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Novel Illustrations

These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 2.

BTS vol 02 003.jpg



"Do you know about 'Kisaragi Highland'?"

"Ah, you're talking about the huge theme park that is under construction, right? Seems like it's about to be opened soon."

"...There seems to be a very scary haunted house inside."

"Oh, the one that they remodeled from the abandoned hospital? Sounds interesting."

"...And the best Ferris Wheel in Japan."

"Ooo, seems rather large. It sure sounds impressive."

"...And the world's third fastest roller coaster."

"It's that facility that accelerates many times and keeps spinning around. Though I don't know how it looks like, it sure makes me excited."

"...And there are many other interesting things."

"That's great, it'll be really fun."

"...Then, when that place opens, we should..."

"Yeah, I know what you want to say. If you want to go there—"


"Go there with a friend."

"I have confidence in my grip."

"GUAAHHHH! Don't use the devil's grip on me!"

"...I want to go with Yuuji, the two of us."

"The opening ceremony will be crowded, I don't want to—AHH!!"

"...If so, does that mean that you will go if I have tickets to the pre-opening?"

"Pre...pre-opening tickets? *coughs*, isn't that hard to get?"

"...Will you go?"

"Hm—of course, if you can get it, of course—"


"Yes yes yes, that's right."

"I told you I won't already, didn't I? Do I look like someone who would break a promise?"

"—Please stamp your name on this marriage certificate."

"I'll keep that promise, even at the cost of my own life."

The First Question

In order to decide what the class will do during this school festival, please answer the following question:

"What do you wish for now?"

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

"To create wonderful memories with my classmates."

Teacher's comment:

I see. Being a part of the guests' memories isn't a bad thing. Sensei will remember to include a photo album of all these as standby.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

A-magazines Adult-oriented magazines

Teacher's comment:

BTS vol 02 007.jpg

So what's the point of you crossing that out?

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:


Teacher's comment:

Sensei feels that your life is in danger when you answered this.

The cherry-colored flowers are gradually disappearing from the streets, what replaces it is the season of germination.

Our Fumitzuki Gakuen is preparing for the first event of the new year – 'Cool Summer Festival'.

Some classes are turning their classrooms into haunted houses, and some of them are preparing the utensils, setting up their yakisoba stalls. There are also classes that are exhibiting the 'summoning system' that only this school has. In order to prepare for this school festival, class time was extended, and every class was full of energy.

And then, as for F class—

"Bring it on! Yoshii!"

"Let's settle this, Sugawa-kun!"

"I want to send that weak ball of yours flying over the fence!"

We aren't preparing anything, just playing baseball in school.

"What did you say? Like I'm going to let that happen!"

I use my feet to adjust the mound, waiting for Yuuji, the catcher, to give the signal. As my bad friend, who was also hailed as a genius in the past, he can definitely give me instructions on how to beat Sugawa-kun easily.

"The next ball—"

Here it comes, Yuuji's signal. The first ball indicates the type of ball to be thrown. Then, what kind of ball?

"Curveball, target..."

Hmmm. The next one's a curveball, the location is—

"The batter's head."


Even though it's impossible to get a homerun off that, isn't there something wrong with it?

Just as I intend to not throw the ball that Yuuji signaled—



Our homeroom teacher, Nishimura-sensei (a.k.a. Ironman), rushes in with a raging and imposing manner. If we're caught, we'll be beaten up really terribly by the refined fist of that guy! Got to get away!



Though I have used up all my energy to run, I can't shake the enemy. As expected of the man who focuses on P.E and is interested in triathlons—OI! This isn't the time to be impressed!!


The one who suggested using the prep time to play baseball was Yuuji, so he should be the one responsible for this.

Thinking this, I turn towards Yuuji, and that guy is using his eyes to tell me, "A forkball between Ironman's legs."


Come to think about it, what's the point of throwing a breaking ball?

"Everyone get back to class! We're the only class which doesn't know what to do at this point!!"

Ironman's terrifying roar sends us scurrying back to the broken and dirty classroom.

"Then, it's about time to decide what we want to do for this spring festival—'cool summer festival'."

After the baseball match was interrupted, F class representative Yuuji makes this announcement as he overlooks us, who are sitting on the mats.

"Anyway, we'll have to nominate someone to be the committee member. I'll let the nominated person settle all this."

Yuuji, just because he's uninterested, is he planning to push the responsibility to someone else and take a nap? While we were preparing just now, he was the one who suggested that we play baseball. This is so completely different from the attitude he showed during the summoning battle.

"Yoshii-kun, Sakamoto-kun doesn't seem to like school festivals, does he?"

My classmate, Himeji Mizuki-san asks in a soft voice that won't disturb any meeting at all. Her beautiful smile and large breasts dazzle me.

'I never asked directly before, so I'm not sure, but it seems like he's not passionate about it. If he's interested, Yuuji would immediately take action."

"I see...that's too bad..."

Himeji-san, who would normally reveal a cheerful expression, looks rather gloomy.

"Is Yoshii-kun also uninterested?"

Himeji-san's face closes in on me, her eyes looking up. So, so cute...

"Erm--how should I say it? I don't really want anything."

This is my honest opinion. Though I'm glad that there are less lessons now, I don't have a clear goal on what to do during the school festival.

"I...I want to create memories of the school festival with Yoshii-kun."


That meaningful sentence made me sound like a fool.

BTS vol 02 013.jpg

"Then, Yoshii-kun, do you know...? It's said that there would be lucky couples formed during the school festival-- *Cough cough cough*!"

Before she finished speaking, Himeji suddenly covered her mouth with her hand, coughing. Her face is slightly red, does she have a cold?

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, yes, I'm sorry..."

She looks a bit uncomfortable, her eyes are still teary. Come to think of it, Himeji-san seems to be coughing quite a lot recently.

Right now, our equipment has been demoted from the lousy tatami mat to just straw mats and cardboard boxes. Compared to normal tables and chairs, using these things to study is not only tiring, but unhygienic. For Himeji-san, whose body is very weak, it's not strange for her to fall sick so easily. No, it's to be expected, actually.

If we don't do something...

A hygienic environment, and facilities that don't strain the human body much. If we don't prepare these two things, I feel that Himeji-san will faint one day. There's two months to the next summoning battle, but if we can raise our class rank earlier...

"Then, Shimada-san will be our school festival committee member, is that okay?"

Yuuji's words enter my mind subconsciously. At this moment, we're still discussing the festival.

"Eh? You want me to do it? Hn—But I have to take part in the summoning tournament, it might not be too convenient."

The person who suddenly rolled her eyes in surprise is Shimada Minami-san, who had been staying in Germany since she was young, before she returned to Japan with her parents. In terms of looks, well, she has scary eyes and a ponytail.

"Yuuji, if it's a committee member, I do feel that Himeji-san would be better suited than Minami."

"Eh? Me?"

Now that her name has entered the conversation, Himeji-san looks a bit puzzled. Compared to a fierce Minami, I feel that there wouldn't be many arguments if gentle Himeji-san was involved.

"Himeji probably won't be able to do it, since by the time she finished listening to everyone's comments, time would be up."

Our class representative says lazily.

Now that he mentioned it, Yuuji is right. Himeji-san would definitely be unable to give up on some decisions. Normally, this gentleness would be a plus, but at this moment, it'll become a critical disadvantage.

"Also, Aki. Mizuki has to take part in the summoning battle as well."

"Eh? Is that it?"

"Yes, I intend to take part in the tournament together with Minami."

Himeji-san clenches her small fists tightly.

"It's supposed to just be a school publicizing event, both of you really like to get involved."

In our Fumitzuki Gakuen, there is a 'test summoning system' that the whole world is watching. And this year, it seems like they wanted to hold a 'test summoning battle' during the 'cool summer festival' to showcase this highly anticipated system to the world. However, I'm just not interested in this.

"It's Mizuki who invited me to this tournament. Because she wanted to changed her stubborn father's view and surprise him."

"Change her dad's view?"

"Hn, she said that her dad was grumbling about many things, so she said a lot of stuff to him angrily. Something like, 'I won't forgive you for treating F class like idiots!'."

"Oh my, it's rare for Himeji-san to get worked up."

"Because otou-san[1] doesn't understand anything at all, to treat everyone like idiots just because I'm sent to F class? I won't forgive this."


Sorry, even I, who understands everyone in the class well, feel that F class is an organization of idiots.

"So Himeji wants to form a F class team, win the tournament, and surprise her dad."

I see, for Himeji-san, who's second in our year, if she's to team up with Minami, who can get rather decent marks if she can understand the question, it's not impossible for them to win the tournament.

"Can the three of you get back on topic?"

"Ah, sorry Yuuji. It's about letting Minami be the committee member, is it?"

"I already said that I'm taking part in the tournament."

"Then we'll just select an assistant committee member. Will that do?"

Yuuji glances at me. Don't tell me he's going to use me as a living sacrifice? But won't Minami accept this sort of troublesome work if there is help?

"Hm...that's right. If I can work together with the assistant committee member, I can do it..."

"Really? Then will everyone please nominate the substitute committee member? Shimada, please select two people for the final vote."

Everyone okay? Yuuji asks the class. At this moment, names start to pop up from everywhere in the class.

"I feel that Yoshii is suited for this."

"Wouldn't Sakamoto be more suited for this?"

"I want to get married with Himeji-san."

"Think we can just let Sugawa handle this."

Maybe it's time to get rid of these guys who are showing their passion to Himeji-san.

"I do feel that Akihisa can do this."

The person who said these words is the beauty who always talks in an old fashioned way, Hideyoshi. Though he's really a guy.

"But Hideyoshi, I don't want to do such a troublesome thing—"

"About this, since everyone probably has the same opinion . why don't we choose a suitable person?"

"'re kinda right..."

Though I don't know whether I'm suited for this, as he's right, I can't refute it.

However, there isn't much difference. It doesn't mean that everything's settled once I'm nominated. Minami will have to choose two nominees, and once that is done, everyone has to decide.

"Nominee ①...Yoshii."

Ah, it's me.

"Nominee ②...Akihisa."

Ah, it's still me.

"Then now, can everyone please choose your nominee?"

"Oi, Yuuji, don't you feel that there is something obviously wrong with the way Minami chose them?"

"So how? Who do you think is better?"

"About this...both of them are rubbish, there isn't much difference."

"OI! Stop acting as if you're bothered! Also, those guys ridiculing your classmate as rubbish, you guys are rubbish among humans!"

Really, what's wrong with my class' reasoning?

"Oi oi, Aki. Compared to this trivial stuff, since it's decided that I'm working with you, you have to come up here and settle what we are discussing."

"Why do I feel that I'm always getting the short straw..."

Being prompted by Minami, I got up lazily and walked to the front.

"Then I leave the rest to you, yawns—"

Yuuji replaces me and returns back to his seat. He doesn't even bother to suppress his yawning, revealing a lazy look.

"I'll lead this meeting. Aki, you'll write the ideas on the board."

"Un, got it."

Standing in front of the tattered blackboard, I pick up the chalk that can't be any shorter. Really, these facilities are in such bad conditions, is there even any way for us to study?

"Then now, please present your ideas. If you have any suggestions on what the class should do, please raise your hands, okay?"

After Minami finished speaking, several classmates raised their hands. Seems like not everyone is uninterested in this.


"...(Getting up)."

The one being called out, standing up now, is one of my friends, Tsuchiya Kouta. Compared to his name, a nickname that he got for being perverted and silent—Muttsuriini , should be even more well known.

"...Photo Gallery."

"...Tsuchiya, I'm getting a dangerous vibe from your photo gallery idea."

Minami says this without hiding her expression of disgust.

From the viewpoint of a female, Muttsuriini's photos are rather disgusting. However, to the guys, that photo gallery could be said to be a mountain of gold. Maybe we can call it a peeping house.

"Nevermind, Aki, this can pass as a suggestion. Can you write it on the blackboard?"

"Got it."

Eh, Muttsuriini 's proposal is—

'Option ①: Photo gallery: 'Secret Peeping house.'

"Next, Yokomizo."

"A maid café—is what I want to say. I do feel that it's unoriginal, so how about a bride's café?"

"A bride's café? What's that?"

"Like an ordinary café, but the girls get to wear wedding gowns."

Actually, it's still a café, it's just that we're wearing different clothes. The atmosphere has to be similar to that of a wedding event, no? This might be interesting.

"That's definitely original."

"There are also many girls who want it."

"Isn't it hard to move in them?"

"It's going to be time consuming for us to prepare them."

"Won't the male customers hate it? Besides, a wedding is also called a human life's grave."

Such suggestions created a little commotion in class.

"Haiz, Aki, write down that suggestion on the board as well."

"Ah, ngh."

Being prompted by Minami, I face the blackboard again.

'Option ②: Maid café 'a human life's grave.'

Really can't stand this chalk that's so hard to use. Seems like we really need some decent classroom facilities.

"Then, are there anymore—Sugawa."

"I propose a Chinese café."

Sugawa said this as he stood up.

"A Chinese café? You're going to make the girls wear cheongsams[2]?"

"Nope, not that. I propose that our tea shop sell some authentic oolong tea or some simple tea. This isn't a business that uses sexy clothing to earn money. To begin with, they said that the term 'food' came from China[3]. In terms of 'food' culture, none of them are as profound as Chinese cuisine. Even though in recent years, the rise of the European culture is forcing Chinese cuisine onto the brink of elimination, in terms of food—"

Wha, what? Though I'm not exactly sure what's going on, now that Sugawa-san is talking till his saliva is flying out, seems like he's rather knowledgeable about it, no? Maybe it's just that I don't have any idea of what's going on?

"Aki, can you write Sugawa's suggestion on the board?"

"Ah, un."

...This is terrible, what the heck did Sugawa-san say? I didn't listen to what he said at all because of all the complicated terms and because he was so long-winded. I don't even know what to write on the board.

"What now? Hurry up and write."

"Okay, okay, I got it."

Anyway, got to write what's left in my brain.

'Option ③: Chinese teahouse 'European culture'.'

After I finished writing, the classroom door was pushed open with a 'clak clak' sound. What appeared is the face of a man whose thick muscles matches his face.

"Has everyone decided on what to do for the 'cool summer festival'?"

This is the homeroom teacher of F class, the one who sent us running—Nishimura-sensei, also known as Ironman.

"We have three proposals, they are on the board."

Hearing Minami say this, Ironman slowly turns to look at the blackboard that is covered with my words.

'Option ①: Photo gallery: 'Secret Peeping house.'

'Option ②: Maid café 'a human life's grave.'

'Option ③: Chinese teahouse 'European culture'.'

"...Perhaps an increase in supplementary lessons will do you good."

Oh no! We're being treated as idiots!

"Sen, sensei, these aren't our ideas!"

"That's right! Yoshii wrote them himself!"

"We're not idiots!"

The crowd starts to argue back, obviously not wanting to increase supplementary class time. However, why do I feel like everyone intends to treat me like an idiot to avoid supplementary lessons...


Ironman's roar causes everyone to sit up straight.

However, no matter how terrible he is, he's still a teacher. To think that Ironman would be angry about them betraying their own classmate to avoid supplementary lessons, this made me think better of him. Well, slightly anyway.

"Sensei is saying that the fact that you chose Yoshii is itself stupid."

If we were of the same age, this is where I'd tie him up.

"You guys, really...can't you guys be a little serious? Haven't you guys even thought about using the money you earned to upgrade your facilities, or something like that?"

Ironman sighs as he says this. Hearing this, everyone's eyes lit up.

"Oh yeah! To think that there's such an idea!"

"We don't have to wait till a summoning battle to improve our facilities!"

"I've had enough of these lousy facilities!"

The atmosphere in the class intensifies. For us, who have waged summoning wars because we're unhappy with our facilities, we obviously can't stand having facilities that are worse than what we had originally.

"Eve...everyone, let's do our best!"

That's Himeji-san's voice. Looking back, she's standing up, clenching her fist in front of her chest, showing her enthusiasm.

What's going on? Though I didn't think that Himeji-san would be satisfied with these facilities, I do feel that her being so enthusiastic and proactive doesn't suit her nature.

"What kind of activity are we doing? Would a café be more profitable?"

"No, a photo gallery requires less money to start up, it'll be better."

"However, won't we be forced to shut down if the committee members catch us?"

The class is becoming very active, all sorts of suggestions flying all over the place.

"We most probably won't get caught if we do a Chinese teahouse."

"But that lacks creativity. This old campus is so dirty; no one wants to come over. Won't we be punished by the lack of special features?"

"How about a bride's café?"

"The investment cost is too large, we probably won't be able to earn enough money during these two days."

Now the class is getting noisy. Everyone is enthusiastic all right, but this isn't going to bring a definite conclusion.

"Okay, okay, can everyone remain quiet for a while?"

"I feel that a haunted house would be more popular."

"Let's have a simple casino."

"Let's sell grilled corn."

The suggestions are becoming more divided, this isn't good.

Are we such a disorganized class? Why do I feel that it was much easier when we had our summoning battles...

"Sigh...I have enough of this. Geez, Aki, can we drag Sakamoto in? We can't have a conclusion if this keeps up."

Minami says to me silently.

As expected of F class. Is it because everyone has a strong personality? I can't even feel a tinge of 'teamwork'. For Yuuji to lead this class, it's truly a remarkable job. However—

"Hm...I don't think it's possible. It's scary how cold Yuuji's attitude can be when he's not interested in something."

Yuuji isn't interested in the school festival or the teaching facilities. Though I do feel that he can integrate everyone's views if he leads everyone like during the summoning wars, Yuuji probably won't do it.


Minami, who's now especially angry and irritated, ended the conversation forcefully. This is the correct decision.

Minami uses her eyes to prevent anyone from objecting, forcing everyone to vote. This is something not even Himeji-san or I can do. Seems like Yuuji didn't just pick anyone at random.

"Then, those who want the photo gallery!—Okay, the bride's café next! – last one, Chinese café!"

Minami's voice echoes throughout the hall. However, this doesn't seem to be able to control this noisy situation.

Among this noisiness, Minami starts to count the number of votes. The final result is—

Though there were very few votes, the Chinese teahouse won by only a few votes. I feel that this is a reasonable result.

"Then I'll prepare the green tea and snacks."

Sugawa-san says as he stands up.

"...(Standing up silently)"

Then, for some reason, Muttsuriini stood up as well.

"Muttsuriini , can you cook?"

"...This is a necessity of a gentleman."

Chinese cuisine is a gentleman's necessity—I've never heard of this before. Maybe he learnt it after going to Chinese restaurants to see the female attendants who are wearing cheongsams for such a long time. Muttsuriini's hands are nimble, and he learns extremely quickly, we should just leave it to him.

"Then we'll split the class into kitchen and hall groups. Those who want to work in the kitchen, go to where Sugawa and Tsuchiya. Those who want to work in the hall, go to Aki!"

For some reason, I ended up being the person in charge of the hall.

"Then I'll go to the kitchen—"


I immediately stopped Himeji-san, who looks like she really wanted to work in the kitchen. Now that we're betting on our facilities, we can't let the store close because everyone gets food poisoning!

"Akihisa, GOOD JOB!"

"...(Nodding head!)"

Hideyoshi and Muttsuriini both understood this destructive power and quickly exchanged glances with me. The biggest victim, Yuuji, probably didn't notice as he's sleeping—that should be it, but looking closely, one can see that he's twitching slightly. Is he dreaming of Himeji-san's cooking as well?

"Eh? Yoshii-kun, why must I be in the hall?"

The person who's unaware of the lethality of her own cooking reveals a puzzled expression.

It's simple to say the truth, but it'll break her heart.

"Ah, eh—well, think about it, because Himeji-san's so cute, we'll be able to get customers if you stay outside—IT HURTS! MI, MINAMI! MY BACK IS NOT A SANDBAG!"

"'re saying that I'm cute...since Yoshii-kun said it, then I'll do my best outside then ☆"

If possible, I hope that you'll just do your best outside.

"Aki, then I'll help in the kitchen, okay?"

"Hm, I guess you're well suited for it."


"Then I guess I'll help out in the kitchen as well."

'Hideyoshi, what are you talking about. You're so cute, of course you have to be outside—GYYAAAHHH! MI, MINAMI-SAMA! IT'LL BREAK! MY SPINE! IT'S A VITAL BONE THAT'LL AFFECT MY LIFE!"

"...I'm going out to help."

"Well, well...I guess, this is good."

In this chaotic situation, the school festival that allows us to return back to normal life begins.

The Second Question

Please answer the following question:

Please write down the names of the three Baltic states.

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.[4]

Teacher's comment:


Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

BTS vol 02 031.jpg

Asia, Europe, Urayasu.[5]

Teacher's comment:

Sensei is more worried about what Tsuchiya-san defines as 'country'.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime, Kochi. [6]

Teacher's comment:

Before I correct your answer, sensei wishes that you notice that you didn't answer the correct number of answers.

"Aki, can I talk to you for a while?"

Right now, school is over. Just as I plan to go home with nothing special in mind, Minami called me.

"Un, you need my help?"

"Instead of needing your help, it's more of discussing something with you."

She seems rather normal now, seems like she's not planning to say anything random.

"Discuss? I'll listen if you like."

"Um, thanks. I feel that Aki's the most suited person to talk to regarding this—about that, is there really no way to get Sakamoto involved?"

Speaking of Sakamoto, that's my best bad friend, the representative of class F—Sakamoto Yuuji.

Seems like Minami believes that the teahouse would only be successful if Yuuji is the one leading class F. by not trying to do this the foolhardy way, it seems that she's a pretty smart girl.

"Mm—this is going to be hard...I just said it before, Yuuji won't care about anything that he's not interested in."

That guy probably doesn't even know what the class would be doing.

"However, if Aki is to ask him, maybe he might do something?"

Minami stares at me with an expectant look.

"Eh? I feel that even if I'm to ask him myself, that guy won't change his answer—"

"No, this won't happen. He will definitely accept Aki's request, because—"

"Even though we're together often, there isn't really much difference..."

"Because both of you guys are in love, right?"


Why can you say such a thing with a straight face...

"Who wants to be with that Yuuji in the first place? Even if that's the case, I'll prefer Hideyoshi!"

"...Ah, Akihisa?"

At this moment, Hideyoshi, who's just standing beside us, stopped his movements. Oh dear? Is the situation somewhat weird now?

"That...about that, I'm grateful for your feelings, but even if you're to say that, there are many obstacles that can't be overcome. That, let's think, something like age difference..."

"Hi...Hideyoshi! It's not like that! You completely misunderstood me! It was just a figure of speech! And the biggest obstacle between us isn't the age difference!!"

Hideyoshi blushes as he lowers his head. What, what now! I'm starting to think that it's fine if it's Hideyoshi!

"Then, you mean that you can't convince Sakamoto as well?"

"Eh? Ah, mm, that's basically it."

I shook my head, trying to get these dangerous thoughts out of my mind, and turn to look at Minami.

"Isn't there any way we can do this? If this keeps up, the teahouse will be a failure."

Her eyes are looking down, her face looking gloomy as well. That's right, I'm also thinking about how to get Yuuji involved in this.

Once the teahouse succeeds, we can use the money to improve F class facilities, and lessen the burden on Himeji-san's body as well. if possible, I'll also want this shop to succeed.

"Oh yeah, what are you talking about? Seeing both of you looking so troubled, it should be serious."

"It's not really something serious, we're just talking about store management and class equipment."

"Aki, it's not really like this. This is really serious."

"Eh, what's it about?"

Minami looks rather weird. She's not really unhappy with the facilities, but for her to be this enthusiastic, what is she thinking?

"Though she told me not to tell this to anyone, but this situation...can you keep a secret about it?"

"Um, mm, I got it."

I'm rather shocked by Minami's serious expression.

"Actually, this has something to do with Himeji."

"Himeji-san? What's wrong with Himeji-san?"

"She may end up transferring school."


Himeji-san's transferring school? How is that possible! We're finally in the same class, and just getting started. Now she's about to transfer schools! I haven't created any wonderful memories with her, nor have I lay on Himeji-san's lap and let her dig my ears. Come to think of it, what will happen to this class? As the class idol, the whole class would be left to ruin if she's not around, and would be reduced to a hell full of violence and plundering. The hairstyle of the whole class will become a Mohican that's of a late-century savior, after that, it'll be an all out bloody war for Hideyoshi—

"Ugh, not good, Akihisa's losing it."

"That idiot! He really can't deal with this unexpected situation!"

"Akihisa, snap out of it!"

Who's shaking my shoulders so hard? Ah, it's Hideyoshi. You're cute today.

"Hideyoshi...even if I have a Mohawk, would you still like me?"

"...How did you associate that with Himeji's transfer?"

"In a certain sense, this may be a rare talent."

...Ack! Damn it, I thought too much!

"Minami, what's with Himeji-san transferring school out of a sudden?"

"Exactly what I said. If this keeps up, Himeji may end up transferring schools."

"If this keeps up...?"

This is really a strange way to say it. I thought that in normal circumstances, once someone decides to transfer school, it's inevitable.

"Shimada. Isn't the reason Himeji-san's transferring school unrelated to what you're talking about?"

Hideyoshi reveals a puzzled look.

"It's not like this. The reason why Himeji is transferring school is 'the environment of F class'."

"In other words, it's not because of her parents' jobs—"

"Yeah, it's basically the facilities."

Hearing her say this, I suddenly realized it.

Anyone can easily understand that the facilities of class F isn't suitable for Himeji-san. Though I'm not against the school's method of increasing the competition through education, it's weird for Himeji-san, who's at such a high level, to have to endure this poor treatment. We have only straw mats and cardboard boxes. Even if she has to study with our class, there are only idiots all around us. She hasn't done anything wrong herself, yet she's forced to study in this poor environment, any parent would want her to transfer schools.

"And besides, Himeji's condition isn't very good."

"That's true, this is really troublesome..."

Like what Minami said, this poor conditions may end up damaging Himeji's health in the long run. Though we do sweep the floor sometimes (well, rarely), it's still not a hygienic place. Right now, the conditions are okay, but when winter comes blowing through the windows, even if it's not Himeji-san, a lot of us will end up falling sick.

"I see, so you want the teahouse to be successful so that we can upgrade the facilities?"

"Hm, even though Himeji wants to change her dad's view of F class by winning the 'summoning tournament', if we don't upgrade the facilities..."

One of the reasons why Himeji-san is transferring is because F class is full of idiots, so Himeji-san's actions aren't just for show. However, the most important thing is still Himeji-san's health. If we don't find a way to improve it, her parents will never change their mindset.

" don't like the idea of Himeji transferring school, right...?"

Minami looks at me with a tentative look. This is really unexpected; do I really look that cold-blooded?

"Of course, I don't like it! Not just Himeji-san, even if it was Minami and Hideyoshi I would feel the same."

If it's because of family problems, then it can't be helped, I don't want to be separated from my friends because of this stupid reason.

"Really...well, I guess you're that kind of person."

Incidentally, if it's Yuuji, I won't even bother.

"If so, we have to get Yuuji involved no matter what.""

"That's right. After hearing this, I can't stand around and remain silent."

"Then we better contact Yuuji."

I took out my handphone and dialed Yuuji's number. That guy has his school bag in school even though he's not around, which means that he's still in school.

Duludulu. The phone chatter bell continues to ring on the phone.


"Ah Yuuji, I got something I want to—"

"Akihisa? Good timing. Sorry, can you help me get my bag—Argh! SHOUKO!"

"Eh? Yuuji, what are you doing now?"

"Damn it, I was discovered! Anyway, I'll leave my bag to you!"

"Yuuji? Hello, hello—!"

The phone line was cut, leaving behind a 'du du du' sound.

"What did Sakamoto say?"

"Eh, something like 'I was discovered' and 'I'll leave my bag with you'."

"What on earth does that mean?"

Minami is glaring at me with a 'you useless bum' expression, how rude!

"Seems like he was being pursued by Kirishima Shouko. Despite his outer looks, he's rather weak to the opposite gender."

Hideyoshi folds his arms, nodding and making a 'mm'sound in agreement.

Kirishima-san is the school representative, jet-black hair and slender limbs, a charismatic and talented girl. However, for some reason, there is something wrong with her, to fall for Yuuji like that...

Um, why must Yuuji run around and hide? If it's an ordinary boy, they won't be pursued by her, but would pursue her instead. Yuuji, to think that you would waste this opportunity!

"If so, it'll be hard for us to contact Yuuji."

"No, this may be our best opportunity."

"Eh? What does that mean?"

"In this current situation, it's the best moment to get Yuuji to lead us in preparing the teahouse. Mm, can both of you help out?"

"Well, there is no problem...but do you know where Sakamoto is?"

"No problem, I can most probably guess what he's thinking."

"Seem like you have a plan in mind."

"Well, most likely."

I reveal a cunning smile, bringing both of them out of the classroom.

"Oh my, Yuuji, what a coincidence to see you here."

"...Can you tell me how it is a coincidence that we're meeting each other in the girls' changing room?"

That's right. Like what Yuuji said, this is the girls' changing room. Because it's Yuuji, I don't think that he's honestly hiding inside the male toilet or changing room, where the girls are not allowed to enter, and would use reverse psychology and hide inside places that guys are forbidden to's just that I never expected myself to find him so easily.

"What are you talking about, it's just a coincidence."

"Don't lie, as if you're supposed to be here."


The door is opened as soon as the sound is heard, a girl wearing P.E. attire is standing at the door.

" Aren't you guys the problematic duo from F class? This is the girls' changing room, you know!"

"Oh my, Kinoshita Yuuko-san, what a coincidence."

"OH, Hideyoshi's sister, nice meeting you here."

"Ah, yeah, what a coincidence."

I tried to let out a casual laugh. Hmmm, this IS too coincidental.



"Got it!"

We leaped out of the small window in the changing room, seems like there's no way we can get past this.


"Damn it, Yuuji! It's Ironman!"

"Anyway, let's run!"

Though we're wearing only slippers, we still continued to run. The opponent is Ironman, we'll be dead if we're caught.

"Found you! I'm not going to let you get away!"

The gruff voice can be heard from behind. Damn it! He's chasing up!


Yuuji's voice came from behind. His eyes are aimed at an open window on the seconds level of the new campus. Are we going to escape through there?


After receiving Yuuji's signal, I took off my coat as I ran. At this moment, Yuuji starts to run past me.

"There's no way out there! Give up and accept your supplementary lessons!"

"Ironman's voice is becoming closer and closer. To be honest, I'm rather scared myself."

"Come on, Aki!"

Yuuji, who was running in front of me, stops and turns towards me.

"Got it!"

I jump onto the platform formed by Yuuji's hands, and at that moment, Yuuji swings his hands up, allowing me to get up to the second level easily.

"Ugh, those idiots! Having such athletic abilities only in stupid events like this!"

Ignoring Ironman's loud roar, as I got into the school compound, I lowered the coat that I just took off.


This time, Yuuji kicks the wall, using the momentum to lift himself up into the air and grab my coat.


At this moment, I swing my coat up. Though the coat creates an irritating flapping sound, at least we managed to get in safely.


Even if it's Ironman, he can't get up to the second level. What we are hearing is the sound of a defeated dog barking.

" our bad reputation has just went up again..."

Wearing my coat again, I let out a sigh. This is too much.

"I should be the troubled one. If you weren't here, this wouldn't have happened.

Yuuji acted as if he wasn't in the wrong.

"What are you saying. Aren't you the one in the wrong? To hide in the girls' changing room?"

It'll be alright if Yuuji were to just hide in a random classroom.

"It, it can't be helped! It's Shouko we're talking about here! It's not like I can hide anywhere when it's her!"

Certainly, she does give the vibe that she'll enter a male changing room without any hesitation.

"Come to think of it, why are you hiding from Kirishima-san?"

"...She wanted me to go to her house."

Yuuji reveals an unhappy look. What's so irritating about that?

"From my perspective, this is something worth being envious about right? Is it to Kirishima-san's room? I want to go in—"

"She wants to introduce me to her family."

"...You're not going out with her yet, right?"

Maybe her emotions are a bit too much. I start to feel some pity to Yuuji. However, this regret has nothing to do with why I'm looking for him!

"Then Yuuji, since you're in quite a fix, I got something good to say to you."

"Really? I'm gonna kill you if it's bad news."


Yuuji's serious tone makes me speechless momentarily.

"Anyway, please use my phone."

I pull out my phone, presses Shouko's number and passes it to Yuuji.

"Really, what sort of plan are you thinking of?"

Yuuji reveals a surprised look as he receives the phone and places it by his ear.

"Hello? Is it Sakamoto?"

"Oh Shimada, what are you guys doing?"

"Wait a sec, I'm handing over the phone."

"To who? Hello—hey, hello hello? "

From the sound of it, it seems like Minami has handed the phone over to the other person.

"...Yuuji, where are you right now?"

"Wrong number."

Such a scary split-second decision. Not a lot of people in the world can immediately reply 'wrong number'.

"I'll kill you..."

This phrase gives me an unprecedented chill down my spine.

"Now, now, calm down. If you're willing to help, I won't do anything bad to you."

"Help? Humph, it's about the teahouse, right?"

Every time this sort of situation pops up, I'll have to remember the fact that Yuuji was known as a prodigy, because his mind reacts extremely fast.

"Really, you didn't have to do it in such a roundabout way. If you just said that 'I want to do something for my beloved Himeji-san! Please help me!', I would have helped even if it's a hassle."

"Wha? I haven't even said such a word!"

"Ah—okay okay. I know your request. Guess I'll help you then."

Yuuji immediately puts on an enthusiastic expression. Why is he always like this...!

"Never mind. Anyway, thanks for your help."

"No problem. Come to think of it, are Shimada and Shouko close?"

At this moment, Yuuji reveals his probing eyes. Seems like he's wondering why Kirishima-san from class A would be together with Minami from F-class.

"Un--you won't be angry after listening?"

"Idiot. Since I've already agreed to help, there's no point in getting angry, right?"

That's true, Yuuji has agreed to help.

"Then let me tell you. Actually, the one who was imitating Kirishima-san's voice was Hideyoshi."


Yuuji! You liar!

"I see. So Himeji-san is transferring schools..."

After Yuuji and I met up with Minami and Hideyoshi, we're now in our F class.

"If so, it's not enough even if the teahouse is successful."

Yuuji looks around the tattered classroom as he said this.

"That's not enough? Why?"

"There are three reasons why Himeji-san's dad wants her to transfer."

Yuuji says as he puts up three fingers.

"First, the learning facilities that are so lacking that there are only straw mats and cardboard boxes. In other words, this isn't a pleasant studying environment. If the teahouse succeeds, at least we can use the money to settle the problem."

Yuuji says as he folds one finger down.

"Second, this old and dilapidated classroom. In other words, the study environment here will be damaging to her health in the long run."

"So you're saying that the first is the setup of the classroom, while the second is the classroom itself?"

"That's right. As for these, there is no way we can settle this by using the small amount of money we earn through the teahouse. If we want to repair the classroom, we have to get assistance from the school."

If we have money, we can buy tables and chairs. However, if we want to improve the classroom, we have to settle the admin matters and get contractors over. This isn't something that we can do ourselves, which is probably what Yuuji's trying to imply.

"And the third point, the last one—is the poor standard of our class. In other words, this environment isn't going to let Himeji-san continue to improve."

Though we can take part in social clubs, in order to improve ourselves, close competition is required. As long as Himeji-san's in F class, she can't expect this sort of competition around.

"I give up, there are too many problems."

"That's true. It's alright if it's just one point, the second and third are going to be difficult."

At first, having a summoning battle would have settled the problem, but right now, the situation has gotten complicated.

"That's not true. As for the third point, hasn't Himeji and Shimada come up with a plan?"

Yuuji turns to look at Minami.

Come to think of it, Himeji-san said that she wanted to surprise her dad during class today. If she can win the summoning battle, it can definitely prove that F class has the capability to compete with the best. If so, the competition is settled.

"This is because Mizuki asked me, saying 'I don't want to transfer schools, so please help me.' Even though I hate to take part in unnecessary entertainment like summoning battle, I can't refuse if she asks me like this, no?"

Minami looks rather gentle, which is so unlike her. In an instant, it took my eyes away. She looks like an onee-chan who'll take care of her sister. Maybe she has a younger brother or sister?

"If Shouko is to take part in the tournament, it'll be hard for us to win. However, she doesn't seem to be interested in such things. With Himeji and Shimada's ability, there's a high chance that they'll win."

"That's right, both of you can do it."

If Kirishima-san is to take part in this, her partner would be from class A as well. It'll be a tough battle. It's great that she's uninterested in this summoning battle.

"Actually, it'll be best if some student other than Himeji-san is to participate."

"Let's not talk about it."

If it's another pairing, we probably won't be able to make it past the preliminaries. This is because F class is full of idiots.

"If Himeji and Shimada is to win, it'll generate publicity for the teahouse, this would be killing two birds with one stone."

Hideyoshi says as he nods in agreement. Since our class is in the old and dirty campus, this sort of publicity would be great.

"Then, Sakamoto, leaving that aside, what about the second problem?"

"No matter, we'll just talk to the principal."

Yuuji says with 'a matter of fact' look.

"Just this? The principal will settle this once we talk to her?"

"I say, no matter how terrible this is, it's still an institute of education, you know? No matter what kind of policy they have, as long as a student's health is affected, we have the right to request for an improvement."

If we can do this, then there's hope that all three problems would be solved.

"Then let's see the principal."

As the saying goes, strike the iron when it's hot, is that it?

"That's right, so now, we'll march into her office. Hideyoshi and Shimada, you two think about the preparations for the school festival. Also, if you see Ironman, tell him that we've already gone home."

Yuuji stood up as he gives the instructions. To be able to give orders so naturally, I guess that's a talent in itself.

"Mm, I got it. If we see Ironman or Kirishima Shouko, we'll tell them that."

Hideyoshi smiles as he says that. Once Kirishima-san's name was mentioned, Yuuji looks flabbergasted.

"Aki, you got to do it well."

"OK, leave it to me."

Receiving Minami's voice of support, Yuuji and I left the classroom, and head towards the principal's office.

"...The prize...hidden..."

"...This time...on their own...Kisaragi Highland..."

As we arrived in front of the principal's office, which is located in a corner of the new school campus, there seem to be some sort of argument going on inside.

Prize? Kisaragi Highland? What are they talking about?

"What's wrong, Akihisa?"

"Nothing, it's just that they're talking inside right now."

"Really? In other words, the principal's inside. It's great that we didn't make a wasted trip, let's go in."

Well, we'll decide whether they're busy or not. Yuuji's right. Anyway, since we're here, we might as well finish off what we came here for.

"Excuse me!"

After knocking on the fancy doors of the principal's office, Yuuji and I immediately barged in.

"You rude brats, normally one would wait for a reply before entering."

The person inviting us is a principal with a head full of white hair, Todou Kaoru. She's also the person who's behind the test summoning system. Is it because she's a scientist? She does seem to have quite a few quirks. And the first thing she says when she first met us is 'you rude brats'.

"Really. We're busy here, and yet there are some unexpected visitors. Well, we can't continue on like this...don't tell me that you planned this?"

The man adjusting his glasses and glaring at the principal is the dean, Takehara-sensei. He's very popular with some of the girls due to his sharp eyes and cold attitude. However, I don't really like him.

"Stop saying such stupid things. I have nothing to hide in the first place, so why must I use such meaningless tactics?"

"Oh really? You're really good at hiding things."

The conversation continued on, with us not even understanding anything. The principal and the dean are discussing something related to the running of the school. Maybe it's better to come over another day.

"Like I said before, I'm not hiding anything. You're just mistaken."

"...Oh really. Since you want to deny it, then that's it for today."

After he finished speaking, Takehara-sensei glances at a corner of the room—

"Then I'll be leaving."

After that, he turns around and leaves the room. Just now, Takehara-sensei seems to be confirming something, but what? Is it in this room?

"Okay, brats. What did you come here for?"

The principal, who definitely doesn't look like she minded having her conversation with Takehara-sensei interrupted, asks us.

"Excuse me, madam. We came to discuss something with you."

Standing in front of the principal, Yuuji spoke. I'm surprised that he can even say such polite words.

"I have no time to talk to you regarding this. If it's regarding the school administration, look for Takehara-sensei. Also, it's common courtesy to give your names, remember that."

To be lectured about manners by such an arrogant granny, this is truly the end of the world.

"Sorry for my rudeness. I'm the representative of second year, F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, and he—"

Yuuji introduces himself, then points at me.

"—The idiot representative from the second year."

Why can't this guy just introduce me using my proper name?

"Oh...I see. You're Sakamoto and Yoshii from class F, right?"

Wait a sec, principal! I haven't even introduced myself yet! To be able to associate my name with that introduction, I'm about to cry...

"I change my mind, so let's hear what you have to say."

Like a big bad looking up, the principal's lips curls up. For such a person to be an educator, this is really inexplicable.

"Thank you very much."

"If you have the time to say your thanks, hurry up, you half-wit."

"Okay then."

Come to think of it, the scene in front of me is really surprising to me. To be verbally abused like this, Yuuji's attitude is still so cold. I never ever thought that he'll be this mature.

"We're here to request for improvements in class F's facilities."

"Oh really, I'm impressed that you have so much free time."

"Right now, F class is like an old-wrinkled brain with a hole, the state is so deplorable that cold wind would always flow inside."

Ah, he's finally started to scold.

"If it's the principal, who's like a piece of trash that existed since the Sengoku era, it's alright. But now, this sort of studying environment is too dangerous for a normal high school student. We feel that it might endanger someone's life." To mix in some provocative words in this respectful tone, seems like Yuuji's about to go crazy as well.

"Anyway, because the cold wind has been blowing into our classroom, some students have already fallen sick. So hurry up and fix it, you stupid old granny! That's about it."

Mm, this is the Yuuji that I know.

Hearing Yuuji's seemingly polite words that are actually rude, the principal gives a thoughtful expression, not uttering a single word.

"Excuse me, principal..."

Maybe she's enraged by Yuuji's attitude? Sigh, any ordinary person would be angry by it.

"...Mm, this is the perfect timing..."

Hm? What is the principal muttering just now?

"Alright, I understand what you mean."

"Eh? Then can you help us fix it?'

Yuuji was right. Even though the policy is weird, Fumitzuki Gakuen is still an institute of education. As long as it involves a student's health, the school would take appropriate action. This is good, this is good.

BTS vol 02 055.jpg

"I refuse."

"Yuuji, fill this old granny with mud and toss her into the sea."

"...Akihisa, watch your attitude."

Ah? I accidentally said my true feelings!

"Really, this idiot is too disrespectful. If possible, can you tell us the reason? You stinking granny."

"That's right. Please tell us, you damn granny."

"...You two, do you really want to know?"

The principal stares at us in a surprised manner. Did we say something weird?

"There isn't any need for any reason. This is because creating a difference in the classrooms is our objective. So don't give me this nonsense, you brats."

This, this old granny!

"That's not good! If this keeps us, forget about us, the weaker girls in our class would collapse—"

"—Is what I'll say under normal circumstances."

The principal interrupts me, placing her hands under her jaw as she says this.

"Besides, since it's my cute students saying this. We'll have a deal if you listen to my request."

A deal? In other words, there's no such thing as a free meal, huh?


Eh? Yuuji's not reacting at all. He places his hand near his mouth, seemingly thinking about something.

"What's the condition?"

Now that the situation has turned out like this, I can only substitute Yuuji and prompt the principal into speaking.

"Do you know of the summoning tournament in the cool summer festival?"

"Mm, somewhat."

"Then do you know what's the prize?"

"Eh? Prize?"

I didn't even know that there was a prize. This is because I didn't want to take part in the tournament, and I don't think that I can win even if I'm taking part.

"To the winners of the tournament, we'll give them a certificate, trophy, and a platinum bracelet. For the runner-ups, we'll give them a pair of 'Kisaragi Highlands' pre-opening premium tickets.

Hearing this prize, Yuuji froze up. What's wrong with him?

"Oh...what has this got to do with the conditions?"

"Let me finish first, haven't you heard of the saying 'if you rush, you'll whatever'[7]?"

No idea.

"It's regarding the premium tickets. I heard some bad rumors about it, so if possible, I'll like to have it back."

"Have it back? Then why not you just don't give them the tickets?"

"I would if I could. However, though the dean is in charge of this, he signed an agreement with Kisaragi corporation, and right now, we can't back out of it."

Come to think of it, I heard of the rumor before that 'the principal was busy with the summoning system, and allowed the dean to run the school'. Seems like this is true.

"As the principal, shouldn't you be careful when you sign an agreement?"

"Be quiet, brats. I was already busy with the platinum bracelets. Besides, I only heard of these bad rumors recently."

The principal frowns. She sounds rather casual, but it seems that she feels that she has some responsibility to bear.

"Then, what's the bad rumor about?"

The principal starts to explain with the words 'just something troublesome' and explains the entire situation.

"The Kisaragi Corporation want to create a omen at the Kisaragi Highlands, the content being 'couples visiting there will be very happy'."

"What's so bad about this rumor? Isn't that a good thing?"

"In order to create this omen, they want to create a wedding atmosphere for couples who go there with the premium tickets. For marketing purposes, their methods are rather forceful."


Yuuji suddenly roared—ah, it scared me.

"What now, Yuuji. Why are you so scared?"


"Uh huh. I understand without you explaining it a second time."

To see Yuuji act up like this, it's rather refreshing.

"What this mean is that the couple would have to be chosen from our Fumitzuki Gakuen."

"Damn it. For some reason, we have quite a lot of beauties in our school, and everyone's talking about the summoning system. It'll be perfect for them to create this omen if they create this rumor of getting married during high school! Of course we'll be targeted by Kisaragi Corporation!"

Yuuji bites onto his lips in anguish. Why is he acting so strangely up till now?

"Hm, as expected of the prodigy, your mind works pretty fast."

Hearing Yuuji say this, the principal nods her head. She seems to know Yuuji quite well, and she immediately called me by my name just now.

"Yuuji, calm down first. Kisaragi Corporation's plan isn't so bad. Besides, we know about this plot, so we just don't have to go there."

He's most likely scared of being dragged along by Kirishima-san. I'm so jealous of him.

On a side note, if it's me, I'll probably have no one to go with. This makes me feel so lonely...

"...She will definitely participate in the tournament to win...if I go, I'll have to get married. If I don't go, I'll also be forced to get future has..."

Yuuji's eyes have gone blank, what on earth is going on? He probably promised Kirishima-san that 'we'll go together once we get the premium tickets'. Though I don't know what's the price for not fulfilling the promise, it should be something stupid.

"Hm, like what he just said, I don't like the idea of ignoring the wishes of the couple in question and forcing a future onto my cute students."

Does she really think that the students are cute? I'm really suspicious about that.

"In other words, the condition is to—"

"That's right. It's to win 'the prizes of the summoning tournament'. If you can do it, I'll get your classroom repaired."

Oh, in exchange of the prizes of the summoning battle, huh? Then—

"Of course, you can't take them by force from the winners, nor can they voluntarily give up the tickets. I'm telling you to win the tournament."

Ugh! She read my mind! Though she's a weirdo, she's still an educator, huh? Seems like she wouldn't allow anything like cheating.

"...If we win, you'll promise to fix our classroom and upgrade the facility?"

"What are you talking about? I only agreed to help you guys fix the classroom. As for the facilities, that's part of the school's policy, and I don't intend to change it."

As expected, she answered like this. If we can get new facilities through this deal, it'll be a bad example to the other classes...

"However, if you're to use the money earned through the cool summer festival, that's another matter altogether. I'll close one eye on that and allow you to upgrade your facilities."

This is the principal's proposal. Normally, according to the school's policy, buying our own facilities like tables and chairs is forbidden. But it seems like as long as we can agree to her condition, she'll give us leeway.

"Can you help us improve the standard of our facilities? To us, repairing the classroom is as important as improving our facilities."

"And then?"

"If our teahouse isn't successful, and we're not able to improve our facilities, we'll be worried about the situation down there, and won't be able to concentrate on the tournament. This won't be good for us and principal..."

"What? That's it? No way, I won't allow it."

"But! If you can promise us to improve our facilities, we can concentrate on the tournament—"

"Akihisa, it's useless. That granny has no intention of stepping aside. We have no choice but to accept the deal."

Unknowingly, Yuuji regains his composure and pats my shoulder.

...Damn it. Though I hate it, we really have no choice but to go along with the conditions.

"I understand. We'll accept your conditions."

"Really? Then our negotiations are complete."

The principal reveals a sly 'just as planned' look on the face.

"However, we have another proposal as well."

Just as I thought that the negotiations are complete and intend to head back to class, Yuuji adds another condition on the principal.

"Oh really? Let's hear it."

"I heard that the summoning tournament is a two-on-two contest. An elimination type match. The first is mathematics, and the second is chemistry."

If the first subject is mathematics, all the participants would have to compete in mathematics. The reason why they would change the subject in the second battle is probably because the points lost in the first battle would reduce the entertainment value of the competition. No matter what anyone says, this is a school promotional activity.

"So what?"

"Once the participants are decided, please allow me to decide the subjects."

After Yuuji said this, for some reason, he showed some sharp eyes at the principal, trying to probe her. Is he feeling suspicious about anything?

"Hm...alright. I won't allow it if you request for an inflation in points. But if it's just this, then I guess I can help you with it."

"...Thank you very much."

Yuuji's eyes became even sharper. It's definitely beneficial to us already, so why bother giving such an expression. I really can't understand him.

BTS vol 02 065.jpg

"Then, that's as far as I'm going to help you. I presume you're going to win in the summoning tournament, right?"

The principal asks. Does she really intend to prevent the Kisaragi Corporation's plan?

"Of course, who do you think we are?"

Yuuji reveals a bold smile. This is a fully motivated look that he had during the test summoning battle.

"We'll definitely win, so don't forget about our promise!"

Of course, I'm fully motivated as well. This is because the method to solve this problem is right in front of us, and we only need to finish the job.

"Then brats, I'll leave it to you."


Just like this, the worst partnership in Fumitzuki Gakuen is formed.

The Third Question

In order to decide what kind of activity the class should do, can all students please assist in this survey.

'What kind of attire is suitable for running a teahouse?'

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

'A cute apron commonly used at home'.

Teacher's comment:

It really does have the atmosphere for a school festival, and doesn't require a lot of money, a rather good idea.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'Skirt 15cm above the knees, the upper body must be like the skirt, with a nice emphasis on the bustlines while keeping a strong sense of elegance. I hope that a light blue colour with white as the base colour can be used. The tray should be made of shiny silver that can reflect the face onto it, and the shop's logo should be on it. The shoes should be high heels, 5cm tall—'

Teacher's comment:

BTS vol 02 077.jpg

You don't have to write on the back of the paper, do you?

Akihisa Yoshii's answer:


Teacher's comment:

Sensei believes that you mistook 'brassiere' for 'blazer'.

"Sakamoto normally looks like an idiot, but his leadership is really impressive."

"Yup, normally, he'll be an ordinary idiot."

It's the morning of the Cool Summer Festival today.

From the normal dirty classroom, our classroom has transformed into a Chinese teahouse.

"On first glance, this table seems really different from what it really is."

The tables placed around the classroom are actually just those cardboard boxes that we use in class. By arranging them neatly and putting a nice tablecloth over it, even lousy boxes can become a luxurious table.

"Ah, this is done by Kinoshita-san. I don't know where he got this beautiful tablecloth, but he was able to turn them into tables quickly and skillfully." Himeji-san stares at Hideyoshi with respect.

I see. This tablecloth is a prop that belongs to the drama club. No wonder the quality is so good.

"Hm, though it looks decent, it'll be different once we pull up the tablecloth."

Hideyoshi pulls up the tablecloth. What appears underneath are the dirty cardboard boxes that we're so used to seeing.

"Our shop rating will drop a lot if the customers see this."

Minami came up beside me and observes. She's right. If these kind of lousy cardboard boxes are to be seen, it'll cause our shop to have a bad reputation.

"It'll be no problem. Nobody will bother to look at them so closely. Even if they're to be discovered, I'll tell that person to hide that secret in the heart."

"That's right. Nobody would deliberately flip up the tablecloth just to stir trouble."

If there's anyone who'll do this, then that person has no other motive except to disrupt our business.

"The decorations inside the room are pretty as well, so there should be no problems, right?"

For the standards of a school festival, this is rather excessive. With this, there should be a lot of people coming over.

"...The tea's perfect as well."


Muttsuriini's voice suddenly came from behind. He still good at hiding his presence, but I do feel that there's no need for this in everyday life.

"Muttsuriini, is the kitchen side OK?"

"...Try it."

After saying it, Muttsuriini presents a wooden tub, tea and sesame balls are placed on the ceramic plate.

"Wa...looks yummy..."

"Tsuchiya, you don't mind if I eat this, right?"

"...(nods his head)"

"Then I won't hold back now."

Himeji-san, Minami-san and Hideyoshi all reached their arms out, popping the just fried and warm sesame ball into their mouths.

"Woah, it's good!"

"Ya! Crispy on the outside, yet chewy, the texture is great!"

"Sweet, yet not too sweet, it's good."

The snacks are rated highly. Girls really like sweets huh, all three of them.

"The tea is good as well, this is wonderful..."


Himeji-san and Minami look rather dreamy-eyed as they descend into dreamland. Is it really this good?

"Then I'll have one."

Muttsuriini passes the remaining ball over to me.

Because there's no toothpick, I took it with my hand and took a small bite.

"Mmmm, rough and hard on the outside, sticky on this inside, not too sweet or too spicy—ARGHH!!"

A sound that no human can make came out of my mouth, and what appear in front of me are the memories of my 16 years. Ahh, those are the wonderful...wait a sec, aren't these the final lights before death?

"Ah, Himeji made that."

"...! (Stuffs it in frantically)"

"Mu, Muttsuriini! Why must you reveal such a terrified expression and stuff that sesame ball into my mouth? Impossible! I can't do it!"

Muttsuriini stuffs the remaining half of the sesame ball into my mouth. This is a special snack that will cause people to see the white lights!

No ordinary person should be allowed to eat it!

"Hey guys, I'm back—"

At that moment, Yuuji came back.

"Ah, Yuuji, welcome back."

"Hm? What's this, this looks good. How's the taste?"

After that, he pops the biochemical weapon that I took a bite of into his mouth without any hesitation.

"...What a great guy."

"Yuuji, you're now emitting the brightest glow here."

"I don't know what you're saying...hmm, rough and hard on the outside, sticky on this inside, a bit too sweet and too spicy—ARGHH!!"

Ah, such a familiar scene.

"Ah—Yuuji, does it taste good?"

I tried to use my eyes to say this to Yuuji, 'Himeji-san made this, you probably won't say anything too much, right?' as he lies on the ground.

However, I can't make eye contact with him, I'm just afraid that he doesn't get the message.

"Hoo, seems like there's no problem."

Yuuji, who's still lying on the ground, finally replies, "Can I cross that bridge now?"

That must be the Sanzu river.

"Yuu, Yuuji! You can't cross it! You can't come back if you cross it!"

Thinking about how one bite can become a fatal blow, the food that Himeji-san makes is still extremely terrifying.

"Eh? What's wrong? What happened to Sakamoto-san?"

Himeji-san, who's been eating the normal sesame ball and living in dreamland, finally senses that something is wrong. It's great that she didn't see what happened.

"Yeah, Sakamoto, are you alright?"

Up till now, Minami was also stuck in dreamland. Maybe the good sesame balls are delicious, so we can expect a boom in sales.

"There's no problem, he just got a cramp. Oi, Yuu—ji—stand—up—now—"

Anyway, I jokingly called Yuuji to get up. However, my hand is pressing against his heart. Right now, the chances of him surviving are half!

"60,000? Are you kidding!? If you have to pay a toll to cross the river, it has to be the San—ACK!"

Ah, good, he's successfully revived without anyone knowing.

"Yuuji, did your leg get a cramp?"

Before he said something unnecessary, I spoke up. There's no time for eye contact this time.

"A cramp? Are you kidding me, it's that ball—"

"...Then I'll let you have another one."

"I got a cramp because I hardly exercise."

Luckily, Yuuji's mind is good. Even if it's me, I don't want to kill my classmate.

(...Akihisa, I'll kill you one day.)

(...No can do. I'll get rid of you before you can kill me.)

Our little laughter contains a conversation full of killing intent. See, we're rather close.

"Hm, Sakamoto seems to get cramps on his leg very often, huh?"

Not good. The same situation as a while back made Minami suspicious.

"Ah, you see, Yuuji has too much excess fat, right? It's easy to get cramps, just like how Minami gets cramps on her chest, so she should understand—GUAH!!"

"...There's no need for me to take action, huh."

Yuuji stares at me with much pity as I took a punch from Minami. Why do I feel that this sort of thing has been happening to me too many times recently...

"Come to think of it, Yuuji, where did you go?"

Hideyoshi changed the topic smoothly. As expected of someone who knows what's going on.

"Hm, I went to discuss something."

It's rare for Yuuji to use such an ambiguous tone.

Actually, he went to decide the subjects under the principal's orders. But we can't say this dishonest method so easily, so Yuuji just made up an ambiguous answer on the spot.

"Oh, so that's what happened~ it's been hard on you."

Himeji-san won't doubt anyone as she says this, giving a smile. Such an obedient girl.

"Nope, don't mind it. More importantly, the teahouse can operate now, right?"

"That's correct."

"...No problems with the tea and snacks."

Is there really no problem? A hint of unrest crept up in me as I wonder whether the ones Himeji-san made got mixed in.

"Alright, then I'll let Hideyoshi and Muttsuriini handle the teahouse for now. Akihisa and I have to settle the first summoning battle."

After saying this, he pats on the backs of both Hideyoshi and Muttsuriini.

"Eh, you're participating in the summoning tournament as well?"

Minami looks like she's trying to confirm something as she stares at me.

"Eh? Ah, mm, because of some matters."

I gave an ambiguous answer. The school principal told us not to 'tell anyone about the inside story regarding the tickets', thus, I can't talk about it. But, why not?

"Are you...aiming for the prize...?"

Minami looks over with a probing look.

"Hm—something like that."

To be specific, we just want to exchange the prizes for the improvement in facilities.

If so, can we also exchange the platinum bracelets? According to rumours, there are bracelets that allow a person to summon two summoned beasts and can also replace teachers to be some sort of witness. Though I don't really want it, it's nice to wear it if I can get it.

"...You want to go there?"


Minami narrowed her eyes. This, this is...killing intent!

"Yoshii-kun, I also want to know, who do you want to go with?"

Before I noticed it, Himeji-san has gone into battle mode as well.

Both of them must be talking about the tickets.

This is bad! I never intended to go with anyone, just wanted to hand it over to the principal. However, due to the agreement, I can't say the reason so honestly...

"Akihisa is going with me."

Just as I'm struggling to find an answer, Yuuji quipped.

On hearing this, Minami widened her eyes wide. Ho hum, it's not strange for you to find it weird.

"EH? You're going to use the tickets to go on the 'Happy Journey' with Sakamoto...?"

Because this is a new development that even I'm shocked by it.

You idiot! Who wants to go on a happy journey with Yuuji!? This will cause a super huge misunderstanding!!!

(Akihisa, endure it! That old hag will break the agreement if this gets revealed!!)

Yuuji whispered to me. Though I'm not willing in the slightest, this is for Himeji-san. Looks like Yuuji is enduring the pain of being misunderstood as a homo. In this situation, I must hang on...

"I refused a few times, but I couldn't get rid of him."


"Aki, compared to Kinoshita, you're obviously more attracted to Sakamoto..."


Not good. If this keeps up, the wrong information will be leaked to the outside world. My ranking on the 'most suitable to be a homosexual student' will go up!!

"Yoshii-kun. As you're a guy, if possible, try to be interested in girls..."

"If it was possible, Akihisa wouldn't be so tired."


One day, I'll settle the score with this guy.

"Ah, time's almost up. Time to go, Akihisa."

"Ugh! Anyway, it's a misunderstanding!!"

Like a small fry running away and giving some vicious words to defend himself, Yuuji and I leave the classroom behind us.

"Ahem—and now, the first summoning battle will officially begin now."

The summoning event is held at the special stage located at the field.

"Before the third battle begins, we won't be showing the battles to outsiders, so do your best."

The one in charge of this is the maths teacher, Kinouchi-sensei, so of course, the topic tested is maths.

"Let's do our best, Ritsuko."


The two girls, who are our opponents, nod their heads. This is truly a scene worth smiling at.

Come to think of it, where have I seen them before...

"Then, summon your beasts."


As both of them shouted, the familiar magic array appeared beside them. Two miniature head-sized test summon beasts that take the appearance of the summoners appear from them.

B class, Iwashita Ritsuko, Maths 179 points & B class, Kikuiri Mayumi, Maths 163 points.

Two summoned beasts that possess similar equipment appear opposite. They have Western style helmets and swords. They look like a much weakened version of Himeji-san's summoned being.

"Then we should start summoning as well."



Our summoned beasts appear. My summoned beast is still equipped with a modified uniform and a wooden sword. On the other hand, the one hailed as a genius, our class rep's summoned beast is—


It doesn't look like it's holding anything. Is it an invisible sword?

"You idiot, look closely."

Yuuji lets the summoned beast raise its fists for me to inspect,

"Isn't it wearing metal knuckles?"

"You, you small fry! There's small fry here!"

How is it possible to have such a weak summoned beast? Though the knuckles are his weapons, I have never seen a summoned beast that has such lousy equipment!

"We're coming up, you field trip brothers."

"Ritsuko, that's wrong, they're delinquents."

Our summoned beasts are wearing modified uniforms, one with a wooden sword and one with metal knuckles. Even then, we can't deny the mocking of the opponent.

F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, Maths 179 points & F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Maths 63 points.

Our marks are shown on the screen as reference.

"Oi, Yu...Yuuji!"


"Why's your score so high?"

To think that he got 179, it's comparable to B class. He's supposed to be an idiot! HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE AN IDIOT!!

"Ever since the last summoning battle, I started to study hard in order to beat 'A' class."

For some reason, Yuuji is saying this with an unhappy look.

To be able to improve so much in such a short time? As expected of the man hailed as a genius.

"However, why do you want to work hard?"

Yuuji should be trying to prove that 'those who can't study can still succeed' as he challenged 'A' class. Is there a reason for him not to lose, even if he has to go against his ideals?

"Before this, Shouko asked me a question."

"What question?"

"...Where do we have our wedding?"

Kirishima-san is really fond of him, eh?



I held onto Yuuji from the back as he's about to run off the stage.

I see, that's why Yuuji has started to study.

"Can you guys get started?"

Kinouchi-sensei looks at us worriedly, and the other two competitors seem rather surprised.

"Ah, we're sorry. There's no problem, you see."

"I don't want to have the wife's family name...! I don't want to become Kirishima Yuuji—UWAAHH!! WHAT?"

Anyway, let's punch him a few times to get him back to normal. This is another method to repair Yuuji once he's spoilt—the second way.

"Though sensei is a bit worried, please start the match."

After saying this, Kinouchi-sensei started to back away, as according to standard procedures.

Facing against the opponent, our match is about to begin.



""Let's go!!""

After calling each other's names, both of our opponents nodded their heads, and then start moving about as if they're trying to surround us.

"Oh~ their teamwork is decent."

"It's not bad. For girls when they like to go play housework, it's rather notable."

Yuuji and I nodded at each other. With our deep bonds, we only need to look at each other in order to understand the other person's thoughts.



The duo from B class seem a bit angry as they argue back.

Can't stand them. Since it has come to this—let us show you what is real teamwork.


I glance at my partner, my eyes stating my intentions. With our deep relationship, we only need to exchange glances in order to understand what we're both thinking.


I also nod my head in response to my partner's call. We both then took a deep breath, each saying our own suggestions.


Our suggestions are completely the same as both of us jump back at the same time.

"Yuuji, what's the idea! How do we settle this when both of us want to let the other person handle the opponents!?"

"Nope, this is definitely the time for you to step up, no? I haven't summoned any beasts in the summoning battle the last time, did I?"

"What!? You useless bum! At least you'll be my shield!"

"What do you mean by 'useless'! Your score's like trash!"

"You're rather talkative, eh? ALRIGHT, GET OUT OF HERE!!"

"Just what I wanted!!"

We both grabbed each other's collar. I had never expected him to be this stupid!!

"Boys' friendship is really weird..."

"Good thing we're girls."

EH! They dare to look down on us like that!

"...Ah, ahem."

In order to drag the time on and make our opponents forget about the commotion just now, I coughed for a while and said, "Looks like our teamwork is evenly matched, huh?"

""EH EH!?""

The two girls responded in unison. What's with them revealing this sort of expression!?

"However, besides observation, we have something called 'intelligence'! Even if our teamwork is comparable, if it's fighting smartly, we'll definitely win!"

"Don't mind them, that guy is somewhat on that side."

Though it seems that the world's evaluation of me is heading in a certain direction, it's better not to think about it right now.

"Yuuji, hurry up and present the battle plan!"

I said to Yuuji, who's standing beside me. One thing to note is that I had never thought anything related to this battle.

"Alright, this is my battle plan."

Yuuji enthusiastically laid out the battle plan.

"Akihisa is to hold off one of the opponents—"

"Uh huh."

"—And Akihisa is to beat the other opponent at the same time."

"Wouldn't I be doing both things at the same time!?"

I have a feeling that Yuuji made this plan up as he was bored.

"Akihisa! At this point, there's no room for little tricks! Fight with the opponent head on!"

"Though I know that you can't think of anything and just made it up, I understand! We would win if we beat our opponents one on one!"

Our summoned beasts rushed head-on towards the opponents, what battle plan-this is what weaklings will think of!

"Ritsuko, what do we do now?"

"We can't lose to such stupid opponents! Fight them head on!"


The battle is no longer two on two, but one on one. My opponent is the long haired girl called Ritsuko.

"Hyyaahh!!" The opponent swung her longsword down. I moved in response to her movement and let my summoned beast move sideways.

"You!!" After the attack was dodged, the opponent came hacking around in large movements. I measured the distance and moved back by a small bit.

"You bastard! WATCH THIS!!" I let my summoned beast dodge the longsword that's being swung around madly, with the least amount of movement required.

"Uu...why do I feel that I'm bullying the weak?"

The opponent doesn't look like she can control her summoned beast so well.

Come to think of it, she was beaten by Himeji-san in one hit. That was a rare chance for her to gain some experience, yet she was forced out of the battle in a moment. It's obvious that she can't control her summoned beast.

Even so, it'll be endless if I continue to dodge.

"Guess it's time for me—to fight back!" After avoiding these huge movements, my body double grips hard onto the wooden sword and turns defense into attack.

"EH? WAAHH! KYYYAHHH!!" If I wasn't aiming for the gaps between the armour plates, my attacks wouldn't have any effect at all. In an instant, I aimed for the opponent's brow, neck and thigh. Since my attack is weak, we'll decide this by the number of hits!

...However, wearing a modified uniform and wielding a wooden sword to attack a girl crazily, I look like a bad guy no matter what...


Why do I feel that there's a much more vicious voice coming from afar? While being wary of the opponent, I glanced to the other side. In front of me, there's a beast wielding knuckles versus a weird beast wielding a longsword. Metal knuckles are unexpectedly vicious.

"...As an educator, I really wish that Sakamoto and Yoshii would lose."

I heard Kinouchi-sensei mutter this. This current scene probably reminds him of cute girls being bullied by delinquents. If I wasn't the one involved, I would definitely agree with him.

"HERE'S THE FINAL BLOW!!" Yuuji delivered a punch from the summoned beast into the opponent's abdomen. Yuuji is different from me, his marks are great, and thus his summoned beast's power is great, thus the fist can hit through the armour onto the main body.

"Then, I guess I should end this."

Though my power is weak, the battered opponent was hit by numerous attacks, and now unable to endure this one full-power hit. Just like this, everything was over.

"Uuuuu!! This is too much!!!"

"To think that we lost to the likes of them!!"

Both our opponents glared at us.

Sigh, to be described as 'the likes of them', it really hurts me.

"...The winners are Sakamoto and Yoshii."

Kinouchi-sensei doesn't look pleased at all as he announces this. Anyway, we have passed one stage.

"We got a win, Akihisa."


Yuuji's battle prowess is unexpectedly strong. This made me feel relieved. He didn't meet any trouble during the battle just now, what a guy, to be able to do everything.

"Then, let us—"


We reveal a smile, extending our hand out to each other.



After our deathmatch, our friendship just got stronger.

"Akihisa and Yuuji, can both of you stop fighting and get back to the classroom?"

Just as I was confirming my friendship with my partner, Hideyoshi rushed over to the special stage at the field. Looking at him being so breathless, it seems that there's something important.

"Eh? There's something on at the teahouse?"

"Mn, we got some troublesome customers. Sorry, can we talk as we move?"

"Ah, ngh, I got it."

Yuuji and I followed Hideyoshi. It seems like there's really something wrong at the shop.

"...Is someone interrupting our business?"

Yuuji narrows his eyes as he walks. This look is similar to the one he showed when he met the principal. He must have thought of something.

"Ah haha, how is that possible? There can't possibly be anyone who'll disrupt other people's business, right? Even if they did this, I don't think there's any benefit."

The most is that we won't be able to concentrate fully on the tournament.

"Nope, it's like what Yuuji guessed."

Hideyoshi tilts his perfect face. Don't tell me someone came to pick on us?

"They're third-years from our school."

It's not much of a problem if it's outsiders, but third years? Really, they should be the most mature students.

In truth, Yuuji can really fight, so he's the most suited for this.

"Is this an attitude of trying to request others for help?...Never mind. If the teahouse isn't successful, the Himeji that Akihisa likes so much will be transferring schools. I'll help out."

"OI! I didn't even mention this...!!"

"Ah—I got it, I got it."

"I can't even tell that from your attitude!"

As I walked, I grumbled at Yuuji who made fun of me. As we walked, we arrived in front of the classroom. Though the classroom is nearby, noise can be heard from inside, loud enough to be heard throughout the corridor.

"Uu, it's those guys."

"Then, let me settle this."

Moving his neck, making a cracking sound, Yuuji places his hand on the door. Really, his strength becomes so uncontrollable when this sort of thing happens.


Once Yuuji opened the door, the insults came flying to our ears. Seems like they're unhappy that we're using the tablecloths to cover the cardboard boxes, so they flipped the tablecloths over and made a ruckus. Really, they're just like delinquents.

"Wow...this is really bad..."

"Looks like the shop owners are trying to pull a fast one on us."

"Even if it's only a school festival, it's still a food store, no...?"

On seeing this, the customers started to murmur. Not good. For a teahouse, these kind of negative remarks are rather serious.

"Yuuji, the business would be badly affected if we don't settle this."

"You're right...Hideyoshi, come over here for a while."

"Is there anything you need?"

"I need you to prepare something."

Yuuji whispered a few words to Hideyoshi. Since he's asking Hideyoshi, maybe he's requesting for some props from the drama club?

"I can prepare it...but we have only two of them."

"That's enough, I'll get some from another place later."

"Understood, then I'll go and come back fast."

After saying this, Hideyoshi gathered a few classmates and quickly left.

"Akihisa, remember the features of those punks."

Yuuji gave me these commands before he slowly and heavily approached the customers who were still grumbling.

"...Though I don't know what's going on, no problem."

Yuuji probably intends to take revenge after this. Anyway, better remember how they look like.

There are two people who are looking for trouble, and both of them are boys. One of them is of normal build and has a rare Mohican hairstyle. The other one is also of normal build, 175cm tall, and bald. It's easy to remember the hairstyles that these two guys have.

"Really, is the representative not here? The class representative—OOOHH!"

"I'm the class representative, Sakamoto Yuuji. Is there anything that you're unsatisfied with the shop?"

Like a shop attendant, Yuuji lowers his head. He wouldn't seem any different from a model shop owner if he didn't punch the guy before he spoke.

"I'm not really unhappy, but my companion got punched..."

The Mohican head that wasn't punched looked surprised. This is to be expected. Even I would be shocked if my friend got punched away.

"Is this an insult to my motto of—'starting communication with a fist'?"

Such a terrifying method of communication.

"Stop, stop joking, you bastard...! What kind of communication is that?"

"After that, it'll be 'a kick to proceed with the conversation'. Lastly, there would be 'a trip to end this conversation' waiting for you."

"I, I got it! We'll let Shunpei talk with you! I didn't do anything, no need to negotiate with me!"

"Wa...wait a sec, Tsunemura! You're selling me out!!?"

The one panicking as he said this is the baldy, the guy called Shunpei. Since it's so hard to remember his name, I'll just call them 'Shunpei baldy, and Mohican Tsunemura'.

"Now, Toko-Natsu[8] group, do you still want to negotiate?"

Ah, Yuuji took off his mask. Looks like he can't maintain this polite attitude for long.

Come to think of it, it's really nice to call them the Toko-Natsu group. I'll give you credit for that.

"No, that's enough. We'll leave."

"Is that so? Then..."

After nodding his head hard, Yuuji grabbed Tsunemura's (baldy) waist.


"With this, our negotiations are complete."

After doing a reverse slam, Yuuji stood up without any problems. If possible, I hope that this kind of communication method won't spread about.

"You, you better remember it!!"

The Mohican-head senpai carried his accomplice, who fainted, and left the scene. With this the problem should be settled—

"We can't really carry on eating now."

"Too bad, they have such wonderful food."

"Looks like we'll get stomachaches if we eat these."

—well, maybe.

The secret of the tables is exposed to everyone. At this moment, a rattling sound is heard as someone stood up. It's the director of studies, Fukuhara-sensei. Did he specially came over to support our class?

"Let's change shops."

"Then let's do it."

"Ah, excuse me, distinguished guests."

Once someone stood up, the remaining customers left their seats. This should be called mass psychology. In this situation, the bad assessment will spread throughout the school like wildfire.

"We're very sorry. Because the restaurant was so packed, we couldn't get the tables here in time, and had to use these boxes for now. However, the real tables are here now, so everyone, please continue eating your meals."

Yuuji bows towards the customers that were preparing to leave. Behind him, Hideyoshi and several other boys are moving some high quality tables here.

Are those... the large props tables from the drama club? I see. We can show the customers that we care about hygiene. Seems like Yuuji has thought about how others view this teahouse.

"Eh? We're changing tables?"

At this moment, a girl's voice can be heard from behind.

"Ah, welcome back, Minami and Himeji-san, how's the first battle?"

"Hm, at least we won."

Himeji-san gave a victory handsign. Though I don't feel that she's someone who focuses a lot on winning, but in this situation, it's definite that she would want to win.

"Forget about that, can we change the tables now? The drama club doesn't have that many tables, no?"

Minami is right. Hideyoshi just said that there are only two tables. But come to think of it, we can't let the remaining tables be like this...

"Then, we'll change every single table one by one once they arrive. All customers who haven't finished their meals, please move to these tables and finish up."

After saying this, Yuuji moved to the corridor, where we were standing.

"Hoo, we can only do this for now."

Yuuji sighs lightly. Maybe using such politeness for quite a while makes him tired.

"You've worked hard, Yuuji."

"Though I don't know what's going on, it's been hard on you."

"You've worked hard."

"Oh, Himeji and Shimada? From what I can tell from seeing your faces, it seems that you have won."

Though he's saying this, Yuuji doesn't look like he's worried about whether both of them would win. From the looks of it, it seems like he's confident that they will win if they work together.

"Well, ya. Forget about that, how's the teahouse?"

Because of the commotion just now, a lot of customers had left. The success of the teahouse would be closely related to whether Himeji-san would be staying. We can't let it fail now.

"It'll be alright if someone doesn't come over and mess things up."

Yuuji's tone made me feel weird. It's like he's expecting people to create even more trouble...

"Excuse me, are the tables we brought in enough?"

"Ah, yeah. About this...Akihisa, how much longer till the second match?"

I look at my watch. Our next match starts at 11am, so—

"About an hour."

"Really? We don't have much time then...I'll be gone for a while. Akihisa, follow me."

Yuuji points his fingers and signals for me to follow.

"Is it alright for us to not help?"

Not being called, Minami asks this. Seems like Minami also wants to work hard for Himeji-san. I'm really happy about this enthusiasm.

"You two are to stay here and be waitresses. Use your smiles to try and change their bad impressions, got it?"

"Yes! I'll do my best!"

Of course, Himeji-san is really enthusiastic about this. So good...I want to be one of the customers and enjoy her smile.

"Oi, Akihisa, we're going."

"Ah, nn. Where are we going?"

As I called Yuuji, his lips curl up evilly, saying "We're looking for tables."

An evil smile appears on Yuuji's face.




We continued to dash down the corridor, running away from Takehara-sensei, who was chasing after us.

Why are we running? Because there's a staircase in front of us—of course it's not like that.



It's because we stole the tables from the school's waiting room.

"Come to think...of it...why, can, they, run, so, fast, even, with, those, tables..."

Hasegawa-sensei, who was running behind Takehara-sensei, said those incomprehensible words. Is sensei not physically fit enough since he's not taking P.E. lessons?"

"Anyway, once we get these into the teahouse, they're ours! Even if they're teachers, they can't confiscate these tables when ordinary customers are using them!!"

This despicable bastard! Thanks to him, my reputation has been hit really badly.

"If so, we'll get Nishimura-sensei to help—"

Takehara-sensei whips out his phone. That Nishimura is IRONMAN!! Trying to avoid Ironman in this situation is like trying to step into the sky!!


"Got it!!"

I kicked a slipper above Yuuji as I ran.

"Eat this!!"


At that moment, Yuuji instantly does an acrobatic bicycle kick on that slipper. This shot lands directly onto Takehara-sensei's wrist. The cellphone flies in mid-air before rolling onto the floor of the corridor.

"Then, we wish for the good health of the teachers. Bye bye!!"

"Ahh, my slipper..."

As Takehara-sensei picks up his phone, we dashed forward, and making sure that the teachers can't find us, we put the tables down

before sending the location to Hideyoshi's cellphone. Now, our classmates should come out and bring the tables back to the teahouse.

"Yosh! Now for the waiting room of the teacher's office. After this, we'll go for the second match!"

"Hoo...Yuuji and I would definitely be suspended after this..."

Thanks to us using all sorts of unscrupulous tactics to steal tables from all over the school, we finally managed to get enough tables. Now, the bad comments will vanish, and there wouldn't be too many problems with the teahouse.

BTS vol 02 101.jpg

"Then, who's our next opponent in the second match?"

I asked Yuuji as both of us headed towards the special stage.

As both of us worked on the 'battle of taking the tables', we didn't really have enough time to investigate who our next opponents would be. I just hope that the opponent is really weak.

"From the schedule, it seems that we will win, just like I predicted."

I look at where Yuuji was looking. At this moment, our opponents had already gotten into position and were waiting.

"Oh my? And I thought who they are. They're the love-birds class representatives from class B and C."

"Yo...Yoshii and Sakamoto!? You're our opponents?"

The people who made our faces cringe are the representatives of class B and C, Nemoto-san and Koyama-san. Are the two of them dating?

"What now, Nemoto-san? Since our opponents are the idiots from class F, wouldn't this be an automatic win?"

Hm—to say such bad things about others. Koyama-san's personality is still rather bad.

Being with Nemoto-san really suits her. This is a really irritating couple.

"And now, the second match of the summoning tournament will begin."

At least the English teacher, Endo-sensei, would cut some slack.


The four students present summoned their beasts.

B class, Nemoto Kyoji, English 199 points & C class, Koyama Yuuka, English 165 points.

As expected of the class representatives of B and C teaming up, their marks are rather good.

F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, English 73 points & F class, Akihisa Yoshii, English 59 points.

Yuuji and my marks are also shown on the screen.

English isn't my best subject, and Yuuji hasn't started studying English, so our marks are a lot inferior.

Even so, Yuuji didn't choose this subject in the first round, but the second round. Now I know the reason. Because we couldn't use any tricks in the first round, but we can do so now in the second round.

"Then, Yuuji, bring that thing out."

If the opponent is Nemoto-san, this guy wouldn't forget to bring it.

"Oh? Are you talking about this?"

After saying this, Yuuji pulls out something. It's the exclusive album of Nemoto Kyoji's photos 'Come look at the new me!' Honestly, even if I'm told to look at it, I don't even want to look at it...

"THAT, THAT IS...!!"

Nemoto-san's face immediately froze.

These are the photos of Nemoto-san forced into female clothes when he lost during the last summoning battle. If possible, he might want to bring this together into his grave. However, this is punishment for him toying with Himeji-san's feelings during the last summoning battle!! I won't let him off so easily!!

"Then Nemoto-san, if you don't want us to spread these around—"

While I was speaking, someone tapped me on the shoulder several times. What now?

"Oi oi oi, I say, Akihisa, you're talking to the wrong person!"

"Eh? Really?"

Seems like the person who tapped my shoulder was Yuuji. But besides Nemoto-san, who can I negotiate with...

"Oi, I don't know whether you're Nemoto's girlfriend or just class C's representative, the girl down there, listen up."


Koyama-san looked rather surprised as she stared at the photo album in Yuuji's hand. Seems like she doesn't know what they are.

"Look at this."

After saying this, Yuuji flips open to the first page. Inside, there's a photo of Nemoto-san wearing a skirt and staring shyly far away.


Ah, unknowingly, we won. This is so boring.

"Akihisa, hold down Nemoto."

"Ngn, got it."

I followed Yuuji's instructions, pulling Nemoto-san from behind as he tried to grab that album away.

"Alright, then, class C's representative. If you want this album, lose to us."


Nemoto-san let out a sobbing sound. Seeing such a tragic scene, even I would find it rather sad.

Using this form of negotiation, not only would Nemoto-san lose the match, his (probable?) girlfriend will also see the album of his embarrassing photos. To him, it's not even raining, it's pouring.

"...I accept. It'll be our loss."

"I guess that means we have an agreement."

BTS vol 02 105.jpg

An evil smile appeared on Yuuji's face.


Nemoto-san's pleas seem so empty, because Koyama-san is flipping through the photo album.

"Akihisa, the winner has been decided. I'm worried about the state of the teahouse. Let's go."

"You're right. Then, Endo-sensei, we win."

I didn't forget to remind Endo-sensei, who had also gone over to peek at the album.

"Ah, yes! The winners are Sakamoto and Yoshii!!"

Now that we have gotten our victory confirmed, we're into the third round. Good, good, good.

'...We're breaking up."


We don't have to listen to these sudden words. Someone said before that people who trample on other people's feelings will receive great retribution, so it's true...

The Fourth Question

Please answer the following question:

'Please state what PKO stands for and what it is.'

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

'Peace Keeping Operation. It's basically the member nations of the United Nations maintaining peacekeeping work on the orders of the United Nations.'

Teacher's remarks:

'Correct answer. Though its trivia, it's also called the United Nations Peacekeeping Operation. It's good to memorise it down when you have the time.'

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'Pantsu, koshi-tsuki, oppai. It's the international standard for measuring the 3 sizes by the lingerie manufacturers Association.'[9]

Teacher's comment:

BTS vol 02 109.jpg

What are you treating world peace as?

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

'Powell, Kanemoto, Okada.'[10]

Teacher's comment:

They are players that protect the peace of the Pacific League.

"I'm back...this, there aren't any customers around..."

Though we have brand new looking tables, there doesn't seem to be any customers inside the teahouse.

"Oh, you guys are back."

Because he has nothing to do, Hideyoshi, who's acting as a waitress, looks rather bored.

"We've won."

"That's good. Ah, have you seen Yuuji?"

"Hm, he said that he's going to the toilet."

Though he said that he's concerned about how the shop is doing, in reality, he's rather carefree about it.

"Come to think about it, Hideyoshi, what's going on? There's not even a single customer?"

"...Wu. I've been here all this while, but ever since that incident happened, there's not even a single customer."

Hideyoshi tilts his head and gives a puzzled look.

"In other words, something happened outside the classroom, right?"


Just as both of us are pondering on this—

"Onii-chan, I'm sorry."

"There's nothing to be sorry about, so don't mind it, pipsqueak."

"I'm not pipsqueak, my name is Hazuki."

The voices of Yuuji and a girl can be heard.

"Ah, hm, seems like it."

Eh, Hazuki...that voice, where have I heard it before...?

Ka-chang. The door of the classroom is opened, with Yuuji appearing outside. The person who's talking to him is small, so she's blocked by Yuuji.

"Oh, Sakamoto. Your sister?"

"So cute~eh. Do you want to go out with big brother five years later?"

"I want to go out with you now."

In an instant, the duo is surrounded by the stinking boys from our class. Maybe everyone's panicking because they have nothing to do.

"Ex, excuse me. Hazuki's looking for an onii-chan."

Seems like this girl is looking for someone, thus she would pair up with Yuuji. This Yuuji, though his mouth is vicious, he knows how to take care of others, huh...

"Onii-chan? What's his name?"

"Ah...I don't know..."

"Not your real brother? What special characteristics does he have?"

Even if he doesn't know the name of the person he's looking for, Yuuji still wants to help this kid look for the person. From this intimate act, I can feel his gentleness, maybe he likes children after all.

"Hm...he's an idiotic onii-chan!"

This characteristic is rather obvious.


From the gap between the crowd, I can see Yuuji turning his head around and trying to find the person.

"...But there are a lot of them here, you know?"

I can't deny that.

"Eh, it's not like this, it's..."

"Hm? Is there any other characteristics?"

"It's a really idiotic onii-chan!"

""It's Yoshii, right?""

So mean! I'm not crying here!

"How rude! I don't know that girl! You must have been mistak—"

"Ah! It's baka onii-chan!"

I was suddenly hugged by this little girl who rushed forward.

"...en, that's not a bad thing, eh..."

At most, everyone's been treating me like an idiot, to such an extent that even I'm beginning to feel the same way.

"Then, who are you? You should be an elementary school student, but I don't remember meeting someone of your age!"

I had to pull her away in order to better see her face.

"Eh? don't recognise me, you're too much..."

The little girl frowns. Ah, not good, did I make her cry?

"Baka onii-chan is really stupid! Hazuki wanted to find baka onii-chan, and went about asking 'do you know who baka onii-chan is'?, and came all the way here..."

What now, even I feel like crying at that!

"Akihisa—no, baka onii-chan is really stupid, I'm sorry."

"That's right. Stupid big baka, can you forgive him?"

There shouldn't be that many people who would be called idiots to this extent.

"But, but, baka onii-chan already promised to marry Hazuki—"



""KILL HIM!!!""



"Oh, it's Himeji and Shimada. Seems like you won."

Yuuji says calmly.

"Mizuki, pull the neck the other way, I'm going to twist his kneecap from the other way."

"Is, is this how you do it?"

Not good, I'm about to be killed.

"Wait a sec! I don't even remember what wedding agreement we have—"

"Uuu! You're too much! I've even given my first kiss to you—"

"Sakamoto, go get the chopper. Five of them should be enough."

"Yoshii-kun, you used this mouth to do such an evil thing?"

"Ebb vistaten (You're mistaken)! Eb be mebae (Let me explain)!"

Even gentle Himeji-san is going crazy! Though she'll be forced to transfer schools if there's a villain who caused violence on a girl, this is too much!

"Can't be helped. Well then, we'll stab you with two knives before listening to your explanation, so be patient."

"Eh, Minami. Even a chopper is enough to cause a fatal wound, no?"

I feel that Minami's not only lacking in the Japanese language ability.

"Ah, onee-chan. I came here to play!"

The girl stopped crying on seeing Minami.

Onee-chan...Hazuki...first kiss...

"Ahh! You're that doll girl!"

I remember! There was a girl who wanted to buy a present for her sister but didn't have enough money. I saw that she looks rather pitiful and helped her. I believe I gave her a large doll that time, right? After that, I was designated as a punishment inspector, and then all sorts of weird things happened, so I completely forgotten about her.

"I'm not the doll girl, I'm Hazuki!"

The girl balloons her cheeks angrily.

"Oh yeah, your name's Hazuki. Long time no see, how are you?"

"I'm fine!"

"Hmm, that's great. Come to think of it, you can find my school, huh?"

"Because onii-chan is wearing this school's uniform."

Hazuki starts to tug at my uniform the moment she finished saying that.

"Eh, Hazuki and Aki know each other?" [11]

Seeing this situation, Minami tilts her head and gives a puzzled expression.

"Mn, just last year. Does Minami know Hazuki as well?"

"Not just know, we're very familiar with each other. She's my sister."


I stare at Hazuki's face. Now that she mentioned it, they do look similar. Extremely energetic, and those eyes that show their strong will to win.

"Yoshii-kun is so did you know about Minami's family members? I haven't even met her parents before...don't tell me you've become her 'brother-in-law'..."

What on earth is Himeji-san saying? I do feel that she is occasionally ditzy recently. Must be the environment of the classroom.

"Ah! It's that beautiful onee-san! Thanks for your doll!"

Hazuki bows down and says. Such a polite child, unlike the principal.

"How are you, Hazuki? Do you like it?"

"I do! I sleep with it everyday!"

Doll? Everyday? What kind of doll did Himeji-san give Hazuki? She's Minami's sister, and Himeji-san would go to Minami's house, which means they would know each other.

"That's great~ you like it."

After saying this, Himeji reveals a happy smile. Why do I feel that there are many people around me that like children? Though I don't hate them, I don't know how to interact with them, so I'm rather envious when I see this situation.

"Oh yeah, how did we get so few customers?"

Yuuji surveys the classroom and says. Come to think of it, I was thinking the same thing. It's because of Hazuki that I forgot about it.

"Hazuki heard a lot of things as she came here."

"Eh? What things?"

Yuuji squats down to match Hazuki's height.

"Mm, like how the Chinese Teahouse is so dirty and how they shouldn't go there."

Hazuki's words made me groan.

The area below the table was rather dirty alright, but we should have settled it. Even so, the negative remarks continue to circulate. Why would they spread out to this extent?

"Wu...those guys that were interfering with our business before. I should have pulled them out and beat them to a pulp."

Putting his hand next to his mouth, Yuuji confident makes this conclusion.

"Those guys—are you talking about the Toko-Natsu group? How is it possible? Are they really that free?"

No matter what, that senpai was hit with a suplex. I really don't think that they'll dare to do such a disadvantageous thing to us.

"Well, who knows? We have to check the situation out."

"That's right, at least we have to see how far the rumours have spread."

Even young Hazuki has heard about this. Maybe the rumours have spread to such a large extent.

"Onii-chan, go out and play with Hazuki."

Hazuki holds tightly onto my hand. This is bad, if today were just an ordinary day where I can just focus on playing in the school festival, I can go out and play with her.

"Sorry Hazuki, onii-chan has to make the teahouse succeed no matter what, so I don't have enough time to play with you."

I say this as I pat on Hazuki's head.

"Humph~ Hazuki specially came here to find you~~"

Hazuki balloons her cheeks unhappily.

But the teahouse is extremely important to whether Himeji-san will stay. I hope to do my best and not leave any regret.

"Then let's just bring the pipsqueak along. We have to check the other classes that are selling food as well."

Yuuji quips. He's right, checking out the situation is a basic strategy.

"Hm~ really. Then let's go for lunch, 'kay?"


Hazuki's ballooned expression immediately becomes a smile. She really has a lot of interesting expressions. This so-called innocence refers to this kind of children!

"Then Hazuki, onee-chan will go with you."

Minami's tone is completely different from usual. To her sister, Minami should be a gentle sister.

"Wu, then Himeji should go with Yuuji. You all have to go for the summoning tournament, so it's best if you guys hurry up and settle this."

"Really? Sorry to bother you, Hideyoshi."

"Can we? Thank you very much, Kinoshita-san."

Just like that, Yuuji and Himeji-san joined our ranks. To move about in this crowded school festival, 5 members aren't very little.

"Then pipsqueak, where did you hear these words? Can you tell me?"

"'s a shop where a lot of pretty onee-chans are wearing short skirts—"

"What did you say!? Yuuji, we got to go!"

"Yosh, Akihisa! For the success of our class, we have to start with our thorough investigation!"

Hearing this, we both rushed forward.

The teahouse is an important thing to prevent Himeji-san from transferring schools. I hope to do my best and not leave any regrets behind.

"Aki is the worst."

"Yoshii-kun is so mean..."

"Onii-chan is so stupid!"

Ignoring the abusive comments behind me, my heart begin to race.

"Akihisa, we better give up on this place."

"What are you saying now? We came all the way here already! Hurry up and go in!"


The source came from within our mortal enemy, A class, the existence known as <Maid café 'Please let me call you master!'>; the signboard appearing in front of us.

"Oh I see, so this class has that Kirishima-san that Sakamoto likes so much."

"Sakamoto, you can't run away from a girl, you know?"

Just as Yuuji is trying his best to protest in the most ridiculous way, 3 girls came up from behind.

"Yuuji, we're here for investigations. It's not for personal interests—"

".........! (Snip snip snip!)"

I look around to see a male pressing the shutter of the camera very quickly.


"......You got the wrong person."

The one in charge of the kitchen is holding the camera with one hand, his other hand making a sign to deny the claims.

"You're Tsuchiya no matter how I see it. What are you doing here?"

"...Spying on the enemy."

Coming here to spy on the enemy seems to mean that he's taking photos of girls from a low angle.

"Muttsuriini. You can't do this. If you're to do anything like taking photos of girls without them knowing, aren't those girls—"

"...One for 100 yen."

"I want two dozen—extremely pitiful?"

"Aki, you just ordered it so naturally."

GYA! When!?

"......It's time for my duty, I'll be going back."

Muttsuriini hands the photos over to me before moving back to the classroom. To think that he even printed the photos, such an enigmatic man,

"Really. This Muttsuriini is really a headache."

I coughs as I casually stuffs the photos into my pocket.

"Yoshii-kun, what do you intend to do with those photos?"

Ah, I was seen through.

"Ya, so irritating~ of course I would destroy them! Forget about them, let's go inside! I'm so hungry."

Though I wasn't really hungry, I pressed against my stomach, trying to act as if I'm really hungry.

"Ahh, you're right. Let's go in."

Himeji-san really is a good girl, to actually believe in such lousy acting.

"Mmmm, got to spy on the competition—they're guys' legs? This scumball!"

"You're looking at the photos alright!"

"Ah, I'm sorbet! I'm sorbet! Sob puzzling bi mouth!"

My face is being pulled hard, and Hazuki, who's beside me, is pinching my thigh with all her strength.

"Then I'll go in first. Excuse me—"

Minami is the first one to pass through the door.

"...Welcome back, Mistress."

The one coming over to invite us is the beautiful and intellectual maid with such a cold aura—Kirishima Shouko-san.

"Wa, so pretty..."

Himeji-san inadvertently lets out a sigh. Kirishima-san is truly beautiful.

The long black hair and white apron complement each other, and the black stockings make her beautiful thighs even more appealing. This is beauty that even those of the same gender has to admit. Damn it, I really hate that Yuuji from the bottom of my heart!!

"Then excuse us."

"Sorry, we're coming in."

"Onee-chan's so pretty!"

Himeji-san brings Hazuki along inside. At this moment, like how Minami was invited—

"...Welcome back, master and mistress."

—Kirishima-san invited us in.


Yuuji finally enters the shop unwillingly. Indeed, Kirishima-san used the same method to—

"...Welcome back. I won't let you go home tonight, darling."

—welcome us.

"Kirishima-san is so daring..."

"I really got to look up to her..."

"Doesn't that onee-chan want to sleep and play with us?"

3 girls, 3 different reactions. Though I wonder what Minami meant when she said 'look up to'.

"Please let me guide everyone along."

We followed Kirishima-san to the back of the shop.

"Eh, onii-chan. There are so many customers here~~"

Hazuki tugs at my sleeve several times.

Like what Hazuki said, A class' spacious classroom is fully occupied by customers. Though I feel that the males will go to a maid café, surprisingly, there are some females as well.

"Then now, this is the menu."

Kirishima-san gives this deluxe menu to us. This is terrifying, seems like even the best class has to do everything perfectly.

"I want the 'Fluffy chiffon cake'."

"Ah, then I'll take that as well."

"Hazuki too!"

All three girls feel the same as they ordered the chiffon cake.

"I want 'water'. It'll be great if you can add a bit of salt in it."

"Then, I'll have—"

"...Repeating your orders."

Kirishima-san sounds like she wants to interrupt.

"...three 'fluffy chiffon cake', one glass of 'water' and a 'maid wedding application form'. Is that all?"

BTS vol 02 127.jpg

"AS IF!!!"

Yuuji roars in shock. The way this kid is being messed with is really weird. I'll just sit back here and watch him get messed up.

"...Then I'll prepare the cutlery."

Kirishima-san placed a fork in front of the girls, salt in front of me, a seal and a red inkpad in front of Yuuji.

"Sho, Shouko! That's my house's seal, right!? How did you get your hands on it!?"

"...Then please imagine your newly-wed life with a maid as you wait."

Kirishima-san bows before heading back to the kitchen.

"...Akihisa. I got to win the Summoning Tournament no matter what...!"

"Ah, yes, same thing for me."

I can see the determination from Yuuji's eyes. Though I'm pleased with his motivation, it's still very scary.

"Then Hazuki, this is the place you talked about, right?"

"Nn. Over here, there are two irritating onii-sans shouting about!"

Hazuki nods enthusiastically.

Two irritating boys. Which means they're obviously,

"Welcome back, masters."

"Oh, two people. Are there any seats near the middle?"

At this moment, we can hear the voices of the new customers. It felt like we've heard of that low class sound before.

"Ah, it's them. Those guys said that 'the teahouse is so dirty'!"

The owner of the voices belong to the Toko-Natsu group that was preventing us from doing our work. If their words were heard here, were they coming and going about?




In the middle of this crowded teahouse, to shout this extremely loud. No wonder our bad reputation would spread when they're doing this sort of thing!

"Wait, Akihisa!"

Just as I was about to go and beat them up, Yuuji stopped me.

"Yuuji, why are you stopping me? If you don't stop those guys...!"

"Calm down. The bad reputation will only spread if we beat them up here."

Yuuji glares at those guys sharply.

It's true that if we beat them up in a place with so many people, other people will get the impression that F class is a gathering spot of all the juvenile delinquents. Not only would the business of our teahouse be affected, if this is to reach Himeji-san father's ears, Himeji-san would definitely be transferring schools.

"But if we're going to bite our fingernails here and..."

Even at this moment, the rumours continue to spread around. Even though we knew, we can't do anything about it. This is frustrating!

"No, if we're going to do this, we need to use our brains—oi, Shouko!"


Kirishima-san appeared instantly the moment she was called. Don't tell me that she's been near Yuuji all this while, that's why she was so fast...

"Is this the first time that those guys are here?"

Yuuji points his chin at the pair. At this moment, Kirishima-san nods her head slightly.

"...They went out and came back in again. What they have been saying is almost the same. They're saying the same thing."

Kirishima-san's neat face is slightly distorted. Seems like they are also unwanted customers to her.

"Really...okay. Anyway, lend me a maid uniform."

Yuuji asks a problematic question without any awkward look on his face. This guy, doesn't he have any hesitation or shame?

"...I understand."

This is also a reply without any hesitation. Seems like they'll make a good couple—eh, wait!

"Ki, Kirishima-san!? You can't start stripping yourself here!"

"Yeah, there are a lot of beasts here!"

"Wa~. Onee-san's breasts are so huge~"

Himeji-san and Minami frantically stopped Kirishima-san, who's removing her maid outfit in this occasion. That was dangerous—or I should say this, but for some reason, I felt that it's a shame.

"...Because Yuuji said that he wanted it."

Kirishima-san, who was stopped, gives an incredulous expression. This person would do anything as long as it's Yuuji's request? She's truly a dangerous person.

"Sin, since when did say that I want to wear your maid outfit!? I mean I want a spare outfit!"

Yuuji turns his blushing face to aside. Though Kirishima-san is dangerous, since Yuuji is like this, I believe he won't do anything bad to her. What a relief.

"...I'll go and get it now."

Kirishima-san arranges her clothes neatly before leaving.

We subconsciously realised that our table has become the focus of everyone. Now it's harder for us to punish the Toko-Natsu group.




Damn it! Why must they say such words? I feel like beating them up right now!

"Yuuji! How are we going to handle those guys?"

"Okay, just wait a while. Himeji, Shimada, do you have a comb?"

"? We do have it..."

"Lend me that for a while. Also, I'll like to borrow any other items that are used for grooming."


Himeji-san pulls out a little bag from her blouse pocket. As expected of a girl of her age.

"Sorry. I'll return it to you later."

Yuuji receives the little bag. Though for his hair length, I don't think he needs a comb.

"...Yuuji, here."

At this moment, Kirishima-san brings a maid outfit here.

"Oh, sorry for that."

"...You owe me a favour."

"Ah, that's that. Akihisa."

"I got it. For next time, you can use Yuuji for a day."

"...Thank you, Yoshii-kun is a good man."


No matter how Yuuji tries to explain it, it's all for naught. Kirishima-san looks absolutely delighted as she leaves us.

"Then, what are we going to do with that?"

The maid outfit beside us can't be used as a weapon no matter how I think.

"...Wear it."

Yuuji glares at me with hatred. He had to listen to all her commands because we lost the summoning battle. Such a spineless man.

"Just like that, Himeji-san."

"Eh? I, I'm wearing it?"

Himeji-san widens her eyes. I do feel that it's suitable for her.

"Stop saying silly things. Himeji-san won't be able to attack even if she's to wear it, right?"

"Then, Minami? But then it would be too loose around the chest area------ ACKKK!"


What a scary killing aura.

"Not Minami either. If we do that, they would see through it."

"...Is it?"

Since it's not Himeji-san or Minami, and Hazuki is too small and can't wear it. So then, the only one left is...

"You're the one who's going to wear it."


It's me! Though it's possible that my identity won't be exposed if I wear it...!

"Can't Yuuji just wear it? You can still wear it if you force it in a bit!"

"Oh my, such a stubborn person. How about we go somewhere and do janken?"

It's here, Yuuji's proposal. I have been tricked by him for who knows how many times.

Even so, it's pointless to refuse it. I've seen through his thinking. Anyway, the most important thing is to make him wear that maid outfit.

"Alright, I'll accept that."

"Then here we go, jan-ken—"

"Pon (Paper)."

I chose paper, Yuuji chose scissors. I lost.


Yuuji stretches his index finger out and stabs it over at me.

This trick is—That! The secret technique whereby if I shift my face away to avoid his finger, he would point his finger in that direction so as to determine the winner!

"I won't fall for it!"

Not looking away, I continue to stare at Yuuji's fingertip. I won't lose!

"It's there—"


Ah, such an irritating sound.


I cover my eyes and tilted back. Normally, won't the finger stop in front of the eyes!?

"Ha!...Oh. It's my win."

Hearing Yuuji declare his victory, I open my teary eyes, Yuuji's pointing in the direction where I'm looking.

"Then, Yoshii-kun, are you alright?"

Himeji-san hands me a handkerchief. Ah, such a sweet smell...

"Ah, hahaha......but there'll definitely be no problem."

"You're right. Of course this won't count when you use such a dastardly tri—"

"I feel that Yoshii-kun would look cute in it!"

That's not the problem, I thought.

"I, I have never been this ashamed before...!"

"Akihisa, you're unexpectedly suited to wear this."

Hideyoshi, who came here after being called by Yuuji, only spent a few minutes to help me change and put on makeup in the male toilet. Really impressive, but I'm not thankful in the slightest.

"Then, I'll be going back to the teahouse. Beat those thugs up."

"Nn, got it."

After separating from Hideyoshi, I re-enter class 2-A. What the heck, I feel that a lot of people are looking at me.



Those guys are still saying such things. They're just finding places to nitpick. For me, since I'm betting on the teahouse for my classmate's fate, this is unforgivable.

"Excuse me."

I silently move away as I try to sound like an attendant. Those guys, I'll beat them good.

"What?—Ah, to think that there's this kind of girl around."

"Looks rather cute."

They surround me, looking like they want to lick me up. It feels gross!!

"Excuse me, guests, as I have to sweep that place, can you please stand up?"

"Sweep? Hurry up and settle it, ok?"

Both of them stood up from their positions.

"Thanks. Then we'll—"

"Hm? Why are you hugging my waist? Don't tell me you like me?"

"Go to hell!"


The suplex was successful. This is the second time that baldy-sempai got hit on the head today.

"You, you're Akihisa from F class...! To think that you have a habit of changing into drag—"

Cheh! He's still alive! No choice, got to ask for backup.

"This, this guy, HE TOUCHED MY BREASTS!!"

"Wait a sec! I only touched it because you did a suplex on me, and you're a gu—GYYAAHH!!"

"To do such a perverted act in broad daylight, such a shameless guy!"

Yuuji is now using the purpose of chasing away perverts as an excuse to step in.

"What did you see? It's obvious that we're the victims!?"

Taking over the baldy-sempai on the floor, the Mohawk-sempai stops Yuuji.

"Shut up! Right now, that guy touched that attendant's breasts, right!? I'M NOT BLIND!!"

No, actually, I do think that you're blind.

"Attendant, I'll leave that guy on the floor to you."

"Eh? Ah, okay. I got it."

Come to think of it, I'm an attendant now.

Hm~. This baldy, what should I do with him? I'll just put the bra that Hideyoshi stuffed in onto his head, and maybe put some instant glue on him.

"Then, to investigate your perverted behaviour, can you come along with us?"

Yuuji snaps his finger as he approaches the mohwak-sempai. He says that he's taking them, but why does it sound so irritating? He probably intends to interrogate them in the classroom.

"Cheh! Let's go, Natsukawa!"

Seeing this situation, the Mohawk-sempai decides to leave.


The baldy-sempai rushes outside with the bra still stuck on his head.

"STOP RIGHT THERE! Let's chase them, Miss Aki."

"Got it! But please don't call me that!"

Yuuji and I dash to the corridor to pursue after them.

"Come to think of it, Yuuji, how do we settle the bill here?"

"We didn't order anyway! Leave it to Himeji and the rest!!"

Since Yuuji said this, I'll leave it as it is.

"...For your bill, which one will it be, Natsume Souseki[12] or Sakamoto Yuuji?"

"A Sakamoto Yuuji."

"...Thank you for your patronage."

Is this really okay? You just lost 1000 yen.

"Akihisa! Those guys just ran up to the 4th level!"

Yuuji shouts in the midst of the crowded corridor.

"Sorry! Please use Miss Aki! The surrounding stares are killing me!"

I just have to hope that I don't meet anyone that I know.

"Got it! Akihisa Yoshii—correction, Miss meido Aki!"

"You bastard! You did that on purpose!"

I continue to climb the stairs while mindful to keep my light skirt from flipping. The classrooms in the 4th level should be all third years. We'll be kicked out if we get caught do anything, thus, we have to be careful.

Yuuji rushes into a nearby classroom. The entrance of the 3-A class, which is covered by a black curtain, has a signboard 'Ghost House Maze' on it.

"Welcome. Two people?"

"No, four. The people behind will pay it for us."

Nice. You passed the tab to the people behind without any hesitation.

"Okay, then please enjoy the terrifying world."

The senior who is acting as the administrator opens the door without any hesitation. Yuuji and I hurriedly rush in to avoid the lie from being exposed.

"Yuuji, it's dark here. If we move carelessly..."

"Yeah. We don't know what kind of traps those guys set up."

We continue to walk on this narrow road that's made of corrugated cardboard. As for light, there's only a small lamp placed beside our foot. Forget about catching them, it's even likely that we'll get ambushed by them.

"Careful, the fake maid with crossdressing habits."

BTS vol 02 141.jpg

"Mn, mn. If we're not careful, if we're not careful, if we're not careful..."

We notice the atmosphere around us as we continue to move forward.

Damn it. Because of the skirt, I have difficulty moving around. Should I lift it up and tie it around my waist?

"If we're not careful—"


At this moment, something appears in front of us. That's a demon that we've never seen before. Wearing male uniform, bald, medium-built—and wearing a bra on top.


"Both of you are."

So rude. I'm only wearing a maid outfit because of the situation. I hope I'm not being associated with someone who's happy to have a bra on top of his head.

"To think that they chased us all the way here, just irritating people!"

Baldy-sempai runs even further in. Seems like there's no ambush; he just so happened to meet us.



I protest violently to Yuuji who's grabbing onto my neck randomly. This should be the 4th level. I do normally feel that if I don't get a sprain, at least it'll be over.


Mohawk-sempai's voice came from nowhere. Damn it! If we can't move...

"Cheh! Dodge it! Miss Aki!"

"Looks like we can only do this!"

Giving up on chasing after them, we start to run back to the entrance.

"...Oh my? The wall didn't fall down."

"Did you bluff us!? That mohawk guy...!"

We can no longer see that baldy-sempai. Looks like we can't catch them.

"Yuuji, the third battle is about to start."

BTS vol 02 143.jpg

"What? At this time?... No choice then. Though a pity, let's retreat."

With events happening one after another, we can't focus on the summoning tournament. Such troublesome folks.

"Really, we nearly forfeited our place because of them."

Now that we don't have to worry about being locked in, we walk towards the entrance.

"...AH! The customers who didn't pay as they went in!"

"Run, Miss Aki!'

"AH~~Really! Why does this sort of thing always happen?"

Instead of walking, we might as well run back to the class.

The Fifth Question

In order to decide what kind of activity the class should do, can all students please assist in this survey.

'How do you decide on a female attendant when you run a teahouse?'

'① Cuteness ② leadership ability ③ mobility ④ others ( )'

Also, please choose an alternative candidate for this role.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'"① Cuteness" Candidate... Himeji Mizuki and Shimada Minami.'

Teacher's comments:

'You really can't decide between them, right?'

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

'"① Cuteness" Candidate...Himeji Mizuki Hideyoshi Kinoshita Shimada Minami'

Teacher's comments:

"Hazuki Shimada[13]"

'Sensei is somewhat wondering what's with the blood traces on the paper.'

Sakamoto Yuuji's answer:

'"④ Others (Marriage partner)" Candidate... Kirishima Shouko.'

Teacher's comments:

'Why was your paper brought here by Kirishima-san of class A?'

"So we won the third battle without a fight?"

"Yup, the opponent forfeited due to food poisoning."

We frantically rushed towards the arena for the third battle. After arriving at the scene, what was waiting for us is the unexpected result of the opponent forfeiting. This food poisoning, don't tell me...? I hope they weren't customers who stepped on a landmine here in our shop.

"Then, if you don't mind, can you guys help us to rebuild our business here?"

An apologetic Hideyoshi asks with a gloomy look. This isn't Hideyoshi's fault anyway.

"You're right. In order to gain back some of the lost customers, we must introduce something that can make a lot of impact."

The classroom is still empty. Though we have stopped the source of those negative comments, we can't stop the bad rumours that have spread around. Like Yuuji said, if we don't coming up with something big, the customers aren't going to come back.

"Uuu, then what should we do...?"

Hideyoshi looks around the entire classroom. Though I have looked around the classroom at least once, I can't think of anything special that we can do.

"Yuuji, do you have an idea?"

"Leave it to me. Though it's overly simplistic to use a Chinese teahouse and this kind of thing to attract customers, it should be very effective."

After that, Yuuji pulls out and aquamarine and white cheongsam[14] that has really beautiful embroidery on it. Hideyoshi comments,

"Eh. Though I feel that the skirt is a bit short, this would definitely make a large impact. If you're going to use this for publicity—"

It'll definitely have a large impact if Himeji-san and Hideyoshi are to wear it. Though we're being lazy, it isn't a bad tactic.

"Ah. We'll make—Akihisa wear this."

The impact is too great now.

"Wait...! Please spare me! Wearing a cheongsam after wearing a maid costume, everyone will think that I'm a real homosexual!"

For a happy school life, I certainly hope to have no more bad rumours about me. Even if I'm a normal student, I'm being even more famous for the wrong reasons.

"I'm just joking. This is for Hideyoshi, Himeji and Shimada to wear."

"Ah, that's it? What a relief~"

So it was a joke. Thank goodness.

"Aren't you joking when you're asking me to wear this?"

Hideyoshi sighs as he picks up the cheongsam.

Hideyoshi, what nonsense are you talking about? Even if we're joking about making Minami wear this, we're really saying this from the bottom of our hearts when we're asking you to wear this.

"We're back~! Ah, Aki took off the maid outfit."

"Ah...that's too bad. It was really cute."

"Hazuki wants to see onii-chan wear it one more time."

At this moment, the three girls came back. They continue to say such selfish words without caring about other people's feelings. Is my reputation going to worsen because of that incident...

"Ah ha ha. What a pity, the world isn't so naive to let people see others in cosplay, you know?"

I reveal a wicked smile to them. Since you people have seen me in a maid outfit, let me see you people in cheongsam.

"That's the situation. Himeji and Shimada, please help in increasing our earnings."

In order not to allow the prey to escape, I wave a cheongsam at them as I block their escape route. This is because at least Minami has the intention to run away.

"You, you two. Why are your expressions so terrifying...?"

"I can feel an ominous aura..."

Our two prey reveal a slight terrified attitude. However, what's regretful is that they have nowhere to go.

"Go, Akihisa!"

"OK! Hehehe, be obedient and wear this cheongsam—IT HURTS! I'M SORRY! I GOT TOO COCKY!!"

"You're so weak..."

The parts that were hit, abdomen, face and thigh, all hurt. Why is Minami's attack power stronger than me, a boy?

"Why are you mentioning this out of a sudden? I remembered that you said that we don't have to wear it."

As expected, Minami reveals an unwilling expression.

"This is for the publicity of the shop, and to satisfy Akihisa's personal taste. Akihisa likes cheongsams, right?"

I was suddenly pulled into Yuuji's conversation. Though I do like them, it's a bit embarrassing to let people know of this personal interest. It just so happened to be mentioned so coincidentally.

"I—love them!"

"You really don't know how to say a lie."

Eh? Looks like I said something wrong.

"Ca, can't be helped. For the sake of the shop, I'll just do this even if I don't want to."

"You, you're right! It's for business!"

Himeji-san and Shimada both pick up the clothes.

"Onii-chan, what about Hazuki?"

"Eh? Hazuki wants to help as well?"

"Help...? Ah, ngh! I want to help, so give Hazuki one as well!"

Such an obedient kid, nobody can tell that she's Minami's little sister.

"Sorry, though I understand your intentions, there's nothing that Hazuki can we—"

"...!!(Ch ch ch ch)"

"Mu, Muttsulini! Why are you sewing clothes here so quickly? And up till now, you weren't here in the first place!"

"...Don't underestimate my sense of smell."

What the heck. It was a cool line, yet it doesn't feel cool at all.

"Then we'll change into it after the third battle."

Himeji-san looks at the watch to check the time. That's right; Himeji-san and Minami have to go for their match.

"No, I hope that both of you can change into it right now."


Yuuji's voice and the duo's surprised cry synchronised in a harmonious manner.

"It's for publicity. From the third battle of the summoning tournament onwards, all battles will be shown to the public. It's rare to have so many people gathering, and there's no loss in trying to publicise ourselves."

"You mean you want us to wear this, this thing to the summoning tournament..."

"This is really too humiliating..."

Both of them look troubled as they hold onto the cheongsam. In front of the media and the crowds swarming in, to run out like this is rather humiliating. However, this is to prevent Himeji-san from transferring schools, so I really hope that they'll agree.

"Please agree to this!"

After saying this, I bow my head. This isn't for Himeji-san, but for me, since I do not want Himeji-san to transfer school. Basically, this is a completely selfish request from me, thus, I would bow my head down.

" really-- like cheongsams, huh..."

I don't dare to deny this fact.

"Don't tell me, that Yoshii-kun knew about my plight—"

"Can't be helped. For the class facilities, we'll help out. Right, Mizuki?"

Minami interrupts Himeji-san's thoughts with an appropriate reply.

"Ah, yes, yes! This is just a minor thing!"

Himeji-san replies with a rejuvenated tone.

Come to think of it, I did hear quite a nice info. If this is considered a trivial thing, then I'll continue to request Himeji-san to do similar things in the future.

If the information that Himeji-san and Minami are of class F, it'll have the two benefits of promoting the teahouse and showcasing class F's ability. It's rather effective.

"OK, leave it to us! Mizuki, let's go."


The two girls walk out of the classroom with the cheongsam in hand. There should be no problem if we're to leave it to them, right?


"Wa, this onii-chan is amazing!"

Hazuki's cheongsam was completed in godspeed fashion.

There's nothing impossible for a Muttsulini that has impure intentions. Though I already knew that, I didn't know that he even has little students covered. This guy is really enigmatic.

"Oh, then I'm changing now."


To an innocent teenage like me, and to a delusional Muttsulini, this scene is too inciting.

"...Recently, I've been thinking that Akihisa is viewing me as a girl."

"You're thinking too much, Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi."

"Mn, just like Yuuji said. Hideyoshi's gender is 'Hideyoshi', neither a male nor a female."

"...I don't mean that."

Eh? Am I mistaken?

"Hai, ay..."

"...!!(*Dripping sounds*)"

"Ha, Hazuki! You can't change here either! Muttsulini will die due to blood loss!"

Though he has lost quite a lot of blood, Muttsulini still looks like he's extremely happy as he presses against his nose.

"We're back—"

"We're back~"

Oh, that must be Himeji-san and Minami. We're saved!

"Just nice. I'm sorry, I know you girls are tired, but can you please help out outside?"

After both of them went for their match, we brought Hideyoshi and Hazuki, who have changed into the cheongsams, around the school. Though I felt that the initial effect wasn't great, but slowly, the number of customers starts to increase—about the time when Himeji-san's match was over. Most of the seats are filled up, so it seems that we were very successful.

"Good, it's back to how it was."


"The number of female customers have also increased. Looks like everyone's talking about how good our food is."

Because I was unlucky to get a bad one, I don't know how good our food is, but from everyone's reaction, the teahouse seem to be doing well. I have a feeling that the reason why the number of customers have increased is because of the cheongsams.

"Then, can you two help out by being attendants?"

"No problem."


Both of them sway their cheongsams as they head off to get some menus and a pen. With this, the number of customers should increase.

"Can I order something from you?"

"Ah, yes. May I know what you want?"

Just as I'm basking in the silhouette of those two, the customer nearby called me. In order not to be disrespectful, I immediately whipped out the menu and pen.

"I want some traditional Oolong tea and some sesame balls."

"Got it. So, let me repeat the order. You asked for traditional Oolong tea and sesame balls, right?"

After writing the order down, I lift my head towards the customer to confirm the Isn't this the head of teaching staff, Takehara-sensei? He came here again.

"Thank you very much. We'll serve your food soon, so please wait."

"I got something else to ask, may I?"

"Go ahead."

Takehara-sensei asked me as I was heading towards the kitchen. In response, I turned back.

"I heard that there's a student called Yoshii Akihisa here. May I know who he is?"

"Eh? I'm Yoshii Akihisa..."

I'm surprised that he's looking for me without any forewarning. What is the head of teaching staff looking for me for?

"Oh, I see. You're Yoshii-kun? (laughs)"

"Head of Staff, I feel that it's weird to laugh when you mentioned my name."

"Ah, I'm really sorry. But I can't just call Yoshii-kun, a student, 'idiot'."

"Em, excuse me, may I know what do the teachers in the staff room call me?"

Why is the term 'idiot' always associated with me?

"Aki, Tsuchiya called from the kitchen, saying that we ran out of tea leaves, and he's asking you to get them." Just as the conversation was under way, Minami has already prepared herself and walked in.

"K, got it. Sensei, can I leave now?"

"No problem, I'm not looking for you because of any particular reason."

"Is that so?" Then why are you looking for me? It's not like the head of teaching staff has any grudges against me.

"Aki, Tsuchiya said that it's urgent."


Though I'm not exactly sure what's going on, let's settle the shop's business before we talk about something else. I head towards an empty classroom, where the foodstuff is stored.

I start to walk fast down the corridor of the old school building to the destination. Eh, how many packets should I take? I should have asked how many should I take.



Just as I was standing around pondering, a voice came from behind. The voice came from a trio of boys behind me, and they look like they're about the same age as me. What's bothersome is that they just walked into this classroom.

"Erm, excuse me, this place is forbidden to all non-working staff, can you please leave?"

"That won't do, we're looking for someone named Yoshii Akihisa."

After that, one of the boys went to close the door up.

"Eh? Why are you looking for me?"

"We have no grudges against you, but please rest for now."

After one of the boys said that, a punch flies over.

"Oi wait! Didn't you get the wrong person?"

I ducked and dodged the punch, and at the same time, switched positions with them. Why do I feel like I'm some dodging expert because I got hit so often...

"Don't leave! Stand still!"

"I can't do that even if you say that!"

Though I'm at the door now and can escape easily, those guys would follow me back to the teahouse. What should I do now?

At this moment, the door opens.

"Ah, Akihisa, Muttsulini said that you need to get some red bean paste as well."

"Oi, Yuuji. You came at the right time."

Man, I'm so lucky that Yuuji came here at the most opportune time.

"Hm? Who're these guys?"

Yuuji frowns as he stares at the three boys.

"I'm not really sure, but they seem like they want to fight with you, Yuuji. I'll leave it to you then."

While I dragged a puzzled Yuuji inside the classroom, I used this chance to get onto the corridor.

"Oi, Akihisa, this—Oh, I see, so this is what it's all about."

"How are we going to take this guy down?"

"It's too troublesome, let's all take him down together."

I left these words behind me as I close the door and wait for a minute. After that—

"You, you better remember this!"

"I won't forget your face!"

"Watch out when you walk outside tonight!'

They have completely epitomised the meaning of the word 'losers'. As expected of Yuuji, he's strong

"Yuuji, do you know what they came here for?"

"Seems like they came here to disrupt Class F's business."

"Hahaha, nobody would be so stupid as to use this as a reason to cause trouble."

"Who knows? Anyway, let's head back, Muttsulini's waiting for us."

"Got it."

Yuuji and I again enter the classroom, and after getting the bags of tea leaves and red bean paste, we carry them back to the classroom.

—After a lot of things happened, two hours later—

"Akihisa, it's almost time for the fourth battle."

"Eh? Did the time pass by so fast?"

I checked the clock for the time. It's past 2pm now; to think that time passed by so fast just because I've been working so long inside the teahouse.

"Eh? Aki, you guys are going for your match as well?"

"Really. Actually, it's almost time for our match as well~"

Himeji-san and Minami put the trays aside.

"Onii-chan, where are you going? Are you going to leave Hazuki behind?"

A corner of my pants is being pulled on. Even when she's begging me like this, I can't...

"Kiddo, baka onii-chan has an important thing to do. You have to stay here and wait."

Yuuji messes up Hazuki's hair with his hand. This guy sure knows how to deal with kids. Seems like we can easily convince her.


Hazuki puffs up her cheeks unhappily.

"However, if you behave yourself like a good kid—"

In order to cheer her up, Yuuji gives a little smile.

"Baka onii-chan will teach you how an adult goes for a date, okay?"

And this guy just pitched a superbomb.

"Hazuki will go and help out!"

"No, that's not it, Hazuki! I don't have the finances that you expect! ACK, are you listening?"

Hazuki has already disappeared from the scene; she has rushed back into the kitchen.

This is much must I pay for an adult–style date? Looking at her, it doesn't seem like bringing her to a park to play on the swing is going to satisfy her.

"Aki, can you come to the back of the school compound?"

The sister's terrifying voice rings, and my shoulder got grabbed by this fierce presence, as if my shoulder's about to get dislocated.

"Minami, please wait."

At this moment, Himeji-san enters the scene. She's truly a gentle person.

"Looks like our opponents will be Yoshii-kun's group. There shouldn't be any reservations if we execute them with our summon beasts, right?"

To think that Himeji-san would proclaim this death sentence just when I was thinking this...It's hard to tell what she's thinking nowadays.

"Wait a minute! I'll get hurt if my summon beast gets hurt!! If I were to get hit by Himeji-san's summon beast, I'll get hit very badly, you know—"

"Humph, I'm fine with that."



"Hmm, that's for the best. Let's head to the arena. I'll be looking forward to what kind of scream Aki will make."

"Sure. Since you said this, let me see how long you can make Akihisa scream in anguish."

Seems like I'm alone on this one.

"And now, the fourth match will now begin. All contestants please come forward."

Being called by the refereeing teacher, the four of us walk towards the stage.

The temporary spectator stand, which is made for the visitors, seemed to be completely packed. Under these conditions, our fourth battle will begin soon.

"I see, the promotional effect here would be a lot greater."

"Yup, and also, all the people participating are from class F. This is really a chance for us to promote ourselves without any real objections."

After looking around at the crowd, I turn to nod at Yuuji. Now, we're one step closer to our goal.

"Then, girls, we'll leave it to you. Help us promote this!"

I said to the girls who are now the focus of all the men inside the arena.

"Erm...this is too embarrassing..."

Himeji-san presses down on her skirt as she looks down. Looks like she's blushing so much that her ears are all red now. She must really feel embarrassed now.

"A, Aki should wear some girl costume as well! This, this is too unfair!!!"

Minami is flushed red as well. Though the skirt is a lot shorter than the uniform she normally wears, I honestly have no idea why she's so embarrassed. Besides, it's not like it's lingerie or swimwear.

"Class F's rating will drop if I'm to wear a girl's clothes. Wouldn't it be troublesome if Himeji-san's father is to see it?"

"Eh? Otou-san did mention that he's coming over to see my match if I get into the finals... but how come Yoshii-kun knows about it?" Himeji-san reveals a look of disbelief.

Not good! This means that I shouldn't know about Himeji-san transferring schools!

"Erm, you see! I feel that if Himeji-san performs well, her parents will come over to watch!"

"Mn. Akihisa doesn't want to embarrass himself in front of his future father-in-law."

"No! Yoshii-kun looks extremely cute when he's wearing a girl's clothes, so it's alright!"

Ah, so you can make a Boke and Tsukkomi routine out of it.

"Can the four of you prepare yourselves?"

The teacher holds the microphone and reveals a bitter smile.

"Ah, yes. Then—"

I take in a deep breath and summon my summoned beast.


The four of us loudly summoned our summoned beasts, as the magic arrays appear beside our feet.

This alone is able to bring small cheers from the crowd. For those people who're only seeing this kind of match for the first time, this scene alone is rather intriguing to them.

After that, the all-important summoned beasts appear. The mini-version bodies of us appear, looking as cute as ever.

On a side note, the marks that would always appear aren't displayed yet. This is because they wanted to display the marks on a special gigantic screen. Maybe some time is needed to process the data.

"Then, the fourth battle—"

Just as the referee, Mukai-sensei is about to announce the start of the battle—

"Wait a second."

—He's interrupted by Yuuji.

"...Hm? Is there something wrong?"

Now that the momentum is somewhat weakened, the teacher reveals an unhappy look. But Yuuji doesn't mind this at all.

"Excuse me, can I have the mic please?"

After saying that, without waiting for the teacher to respond, Yuuji snatched the microphone.

"Hello to all the visitors to this Cool Summer Festival."

Yuuji waves his hand after saying that. Oh yeah, he intended to do some promotion right from the start.

(Himeji-san, Minami, stand over here. Yuuji's about to do some promotion.)

(Eh? Ah, okay.)

I whisper over to the two girls to call them over, and we then proceed to stand in a line.

"All four of us are working at the traditional teahouse of Class 2-F. Such cute girls are working hard over there, so if you can, please visit our shop."

Yuuji bows politely to the crowd, and we followed him.

""""Thank you very much!!!""""

We even let our summoned beasts lower their heads along with us. This would probably let the crowd have a deep impression on class 2-F.

"Sensei, I'll return the mic back to you."

Yuuji slightly nods his head before return the mic back to the teacher. He really thought of everything. I didn't even think of doing this to promote our teahouse.

"—So that's all. All visitors, if you have the time, please visit the class of our competitors here, Class 2-F."

The teacher smiles bitterly as he helped us with the promotion. Seems like he's just treating this as a promotion for the other activities in the festival. This is good.

"And now, that's the end of our commercial break, the summoning tournament will now continue. To the 4 representatives of Class F, please put in a good performance."

After saying this, Mukai-sensei backs away from us.

"Aki, Sakamoto, it's good that you managed to make it all the way here, but do you think you can beat us?"

Minami reveals a confident smile to us. The third-years, which would have been strong opponents, aren't taking part in this due to them preparing for the graduation exams, so these two girls are already considered talented substitutes, and thus it's expected that they'll be so confident.

"Shimada, you're too naive. Though you're winning substitutes, on the other hand, we can predict that you'll win all the way here. Thus if there is a need for tactics, no matter how many tactics are required, we'll bring them to you!"

Yuuji confidently replies as he points to the large screen. That's right, we have a strategy to beat them. forget about Himeji-san, who's good in all the subjects, Minami isn't all powerful!

F class, Himeji Mizuki, Ancient Literature 399 points & F class, Shimada Minami, Ancient Literature 6 points.


Minami gives an embarrassing cry. To her, who just came back from Germany, Ancient Literature is like an alien subject to her.

"The matchup schedule that you got—"

Yuuji smirks evilly as he says,

"—Was done up by me."


That's right, the matchup schedule that Minami and Himeji-san got was made by Yuuji. Though the competitors are all real, the subjects in the matchups were slightly altered. This is a trap that Yuuji set when he told the principal what subjects are to be set.


"You're right, Yuuji! That 6 point summoned beast of Minami won't even make a difference!"

" despicable people!"

The screen ignores Minami's vengeful cry as it displays our marks.

F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, Ancient Literature 211 points & F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Ancient Literature 9 points


"...To be honest, I'm really sorry about this."



The atmosphere at the arena is completely awkward. There's nothing more embarrassing than this.

"Yosh, Yuuji! Let's take them down one on one like the last time! I'll take care of Minami, you take care of Himeji-san!"

"Oi, my burden is too great!"

Even so, if I'm to go up against Himeji-san, one hit would be enough to send me flying. Besides, the difference in our ability is more than 40 times.

"I got it! Use your most favourable matchup to make up for your deficiency then!"

"What stupid thing are you spouting again?"

Though we're shouting, Yuuji's scores are really rather high. Though it's still a lot less than Himeji-san's, he's strong enough to match class A.

"...Well, can't be helped. If so, I'll do as you say and use a strategy—Shimada, Himeji."


"What now?"

"I said before that Akihisa wanted the tickets to 'Kisaragi Highlands'."

What's this guy planning now? Let's hope this one doesn't affect me negatively.

"What's with that?"

"I said that Akihisa would be going along with me—that's a lie."

So what was he pretending about? I ain't a homosexual in the first place.


But why are those two looking like they're really surprised?

"Then, who are you going with..."

"Isn't it obvious?"

Yuuji reveals a daring smile. Is he going to say the truth that the principal told us? If so, then the principal would just forget about the deal, no?

"Akihisa wants to invite Shimada's—"

"Eh? Akihisa wants to take the happiness ride with—"

"—Little sister."


Such, such terrifying killing intent! I didn't even say anything at all, so why do I feel that my life's in danger?

"Wait, wait a sec, Minami! I've never thought about doing anything to Hazuki!"

"I've already felt that your relationship is so good...I didn't expect it to be like this."

This glare of hers sends a chill down my spine. That gentle sister that would protect her sister when her sister's in danger is a cruel killing machine to me.

"We really need to punish Yoshii-kun a bit, right?"

"Hi, Himeji-san?"

For some reason, behind a smiling Himeji-san, there's a figure of Asura behind her. Behind the smile, there seems to be a devil's face.

"Mizuki! you smash up Aki's summoned beast. I'll smash up his main body."

"Got it"

"I don't get it at all! I don't understand what both of you are saying at all!"

Both of them are locked onto me. At this rate, I might end up dead due to the adverse effects of my summoned beast and physical damage!

"I'm going up!"

Himeji-san's summoned beast immediately closes the distance. As, as expected of the 2nd best student in our year! Though it's not blindingly fast, it's still a lot faster than the opponents we faced up till now!

"Wa, WAH!"

I barely managed to dodge it; my 9-point summoned beast is a lot slower in reaction.

"Aki, you just take this punch from me."

"Minami! That's a foul!"

Minami directly attacks me. I can't operate my summoned beast and defend myself at the same time!

"That's not a foul."

Mukai-sensei's cold answer reaches my ears. Is this really alright? Can an educator really allow this kind of thing to happen?

I can't help but turn to look to Yuuji for help. At this moment, his eyes are telling me "I know this is difficult, but you have to hold Himeji-san's summoned beast down. Leave the rest to me."

...So that's how it is. Yuuji wants to use the chance caused while I'm holding back Himeji-san to launch a surprise attack. Then I'll endure Himeji-san's attack and hold her back!


Himeji-san wants to pull back the huge sword that I managed to barely dodge. Seizing this chance, I let my summoned beast leap towards the sword that's being retracted.



The pain bounces back onto my body. As expected of Himeji-san, even when she's pulling back the sword, the power is terrifying. The tremendous pressure from the blade carries over onto my body.

But if I can endure this, Yuuji will send in the fatal blow!


I grit my teeth as I give the signal to him. Like this, if I'm to dodge Yuuji's punch, I'll—

"You idiot. Your moves will weaken if you think that much!"

Yuuji's summoned beast closes in, and he's aiming this full-powered punch—between Himeji-san and my summoned beast?

BTS vol 02 173.jpg



Yuuji's over-200-points summoned beast attacks without caring about whether we're friends or foe. The power now can probably compete with that of a gravel truck.


Because she's unable to defend herself completely, Himeji-san's summoned beast gets blown away easily. If so, even if it's Himeji-san, she can't continue on anymore. Then—

"Heavy Gravel Punch!"

The gravel truck like punch flies towards me as well. This pain that'll be like a, a car accident will...


Minami's attention turns towards Himeji-san's summoned beast, which was sent flying.

"Seems like you still have time to look at others, Shimada."

As the match is still going on, Yuuji would never let this chance escape.


"And the victory would be decided with this."

DONG! With a loud sound, Minami's summoned beast gets slammed hard by Yuuji's punch. Himeji-san's summoned beast was unable to take such a powerful hit, so the result here is obvious.


Mukai-sensei reveals a troubled expression, wondering how to describe this situation.

"Using trickery to destroy his friend alongside his opponents, Sakamoto Yuuji gets the victory!"

I'm on the same team as him, so my name should be announced as well. But while thinking that sensei's right this time, I lost my consciousness due to the pain.

"Despicable guy."

"You two are really too much..."

"Ah, it's not that. Besides, we're fighting for the victory."

I look away, avoiding Minami's probing stare and Himeji-san's sad look. But come to think of it, it's weird to be the one being lectured when I'm the biggest victim here. Besides, my body is aching like crazy.

"No need to rattle on, girls, we'll get the victory for you."

The one who started it all doesn't seem to look guilty at all. How shameless can Yuuji be?

(Anyway, you girls can now focus on the teahouse, right? We'll think of something regarding the summoning tournament.)

It'll be bad if Himeji-san hears it. Thus, I had to whisper to Minami.

(Even though Aki's group won, I suppose it might give a better impression to Mizuki's father.)

Like me, Minami whispers back.

Since the objective is to show Himeji-san's father that class F has some capability as well, it's much better for us, who are unrelated in this, to win than for Himeji-san to win the tournament on her own.

(Also, don't tell me you did something to Hazuki?)

Even though I furiously explained this after the match, Minami is still a bit suspicious. They really don't trust me, huh...

(Don't worry, I'm not really interested in A-cup sized girls.)

(...Ah, hahaha. I'm relieved.)

On hearing this, Minami lets out a little laugh, and turns to look behind.

(...Girls aren't all about breasts. Aki, you idiot...)

Minami doesn't rebut back, but mutters some inaudible words. Though I was only joking, I'm a bit embarrassed that I didn't get a response after saying such a sexually suggestive thing. If this keeps up, I might end up being treated as a guy who only judges women based on their breasts.

"Guys, please win..."

Himeji-san leans over and looks up at me. This, this tactic is really effective...

"Of course. We'll definitely get the win. I'll do it properly till the end for you to see!"

How can we let such a cute girl like Himeji-san transfer school?

"Fine fine, then I'll wake up earlier tomorrow. Oh, isn't the business doing well?"

"Mn, it sure looks good."

"Great. Looks like our promotion worked."

"If it didn't, it would be meaningless for us to go about so shamelessly."

Many customers have come into our F classroom. Looks like our efforts in that huge fight didn't go to waste.

"Ah—Baka onii-chan! There are many customers here now!"

Hazuki recognized us and immediately comes running out from the shop.

"Yup. Thanks you for the help, Hazuki."


Being patted by me on the head, Hazuki closes her eyes comfortably. She's really as cute as a cat.

"Oh, it's those girls!"

"They look even cuter up close!"

"The little girl and the female attendant in the classroom are both cute as well. That's really high quality!"

The praises continue to be heard outside the classroom. Seems like the cheongsams can really seduce men.

"Ah, Akihisa, you guys are back. Who won?"

Hideyoshi walks over while carrying a tray with one hand. Not good, his attractiveness is too strong!

"It's Yuuji, right?"

"Yup. Sakamoto won it by himself."

"You're right."

"Akihisa's on the same team, yet he lost?"

In a certain sense, I even felt that I was the only one that lost. Besides, as long as we win, Minami and Himeji-san's goal would be achieved.

"Forget about that. The customers would be very disappointed if our rare girls are to stay here. Right now, please focus and help out in the teahouse."

Most of the customers are looking over here. As the beautiful 4 girls are all gathered here, it's not so weird for this kind of thing to happen.

"You're right, let's go and help out in the teahouse."

Though she doesn't have any sleeves, Himeji-san does the action of rolling up the sleeves, in order to motivate herself.

"You're right. Though I'm a bit mindful about how other people are looking at us, let's do this for the business!"

"Yes, Hazuki will do her best!"

"...I'm a guy here, you know..."

"Hideyoshi, you must never reveal your gender, you know."

It's for the dreams of the customers, and for our earnings. It'll be troublesome if Hideyoshi isn't a complete girl. On a side note, I'm rather happy about this, but let this be a secret.

"Haaah, can't be helped...ah, welcome to our European culture Chinese teahouse!"

The instant the new customer walks into the shop, Hideyoshi switches to another voice. Though one wouldn't really care about it, the acting DNA actually overrides his own intentions. This is really great.

"Then, let's not stand around and do nothing. Let's go help."

"Mn, you're right."

In order to help out in the teahouse, Yuuji and I proceed to wear our aprons.

"Then, we'll be heading off for the semi-finals."

"Yes. Do your best."

"Aki, I won't forgive you if you lose!"

"I got it."

After helping out in the teahouse for an hour, it's time for the semifinals. As the finals are to be held tomorrow, this would be the last match today.

"Akihisa, we definitely must not lose this match."

There's a sense of seriousness in Yuuji's eyes that I have not seen before. This is expected, because the next opponent is—

"Kirishima-san and Kinoshita-san's sister are the opponents now. This is rather troublesome..."

Yes. The opponent this time is the number one super group in the second year—Kirishima Shouko-san, who's head of our year, and Hideyoshi's sister, Kinoshita Yuuko-san. Unlike Minami, these two don't have a weak subject, and aren't as naive as Himeji-san. The only thing that can be expected is that this would be a difficult match.

"Don't worry. Anyway, it seems like Yuuji has a plan."

"Sort of. I'm not so stupid as to fight with that monster head on. I will fight a beautiful battle."

"It's worrying if it's just Aki saying this, but if Sakamoto says so as well, then it shouldn't be a problem. Come back with a win!"

"Onii-chan, do your best!"

"Got it."

Hearing the voices from the classroom behind us, Yuuji and I head off to the arena.

"Ah, Yuuji, what battle plan do you have?"

I ask Yuuji, who's walking beside me. Actually, I don't know what kind of plan Yuuji has, and I don't know what I should do to act along.

"It's not just us this time, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini will be helping as well. You just need to act along."

"Hideyoshi and Muttsulini?"

Come to think of it, they weren't in the classroom just now. I wonder where those two went.

"The target is Hideyoshi's sister, Kinoshita Yuuko. I want to make use of her and reverse the situation."

"Hideyoshi's sister? Even if you didn't involve her, I feel that Yuuji alone should be able to handle Kirishima-san without any problems~"

"Oi, shut up!"

Yuuji unhappily cuts the conversation off. He would make fun of others, yet he won't allow others to talk about him.

However, how does Yuuji really view Kirishima-san? Maybe I might feel touched, but Yuuji isn't the direct type, so he won't tell Kirishima-san. Really, I should find a chance to push him a bit. It's really tiring to have such an inflexible bad friend.

"...Akihisa, I really don't like that expression in your eyes."

"Hm? What do you mean?"

Yuuji's glaring angrily at me. This is truly unexpected, I'm supposedly showing compassionate eyes of a someone worrying for a little kid.

"Anyway, tighten up. If we lose this, your beloved Himeji-san will be gone, and my future will be gone as well. GET READY TO BET ON YOUR LIFE!"

We're about to arrive at the deciding stage of victory. No matter whether I want to or not, I have to up my game.

"Got it! Though I'll prefer it if you can get rid of the 'beloved'. We definitely cannot lose!"

Arriving in front of the arena, both of us are full of battle intent. I have never thought of losing right from the beginning, we have to win no matter what methods we use!

"Alright, let's go!"


After punching each other on the fist, both of us head towards the arena, where our opponents await.

"We've kept you waiting, everyone! The semi-finals will now begin!"

As we arrive, the refereeing teacher's voice can be heard from the audio speakers. Seems like we were almost late.

"Will the participants please enter the arena!"

This is basically just like an arena fight, I thought as I arrive in front of the spectators. At this moment, our opponents, Kirishima-san and Kinoshita-san walk over from the other side.

"Yuuji, don't stop me."

"Forgive me, I still have a lot of things to do."

If you really hate to go to Kisaragi Highlands, then why don't you just refuse her? Yuuji is really dishonest.

"...Yuuji, do you really hate to go out with me?"

Ugh! This, this is the sure-kill of showing such pitiful eyes! For a cold girl like Kirishima-san to use this tactic, the power is truly infinite! Whoever who says such cruel words at this point would be inhumane!

"Mn, I hate it."

He isn't human alright. "...Of course, it seems that we both need to live together to understand each other."

Ugh, Kirishima-san's not accepting defeat as well. She doesn't care that she got rejected to this extent. In terms of personality, I suppose these two are compatible with each other.

"HA! What a pity! Say that when you beat us!"

"...I got it. I'll do it."

After both of them argued for a while, the semifinals will now get under way.

"Yuuji, what about the plan?"

"Leave it to me, this plan can be said to be completely flawless—it's up to you, Hideyoshi!"

For some reason, Yuuji called Kinoshita-san, who's right in front of us, Hideyoshi. What is he saying? Though she looks like Hideyoshi, she's Hideyoshi's sister who's studying in class A—I see! Yuuji made use of the fact that Hideyoshi looks exactly like Kinoshita-san, and switched both of them before the battle! Way to go, Yuuji!


At this moment, Kinoshita-san places a hand near her mouth and laughs. What now? If it's Hideyoshi, hurry up and respond!

"Hideyoshi, there's no need to continue acting as Kinoshita-san. Hurry up and come back to us—"

"Hideyoshi? Isn't your Hideyoshi the garbage over there?"

Kinoshita-san points at a corner beside the stage. That's—

"Hi, Hideyoshi? How did you become like this?"

Hideyoshi was not only beaten pretty badly, his hands and feet are both tied up.


Yuuji widen his eyes and roars, his plan has failed.

"...I've already seen through what Yuuji is thinking."

Kirishima-san smiles at Yuuji. Though Yuuji tried to use the fact that he and Kirishima-san were childhood friends, this has turned into our disadvantage!

"However, it's just that someone leaked the information."

Kinoshita-san said something strange—someone leaked it out? If someone didn't notice us all this time, it's impossible to leak this information to the opponent when even I don't know about it.

"Ku...sorry Yuuji, I failed..."

Hideyoshi gets up from the floor, biting his lips as he reveal a sorry expression.

However, even more than this, seeing Hideyoshi wearing a cheongsam and being tied up is really hurting my eyes. This scene made me think of something that I shouldn't be thinking of.

"...!(Kacha kacha kacha)"

"Muttsulini! When did you get there!?"

Muttsulini, who's snapping furiously on the camera, suddenly appears beside us.

"Stop taking photos and untie Hideyoshi (Sell me those photos when you're done taking them)!"

"Akihisa, you revealed your true intentions in those words."

Argh! My direct side came out.

"...Got it."

After slightly nodding his head, Muttsulini quickly heads off to Hideyoshi to untie him. If possible, I hope that he doesn't forget about the photos.

"I'll be very happy if you can admit defeat. I don't like to bully the weak after all."


On hearing Kinoshita-san's advice to surrender, Yuuji frowns.

Yuuji's strategy failed. Thus, we can only use a direct method. If the situation continues like this, we'll lose, without question.

In this critical moment, it's time for me to shine.

(Yuuji. I have an idea. Just repeat what I say.)

(Idea? What do you—)

(There's no time to hesitate. Anyway, I'll leave it to you.)

(Um, Oh.)

In order for our opponents to not see through this, I moved behind Yuuji as if nothing has happened. And then, for added insurance, I called Hideyoshi over.

(Then let's start. Follow what I say, and try to be as natural as possible, okay?)

(Got it. I'll leave it to you this time.)

Yuuji nods his head. Okay, let the battle begin!

Listen to me, Shouko.

"Listen to me, Shouko."

Yuuji followed what I said. Good, very good.

I'm grateful that you have this intention. However, I have my own plan.

"I'm grateful that you have this intention. However, I have my own plan."

"...Yuuji's plan?"

I want to use my own ability to get the tickets, so that I can gain happiness with you.

"I want to use my own ability to get the tickets, so that I can gain happiness with you—WHAT? HOLD ON A MINUTE!"

Yuuji panics as he tries to look back at me. However, I'm not going to let him do that. I forcefully hold onto Yuuji's head from behind.


Kirishima-san stares at Yuuji in ecstasy. My plan worked like a charm.

So please back away. And if I win, we'll get married.


Yuuji tries his best to struggle. Too bad, I've already expected your reaction.

"Go to hell!"


I press onto Yuuji's carotid pulse[15]. With this, Yuuji will obediently listen.


Kirishima-san can't wait to listen any more. Leave it to me. I'll fulfill your expectations!

I'll leave it to you, Hideyoshi!

Got it.

It's time for Hideyoshi, who's beside us, to take action. We'll use Hideyoshi's ability to imitate any voice to deal the death blow!

"So please step aside. And if I win, we'll get married. I love you, Shouko."

The final words are said, and it's hard to tell whether Yuuji himself said it or not.

Come to think of it, Hideyoshi added some words that I didn't ask him to...maybe Hideyoshi just loves to do this kind of imitation?

"...Yuuji, I love you too..."

"Wai, wait a sec...I never said love...GUAAH!"

In order to let this dishonest Yuuji be unable to refute it, I forcefully choke his neck.



Kirishima-san holds Yuuji's corpse tightly and buries her face in his chest. Yuuji's limbs lifelessly lay down there. Maybe that's just my imagination.

"However, even if it's me alone, I can't possibly lose to Yoshii! I'm going—SUMMON!"

"Hoho. Is that so? You better hate the fact that this battle is on health education!"

I give a signal to Muttsulini. This is the plan that Yuuji originally intended!

"Let's go, salmon[16]!"


The summoned beast appears on being called. Over there is one that even Kinoshita-san from class A can't beat—

"Eh? Isn't that Tsuchiya's..."

Muttsulini's summoned beast. This is the secret technique 'substitute summon' (a foul that isn't caught by the referee is a high-level technique!)


"Such, such a despicable—KYAAHH!!"

With the handcuffs, the victor was decided with the first hit. As long as the subject is health education, nobody can beat Muttsulini!

A class, Kinoshita Yuuko, Health Education 321 points & A class, Kirishima Shouko, Health Education Unknown.

F class, Tsuchiya Kouta, Health Education 511 points & F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, Health Education Unknown.


I announce this before the referee can announce this.

"...Regarding the match just now—"

Ah, it seems like the win is still undecided. Can't be helped.

"Kirishima-san, can you consider this our win?"


"Shouko, I love you (Hideyoshi speaking)."

"...We lose."

Kirirshima-san conceded defeat. With this, both parties have agreed that it's a legal win for us.

"...I got it. The winners are Sakamoto and Yoshii!"

Getting the win, I raise my hands triumphantly to the crowd. However, the crowd's staring coldly at me. This is to be expected. The crowd came here to see a win decided by a summon battle, but in this match, they almost didn't get to see a summoned beast at all.

"Then we'll be off!"

I bow down and run off, intending to reach the classroom before the angry shouts reach my ears.

"Akihisa, your mind thinks quite fast."

Hideyoshi, who's walking beside me, tidies up his messed up cheongsam as he said. Ugh, I feel that a lot more customers would be attracted if he just leaves it as it is.

"...Mission accomplished."

"Thanks, it's all because of the great help of Hideyoshi and Muttsulini."

With this, there're only the finals left. Our goal will be achieved, and Himeji-san won't have to transfer schools.

"Oh ya, should we leave Yuuji over there?"

"Eh? There's no problem, right?"

"Oh, okay. If Akihisa says so, I guess it's alright."

"Ah haha. Yuuji has to be more honest—"

"Because Kirishima-san drugged him and wants to take him away. I was a bit worried."


Once we got back, we saw Yuuji's lifeless eyes, and he was dressed in cocktail attire.

The Sixth Question

Please fill in the correct answer in the blank:

"In the Haber-Bosch Process, the ingredients used to make Ammonia are Ammonium Chloride and ( )."[17]

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

Calcium Hydroxide.

Teacher's comment:

That's correct. Creating Ammonia is a very important process for industries. Please remember this.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

Ammonium salt absorption agent.

Teacher's comment:

BTS vol 02 193.jpg

Please don't create such a method so conveniently.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:


Teacher's comment:

That answer is illegal.

"Akihisa, I'm going to kill you today!"

"Ah, Yuuji, you're irritating~. Your eyes are terrifying, you know?"

After beating the drug out of Yuuji's stomach and splashing a bucket of cold water on him, Yuuji finally regains consciousness. his body sure is strong.

"And isn't it Yuuji's fault for his plan to be seen through? The opponent was that Kirishima-san, you should have at least considered that, you know?"

"Ugh, now that you mentioned it, I really have nothing to say..."

Seems like Yuuji can't keep his cool when it comes to Kirishima-san. In other words, Yuuji is actually quite mindful of her, no?

"Oh ya, are Himeji and Shimada in the classrom?"

"Eh, I'm not so certain, but they should be there, right?"

At this moment, Himeji-san, Minami and Hazuki should be helping out as waitresses in the teahouse now. Hideyoshi and Muttsulini were with us just now, and they should be going back to work.

"I suppose the enemy's about to do something to interfere with our business..."

Yuuji makes this conclusion that's full of danger. What does he mean by 'doing something'? And to interfere with our business?


Once we arrive back at the classrom, Muttsulini, who's waiting at the classroom, comes running over.

"Oh, it's Muttsulini. What's up?"

"Our waitresses got taken away."

"Ehhhh? Himeji-san and ther rest got taken away?"

Why does something like this happen one after another? What's going on?

"Seems like they considered that they have no chance of winning if they come after Akihisa and me directly. This is an expected move that they'll move."

I hear Yuuji's muttering. Does 'coming after us directly' means fighting with us? If so, forget about me, there aren't many people I know that can beat Yuuji in a fight. Though that guy is always slacking and doesn't work hard, he would train himself.

"Forget about that. Are Himeji-san and the rest alright? Where are they taken to? Who were they taken by?"

"Calm down, Akihisa. The situation's still under control."

"Eh? Really?"

"I expected them to directly do something to them, or maybe they might do something to interfere with our teahouse by finding flaws with it."

Seems like taking away the waitress is the enemy's plan to interfere with our business. Our business will be definitely affected once we get hit by something like this.

"Your prediction's really dangerous."

Yuuji seemed to have predicted what will happen to Himeji-san and the rest. This is completely different from just a simple interference, it can't be considered as a joke. If one's not careful, this might even end up as a criminal case.

"There're too many suspicious points."

Come to think of it, Yuuji would reveal a pondering look more often nowadays. He does seem a bit weird ever since then.

"...I know where they are."

At this moment, Muttsulini pulls out some kind of machine.

"What's this? Looks like an audio recorder."

"It's a tracking device."

"OK. Then I'm not going to ask you why you have that."

I don't want to see my classmate as a criminal.

"Then, now that we know where they are, this makes things a lot easier. Let's save the princesses easily, okay? Your Highness?"

"I really don't like that dirty teasing glance of yours, but I have to thank Yuuji first. If something's to happen to Himeji-san and the rest, the situation will end up being a lot bigger than the summoning tournament."

"...That's probably the enemy's motive."


"Anyway, we'll say more after we saved them. Muttsulini, please save Himeji-san and the rest."

"...Got it."

"Yuuji, what are we going to do?"

"A prince's job is often defined, right?"

Those childish eyes gaze at me.

"What do you mean by a prince's job?"

"We're going to beat up the thugs that kidnapped the princesses."

"Then what are we going to do next? Sakamoto and--Yoshii, right? Are we going to use these people here to threaten them?"

"Wait a second, I'm not sure about that Yoshii--but laying hands on that Sakamoto won't do us any good. Though he's pretty quiet now, Sakamoto's name was infamous during middle school."

"Sakamoto, as in that Sakamoto?"

"Mn. If possible, I don't want to go against him..."

"I understand your feelings, but we can't just go on like this, right? WE were requested to force those two to be unable to do anything after all."

The noise of this chatter comes from the receiver that Muttsulini's holding onto.

Requested? In other words, there's a mastermind behind all these?

(Yuuji, these guys are--)

(Mn, the person behind all these hired those thugs.)

Muttsulini brings us to a KTV that's about 5 minutes away from Fumitzuki Gakuen.

Himeji-san and the rest may be locked up in a room.

"O, onee-chan..."


Minami's angry cries reach our ears. Maybe because Hazuki got taken, Minami was forced to come along.

"Because! The way she cried out 'Onee-chan' is so cute!"


There should be a total of 7 people letting out this demonic laugh, right? Alright, I'll shut those trashy mouths of yours right now!

(Wait, Akihisa, don't just act on your own. I understand your feelings, but we have to put saving the girls as our priority. We have to wait here until Muttsulini finishes his job.)

(...I got it.)

Like what Yuuji said, we can only wait here. Muttsulini will think of some way to save them, and after that, it'll be time for us to take the stage.

"...I'll clear the ashtray for you."

"Eh? Then what about these big sisters? Can we take them?"

"Then I want the big-breasted one over there."

"Ah! You're cheating! I'll take her when you're done!"

These despicable laughters echo throughout the room.

"Ugh...Mm! Please let Hazuki, let us go!"

"Hm~What should we do now?"

"Then lets see if these onee-chans will work hard or not?"

"KYA! Don, don't touch me!"

"Oi, hold on! Stop that!"

"Ah--really, you women are really fussy."


Something was pushed away. And that sound can be heard together with Minami's wail. Several seconds later, the clanking sounds echo out loud; it sounds like something flipping a table and falling on the floor.

...And then, something within me jumps out.

(Oi! Akihisa!)

Yuuji's cry to stop me seems like a far cry.

"Excuse me!"

Anyway, I open the door and head into the designated room.

"Yo, Yoshii-kun?"


The people inside the room are Himeji-san, who's all curled up, and Minami, who's fallen and sitting on the floor.

The situation inside is about as what I expected.

"Eh? Who are you?"

The guy sitting near the entrance asks me. Alright, then I'll take him down first.

"Well, I'm sorry..."

I gently grab his wrist.


Then, I proceed to kick him in the groin.


An irritating feeling can be felt on my foot. With this hit, the other person ended up unconscious and with blank eyes.


At the same time, I feel the heavy impact and heard the blunt sound, and this is because I got punched in the face by some guy beside me. I can taste blood in my mouth, did my mouth break—but so what!?



I responded with a kick to that guy's face, and that guy falls over with blood flowing out of his nose.


Who's the one who did that? Is it the one beside Minami? Or...ah, heck if I care. If I don't know, I'll just beat them all up!

"That guy is the one called Yoshii!"

"Why is he here?"

"Anyway, it's good that he came up here himself. FINISH HIM OFF!"

Four guys flip the tables and surround me. Though I'm dazed after being punched in the face, I responded with a punch to that guy's face.

"Don't get too cocky! You're alone!"

"Don't belittle us!"


Forget about it when they're coming from the front, there's a whole lot of them. Pain continues to flow through me as I get hit from behind and on the side.

"I must, I must beat you guys down..."

Even so, I don't have the right to run away. I rub away the blood on my mouth and glare fiercely at the enemies. Since I can't hide, I'll just endure the pain and beat them all up!

Just as I intend to grit my teeth and endure the attacks—

"I really can't stand you, idiot......think before you do anything—will ya?"


The enemy rushing forward got hit and is sent flying into the wall.


"Now you owe me one!"

Yuuji said this as he buries a fist into another guy's body. Ah, it's a knee to the gut this time.

"He's, he's here! It's Sakamoto!"

"Even Sakamoto's here!?"

Those guys immediately panic and try to escape once Yuuji appeared. Looks like we can settle it now...

"Sakamoto, you won't care about what'll happen to this little Missy?"

One of them grabs Hazuki from behind. He dares to do this to a girl, and to an elementary school student at that!

"Listen up! Be obedient, or else the one getting heavily injured—"

"...Will be you."



The rogue faints, and standing behind him with the crystal ashtray still in his hands is a short boy. It's Muttsulini, who has disguised himself as a staff member and snuck in.

Like what Muttsulini declared, this guy is heavily injured. He sure has enough determination to back his words up.

"On, onee-chan! ONEE-CHAN!!"

"Hazuki! You're must have been scared, right..."

Regaining her freedom, Hazuki hugs Minami tightly. Such a touching reunion scene.


Himeji-san opens her arms wide as she heads towards me—don't tell me, this is my chance?


I also open my arms wide in order to receive her gentle body. Come on, come into my arms!



What came over is a delinquent's punch.


"What's, what's with this guy? He's crying blood...?"


"Himeji, Shimada! You girls go back to school first!"

"Yuuji! You're trying to prevent me from doing that as well!?"

However, since this judgment is correct, I can't object to it.


"Is, is this really Sakamoto..."

"So the devil Asura's rumour is true after all..."

To fight with Yuuji when he's pressured by Kirishima-san to the limit, I can only express my condolences to these guys.

"Oh ya, why is Hideyoshi the only one being tied up?"

"...Rather suitable."

"I was holding onto the ropes that nee-san used to tie me up..."

You were tied up because you were holding that thing? You're really unlucky.

"Also, why am I the only one who got my butt touched..."

Hideyoshi mutters to himself sadly. However, I can imagine what those baddies were thinking as they felt him up, so I can't say anything.

Now that the kidnapping fiasco's over, Yuuji and I are enjoying classroom F that's empty after a day's worth of business.

"Akihisa, that person will arrive soon."

Just as we're sitting down and drinking tea, Yuuji said this.


"That old granny."

He probably meant the school principal.

"Would the principal personally come over here?"

"I called her over. When I met that old granny on the corridor, I told her to 'explain everything clearly'."

"Explain everything way, Yuuji. She's still a senior. If there's anything, we should be the ones going over."

"Forget about that whatsoever...these series of events are all related to that old granny. I won't be satisfied if she doesn't explain everything."

"All related to that old granny—EHHHH?"

Yuuji said all these in a matter of fact fashion, yet it seems to be some sudden insider info to me.

"That, that damn old granny. What did she hide from us!?"

Because of this, Himeji-san and the rest got into danger, and made us have so much difficulty in running our teahouse business. We have to protest to that damn old granny!

"...Really, I even specially came all the way over here. You brats are really polite."

As the voice resounds, the sound of the door opening can be heard.

"So you came, old granny."

"So the mastermind behind all these has appeared!"

"Oh my, since when have I become the person behind all these?"

The principal shrugs her shoulders with an 'I'm the victim here' attitude.

"Though you aren't the culprit behind this, you didn't explain what's needed to be explained. This also counts as a form of betrayal."

"Uu...really. I knew that you're smart, but I didn't expect you to even guess what I'm thinking."

"I already felt that it was strange when you came up with the proposal. If we go according to your explanation, there's no real reason for you to ask us. You could have asked for someone with a higher score."

"Ah, now that you mentioned it, you're right. You could also have explained it to the winners and asked them to give up the prizes."

"That's right. It's too inefficient to set us up."

Set up...erm, I guess you mean 'support'?

"Don't tell me she didn't consider that the head of teaching department can't object directly if she could settle this?"

"If so, she wouldn't be so stingy with the repairing of the classroom. A student's health should be more important than education. As an educator, and especially a principal, it's impossible for her to object to this."

"In other words, this old granny purposely acted like that to force us to participate in the summoning tournament?"

"That's about it."

This, this old granny...!

"Do you still remember that condition I gave to that old granny?"

"Condition? Erm—"

"The condition to allow you to decide on the subjects, right? I see, you were testing me there."

"Mm, this was because I thought that you might give the same offer to some participants who're aware of this as well. If so, you wouldn't just agree with conditions that are only beneficial to us. However, that old granny actually accepted my proposal."

To accept this, it means that if we win, it won't be a problem to the principal, right? The reason that she would object to the repairing of the classroom and even request us when we don't have good grades, there must be some sort of reason behind it.

"Also—some people would even come to find faults with just a school festival teahouse, an informer would tip off our opponent, and all sorts of things. Among them, the most important one is when Himeji and the rest got kidnapped by those guys. If they're just here to look for trouble, they wouldn't go to this extent. "

That was really dangerous. If Muttsulini didn't install a tracker on them, this would have become a criminal case.

"Really? For the opponent to be so unscrupulous...I'm really sorry."

At this moment, the principal lowers her head. That thick-skinned principal actually did that to us!

"The enemy probably thinks that for you guys with such low grades, he can crush you by breaking your concentration...they must have been really frantic when you two made it to the finals."

Maybe the principal is one with a real strong sense of responsibility, as it's not that simple for a senior to lower her head to us.

"Alright, now that we have revealed our cards, it's your turn."

"Sigh..I'll reveal my helplessness if I say this. If possible, I would prefer not to say this..."

With these introductory words, the principal prepares to tell us the truth.

"My aim isn't the Kisaragi Highlands tickets."

"Not the double entrance tickets!? What's going on!?"

"To me, it doesn't matter what that enterprise wants to do. I'm aiming for the other prize."

"The other prize? Isn't it something called the 'platinum bracelets'?"

"Oh, that equipment that has a special function?"

I checked on it before, there seems to be two of these bracelets.

One can allow the user to divide his score by two and summon two summoned beasts, the other one can substitute a teacher as a witness and allow summoning of monsters. This bracelet seems like it can change the area of use of the summon according to the score, and seems like the user can decide on the subject tested.

"That's right. I hope that you two can help me win those platinum bracelets."

"To win the bracelets? You're not asking us to reclaim it?"

"If so...if she really wanted to reclaim those bracelets, there wouldn't be any need for her to ask us, right? It seems like she's trying to prevent those bracelets from being reclaimed, right?"

Yuuji said to the principal with a mocking tone.

"You really think fast...that's right, I'm trying not to reclaim those bracelets, since new technology would be revealed. If we reclaimed it before it was promoted, the existence of this new technology would be suspect."

If possible. This means that she would reclaim it in the worst case scenario.

"Then, why must we be the ones to take these platinum bracelets?"

"...Because there's a defect."

The principal frowns unhappily. To a technician, having a defect in some new technology must be an unbearable shame. It's no wonder she would have this kind of reaction while she's explaining this to us students.

"Will there not be a problem if we use it?"

"Yes. If you use it, it won't go amok, since there will be a problem when it passes a certain level of power, thus I can't ask other students to do this."

"I see. So you can't ask people with better grades to do this."

This time, Yuuji's the one who gives an ironic smile.

"Erm—in other words...?"

"People like you 'who can win even with low grades' just so happen to fulfill this criterion."

"I don't really understand, but I'll take it as a compliment, no?"

"No, I'm saying that you're idiots."


"While you can't understand this before an explanation, I can't help but feel that you can't accept being called an idiot..."

GUUU! Seems like Yuuji understood it. If so, am I the only one who's an idiot?

"Between the two bracelets, that bracelet that can create a summoning field can withstand the power to a certain extent...but for the other one that can summon two summoned beasts at the same time, there's a risk of it running amok if the average is above what it can handle, so these bracelets can only be used by Yoshii."

"Yuuji, can I take this as a compliment?"

"No, you were tricked like an idiot, and to quite an extent."



Damn it! I can't understand it if they didn't directly say 'you're an idiot' to me! Is this the meaning of 'the elderly are the most vicious'?

"Really? If so, the one who is trying to stop us is the one who hopes that the principal loses ground—someone running another school and the people working with them."

"Yuuji, can you stop leaving me out of this conversation?"

"I really can't stand you idiot...the reason why they tried to obstruct us is because they would feel troubled that we'll prevent the bracelets from going amok, right? The ones who would want this to happen are the other schools who got their students snatched away."

Ahh, so that's the case. Yuuji's so naughty, you could have just explained it to me step by step.

"Such incredible deducting. Though it's embarrassing to say this out, I can't just hide all these forever. Seems like the head of teaching Staff, Takehara-sensei is the one pulling the strings from behind. I heard that he has been going in and out of a private school, so that should be the case."

"Then that Toko-Natsu duo, and those delinquents—"

"They're most likely his subordinates, though I don't know what their reason for helping is."

Mmm, I keep on nodding my head, and suddenly, something pops up in my head.

"Wait, then isn't that—a serious situation?"

"You're right, it has got to do with the survival of Fumitzuki Gakuen."

Under the school's special curriculum, the test summoning battles are being observed to see whether they're suitable to be used. If the system is to go amok in this situation, the entire existence of the school will come under suspicion.

"Ah, but if you can just explain this to the winners and reclaim the equipment—"

"Unfortunately, that's impossible. Do you know who your final opponents are?"

Yuuji pulls out a little booklet from his pocket. Following the schedule that's written on it, our final opponents should be—

"The Toko-Natsu group..."

"That's right. They're the guys on the head of teaching staff's side, and they would be very happy if the bracelets go amok."

If so, we can't ask them to give up the equipment.

"I'm sorry. No matter what, you must win."

The principal gives a stiff look. Seems like the situation is serious to such an extent.

"To think it would end up like this."

And even Yuuji said this.

"Principal, I have a question."


"As long as the combined marks is less than the average, it won't cause it to go amok, right?"

"Yes. Nothing will happen if one or two subjects are exceptionally good."

"Really, then that's good."

We got nothing to say if our scores can cause the bracelets to go amok, but luckily, Yuuji's average hasn't reached that level yet, so there shouldn't be a problem.

"Yuuji, I heard everything I want to hear. Let's go home."

"You're right. We still got something to do after going home—and we need to wake up early tomorrow."

"Then, I'll go back to my office."

The principal silently gets up from the chair.

"I'll leave it to you two tomorrow."


Just like that, the first day of the school festival is over.

The Seventh Question

Please answer the following question.

On which year (AD) was the Kan'i Jūnikai[18] system created?

Himeji Mizuki's answer:


Teacher's comment:

That's correct.

Sakamoto Yuuji's answer:


Teaher's comment:

BTS vol 02 217.jpg

What happened? Sensei's surprised that you got it correct.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:


Teacher's comment:

Please forgive sensei for giving you an 'X' upon seeing your name.

"Morning, Aki~"

"Good morning, Yoshii-kun."

"Ah, good morning girls."

On the second morning of the school festival, Himeji-san and Minami arrive at school.

My mind is carefully thinking about what to say.

"Ah, yes...did you two sleep well last night?"

"Eh? Yeah, I did sleep rather soundly."

"Really? Then...did you finish your breakfast?"

"Yes, I came here after eating my breakfast."

"Erm, then, did you have any weird dreams last night or--"

"*Giggles* Yoshii-kun. Looks like you were thinking too much?"

Oh my, looks like I was seen through. However, since they were nearly raped, it would be normal to worry about the impact on them.

"Don't worry. It was scary, but I'm really calm, so calm that it's inexplicable."


"Yes, because everyone was alright in the end...and Yoshii-kun came to save us."

After saying that, a natural smile appeared on Himeji-san's face.

"Instead of Aki, I suppose it's better to say that we were saved by Sakamoto and Tsuchiya."

Minami also looks rather indifferent. These two sure have guts, I'm somewhat feeling a bit sorry that I underestimated them.

"I'm relaxed now that you two are so energetic. Then, this morning, we'll be--"

"...No abnormalities."

"Nothing strange's going on here."

"Really, thanks guys."

Hideyoshi and Muttsulini also arrived in school. Because of what happened yesterday, I requested Hideyoshi and Muttsulini to accompany the girls to school. I even lent a taser that I borrowed to them.

"There's no need to thank us over such a small thing, and I didn't really help out yesterday anyway..."

"Nope, it can't be helped when you're tied up."

Or it's better to say that Hideyoshi's fate was really bad, such that he was touched on the butt several times.

"Oh, are you two okay today?"

Yuuji scratches his head as he enters the classroom. Seems like he's not too worried about the girls, maybe it's because Muttsulini and Hideyoshi were accompanying them.

"Eh? Sakamoto, you're here already?"

"Yoshii-kun and Sakamoto-kun really came early today."

"We came here early in the morning to take some exams. Hooo..."

I give a yawn due to fatigue. Of course, this can't be helped when I pulled an all-nighter.

"Really, won't it affect the results later? The opponents are third years."

"Seems like it, and it's said that they have some of the best grades."

In terms of how they took action, those two really look stupid, especially that baldy.

"There shouldn't be any difference. The third years' exams are much more difficult, and the battle conditions are the same."

"It's not that, I'm worried that you two may be too weak to take them on..."

Minami's words seem to indicate that she's already giving up. Why so rude?

"If you have time to worry about this, go open the shop, huahhh..."

"You really are not interested in what's going on with the store. Aren't you going to help out with it?"

"I'm sorry, can you let me sleep for a while? I didn't really sleep much nowadays, and my mind's now a bit dazed because I stayed up all night."

No matter what, it's hard to maintain concentration like this. I'm rather confident in my fitness, so I should be able to recover after taking a little nap.

"Is that so? Then please go and take a nap."

"That's right, leave the teahouse to me."

"...(nods head)"

"Can't be helped. I'll call you two up if you two aren't awake later. Okay?"

"Thanks. then can you please wake me up at 11?"

"11? Isn't the match's at 1pm?"

"I'll come and help during the busy lunch period."

Even though we have only 3 hours to sleep, that's enough for Yuuji and me.

"Then, wake me up as well. I'm going to the roof to sleep. Yawn..."

Yuuji uses his hand to cover his mouth as he uses his other hand to reach for the door handle.

I see, to the roof. The audio equipment that's set up for the night festival is located there, and we won't be disturbed. The weather today is extremely good, so it's good for taking an afternoon nap.

"Then I'll go up and sleep as well. I'll leave it to you later."

I press down on my heavily dazed head as I stand up.

(They're going to sleep together...)

(Can't be mistaken, he's going to lean on Sakamoto's shoulder...)

Well, I might as well abandon all the noises behind me as I leave, or else I'm going to have nightmares.

"Then, let's go, Yuuji."

"You're right. Shimada, is it alright if we go first?"

"I can't do anything even if I say no, right? You're going to compete in the finals anyway."

In the end, Yuuji and I only managed to help out for half an hour. As they saw that we were really tired, they compassionately allowed us to sleep a little more. No matter what, I do feel that our classmates are really gentle.

"We'll go over to cheer for you guys later."

Himeji-san's cheongsam get-up today is as ever dazzling. Her charm is definitely one reason why the earnings on our second day increased dramatically.

"It comes down to this. Don't get careless, okay?"


"I got it. I won't make the same mistake twice. Then, I'm leaving."

"Really, those words are irritating my ears."

After Yuuji and I gently punch Hideyoshi and Muttsulini's outstretched hands, we head off to the arena.

"I thought we might get distracted before the match. Didn't expect nothing to happen though."

"If it's not because they gave up due to being unable use those petty tricks, then it's because they didn't know where we were."

"I see. Only those people who want to use the audio equipment would go up and use it."

And the audio equipment will only be used during the night festival later. It's basically a tailor-made hiding spot for us.

"Hideyoshi and Muttsulini were watching the shop as well."

"I heard that the taser is a dangerous thing that can also conduct electricity through clothes."

"It's alright, at least it's not fatal."

I strongly feel that the taser I gave to those two is a forbidden item, and it looks dangerous anyway. Most people would run away in fear, so there shouldn't be a problem.

"We've done everything, and now, we just need to win this."

"You're right."

After that, we remain silent, and walk down the path to the arena.

"Oh, there's quite a lot of spectators."

"As expected of the finals."

My heart paces as I arrive at the front of the arena. I'll be lying if I say that I'm not nervous.

"Yoshii and Sakamoto, please hurry up, it's time to go in."

The teacher in charge of the arena waves to us on seeing us. They even arranged for duty personnel at the arena, the finals is really different from all the other matches we had up till now.

"Then ladies and gentlemen, we've kept you waiting! The finals of the summoning tournament that uses our test battle system is about to officially start!"

The audio broadcast airs a voice that I have never heard before. Maybe the school hired some professional emcees. Since this is a highly anticipated event, it's possible that such a thing may happen.

"Will the participants please enter the arena!!"

"Then, please go in."

The teacher pats us on the back, and moves off to the audience in front.

"These two are Sakamoto Yuuji of Class 2-F, and Yoshii Akihisa Of Class 2-F! Will everyone please give a round of applause!"

The huge rain-like applause descend on us. There's quite a lot of people watching this, and Himeji-san's father would definitely be here watching as well.

"The group that managed to beat the best, Class A, is unexpectedly the lowest combination of Class F! Maybe we need to change our rigid view of Class F!"

(Those words sound good for once.)

(Ya. It can also give Himeji-san's father a good impression.)

Perhaps the reason the spectators are giving us an ovation is to promote the test summoning system by showing that 'because of the test summoning system, even those who are weak would work harder'. But no matter the motive, we can't ask for anything better than that.

"And on the other side, we have Tsunemura Yuusaku from Class 3-A, and Natsukawa Shunpei, who's from Class A as well!"

The ones who were called up and appearing in front of us are the Toko-Natsu group that caused us a whole lot of trouble yesterday.

"Though they're one of the few third-years participating, they did make their way into the finals. Now, will we see them display the prowess of the third-years?"

While receiving the applause from the crowd, both of them slowly move towards us.

"Then now, I'll briefly explain the rules of the match. The strength of the summoned beast is equivalent to the grades-"

The announcer starts to explain the rules, and we ignore it as we're already familiar with them, continuing to glare at each other.

"Yo, sempais, have you run out of your bad ideas?"

Yuuji folds his arms as he looks like he's treating the sempais as idiots. He sure looks cool in this situation.

"We're very understanding, we don't want you guys to embarrass yourselves in front of the crowd. However, for your F-class brains, you probably won't understand it."

The baldy-sempai won't give up as he replies Yuuji, taunting us while stroking his chin. Seems like both sides are really able to agitate their opponents.

"Such a pity, I can't understand your words even if you're from Class A. You should polish up your Japanese first, you baldy king of the ape mountain."

"You, you kiddos dare to treat your sempais..."

Both sides continue to taunt each other with a volume only they can hear. Looks like Yuuji has quite a lot of unhappy words he want to express as well.

I also have something that I want to confirm with them.

"Sempais, I have something to ask you."


"What's your reason for helping the head of teaching staff?"

Hearing this, the baldy-sempai reveals a shocked expression.

"...Is it? Looks like you guys know all about this."

"Sort of, so why?"

"For our graduation. If we're successful, he will write a recommendation letter for us. We would have no need to study for the entrance exams."

"Really? Then--Natsukawa-sempai, you're the same as well?"

"Sort of."

"...I see."

I slightly nod my head as I end this conversation. This is all I want to know.

"Actually, we didn't need to use any tricks. There's a whole world of difference in level between Class A and Class F."

"Really? Since you two went all the way with those things, I suppose both of you are afraid of Akihisa and me, right?"

"Ha! And you dare to say this! Your methods of winning is to use some cheap tricks by making use of the opponents' personalities and weaknesses. If your opponents are us, you would have absolutely no chance of winning."

Maybe that's true, the reason why we were able to win up till now was because we clearly understand our opponents. We can't beat these opponents if we're to use the same trick now.

"And now, the match will begin! All contestants, please get ready!"

After the explanation, the refereeing teacher stands right between us.


We shout out and summon our summoned beasts.

Our opponents' equipment are of traditional swords and armour. As they have rather high grades, even their equipment looks impressive.

A class, Tsunemura Yuusaku, Japanese History 209 points & A class, Natsukawa Shunpei, Japanese History 197 points.

As expected of Class A , their marks are pretty impressive. If they can get such good marks, that means that their summoned beasts are rather strong, and not swiss cheese.

Looks like these two are rather good with their homework as well.

"So now, can you see that our marks are great?"

"Since these are marks that Class F can never see, it's expected for you to have this response."

Seeing the sempais show off like this, I'm speechless. These really are marks that they can brag about. Very, strong.

But since they can get these grades, it means that they can graduate with their own ability, since those marks can get them anywhere.

However, they didn't challenge themselves with something that they can definitely do, but tried to wreck our one and only second-year school festival, preventing us from creating wonderful memories--even almost creating a tragedy of us being unable to keep the most important person to me.

"Alright, let everyone see your atrocious marks."

"Tsunemaru, don't bully them too much. They're going to show it now anyway, right?"

The mohican-head sempai lets out an irritating laugh.

Facing these two, a strong surge of emotions wells up inside me.

Because of these guys, I'm unable to prevent Himeji-san from transferring schools? THIS IS SO STUPID!

"A while ago..."


"A while ago, a certain girl in my class said this."

"What? She told you how to escape before embarrassing yourself?"

The baldy-sempai laughs out.

Himeji-san's words during the summoning battle echoes in my mind. Yes, she said this.

"She said, "I can continue to work hard for the one I like"."

"EH? What dreamy words are you saying?"

"--I've had a similar feeling recently."

F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, Japanese History 215 points & F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Japanese History 166 points.


On seeing the scores on the display screen, both of them are shocked, immediately turning pale.


The summoned beasts wield their specialized weapons as they get into a battle stance. The fight begins now.

"Akihisa, I worked hard with you all the way to this extent. I won't forgive you if you lose!"

"I know. Thanks for teaching me. Didn't expect your mind to be pretty good."

"Everyone's good when compared to you--now, we're going!"

Yuuji's summoned beast is the first one to move. Its equipment is a lot lighter, and thus, it's a lot more agile.

"Tsunemura! Leave this to me!"

The mohican-head sempai frantically stands in front of Yuuji. As he was too slow, he let Yuuji's summoned beast get close to him.

"Then my opponent would be sempai."

"Bring it on! I just got distracted, stop getting cocky!"

The baldy-sempai's summoned beast raises its sword as it attacks me from the front.

It's fast, but--

"Sempai, you're too panicky, you know? This simple sudden attack is basically inviting me to dodge--"

I slightly move my upper body aside. This straightforward attack that wasn't even thought through won't even cut the edge of my jacket.

"Damn it, you bastard...!"

Though the opponent reveals his belly as he attacks, he still manages to turn around and swing his sword over.


I slightly move my body away to avoid this attack, and in this instant, I strike him 3 times.


The baldy sempai barely manages to use his sword to shield himself and takes a huge step back to regain his posture.

"You damn brat, you averaged only about 60 points during the summoning battles..."

The baldy-sempai's tone changes as he glares at me. Seems like they collected some information on our battles.

"Except for this subject, my standard now isn't a whole lot different from what it was before."

"Damn planned this right from the start...?"

"That's right. You're pretty understanding."

I swing my wooden sword at baldy-sempai, who's biting his teeth hard and revealing a vengeful expression. Since my marks are so high, my wooden sword's so strong that it won't break in a direct clash with the opponent's sword.

"What now? Sempai doesn't look so good."

"You two bastards, you're from class F..."

The conversation between Yuuji and the mohican-head sempai can be heard. Yuuji's light summoned beast is matching his opponent's attacks with his agile moves.

"Can't be helped. Though it's a bit childish to use this on second-years, let me teach you what's the difference in experience!"

After saying that, baldy-sempai's summoned beast moves back. Besides me, even baldy-sempai himself is a lot further away. If even the controller's a lot further away, what's he planning? It's tougher for a summoned beast to do battle if he's standing a lot further away.

"There're some tricks you don't know."

Baldy-sempai said some unexpected words to me while I was still confused. Now that he said this, I'll be focused on the opponent's summoned beast whether I like it or not. Just as I'm focusing on every single motion of the opponent's summoned beast, the opponent summoned beast looks like it's about to charge forward.

Do the sempais really have some unknown power that we don't know of?


Baldy-sempai focuses all his strength. Though I don't know what the enemy will do, I'll take him down before he does anything!


I let my summoned beast charge head on. Though the battle distance is too great for me, this disadvantageous condition should also apply to the enemy.

"See, you've been tricked."

Baldy-sempai's mocking voice can be heard, and at the same time, something flies into my eye. This...a stone? The enemy hurt my eye with a stone!


That's why he purposely made such an exaggerated action. The witnesses and audiences are all focused on the summoned beasts that's far away from each other, so no one noticed Baldy-sempai's actions. I was tricked!

"This is the difference in experience."

Not good! The enemy's attacking!

"Guu!" As I haven't regained my vision, I can only jump aside on instincts. After that, I can only feel a sharp pain on my left abdomen.

I rub off this pain as I force myself to open my eyes, and what's appears in front of me explains the pain--my summoned beast got cut on the left side of the abdomen by the enemy's sword.

"So you're a 'punishment inspector'? The next hit will be painful, you know?"

After that, the enemy hits me on the chin with a punch, and I can only see blank as my head gets concussed.

With the feeling of the head being shaked up and the burning pain on my abdomen, I feel like puking. Looks like this isn't good...

This unbearable pain makes my vision all blurry, and my consciousness start to sway.




I stamp hard onto the floor and regain my footing.

"Well done, partner. Ready to continue on?"

"...Of course!"

Yuuji's roar helped me. Yes, I can still fight. And yes, I don't want to lose to this sort of person EVEN IF I DIE!


Baldy-sempai's summoned beast charges forward again.

My summoned beast has lost some strength. I won't have a chance of winning if I don't settle this now!


I endure this pain as I let my summoned beast go past the enemy, and then send a kick to the enemy while he's completely exposed at the back.


Though the injuries caused me to be weakened badly, it's enough to make the enemy lose balance and allow me some time.



Yuuji confirms my situation before letting his summoned beast charge directly at the other enemy, the mohican-head sempai.


Mohican-head sempai swings his longsword, yet Yuuji doesn't let his summoned beast dodge.


The blade's about to hit the head of Yuuji's summoned beast. However, at that instance--


My summoned beast tosses its wooden blade and hits the blade precisely, changing the trajectory of the blade.

"Ugh! OH NO..."

Just as the blade misses, Yuuji's summoned beast lands right at the best position.


The huge impact of the punch moves towards the enemy, as Yuuji's shout is complimented with the roar of the crowd.


After that, baldy-sempai's summoned beast charged over. I'm unarmed, and the enemy's a 3rd year student, so it's different from students of the same year who aren't used to controlling the summoned beast, since I can't just take him head on barehanded.

However, if the opponent's distracted, I can still dodge the first hit.


Baldy-sempai's summoned beast freezes for a moment because mohican-head sempai's summoned beast was sent flying over in front of him. This is revenge for the little stone just now.

I use this gap to let the summoned beast advance. Baldy-sempai's summoned beast missed the best chance to land his longsword since his rhythm got messed up, and so, I can dodge past it!


Pulling back the sword, the enemy tries to come up with another attack. This time though, it's my turn.


I use this momentum to let my summoned beast headbutt him. Though the power isn't great, it's enough to restrain his actions.

I endure the minimal pain on my head as I wait for my partner's response.


Yuuji's summoned beast kicks the wooden sword that I threw just now right back at me. He's not used to controlling the summoned beast, yet he can pass it rather well!


I let my summoned beast quickly pick up the wooden sword. With this, it'll be over!



BTS vol 02 239.jpg

CRACK! A sharp pain can be felt in my left wrist, and the pain spreads from the hand to the fingers, as if my entire hand got sliced off.

The back of my abdomen got injured as well. I can no longer fight on, but--

"Oh, for your standard, that's rather good, Akihisa."

The enemy's blade slices my left hand--and I manage to use my wooden sword to inflict a critical wound by stabbing through the throat.

"Sakamoto and Yoshii's group wins!!!"


The pain corrodes my entire body, and I can't restrain this vomiting feeling for long. However, I'm so happy that I feel like I'm on clouds.

"It's been tough for both of you. It's really impressive."

"Ah hahaha, not really."

"Baka onii-chan was brilliant~!"

"Hazuki, you'll make Aki feel really troubled, you know?"

Minami can only smile awkwardly as she looks at Hazuki, who's constantly rubbing herself on my chest.

If this keeps up, it would end up being a fatal injury for me. Thus, I politely push her away. Though Hazuki does looks unhappy, she obediently follows what I did.

"Erm, Yoshii-kun."

"Ah, Himeji-san. Did you see my exciting performance just now?"

"Yes! It was really brilliant! It was so great that I wanted to get a tape from Tsuchiya-san!"

Himeji-san's eyes are glittering. Seeing her like this, it seems like my hard work finally paid off.

"Erm...the tape. Did Muttsulini record it?"

"Yes. He was very focused in filming it, right?"

"...(Turning the face away)"

Muttsulini looks away. Did this guy ignore the match and go on to film some of the audience wearing mini-skirts?

"You did rather well for your Japanese History, Sakamoto, considering that your grades were really bad during the summoning battles."

"It's because my grades were really bad during the summoning battles that I worked hard on this subject after that."

"So you can get such good grades because of that?"

"It's simple saying it, but it was tough for us. Especially after Akihisa heard about those things (Himeji-san transferring schools), I've been forced to stay back every night and study it with him."

"Oh...forget about Sakamoto, it's really unexpected for Aki to get such good grades."

"That's because that guy wanted to see what he could do if he really worked hard. Also, it's also a case of 'hard work overcoming stupidity'. To be honest, his concentration is really amazing."

Yuuji continued to converse with Minami while their backs were facing Himeji-san. This is to prevent the rest from knowing that we knew about Himeji-san transferring schools.

"Erm, about, about that..."

"Hm, ah, is there anything?"

Himeji-san continues to play with her fingers in front of her. She really looks like a cute kouhai girl confessing to a male sempai.

"I have something to say after the night festival, please come over to the carpark!"

After saying this while blushing like a tomato, she runs off to continue her work as a waitress.

Oh, that really sounds like a confession. Looks like I just saw something good.


Suddenly, I feel that something's amiss. What the hell? Eh--who was Himeji-san saying those words to?

[That's you. Yoshii Akihisa.]

Oh my--it's been a while since I last saw my inner devil. You're still trying to trick me with that smooth talk. As expected of a real devil.

[Nope, I'm not lying. This is real. You should know if you think through the whole conversation, right?]

The whole conversation? If so...



I thought that it would finally come out now, yet I didn't expect the words to come out of my mouth!

[Then check it out for yourself. If I'm wrong, go ahead and finish off Himeji-san's cooking.]

[Bring it on! If I'm wrong, you'll do the same!]

I'm sorry, but can you please stop ignoring the host and saying it like this? If I have to say it, no matter which side loses, I'll be the one who would undergo this test of life and death.

"Sakamoto, Akihisa, sorry to interrupt you, but can you help out at the teahouse? The number of customers has increased because of your win, so we're really busy here."

Just as I was worrying about how to try and calm myself down, Hideyoshi, who's in a really skimpy cheongsam, comes running over. Come to think of it, what's he wearing underneath the cheongsam?

"Ah, you're right. Oi, Aki! The tournament's over, so you got to do your best and help out, okay?"

"Mm, I'll make up for the lack of effort before this."

"Ooo, I feel so weak."

"Sakamoto, stop complaining!"

"I know, this is for Himeji-san, right?"

Yuuji intentionally looked at me, but I turned away.

Himeji-san, huh? What did she mean when she said those words?

"From now on, the cool summer festival will be officially closed to the public. Will all students please quickly clear up."

"It, it's finally over..."

"So tiring..."

"...(Nods head)"

The moment I heard the audio broadcast, my entire body went limp.

Serving the food to the customers who are coming in like waves, and getting back on standby after serving the food, I've never known that a waiter's work can be so tiring.

"Oh yeah, what did Himeji-san's father say?"

"Hm? Are you mindful of your father-in-law's view?"

"Wha? No, no, that's not the case!"

"She said that she would talk to her father after the night festival, so we'll have an answer then."

Hideyoshi answered my question.

I see. Though we don't know the conclusion, it should be alright. But why am I feeling a bit uncomfortable...

"Then, we're going to change."

Just as I'm deep in thought, these even more cruel and unreasonable words reach my ears.

"EH? WHY!?"

"Why are you asking this...if you want to know, it's that it's really embarrassing? "

"Sorry, I'll be back soon."


My plea isn't effective, as Himeji-san and Minami leave the scene and head off to the changing room. What a pity.

On a side note, Hazuki just wore the waitress costume as she went out. One would certainly worry about her future.

"Mm, then I'll go and—"


I desperately cling my tired body onto Hideyoshi's leg. At least I can't let this person change back!

"Wha? What are you doing, Akihisa?"

"...(Nodding head violently)"

Muttsulini's doing the same thing as well. As expected of someone who's thinking the same thing.

"Oi, Akihisa, stop playing. We're going to the principal's office."

Our class rep doesn't look tired at all as he stares at us with a 'can't be helped' look.

"The principal's office? You two got something with the principal?"

"We've got to clear the debt of the deal. Though it's late, we didn't have time just now thanks to the teahouse, so we're thinking of going over."

Though the principal would fulfill the deal with us, a deal is still a deal, so at least we should go over and report.

"Then I'll use this time to go change."


"...(tugging slightly)"

"Ah, Muttsulini wants to come along as well?"

"...(Nods head)"

As expected of someone who's thinking of the same thing, he sure knows what a player should do.

"So troubling. Yuuji, can't you say something?"

"Hm...ah, nevermind, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini can come along with us. Besides, it's tough to convince Akihisa."

Oh, it's rare to see Yuuji being so understanding.

"Really, even Yuuji...can't be helped, I'll change later."

"Alright, Akihisa and Muttsulini, release Hideyoshi's legs."


"...(Nods head)"

"Sigh, seeing me in such an ugly state is useless, you know..."

I personally feel that that's not the case.

"Excuse me."

"Sorry to disturb you."

After knocking the door and saying some greetings, I push the door of the principal's room aside.

"I do feel that you two aren't respectful at all..."

"Really? But we did knock the door and say hello."

—Besides, I feel that I'm a lot more polite than Yuuji.

"Didn't I tell you people to only enter after there's a response?"

"Ah, principal. We came to report our win."

"You don't need to tell me that. Who do you think was the one who presented the prizes to you?"

This old granny is still as rude in her tone as ever. I suppose she should understand other people's plight even more.

"Come to mention it, you did bring quite a lot of companions along."

On seeing Hideyoshi and Muttsulini, the principal said to us in a rebuking tone. She probably has some things that she wants to complain about.

"These guys were troubled greatly because of what you did, so letting them see the person behind all this shouldn't merit a punishment."

"...Humph, really? Then I'm sorry."

The principal gives a bored sound. She sure isn't a cute granny; but then again, if she is, it'll be really troubling.

"Then, do we have to return you the platinum bracelets?"

Actually, the platinum bracelets are different from the gold bracelets that appear when the controller has high marks, since they are worn on the controller.

"No need, you can return it to me anytime later. Besides, I can't fix those malfunctions so soon."

"Eh, Akihisa? What's with the malfunctions?"

"Ah yes, Hideyoshi doesn't know about it, right? These platinum bracelets have a little flaw, and that's if this is given to someone with high scores, the owner will lose control of it.

"I see...oh? What's wrong, Yuuji?"

Yuuji looks like he's in deep thought again. Does he like to think so thoroughly in this room?

[Come to think of it, how did those guys know that we had a deal with that old granny...]

Though I don't know what Yuuji's muttering about, it's better not to bother him. Besides, I won't understand anything if he doesn't explain it anyways.

"So we had a deal with the principal to use this tool as an exchange for the repairs to our classroom—"



Yuuji suddenly looks extremely serious. What's going on?

"...Someone's listening."

"So we fell for their trap?"

After Muttsulini said this, Yuuji immediately runs over and pushes the principal's door aside. At this moment, he can hear multiple footsteps.

"It's those guys...! Let's go, Akihisa!"

"Wait...Yuuji, what's the situation?"

"They're eavesdropping on us! Those guys installed a bug here!"


"They should have heard everything we just said. If they recorded it, this would be bad!"

"Recorded it? Stop joking!"

If this is to be revealed like this, all our efforts till now will go to waste! The school will lose all credibility, and even its existence would be questioned. If it ends up like this, forget about Himeji-san alone, all the students in this school would have to transfer out! We have to quickly destroy the evidence!

"Hurry up!"

"Got it! Hideyoshi, Muttsulini, come help too!"

"No problem!"

"...(Nods head)"

The four of us dash out of the principal's office at the same time.

"Yuuji! It's the Toko-Natsu group again, right?"

"Yeah, I got a glimpse of their hairstyles, it got to be them!"

"In other words, there're two of them! Let's split up into two groups!"

It'll be bad if we split up and get counterattacked. It's better to split up into two groups and look for them.

"Then tell me the special characteristics of those guys."

"The baldy and the Mohican-head! You'll recognise them immediately!"

"Got it! I'll go and look for them outside with Muttsulini!"

I see. It'll be bad if they ran off to copy this, so Hideyoshi intended to look for them at the school gate.



Muttsulini continues to run as he passes something to me. This—

"The binoculars that Muttsulini likes to use?"

"...For standby purposes."

Forget about standby, I don't think there's even a need for a telescope here in school. However in this situation, I'll take it as goodwill and borrow it thankfully.

"Thanks Muttsulini."

"...I love this school."

It's because of the girls and the cute uniforms, right? No matter what, we don't wish for this school to close down.

"Contact each other if we see our targets!"

"Got it!"

After this, we form up into two groups, the indoor group and the outdoor group. Speaking of which, I've been running around all over the place these two days.

"Akihisa! To the broadcast room!"

We hurry off to the broadcast room, which is the most dangerous. If they're to broadcast it, it'll be impossible to shut so many witnesses up. Thus, even if we take back the medium, it'll be futile. This is something that we can't fail.

~Broadcast room~

"Excuse me."

"You, what are you doing here!?"

"Yuuji, there are only idiots who're smoking here and people selling pirated porn DVDs in this school festival here!"

"Really? Then let's confiscate these cigarettes and pirated DVDs and head off to the next place!"

"You're right, they broke the rules anyway."

"Th, thief! THIEF!!"


"Eh? Aki, Sakamoto? What's the rush?"

"Sorry Minami, we're going on first! We'll talk later"

"Ah, wait! You dropped something! Eh—'The Bondage Life Story of a High School girl'..what is this?"


"Wait! Why do you have this kind of thing?"


~In front of Classroom 2-A~


"Shouko! Sorry, I have no time to bother you!"

"...No problem. I can go to the district office myself. I just need to hand the wedding application over."


"Yuuji, there's no sign of them here. Onto the next place!"


"Then see ya, Kirishima-san!"


As there was no sign of them from the 1st level all the way up to the 4th level, Yuuji and I begin to focus on places that are hard to spot, like the corners of the field.

"Not good...we lost quite a bit of time."

"That's right. Where are they anyway—hm?"

Something foreign was placed on the school grounds. What's that?

"You found it...what, it's just fireworks."

"AH, it's those things that they use during a closing ceremony? Wow~so they place them in these kind of places?"

I seem to have seen it on television before. They would use cloth to wrap it up and put it on the floor.

"EH? Why don't they have a cannon here to shoot it up into the air?"

"The cannons have to be placed somewhere so that they can fire them, right? Fireworks are still a form of pyrotechnics, so putting them someplace else where there's no fire is a rule to be obeyed at all times."

Pyrotechnics, huh? Then it's no different from dynamite then. The only difference I can see is whether there would be pretty fireworks created or not.

"As expected of a school, to be so rich. To think that they actually prepared such large fireworks."

"Is this the time to be impressed? The enemy's about to make their move—"

Dururu Dururu!

At this moment, a cold, hard and inorganic handphone ring can be heard. The sound comes from the handphone in my pocket.


"As expected of Muttsulini, to be able to see them from afar."

This is Hideyoshi's voice. Good job!

"NICE! Where're those guys?"

"Inside the new campus."

"In the new campus? How can it be!? Yuuji and I looked through every corner—"

"No, they're not inside the building. They're on the rooftop!"

Damn it! We didn't check the roof!

"Yuuji! At the roof of the new building!"

I passed Muttsulini's binoculars over to Yuuji. It's hard to see the roof from here with just the naked eye.

"Damn it! Those guys are preparing to use the audio equipment over there!"


To think that those guys are planning to use the equipment that's meant to be used for the night festival!

"Hideyoshi! Where are you guys?"

"At the club societies building."

It'll take them about 5 minutes to get from the club societies building to the roof.

"Akihisa! Looks like they're about to start playing!"

It'll take about the same amount of time for us to get over there. And since it looks like they're going to play it now, it means that we won't be able to make it.

Now how are we going to stop them from playing the contents of the recording—


"...You thought of it as well."

"Yeah. There's no other way."

"You're right. There is no other way."

"Then Yuuji, I'll leave it to you."

"Got it—activate!"

"You done over there, Natsukawa?"

"No problems. Hehe. With this, it'll be a reverse win for us."

"Yeah. Even if we don't prepare for the entrance exams—WWOOOAAHHH!!"

"What's with you, Tsunemura—WA!! NO WAY!!?"


BOOM!! Pakarararara—

"You missed! Akihisa! A little lower!"

Yuuji, who's looking through the binoculars and aiming at the enemy, gives this instruction. Damn it, did I make a mistake on the first shot?

F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Modern Japanese 70 points & UNKNOWN, Modern Japanese UNKNOWN.

The test marks are displayed. I heard that the test subject is randomly decided, and it looks like it's modern Japanese this time. Good thing it wasn't Japanese History.

"A little lower!"

I remember the feeling, and slightly adjust the trajectory of my summoned beast's cannonball throw.

"Go, light it!"

"Got it!"

After that, I use a lighter to ignite the fuse before throwing the ball of fireworks at the roof.


The firework ball flies to a place where it would definitely be unable to be thrown at—exploding right above the roof. As expected of a summoned beast which has numerous times the strength of an ordinary human, even throwing is a piece of cake for it.

"Alright! We destroyed the audio equipment!"

"Fireworks are really scary..."

This is Yuuji and my final tactic. We'll call it the 'Sure-kill fireworks attack' (All good kids shouldn't try this, alright?)

"There're more audio equipment! Fire another one slightly right!"

"Got it!"

I followed Yuuji's instructions and aim right this time.

Now, why can I use a summoned beast without a teacher around? It's because of the platinum bracelet that Yuuji's wearing. This platinum bracelet is unable to give any special functions to the summoned beast, but it can create a summoning field around the user. In other words, it can replace the teachers as a witness.

"Prepare the next shot!"

"I know!"

The summoned beast holds the fireworks ball steadily. The function of being able to touch physical objects really comes in handy here.

"Here I go, Yuuji!"



I use the lighter that I confiscated just now and let the summoned beast throw the 2 metre long fireworks ball with all its strength. I never expected myself to be able to personally get the experience of firing fireworks.

"Alright! We hit the audio equipment! They should be unable to do anything now!"

"Really!? Then we shouldn't stay here for long!"

"You're right. Let's fire another one at the Toko-Natsu group before getting out of here."


Yes, we have to get rid of as much evil as possible.

"You got to aim a bit left this time. Wooh, they moved away slightly. Make it a little right."

"...Here? Then let's make the final shot! Ready—"



The low and hoarse roar can be heard from behind. Damn it! I didn't managed to control the summoned beast!


"Ah, Akihisa! You hit the school!?"

"AH! The school's now a pile of ruin!"

The misfired fireworks hit splendidly onto a corner of the school. The walls and doors is now reduced to a pile of rubble.


Sensei lets out a frantic voice. Looks like this is the first time something this big has ever happened ever since this school was established.


After that, the familiar low voice can be heard. This is the only voice I don't want to hear.







Speaking of which, I feel that Ironman's the cause of all this.






And thus, the marathon with Ironman begins. To think that fear and muscle aches will fill my school festival memories.

The Final Question

And finally, let's change it up a bit and have an English Question.

Please fill in blanks '①' and '②'.

"Without '①', the word 'Mother' would become '②' (someone unrelated)"

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

"Without 'M', the word 'Mother' would become 'other' (someone unrelated)"

Teacher's comment:

Correct answer. Taking the 'M' away from the word 'Mother' would give the word 'other' (someone unrelated). This is really a convenient way of remembering words.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

"Without 'M', the word 'Mother' would become 'S' (someone unrelated)"

BTS vol 02 263.jpg

Teacher's comment:

No matter whether Tsuchiya-san's mother is called 'MS' or 'SM', sensei really doesn't know what to say about this.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

"Without 'money', the word 'Mother' would become 'ridding of a family relationship' (someone unrelated)"

Teacher's comment:

This has nothing to do with English, right?

"Ooowww...i got hit really bad..."

"Damn that Ironman. He doesn't even know how to let up."

In the end, Yuuji and I were unable to escape from Ironman's clutches and were caught. At first, I thought that since we started that commotion—the least we'll get is a suspension, and the worst is that we'll be expelled. But unexpectedly, the light punishment's just a severe warning (But since Ironman was the one punishing us, we also got away with bruises all over our faces).

"Most likely, it's because the old granny was helping out behind the scenes."

"You're talking about the punishment just now? Yeah, otherwise, we wouldn't have gotten away so lightly."

"And the old granny got saved. Though she still doesn't show any bit of gratitude."

"We saved the principal, so the principal did help us back in return."

Also, another reason why we were let off so quickly was also because of the Head of Teaching Staff. Thanks to the accidental fireworks that landed inside his office, they were able to use the excuse of repairing the office to carry out investigations inside the office. Now that it ended up like that, the principal would most likely carry out investigations on the Head of Teaching Staff and yank out his dirty deeds. So unexpectedly, the principal owes us one.

Even so, I still have to thank the principal. Even though I know that it's part of the deal, we can't forget about what others have done for us.

"Oh, so you finally came back. You're late."

"...We've already started."

"Ah, sorry. We were bothered a bit by Ironman just now."

As planned, all the Class F students were already gathered in the nearby park. This is a celebration of our success that needn't any special reservations, just some snacks and drinks would do. There's a unique flavour to this, and we don't have to spend a lot of money.

"Now everyone in school knows about you two."

"...(Nods head)"

"...It's not like I want to be associated with this guy anyway."

"That should be my line..."

The bad remarks about me continues to spread throughout the school. Maybe I won't be able to get a girlfriend in high school now.

"Since you did such a thing, and you didn't even get suspended, let alone expelled, of course there would be some strange rumours going about. Even I'm curious."

Minami pours some fruit juice into two cups and passes them to Yuuji and me.

"Ah thanks."

I thanked her as I received the cup, pouring it into my mouth. It's filled with orange juice, but it taste bitter. Is it some cheap good or something?

"Oh yeah. How's the earnings of the shop?"

I asked Minami, who remained like this after giving the drink over to me. She's the committee member, so she should be most clear about this.

"Well, although it's not a lot, it's not bad for two days worth of earnings."

Minami passes me that book that's used to record our earnings. It wasn't much, but for just two days, it isn't a small sum.

"Ooo, how much...?"

At this moment, Yuuji pokes his head out.

"We can't possibly buy tables and chairs with this, maybe some Tatami mats and tea sets, but that's it."

"Hm...looks like those guys that caused the disturbances in the beginning did a lot of damage."

For a teahouse, no matter how big the crowd is, there's a limit to how many tables we can change, and it, it's a limit to us. Really, it was really a waste when the place was empty.

"Sorry, I'm late~"

At this moment, a cute voice can be heard from behind. Seems like Himeji-san's late as well.

"Ah, Mizuki, how's the situation?"

"Yes! Otou-san agreed to it! It's all thanks to Minami!"

I endured and held back on shouting 'YESS!', which I did not.

Really, we prevented Himeji-san from transferring schools. This is great...

"It's been tough on you, Himeji-san."

"Ah, Yoshii-kun..."

On seeing my face, Himeji-san gives a delicate expression. Though I'm a bit mindful of it, I regain composure. Did I think too much?

"I'm sorry, but can you please pour me another cup? I just said a whole lot of words, and I'm thirsty."

"Ah, well yes, you can have it."

I pass my paper cup over, and nobody would dread to drink orange juice anyway.

"Thank you."

Himeji-san received the cup and gulps the juice down.


On seeing this, Minami let out a shout.

"Hm? What's wrong, Minami?"

"Eh? Does this cup belong to Minami?"

Himeji-san tilts her head and reveals a puzzled expression. This isn't Minami's cup anyway, it was my cup of fruit juice in the first place.

"No, no, it's not that. That..."

Minami replied in a rare stuttering manner.

"Does Minami want to take a drink as well?"

"Drink as well...? That's, that's right! Sorry Himeji, can I have a drink as well?"

"Ah, sorry, I drank it all up. I'll go get a new cup, so just wait for me."

Himeji-san runs towards the pile of fruit juice bottles. She really is a good hardworking girl.

"...It's useless to get a new cup..."

Strange, Himeji-san went off to get another cup, yet Minami's still sulking. What's she unhappy about?"

"Oh yes, Aki, I got something to say."

"Hm? What's up?"

"Yesterday, when you saved me from those weird guys, that..."

Minami shyly lowers her head. Seeing her blushing fully like this, what does she want to say?

"That...when you were throwing a temper and said 'You dare do this to Minami!', I was really happy..."


"I just wanted to say this! Just this!"

After saying this, Minami ran far away. Wha, what? What's with this extraordinary atmosphere?


Just as I was puzzled, from far behind, Himeji-san lets out a little cry. I turn around and see Himeji-san holding cans of fruit juice as she fell down onto the ground. It'll be bad if she's hurt.

"Are you alright, Himeji-san?"

"Ah, yes, I'm alright."

"Really? Then hold on tight."

Hm? What's with me?

"Yes, I'm going to hold tight now..."

"Hii hii hii Himeji-san?"

She didn't grab onto my hand, but onto my waist. In this current posture, I feel that there's something soft that's grabbing onto me!

"Akihisa-kun smells so nice~"

Himeji-san buries her face into my chest, and at this rate, there's going to be problems. As for what kind of problems will happen, it's either my heart rate going up or something logical."

"What's wrong with you, Himeji-san?"

I can tell instantly that she's not too normal, and even her eyes are blurry. She looks like she just got drunk.

"Hm? You got drunk?"

At this moment, I remember the drink just now, that bitter taste. Don't tell me—someone in our class bought fruit juices with alcoholic content!

"Akihisa-kun, I'm angry, you know?"

She ballooned her cheeks angrily. She's angry, did I do something wrong? I'm all confused with all the things that's been going on recently, but I just don't remember anything.

"Uuu~ you don't even know the reason why I'm angry!"

"Ib burps! Im preaking!"

She forcefully pulls my face left and right.



"The promise you made with me after coming back from the summoning tournament."

What promise? Come to think of it, I seem to remember something...

"AH! Behind the school!"

"I was waiting for you there, and yet you forgot about it. You're too much!"

As I was chasing after the Toko-Natsu pair, I forgot about this! Of course anyone would be angry with this.

"I'm really, really sorry. Though I can't say the reason, there's a lot of things happening..."

I gaze into Himeji-san's eyes as I apologise. If I wasn't being grabbed, I would even kneel down and beg for mercy.

"Uuu...! I won't forgive you!"

"Please understand!"

"Absolutely not!"

Himeji-san doesn't look like her anger's going to subside anytime soon. To think that she has such important things she wanted to say to me. Looks like I committed a cardinal sin...

"—Just joking."


Suddenly, this unexpected sentence causes me to make a dumbfounded sound.

"Actually, someone has already told me the reason why Akihisa-kun couldn't keep the promise."

"Eh? Who?"

This is truly a surprising truth. Now who on earth told Himeji-san that?

"Thus, the one I'm really angry with—is myself."

She looks down at the ground.

"For me, Akihisa-kun would work so hard, and yet I was angry just because you couldn't make it."

"Ah, it's not that. It's because Himeji-san doesn't know the truth..."

"It has got nothing to do with not knowing the truth. I really can't forgive myself for being petty over someone who was working so hard for me. Because—"

Taking a deep breath, Himeji-san raises her head, and we stare into each other's eyes.

"It's because I knew from a long time ago that Akihisa-kun is such a gentle person."

"Well, you don't really have to be bothered by it."

Being stared straight into the eyes like this, I inadvertently look away.

"It was like this during the summoning battle, and it was the same this time. I'm always getting helped by others, but I don't know how to express my gratitude..."

Himeji-san picks up the can that's on the ground. It's a can I don't really see, however, there's the words 'Adult Orange Juice' on it—IT'S BEER NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT!! WHO TREATED IT AS FRUIT JUICE AND BOUGHT IT BACK!!

"Erm, Himeji-san, about that drink, I think it's best if you don't—"

I was useless in stopping her, and I hear the fizz the moment the stay tab was pulled.

"So, I want to say thanks to Akihisa-kun."

After that, she gulps the entire can of drink down. WAH! IS THAT REALLY ALRIGHT!?

"...So, Akihisa-kun."

"Ye, yes."

Am I being a bit too mindful? I feel that I'm being stared rather long.

"Please take off your clothes."


She's now speaking nonsense. Looks like she's really drunk.

"Because I'm going to thank you now! Please don't resist!"

"Wai, wait a minute! It's obvious that there's something wrong with it!"

"There's nothing wrong with it! Everyone's doing it!"

As I'm being hugged close, my buttons are being undone one by one. I can't get away from her in this distance, this won't be good!"

"Oh~Akihisa, you look like you're having fun here."

Yuuji walked along with a bottle in his hand. Perfect timing.

"Yu, Yuuji! Just on time. Try and pull Himeji-san away!"

"Hm, you're right...but I don't think it's right to stop her..."

This Yuuji, revealing such a sly smile, it's obvious that he's not going to help me. This bastard...!

"If so, then at least activate the platinum bracelet! I'll think of the rest!!"

"Oh, is that so? Then—activate."

Yuuji used the platinum bracelet to create a summoning territory. With this, anyone in the vicinity can summon a summoned beast. Come to think of it, Yuuji actually easily agreed to do this thing that'll run down the grades. It seems like that guy's drunk.

"Ho. Good thing my summoned beast can touch humans. Let's go—summon!!"

My mini-me moves up beside me and intends to touch Himeji-san. Though it's cute, it's several times stronger than a normal human. I win!

" irritating! Summon!"


My summoned beast is instantly reduced to ash.


"It's because you're wearing clothes!"

No, it's obviously because of Himeji-san's summoned beast. The reflected power was too strong; it makes me unable to faint at all!

BTS vol 02 277.jpg

"Anyway, I won't lose to Minami! From now on, I'm going to call you 'Akihisa-kun'!"

I can't get through to Himeji-san anymore. Himeji-san really has low alcohol tolerance.

"And—one day—I'll go with Akihisa-kun—"

Himeji-san's voice suddenly gets weaker. What is she going to do with me one of these days?

"Himeji-san, are you still awake?"


The rhythmic breathing reaches my ears; seems like she's asleep. To think that she has such low alcohol tolerance; looks like I got to be careful not to allow her to get near any alcohol. Besides, it's really dangerous to sleep in front of a guy like this.

"...I wasn't paying attention for a while, and what are you doing together now..."

"Eh? Mi, Minami! It's not that! There's nothing wrong her..."

Looks like Minami's drunk as well, since she's relentless in her vicious attacks as well.

"Good morning."

"Ah, good morning, Himeji-san."

The next morning, I met Himeji-san on the road to school. To meet her so early, what a wonderful thing. I'm so lucky.

Oh yeah. Now's the appropriate time to ask her.

"Himeji-san, I got something I want to ask you."

"Yes. What is it?"

"Yesterday, you said 'And—one day—I'll go with Akihisa-kun—', what do you mean by that?"

Those words may have some sort of promise hidden behind it, maybe...there's something even more important than that meaning. A certain uncertainty makes my heart beat faster without me want to. What's the real meaning behind that sentence...?

For a moment, Himeji-san can't say anything. She then nervously says,

"I'm sorry, I don't seem to remember what happened yesterday."


As I was nervous, this answer made me a bit disappointed. If so, this meant that she was really drunk, and really, it wasn't weird at all.

"Ah, I, I see. Himeji-san really can't take alcohol."

"I'm sorry, I can't remember anything, Akihisa-kun."

"Nonono, it's noth—"

Hm? Akihisa-kun?

"...Yuuji, the marriage proposal was rejected. What a pity..."

"Of course it would be rejected. If you calm down and think, I just reached 17."

"...So I'll carefully keep this until next year. Right now, we're just a pre-married couple."

"Shouko, can I go to your house and play next time?"

"...Yes, but the marriage proposal won't be at home, but at the lawyer."


The familiar voices came from somewhere. Should be Kirishima-san and Yuuji. Really, it's time for Yuuji to give up already. However, it's just that he's thoroughly rejecting those premium tickets.

"Come to think of it, how should I use those tickets?"

Yuuji said that it was too dangerous to keep it, so in the end, he still gave them to me. If I'm to use this to go out with someone...

"Hm? Is there something wrong?"

"Ah, no. it's nothing."

I seemingly unconsciously gaze at Himeji-san's face.

However, I'm not sure whether it'll be useful or useless if I'm to use these tickets. Maybe it might make the situation even more awkward...

"Alright, I should return this to the one who needs it the most."

"The one who needs it the most? What are you talking about?"

"Let's treat it as a gift to that dishonest guy and a woman who's dead set on him."


Himeji-san looks extremely puzzled. Even though I feel that it's a waste, let's just give these tickets to Kirishima-san as a gift. As for me...I'm fine with things as they are now.

"Oh yes, I was called to head off to the staff room. Sorry, I'm making a move."

"Ah, okay, walk slowly."

Himeji-san suddenly briskly walks forward. At this moment—

"—Like you, Akihisa-kun."

Though she said something rather softly, I can't hear it as it's buried among the noises of this early morning.

Author's Notes

I am very grateful to all readers for buying this book, and at this point, this author will give you his most sincere thanks. I am Kenji Inoue, the author of this book. To think that the second volume would be published so quickly; it is all due to the support of everyone, so please let this author again show his thnaks.

Well, anyone would be tired of seeing such a long letter of appreciation, so just let me say a few simple things. There is no content regarding this book behind, so please read on with ease.

I live a solitary life. On a certain day, a package was sent to me. It was from my mother, and the contents were indicated to be 'food'. It looked like it was sent from my hometown, and I was really grateful for it.

I used my penknife to cut the plastic wrapping, thanking my mum as I pull the food out from inside. Now, what did she send? I was really looking forward to it.

The thing that appeared in front of this person that had this feeling was--

'A pillow case'.

This sudden curveball shocked me.

I say, mum, how do you think I've been living my life? No matter how painful my life can be, a pillow case cannot be eaten. We had been living together for at least 18 years, I don't think I actually ate pillow cases for my nutrients, no?

Haiz, seems like some daily commodities were packed in, so allow me to thank you for sending the pillow case over. Being re-motivated, I rummaged through the contents of the package.

Next, what I pulled out from the canvas containment was--

'Orange, scallops, can'

Now this is an actual food. Though the oranges were a bit bruised, it was still acceptable. Being able to use these as a secondary source or an emergency supply of food made me really happy, since as I'm living alone, I didn't really have time to buy these things. In order to get even high class food, I reached inside the canvas package.

I pulled out something familiar from the canvas package.

'Pillow case (blue)'

Though I did pull this out at the beginning,.the colour this time was diffirent. If I were to add up the ones that I had, I got 4 of them. However, it is good to have extra when I'm washing through and changing pillow cases. I'll happily keep it then.

After that, what's next is--

'Pillow case (Aquamarine)'

How dirty did my mum think my pillow cases are? I couldn't ignore the fact that my mum's a bit eccentric.

After that, I pulled out things like 'barbecued meat (char siu/ roasted Cantonese meat)'[19] and 'pillow case (pink)'. After confirming the contents inside, I called back home to say thanks. Even though the contents were mostly pillow cases, a gift's still a gift.

Me: "Is that mum?"

Mum: "Ah, are the items delivered over?"

Me: "Mm, I got it. Thanks."

Mum: "Hurry up and finish it before it gets bad."

Me: "Besides the pillow case, I'll do my best to finish up the rest."

Mum: "Especially the barbecued meat. You must cook it thoroughly before eating it, okay? Because it has already expired."

Me: "Ah, yes. I got it. That's all for now, bye bye."

Mum: "Mm, bye." --Ka-chng


I don't understand, why would she send expired food over? I have no understanding of what my mum's thinking at all.

Mum did say "You must cook it thoroughly before eating it, okay?"

I suppose cooking it thoroughly isn't the problem here, no?

As the saying goes, 'chip off the old block'. The reason why my novel obviously lacks common knowledge is probably a heredity thing, even though I feel that I have to take up 80% of the responsibility.

Well, enough casual talk.

I'm really grateful to all the readers who have read the 1st volume. Fanmails came pouring in, telling me that they want to read the second volume, which resulted in this volume being published. To S-kun from Hiroshima-ken, you were the first fan to send me a fan letter. I'll treasure this letter of yours.

Also, to Takaaki Kaima-san, who assigned Sugawa's role in a letter, I'm really grateful--hold on, Takaaki-sensei, what are you doing now? You were supposed to be helping out in the live-action movie adaptation of Gakkō no Kaidan[20], is there really a need to help someone like me write a book? I feel that you only need to read the illustrations next time.

To Haga-sensei, who normally draws such cute drawings, I'm really happy to be able to work with you. My heartfelt thanks can't be expressed through words, so next time, lets go out for a drink!

To M-sama, who's in charge of printing, KAGAYA-sama, who's in charge of design, to all the sempais and to everyone who helped out in the publication of this book, thank you all. With your help, this novel is able to reach the 2nd volume.

And to all the readers who bought this book, I would express all my thanks through words in my work. I will continue to do my best!

So, if possible, we will meet in the 3rd volume. Oh yeah, there's a magazine called 'FBSP' that is slated to be released in May. I have already added a little column inside, so if you readers don't mind, you can take a look; especially the love letter that starts with the letter M, this author chipped in quite a lot of effort.

(On a side note, if it can be successfully released, I intend for the story in the 3rd volume to be even more nonsensical then the 2nd volume. Now, if the editors can agree to it...)


  1. I know it's weird to use the terms 'dad' and otou-san so interchangeably. But I wanted to emphasize on Himeji's gentle nature, and not make her sound rude.
  2. Cheongsam, Chinese lady dress.
  3. Note that 'food' in Japanese is 食品 (shokuhin) as well. In chinese, it's 食品 (shi pin).
  4. The Baltic States, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Located in Northern Europe. The term 'Baltic' came about because the countries are located near the Baltic sea. For more info.
  5. Urayasu, a city located in Western Chiba of Japan, most noted for having Disneyland over there.
  6. All these names are the prefectures of Shikoku, an island of Japan, with the capital cities being of the same names.
  7. Note that the principal forgot the original saying, and just made it up on the spot. The original saying would be something like 'the slow and steady will win the race' or 'haste won't get the job done'.
  8. The names given for the two guys are 常村 勇作, Tsunemura Yūsaku and 夏川 俊平, Natsukawa Shunpei. Combining the 常 and 夏 (the collective name of the duo), we'll get Toko-Natsu, not TsuneNatsu.
  9. In Japanese, pantsu is panties, kosi-tsuki is the waist, oppai means breasts.
  10. These three were all players of the Kanshin Tigers, a baseball team in Japan. Right now, only Kanemoto is still active among them.
  11. For those feeling all confused, Shimada Hazuki first chronologically appeared in the story Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju ~Preparation Chapter~, when Akihisa and company are all first-years.
  12. Natsume Sōseki was a Japanese novelist, with notable works like Kokoro and Botchan. The reason why Shouko said his name was because his face appeared on the 1000 yen note from 1998 to 2004, so basically, Shouko is charging them 1000 yen. For more information [1]
  13. 島田 葉月 is "Shimada Haduki" if written in rōmaji but if translated to english it is written as "Hazuki Shimada"[2].
  14. A cheongsam is a traditional Chinese tight one-piece chinese dress. [3]
  15. The carotid pulse is located on the neck. Basically, Akihisa is choking Yuuji.
  16. Akihisa purposely misread the word 'summon' here in order to prevent his summoned beast from being summoned. Basically, salmon is 'サーモン' in katakana. Summon is 'サモン'.
  17. The Haber-Bosch Process normally involves the use of nitrogen and hydrogen, 200 atmospheric pressures, temperatures of 400 degrees celsius and iron catalyst for the most efficient yield. However, in this case, the chemical reaction is more of a laboratory style of producing ammonia, and is not the true Haber-Bosch process.
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  19. Barbecued meat, or Cantonese Roasted Meat. [5]
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