.

Speaking of which, I’m a guy, so of course I’ll be happy about seeing Himeji-san wearing such sensual and revealing clothes. However, that’s before I mention my personal safety. If I find that Himeji-san’s wearing such clothing and living with me, my nee-san will definitely break two or three finger bones. Also…seeing Himeji-san like this, I may even lose my sanity and do something unforgivable by accident!

“Let’s leave that aside for now. Shall we eat first? Shall we have dinner first? Or…shall we have dinner[1]?”

It sounded like a sweet conversation newlyweds would have, but it’s a little weird hearing Himeji-san say that. That sounds really similar to the ‘Death or Die. Choose one you like’ someone told me before.

“On a side note, I recommend—”

“I’ll take a shower then.”

“Sho, shower, is it?”

Upon hearing my answer, Himeji-san seemed like she squeezed out all the courage in her and had paused at this conversation.

“In, ininin that case—I’ll help you scrub your back!”

What is this Missy saying now?


I couldn’t help but let out this puzzled tone. Eh…what did Himeji-san just say?

“Nonono, Himeji-san, I’ll do the scrubbing myself.”

“Sorry. I know it’s against the rules to enter the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me, but I have no courage to go completely naked…”


Did she really think that nothing will happen if she just scrubs my back…?

“You, you don’t have to be so irate!”

“No, I’m not irritated!”

“Do, don’t look at me like this. Actually, I…”

Himeji-san stuttered, but she seemed to be working really hard to tell me something as she forcefully squeezed her voice out and complained.

“My, my breasts…are rather…big, you know…”

Maybe it was too shameful as Himeji-san immediately blushed and lowered her head after saying that. What’s going on? What caused her to become like this? And even if she never mentioned that her breasts are big, I already know how big her breasts are!

“Waiwaiwait a sec, calm down, Himeji-san! What happened?”

“Nothing at all! It’s normal when girls meet guys! It’s a lot healthier than having two guys together!”

Himeji-san continued. Hm? Two guys together? Healthy? Did she…

“Himeji-san. Did you hear some strange rumor at school or something—”

“It, it seems to be a little hot, isn’t it, Akihisa-kun?”

I haven’t even finished, and Himeji-san went to the next topic.

Maybe she was really nervous as she continued to fan herself into her chest clumsily, and this may be to show more of her breasts to excite me. But Himeji-san really didn’t know how to tug her shirt and fan herself as she could only wave about wildly in the air.

BTS vol 08 151.jpg

“Well, Himeji-san…you’re rather embarrassed, right? It’s better not to force yourself.”

“Embarrassed? What are you saying? I don’t understand at all!”

But she stubbornly leaned over to me. WAH! Himeji-san’s T-shirt collar is so wide that if she leans forward, I’ll see a lot of things I shouldn’t be seeing!

“That what is form is emptiness, that which is emptiness is form[2]…troubles quickly get away from me, don’t think of any perverted things!”


Seeing me try to chase those evil thoughts away from me, Himeji-san couldn’t help but widen her eyes. There’s no need for this girl to seduce me with such a clumsy method! The damage will be greater!

“Uu…Akihisa-kun’s not interested in me at all…do I have to do those things written in this book…”

Himeji-san turned around and muttered as she took out that secret reference book nee-san confiscated from me—OI, WAIT A SEC!

“Himeji-san, what are you reading? That’s not what a girl should be reading! Hurry up and return it?

“Ah…but, if he keeps this book, wouldn’t that mean that Akihisa-kun’s interested in girls too? But Akihisa-kun didn’t react to me at all, so that means Akihisa-kun feels that my presence is ignorable…uuu…”

“You’re crying now? I should be the one crying now!”

“That’s too much…Akihisa-kun’s too much…”

Himeji-san covered her face with both hands and sobbed in front of me.

“I’m back.”

At this moment, nee-san’s voice came from the corridor.

“Ahhh! Nee-san’s back! Anyway, please don’t cry and get something not that revealing, Himeji-san!”

“Telling me to wear something that doesn’t reveal skin. Akihisa-kun has no interest in me at all…that’s too much…”

“Da, damn it! In that case, at least return that Ero-book to me—”

“No! I’ll be troubled if this book’s taken away! This is the guide to make Akihisa-kun interested in girls!”

“Don’t say something that’s so vague—Himeji-san, please give up and stop resisting!”


Himeji-san continued to hug the Ero-book in front of her chest. Can’t be helped. In that case, even if I have to be a little forceful, I have to…

Just when I grabbed Himeji-san’s wrist,

“…I can roughly understand what’s going on.”

The cruel thing was, time ran out on me.

“Ah, nee-san, welcome back.”

“Welcome back, Akira-san”

“Yes, I’m back.”

Nee-san gave me a somewhat kind smile.

“Aki-kun, please choose a finger you like.”

In this situation, it’s really great that a broken finger can solve this problem…should I really be saying this?


  1. This is written in katakana, so English please.
  2. Buddhist chant of the Heart Sutra. It means that things (form) themselves are empty.