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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 3.


"...I have nothing to hide."

"I haven't said anything yet?"

"Such a devious method of interrogation."

"Please look up the proper usage of interrogation. And also, what are you hiding behind your back?"


"Shouko, give me your hand."


"Here, hm, an MP3 player."

"...Yuuji, you are so mean."

"How can a technologically incompatible person like you be carrying a machine? What's inside of this?"

"...Normal music..."

———Beep <If I win, I will marry you. Shouko, I love you.>


"...Normal music."

"After deleting the sound track I will return this back to you tomorrow."

"...So mean, I haven't even given this to my father to listen to yet. And also, we haven't held hands yet."

" are trying to increase the blackmail that you have on me, aren't you?!"

"...It's not like that. If I let father listen to this, we can have a smooth marriage."

"Shouko, go to the hospital now. If you take two or three shots, you may recover and be a normal human being."

"...I don't think I'm pregnant yet."

"You need to go to the psychiatrist department! Hm?! What's that in your bag?"

"...Nothing special."

"Mmm...what's this? [Yuuji and my future baby name list]; hold it."

"...The name that's most favored is using a character from our first names."

"[Shouko] and [Yuuji] makes [Shouyu][1]. Why this particular combination?"

"...I hope to raise a tasty child."

"I can only see a child being brought up with a wrecked conscious."

"...Also to note, if our child is a son, his name is [Koshou][2]."

"So (Soy Sauce) is a daughter's name...."

The First Question[edit]

Please explain why "I" would be in such grief from the following situation.

Father announced to me with a painful expression.

"He has left this morning. Please forget about him."

When I heard the news, I could feel a shocking pain splitting my body in half. My mind was wiped blank and devoid of any other thoughts. How he will end up is a mystery. And my relationship with him is undetermined. Even as I had this idea in my mind, my emotions were still in disarray.

Himeji Mizuki's Answer:

"His existence is as important as half of his body."

Teacher's comment:

Correct. As it is "as important as half of his body", therefore if "he" is no longer there, the body will experience pain as if it has lost half of it.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

BTS vol 03 007.jpg

"He is as important as the lower half of my body."

Teacher's comment:

Why is it only limited to your lower half?

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

"Because he is the lower half of my body."

Teacher's comment:

Teacher believes this self-consciousness is not good.

Two months have passed since the new semester and the effects of the extra daylight are beginning to become more apparent. Because of the temperate climate, sleeping is easier and therefore I arrive at school earlier than usual.

"Oh? You're early today, Akihisa."

Just as my foot entered the classroom door, a classmate called out to me. Her face was petite with large and round eyeballs. Although she used a weird dialect, anyone could easily see that her face was of absolute stunning beauty.

"Morning, Hideyoshi. It's just that I woke up earlier than normal."

The one with such an appearance is our Kinoshita Hideyoshi. He is part of our class, and is the reason why I am starting to disregard gender when it comes to love.

"Good morning. Then are you preparing your feelings for tomorrow's training course?"

Hideyoshi's brilliance was shining. And I was able to experience Hideyoshi's wonderful smile.

"Hahaha. Perhaps so."

Treading across the tatami mats that were recently recovered from the previous school festival, and having placed my school bag on top of a folding table, the differences between placing objects on a folding table and a cardboard box sincerely moved my heart.

"Even though the aforementioned goal was to increase our knowledge, by gathering everyone to stay in the same place, it is hard to to avoid changing the event to be a pleasurable one. I can feel the excitement gathering in my chest."

"Oh how terrible, even if you say that your chest feels like it's swelling, your chest volume has not increased."

"No, it'd be problematic if my chest grew bigger...."

While taking the objects out of my school bag, I continued my usual useless banter with Hideyoshi.

"But, a five day and four night trip feels like a vacation, so I'm anticipating it."

"Hm? What's this?"

The contents of the drawer that were supposed to have been confiscated by Iron Man should have been missing, but after detailed inspection, the empty desk drawer seemed to contain a letter; a letter that was never seen before.

<Addressed to Yoshii Akihisa>

The recipient of the letter was me.


It-it-it can't be... a love letter?!

"Hm? What's wrong, Akihisa?"

C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-c-calm down Yoshii Akihisa! If I'm found with such a letter, the students in this class will be engulfed with envy and will definitely execute me. With the past events leading up until today, it was hardly difficult to come to this conclusion. What's most important is to pretend that nothing has happened.

"What's up, Hideyoshi? Everything goes so well..." (This is in English in original context.)

"This must be serious."

Oh crap! I was busted so quickly!

"A...ah. I must hand it to Hideyoshi. To have so easily discovered my acting."

"Um, no, before the issue of your acting skills, I think your language..."

I guess him having been crowned with the title of a future actor was not for show.

"A...Actually it's nothing very important, can you pretend to have not noticed?"

I placed both of my hands together in front of my face to beg Hideyoshi. If acting doesn't work, it would have to do to persuade him using sincerity.

"Mm... If Akihisa says so, then I'll avoid asking then...."

Suspicion arose on Hideyoshi's face, but he ceased to ask further on, such a gentle person!

"Thank you for your help! Then au revoir!"

With extreme care, and without arousing any suspicion, I secretly slipped the letter into the school bag and made a mad dash out of the classroom.

There was no problem with time, as I still had time left before class. And also, I couldn't feel anyone trailing behind me. It seems that I have not been discovered by my classmates.

"Is it possible that my spring has arrived...?"

Holding various happy feelings, I increase my pace while running on the staircase.

"Haa, haa."

Having reached the rooftop's heavy metal door, I opened it, giving way to the clear blue sky.

"Great, there's no one around."

This gave me the irresistible urge to break into a soliloquy.

As if to avoid the strong piercing rays of the sun, I headed towards the shady cool areas of the rooftop and retrieved the letter from my bag.

"Hm, so who wrote this letter?"

The letter had no name on it. 'What kind of girl could it possibly be?' was the sensation that I was having at the moment, while my heart hammered noisily.

After I closed my eyes to calm myself down, I slowly took the contents of the letter out. But possibly due to being very nervous, this took a great deal of time.

Today is the best day of all days. I could feel luck pouring from every crevice of my body.

With the happy rays of sunshine pouring over my body.

The wide clear blue sky.

The gentle breeze that blew across.

[I know your secret.]

It was a blackmail message.

"This can't beeee!!!!"

To me, it seems spring is still a distant thing.

"Akihisa, what's wrong?"

Having noticed that I returned to the classroom, Hideyoshi spoke out in concern.

"No...Nothing special. Ha, haha."

Mistaking a blackmail message for a love letter is something I could not bear to say aloud. With my pride on the line, no matter what, I cannot let this get out.

"Liar. We heard a strangled yell from the windows. Are you hiding something?"

"Oh, Minami. Good morning."

Appearing behind Hideyoshi was the student from Germany, Shimada Minami. She is a girl with a ponytail and eyes full of vigor.

"Good morning Akihisa, what are you hiding? Unless it is...?"

The corner of Minami's eyes rose sharply, indicating that she was about to enter battle status.

"How is that possible, Minami. I really am hiding nothing."

"Unless you want to say you received a love letter?"

"Minami, such an accusation should not be spoken lightly. Everyone's reaction to 'love letter' was extremely explosive, look, everyone is aiming crafting knives at me!"

My classmates are such a dangerous bunch of individuals. To have such strong killing intent against another member of the same class is simply abnormal.

"Everyone, the crafting knives are too early. Cool down and think it over. This is Akihisa that we are talking about, he surely couldn't have received a love letter. He must be hiding something else."

Minami raised one of her hands to halt the onslaught of the class.

Although her intuition was completely correct, under this situation, her words stung greatly against my pride as a man. Even if I have to bullshit my way through, I still have to say it!

"Yes, it is actually that. I discovered a love letter in my shoe locker this morning!"

THWUNK! (Was the noise of the craft knife piercing the tatami mats.)

"Next time, it'll be your ears."

"My sincerest apologies."

Pride? What the hell is that? Is it edible?

"Then answer honestly, what are you hiding?"

"Well, I am hiding...."

I thought that on most TV dramas, the contents of the blackmail normally should not be revealed to a 3rd party. And for my own interests, I wish to limit the number of people who know of the blackmailing. Smarten up Yoshii Akihisa, what can you do?!


At this point, time slowed down to a crawl.

Under the extenuating circumstances, it is standard for the mind to recall past experiences to escape the current problem.

"'Uhm' what?"

At this point, I reached the height of recalling yesterday's TV shows from memory.

"Oh, it's the advertisement letter from a competition swimsuit club."

...And this is the final result of my brain under pressure, the idea it manages to make? I started to worry about my sanity.

"R-Really? Akihisa?"

Obviously it's a lie.

But, if I were to deny it, we would end up going back to square one for "What are you hiding?" And this time, I have no confidence that my brain will manage to bring up a better excuse.

"Obviously it's true!"

In order to not arouse suspicion, I announced the statement in a firm voice.

"Hmm. But it seems you don't want to throw it away.... So you wish to join them?"

"Some, something like that! I've had an interest since some time ago!"

Not good! I'm at the point of no return!

"Oh, oh, that's the first time I've ever heard of that."

Yes, it's also the first time that I've ever heard of that also.

"But then, what piques your interest more? Normal swimsuits or competition type swimsuits?"

So troublesome, to tell the truth, I don't have slim glue clue what competition swimsuits are. It boiled down to trying to remember whatever I could still remember from yesterday's TV program.

"Th-That is..."


Come on! Recall quickly what was your first impression of the TV program from last night, Yoshii Akihisa!

My impression of the program was...

"-the difference of the tightness."

I'm such a big pervert.

"Shimada, I am probably repeating what you already know, but I should clarify things a bit. Akihisa is actually lying you know? Akihisa cannot possibly have such a fetish."

"Oh oh!? Because his lie was so realistic, I nearly fell for it!"

"I'm hurt! Your comment just now has severely wounded me to the point where I could cry myself to sleep while holding my pillow every night!"

Do I really look like a person with such deep interest in swimsuits?

"This is the last time I am asking you, say only the truth, what is it?"

If I don't tell her truth, Minami will have killed me long before the blackmail can.

"Actually, I received a blackmail message this morning."

"What? That's great...."

I'd like to have a few questions for my classmate who felt relieved when she heard I was blackmailed.

"Then, what was its contents?"

Hideyoshi asked with the exact opposite attitude of Minami, he asked out of pure kindness. His kindness had a healing effect on my shattered conscience. My impression of Hideyoshi has increased by 1.

"It says that [You are forbidden to become intimate with females around you.] in it."

"Mm, hm. It is clear from the content of the letter that the person has strong feelings for the females that are around Akihisa. It was probably sent out of jealousy. That should mean..."

"Yes, the fact that the writer of the letter should have affection for the two girls in our class, Himeji and Hideyoshi, is already obvious to me."

"Akihisa, run before Shimada returns from retrieving a metal baseball bat."

Huh? Was my assumption incorrect?

"Well, back to the topic, what is being used to threaten you then?"

"Oh, speaking of which, I still don't know about that. Let's see, [If you do not do as instructed, the photographs included in the letter will be shown to the world.] mean the ones also in this letter?"

Inside the envelope that was just the correct size for holding photographs, was three photos.

Taking out the first photograph revealed a picture of me, in a maid dress.

"That's the dress from the previous school festival."

"When...when was it taken?!"

"After close inspection, the dress suits you well."

"I'm not happy at all hearing that."

I sighed and, if possible, I wish Hideyoshi did not have to see the photo.

The second photograph was me cross dressing in a maid dress, -with my panties visible- version.


"Akihisa, what's wrong?"

"It was a pair of trunks, therefore it is safe. It was a pair of trunks, therefore it is safe. Because it was a pair of trunks, it was therefor-"

"Oh my, Akihisa! Does the photograph contain something so potent that your will was pulverized?"

It's ok! I am a strong child. If it is only to this extent, it is fine! This blackmail is nothing!

Gathering my courage, I looked at the final photo.

It was a picture of me, holding a bra. (Changing into the maid dress edition photo)

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!"

"What!? What was in that photo?"

"Don't look! Don't look at such dirty pictures of me!"

"Even though I am thoroughly confused, you should calm down! You're drawing everyone's attention!"

Having been told so, I finally notice the piercing stares of the surroundings. Calm down, this is not the time to attract attention.

"Huff huff.... Such destructive power. If I were to say this was a plan to murder me, it wouldn't be an understatement."

"You think too much, it is just a maid dress. Everyone in their life wears one at least once."

That definitely has to be a lie.

When was I doing a tsukkomi on the indifferent view of Hideyoshi.

"Yoshii and Kinoshita, good morning."

From behind, a pleasant voice carried over, which also seemed to have a soothing effect on my wounded heart.

"That voice. It has to be Himeji. Good morning."

"Yes. Because I discovered midway to school that I left something behind at home. I was nearly late for school."

Another one of my classmates, Himeji Mizuki. With her timid smile, she has the power to cleanse the entire classroom of manly stench.

"Just in time, we can have Himeji prove that the pictures from before are of no importance. Himeji, do you mind?"

Hideyoshi blurted hastily in front of Himeji.

"Ok, so what is it?"

"Yes, I have a question to ask you. If you had a photograph of Akihisa dressed as a maid, what would you want to do?"

Truthfully speaking, his question seems too suspicious.

"Mmm... If it was that..."

If Himeji reveals a revolted expression, no matter what the cost is, I must avoid public exposure of the photographs! I cannot let my fame, that is at the bottom of the canyon, dig deeper than it already is!

"If I really were to have such a photo, the first thing I would do is buy a scanner."

"Huh? Scanner? Why?"

Under such a hard to understand answer, I reflexively asked another question. What use can she have with a scanner?

"Without it, I cannot announce the charm of Akihisa to the world, through the use of the internet..."

"Akihisa! Calm down! It's still too early to jump from here!"

"Let go of me Hideyoshi! I cannot bear to stay alive any longer!"

Himeji definitely hates me now, doesn't she?

"Right, right! Muttsurini! Muttsurini is well versed in occasions like these. If you tell him what happened..."

"To let Muttsurini laugh at me?"

"No, not that! To explain what has happened so he can help you catch the criminal!"

"Ohh! So that's what you meant!"

Right! It's still too early to give up! Muttsurini is an infamous voyeur photographer and intelligence informant. He could possibly nail down the source of all the problems. With this, I can retrieve my photos!

"Nice idea, Hideyoshi! Nothing less from my bride!"

"Shouldn't it be groom instead?!"

"Um... I think that it's wrong either way."

I have to rush to talk to Muttsurini immediately. At the moment, he seems to be talking with someone else in the shadows.

"Then, I'll go over and talk with Muttsurini!"

Having waved to Himeji and Hideyoshi, I ran over to the corner of the classroom.

"Speaking of which, what of Akihisa's maid dress photographs..."

"Hi...Himeji! Would you like to have a chat with me?"

From the back, I could notice Hideyoshi desperately blocking Himeji's path. Oh, such a wonderful bride.

"Help me, Muttsurini! My pride is at stake here!"

While I was rushing over to stand in front of Muttsurini's ideal conversation location, a hand thrusted out and hindered my path. The hand came from a person with a large body.

"Wait a moment, I came here first."

"Oh? Yuuji?"

The person who went ahead was my bad friend, and at the same time the class rep, Sakamoto Yuuji. His normal hedgehog head seems to have lost all its energy. What could have happened?

"Muttsurini, what were you discussing?"

"...It seems that Yuuji will be married soon."

The person that was talking to Yuuji was the short boy, Tsuchiya Kouta. Because of his absolute defiance in refusing to admit that he has a huge interest in matters of sex, we call him "Muttsurini".

"Yuuji and Shouko having a wedding? Compared to a fact that was determined a long time ago, my problem of soon being recognized as a cross dresser is more important!"

"What the hell are you saying? You were known as a pervert, and that didn't start today!"

"You there with a wife, shut up and return to the cemetery of your life!"

"The one who should shut up is you, you pervert! Go and return to your maid tea cafe waitress job!"



"...If you both knew that it would come down to this, wouldn't it have been better to have stayed silent in the beginning?"

I didn't cry! It's just that this morning's breakfast (salt and water) is coming out of my eyes.

"But, but... If it's just marriage, it's still great right? I thought at the pace you were going at, I wouldn't be surprised to see children by now."

"...Akihisa, you should stop the cold jokes."

Huh? What? It wasn't funny?

"Having been beaten down by you like this. I should listen to what has happened."

"The way you phrased it just now angers me. But I'll let it slide for now. This morning, Shouko brought a MP3 player."

"MP3 player? That's nothing special is it? Yuuji used to bring one to school too."

But was quickly confiscated by Iron Man.

"No. She is extremely terrible when it comes to handling machines. To have brought such a device, and especially to school, is extremely unnatural."

It seems Kirishima is inept when it comes to handling machines. It looks like it has nothing to do with brains after all.

"Because it looked extremely odd, I took it from her, but mysteriously it contained a recording of someone imitating me proposing to her."


All of a sudden, the scene of the last summoning war surfaced on my memories. Because the mastermind behind the imitation of the proposal was none other than myself. I was plagued deeply by guilt.

But, to record the proposal of her beloved, isn't that just cute of her? You shouldn't take it so seriously and laugh it off.

"Is, Isn't it cute of Kirishima to have recorded that as a memento of her memories?"

"No, she was planning to use this as evidence of the proposal to her father."

The feeling of guilt grew to the point where it was unbearable.

"Even though I've confiscated the MP3 player, I suspect that this is merely a copy, and if the original is not destroyed..."

This is because on Yuuji's hand, it only looked like a standard MP3 player. Even if the content was destroyed, the problem would not be solved.

"Because of this, I hoped to ask Muttsurini to stop whoever has the original recording of this. As I said before, Shouko is incompatible with machines, she could have never set up hidden recording equipment ahead of time. Therefore, it must've been a real professional in this field who has done this!"

Actually, recalling the past events, I did not seem to notice any recording of Yuuji's (Hideyoshi's) speech. But like Yuuji mentioned, it is possible someone was secretly recording, because prior to the summoning war, Himeji, and Minami were wearing quite splendid china dresses. It wouldn't be surprising if someone wanted to secretly record the event.


"The fact that I changed into a maid dress seems to be in risk of being announced online."

"...What happened?"

It was understandable of him to have asked the question.

"Sorry, but to simplify things. This..."

-In the process of explanation-

"-Because of this, I hope you can stop whoever is blackmailing me. I don't recall having pictures of me taken, therefore I suspect someone extremely well versed in doing so."

"What? Akihisa seems to be in the same situation as I am."

"...Companions through being the victims of blackmail."

"Having become comrades through this is just a little..."

After the explanation ended, the classroom echoed the sound of *kasha kasha* of the door sliding open, and it appears that the home room was about to start.

"Sorry for being so late, the training course preparations took a fair bit of time to handle. Everyone please be seated as the lessons will start."

Iron Man, no, Nishimura-sensei carried a large box. The contents must have been the handbooks for the training course.

"...I will investigate on this matter."

"Sorry for the inconvenience, as for the reward, I will bring a book that seems to suit your interests."

"I will give one of the two recently obtained treasures to you."

"...I will definitely discover the one behind this."

Muttsurini has accepted the request, and being glared at by Iron Man, Yuuji and I quickly returned to our seats. He already had eyes on us, so if we don't lay low in times like this, our bodies won't last.

"So, tomorrow is the start of the training course, but the details of the course are nearly all written inside the booklet that I am about to hand out to you, so read it yourself when you return home. And this isn't a holiday, all you need is studying tools and a few set of clothes."

A pile of booklets was passed from the front, I kept one and passed the rest to the person behind me.

"Only, do not mistake the gathering place and time."

Iron Man roughly rapped the desk for attention.

Indeed, if one were to mistake the gathering place and time, it would be disastrous. Even though the purpose was to improve our knowledge, missing the chance to have fun with your friends at night would be a sad outcome. Therefore I should put the effort to memorize the place and time.

I flipped through the booklet to find the section which mentioned the place and time.

The place we were heading to was Uzuki Kougen, which is famous as a tourist spot. The nearest street car should take 4 hours to arrive, and interchanging buses should take around 5 hours.

"The important part is that our gathering time and place is different from other classes."

Class A and B probably would be traveling in luxury buses. I guess we would be in normal buses, and possibly we only get to stand and not even sit. No, if it can get worse, only an instructor would lead the way.

"Listen well, Class F is to meet directly at the destination spot."

"""Not even an instructor to lead the way????"""

Due to the cruel treatment, every member in the class was in tears.

The Second Question[edit]

Please write the diary entry for the first day of the training course.

Himeji Mizuki's Diary:

After getting off at the tram stop, I was overwhelmed by a sudden dizziness. The smell of the trees and the change of scenery, the difference in air quality compared to the streets of the city, seemed to prophesize that something good would happen.

Teacher's advice:

It seems the change of environment is a great stimulus. I wish for Himeji to have a great time and create some memories that belong only to the second year of your high schooling.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Diary:

BTS vol 03 029.jpg

After getting off at the tram stop, I felt overwhelmed by dizziness. I wonder what caused it?

Teacher's advice:

It's car sickness.

Yoshii Akihisa's Diary:

At the tram stop, I took in a whiff of the air, it seemed a little sweet, yet sour. A very mysterious smell, and my deep thoughts echoed whether or not it was the specialty of this town.

Teacher's advice:

I am definitely sure if Tsuchiya besides you was not vomiting, you would have a different impression of the air quality of this town.

Noticing the greenery pass the bus window, I finally left the city that I'm so used to staying in, and am heading towards the highlands that give off such a realistic feeling.

"Seems like we're going to be on this tram for another 2 hours."

Himeji-san is sitting opposite me as she slips her handphone back into her pocket. She should be checking out the bus directory.

"There's two hours left, but I don't want to sleep. What should I do~"

As the space in the bus is small, there are only so many things we can do. Our hand-held games were confiscated, so we couldn't bring them. There's unexpectedly so few things that we can do.

I turn around and look at Yuuji, who's looking outside. Also looking rather bored, he yawned.

"Yuuji, got something interesting?"

"Isn't there a mirror in the toilet? You can look into it until it breaks."

"Eh, you're saying that my face looks interesting?"

"Nope, you're mistaken. I'm saying that your face—really can't make anyone laugh."

"What do you mean by you can't laugh at it!? Is my face so bad that no one can laugh at it!?"

"I'm saying what's interesting in your guardian spirit."

"A guardian spirit? You can see those kinds of things, Yuuji?"

"Mm, I can see it. Dyed in blood, messed-up long black hair, that's a rare guardian spirit you have there."

"No matter what, anyone who looks like that wouldn't be protecting me, right?"

That should be well-known as a ghost from behind, right?

"Relax, I'm just half-joking."

"Ah, what the hell, you scared me."

"Actually, the hair is coffee in colour."

"Forget about the colour, that's not the important thing!"

Though I feel that Yuuji should be joking right from the start, I still find it a bit horrifying. If I'm to listen to him even more, it'll become a monster talk. But then again, my luck recently has been really bad, maybe it's some impure thing coming over to haunt me... Never mind, let's just prepare some salt to chase them away.

"Oh, Minami, what are you reading?"

Opposite Yuuji, diagonally in front of me, Minami is reading a book that's about as large as a notepad. It's really rare for Minami to read this when she's not really good in Kanji. Is it something that introduces red rubies?

"Hm? You're talking about this? It's a book of psychological tests. I bought it since it costs 100 yen, but I didn't expect it to be so interesting."

Psychological tests? Seems like we have something to kill the time off.

"Ohh~ seems interesting. Why don't you give me a question, Minami?"

"Mm, alright."

After saying this, Minami flips through a few pages.

"Then let's start. 'Please choose someone from the opposite gender that fits the following colours'."

So, a colour impression? I suppose this is to choose who I find suits the colour the most, right?

"'① Green ② Orange. ③ Blue'

Please say the names of the persons who you find are suitable for the above colours."

Ooo~ Green, orange and blue, huh?

"Erm—Minami, why are you staring at me so intently? At least let me answer the question first."

"I, I'm not! Stop yapping and start answering!"

"Hm~...if that's the case, then 'Green=>Minami, Orange=>Hideyoshi and Blue=>Himeji-san', or something like that."

PLACK—Minami lets out a terrifying sound between her fingers.

"Mi, Minami-san...why must you rip the book right through in half?"




Wa! Though I don't know what's going on, she's really infuriated! For her to get so angry from just a psychological test, do I have something against tests?

"Eve, even if you ask me why, I..."

Because you're wearing grassy-green underwear—she'll throw me out of the bus window if I say this, right?

"I won't get angry, so just say it."

"Because you were wearing grassy-green underwear."[3]



"Shimada, you can't just throw trash out of the window."

"Thanks for stopping Minami, Yuuji, but you just treated me like trash without thinking, right?"

"Doesn't matter anyway, since you're not trash, but a scumbag."

"What now~ I haven't been treated like this so cruelly in a long time."

"You should put a scumbag into a waste carriage."

"And even Yuuji's treating me like one..."

Why must I be always treated like this!?

Just as I grit my teeth to endure this agony of humanity, Yuuji easily snatches that booklet of psychology (or rather, it was one anyway) from Minami's hands.

"AH! What are you doing!?"

"Let me see! Green represents 'friend', orange represents 'source of motivation', and blue represents—ohh. I see."

Yuuji glances at Minami and me a few times before giving a sly look. I'll go mad everytime he gives such a look.

"Sa, Sakamoto! Return that to me!"

"Sorry sorry. It looked interesting, so I really felt like borrowing it to take a look."

Minami puffs her cheeks in anger as Yuuji doesn't look sincere at all when he apologized.

"Speaking of which, does Yuuji want to participate?"

"You're right. Shimada, can I join in too?"

"Alright alright...but, but I have to make this clear, there wasn't any significance in that question just now!"

"Okay okay, I got it."

What was written on that book?

"Can I join in too?"

At this moment, Hideyoshi moves over. He's sitting together with Muttsulini behind us, seems like he's bored as well.

"I'm okay with it."

Minami looks a bit unhappy, seems like she's a bit jealous of Hideyoshi.

"Well, thanks. Ah, Akihisa, regarding the answer just now..."

"What answer?"

"The question just now was 'Please choose someone from the opposite gender that fits the following colour', right? Who did you choose for orange?"

"You, Hideyoshi."

"...I'm happy to hear that when you mentioned this, but I do feel really troubled by this..."

Hideyoshi lowered his head as he muttered this. What's going on?

"Speaking of which, is Muttsulini not participating?"

"Looks like he's asleep. I heard that he did quite a lot of investigations."

I poke my head out past the back of the chair, Muttsulini is definitely sleeping.

"I guess it's better not to bother him."

"You're right."

Seeing him sleep like this, it'll be pitiful if he's to be called up suddenly.

"Erm, excuse me. Can I join in as well?"

Sitting opposite us, Himeji-san shyly raises her hand.

"Then let's have everyone play.

I answered for Minami while she still looked unhappy. Besides, she won't mind Himeji-san joining in as well.

"Oh yeah, Minami, about that 'opposite gender person that represents blue', what's the answer?"

"...I won't say it, even till I die."

"How, how did it become like this..."

Himeji-san's wide eyes look a bit teary. It's because of those teary eyes that I immediately thought of her the moment I heard blue.

BTS vol 03 037.jpg

"Ah...never mind, on to the next question."

Minami sighs and again flips through the torn psychology test booklet. To be able to rip a booklet right down the middle, how strong is Minami anyway?

"'From the numbers '1' to '10', please choose the first two numbers that you thought of.'"

"I'm 5 and 6"

Yuuji said.

"Well, I'm 2 and 7."

Hideyoshi replied.

"I'm 1 and 4."

I gave my answer as well.

"Then I'm 3 and 9."

Himeji-san finally has an answer.

After hearing our comments, Minami slowly flips through a page off the booklet in her hands.

"Let me see. 'The first number the person thinks of represents how others view the person'. If so—"

"A snarky, cool guy."-- Yuuji.

"A calm and sensible person."-- Hideyoshi.

"Go to hell."-- Me.

"Caring and cautious"-- Himeji-san.

Minami called out the results.

"Oh, I see."

"To be called sensible, I'm rather happy."

"Erm~ why am I the only getting scolded?"

"So I'm gentle and cautious, huh~"

We all said our thoughts.

"Next, 'the second number represents the real personality hidden within you'. So, let me see—"

Similar to what she did just now, Minami pointed at everyone.

"A just and gentle person."-- Yuuji.

"A very attractive person."-- Hideyoshi.

"Go and die painfully."-- Me.

"A strong-willed person."-- Himeji-san.

She again gives us the answer.

"Hideyoshi is really attractive."

"Himeji is a strong-willed girl, huh?"

"Erm~ Why am I being the only one scolded even more?"

"Sakamoto-kun really gives a feeling that he's gentle."

Our conversation starts to revolve around the psychology test, and everyone continued to have fun.

After that, Minami started to play a few of these psychology test with us.

After a while,

"...(Pats pats)."

"Ah, morning, Muttsulini."

"You're awake."

"...Woke up because I'm hungry."

"Oh? It's that time already?"

I pull out the handphone to confirm the time, and the time shown on the screen right now is 1:15pm. Normally, this would be past lunchtime already.

"Perfect timing. Why don't we have our lunch now?"

"You're right. We won't be able to finish dinner if we had lunch too late."

Food is a really important source of nutrition. I won't deliberately give any excuse that I ate already this time; that would truly be a waste.

"Ah, it's time for lunch, right? If so—"

At this moment, Himeji-san reaches her hand into a bag beside her, searching for something, and I have a bad feeling about this.

"Actually, I made quite a lot of bentos, so it possible..."

The prediction came true! Himeji-san took out a large bento box!

I'm really grateful for her kind intention, but unfortunately, the food that she makes aren't just a masterpiece of creativity, it's a strong poison that can threaten anyone's life.

"Sorry Himeji, but I did bring my own bento."

"Sorry, I brought mine as well."

"...Same here."

Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini all pull out their lunches to prove it, seems like they were completely prepared.

"This is how it is, so Akihisa, please accompany Himeji as you eat your lunch."

Yuuji reveals an expression of glee over my misfortune. They must have thought that since I'm in poverty, I won't be able to prepare my own bento.

Hoho, you're too naive if you thought that.

"I'm sorry. Actually, I prepared my own bread."

"Oh my! My hand slipped! (smacks me)"

" foot slipped. (steps on it)"


After Yuuji caused me to drop my bread onto the floor, Muttsulini followed up by stepping on it a few times.

Damn it! Your combination is too perfect! How am I supposed to react?

Even so, I'm not so weak so as to give up even after my bread got stepped on a few times.

"Hahaha, you guys aren't careful at all. Really, why don't you treasure food more—"

"—You're right. Why shouldn't we treasure food? I'll finish up this squished bread, so Akihisa, just eat Himeji's bento."

""......(staring at each other)""

"Ah sorry Yuuji. My hand slipped so—"

"I'll grab you to prevent your hand from slipping."

""......(glaring at each other)""

"Then Akihisa-kun, if you don't mind—"

Himeji-san shyly brings the bento in front of me. I'm really~really happy, but after seeing the contents of the bento, I can't even bring myself to start tucking in.

"Ah~ Well, this..."

"Aki, do you want to eat my bento as well?"

Just as I was ready to use my specialty 'stomachache attack', Minami unexpectedly gave me an escape route. This is truly a once in a million chance!

"Thanks Minami for sharing! How about everyone open up their bentos? Then we can all share!"

I see Yuuji shoot me a 'what kind of bastardly idea is this?' blaming look. Really, this made me feel so good about it.

"Well, well Muttsulini and I will go back to our seats and eat."

"...(Nods head vigourously)."

Oh, so Hideyoshi and Muttsulini are both intending to escape, huh? Nevermind, my target has only been Sakamoto Yuuji right from the start!

"I don't need it, besides, I have Akihisa's bread in my hand."

Though Yuuji's face is looking as gentle as ever, his gaze is ever serious.

"Don't say this, Yuuji..."

"I see, so you want to eat my bento as well! Go ahead, take as much as you want!"


My mouth got stuffed with a lot of things. Yuuji seemed to have stuff my mouth with sandwiches to prevent me from saying anything. Can I even say anything anymore?

I frantically chew on the food to swallow it. Humph! This American-style sandwich is too delicious! Roasted chicken with some special marinade on it.

"(swallows)—that was good!"

A layer of butter was applied on the surface of the toast to prevent moisture, only the leaves of the lettuce was used, the lettuce was used to wrap the tomatoes and chicken to prevent the moisture from oozing out, and there's a layer of wasabi sauce and mayonnaise on the chicken as well...

"Oi Yuuji, did you make this yourself?"

"...Can't I?"

How should I say it? The sandwich he made was surprisingly good, really shocked me. This guy really isn't some amateur at this, he always has his way of doing things.

"Then have some of mine."

This time, Minami places her bento in front of me. Ooohh, hers is traditional. Deep-fried meat balls, siewmais and asparagus rolls are all lined up nicely in the bento box. She still gave me these even though she was in a bad mood during the psychology test games, really, Minami is gentle! I have to see her from a different viewpoint.

"Then if you don't mind me."

Now, what shall I eat? I'm getting puzzled since I haven't eaten a proper meal for a long time. Oh~ well, then I'll take the siewmai! Though it's rude, I still used my hand to pick one up and pop it into my mouth.

"Aki, that, well...I'm trying to summon my courage to say this! Actually, I intended to let you eat that siewmai—"

"Hm? What? (chewing)"

"—because between the 2 siewmais , one of them has wasabi in it."



"Akihisa, you might be lucky in a certain sense."

Yuuji patted his hand on my shoulder just as I'm going about looking for water.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M LUCKY...ah yes! Since my taste buds are all damaged, maybe I might be able to take Himeji-san's toxic food! If so, I got to remain in this invincible mode and—

"I'm taking your bento, Himeji-san!"

"Ah, yes. Please have more of it."

"I'm tucking in—"

Waking up, I find myself in an unknown room.

"Ah, Akihisa, you're awake? Good...seems like the electric shock was effective!"

Yuuji raises what looks like an electric iron in his hand, revealing an expression that looks like he can finally heave a sigh of relief.


"Speaking of which, is this where our camp is?"

"Ah, yes. Our school is rich, that's for sure. I heard that this hotel was bought by Fumitzuki Gakuen to be used as the dormitory for our training course."

This place was modified to be the dormitory for our training course? In other words, we can summon summoned beasts here, right?

—This is Fumitzuki Gakuen alright. However, since they're willing to splash the cash whenever they want to, I hope that the school will help provide free lunches.

"Oh, Akihisa! You alright!? What a relief...when I heard you start to regret everything you did in your past life, I thought you were gone..."

Hideyoshi, who came into the room, placed his hand on his chest.

Good thing I survived.

"Thanks for worrying about me. Is Hideyoshi staying here as well?"

"Yes, and with Muttsulini, the four of us will be staying here."

Seems like this place is large enough to allow 8 people to sleep here, but maybe it was because of the class sorting that the four of us can stay in such a large room...did they decide to put us problematic students here together?

At this moment, I noticed that the last person who's supposed to stay with us in this room isn't here.

"Where did Muttsulini go? Did he go out to peek?"

"I don't think it's nice to say that about your friend..."

Kachang. "...I'm back." Speak of the devil, Muttsulini's back.

"Oh, you're back, Muttsulini."

"...It's great that you're okay, Akihisa."

"Ah, so you were worried about me? Sorry about that."

"...Thanks to that, the information I worked hard to find won't go to waste."

"Information? You're talking about what Akihisa and I asked you to check? You're really fast!"

Yuuji had quite the reaction the moment he heard the word 'information'. Ah, we asked him to search out the culprit who took a photo of me (wearing an embarrassing maid costume) and recorded Yuuji's voice (his marriage declaration).

"...I got trail of the tools that the culprit used."

"Ohh, as expected of Muttsulini."

"...From the culprit's modus operandi, I can assume that it's the same person involved in both cases."

"I see. But not many people would do this thing. Since you feel this way, I suppose that's right."

Even so, doesn't this mean that we have two of this kind of people (the culprit and Muttsulini) in our year? That's really strange.

"So, who's the culprit?"

"...(Shakes head)"

After being questioned, Muttsulini shakes his head with an apologetic look.

"Ah, so you don't know who the culprit is?"


"Why are you saying sorry to us? You're willing to help us, and we're grateful for that."

That's right. I asked him yesterday, so how can we expect him to find the culprit today? Things aren't that simple.

"...I only know that 'the culprit's a girl, and her butt got burned a bit'."

"What are you investigating anyway?"

Wouldn't people normally check the name of the person, how the person looks or something? Who would know whether there's a burn on the butt!? I really want to know how that guy investigated this.

"...I set up a network over the entire school."

At the same time he said this, Muttsulini pulled out a small machine. What's this thing?

"...A mini-recorder. I bugged the entire school with a lot of these."


After the button was pressed, a loud mix of voices echoes throughout the room.

"The voice quality's rather bad."

"Can't be helped. Since we're searching through the entire school, it's hard to maintain the sound quality and accuracy."

"Though we can barely hear that it's a girl, we can't tell who it is."

<I'll like to request for another Yuuji's wedding declaration...>

After that, it's another girl's voice. Like the previous one, we can't really tell who it is just from the sound, but this unique way of talking, and the content, anyone can just use their kneecap to guess who this is.


"She's really anxious about this."

Exactly what does Kirishima-san like about this guy anyway?

<Thanks for the patronage. Since it's the second time, I'll sell it to you at a cheaper price.>

<...The price doesn't matter, just hurry up and give it to me.>

<As expected of a rich ojou-sama, straight to the point. How about tomorrow—I wanted to say this, but the training course starts tomorrow, so I'll only hand it to you next Monday.>

<...I got it. I will endure.>

"Hoo, that was too dangerous...good thing the training course saved my life..."

"So it got delayed till next Monday."

Even so, we can't work on the weekends, so actually, we have only 4 days left.

"...And the other conversation includes the culprit's identity."

Muttsulini operates the machine again.

<Still a scary photograph. Wouldn't you get punished really badly if people are to find out that you've been secretly taking these photographs?>

<Well, actually, I got caught by my own mother before.>

<Then, were you okay?>

<She burned me on the backside. Really, how prehistoric was this kind of punishment already?>

What followed was some really boring business talk.

"...That's all we know of for now."

"I see, so that's the reason why you said that the culprit has a burn on the butt."

"From how the conversation went just now, it seems like the culprit's a girl."

"The other person seems a bit pretentious, but it seems like she's a girl as well."

We were worried about the sound quality, that it may be so bad that we wouldn't be able hear the conversation clearly, but since it's girls talk, if they aren't girls, it's Hideyoshi's doing.

"This is really a beneficial piece of information to us, but a burn on the butt...even if we're to flip a girl's skirt, we might not be able to find out who the culprit is. Ah~hum..."

"We can't even capture a burn mark even if we're to use an infrared camera..."

Beside me, Yuuji gives a serious look that shows that he's thinking of a way to peek at a girl's butt.

"So what were you guys talking about since a while back?"

Seeing us serious with that thinking look, Hideyoshi tilted his head slightly as he said this. That's right, we haven't told Hideyoshi what's going on.

"Hideyoshi, actually—(omitting the rest out)."

I gave him a brief explanation of what happened to us. If we explain it clearly, Hideyoshi should be willing to help us out.

"I see. But if the burned part's on the bu..."

Hideyoshi gives us a cute look as he thinks of a way to help us.

"Ah, but it'll be bathing time soon. Can't we just get Hideyoshi to check who has the burn mark on her butt?"

"Akihisa, why do you want me to enter the girls bathing area?"

Oh my, my proposal's too great! There should be no problems now.

"Not possible, Akihisa."

However, Yuuji dampened my enthusiasm. Is there something on the training course itinerary?

"Why not?"

"Well, that's to be expected, since I'm a guy."

"Just read the 3rd page of the itinerary booklet."

I obediently follow Yuuji's instructions and read the 3rd page. Looking at it—

~Dormitory bathing locations and timeslots~

Boys classes A, B, C –20:00~21:00 Large bathroom (Male)

Boys classes D, E, F –21:00~22:00 Large bathroom (Male)

Girls classes A, B, C –20:00~21:00 Large bathroom (Female)

Girls classes D, E, F –21:00~22:00 Large bathroom (Female)

Class F's Kinoshita Hideyoshi –20:00~21:00 Personal Bathroom (4)

"Damn it! Now we can't get Hideyoshi to help us out now."

"Seems that way."

"Why am I the only one with a personal bathroom?"

And I thought that this was a perfect plan. What a pity!

Just as the four of us were muttering and thinking of a plan.



Our room door was busted open, and several girls came running in.

"Wha, what's going on?"

"Get over here, Kinoshita! You three over there, don't think of putting up any resistance!"

Standing in the frontmost position, Minami immediately darted to the window to prevent us from escaping. Nice, as expected of Minami!

"Why did you guys run to the window so suddenly?"

This isn't the problem now, right?

"Now I want to know why in the world did you girls come rushing into our room?"

After closing the window, Yuuji questioned the entire group of girls. Muttsulini and I also put down our extremely heavy bags and turn around to face them.

"And you dare to act like you're innocent. We already knew that you guys are the culprits!"

Showing a high and mighty attitude as she walks past Minami is class C's representative, Koyama-san. All the girls behind her fold their arms, looking like they agree as they nod their heads.

"Culprits? What are you talking about?"


Koyama-san tosses something in front of us. What's that?

"...CCD camera and a mini-microphone."

Having absolute knowledge regarding these kinds of things, Muttsulini answered.

Oh, I see. So this was installed inside the girl's changing room—

"Eh? Isn't that peeping? Who would do such a thing?"

"Stop playing dumb! Who would do this sort of things besides you guys?"

Hearing this, Hideyoshi steps in and confronts Koyama-san.

"It's not like that. We didn't do such a thing! This dastardly thing of peeping—"

In order to prove our innocence, Hideyoshi got so anxious that his voice got hoarse naturally without anyone noticing. I should respond to that trust.

"That's right, we didn't do such a thing!"

"...(Nods head violently)."

While Hideyoshi refuted this, Muttsulini and I moved forward, only to be glared at by Koyama-san.

"So what's with this dastardly way of peeping?"

"...I...really can't deny it..."


To think that Hideyoshi thinks that Muttsulini and I are of an equal level? I'm going to cry...

"I really didn't think that Yoshii-kun, you guys...will actually go to this extent..."

Among the crowd of extremely murderous girls, Himeji-san said this with an incredulous voice of disbelief. Hearing her say this, it's like we betrayed her trust, it really hurts and aches. BUT I DON'T REMEMBER DOING SUCH A THING!!

"Aki...I trusted you, why must you do such a despicable thing...?"

"Minami, if you really believed me, you wouldn't be preparing those interrogation tools, right?"

On a side note, I don't sense any trust from her at all.

"Himeji-san, you're mistaken! We're really...!"

"I'm angry! You actually went to peep on us while our stomachs were all full with dinner—my waist isn't normally that big, it's a lot skinnier!"

So that's your reason for being angry?

"My, my bust isn't as big as usual, you know!?"

"That's a lie."


"I'm, I'm sorry!! I accidentally said my true thoughts out loud!"

The girls quickly surround us, forcing Muttsulini and me to kneel down with stone blocks on us. Not good! The only person we can ask for help right now is—


"...I won't forgive you for being fickle-minded in love."

"Hang on, Shouko! Calm down for a while GYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

"Before you admit your deeds, we'll love you to our hearts' contents!"

Now Minami has finally revealed her sadistic personality. We'll die if we don't improve her mood! I don't like to lie, but we got to praise her a bit.

"Well, I have been looking at Minami's huge breasts you know GYYYYAAAHHH!!"

"Now for the first block."

I definitely praised her! She still dropped such a heavy object on my knees even after I did my best to praise her!!

"Yoshii-kun, so you've seen Minami-chan's breasts...?"

"Ah ha ha ha. Nar nar. Gentle Himeji-san won't want to drop something heavy on me right AHHOOOOWWWW!!"

"You should answer the question properly, you know?'

Nowadays, I feel that there's something more to Himeji-san's smile than a smile.

Seems like I got too close to death a lot more times than usual today.

After 30 minutes of interrogation, we were released due to insufficient evidence.

"This is just added punishment...speaking of which, why am I the only one treated as a victim?"

"Yeah, that'll cause a misunderstanding."

"...There wasn't any visible evidence left behind in the first place."

Muttsulini, your words may end up bringing us back into the torturous Hell!

Oh yeah, Yuuji should be alright, right? Why hasn't he made a single sound yet?

"Yuuji, you alright? Why haven't you said anything yet?"

As I asked, Yuuji suddenly stood up as if he made some huge decision.

"...Isn't this perfect?"

The deep, angry voice bellows throughout the room.

"Eh? What's with you, Yuuji?"

"Since they won't be convinced even with all these, why don't we grant them their wish?"

His eyes are blazing with determination as if they're on fire.

"Are you really thinking..."

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking. Since they have decided that we were peeping on them, WHY DON'T WE JUST PEEP ON THEM BRAZENLY!!"

"Yuuji, if you really want to see Kirishima-san's naked body so much, why don't you just ask her?"

And we're already thinking about peeping on them while they're on their guard. There has to be a limit to stupidity.

"Wha, are you stupid? I'm not interested in Shouko's naked body!"

Man up and tell the truth, Yuuji, I'm really interested.

"Uh huh, are you thinking of searching for the culprit with the burn mark on the butt?"

"That's right. I already felt that it was too despicable, but since they accused us without any proof, there's no need to consider this too much. WE'RE GOING TO PEEP ON THEM AND CATCH THE CULPRIT WHILE WE'RE AT IT!!"

Yuuji's right. Since we're treated like peeping toms, we should have the right to do this. Besides, if I don't do this, those embarrassing photos of me will be scattered all over the world!

"...The camera and microphone just now were of the same model as the ones the culprit threatened you two with."

"What? Is that true, Muttsulini?"


"Really? Now that's a fact worth being happy about."


"...(Nods head)."

All three of them fold their arms and respond in unison. Eh, about that—

"Excuse me...but what's the situation now?"

"Akihisa's still Akihisa. You can't even grasp this level of situation. Basically, here's how it goes." Yuuji takes out a piece of paper and starts to draw on it.

BTS vol 03 059.jpg

"The person who blackmailed you and me used the same type of camera and microphone inside the girls' changing room as the one used to blackmail us. Then, if the female culprit has a burn on her butt—"

"Ah, I see! As long as we can find the culprit with the burn mark on the butt, all the problems will be solved!"

Though peeping isn't something praiseworthy, we have no choice but to do this. This is for Yuuji, for me, our bright futures! Thus, we have to PEEP!

"But speaking of which, as long as things involve Kirishima-san, Yuuji would be extremely motivated. I'm really suspicious, is there really a need to go to this extent?"

That was a whole world of difference in contrast to his normally lazy attitude.

"...Actually, a while back, I was drugged by Shouko and got unconscious."

"I'm sorry, I forgot about that. It must have been really hard on you."

"The moment I woke up, I found myself kidnapped to her house."

So Yuuji got kidnapped to Kirishima-san's house. Since Yuuji didn't really care, she used such a hardcore method, huh? Kirishima-san really won't give up.

"Heh~so did you say hello to Kirishima-san's parents?"

"No, it's not that, her house--"

Don't tell me not just her parents, even her grandparents are living with her as well?

"--got my room prepared."

So Yuuji's about to take the last step, huh?

"If her family members hears the marriage proposal, my, my future will be..."

Seems like I'm getting used to Yuuji breaking down nowadays, however, a slightly broken Yuuji has a bit more variety. Oh well, that isn't bad.

"Er, guys, if we don't hurry, the bathing time for the girls will end."

"...(Nods head)."

"Eh? Hideyoshi and Muttsulini are going to help us?"

"Of course. My friend's in trouble, how can I just sit back and watch?"

"...(Nods head violently)."

As expected of my good friends; even if I got some unknown criminal record, even if it's really tough and not worth doing, they're still willing to lend us a helping hand.

"And I do have some responsibility regarding Yuuji's marriage proposal..."

Oh yeah, there's another reason to this. But the one who forced Yuuji to say this was me, so Hideyoshi has no need to be bothered by it.

"...I've already confirmed the location of the girls bathing area."

Muttsulini walks out of the room, his feet moving without any hesitation at all.

"Yosh! Yuuji, hurry and get up! We're going to peep! (Gives him a good hit)"

"Ugh—what's going on?"

"Now Akihisa's getting skilled in treating Yuuji."

This most likely is because Yuuji's been moving to that other world for no good reason.

"...There's now 40 minutes left for the later group."

Muttsulini checks his watch to confirm.

"No time left, we got to hurry."

"You're right, let's run."

"Got it!"

We didn't wear any shoes or indoor slips, only socks as we moved about on the corridor. Of course, this is to prevent footstep sounds from being made.

Maybe because the boys and girls bathing times are the same, we didn't meet anyone on the way.

"...After walking past the staircase and down a bit, it'll be the girls' bathing area."

Muttsulini stopped in front of the stairs.

In other words, once we get down the stairs and go all the way, we'll reach the girls' bathing area. Since the place is underground, we can't peek from outside, and had to go all the way down.

BTS vol 03 063.jpg

"Alright, we don't have much time left. So let's break through the last line of defense!"

"The goal's right in front of you." Yuuji said.

"""...(Nods head)"""

The 3 of us silently nodded our heads and dashed down the stairs at a terrifying speed.

Taking 2 steps down at a time, and then moving down the corridor towards the girls' bathing area...

"I heard that someone placed a video cam in the changing room, so I came over to stay guard. Didn't expect the culprits to really come over."

Looking around to find the source of the voice, the one that appeared in front of us was a familiar male teacher. It's Fuse-sensei, the chemistry teacher.

"What now, Yuuji? It's Fuse-sensei."

"Don't worry, we'll just knock him out with a punch."

"You should be worried, Sakamoto! I'm still a teacher, you know!"

"Got it, then we'll settle it with a punch!"

"What are you doing, Yoshii?"

This was to defend our innocence. Once we find out who the culprit is, everyone will forgive us! That's right, we're pursuing the truth! Justice will always be on our side!

"—However, I'll let you feel all this anger that I built up over remedial classes!"


My iron fist of justice locked onto Fuse-sensei, ready to fire out any second.

"GGGYYYAAA! Su, summon!"

Suddenly, a little body appeared in front of me and blocked my fist.

"A Summoned beast?"

I quickly jumped back and maintained a safe distance.

A familiar magic array appeared besides sensei's feet. At this moment, what appeared in front of me is a summoned beast of a rather high level, several times stronger than those of the poor performers. If it's a teacher's summon, this summoned beast should have an immeasurable power.

However, a normal summoned beast should be unable to touch humans or physical objects.

"Damn it! So the teachers' summoned beasts can touch physical objects?" Yuuji muttered bitterly.

Like what we're seeing, my fist got blocked by Fuse-sensei's summoned beast. In other words, sensei's summoned beast can interfere with physics.

"Ho, so I finally managed to catch up? Before Yoshii was designated as a 'punishment inspector', we had to experience it ourselves, so our summoned beasts can touch physical objects. Besides, who asked us to be teachers? We have to step in and stop the young from going rampant sometimes."

If so, Fuse-sensei should be rather used to controlling a summoned beast. Damn it, this situation's getting harder and harder to handle.

"But isn't this too despicable! Since you're setting your own questions, wouldn't your summoned beasts be too powerful!?"

Sensei's answers should be similar to those model answers! If we're to fight against someone at such a level, we can only remain in a disadvantageous position and can only try to get back up.

"No, this isn't a real battle anyway, so it isn't really despicable. Besides, you boys wanted to beat me up first, right?"

Adults are really despicable, always thinking of ways to trick us.

"And besides, teachers need to take tests. Our tests are set by teacher from other levels."

"Eh, really?"

"Well, since the principal's philosophy is that 'teachers themselves should be at a level competent enough to educate students'."

Really? Seeing the principal normally acting so nonchalantly, she sure is serious as an educator.

"Alright, time for you boys to be obedient, okay?"

Fuse-sensei's summoned beast got into a battle position, and when we're fighting against a summoned beast that's a lot strong than an ordinary human, we don't have a chance of winning if we don't bring out a similar battle ability.

"Is so, we should resist with all we have and beat down Fuse-sensei's summoned beast."

"That's the spirit! I'll leave it to you, Yuuji!"

Using Yuuji as a shield, I hastily moved forward.

"Hold it right there."

My shirt suddenly got tugged back. What? I'm rushing off to the girls' bathing area.

"Let's hear your chemistry score."

Oh my, really. You don't think you have a chance without me helping, do you? Can't be helped...

That chemistry test. Almost made it, what a pity...just one mark, yes, if I could get one more mark—

"—With one extra mark, I could have gotten a double digit score."

"Hurry up and scram, you useless piece of trash."

It, it's not what you think! I just accidentally miswrote my answers on the next question! It's not because my minds' bad!

"If the opponent's a teacher, it'll be tough for one person to handle. I'll stay as well, Akihisa, Muttsulini, hurry up and move on!"

Even if it's Yuuji, it's unlikely that he'll beat a teacher, so Hideyoshi decided to stay behind and help him. If they're working together, there should be no problems, right?"

"Then I'll leave it to you then, Hideyoshi. Come on, summon!"

"For the sake of clearing the name of my friends, this is nothing. Summon!"

Yuuji and Hideyoshi have summoned their summoned beasts, and the summoning mechanism set within the hotel reacted to their call, causing familiar patterns to appear on the floor.

In the blink of an eye, both Hideyoshi and Yuuji's summoned beasts appear.

"Muttsulini, as according to plan, leave this to Yuuji and Hideyoshi. We'll go—WHAT THE HELL, HE DISAPPEARED!?"

Muttsulini had already hastened his feet as he moved towards the girls' bathing area. What amazing movement; I've got to catch up!

"Oi, you two! Tsuchiya, Yoshii! Hold on a minute!"

"Sorry, Fuse-sensei, but I won't allow you to stop them."

"That's the case, so please stay behind and play with us."

I could roughly hear Yuuji and the others talking, but Muttsulini and I dashed forward without looking back. Just at this moment though—

"Hold it right there."

Another teacher blocked us.

"Ooshima-sensei." Muttsulini lets out a moan of agony.

It's expected that he would be like this, since to Muttsulini, this opponent is like a grand master! This person who came over, Ooshima-sensei, is in charge of Health and Physical Education.

But since the opponent is the Health Ed teacher, it might be good for us in a certain sense. Though Mutsulini is truly a rare national-class idiot when it comes to other subjects, his ability can really match a teacher. Seems like we'll have an exciting match between these two."


"...(nods head)."

Muttsulini looks serious as he nods his head, walking towards Ooshima-sensei.



"...This isn't peeping."

Getting ready to summon, Ooshima-sensei stopped what he was doing.

Seems like Muttsulini's not intending to fight right from the start, but will try to convince Ooshima-sensei. This is rare, especially for him.

"Then if it's not peeping, what is it?"

Seems like Muttsulini's tactic worked as Ooshima-sensei retorted. Maybe it'll be easier to convince him than Ironman? I got to see this.

"...This is—"

Though it's soft, Muttsulini's voice echoes inexplicably in my ears.

"—Practical health education."


Unfortunately, his attempt to convince sensei failed.

"I'll leave it to you here, Muttsulini!"


Muttsulini looks unhappy as he summoned his summoned beast. Did he really think that he could convince Ooshima-sensei with that? If he really thought so, I can only say that he is one enigmatic guy.

"I'll go off first, Muttsulini! We'll meet up once you beat sensei!"

After leaving Muttsulini with these words, I ran on ahead.

"So you think you can take me? You brats better listen, don't ever—UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OWN TEACHERS!"

P.E. Teacher, Ooshima Takeshi, Health Education 663 points

F class, Tsuchiya Kouta, Health Education 424 points


I continued to run, but stopped due to being shocked.

Did I see Ooshima-sensei's points correctly before I left? 663 POINTS...IS THAT EVEN HUMANLY POSSIBLE? DID SOMETHING GO WRONG?

"Did they change the marks or something...?"

"You idiot, we teachers will definitely not do such a stupid thing!"

My little mutter got a familiar response. This, this voice is—



His back facing the girls bathing area, my eternal enemy Ironman, also known as Nishimura-sensei, stood there, his muscular and brawny body blocking me.

"Really, I guess you people don't know, but we teachers have to study as well! This is for us teachers to be professional!"

"Ah, I see. It's been tough on you~"

"That's right, an educator's life is tough." Ironman muttered painfully to himself.

Though I really can't see it, it seemed like it's really tough.

"On a side note, how much did Nishimura-sensei get?"

"I was busy relieving the ex-homeroom teacher, so I didn't have time to take my tests, and so I don't have any marks."

"I see, so in other words, you don't have any marks now, right? As expected of idiot Nishimura-sensei who has only brawns and doesn't have a brain at all."

"Yoshii, for safety's sake, I'll ask you this—what's your blood type?"

Am I thinking too much? Why do I feel like he's about to beat me down to death before transfusing blood back into me again?

"An, anyway, I got to get through! Move aside! Summon!"

I'll reach my goal as long as I get past Ironman! Got to get through no matter what!

Remedial teacher, Nishimura Sochi, combined subjects NONE

Class F, Akihisa Yoshii, combined subjects 929 points.


Facing my summoned beast, Ironman only clenches his fists and gets into a fighting position.

Eh? Fists? Isn't he going to summon?

As far as I know, a summoned beast's power is several times stronger than an ordinary human, so only a summoned beast can only fight against another summoned beast. But it seems like Ironman isn't going to summon one.

"So sensei, did you forget that my summoned beast can touch physical objects?"

It's true that normally, an ordinary student's summoned beast can't touch humans, so Ironman can just ignore the existence of the summoned beast and go after the human. However, my summoned beast has the ability of the 'punishment inspector', which allows it to touch humans and use it's tremendous strength to easily beat Ironman. So in order not to allow me to do whatever I want, Ironman should summon a summoned beast to counter.

"You big idiot. How can I forget what kind of ability does the summoned beast of the one problematic student in our school's history has?"

"But if so..."

"Didn't I say it before, I don't have any marks."

Ironman answered me in an uninterested manner.

So without any marks, he can't summon? If so, this is a once in a million rare chance.

"If so, including all the hatred that I accumulated up till now—TAKE THIS, IRONMAN!"

The summoned beast aims itself at Ironman and charges over. I'll let him think that I'm attacking from the front before jumping to the side and throw my wooden sword at him from a blind angle—


Before I could send out a heavy hit, Ironman swung his fist down.


The wooden sword lets out a clatter as it lands on the floor.

"How can something like this be possible! For an ordinary human to beat a summoned beast...!"

Something must have gone wrong. I shouldn't have used a weapon that I'm not used to, if I used only my summoned beast's strength to fight, I would have beaten him now!

"Yoshii, do you know why I didn't cancel your summoning rights up till now?"

Ironman quickly kicks my summoned beast lightly.


He merely kicked my summoned beast lightly, but it got kicked high into the air. Has he completely grasped the rhythm of my breathing?

"Oh my, good thing you're a punishment inspector. If it's just hitting a summoned beast—then it shouldn't be considered corporal punishment, right?"

Flying high into the air, my summoned beast is defenceless as it shows itself before Ironman.

"Eh? I never felt that corporal punishment—"


In an instant, I got hit by his fist 5 times.


The sharp pain that caused my sight to go dark reverberates throughout my body.

How, how can there be such a ridiculous punch? Just the recoil from the punch alone is enough to flip all the contents in my gut...

"However, since you did attack in a manly way, I won't let you get suspended. For gentle and kind Nishimura-sensei to be your opponent, don't you feel lucky?"

Ironman cracks his knuckles as he moves towards my summoned beast.

Not good, not good at all. A kind teacher would have let me off here!

"Oh my, I'm not a devil. I'll let you go once you take my counselling lesson—and that goes for those three as well."


Looking over at where Ironman is looking at, Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini were already subdued.

"Alright. First, you'll write a letter of remorse in English. If any word or alphabet is written wrongly, you have to rewrite it no matter how many times! Those who finished can go back to sleep."

Thus, the four of us ended up with the fate of having to kneel on the corridor and write a letter of remorse in English.

The Third Question[edit]

Please write the diary entry for the second day of the training course.

Himeji Mizuki's Diary:

"Today's focus for revision is physics, which I'm not too familiar with. However, after studying with class A, I learnt quite a bit. This is truly a meaningful experience."

Teacher's advice:

It is great if Himeji-san can improve after studying together with Class A. Maybe you can become a member of class A after this test, so it's good to create some friendships.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Diary:

BTS vol 03 077.jpg

"First part omitted.

I went to sleep at night."

Teacher's advice:

First part omitted isn't used like this.

Yoshii Akihisa's Diary:

"Everything omitted"

Teacher's advice:

I have never seen such a way to slack off. I cannot say anything about this...

"...Yuuji, I'm really happy to be able to study with you."

"Wait a second, Shouko. Don't just sit on my lap as if it's natural! Those guys from your class are taking off their shoes and are aiming them at me!"

Today's the second day of our training course, and we were scheduled to study together with class A.

The content for studying is basically personal preference. If there's a problem, we can ask any teachers or students around us, so it is basically self-study. Because of this, the tables are arranged together to allow students to face each other.

"But why a self-study? Don't we need to study?"

Isn't it a waste of time to come all the way here just to self-study? Not like I'm complaining.

"Study? How can we do such a thing?"

Hearing me mutter this to myself, that lucky bastard Yuuji abandons Kirishima-san, who's still resisting. Seeing them tussle against each other so intensely is really a pity.

"Impossible? Why?"

"Akihisa. Do you think you can understand the content that class A studies?"

"Mm, you're really rude! Maybe for you Yuuji, you might not understand it. It doesn't matter whether I'm in class F or class A."

—Because no matter what, I can't understand anyway.

"...The aim of this training course is to motivate us to study."

Following Yuuji, Kirishima-san moved towards my table. But more accurately, it's more like she's sticking close to Yuuji. At least it seems like she has given up on sitting on his lap.

"Shouko, how can Akihisa understand when you say it like that? Anyway, letting class A study together with class F is to warn them 'not to become like class F', and class F will be motivated into thinking 'ahh, I want to become like that'. Since it's a mental thing, there's not much difference if we can't study."

Yuuji continued after Kirishima-san. Really, those two have quite the chemistry; I do feel that these two really match each other (well, except for the looks).

Is it time to leave my place? Just as I was thinking about this—

"Ah, so class rep's here? Then shouldn't I sit here as well?"

I hear this somewhat unfamiliar voice.

It's from a girl who slowly opens a book while sitting opposite me. I remember she's—

"Kudo-san, right?"

"That's right. You're Yoshii-kun, right? Long time no see." Kudo-san bares her teeth as she smiles.

Just as she has a boyish feel, her every action is rather refreshing.

"It's rare for us to be studying together, so let me reintroduce myself. I'm Kudo Aiko, my interests are swimming and listening to music. My 3 sizes are 78, 56 and 59, my specialty is flashing my underwear and my favorite food is cream puffs."

Hold on! Did she just say something seductive in the last sentence?

"Hm? Yoshii-kun? What's up with you?"

"No, I'm not suspecting Aiko-san's specialty, it's just...that..."

It's just that I'm mindful of you referring to that as your specialty?

"Oh, so are you suspecting me? If so, must I do it for you?" Aiko-san places both her hands on her skirt.

At this moment, for some reason, Yuuji's covering his eyes as he rolls on the floor painfully; and Kirishima-san, who's sitting beside him, made a scissors sign as she mutters "...No fickle-mindedness." Let's just hope that these two things aren't related.

"...Akihisa, don't be fooled by Kudo Aiko."

"Oh my? Muttsulini, you're rather calm. Even I was shocked, I thought that you drowned in your own pool of blood."

From who knows where, Muttsulini appeared, being inexplicably calm as he listened to Aiko-san's words. Is it alright for you to not take out the camera and start snapping photos, Muttsulini?

"...She's wearing shorts underneath."

"How, how is it possible! Aiko-san, are you tricking me?"

Damn it, you made me really disappointed! Return that thumping heart back to me! And you have to apologize to Yuuji, who's rolling on the floor in pain, thinking unhappily 'then aren't my eyes poked for no good reason...'!

"Ah haha, I was seen through, huh? As expected of Muttsulini. However, even though it's not my specialty, I've been playing around with this for quite a while recently, you know?"

She smiles as she pulls out a mini device. What's that?

"...A mini-recorder."

"Mm. This is rather interesting. For example—"

Aiko-san operates the mini device. After a while, sounds can be heard from it.

Hua—'Aiko-san' 'I' 'my heart beats so fast' 'aren't we going to do it?'


"Heh! It's interesting, isn't it?"

Aiko-san reveals a mischievous smile, but this smile isn't directed toward me, but rather, it's facing a corner behind me. Suddenly, I feel the danger radar within me ringing.

"...Yes. It's too~ interesting."

"...It sure is interesting."

Looking back, it's Minami and Himeji-san with icy looks on their faces.

"Mizuki. I want to go get that. Can you help me out?"

"I know. It's that, right? I'm extremely happy to be able to help out."

After putting down their reference materials, both of them head out of the classroom without looking back.

Seeing their backs as they headed off, Hideyoshi passed by them as he walked in from the opposite direction, giving that thinking look as he tilted his head.

"What's wrong, Hideyoshi?"

"Well, I just heard Shimada and Himeji say that they want to move some stone blocks in. I'm still wondering what's going on."

Hearing Hideyoshi's words, a large amount of sweat started flowing down the fine hairs on my skin.

"Kudo, that conversation was synthesized together, right?"

"Mm, yeah."

Yuuji's nonchalant response scared me as he walked over to Kudo-san. For him to show such a serious look, seems like something's up.

In order to not let the nearby people hear this, I deliberately lowered my volume and asked,

(What's wrong, Yuuji?)

(You just saw what she did. I'm thinking that maybe Kudo is the culprit that we're looking for here.)

Yuuji stares intently at the mini-device in Aiko-san's hand. Oh, I remember, Yuuji's marriage proposal was recorded! If we're to look at her actions, it seems like she's used to doing this. Truly, it seems like she's the one who's blackmailing us.

(Alright, Akihisa, go and check whether she's the culprit.)

(Mm, got it.)

I walk over to Kudo-san.

"Kudo-san, you..."

Even if I thought about asking "Are you the culprit who placed that blackmail letter in my shoe box?", there's no idiot who will answer obediently, right? Besides, if Kudo-san is really the culprit, this will only make her wary of us, so it's completely meaningless.

Too dangerous! Way too dangerous! I have to think of another way to ask her.

"Hm? Yoshii-kun, is there a problem?"

"Ah~ Well~ That, you—"

Hurry up and think, Yoshii Akihisa! Hurry up and think of a way to identify the culprit without them realizing it! Ah, I remember, the culprit has a burn mark on her butt—yeah, let's go with that!

"What about me?"

"You—I'll be happy if you let me see your butt!"

So how about that?

"...Eh, WAHAHAHAHA!! So Yoshii-kun likes the butt? Or are you fussing that my breasts are too small so you prefer my butt?"

Kudo-san laughs as she replies to my sexually harassing words.

"You, you're mistaken! I don't like the butt!"

"Akihisa, I really have to hand it to you there. You knew that there's a recorder right in front of you, and yet you dared to say such words."


What on earth is Yuuji saying?

"Sorry, I just recorded those words that you said just now."

Hua! The mini-recorder played my voice.

BTS vol 03 087.jpg

'I'll be happy if you let me see your butt!'


"How interesting! Yoshii-kun sure feels like someone I can bully whenever I want to! Now I want to bully you even more."

Hua-- 'I BEG YOU, KUDO-SAN!!' 'let me see your butt'


The next moment, I felt a rather vexing killing intent from behind.

"...What the hell was that? Mizuki?"

"...What was that? Minami?"

Their facial expressions hadn't changed, but there was a stack of stone blocks behind them.

"We only need to watch out for the problematic students in our class, but it seems like some idiot said something that will cause a lot of misunderstandings, no?"

"That is really troublesome! If there's such a person in the class, we have to punish him, no?"

Nowadays, it seems like Himeji-san is becoming even more creepier. No, now's not the time to think about this. Anyway, I have to explain it to them!

"You're both wrong! I'm not thinking about making trouble. It's just that I 'like the butt'—OI! My voice got covered! PLEASE! DON'T TIE MY ARMS BEHIND ME. AND THOSE CLASSMATES OVER THERE, STOP LAUGHING AND COME SAVE ME! ESPECIALLY YUUJI!!"

My arm joint was already forcefully twisted behind.

"...Kudo Aiko, stop kidding around."

Seeing me in such danger, Muttsulini finally stood up for me as he stood up from the chair. As expected of my friend.

"Muttsulini! Are you willing to save me?"

"...Let me demonstrate to you."

After saying this, Muttsulini pulled out another mini-recorder which was like the one Kudo-san had.

So is Muttsulini thinking of using the mini-recorder to overlap the voice that Kudo-san made? Good, then I'll believe in Muttsulini and do what I need to do!

"Himeji-san, Minami, listen to me. That was a misunderstanding. All I want to say is that I 'really like the butt' 'especially Yuuji'. DAMN IT , MUTTSULINI!! BY DEMONSTRATE, YOU MEANT PUSHING ME TO HELL FASTER THAN KUDO-SAN!?"

"...Kudo Aiko, you're too naive."

"Damn it! As expected of Muttsulini, I still can't beat you."

Those two glared at each other like competitors. Since you two can create such sparks just like that, how about moving aside to interact with each other!

"...Yoshii, I will never hand Yuuji over to you."

On hearing the word 'Yuuji', Kirishima-san immediately responded.

Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person.

" you like Sakamoto's butt? Isn't mine enough?"

"Though I knew this from before, this is truly a major blow..."


No, just as I was about to say this, the door to our classroom got slammed open as a seemingly familiar girl walked in, glaring at me dangerously, before saying shrilly,


Ahh...we have more weirdos now...

"Mi, Miharu? Why are you here?"

"ONEE-SAMA!! Miharu wanted to meet onee-sama, so she sneaked out of class D!!"

The girl with hair locks left and right that looked like drills, confirmed Minami's position before charging over, getting into a position like she was trying to passionately hug Minami.

"Sugawa barrier!"

"How, how dirty! It's like I just hugged a rotten swine!!"

Being used as a protective shield and being insulted like that, Sugawa-san can't help but look up in tears.

"Onee-sama's too much...Miharu already loves onee-sama so much, yet to let me touch such a pig-like man, that's too much..."

Love Minami? Now that she mentioned it, there was a girl who said such a thing before! Ah, this girl is Shimizu Miharu from class D!

"Wait a second, Miharu! Stop saying that about making love here! Aki will misunderstand!"

Well, no, I think I'm not the only one getting a misunderstanding here...

"Can you people please remain quiet?"

At this moment, a stern voice rang out.

Pushing his specs that were full of knowledge up his nose, was the owner of this cool and collected voice, Kubo Toshimitsu-san, second in our school year.

"Ah, sorry, Kubo-san."

I lowered my head to everyone else in the classroom, not just him. I'm really sorry.

"Yoshii? Anyway, be careful. Really, Himeji-san or Shimada-san or whatsoever, there are so many problematic students in class F. This is really troubling."

It's undeniable that there are dangerous people here. However, to speak of Himeji-san and Minami's name before mentioning Yuuji and Muttsulini, that's a little unexpected.

"Also, what's with that remark of treating homosexuals as idiots? They're not abnormal people, just people with slightly different tastes, that's all."

"Eh? Ah, mm, yeah."

What's with that? It feels like Kubo-san has personally experienced this himself.

"Alright, Miharu. Stop creating this useless commotion and go back to your own classroom."

"It's not useless! Miharu loves onee-sama! It's completely unrelated to gender! Onee-sama, Miharu really loves onee-sama—"

"Alright alright, I don't have such an interest, okay?"

Even though she's not intending to back off, Shimizu-san got chased out of the classroom. Ara ara, at least it finally calmed down.

"...It's unrelated to gender, huh..."

Kubo-san reveals a weird expression as he reflects on Shimizu-san's words. Seeing that look...for some reason, I'm getting goosebumps. Really, what's going on?

"It's unrelated to gender, huh..."

"Well, Himeji-san, can you please stop looking back and forth at Yuuji and me? You must be mistaken, no? Like you know, I 'like' 'Hideyoshi' HOLD ON!!?"

Though it covered off all the voices, I can't deny it now. Even so, I can't just leave it like this. Anyway, I have to explain.

"How, however, don't be mistaken, okay? Regarding Hideyoshi, I 'really' 'like the butt'--WOULDN'T THIS CAUSE EVEN MORE MISUNDERSTANDINGS!? MUTTSULINI, KUDO-SAN, HAND OVER THOSE DEVICES! BEFORE I GET SURROUNDED!?"

"Ah, Akihisa...regarding this, what should I say...?"

"DAMN IT!? IT'S TOO LATE!!? IF SO, 'Kubo-san' 'and Yuuji' 'turn' 'let me see the butt' NO!! WHY DO I NEED TO SEE KUBO-SAN'S BUTT IN THIS SITUATION!!?"

"Yoshii-kun, I'm really troubled here. There's an order in how things go."


"Aki, so you like guys more than girls..."


My voice got covered by the entire ruckus made inside the classroom.

In the end, this ruckus finally ended with Ironman's roar.

After the Hellish lessons and Heavenly dinner, it's finally time to shower. We exchanged a few words inside the room that we were assigned to.

"I feel that Kudo-san may be the culprit."

"The probability's rather high."

Yuuji nodded his head in agreement. Just seeing her use the mini-recorder makes her rather suspicious.

"Then, how about we capture Kudo-san in one go?"

If we can get evidence like this, everything will be alright—

"...It's better to give up."

At this moment, Muttsulini gave a rare opposing suggestion.

"If you're saying that it's better to give up, is there a problem?"

"...There's only one chance. If we miss it, we won't be able to catch the culprit."

Since Muttsulini didn't explain further, I couldn't understand.

"If we catch the wrong person, what will the real culprit think when she sees it?"

"...(Nods head)."

Like usual, Yuuji adds on with an explanation.

So what will the real culprit do? Hm~ If I was the culprit and see a group of people taking action and wanting to catch me—

"Ahh, I'll destroy the evidence, or scare them off to prevent them from finding me, or at least I'll think of something like that."

"That's the case."

I see. If so, there's only one chance. If we act without any confirmation, it'll be like we're strangling our own necks.

"But if we don't take action even with all this suspicion..."

"It'll be alright if we can confirm that butt burn..."

And it's because of the position of that burn that we were having difficulties in taking action.

"So why don't we make her angry by flipping her skirt up?"

"...She's wearing sports shorts underneath...!"

"Cheh. Now that you mention it, that's the case."

And since she was wearing sports shorts, it was becoming even more suspicious! Seems like she's not just mindful of her underwear being seen, but maybe there's the possibility that she's wearing sports shorts to hide the burn mark on her butt—

"...And in order to confirm that, we need to peep into the girls' bathroom."

"So it came down to that..."

No matter how much we guess, a guess is still a guess. Like what Muttsulini said, we can only peep to confirm it.

"But what should we do? If we don't come up with some sort of a battle plan, it seems like we won't be able to break past the teachers."

"And even if we're to plan, that place is still a wide lane. No matter how I think, we can only break through from the front."

The lane can be seen easily from the girls' bathroom, and trying to get out of the teachers' sight in a place without cover is thoroughly impossible.

"That's right, and we don't have time to come up with a plan, so basically, we don't have a choice but to attack directly from the front."

Seems like Yuuji agrees with Hideyoshi.

There was that commotion in the morning, and we had to take tests in the afternoon to replenish our scores because of what happened yesterday. Since we didn't have time to come up with a plan, it can't be helped even if it's a little forced.

"However, it's not like we don't have any plan at all."

"Eh? So we do have a plan?"

I couldn't think of it at all. Yuuji's rather reliable in this kind of situation.

"It's not really that impressive of a battle plan. Anyway, we just need to break through from the front, right?"

"No, I'm troubled because it's too hard..."

The opponents are those two summoned beasts of the teachers and Ironman himself. In contrast, I only have two idiots and a beauty. Considering the difference in battle strength that we have, this is truly a major disadvantage for us. Our only hope is to recover our points, but it's just that we do not have enough time to do that.

"If we can't break through from the front, we just have to add on to our forces, whether it's increasing the quality or the quantity."

"So you mean we're going to increase the number of peeping buddies?"

"That's right."

I see, it's really a simple method that's not even a tactic.

"Then, how about we get to it? It's about time to bath, right?"

"Relax, I talked it through before. It's about time for them to appear."

The moment Yuuji said this, a knocking sound could be heard from the door, as if on cue.

"So what are you going to talk to us about, Sakamoto?"

With Sugawa leading the pack, the boys moved into the room. Wow, aren't these all the boys from class F? Can this room really accommodate everyone?

"Perfect timing. Actually, I have a proposal."

Yuuji said in a clear tone as if he wanted the boys who couldn't make it inside to hear.

"A 'proposal'?"

"What now? Honestly, I'm so tired that I'm unwilling to do anything."

"I want to go back to my room, so don't talk too much~"

Everyone looked tired, and since we were all studying for the entire day, this was to be expected.

Even after seeing all the commotion, Yuuji wasn't anxious to say what he wanted to say, just waiting silently before continuing.

"—Is everyone interested in peeping into the girls' bathroom?"

""Tell us the specifics.""

I love this class.

"Even though we tried to do so yesterday, we were ambushed by those pesky and despicable teachers."

"Mm, and then?"

Unexpectedly, Yuuji didn't get a retort.

"And then, I want you guys to get rid of the security that's outside the girls' bathroom during the bathing time. The reward will be all the scenery that you can enjoy. So how about it?"


Alright, no matter the composition, at least we increased the number of companions. Yuuji's decision to not tell them to 'catch the culprit that's blackmailing us' was correct. Besides, using the idea of peeping to explain is a lot easier, and no matter what, it's a lot easier for us to get help.

"What's the time now, Muttsulini?"


The first group will be showering from 8pm to 9pm, if we go there right now, it should be the perfect time to catch them when they're stripping.

What's different from yesterday is that with all the boys from class F helping now, there's a higher chance for us to break through the security.

"So, we'll be divided into 4 groups. Group A will follow me, group B, Akihisa; Hideyoshi's C and group D will follow Muttsulini's orders."






Right now, our class F is united for a higher purpose.

"Nishimura-sensei, even if it's them, they won't come back again, right? I mean, they just had detention yesterday."

"Fuse-sensei, you can't underestimate them. They're real idiots. If such a level of lecturing could teach them, they would have become model students already."

"Is that so? No matter what, they shouldn't be that stupid such that—ah, that's?"




"Ni, Nishimura-sensei! We got trouble! The perverted group is here!"

"Didn't expect that we would get more people to punish. This is why those guys are...! Fuse-sensei, contact all the security members! We can't let off even one of them! I'll stay behind to guard!"

"Al, alright!"

"Yoshii! Kinoshita and group C have come into contact with Fuse-sensei!"

"OK, Sugawa-san. Charge in while Hideyoshi's taking action! Everyone, don't fall behind!"

After saying this, I charged down the stairs. As I continued to run forward, I could feel everyone following me from behind.

"Yo, Yoshii! Wait!"

As I passed by, I could hear Fuse-sensei's frantic voice. There's no idiot who will stop and wait, and as if it was normal, I continued to run forward. Even though he frantically chased us, after a while, Fuse-sensei looked really unhappy as he stopped.

"Oh my? He stopped? I thought he would continue to chase us."

"Instead of saying that, how about he hates the 'interference'."

Running beside me, Sugawa-san said something that was a bit hard to understand. What does he mean by 'interference'?

"Alright, Kinoshita's group has surrounded Fuse, let's continue to move forward."

"Ah, mm, okay."

Looking back, having the advantage in numbers, Hideyoshi's group surrounded Fuse-sensei. Seems like taking down the first level will only be a matter of time.

"Seems like it can work, Yoshii."

"Yup. We should be able to safely reach there."

I continued to run down the hall as I exchanged words with Sugawa-san. At this moment, an unbelievable scene unfolded in front of us.

"End of the line, you filthy pigs! This is a place where boys are forbidden to enter! Hurry up and head back!"

"Shi, Shimizu-san! And, so many girls are down here!?"

What was waiting for us in this wide corridor was the brigade of female summoned beasts led by Shimizu-san.

"Oi, Yoshii, whether it's numbers or quality, we're in an overwhelming disadvantage...!"

Just like what Sugawa-san said, in contrast, we're just a small group of class F students. Opposite us are female students of at least two classes; the difference in battle ability is apparent.

"Shimizu-san, I beg you! Move aside!"

"No way! You dare to do something crazy to onee-sama's flat chest, I WON'T FORGIVE YOU EVEN IF GOD DOES!"

Cheh, Shimizu-san's mistaken! I'm definitely not aiming at Minami!

"No! I'm not aiming at Minami's flat chest! Believe me!"

"You liar! There isn't any man who won't be interested in onee-sama's flat chest!"

"Really! A flat chest is still a flat chest no matter how you mention it! Right now, what's more important than that runway-like flatness of Minami's chest IS THAT CRACKING PAIN ON MY ELBOW!!"

"I didn't even say anything, and yet you continued to rattle on about flat chests..."

It was my error to not spot the nearby Minami while I continued to babble with Shimizu-san. Thanks to that, my arm was in a pitiful state now.

"Mi, Minami, isn't it bathing time now...?"

"Did you forget? Mizuki and I are from class F, the latter group. –Speaking of which, the first group of class A students are taking part as well."

Minami pointed at the corridor area behind us. Looking there, there was a girl waving at us.

"Hai—Yoshii-kun. What are you here for? I'm happy if you're here to peek!"

"Kudo-san!? How is it possible! Why are you here!?"

The probable culprit Kudo-san and "...I won't forgive you for being fickle-minded in love." Shouko actually appeared here. "SHOUKO, HOLD ON! CALM DOWN FOR A WHILE GYYYAAHHHH!!" This is unexpected, now we can't confirm whether she's the culprit!

"Ah. Are you thinking of getting back that thing from me?"

Kudo-san smiles as she pulls out the voice recorder. It's exactly as if she's saying "I knew all about it". So is she really the culprit...?

"...There's only one chance."

From who knows where, Muttsulini got beside me and advised me just as I was ready to make my decision. It's just as he says, there's only one chance. Maybe it's better to talk a bit more.

"Kudo-san, let me ask you. Why do you have this voice recorder?"

Such a thing, no ordinary person will know where to buy them. For what reason does she have it? If she stutters and seems like she's lying.

"Of course it's to record the content of sensei's lessons for revision."

That's a lie, right? She doesn't look like one who will seriously study. Can I confirm her to be the culprit already...?

"Then what about you, Yoshii-kun? What's your aim? Are you intending on peeping inside the changing room?"


And she can really pretend like she doesn't know anything. Though I don't know her objective, I know that Kudo-san's the culprit! Is she acting stupid since she knows our plight!?

"Then let me tell you something good."

Just as I was wondering whether I should capture her, Kudo-san came near me and said something to me.

"There's a camera that I didn't see before inside the changing room, no?"

"...! Kudo-san, you!?"

"Though I didn't put it, I just so happened to spot it."

Just so happened to spot it? That's a lie, right! Damn it! Knowing our plight yet making fun of us like that, what kind of a lousy idea is that!?

"Then, it's about time to end this conversation. Time to settle this, eh, Muttsulini-san?"

After having said that, Kudo-san left me and moved in front of Muttsulini.

"...I know."

Muttsulini's voice sounded rather bitter. Not only is Kudo-san a tough opponent, he has to face health education teacher Ooshima-sensei even after he wins, so it can't be helped.

"Don't mind! If it's only the girls' summoned beasts, they can't stop us!"

"Ah! Wait, Sugawa-san!"

Sugawa-san intends to use the fact that ordinary summoned beasts can't touch humans and intends to move forward. In a certain sense, I believe that was correct.



If that guy wasn't standing in front of our goal.




That's right, the one who caused Sugawa-san to crash onto the floor with a single hit was our homeroom teacher, Ironman.

Any male student, especially the boys in our class F can understand his strength that's like a devil. Because of that, everyone's wavering in fear on seeing that figure.

"Yoshii. As expected, you're a dangerous person. You're taking some special detention today."

Slowly, Ironman moved forward. With the girls beside him, I guess that's checkmate, right...

I'm already prepared for total annihilation.

At that moment,

"Don't give up! Yoshii! Even though I don't like it, we have to retreat and store all our strength! If we can't do it today, we can still do it tomorrow!"

"Su, Sugawa-san!?"

Having been beaten down, Sugawa-san tugged at Ironman's leg to prevent him from moving forward.

"Yoshii, you can't be beaten here...the only one who can beat Ironman is your 'punishment inspector' summoned away, live!"

Sugawa-san said this as if he was trying to use his last ounce of breath. However,


Everyone's my comrade! Important comrades!

"Don't stop me from my lesson, Sugawa."

Ironman's fist landed on Sugawa-san's body mercilessly. However, even with that hit, Sugawa-san gritted his teeth and endured it.

"These, these hands will not let go...! Yoshii's our trump card...! The trump card that we need...! Everyone, cover Yoshii and retreat!"


"Su, Sugawa-san...and, everyone..."

Everyone was motivated as they showed their smiles to me. I, I'm...!




One by one, my comrades headed towards their deaths. Seeing this, I couldn't continue to be stunned like this!

"...I got it. I'll leave it to you guys here. I'll continue to live on...until we achieve our goal! Let's go, SUMMON!"

After confirming the existence of that familiar summoned beast of mine, I charged into the wall of girls that was blocking me.

"Aki! You want to escape!? SUMMON!"

"Akihisa-kun! The punishment isn't over, you know! Summon!"

Himeji-san and Minami's summoned beasts appeared in front of me.



"You people are so irritating!"

"Please move aside!"

The two comrades of mine bet their lives as they blocked Himeji-san and Minami.

"Everyone...I'm sorry. I swear I will continue to live on. One day, I will reach our motherland..."

Angry at my own weakness, I bit my lips unhappily until it started bleeding. It's too saddening to endure my tears as I run away, so I have to get stronger.

Running back into my own room that was empty, I hugged my knees as I sat down. Maybe someone might come back alive. I continued to hold out for this wish.

"—This is the audio broadcast room. Will class F's Yoshii Akihisa please head to the temporary detention room?"

Sigh, well, this was to be expected. Let's face it head on then.

The Fourth Question[edit]

Please write the diary entry for the third day of the training course.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Diary:

"First part omitted (Sakamoto Yuuji will continue)

Teacher's advice:

Is this a relay diary? Finishing the diary one after another, you people can really think fast.

Sakamoto Yuuji's diary:

BTS vol 03 109.jpg

"And then Shouko slowly undid her yukata in front of me. I frantically stopped her as I tried to convince her not to do it. At that moment, Shimada, who was beside me, got closer to Akihisa, and the atmosphere between them was rather delicate."

Teacher's advice:

What were you people doing? Sensei's really concerned about the part that Tsuchiya-san left out

Yoshii Akihisa's Diary:

Final part omitted

Teacher's advice:

You can't just end off like this.

The next morning—


"Hm? What now...WAAH!"

The moment I opened my eyes, what appeared in front of me was Hideyoshi's sleeping face. Coupled with his delicate eyebrows, his big round eyes are tightly shut.

How can there be such a beautiful sleeping face in the world? I couldn't help but continue to gaze at him.

Hideyoshi just twitched a bit, and his silky hair slided over my shoulder.


The small mouth let out a gentle breath.

There's only a few millimetres between me and him, and with one more step, I would be able to taste his sweet lips.

Wha wha wha wha what should I do now? This is a once in a million opportunity! If I kiss him now, at least I can pretend that it was an accident! But if I do this, if I don't ask for approval, it will be rather awkward later...

"If you want to do it, do it! Aren't you that kind of person who will use your full ability at the last minute?"

Ack? This guy's the devil in my mind! Is he trying to lure me on the road of evil? No! I still can't do such a despicable thing!

"Think, you're sleeping on the same bed! If you don't do anything, wouldn't it be disrespect?"

Uuu...he's right...

"Don't believe what the devil says! Hideyoshi trusts that you're not a homosexual, that's why he would sleep with you on the same bed!"

This is the angel in my heart—it doesn't matter even if you never appear again!

"Here, let's start, Hideyoshi's waiting!"

That, that's right! It'll be bad on my part if I make him wait too long.

After making this decision, I slowly move towards Hideyoshi's cute sleeping face. I'm so nervous that my heart is pounding, and I'm sweating like crazy even though I'm not hot.

After the last few millimeters, I can kiss his sweet lips...

—But at this moment, I actually woke up.

"So it was a dream? Damn it, I'm so disappointed!"

"No, before that, you should know that Hideyoshi's a guy, right? Even if you're sleeping, your sanity is too weak, isn't it?"

Ah, it's the devil in my heart, why are you still here?"

"Aiyo, don't be that disappointed. Just treat that dream just now as a dry run, wouldn't it be alright?"

I see, so the dream was practice for that one chance that will occur at an unknown time. This really is positive thinking, so I'll use your suggestion then.


Just as I was letting my thoughts run wild, I heard a weak moaning beside my ear. Is it...

I shakily turn my body around slowly.


"—NO WAY!!!"

The one sleeping beside me is actually Yuuji.

Under those thick bushy eyebrows, the eyes that normally show malice are tightly shut. How can there exist such an ugly sleeping face in this world!

Just as I felt like puking, the ugly ogre beside me flipped his body.


The ogre Yuuji lets out a really noisy breathing sound.

There's only a few millimeters between us, and with a step further, it will be a real tragedy!

"If you want to do it, do it! Aren't you that kind of person who will use your full ability at the last minute?"

Shut up! Don't use the same line you used for the dry run in this situation! I didn't even expect such a thing to happen!

"I got it, I won't stop you then..."

Angel! You should be using the same words you said just now!

"Anyway, Yuuji...HURRY UP AND GET UP!"


I kicked Yuuji out of his blanket. Really, being so unhappy so early in the morning.

"Hm? What now? Yuuji got out of his bed and into someone else's bed again?"

Hideyoshi rubs his eyes as he gets out from the bed. Just seeing his cute look after waking up is enough to appease that extremely irritated feeling of mine. And on the other side, it seems like Muttsulini woke up thanks to us.

"What do you mean by 'again', Hideyoshi?"

"Ah, it's nothing's just that Yuuji has a rather bad sleeping posture, and at daylight, he would get into my bed—AKIHISA! WHY ARE YOU RAISING THAT VASE SO HIGH!!"




"Oi you maggots! Time to wake up—oh..."



"Calm down, Akihisa! Sorry, Nishimura-sensei, but can you help us stop him?"

"...(Nods head violently)"

"...What crazy things are you people doing so early in the morning?"

Unfortunately, with everyone stopping me, I couldn't send Yuuji to the netherworld.

"Oh ya, Yuuji, I heard something strange just now."

"Hm? What are you talking about?"

After the ruckus that happened this morning, we're here eating our breakfast now, and I'm using this chance to speak to Yuuji, who's opposite me.

"it's Kudo-san. She said that 'there's another undiscovered camera inside the changing room."

"What did you say?"

Yuuji, who was busying stuffing food into his mouth, suddenly stopped.

"That's really suspicious. Since she knows that there's another hidden camera there, she's the culprit after all, right?"

"No, we can't confirm that, right? If she was, she wouldn't purposely tell us that."

Sitting beside me, Hideyoshi answered for Yuuji.

"...We can only confirm it."

"Seems like we can only do that..."

No matter what, we can only think of peeping. Sigh, really...

"However, we got to be grateful for Kudo's intel."

"Hm? You mean the fact that there's another hidden camera?"

"That's right. Since only Kudo knows about it, it means that the camera may have taken quite a few photos of the girls changing. As long as we get that camera, we can identify the girl with the burn mark on her butt."

"...If it's the camera. I'm confident that I can find it within 5 seconds."

As expected of Muttsulini, only a pervert can understand what perverts are thinking.

"But if there's a camera, wouldn't that be too suspicious?"

"No, it's more like the camera that was first discovered is the more suspicious one. For the culprit who specialises in taking sneaky photos, how is it possible for the camera to be spotted by a layman that easily? So—"

"...A double trap."

"That's right, the camera that was discovered first may be a feint."

The culprit really thought everything through.

The opponent used such a little trick to lower everyone's guard, and then set up another camera to take snapshots all she wants? This culprit's methods are really complex.

"If so, we just need to avoid the bathing time and find it, right?"

"...That's impossible."

"Eh? Why?"

"..Besides bathing time, the changing room will always be locked."

The changing room will be locked? Is it because they found the camera on the first day? Damn it, why are all the good things not happening at all and the bad things piling up one after another?"

"So in the end, we can only use such a method..."

"Seems like it."

In the end, we couldn't think of anything else other than breaking through. The situation hasn't changed at all!

"Now, let's go through why we failed yesterday. Akihisa, why do you think we failed yesterday?"

"Why? Um~ because half of the girls joined in the defense?"

If the enemies were just those few teachers from two days back, we would definitely not have lose to them. At least we can beat Fuse-sensei, right?"

"...Kudo Aiko is also our enemy." Muttsulini muttered bitterly.

Muttsulini replied in a rather vengeful manner. Maybe he's angry that he got obstructed time after time again, or maybe he's unhappy about the unexpected 2 v 1 that included a teacher and ended up with him losing.

"That's right. The reason why we lost was because the defense included class A girls, increasing their battle strength by several fold."

As far as I could remember, they had three times the personnel that we had. And including the teachers that were watching us, the difference in battle strength between both sides was tremendous. Trying to take them head on is stupid.

"So I feel that we should increase our forces as well. Just class F alone is insufficient, we have to recruit the boys from other classes in order to have a fighting chance against them."

Like usual, Yuuji proposes a battle plan. However, why do I feel that the plan this time is weird? More like, it's not something that Yuuji would come up with.

"Hm? Akihisa, what's wrong?"

"Hm~ It feels like a plan that's different from usual...You see, the opponent increased their forces, so we're doing the same thing in response. It's not something that we would normally do..."

Just as I said what I felt, Yuuji showed an approving look as he nodded his head.

"Ohh...seems like Akihisa can finally think a bit. You're right, this isn't for breaking through the front."

So there are other reasons? Aren't the methods different in the end?

"Then what are the other objectives?"

"To protect ourselves."

"Protect us? From who?"

"Listen, though it didn't become a problem since we failed up till now, peeping is still a crime. If we manage to reach the girls bathroom yet fail to catch the culprit, we'll be suspended."

I see. I didn't think too much yesterday since I worked so hard, but if we don't find the real culprit, even if we managed to break through, we won't be able to prove our innocence. We'll then just be lauded with the crime of being sexual harassers, and we will probably get suspended.

"In order to avoid this, we need to increase our forces—in other words, increase the number of people we have."

"Will increasing the number of people we have allow us to avoid being suspended?"

"Ah, if the number increases, it'll be hard for them to lock onto a target. It'll be hard to memorise everyone's looks while on a battlefield."

He's right. Trying to notice the surroundings even while taking action, it's not an easy thing to do.

"But our faces were seen, right? Wouldn't that be meaningless?"

That was why I got called out by the audio broadcast to get scolded.

"Because Fumitzuki Academy's a famous experimental school that the entire world is watching, if such an embarrassing thing happens, either they will punish everyone or they will do their best to cover up. If they only punish half the students, they'll be given a bad rep of 'showing different levels of favouritism to different classes', and that will bring the school's reputation down quite a bit." other words, we're going to make use of the fact that we were exposed as students from class F? It's true that if we're the only ones being punished, it'll look like 'only class F is punished and yet they're magnanimous to all the other classes'. Considering the society's attention on us, it's likely that the school will try to avoid getting involved in things that may damage the school's reputation.

"I see. As expected of Yuuji, nobody can compare to you in terms of despicable means."

"Please consider it foresight."

If we want to make them unable to identify certain people and yet increase our fighting forces and penetrating ability, we have to increase our forces as much as we can.

"Hm, then the main point of today is to increase the number of comrades?"

"Ahh, good thing that the combined studying seems more like a self-study period; we can take action easily."

"Yah. Then, where do we start?"

Considering their strength, I hope that we can get classes A to C to join us.

"Of course class A. If we're going to spend the same amount of effort throughout, it's better to get the best."

So Yuuji has the same idea as me. Sigh, that's the case alright.

"Since we interacted quite a bit with class A yesterday, we should be able to communicate with them well."

"Then it's decided. We'll talk to class A while we're studying together then."

"Got it. Is this alright, Muttsulini?"

"...No problem."

After we decided on what to do, we continued to eat breakfast. Being able to eat solid food, I'm so happy...

"If we want to get class A, we've got to convince Kubo. Akihisa, try and convince him."

"That's right, I feel Akihisa is the most suitable one to do this."

"...We'll leave it to you."

What's going on? Why is everyone agreeing that I should convince Kubo?

"Ah, oh, it doesn't matter if I go."

Besides, I have no reason to refuse, so I naturally went along with it.

"But then again, why me?"

Just as I intend to stand up and walk to Kubo-san, I suddenly thought about asking this as I turned around to ask those three.


Did I ask something wrong? Why is everyone looking away awkwardly?

"Erm, about that...I have a bad feeling about it. Is it really alright?"

"Wha, what problem is there? And I can tell you straight up, Kubo has no ill intent against you."

"...He has no ill intent against you at all."

"Why are you two saying this as if something's choking you?"

What's going on? For some reason, I don't feel like going further.

"Akihisa, hurry up and move."

"Eh? But..."

"No problem! Among us, Kubo views you the most favourably, so be confident!"

"Ah, mm..."

"...But if something really happens, use this."

After saying this, Yuuji stuffed something into my pocket. I took a peek to confirm what it was.

—So it's a taser.

I'm just going to request help from a schoolmate, so why must I carry a taser along? I'm really confused here.

"O, okay, I'm going then."

Though I didn't understand, I still walked over to Kubo-san in the end.

As expected of the one who ranks second in our academic year, Kubo-san is flipping a reference book, studying it seriously. Though I have a thought that 'maybe now isn't a good time to disturb him now', I've got to do what I got to do.

"Kubo-san, can I bother you for a while?"

"Yoshii-san? It's rare for you to look for me. Take a seat."

At the same time he said this, Kubo-san moved his butt away to create more space on the chair. Hm, I'm really grateful for Kubo-san's kind intentions, but is there a need to make space on a single-seat chair?

"Eh, I guess I should use the chair that no one is using over there."

"Really? Nevermind, if you want to use that chair, go ahead."

"Speaking of which, I have something I want to ask you."

"I accept."


I haven't even asked him what I want!

"Ah, I'm sorry, I lost my cool. Then, say, what do you need me to help you with?"

"Ah, mm, actually..."

I want you to help me as a peeping buddy—I can't say such words so easily!

"Don't worry too much, just say what you want to say."

Seeing me having difficulty in expressing myself, Kubo-san answered with a sincere look. If the person I'm trying to convince is so understanding, I should be able to ask him directly, right? No need to think too much, I just need to trust him and ask him directly!

"Well... I want to ask you people to help us peep inside the girls' bathroom."

"I refuse."

Why do I feel a little sense of betrayal?

"Peeping inside the girls' bathroom? Are you serious?"

"Um...the, there is a reason for us to do this..."

"Yoshii-san, that really ruined my impression of you. There's an existence of logic between humans, and by following that, a society is formed. As a human, you shouldn't do such a thing, and for you to think of such a thing, you shouldn't exist in this society. We will soon join the society of adults, do you really think that you can just do things as you please? Besides, your thought of peeping into a bathroom to see naked females is too dirty."

Kubo-san scolded me profusely as if he was firing an array of cannonballs, and I couldn't respond. After he said that, he coldly gave a 'humph' and lowered his head to continue battle with the reference book. Seeing him with such a tough and stubborn stand, it seems like we can't continue on with the negotiations.

"Sorry to bother you. I'll be leaving then."

This can't be helped! But just as I prepare to get up and return back to Yuuji and company—

" a human, should we do that..."

Before I left, I accidentally heard Kubo-san muttering to himself. Is there something wrong?

"So how was it, Akihisa?"

"Sorry, I failed."

"I problems. It's okay as long as you're fine."

"Erm, I didn't do anything that would threaten other people's lives, right?"

I really hope that these guys will worry about me when it's really needed.

"However, since we failed, we'd better start negotiating with other classes."

"You're right, but we have lessons now."

Even though it's self-study time, someone will definitely be watching. If we don't pretend to be studying seriously, we'll definitely be taken care of by the supervising teacher.

"I know! But just the rest times alone aren't enough for us to interact with the other classes. Seems like we can only sneak out."

Yuuji glances sharply at Ironman, trying to look for a chance.

At this moment, someone walked beside us,

"Oi, are you guys planning to do something bad again?"

So it's Minami, who's near us as she continues to study.

We definitely lowered our voices, and yet we couldn't escape her eyes. And once Ironman, who's standing far away, heard her say the words 'something bad', he immediately turned his head around.

"You're mistaken, Minami. We weren't thinking about doing anything bad."

We were just discussing how to do a frontal assault and peep.

"Really...anyway guys, don't create anymore trouble. Though I know you guys won't listen even if I rattle on, peeping is really...have you truly thought of how the girls being peeped on will feel?"

Minami's right. If I wasn't threatened, interrogated for a non-existent crime and if Himeji-san's boobs were a little smaller, I would definitely not think about peeping.

"And you were going to peep inside the bathroom...there's no place to hide, and one's body will be compared to other girls' bodies, can't even stuff any breast pads, or even squeeze..."

"Erm, Minami...I guess you just don't want me to see a certain body part, right?"

You don't need to explain it to us right now, right, Minami—I wanted to comfort her, only to receive a look from Yuuji.

"Ironman's staring at us, hurry up and maintain distance from Shimada."

Hm? Ironman's staring at us? Where is he?

Ahh, I see. Ironman's definitely watching. The conversation Minami and I had seemed to cause Ironman to be wary. To us, who're looking to the other classes for support, it'll be troublesome if he targets us at this juncture. Let's just follow what Yuuji says and not get too involved with Minami.

The problem is, how do I maintain my distance from her? How about I use an excuse of 'ah, someone's looking for you' to trick her? Got to choose somewhere further...oh, Sugawa-san's position is rather good. Let's use him to shake Minami off.

"Ah, Minami..."

"Hm? What?"

"Sugawa-san wanted to say something to you..."

"Hm? Sugawa-san's looking for me?"

"Yeah, he told me to say this to you."

Very good, Minami's not suspicious at all. If so, she should be moving off to Sugawa-san who's far away, right?

"Hmmm...why is he looking for me? Nevermind, I'll talk to him during the break."

"Eh? Ah, no, that'll be a little troublesome..."

"? Why?"

Minami doesn't seem like she will leave her seat. That'll be troublesome, I have to do something, and fast.

"Well, about it, it's something important, so he hopes that you can immediately head over and listen."

"Eh? Something important?"

Ohh, she took the bait? This response is good. Seems like she'll move if I say some more.

"As it was a really really really serious expression he showed, I'm guessing it's something important."

"EHHH!? Don, don't tell me...? Sugawa to me, how is it possible...but but, it's said that these kinds of things happen during trips as well..."

Minami suddenly blushes. I don't know what she's thinking about, but it seems like it can work if this keeps up!

"As he said that he wanted to tell you immediately, it'll be sad if you can't go immediately."

It should be alright for me to say things up till here, so Minami will definitely head off to Sugawa-san—

"...Aki, is it alright for you to feel like this...?"

The moment she was about to leave, there was a little sense of chiding and yet loneliness from her.

"Eh? It doesn't matter what he says."

"That's why! You should be saying something when I'm with Sugawa-san..."

"Sorry, didn't hear that correctly."

I don't really understand what Minami is saying here.

"Ahh, really! Anyway, what if he confesses to me?"

"I'll guess it's a prank."

"'ll be bad if my shirt gets stained in blood..."

"You're worried about blood stains!? Is it already decided that I'll shed blood!?"

Why am I always treated like this?

"Shimada, Akihisa feels that you won't go anywhere, so he's quite relaxed. Don't you think it's good to make him anxious?"

Observing from beside me, Yuuji said something weird. I'm definitely troubled that Minami's not going anywhere now.

"...You're right. Watch this, Aki, I'm really popular here!"

Giving me a glance, Minami angrily storms towards Sugawa-san's position.

"What's with your expression, Shimada?"

"Nishimura-sensei, I have something to say to Sugawa. It'll be over soon."

"Really? But this angry momentum makes me worry that Sugawa will be buried in blood."

Oh, she got intercepted by Ironman midway through? Perfect chance!

"Akihisa, Hideyoshi, Muttsulini. Now's the time, get out, and don't get spotted on the way."

Yuuji said this to me, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini, who're still pretending to study. We glanced at each other and nod our heads, and then slip out of the side door silently, shutting the door immediately once we get into the corridor.

"Important thing? What about that?"

"Aki dared to trick me! COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!"

At the critical moment, I could hear Minami's conversation with Sugawa-san.

In more ways than one, this is the perfect opportunity to get away.

"So there's a supervising teacher here as well."

"That's to be expected."

After walking around carefully on the corridor for a few minutes, we finally arrived in front of the combined study area of classes D and E. We spied on them at this moment.

"Then what do we do next? We can't even negotiate with them now."

"...Trying to invade other classrooms now is extremely difficult."

The reason why it's extremely difficult is because the supervising teacher is blocking the entrance. Thus, trying to sneak inside to look is just like an idiot daydreaming.

"Easy, we just need someone to lure the teacher away."

"I refuse."

Every time this kind of situation occurs, it'll normally be me who'll end up doing such a tough role, so I have to refuse first before they point at me.

"Can't be helped. So how about we play a game to decide who's going to be bait?"

Ohh, so it's Yuuji's idea again, huh? But rejecting his proposal wouldn't be any different from running away from battle. Thus, even though I don't like it, I have to hear what he proposes.

"So what are we playing?"

"Let's play 'past and present'[5]."

So we're playing that? If so, I should be able to win, right? No, I must beat Yuuji this time, I must let him handle all this rag tag.

"I got it. Let's play then."

"Alright, we're starting."

I face off against Yuuji, and we start this game with a voice that won't reach the inside of the classroom

"Sakamoto Yuuji will start." (Yuuji himself)

"""Yeah~!""" (Me, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini respond in rhythm)

" 'Past and present'!"


BTS vol 03 133.jpg

"Let's start with any English word that starts with the letter 'A'!"


Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Apple'!"

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> My turn

"...I lost..."

"You can't even think of a single word?"

"Uu! No! It was too sudden that I couldn't respond in time. Once I calm down, I will definitely be able to come up with a proper answer! B, but, isn't Muttsulini bad at this as well?"

"...Not at all."

But his reply defied my expectations.

"Re, really?"

"...I'll show it to you."

Muttsulini switched places with me, and this time, he's the one standing in front of Yuuji.

"We'll start then, 'past and present', starting with any English word that starts with the letter 'A'."

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Amond'"

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Muttsulini's turn


English words?

"Hold on, you two."

"Is there a problem, Akihisa?"

"The English words that Muttsulini used just now seems weird."

Aren't those English alphabets?

"What are you talking about? He did start off with 'A'!"

", he started with 'A' alright..."

"Then there're no problems; let's continue."

Yuuji completely ignores my protests as he continues the game.

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Agent'".

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Muttsulini's turn


Isn't that a name?

"Alright, can you two stop again?"

"What now, Akihisa?"

"Since when did my name become an English word?"

"...the 'name' means an idiot, so it's suitable to use this. Adding '-ful' to the word would be an adverb.'"

"What! Stop using such an explanation that even a dictionary doesn't have!"

"Example: He is so Akihisaful (There's no one even more stupid than him.)"

Recently, I feel that the way they're treating me like an idiot has a lot more depth.

"Anyway, no names or simplified terms, that's a foul!"

"Aiyo, alright, alright. That's really troublesome! Then, let's continue."

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Arrival'."

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Muttsulini's turn


"Oi, didn't Muttsulini just add a litte 'bo'? Didn't he want to say 'amenbo'?"

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Action'."

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Muttsulini's turn


"I caught you! You couldn't come up with any English words so you tried to sneak past me by reading it faster, right?"

"Oh...seems like we can't decide a winner here. That should be enough."

"...(nods head)."


"Oi, Akihisa, if you shout so loudly—"


"Who's making such a ruckus on the corridor? It should be self-studying time!"





In the end, it's me who's running around all over the compound and luring Fuse-sensei away.

"Hu, hu, hu...anyway...I finally...shook him off..."

"It's been tough on you, Akihisa."

"That was crazy! Even...Ooshima-sensei...came out running after me..."

"Running? But thanks to you, we managed to get classes D and E to join. Good job."

I'm still pressing my hand against my chest as I try to regain my breathing, hu...

"Great, now our forces have increased quite a bit."

"That's right. Now we just need to convince classes B and C. Akihisa, we'll rely on you again."

Yuuji gives me an 'of course' look as he asked. However, I'm not going to let him get what he wants so easily.

"I don't want to do such a thing again. Besides, I'm not happy with how I lost just now. I demand a replay!"

"Well, can't be helped, but we're just wasting time here, you know."

"Humph, is that so? I advise you not to confuse me with the me just now!"

While I was running about just now, I managed to think of quite a few words. I'll definitely win this time!"

"Yoshii Akihisa will start." (myself)

"""Yeah~!""" (Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini respond in rhythm)

" 'Past and present'!"


"Let's start with any English word that starts with the letter 'O'!"

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> My turn


"Hold it right there, Yoshii-san! Why are you walking around in the corridor!?"

"Sorry! I have my reasons!"

Unexpectedly, Igarashi-sensei's really fast.

The Fifth Question[edit]

Please translate the following:

'Although John tried to take the airplane for Japan with his wife's handmade lunch, he noticed that he forgot his passport on the way.'

Himeji Mizuki's answer

'John brought his wife's homemade lunch along and wanted to take the flight to Japan, but on the way, he noticed that he forgot to bring his passport.'

Teacher's comment:

Correct answer.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'Joan '

BakaTest v03 p149.jpg

Teacher's comment:

It's John.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

'John brought his homemade passport and takes the flight to Japan.'

Teacher's comment:

Please think through the meaning of the words 'homemade passport' again.

Thus, it's time for the briefing before the attack.

"So only classes D and E are willing to help out in the end?"

"Can't be helped. Class B's representative is only a representative in name, he has no way to lead his class, and class C's representative is Koyama, so the boys in her class are rather indecisive."

"However, now that classes D and E are willing to help, at least the situation is a lot better than usual."

"That's right, besides, half the girls were bathing the last time we attacked them, so the amount of forces they can deploy now is almost 50%. Thus, as long as we can beat those few teachers, we should have a chance of succeeding."

The opposing forces probably won't increase any further.

"But since we caused quite a bit of commotion during these past two days, wouldn't they stop opening the girls' bathroom?"

"Most unlikely. The teachers have their own pride as well. Do you think they can say something like 'we may be unable to stop the boys from peeping, so will the girls please don't use the girls' bathing area'?"

"Ohh, that's right."

Like what Yuuji said, the teachers don't want to lose their identity and pride as human counselors. Besides, since things are settled by a summoning battle, they can't allow students to break through the defenses.

"This is just a wild guess...but isn't it likely that the teachers are rather happy with how things are progressing?"

"Eh? You're saying that the teachers are happy to let us peep?"

"That's right! No matter what, the aim of this training camp is to 'increase the student's willingness to study'. Speaking of studying, there is no better method than to use the summoning battle. And the girls have to also use the summoned beasts to protect themselves and stop us from peeping on them." Yuuji analyses.

I see! So the teachers could have confined us to our classrooms, and yet the reason they didn't do so is because of that? But aren't the teachers a little too overconfident in thinking that we can't break through their defences?

"Muttsulini, have you conveyed the time and location for the gathering to the other two classes?"

"...No problem."

The expected time of action is at 20.10, and the gathering location is at the canteen. We intend to launch a full scale attack while the first group is still removing their clothes.

"Right, then it's about time to move."

"You're right, most likely, the majority are eager to move out."

Including the boys in classes D and E, we have almost 100 people. We can't repeat what happened yesterday!

"Not good, Yoshii!"

At this moment, our door was slammed open, as our classmate Sugawa-san came rushing inside.

"What's going on, Sugawa-san? There should be several minutes left before the operation begins, right?"

"We've been had! Those girls were in ambush in the canteen. In the end, all our forces are scattered all in all the levels!"


How come it's the enemy attacking us now? Is there a spy among us who leaked the intel?

"...We can't possibly leak our own intel."

As if reading the doubt in my mind, Muttsulini quickly deduces this.

Muttsulini can't possibly be that careless, and even if our plans were really leaked, it'll take some time for the enemy to take action.

In other words...

"Our plan was seen through already?" Yuuji says with regret.

That's right, the enemy has already seen through our plan. Normally speaking, such a secretive plan can't possibly be seen through. It can be said that the only reason why it ended up like this is only because the enemy understand Yuuji's way of thinking. And there's only one person in this world that can guess Yuuji's thoughts.

"Kirishima Shouko, the title of number 1 in our academic year isn't something to be snuffed at."

"She definitely won't forgive Yuuji's peeping behaviour."

Right now, the only thin hope for us is for Yuuji to come up with something unorthodox. If even this can be seen through, we won't be able to move at all.

"...No time to hesitate."

"Tha, that's right! What do we do now, Yuuji?"

"What do you mean by that? Our battle plan is useless now! We can only regroup everyone. COMRADES, TIME TO MOVE OUT!"

""""ROGER THAT!""""

Including Sugawa-san, the 5 of us move out of them room, only to realise that the outside is already a battlefield.

"You perverts! Let us tie you up!"

"We definitely won't allow you guys to peep on us!"

"Damn it! Why are the girls appearing here?"

"How do I know!? Anyway, let's talk after we battle."

Seeing the group of girls blocking our group of comrades hastily summoned their summoned beasts, but the differences in points is too great.

D class, Onodera Yuuko, Chemistry, 116 points.


F class, Masahiro Asakura, Chemistry, 44 points

Seeing Asakura-san get blown aside so easily, Sugawa-san exclaims,


After saying that, Sugawa-san charges forward.

No! That judgement's a mistake!

"No you can't, Sugawa-san! It's not just Ironman that you have to be wary of!"

I frantically tried to stop him with my voice, but Sugawa-san's moving. It's too late!

"Sugawa-san from class F, right? Follow me to the detention room. Summon."

Walking up from behind the girls is Fuse-sensei. Even if we don't summon, there're still teachers around, and without beating those summoned beasts, we can't break through. Thus, we have to gather all our forces together. No matter how strong a summoned beast is, there's a limit to the number of enemies. Since the number of teachers aren't as many as the students, so we should be able to do something at least if we do that...!


Yuuji glares at Fuse-sensei as he gives the command. However, the direction he chooses is—


It's definitely where there're the most people are gathered, and a few of the class A girls are there as well.

But Yuuji immediately refutes my suggestion.

"That's the reason! If there's a thin defence, there's a likelihood that there're traps behind it! Even if it's tough here, I have to go through the most dangerous place!"

Hearing him say this, the distribution in forces is really uneven. It's like inviting us to go downstairs. Maybe that is really a trap. As expected of Yuuji, to be able to think of this in this situation.



Everyone present immediately turn to look at a common point before charging at the same place. At the same time, the girls scatter aside. Are they blown away by our momentum? No, actually, it's better to not make judgement too early...

Anyway, we don't have time to bother about all these. We rush down the corridor in front of the staircase, turning around from the corridor behind the self-study area.

"...Yuuji, I waited for you for a long time."

"Ki, Kirishima-san!?"

In front of us, Kirishima-san and the rest walk over.

"Nice one there, Shouko..!"

I could hear Yuuji gritting his teeth.

It's obvious that he won't be happy. Because all his deliberate plans were countered by the opponent one by one. This shows that Kirishima-san's thinking is a lot more cautious.

To Yuuji, there's probably no greater shame than this.

"...I won't forgive you for being fickle in love! I'll let your body understand this."

At this moment, Kirishima-san moves aside. Another person appears from behind her.

"Looks like I have a need to educate you on social rules."


This teacher gives us a cold yet knowledgeable feeling, giving us a lecturing glare through her glasses. If our opponent is that Takahashi-sensei, our class F only has the role of being beaten down.

"Yuuji, I think it's better to retreat now."

"Sorry, that won't do."

Looking back in the opposite direction, somebody appears there.


"Hi. Yoshii-kun's really working hard."

Kudo-san waves her hand as if she doesn't know anything. After that, the health Ed teacher Ooshima-sensei walks up from behind her as if it's to be expected. With those two as our opponents, even Muttsulini has no chance of winning.

"Aki, I got tricked by you during the day! You caused me to be so embarrassed!"

"Akihisa-kun, if you really want to peep on girls bathing, why didn't you discuss with us first?"

In front of me is the familiar Minami and Himeji-san group. If Takahashi-sensei's around, the subject will be combined subjects, and Minami's weakness won't be that obvious now. We have completely lost this battle.

BTS vol 03 147.jpg

But even so, we can't give up like this! If those photos are to be spread around throughout the school, my school life will be a whole lot greyer!


I called out my summoned beast and let it get into a battle position. The target is level head Takahashi-sensei. But even if we managed to break through this, there are still many opponents that we have to break through.

"Sensei, Aki's summoned beast looks a lot stronger than he is—"

"No problem, Shimada-san. You don't have to worry."

Takahashi-sensei uses a hand to block Minami, who's intending to assist her.

So she's extremely confident, huh!? However, I'm more or less familiar with how to control the summoned beast! Even if it's the level head, if I can control it properly...!

After locking onto the target, my summoned beast charges at her like a bullet.

"Yoshii-kun, I'm really disappointed in you. I thought that at least there should be something positive about you."

After Takahashi-sensei glares at me coldly, she gives a command to her summoned beast.

The opponent's wielding the whip in its hands, so I can't grasp the timing of the attack. But at least I have to fight against it once to gauge the distance!

I raise my wooden sword to eye level, between my eyes, guarding against the enemy's attack. At this moment, my summoned beast suddenly can't move—and collapses onto the floor.


For a moment, I couldn't do anything. And the next moment, a sharp pain reverberates through my entire body.


In contrast to Ironman's fist, it feels like my skin is being ripped as the pain spreads throughout my body.

"That Akihisa actually got hit once, and expected of the legendary talented woman..."

Level head, Takahashi Yoko, Combined subjects 7791 points


Class F, Yoshii Akihisa, Combined subjects 902 points.


"Can't be helped. If so, everyone's to do things according to their judgement!"


Our commander here made an order that's nothing too different from retreating.

After the order was issued, everyone's to do according to their own decision making. How will they escape? Let us see this!

"..." (<--Kneeling down in remorse)

"..." (<--Kneeling down in remorse)

"..." (<--Kneeling down in remorse)

They're a bunch of idiots.

"Yoshii-kun and Sakamoto-kun aren't admitting your wrongdoing as well? Is it because you want to maintain your pride as commanders?"

Seeing Yuuji and me unwilling to beg for forgiveness, Takahashi-sensei narrows her eyes, seemingly with respect.

Kneel down and admit our wrongdoing? Oi, can you say something more decent?

"You're wrong, Takahashi-sensei. We're very clear about this."

Yuuji lifts his mouth and replies.

"Yuuji's right, we're very clear about this. There's no need to get down and admit our wrongdoing."

Like Yuuji, I also showed a smile.

"Don't tell me you have reinforcements?"

Seeing our stubborn attitudes, Takahashi-sensei frowns.

"Reinforcements? No, you don't understand anything at all."

"You're right, we're not talking about that."

If this were an exam, Takahashi-sensei's answer will only warrant her 0 marks. The reason why we didn't kneel down and admit our wrongdoing isn't because of pride or reinforcements, but—

"Sakamoto-kun, Yoshii-kun. Peeping is obviously a crime, you know?"

"Oh yeah, Aki, I haven't settled the debt I owed you during the day."

"...Yuuji, I said before that I won't forgive you for being such a Casanova."

—The correct answer is that we won't be forgiven even if we're to kneel down.

"To think that even Takahashi-sensei joined in the battle."

"She's so strong it's basically illegal for her to take part in this war..."

It's no longer a level of deciding a winner. It's practically impossible to find anyone who can beat her one on one.

Just thinking about it makes my body hurt. These were the aftereffects of Takahashi-sensei's summoned beast and Minami's punishment. It feels like I'll dream of Himeji-san and Minami smiling at me while the content's all about punishment.

"Then what should we do? Not only will you guys be blackmailed, you'll be tagged as peeping toms!"

Like yesterday, Hideyoshi is let off. Ai, it's right that a girl seeing another girl bathing shouldn't be enough to warrant a crime.

"Of course we don't intend to give up at all. Though tomorrow will be our only chance left, look at it another way, we still have a chance tomorrow."

Tomorrow's the 4th day of training camp. Since the 5th day will be travelling time, tomorrow will be the last chance for us to peep. However, like what Yuuji said, there's still tomorrow. It's too early for us to give up.

"You're right. Though there's an overwhelming difference in terms of fighting strength, we're already used to this. This strength in overcoming difficulties is where our true value shines through, right?"

We have threats of blackmail and being tagged as peeping toms behind us, and in front of us is one extremely overpowered opponent that only an idiot will go up against. There's only one chance left. Even so, no matter how inexplicable it is, we didn't feel any despair.

"...We can't just end off like this."

"That's right. Our class F is already used to seeing this, so there's no need to panic."

Hideyoshi and Muttsulini seem rather excited as well, and the other classmates who aren't around should feel the same.

"Is that so? If you two aren't giving up, there's still a way of doing this."

"As expected of Yuuji! What idea did you come up with?"

"Of course. Who do you think I am?"

Yuuji lets out a wicked smile. That's a smile I saw several times up till now. Once this guy gives this look, he'll normally bring us to safety (let's ignore how he does it first). We should be successful this time as well.

"Then, what's the plan?"

"A frontal breakthrough."

I'll take that back. We don't have any chance now.

"Please don't show such a look and listen till the end. The basic idea of breaking through from the front hasn't changed, and what changes are the preparations beforehand."

"If we're going to continue to try and break through from the front, you're talking about increasing our forces?"

"That's right. The opposing forces are at their limit. There's no way to increase their forces anymore. Even though it was a pity that we lost today, thanks to that, we managed to grasp the battle ability of the opponent. This is very important."

"...I got witnesses' information from the other classes."

The other classes Muttsulini's talking about should be classes D and E.

"Though the opponents use the teachers as their main defence, there is a weakness. Do you know what that is?"

"Not at all."

"I'll teach you the correct way to use a pair of scissors."

"GYAAHH! My eyes, MY EYES!!!"

Yuuji uses the pair of scissors to deliver it as a French Kiss gift to my eyes (by the way, that's one beautified version).

"Really, think through it carefully, will you? The field to summon the summoned beasts has something called 'interference'. This is when if another teacher's to create a summoning field, the conflict in subjects will cause the summoned beast to disappear--"

"In other words, not being able to allocate many teachers at the same wide area?"

"That's the point."

So if the teachers are to get too close to one another, it will cause an interference and make the 'summoned beasts' disappear, right?

I see, so that's why the teachers attacked from all directions. They wouldn't be able to fight with the physicality of the high school boys if they don't have summoned beasts, so they will try to avoid a 'interference' at all costs.

"Tabulating this phenomenon and the results that Muttsulini reported, we can expect the enemy to set up something like this."

Yuuji opens a piece of white paper on the table and proceeds to draw his expectations on it.

"Eh? Takahashi-sensei's position will be different from how it was today?"

"I'm not 100% certain on this, but I'll do this if I were the enemy. It's a common rule in war to put forces on places that you don't want the enemy to break through."

According to Yuuji's prediction, Takahashi-sensei's location will be in front of the stairs leading down to the basement. This is because that's the only staircase leading down to the girls' bathing area, and it's likely that the enemy will set up their main forces there.

"If so, why didn't they do so today?"

"Were they trying to lower our will to fight? Seemed like our routes were predicted as well."

"Hm, well, the difference in points is a crucial factor."

I'm sorry to disappoint the girls, but we aren't going to give up just because of this blip.

"But speaking of which, this is one tough battle for us. There's Ironman, Ooshima-sensei (Health ed teacher) and Takahashi-sensei (level head). These are positions that we can't just pass through easily."

Though we say this, we can't just ignore the other teachers. What Yuuji predicted were the important points, and I guess this is right. Right now, our forces here include the boys of classes D, E, F. Though we have high morale, it's obvious which side is weaker when the opposing forces include class A's girls, and especially since class E had no experience in a summoning war.

"For our victory, we have to get a certain guy in front of Ironman unscathed."

"A certain guy?"

"That's you, Akihisa. No matter what, the main unavoidable condition for our victory is for you to win over Ironman."

"So it's because I'm a 'punishment inspector'?"

"That's right. Ironman's acting as the final line of defence to the girls bathing area. This is a point that we have to break through. However, it's impossible to beat that guy through flesh."

We already knew that two days ago. With that guy as our opponent, even Yuuji will be tossed aside like a brat. "Humans used weapons to fight against monsters, and the only one who has the weapon is you, Akihisa."

The summoned beast that is a lot stronger than a human. However, an ordinary summoned beast won't be able to touch such objects. Only my summoned beast that's designated as a 'punishment inspector' can touch physical objects, so that means that I'll have to be Ironman's opponent. I don't know if I can win, but at least it's better than having someone else go for it.

"However, wouldn't it mean having to break through Takahashi-sensei unscathed?"

"Ahh, even if Muttsulini's to handle Ooishima-sensei, the number of forces needed to face Takahashi-sensei is still insufficient. Actually, it's impossible to beat Takahashi-sensei with our current forces."

Assuming that 10 people are needed to block a teacher, we need about 80 people on the second and third levels. And with the girls helping them, we can't deny that we're at an overwhelming disadvantage.

"No matter what, we have to get classes A, B and C's help."

What Yuuji meant is that classes B and C will be required to get to Takahashi-sensei, and class A is required to beat Takahashi-sensei.

"It's too long to talk about all these, but because of this, it's imperative that we get the other classes help. Thus, before we start battle tomorrow, let's focus on this."

"So you're saying that we need to get classes A-C as our comrades? But we've been rejected once. Will it be that easy?"

"So that's why we need to do something."

At this moment, Yuuji's holding onto many cameras and yukatas that were prepared in each room. Even though we were told not to use the yukatas, this guy probably doesn't intend to obey the rules.

"But what do you plan to do with that?"

"Use these photos to get those guys from classes A-C to reveal the darkness in their hearts. If possible, it can increase their interest in peeping and get their help."

"Hm~ it sure feels like Yuuji's battle plan."

"Shut up."

"However, if it's effective, there's value in trying it. Put it on, Hideyoshi."

"...Again, you're making me wear it...?"

Why did I feel that Hideyoshi looks unhappy when he received that yukata?

"Relax. It's not just Hideyoshi. I'm making Himeji and Shimada wear it as well."

"No, it's not that I'm unhappy with being the only one wearing it."

So it's not that he's unhappy? Good, very good.

"Then, Akihisa. Contact Himeji and Shimada. Muttsulini will prepare the camera."

Following Yuuji's instructions, I pulled out my phone. "Mm~ Those two's numbers are...oh, I got them."

Kacha, I entered the contents of the text.

[I got something to say. Can you please come over to my room?]

Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi.

A short while after pressing the send button, I got a reply—oh, it's from Himeji-san.

[I got it. I'll bring some snacks along. I'll go over soon.]

To do this for taking photos, that's a really delightful answer. I have to thank for her that.

Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi.

After I shut my phone down, about a minute later, I got another message. Is this from Minami this time?

[I'm alright with it. But why now?]

Ah, so she's a little wary? Can't be helped, since Minami and the rest seem to view us as peeping toms and might change Himeji-san who's completely clueless about it. Deary me, how should I respond?

Just as I'm thinking about how to answer such that Minami can accept it, my phone rings to notify me of a third message.

[Hm? Who can that be?]

Opening up the inbox, the sender was—Sugawa-san. What now?

[Though it's sudden, why are you desperately trying to peek? Or is it that you really like girls? I'm somewhat mindful about you saying something like liking Sakamoto's butt.]

For a moment, I couldn't say anything after seeing Sugawa-san's mail.

That, that's a serious misunderstanding! Wouldn't anyone think that I'm more interested in Yuuji than girls if they see this!? Got to change their thinking!

While the situation's good, let's send a mail over.

Why must we peep inside the girls' bath? Of course we decided on it!

[It's because I like it, isn't it? Even more than Yuuji!]

Really, why must he ask this? Won't he get the answer if he thinks of it normally?

Somewhat hasty, I pressed down on the button. Oh my. There're so many idiots around me that it's disturbi—

[Sending message to--> Shimada Minami.]


Ah haha. Seems like I'm too tired, since I seemed to have seen the recipient wrongly. However, I just need to rub my eyes and see the destination, right?

[Message sent to--> Shimada Minami.]


On seeing the recipient, my mouth let out an unbelievable sound.

...Hold on, Yoshii Akihisa. This isn't such a dangerous mail, right? How about I look back at the mail I just sent?

[It's because I like it, isn't it? Even more than Yuuji!]


"Argh! I'm such a big idiot! I was really shocked by what I did in a certain sense! DAMMNN IITTT!!!"

This, this is the biggest crisis of my entire life! How could I send that mail to Minami who treats me like a maggot or sandbag! I won't just be tossed aside, Minami will say 'it'll be awkward to see the guy I just dumped!' and won't come to the room. To think that Yuuji's intricate plan became a bust, and I will get rejected. Is this a day for disaster!?

Anyway, got to send a mail to Minami to explain what was that about, no?

I try my best to think of what to write. No, there's no time to think about that now! Anyway, got to change that mail—

"What now, Akihisa? I just seemed to hear a cry."

"Something really bad happened! Don't stop me no—"

"Something really bad? That's –WAH!"

WHOOSH (The sound of Yuuji slipping on a banana peel)

BAM (The sound of Yuuji pulling me along as we fall)

CRACK (The sound of Yuuji stepping on my handphone and breaking it to bits)

"What was the really bad thing you talked about, Akihisa?"


My handphone is now in the pitiful state of having crumbled to parts. Obviously, it's impossible to use the phone to explain it to here.

"Hm? Is this your phone? Sorry, I'll return it to you later."

No matter what anyone says, I should have the right to tie this guy up and beat him up real good.

"Nevermind, forget about that phone. Anyway, just lend your phone to me!"

"Oh, the phone? I'm fine with it."

I reached my hand over for the simple-model phone that Yuuji likes, and start to look for Minami's number.

Sakamoto Yuuji's phone book...record no. 1 --> Kirishima Shouko.

"Mu, that Shouko messed with my phone again? She's supposed to be a mechanical I have to re-input everyone's number?


So he definitely didn't record down Minami's phone or mail address. Is my future going to be wrecked just like that?

"What's with you revealing this kind of look, Akihisa? It seemed like you just sent a confession-like mail to her, and I stepped on the phone or something before you could explain to her."

"Ah hahaha. What are you saying, Yuuji? How is such a thing possible?"

"Yeah, you're right. If such a thing happened, wouldn't I have become a big baddie or something?"

"Really, I can't handle you, ah hahahaha."

Kacha kacha kacha. Sending... good.

[To: Kirishima Shouko From: Sakamoto Yuuji

I'm proposing marriage again. Please come over to my room in a yukata.]

"Hm? Akihisa, who are you sending the mail to—GUAH, WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU BASTARD!!"





KLAK (The sound of Yuuji opening and running out of the door)

DONG (The sound of Yuuji being hit by Ironman's fist on the corridor)

KINK DANG CLANG DOMP (The sound of Yuuji being smashed into the wall together with the table)

"You're not supposed to leave your room!"

"Got it."

Since Yuuji is unable to move at all, I have to help him answer. Seems like those teachers are already on high alert and wary of the occupants of this room.

"Speaking of which, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini, you guys haven't bought your own handphones?"[7]

"Yeah, at least there wasn't really a need to."

"...I'll be troubled if it rings at a crucial time."

Nowadays, most high school students should have one, so these two should be considered exceptions, and especially one of them has a rather unique reason.

Can't be helped. I'll explain it to Minami tomorrow.

"Speaking of which, it'll be bad if we don't clear up this bedroom, isn't it? We can't even set our futons like this."

"You're right, let's clear the place first, then we'll take Hideyoshi's photo."

We picked up the flipped table, picked up the rubbish on the floor and gathered them all at the same place. Hideyoshi's luggage should go to the right side (dong), the broken vase and glass should go to the left (hehyo), my luggage goes to the right (dong), the unconscious Yuuji is trash so he goes left (padang—shasha)


"Ah, Yuuji. If you're up, please help out."

"Hold on! Can't you see the wounds on my back!?"

"No problem. At least it doesn't look fatal."

"Since you said it, how about this?"

"Ahh! You're scattering my clothes all over the place?"

"I'll let you suffer pain!"

"If so, I'll just wear the yukata! At least it'll match with Hideyoshi!"

"...I'm really envious of you."

"You guys...forgotten about my gender, is it?"

Time passed by as we were doing this.


The sound of the door being knocked on could be heard.

"Ah, welcome, Himeji-san. Were you blocked by Ironman?"

"If you're talking about Nishimura-sensei, he let me in after I gave him some snacks."

Himeji-san looked at her super snacks as she said this.

"Goodbye Ironman. Rest in peace..."

From the bottom of my heart, I prayed for him to rest in peace.

"Speaking of which, why is Akihisa-kun wearing a yukata?"

"Eh? It was placed inside the room, so I took it out to wear it. I felt that it was a rare chance. Does it suit me?"

Though it's actually because I had to change clothes since there's glass all over it, there's no need to explain such a thing now.

"Yes, it suits you really well! Beautiful skin and slender bones, you really look handsome!"

Seeing her about to lose something soon, I wondered if I can do anything to help her.

"Ah, Himeji, just nice for you to be here."

"Good evening, Sakamoto-kun, sorry to disturb you."

"Though it's a little early, here's a present for you."

Yuuji handed something over to her.

"Is this a yukata? Thank you. Oh yes, Akihisa-kun sent over a message, saying that he got something important to tell me, what is it about?"

Himeji-san got suspicious about the yukata that was handed over to her out of a sudden.

"Actually, I got something I want to request Himeji-san to do."

"A request?"

"Hm, yeah. I hope that Himeji-san will wear and yukata and take a photo with us."


As it was too sudden, Himeji-san widened her eyes. It's true that saying this out of a sudden might be scary.

"Ah~ well, what should I say..."

What should I say to her? This is really troubling.

"...Well, if Akihisa-kun's willing to take the photo with us, I guess I can agree to it..."

At this moment, Himeji-san agreed to it despite not having heard the explanation yet. Oh, so she doesn't like taking the photo alone?

"That's easy! Hideyoshi and I will be taking it along with you!"

It'll be alright once they cut me out from the image. No, even if I don't say so, Muttsulini will automatically cut me out.

"...It's rare for us to have this chance. I thought we could both take a photo together..."

Turning my head back, I see Himeji-san reveal an unhappy look as she puffs her cheeks. She already accepted the conditions, but is there something she's unhappy with?

"Ai, but since Akihisa-kun requested it, it can't be helped...well, I'll go change first."

Himeji-san took the yukata as she heads off to change.

At this moment, I suddenly thought of it. We didn't ask if we could show the photo to others, didn't we? Though it's not some strange photo, I should still ask as a friend.

"Wait, Himeji-san."


I called Himeji-san, and turned to look at Yuuji. Just as I gave him a wordless 'I'm going to tell Himeji-san that we're going to spread the photo around', Yuuji returns me a 'were you thinking that I was planning to hide it from her?' look.

"Actually, it's about the photos. Can I show it to my other friends?"

"Eh? About me in a yukata? That, well, I'm a bit embarrassed..."

"What are you talking about? If you're embarrassed about showing yourself in a yukata, how can Akihisa survive? He's an idiot and a pervert. Going by your definition, wouldn't he have no right to live on?"


Hideyoshi tried his best to grab me, preventing me from dealing the killer blow.

Every time I'm with Yuuji, I'll always have something unfortunate happen to me. Why is this always the case?

"Speaking of which, I can't just request for your services just for free like that. I'll prepare a proper gift."

Yuuji waved his hand at Himeji-san as he said this.

"What do you mean?"

Without special caution, Himeji-san closed in, and then the duo started to whisper between themselves,

"...Tomorrow morning...hisa's sleeping photo..."

" matter how much, I will..."

What are they talking about? Especially Himeji-san, who's been looking back often at me; this is rather suspicious.

"Then we have a deal. There're no problems, I presume?"

"Yes! It's alright even if I have to lift up my yukata by a bit."

WHAT!? What made her so motivated?

"Anyway, thanks for your help. Can you please get ready?"


Himeji-san hugs the yukata as she heads off to the bathroom inside our room. The sound of clothes ruffling made the spring of youth within me overflow, but of course that's a secret that I won't say.


Muttsulini is concentrating on wiping the camera lens. Actually, he will just cut me out and leave Himeji-san and Hideyoshi in the photo. Well, it's not like I don't understand this feeling.

Ah, yes.

"Muttsulini, I got something I want to ask you."


I'm somewhat embarrassed to say this, so I lowered my volume so that it's inaudible to Yuuji and Hideyoshi before continuing.

(Even if it's just one, that...two person photo of me and Himeji-san...)

"...Only one."

Muttsulini reveals a slight smile on his face.

This is a memory that I want to hide from everyone and make it mine.

Before Muttsulini drowned in a pool of blood, it took us some time before we managed to get a photo of Hideyoshi and Himeji-san dressed up in yukatas. Though it's not printed out yet, there's no man who won't think of peeking after seeing this. If there really is one, it can be said that there is a high chance that he is a homosexual.

After taking the photo, Himeji-san went back to her room. I don't know if we were abused by Ironman till late at night, but we heard yawns after we turned off the lights. Speaking of which, I have to tell Minami about that mail immediately once I get up tomorrow morning, so let's not try and resist that sleepy feeling.

So maybe it's because of this that I didn't even realise who came inside the room?

", wake up..."

It felt like I was being shaken about.


Ugh...I don't know who it is, but I'm really tired...please, just let me sleep...

"...Really, why did you start sleeping..."

The other person continues to shake me till I'm awake.


I couldn't shake away that hand that's on me. Really, I'm sleeping here, so stop bothering me, will ya...

"I told you to get up!"

Pachi pachi...


Wha, what!? What's with this pain of dislocating my left shoulder joint and reattaching it to destroy the evidence!?

"Are you awake now, Aki?"

"Eh? Ah, so it's Minami. I guess I can understand why this happened."

If Minami's around, this level of pain is to be expected.

"No wait, why are you here, Minami GUWAH!"

"Keep it down!"

Minami looks rather panicky as she covers my mouth and nose with her hand.

Eh, eh!? Why!? Why is Minami here!?

"Are you awake now? Once you calm down, I'll let go of my hand..."

"...(Nods head violently!)"

I frantically nodded my head on hearing Minami's words without thinking, until it was almost breaking.

I guess I should say that she just needs to stuff my mouth next time.

"Don't be too loud..."

After saying this, Minami finally removes her hand,

Ho...after taking in enough oxygen, I looked up to see the girl looking at me.

"'re Minami, right?"

"...What's with those eyes of yours?"

At this moment, Minami doesn't have a ponytail on, but her rather, her hair is let down. It's supposed to be just that, but the impression she gives me changed a lot. Seeing her slightly blushing look, it really seems rather—cute.


Minami shows a look of insecurity as she stares at me. That looks is completely different from her gung-ho competitive mentality, rather weak-looking, and actually looking like a cute girl.

...But why is Minami in my room now?

Normally, for girls to come all the way here to the boys' bedroom at this time is rather inexplicable. Even if we're friends, we're still of different genders! Coming over here at this time, and besides, I'm not the one she likes. This is really suspicious. Also, her clothing's really thin, so there's a high likelihood that she went into the wrong room.

Why would Minami choose to risk getting caught by the teachers and come all the way here? I begin to think about it, and suddenly, a thought appeared in my mind.

—Does Minami like me?


Let's analyse the current situation and think through it clearly.

A girl in my class appearing in front of me and dressed in a thin nightgown.



"Aki, you'll wake the rest if you're so loud!"


Minami uses even more force to stuff my mouth up.

Hold on, let's calm down and think this clearly through again.

She likes me.

Does she really like me?

Based on past actions, it doesn't seem likely, right? Besides, she's covering my mouth now.

Speaking of which, I did send a weird mail to her.

Minami shouldn't be feeling well now, right?

She intends to come over and destroy everything together as if nothing happened.

Late at night + invasion + entire body is a weapon.

Ooh! I solved the case!

"...Minami, at least don't cause me too much pain..."

"...What is that brain of yours thinking now?"

I will be executed now.

Just as I'm intending to get up, Minami starts to blush for some reason, looking rather shy as she says,

"...I, I summoned quite a lot of courage before coming all the way here, you, so, regarding those things, you don't need to send a mail, just need to talk face to face, you know..."


Not using mail but to say it out? Is she talking about my will? Since there's no paper around, I suppose that she intends to listen to me and help me say it out? How nice of Minami, but since we're so close that she is willing to listen to me say the will, I really hope that she can show me some mercy...

Alright, let's think of ways to escape from here. First, let's investigate what's going on around us.

Right now, what's beside me is—

BTS vol 03 179.jpg

Hideyoshi's cute sleeping look.

Muttsulini who's armed and ready with the camera.

Kirishima-san who's dressed in a yukata and sneaking inside Yuuji's futon.


Eh? For some reason, something seems wrong here.

I shake my head and intend to confirm everything again.

Hideyoshi's innocent sleeping look.

Muttsulini who's quickly pressing the shutter.

A Kirishima-san who's ignoring a panicking Yuuji's resistance as she undoes the obi of her yukata.

"How troubling...seems like these guys can help me now..."

"Before that, don't you have any intention of saving me!?"

I didn't even dare look at where Yuuji is. Because you see, Kirishima-san has already undone her clothes until it's likely that I may see too much of something.

"Hold, hold on. You're saying that everyone is already up except for Kinoshita!? You should have said so earlier!"

Intending to close the distance, Minami frantically pulls away from me. Maybe she can't kill me now since there are so many witnesses here?

"I, I see. Since everyone woke up...that's why Aki pretended not to know anything..."

Anyway, the danger's over now. I just need them to return to their rooms without the teachers seeing them.


"Are you alright, onee-sama!? Miharu's here to save you!"

I knew it. I knew that things won't just end like this.

"Mi, Miharu!? Why are you here!"

"I just went inside onee-sama's futon and found it empty, so I was worried what happened...! Coming here was the correct move!"

Shimizu-san, you're amazing! 'Sneaking in and not finding anyone' and going out to look for someone isn't what a normal person will think. You're planning to launch a full-scale attack on the 3rd day of training camp?

"That, that was close...I thought that yesterday's punishment was enough to teach you. Shouldn't have let my guard down..."

Eh? She went in yesterday?

"Onee-sama! The boys' dorm is too dirty! Come and sleep naked together with Miharu! Ah, but Miharu will do a lot of things to prevent onee-sama from sleeping!"

"Stop it, Shimizu-san! Muttsulini won't survive if you're going to continue talking about this!"

"...(drip drip drip)."

"...Anyway, let's continue, Yuuji."


"Wha, what's going on? Why is it that I woke up to see 3 girls in our room, Yuuji suppressed and Muttsulini's futon all bloodied?"


"What just happened? I seemed to have heard Yoshii's voice!"

Ironman's coarse voice can be heard from the corridor.


"Eh? Why? Why is everyone giving me the 'thanks to Yoshii, we all got discovered' look?"

And why is it that he could only hear my voice? Ironman's ears should go for a doctor's check-up.

"Damn it! Because of Akihisa, the situation has become a lot more problematic! Anyway, hurry up and get away from here before you get caught!"

"Though it doesn't seem right to blame me for everything, Yuuji's right! Anyway, hurry up and go, leave this to us!"

Once someone discovers that girls are in a boys' dorm (and especially since one of them is wearing just a yukata), this will develop into some huge problem. No matter what, we have to let these three people escape!

"Bu, but..."

"There's no time to hesitate, onee-sama! Anyway, hurry up, take off your clothes and come to Miharu's room!"

"Shut up, Miharu!"

I do feel that it's rather impressive in a weird sense for Shimizu-san to try and convince Minami in this situation.

"Yoshii and Sakamoto! I know that it's you two! Hold it right there!"

Just as we're running on the corridors, Ironman's terrifying voice can be heard.

"It's Ironman's voice! He's gaining on us!"

"No time left! We have to use the 'sure-fire Aki bomb' to distract him, you three use this chance to escape!"


"Minami! You can't say that you understand this!"

Wasn't this move sealed right at the beginning?

"First, Yuuji and I will head out to attract Ironman's attention. You three use this time to get out of the room, got it?"

"Mm...sorry about it, everyone, because of us..."

"...Thank you."

"I love you so much, onee-sama."

Now that we decided, there's no time to be troubled, let's settle this!

"Let's go, Yuuji!"

"Can't be helped, I'll go with you!"

I placed my hand on the door handle and swing it open.

PAM! Cruck!

"Ugh!? Yo, Yoshii, you bastard!"

"Eh!? Seemed like Ironman got hit on the head!?"

"Nice move, Akihisa!"

This may seem so to everyone, but wouldn't Ironman's killer intent be focused on me?



At this moment, something unexpected happened.

Because Ironman was hit on the head, the three girls inside the room have no chance of escaping, and right now, Ironman's eyes are wide open, looking inside. Damn it, if he's to look further, he'll find the girls inside the room!

What do we do now? If we don't do anything, those three people will be implicated! Speaking of which, I suddenly noticed that Yuuji's grabbing my head and intending to use that sealed sure-fire technique, so if I don't do anything, the one who will be implicated next will be me!

"I'm here, Ironman!"

I shook off Yuuji's hand, undid my yukata and runs towards Ironman. Ironman responds to my voice and turns towards where I am. Good, he won't be able to see those three people now!

"How many times must I tell you guys to call me Nishimura-sensei—"


Taking off the yukata I was wearing at lightning speed, I use it to wrap Ironman's face.

"Oi, oi, what are you doing?"


I use the obi to tie him up. Now we should be able to buy some time.


I gave the signal to Minami and the rest. The trio nod their heads in unison and dash out to the corridor.

Good. At least it's alright now—

"Yoshii, looks like you really want me to give you detention, huh...!"

—Of course not! If we don't escape from here, we'll be forced to accept Ironman's fist of judgement.

"You got to work hard now, Akihisa."

Yuuji gives me a thumbs up. No no, that won't do.

"Sorry, Nishimura-sensei! It's because Sakamoto Yuuji brought alcohol along and asked me to lure you away!"


Facing the panicking Yuuji, I give him a thumbs up in response.

Relax, Yuuji! I won't abandon you as a friend! Come on, let's escape together. We'll go anywhere and everywhere!

" guys...are you prepared?"

""How are we prepared!?""

Before Ironman ripped the yukata apart, Yuuji and I were already far away. Though I'm not trying to brag, I'm rather confident about escaping!

"What now, YuujI? We got to shake Ironman off!"

"What? Escaping isn't the solution here!"

"You're right, that guy's no different from a monster."

"That's right, so we have to escape to where Ironman can't get near to!"


A place where Ironman can't go to...the only place I can think of is a narrow alley that his big body won't be able to fit through, but does such a place exist?

"It's useless for you two to escape! Get ready to take this detention that I love!"

Ironman's catching up! Got to get faster!

"Over here, Akihisa!"

"Got it!"

In order to prevent Ironman from catching up, both of us dash past the self-study room.

"Speaking of which, Yuuji, where are you going?"

"The place where a male teacher can't go to, in other words—a girls' dorm!"

"I see!"

Really, the girls' dorm? It's true that Ironman can't enter the room full of youthful girls in dreamland, since it's a secret garden that boys can't enter!

But, if I'm to escape inside with only my underwear—

"—Seems like, I won't be able to avoid certain death..."

In more ways than one, isn't this disastrous?

"Let's go, Akihisa!"

"No way!"

Seeing the girls dorm right in front of me, I reject Yuuji's proposal.

If I can't get any proper clothing, I will have to continue running.

"Cheh! You're still mindful about this in this situation...can't be helped. Wear this!"

Yuuji tosses something over.

I caught it. These are—aren't these clothes that I need now?

"As expected of Yuuji! You're the one who understands me the most!"

"Hurry up and wear it!"

"Mm, thanks!"

I quickly put on the clothes, button it up, and not forgetting to put on socks. Alright! Perfect!

"Yuuji, I put on the sailor uniform already!"

A white blouse and knee-length skirt that will light up anyone's eyes, with navy blue stockings, and the colour of the underwear is, a, secret☆.

—This is no longer a situation where I can be caught now. I can imagine that if I'm to be arrested and whisked off to the police station, everyone will agree that 'this student is from another school'.

"Alright, now we can escape inside!"

"Hold on, Yuuji! This may be more fatal than being completely naked!"

Speaking of which, how did Yuuji get these clothes? Our school uniform should be of set-style, right?

But there's no time to think about this. Got to take off these clothes first!

"How about we split up here?"

Yuuji said this to me who's in my boxers again.

"Why are you saying such things, Yuuji? No matter where it is, we'll escape together~☆"

How can I be abandoned with just these clothes on me?






"...What are you two doing."



I exchanged glances with Yuuji.

The scene of me in my boxers pulling off Yuuji's pants should be rather damaging to the eyes no matter which angle one looks at it, right?

"...I know that you two don't have any luck with girls, but please don't do such stuff in public, will you?"

""Sensei! We're willing to accept detention! Just listen to our explanation!!"

For three nights now, we enjoyed intimate moments with Ironman.

The Sixth Question[edit]

Please write down your thoughts regarding this training camp.

Himeji Mizuki's comment:

'I benefitted a lot from studying with students from the other classes, and managed to get many beneficial tips from quite a few reference books involving subjects that I'm frustrated with, which I believe will help me in my studies. Though it may be rather loud at night, it's still our school's characteristic. Also, I managed to get a great secret photo from a certain someone, I'm so happy!'

Teacher's comment:

BakaTest v03 p200.JPG

Himeji-san's grades for every subject are rather impressive, and sensei didn't realise that you have subjects that you are unfamiliar with; I'm really sorry about that. However, it's good that you found a way to solve the problems. It's really been beneficial for you to study with class A students, so work hard during the next streaming exam. Also, please don't be affected by the noise that those idiots caused.

Shimada Minami's comment:

'I will never ever forget about what happened on the third night. What should I do? I can't discuss this with anyone, and I couldn't find time to talk to that person...I knew about Mizuki's feelings, so have I betrayed her? But if it's in terms of liking, I liked him since last year, so I should be the earlier one, right? Arrgghh~! I don't know what to do!'

Teacher's comment:

What happened? It doesn't feel normal when you can't even discuss it with your friends. If you want, you can talk to sensei. Since I lived longer than you by a few years, I should be able to help out. But seeing you mention the word 'feelings' here, I'm wondering if it's related to love?

If so, sensei can only say this. Don't make a rash decision that you'll regret for the rest of your life. A student's responsibility is to think, be bothered, and grow up to be an accomplished adult.

Yoshii Akihisa's comment:

'Didn't expect so many troublesome things to occur, this is really shocking. I lost consciousness on the first day and was carted directly into the hotel, so I didn't have any memories of it. After that, I got labeled as a peeping tom, and those suspicious stares around me really bothered me. In order to train myself, I tried hard to break through the strongholds to peep inside the girls bathing area, but is this really alright? Actually, I'm really worried. This training camp really made me think about a lot of things.'

Teacher's comment:

That's right.


Without thinking of holding back, I made a huge yawn.

I want to sleep. Anyway, I really want to sleep. I'm so sleepy I'm about to drop. I would have slept if it wasn't for the precious breakfast time now.

"I'm so sleepy..."

Beside me, Yuuji's rubbing his eyes as well.

It's expected that we want to sleep. We got lectured by Ironman (with fists) into the morning. It's been three consecutive days now, so It's impossible for us to not want to sleep.

"You guys are really unlucky..."

Hideyoshi said with an apologetic tone. Is he feeling guilty that only the two of us got lectured? He doesn't need to feel sorry since he was asleep.

"Even if we're unlucky, it's too—Uuahhh~~"

I can't take it already. I continued to stretch my back. Today's the last day already, so we got to replenish our sleep during the self-study period...

"It's useless! Seeing you guys like this, for tonight's attack, we might have to..."

"It's not that we're completely asleep. If we're motivated, we will definitely wake up—Huahh~~"

Making a yawn just after opening the mouth, seems like the symptoms are really serious. As for how serious it is, let's just say that even with the sliced salmon and delicious dishes in front of me, it's unlikely for me to overcome the sleep demon.

"I can't make it as well, not motivated at all—OOOHHHH!!"

"Wha, what's with you, Yuuji?"

The dazed and sleepy Yuuji suddenly widened his eyes after seeing something. What? What did he see?

"...Super effective."

"Ah, you're here, Muttsulini. Good morning."

Muttsulini appeared at the door and walked towards us. He seems to be holding something in his hand.

"Muttsulini, what did you show Yuuji just now? He seems really excited."

"...A magic photo."

It's rare for Muttsulini to proudly lift his chest and make such a claim.

"Oh? Can you let me see it?"

"...(Hands over)"

Muttsulini slides the photos in his hand between Hideyoshi and me.

"A magic photo? What nonsense are you talking about? We're already high school students, how can we be motivated by just a single photo—WWOOOWWW!!"

"Oh, this photo is..."

The first photo Muttsulini showed us is the photo of Himeji-san and Hideyoshi in yukatas.

Dressed in yukatas, Himeji-san and Hideyoshi seemed rather shy as they looked up at the camera, in a somewhat sexy manner, and there's also a glimpse of the breasts!

BTS vol 03 195.jpg

"It's great to live on this world..."

This picture doesn't really show that much skin, but why am I feeling all excited? However, I'll do anything just to get a photo of these two bathing!

"What's the second photo, Akihisa?"

"Let me see..."

I pulled aside the first photo. It's a double shot of Kirishima-san closing in while dressed in a yukata and Minami who's in sports shorts.

"This, this is great! Muttsulini, this photo was taken at a perfect angle! You have my utmost respect!"

"That's really be able to cut Akihisa and Yuuji out of the photo, isn't this of professional level already?"

This photo isn't any different from those self-photos sold on the market! Though it's too bad that not everyone's in a yukata, it's still a very viewable photo. To be able to bring out even Minami's attractive side in such a healthy manner, I can only say that Muttsulini's photo-taking skills are near godlike!

"And the third photo?"

"Ah, Mm! The third photo is—"

I pull out another photo from below. The third photo that appears in front of me is—isn't this me in the sailor uniform?

"...It was taken beautifully, so I developed that one."


"Calm down first, Akihisa! Isn't this photo taken beautifully?"

Hideyoshi hugged me tightly, not allowing me to deal the killer blow.

When was that photo taken anyway?

"That's amazing, Muttsulini. When did you take that photo?"

Yuuji's eyes have regained their vigour as he suddenly praised Muttsulini. For Yuuji to react like this when he doesn't even show that much reaction to girls, it's likely that ordinary guy will react a lot more than him.

"Now we just need to hope for reinforcements."

Hideyoshi's right, it's unlikely for those guys to not falter once they see these photos. As a guy, I understand this the most, but...

"...Do we really have to show these photos to the rest?"

Ah~ if possible, I hope that I can stuff these photos directly into my bag.

"Akihisa, don't forget our initial aim. We won't be able to succeed if we don't care about the entire plan."

"Uu...I know that..."

I just feel that it's a pity that we have to show it to the rest!

Even so, I know that Yuuji's right. Our aim isn't to get these photos, but to be able to successfully peep inside the girls bathing area.

"Sorry, my bad. These photos are meant to achieve our goal, so I should abstain from such thoughts. Besides, I will tell Muttsulini to prepare one gross[8] for me, so I just need to endure it."

"Isn't one gross too much?"

"You're not thinking of abstaining!"

Stop bothering me, you guys!

"Alright, if so, then—"

Yuuji pulled out a pen from who knows where, and writes a few messy words behind the photos.

'Pass these photos to all the guys, and don't let the girls or the teachers see it! If anyone is to try and take these photos for their own, they will executed under the name Sakamoto Yuuji!'

I see, if we don't write down these notes, these photos will likely be stolen.

"Oi, Sugawa, pass these to the guys."

Yuuji passes the photos to Sugawa-san, who's beside our eating breakfast. He receives the photos with a puzzled look.


And the next moment, he's awake.

"Oh yeah, Yuuji, you should have taken away my photos, right?"

"Relax, passing that kind of thing around will only demoralise them. I did take away that photo of yours."

"I see. It's good that you took it."

If those photos are to be passed out, it's utterly meaningless for me to even think of preventing those photos of me in girls' clothes to be spread around.

"Eh? Muttsulini, you still have more photos?"

Hideyoshi sees that Muttsulini still has a photo in his hand. Really, what did he take?

"Let me see, what did you take here?"

"Ah, me too!"

I peek in to look at the photo that Hideyoshi received from Muttsulini.

What's on the photo is—me in a sailor uniform (with underwear revealed)

"...I couldn't help but take it."



Anyway, whatever the case, our momentum's at the highest now due to these photos.

Tida tida—for some reason, the sound made by the second hand becomes really loud. I didn't really bother about it in the past, and unexpectedly, I started to be mindful of it.

"Akihisa, don't get anxious right before the event. We got our points replenished and passed the photos over for everyone to see. We already did what we can do, and we just need to do fight with our best effort."

Resting in a corner of the room with his eyes closed, Yuuji warned me. The more critical the situation is, the more I feel like praising this guy's nerves.

"The three classes D, E and F will be participating with full strength like yesterday, so we'll just see if the other three classes A, B and C are willing to help out."

Since we had to focus on the tests in order to replenish our points, we didn't have time to talk to the other boys, so we have no idea how effective the photos are now. We can only see the effects during the battle.

"...I must take revenge today."

Even Muttsulini's getting pumped. Maybe it's because he's satisfied with the photos he took that he managed to answer quite a lot of questions with a lot of enthusiasm during the day tests. Muttsulini's attitude tonight is already terrifying.

"It's about time to battle, so let's get our final battle meeting done."

Opening his eyes, Yuuji walked over to me, with Hideyoshi and Muttsulini following suit.

"We're now on the third level, and we have to break through the four areas, third level, second level, first level and the girls bathing area before we can get to our final destination."

If it's according to room allocation, the third level will be handled by classes E and F; the second level will be handled by classes C and D, classes A and B for the first level. In other words, our location is the furthest to the girls' bathing area.

"Those guys from classes E and F will help out suppress our enemies on the third level, and class D will be handling the enemies on the second level, however..."

"It's hard to defend fully with only class C, right?"

The teachers will also distribute the forces according to the strength of the students, so without class C, it's going to be hard to break through the second level.

"However, we can only do this in the end."

"That's a certainty, and after we break through the second level—"

"...We'll have to face Takahashi-sensei."

"That's right, as the level head, the resistance led by Takahashi-sensei will be guarding the first level. I guess Shouko, Himeji and Kudo Aiko will be waiting for us there."

One of the biggest problems in our operation today will be the first level guarded by Takahashi-sensei. Whether we can succeed in this operation will be greatly dependent on whether we can break through this pass.

"I'll create the space for Akihisa and Muttsulini to break through. However, you guys better be mentally prepared, since I won't be able to stop Takahashi-sensei, Shouko and the rest for long."

It's impossible for Yuuji to stop those three alone, no, it's likely that those three won't be our only opponents. Those class A girls will likely be helping out, and I don't dare to imagine how hard it is to try and stop them.

"If we can't stop them..."

"That's right, we're finished once Akihisa and Muttsulini get pincered, and everything will be over. My remaining life will be ripped apart by Shouko, and Akihisa will be treated as a pervert for the rest of his life."

"Even if we fail though, it doesn't feel like anything will change..."


"Anyway, we can only try our best to stop Takahashi-sensei. If classes A and B are willing to help out, we should still have a chance of winning."

"Uh hm, anyway, forget about class A, there shouldn't be any problem for class B to join in, right? Their boys, seem to be interested in girls, especially their class rep. That photo should be rather effective."

"Ah hahaha, hearing Hideyoshi say this, it seems like class A's rep doesn't seem interested in girls at all."


Eh? Why is everyone looking away awkwardly?

"Once we get past Takahashi-sensei, the rest of the job will be yours. Akihisa, Muttsulini, you guys know what to do?"

"..I'll definitely beat Ooshima-sensei."

"And I'll have to take on Ironman, right?"

Really, I have never had such a tough battle in all the battles I took part in, because there are too many unknown variables. However...

"...No problem. We will definitely succeed."


"That's to be expected."

"That's right."


As long as we work together, we can definitely do something and make the impossible possible.

—Hua hua!

An electronic sound can be heard. It's the reporting time of 8pm, and also the sound to signal the imminent battle.

"It's finally the moment. You guys better get ready to give a good fight!"


"No matter whether our opponents are the teachers or the girls, class A or class F, it doesn't matter. AS MEN, WE'LL MAKE THEM SEE OUR STRONG FIGHTING SPIRIT!!!"



"""THAT'S RIGHT!!!"""


"""WATCH US!!!"""

At 8pm of the fourth night of training camp. At this moment, the final fight to peep begins.

"We spotted them! Those four are the main culprits!"

"Hasegawa-sensei! Let us deal with those four!"

The moment we stepped out of our room, we immediately face off against the girls led by Hasegawa-sensei. Seems like we were targeted right from the beginning.

"Humph, do you think you shrimps can beat me? Summon!"

Facing the two girls who charged forward, Yuuji summons his summoned beast without any hesitation.

They should be class E's girls, right? If it were Yuuji two months ago, they would still have a chance, but there's no chance now.

Class E, Furukawa Ayumi, Maths 83 points & class E, Minamoto Ryoka, Maths 77 points

Class F, Sakamoto Yuuji, Maths 224 points.

"Study some more before facing against me!"


Yuuji's summoned beast closed in extremely quickly and dished out some heavy punches. Just one hit is enough to determine the winner, and it's impossible for class E to fight when they don't have any experience against us who have tons of experience.

"Sakamoto-kun! Hold it right there!"

After the two girls got beaten, the leader of this girls' bridage, Hasegawa-sensei, steps forward. Unfortunately for her though, she's one step too slow.

"Sorry Hasegawa-sensei, but we won't let you pass here."

Stepping between us and Hasegawa-sensei are Sugawa-san and the rest.

"Yoshii, Sakamoto, leave this to us! You guys head on first! Summon!"


Sugawa-san and the rest line up their summoned beasts like an iron wall.

"We'll leave this to you guys, Sugawa-san!"

"Sure thing! But make sure you beat Ironman! Or else we won't be able to peep either way!"

"I get it! We'll meet at the girls' bathing area then!"

Leaving this area to Sugawa-san, we turn our backs and head off in the other direction, and the brave warriors who won't back down in the face of a teacher let out loud howls from deep within their spirits—





"Such amazing morale! We should be able to take down the third level now."

"This is because everyone's working together."

There are four people defending the third level, including Hasegawa-sensei, but no matter whether it's sensei or the other girls coming over to help, they are suppressed by the boys of class E and class F, so the third level is a safe zone.

"However, the next one's a tough one..."

"That's right! We don't know whether class C is participating or whether class D is doing it alone..."

Seems like there are battles going on downstairs. If only class D is participating, there is almost no time to avoid the teachers already. If we can't successfully take down the forces on the second level, we'll be pincered even if we're to break through this pass, and our efforts will be futile.

"...No time to hesitate."

"You're right. Let's roll!"

The four of us dash down the staircase. Jumping down two steps at a time and rounding around the platform, the scene that unfolds in front of us is—

"Don't stop us from peeping! Summon!"

"Sensei! Please be prepared!"

"Eve, even you guys are participating in this..."

Chemistry teacher, Fuse Fumihiro, Chemistry 663 points

Class C, Kurosaki Tooru, Chemistry 144 points & Class C, Noguchi Isshin 132 points.

"Class C! You're here to help!"

Those are the reinforcements that we so awaited.


Yuuji let out a highly motivated shout to encourage classes C and D, who are here for the same purpose.




Amazing! Everyone's so pumped up that they're shouting all over the place. To think that we mesh well with classes C and D.

"I say, this will get anyone excited."

"Yeah, what gets us excited more than increasing our comrades?"

The opponents whom we faced off in the previous summoning battles are now fighting alongside us against the teachers and the girls. This is really touching.

"But the girls who were our comrades are now our enemies..."

"Don't mind that."

Speaking of which, the second level is clear. What's next are the first level and the strongest opponent in front of the bathing area.

"Looking at the way things are going, class A and class B will definitely help out!"

"Don't be so sure. Who knows whether it will be that smooth sailing?"

We head down another level, and the first level is already in front of us. If the two classes aren't willing to help out, we shouldn't be hearing any sounds of battle...

"...Help out...will ya..."

"...Fine win..."

Great! Seems like we won the bet! It's a riot on the first level!

"Nice! Seems like we can take down the first level—"

"No, wait! Something's not right!"

We hide back inside the darkness and analyse the situation. But what's in front of us is the pitiful sight of the alliance of the teachers and the girls forcing the class B boys into a corner.

Class A, Kirishima Shouko, Combined subjects 4762 points & Class F, Himeji Mizuki, Combined subjects 4472 points.

Class B, Kasai Shinichi, Combine subjects 1692 points.

The overwhelming difference in points cause our forces to fall one after another. What's going on!?

"...End of the line here, Yuuji."

"Akihisa-kun, I won't let you continue on."


"Himeji-san, you..."

We got blocked at the staircase leading downstairs. Like what Yuuji predicted, it's the strongest duo of Kirishima-san and Himeji-san. There are many defeated summoned beasts around them.

"Seems like class A isn't here..."

Looking around, Hideyoshi unhappily states this fact. No matter whether it's the combined subjects battles in front of us or the physics battles slightly further away, there's no sign of class A. So in the end, only class B is willing to help out...?

"To think that they would deliberately set up such a formation, damn it!"

Seeing the defensive formation in front of the stairs, Yuuji cursed. Standing right tn front of the stairs is Takahashi-sensei, and it seems like she has no intention of moving aside. And surrounding her are Himeji-san, Kirishima-san and some other girls from class A. Takahashi-sensei's role is most likely to take down another who tries to pass this place. As long as sensei don't move aside, it's hard to break past this area.

"Yuuji, what about the battle plan just now?"

"It's alright to use it now, but you'll get pincered once you get down to the basement. Thus, we need forces to hold them for now."

The No.1 and No.2 of our school year are here, and Takahashi-sensei's leading them with double their points. We can't belittle the rest as well here; the situation here is critical. Most of class B's boys are being held off by the physics teacher Kimura-sensei, who's standing in the middle of the corridor, and English teacher Endo-sensei, so we can't expect any reinforcements from them.

"...Yuuji. Take this punishment."

"Ugh! Nemoto shield!"

"Sa, Sakamoto! Is this how you treat any ally when he steps up to help you?"

Class A, Kirishima Shouko, Combined subjects 4762 points.

Class B, Nemoto Kyoji, Combine subjects 1931 points.

No way! Kirishima-san's summoned beast is too powerful. Class B's rep Nemoto was mercilessly buried without much work.

"Akihisa-kun, please surrender quietly."

Himeji-san slowly walk towards me with her summoned beast in front of her, and nearby, Yuuji's being cornered by Kirishima-san.

"It's can we get past Himeji, Kirishima and Takahashi-sensei?"

"And if Himeji and Kirishima aren't in the bathing area, there's no point to peep already..."

The remaining two boys from class B say this dejectedly.


How is it possible for these girls to not bath? Speaking of which, those girls that aren't around should still be bathing now!

Seeing me getting worked up, Hideyoshi shows a surprised look, and asks,

"Akihisa, anyone can see that the situation is extremely disadvantageous to us, so why do you still not want to give up? You're a 'punishment inspector', all the damage the summoned beast gets will end up affecting you. Even if you want to get back those photos, is there really a need to make such a sacrifice?"

In the end, nobody will change their opinion of you anyway—Hideyoshi adds on.

It's not stupid for Hideyoshi to say this, since the pain suffered by the summoned beast of a 'punishment inspector' will be passed back to the controller. In addition, the situation is already so disadvantageous. It's better to surrender before the punishment gets worse, right? But—

"—Listen, Hideyoshi. It's not like this."

"Not like this?"

Hideyoshi's mistaken. The reason why I'm doing this is just for those photos.

"It's true that I only thought of seizing the photos and capture the real culprit to erase the misconception that I was the peeping tom. But after seeing our comrades fall one by one, and as we continued to move on, I finally realised something."

"What are you saying, Akihisa?"

That's right. Right now, I understood everything. Till now, I've always been lying to myself and making some noble reason to hide my true thoughts.

But no matter how much I pretend, I really have only one aim. All I did up till now was to mask that unwavering will.

"—Even if it's not a crime that can be forgiven, I can't deceive myself any longer. Basically, I—JUST WANT TO PEEP INSIDE THE GIRLS' BATHING AREA TO SATISFY MY OWN LUST!!!"


It has nothing to do with the blackmail anyway, it doesn't matter who the real culprit is. Right now, my only wish is to charge forward and peep on that sweet heaven that those girls on the photos are.

"Akihisa-kun, so you want to peep on Minami who's bathing now instead of me...I won't forgive you! Peeping is a crime!"

Himeji-san commands her summoned beast. Even if I can't beat her, I will fight by my belief till the bitter end! "'This has nothing to do with social views! No matter what anyone thinks, I must live on by being honest with my feelings."

I called out my summoned beast, getting into position to take on Himeji-san.

But at this moment—

"Well said, Yoshii Akihisa-san!"

A seemingly familiar voice echoes throughout the corridor.

"Who, who's that?"

My momentum got cut off by half, and Himeji-san stopped her summoning movement as she looks around to find the one who spoke.

"We kept you waiting, Yoshii-san. Those words of yours were filled with your emotions, and I received it."

This voice, this manner of speaking, can't be mistaken...he's—

"Kubo-kun! You're finally here!"

"Sorry I'm late. I was unable to take the final step, so I was really bothered while preparing for this...but after hearing those motivated words of yours, I finally decided to take part."

"You said you decided, that means..."

"That's right, from this moment on, the 24 boys of class A will help in Yoshii Akihisa's peeping with all their might! EVERYONE IN CLASS A, DO YOU HEAR THAT? EVERYONE'S TO SUMMON THEIR SUMMONED BEAST AND MAKE A WAY FOR YOSHII AKIHISA!"



"Kubo-kun, thank you very much! I knew that you guys will help us!"

At this moment, the boys of class A have finally become our comrade. With this, all the second year boys of Fumitzuki Gakuen are participating in this battle. There's nothing more exhilarating than this!

What's going on? Why do I feel chilly out of a sudden?

"No, I'm the one who has to thank you. That's right, just as you said, I shan't lie to myself any further—even if it's a love that society won't accept, it can't be helped if I like someone!"

"Kubo-kun, please don't try and prevent me from punishing Akihisa-kun."

"That won't do, Himeji-san. We've already decided to help him peep. The only force that can beat Nishimura-sensei can't fall here."

Kubo-kun and the rest of class A's boys stepped up in order to protect me. Now's the chance!


"I know! Akihisa, Muttsulini, run forward!"

The reinforcements surround Kirishima-san at such a terrifying pace, and Yuuji himself rushes over at Takahashi-sensei, with me and Muttsulini following behind.

"Didn't think that the boys from class A would help, but it's alright, since nobody can get past me—summon!"

Takahashi-sensei's summoned beast appears in front of us. The nightmare yesterday appear in our mind, but now's not the time to hesitate.

"Sorry Takahashi-sensei, but we have to get past this stage! Let's start—awaken!"

Under Yuuji's summon, the platinum bracelet obtained from the last tournament activates. The power of Yuuji's bracelet is to create a competitive arena. In other words—

"An interference? Well done, Sakamoto-san..."

"Hurry up and go, Akihisa! Beat Ironman, and lead us to Fantasy Heaven!"

"Leave it to me!"

Activating two different arenas at the same time will cause both effects to be negated. Thus, there aren't any summoned beasts here. If so, the opponent is just an ordinary girl, and therefore, there's not much effort required to get past her.


The other boys follow me.

"Damn it! Though Yoshii and Tsuchiya managed to slip past, I can't just let you brats slip past like that!"

At this moment, Takahashi-sensei summons her summoned beast again.

"To be able to think quickly, as expected of Takahashi-sensei."

Yuuji's low voice can be heard from her. Seems like Takahashi-sensei automatically negated her own field, waited till Yuuji's field was left, and summoned her summoned beast again. Now, Yuuji would be unable to catch up. Since he has to use points to activate the platinum bracelet, he can't just turn it on or off so easily, and so Muttsulini and I move on.

"Muttsulini, you'll take on Ooshima-sensei."

"...Got it."

We hastily move down the stairs that's longer than the last few, and right now, it's the largest distance left to our fantasy heaven.

After dashing down the staircase, as what Yuuji expected, Ooshima-sensei is—no, that's also someone else waiting there.

"Muttsulini-kun, I waited for you for quite a long time. I even thought that you wouldn't be able to make it here."

"Ku, Kudo-san."

It can be said that her appearance here is unexpected. The path isn't wide here, so we thought that there would only be a teacher guarding here.

"Kudo-san, can you let us through? We don't want to be your opponent."

"Eh? You're thinking of this now?"

"Eh? You're not coming for this now?"

After saying that, she pulls out that familiar tape recorder from her pocket.

"It doesn't matter already. We have other aims that we want to attain."

"I see...but even if you say that, I can't let you guys pass. No matter what, I'm a girl after all, so I have to prevent you perverts from peeping. Isn't that right?"

I thought we could persuade her, but it seems that the situation's a lot tougher now.

"Can't be help. Muttsulini, I'll assist you here!"

If it's a battle involving health education, our disadvantage can be seen clearly in contrast to those those. But even if Muttsulini's strong, he can't possibly take on those two, right?

"—The plan hasn't changed, leave it to me."


I couldn't help but doubt my ears.

Stop joking around, how can he beat those two alone?

"...I got a score to settle with them."

But Muttsulini's eyes are ever serious. He really thinks that he can beat those two, beat the duo made up of a student from an elite class and a teacher.

"Is it really alright, Muttsulini?"

"...Of course there's no problem."

Muttsulini gives me a carefree smile. This guy really thinks that he has the ability to beat them, he knows that he will definitely not lose.

Since he said this, how can I, as his partner, doubt him?

"I got it, then I'll leave it to you here! However, I will beat Ironman as well!"

Leaving behind Muttsulini, I head on to the end of the corridor. Behind me, Kudo-san and Ooshima-sensei don't seem like they want to stop me.

"Since Muttsulini-kun requested it, I'll let you pass."

While passing by, I seem to hear Kudo-san say that.

Don't ever lose, Muttsulini!

"Tsuchiya, you really disappoint me. To think that you can actually beat a teacher..."

"Ooshima-sensei, you don't have to take action. I'll take care of Muttsulini-kun."

"Really? Then I'll leave it to you then. However, I'll summon my summoned beast and witness your ability from behind then."

"Yes, leave it to me, sensei!"

"...Who decided that?"

"Hm? What did you say, Muttsulini-kun?"

"...Who said that a student can't beat a teacher?"

"Oh my? Muttsulini-kun sure is interesting. However, if you want to beat sensei, you have to get past me, you know? Summon!"


Health Education Teacher, Ooshima Takeshi, Health Education 501 points and Class A, Kudo Aiko, Health Education, 383 points

Class F, Tsuchiya Kouta, Health Education, 774 points.

"Eh? Muttsulini-kun...what's with your points?"

"...A human's belief can make the impossible possible."

"774 points? How is it possible? I've never heard of anyone who could get these marks!"

"(Glares), Tsuchiya, when did you increase your ability to this extent?"

"...No time to waste. You two, bring it on."

I could feel a summoned beast appearing behind me. Seems like Muttsulini's about to fight.

It came down to this, and I can only believe him. Besides, instead of getting involved in someone else's battle, there's still something that I have to settle in front of me.

"Everyone, thank you..."

The moment I realised this, the words had already came out of my mouth.

I originally thought that this was an unwinnable battle. But with the help of so many comrades, there's a chance to succeed.

Right now, everything will be over if I can win here.

There's just a high wall that I have to climb over...

The time now is 20.15, and it's the best time to achieve our aim. I could actually reach this place at this time, and it's all because of all my comrades who assisted us. Because of you guys, we were able to create such a miracle.

"I must reach my goal!"

This is the final pass. A few more steps, and it will be the Fantasy Heaven that every male dreams of.

"...You really came here, Yoshii."

The final enemy who's standing in front of the entrance slowly widens his eyes, silently getting into a battle position.


It's finally this moment, and the final battle of this long training camp starts now.

The Seventh Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

"When the observer A moves with a velocity V, an ambulance with a sound frequency of f moves forward with a speed of v'. Please state what will happen when the speed of sound is at V? What kind of phenomenon is this?

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

"The observer A will hear the siren at a frequency of f(V+v')/(V-v'). This phenomenon is known as the Doppler Effect."

Teacher's comment:

BakaTest v03 p233.JPG

The same phenomenon will also appear during an F1 race. Though most people often feel that physics phenomenon are rather rare, they do often occur in our everyday life.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

"The observer A gets knocked away at a speed of v'+v. This phenomenon is called a traffic accident."

Teacher's comment:

Seeing you write this relative velocity makes me even angrier.

"Sensei, to think that you actually expected me to make it all the way here. The other teachers were all rather optimistic that I wouldn't be able to make it all the way here, right?"

"I don't ever underestimate an opponent. You're an idiot, but that mobility of yours can't be underestimated."

"Then I really have to thank you—hiya!"

I use my wooden sword to skilfully dodge Ironman's sudden punch.

I won't be as careless as the last time. Even if Ironman fights physically, I have to treat him as if he's a tough summoned beast!

"However, it will be great if you can use the mobility on other aspects. You're just a group of sexual harassers. Aren't you afraid of being suspended?"

The shocking kick that looks like it's coming over at a terrifying speed flies towards me. If I am really hit by him, I'll be left with half a life even if I don't die!

"I won't be threatened by you! We gathered so many people, you can't lock onto a target. The school can't suspended just a group of students, right?"

I duck and move forward, raising my wooden sword and hack it at Ironman's abdomen. However, Ironman's huge arm easily swings my attacks aside. Is it the so-called flesh armour?

"Since you know that you may be suspended, why don't you people love yourselves more?"

"If you want to suspend us, you'll have to memorise all the names of the students taking part in this!"

Using the reflex speed of being knocked aside, I lift my leg and step forward. Even though I hit Ironman's completely undefended leg, the unstable and swaying thing isn't Ironman, but my summoned beast. No matter how light a summoned beast is, it isn't a real body.

"And you dare say that! I'll beat all of you one by one, and then record the names of every single one of you!"


Before my summoned beast manages to stabilise itself, it takes a punch attack that's not too heavy before flying to the corner of the wall. The moment the summoned beast flies to the wall, the sharp pain is passed onto my body.

"And you're the first one!"

In order to seize onto the opportunity, Ironman charges towards my summoned beast at lightning speed. If I want to beat that guy who's like a monster, one summoned beast alone isn't going to be enough.

What should I do? Do I give up now and run away? Do I kneel down in front of my comrades and beg for mercy? No, I won't let this happen! Since I made it all the way, even if my teeth are to be beaten out and blood spilled, I have to win this battle! I~~WON'T GIVE UP!

"Let's go—double!"

The moment I commanded it, another summoned beast appears in response.


After blocking the attack of the other summoned beast that suddenly appeared, Ironman jumps away in shock and maintains a suitable distance.

If one summoned beast isn't enough, I'll just summon an additional one. Good thing I have this power, this is the great power that I got from before.

"Is it the platinum bracelets? The principal can really find trouble for me."

Ironman's casual look is no longer present.

This is the prize I won from the previous summoning tournament--the platinum bracelets. Yuuji's bracelet's ability creates a summoning field, and my bracelet has the ability to summon an additional summoned beast. As long as I use this ability properly, beating Ironman isn't just a dream.

"Sensei, the real show starts now!"

The two summoned beast get into battle positions, moving about as they surround Ironman. The main summoned beast is on the right, the secondary one's on the left as both of them swing their wooden swords at Ironman at the same time.

"Ugh, ku!"

Being attacked from different directions at the same time, Ironman loses his balance for a while. The next moment, the two summoned beasts let out heavy attacks on Ironman's kneecaps, which are still weak. However, Ironman lets his kneecaps sink and lets the strong thighs endure the attacks of the summoned beasts, and the pain bounces back onto me as if I attacked a tire.

My summoned beasts heavily attack Ironman with fists, kicks and wooden swords. The situation is completely reversed now. Ironman's clearly in the disadvantage, and my attacks cleanly hit the flesh. However—

"It's not damaging him at all!"

Ironman's defending his head and chest while using only his strong body to deflect the rest of my attacks. Damn it, this guy's definitely a monster.

"What now, Yoshii? You seem to be a lot more anxious now."

Seeing my slightly panicking look, Ironman inadvertently lets out a smirk.

On first glance, it seemed like I have the advantage, but the situation now is extremely critical, for I need to think of both the main and secondary summoned beasts' actions at the same time. I have to make instant decisions to decide whether to allow either the main beast or the secondary to dodge the kick before both summoned beasts can either attack or defend. It's too hard to think of two people's movements at the same time, and if this keeps up, it might not be too good.


I let my main summoned beast swing its wooden sword and the secondary beast swings its right fist. After dodging the wooden sword, Ironman gets hit by the punch and counters with his kneecap. His target is the secondary—no, is it the main? I quickly raise my arms to create a cross guard and let my secondary beast swing its left elbow at Ironman's abdomen. However, Ironman blocks the elbow and does a leg sweep, intending to attack the main beast, no, the secondary—

"Your movements are becoming even slower, Yoshii!"


I feel a sharp pain from my right wrist. Which side got attacked? The main or the secondary? Wah, oh no! The moment I stopped attacking, Ironman went in for the kill. Anyway, lets swing the wooden sword to block it—no! It's too late!

This time, it's a fist at the secondary beast—seems like it, but isn't he aiming at the main beast? Damn it, it's a feint!

"Gu, hu!"

I endure a sharp pain in my chest as my back lands on the floor.

"End of the line, Yoshii."

The winner is decided. Ironman seem to be declaring his own victory as he reverts back to his nonchalant look.

Seeing his thick, muscular arms that are like a live armour, my attacks aren't even tickling him, let alone scratching.

Maybe it's too reckless for me to summon two summoned beasts. Even if I'm to concentrate, my mind will get too confused until I am unable to decide what instructions to give to my summoned beasts. No, before I can worry about being unable to control two summoned beasts at the same thing, the most important thing is that I'm unable to deal damage to the opponent.

"Even if it's to fulfil that fleeting perverseness of yours, your concentration is only to this extent!"

Ironman slowly walks towards me as I continue to remain on the ground.

That's right, Ironman's right. My concentration isn't enough, which is why I'm unable to control my summoned beasts' movements properly.

But even if I understand this, I can't just gain enough concentration to control two summoned beasts at the same time. Seems like I lose this time, better to give up on peeping, and start training myself to concentrate! Concentrate—concentrate?

"That's it!"

With enthusiasm, I get up from the floor. That's right, there's still this method!

" you still want to fight? Only your determination is stronger than others."

Seeing me stand up again, Ironman seem rather happy as he reveals a snarl. No matter when the situation is, this guy will always show a careful attitude. However, continue smiling, for right now, I'll make you unable to smile ever again!

"Ironman, I got to thank you for giving me this hint."

"The hint I gave you?"

"Didn't you just say 'concentrate'?"

Since I gave different instructions to the two summoned beasts, I got myself confused. If I'm to attack different parts and when the opponent increases his guard, those punches and kicks won't be able to show their real power. This is the problem that I'm facing now, but there's a way to settle this.

"That's right, it's to concentrate! I need to reduce the attack area. No matter it's a punch, kick, or wooden sword swing, main beast or secondary beast, from now on, my attacks just need to focus on one area."

If one attack isn't enough to break through that muscle armour of his, then I'll have to attack the same place multiple times.

Concentrate! Right now, I need to focus all my attacks on a certain piece—

"I'll focus all my attacks on your balls!"

"You, you bastard, how can you have such a terrifying thought!?"


The attack that looks like a hook downwards is actually a feint that's going to change into a flying kick that's aimed there. Once the flying kick is out, the wooden sword will be thrust at Ironman's crotch. Also, the punch that was aimed at the chest will change trajectory and move towards the abdomen. All this is to attack Ironman's important place!

"Damn it, this is the first time I met someone who's intent on attacking the lower body..."

Ironman isn't looking calm now.

The real show starts now! My summoned beast aims at his abdomen, and looks like it's about to grab his elbow, but is actually attacking between his thighs. I'll attack his lower body, attack, attack, attack. Anyway, I'll continue to attack his balls!

Recovering myself, I realise that Ironman's expending a lot of energy just to defend himself.


Since he can't attack, my summoned beast will release a heavy punch with lots of strength stored in it.


Ironman frantically reaches his hand out to block his crotch.

"Hehe, you got fooled, eh?"

But in an instant, the main beast has already bent down to act as a jump board and let the secondary summoned beast jump towards Ironman's back. But this movement is a feint, the one who's really attacking is still the main beast!



Using his hands to guard his lower body, Ironman is unable to protect his head in time. Thus, my summoned beast hacks at Ironman's head without any defense on it.

"Ku...Yo, Yoshii, you bastard..."

With a thonk, Ironman can't support himself anymore and gradually falls to the ground.

"Finally...IT'S FINALLY OVER!"

Such a long journey! I wanted to give up so many times, and it's not just once that I felt despair. But at this moment, the Fantasy Heaven is right in front of me.

"Minami's flat chest, wait for me!"

Those photos that represents the dreamworld are right in front of me! I'm so happy that I'm unable to—eh? There's a killing intent?


Maybe it's my basic instincts, but I immediately ducked. The next moment, I immediately discover some biri biri sound passing through where my head was.

"I won't hand onee-sama's virginity over to you!"


Holding a seemingly familiar taser in her hand, Shimizu-san appeared in front of me. Isn't that the 200,000 volts taser that Yuuji lent me? Once hit, even if it's an attack that's blocked by clothing, will immediately render anyone unconscious. That taser is definitely a dangerous weapon!

"Onee-sama was rather lost ever since last night, and wouldn't even look at Miharu. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! SHOW YOUR REMORSE TO MIHARU WITH YOUR DEATH!"

Shimizu-san waves the weapon in her hand, but compared to Ironman's speed, her movements are so slow, they're basically telling me to dodge them.


"Heh, hoh!"

I easily dodge all of Shimizu-san's attacks. Seeing this situation, I just need to wait for her to exhaust herself, right?

Just as I'm thinking about how to fight, she seemed to have found out about my intent, as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out something in front of me.

"If you aren't going to be obedient, I'll spread these photos around!"


Isn't Shimizu-san holding photos of me in girls' outfit? Why does she have these photos? Is it—

"—Shimizu-san, don't tell me you like me?"


I inadvertently shed a tear.

"However, why do you have photos of me?"

"That was because when I was taking photos of onee-sama in a cheongsam, I saw you in such a disgusting state, and felt that I could use it to blackmail you, so I took them! I have no interest in you lousy men!"

There's no need to call me a lousy man, right!? Never mind, anyway, everyone has their own preference.

"Shimizu-san, do you have a burn on your butt?"

"How, how do you know about that? Were you peeping or taking photos of me?"

Can't be mistaken, Shimizu-san's the culprit I'm looking for. If so, Kudou-san isn't the culprit then? So she wasn't lying to me.

"Anyway, I advise you to be obedient, or else I'll spread these embarrassing photos of yours!"

Shimizu-san is no longer pretending as she blackmails me. Oh~ looks like I have to punish her a bit.



I snatch the taser in her hand and decrease the voltage output to the minimum.


"My, my body's numb now!"

Before Shimizu-san can react, she falls unconscious onto the ground.

"Now, all the enemies are dealt with, right?"

The main culprit behind this was exterminated by me, and now, no one can stop me.


A voice calls me from behind. This voice is—

"Muttsulini! You alright?"

"...Of course I am."

Muttsulini's obviously tired all over. Seems like he got into quite a tough battle, huh? However, he doesn't look too weary from the battle, but shows a rather delighted smile.

"Nice going, Akihisa!"

"Yuuji! And everyone's here!"

Yuuji and the other boys from the other classes are here. Everyone's showing their smiles of having achieved their objective.

"Yoshii, you really beat Ironman!"

"The MVP undoubtedly goes to you."

The voices of my comrades praising me continue to spread.

"It's thanks to everyone's help! EVERYONE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

My shout got everyone's response. I really want to thank everyone present.

"Alright, we should get moving!"

It's rare for Yuuji to show such an excited expression, but this guy is a normal man! Seeing that we're about to reach our goal, anyone will praise themselves for this.



The roars of everyone seem like it almost flipped the roof off.

We have so many people here, how can the teachers remember everyone? In other words, we won't have to worry about being suspended. Everyone's clear about this, so of course we have to seize this opportunity!


Yuuji pushes the girls' bathroom door aside.

Skin with lots of tension.

Skinny body and limbs.

Waist length white hair.

This is a face all of us are familiar with, and that naked body that we are unfortunate to see right now since it is normally kept under the closes.

If we miss it now, we may never see it again—

"You, what's with you people! Gathering so many people here, are you here to see this old granny's naked body!?"

BTS vol 03 237.jpg

We just saw the principal in a sexy position.


All of us start to shed manly tears due to this inexplicable scene.

"Good morning, Minami-chan."

"Ah, it's Mizuki. Good morning..."

"What's wrong? You look rather tired. Is something wrong?"

"It, it's nothing! There's no such thing! I'm just a little tired!"

"Is that so? It's true that last week's training camp was rather troublesome, so it can't be helped if you're tired."

"Ah, mm. A lot of really troublesome things happened..."

"However, the boys were all pale with shock. What exactly happened?"

"Ah, that? Well, who knows~ did they see something shocking?"

"Something shocking, huh...?"

"Even the principal who was visiting seemed shocked. Who asked the boys to come up with such a commotion?"

"You're talking about the second year boys peeping? It was Akihisa-kun and the rest who started this, but it ended up being blown out of proportion."

"Yeah...oh yeah, speaking of peeping, didn't we find a camera inside the changing room? As for the real culprit..."

"Eh? The real culprit? It's not Akihisa-kun and the rest who set it up?"

"No, that one seemed like it was installed by Miharu."

"That Miharu you're talking about, is it Shimizu Miharu?"

"Yeah! On the last day of training camp, I just so happened to see her pull out a camera from the changing room. After some interrogation, she admitted that her reason was to 'take photos of onee-sama', and admitted her guilt."

"What? So this means that Akihisa-kun and the rest..."

"Seems like we misunderstood. However, they still became peeping toms in the end, so it's a little strange to apologise to them..."

"Ah, ah haha..."

"On a side note, I confiscated Miharu's camera, so there's no need to worry."

"I see~ that's good to know."

"Mn, it's about time for self-study. Let's hurry."

"Ah, you're right. Let's hurry up."

"There's only the two of us for this entire week, and it's rather lonely, but we have to work hard."

"Yes, then I'll leave myself in your hands."

Notification of suspension

All second year male students of Fumitzuki Gakuen, 149 in total.

The above students will be suspended from school for 1 week.

Fumitzuki Gakuen Principal Todou Kaoru

Didn't think too much, I just did it on a moment of impulse.

Now I'm really regretting it.

~Taken from a certain student's letter of regret~

The Final Question[edit]

Please form a four worded Japanese idiom from the following romanization, and come up with a suitable sentence with it.


Himeji Mizuki's answer:

'In kanji '暧昧模糊' (ambiguous)

The sentence: 'the distribution of responsibilities is rather ambiguous

Teacher's comment:

BakaTest v03 p253.JPG

'暧昧不清, 模糊不明' 'aimai fukiyoshi, moko fumei', (basically means ambiguous) are what these four words mean. There are a lot of people who know how to pronounce it,, but there are very few people who know how to write it in kanji. Well answered.'

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

'In kanji '合間妹子' '(aima)(imo-ko) '

Teacher's comment:

I get the feeling that at least you're trying to answer this question.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'Example: The three beauties Ono no Komachi, Ono no Imoko, and Aima Imoko[9] started on their journey as envoys.'

Teacher's comment:

Please do note that you included a male in that.

After our suspension ended, I felt rather thankful as I arrived at the school gate earlier than usual.

"Really, it feels like I haven't been at school for quite a long time..."

Including the time off for training camp, it's been about two weeks since I last stepped into school. That's longer than spring break. To be able to have a long break at this time, in a certain way, that's rather lucky—but no one will feel this way, right? Who asked the teachers to come up with so many assignments, not even allowing us any time to reflect?

"Ah, Akihisa-kun!"

The sound of small running footsteps reached my ears.

"Long time no see, how are you?"

"Himeji-san, it's been a while!"

Even though we were only shut off for a week, considering that I could have seen Himeji-san everyday, it felt like three autumns had passed. We really hadn't met for a long time.

"Truthfully, I have something I want to apologise to Akihisa-kun for."

"Eh? Isn't that too sudden? What's it about?"

If I was the one who was supposed to apologise, then I had nothing to say, but did Himeji-san do something that she really has to apologise for?

"It's the first day of training camp—I mistook you for the peeping tom!"


Himeji-san bowed down and lowered her head in apology.

"Eh, no matter whether you mistook me for a peeping tom, I still became one in the end..."

"Ah, it's not that, I don't mean that. Didn't I misunderstand you in the beginning? At that time, I actually doubted Akihisa-kun's innocence, I'm really sorry about that..."

As long as Muttsulini's our friend, it's not rare for the girls to treat us like perverts.

"Ah haha. We ended up peeping in the end, so it's a little weird for you to apologise to me."

"Is, is that so?"

But speaking of which, it's rather strange of you to be talking to me like usual when I'm a peeping tom. Ah, but if so, you won't be able to talk normally with all the boys from the second year.

"However, that..."

"Eh? What?"

"It's, it's really wanted to peep?"


Should I not have replied 'yeah'? I'm really a big idiot.

"AH! did I say it too fast—no no, I said it out without thinking too much..."

"I see...hehe."

Strange. She doesn't seem to be looking directly at me.

"Great, seems like Akihisa-kun still has an interest in girls."


I see, so it's better to be treated as a pervert than a homosexual, huh?

Seeing me in agony, Himeji-san seemed to smile happily. Mm, is she making fun of me? I have to respond in kind to her.

"I, I'm definitely interested! Especially...especially in Himeji-san!"


Himeji-san blushed till her face was all red. Seems like my response was rather good.

"Hahaha, just joking! This is revenge for making fun of me, Himeji-san..."



"I'm saying...if it's you, it's alright for you to peep..."

At this moment, my mind just went blank.


The unbelievable reply made me doubt my ears. Is it really alright to allow me to do this?

"It's alright for you to peep, but—"

"But, but what?"

"But—I have to be Akihisa-kun's wife first!"

Hold on a minute, what's with the development up till now!? What's the situation now!? Anyway, got to calm down first...right now, I have to think of a honeymoon destination. Would it be old-fashioned for me to chose the beach? It's better to go overseas for a honeymoon, huh? However, I'd have to request for a break from school.


The sudden gentle laugh made me lift my head, and the moment I lifted my head, I saw Himeji-san smiling happily as she blushed.

Eh? Don't tell me that what she said—was another joke?

I got fooled think that she would counter me like this, as expected of Himeji-san!

"Hahaha, Akihisa-kun, your face is all red now."

"Of, of course it is, isn't Himeji-san blushing because you're saying words that you're not used to?"

At this moment, we smiled at each other. This way of conversing really is rather refreshing.


Just as we were smiling at each other, there was a forceful and terrifying shout. Is that Minami?

"Hm, long time no see, Minami."

I turned towards where the voice came from, and as expected, Minami was running towards me with enthusiasm.

"Eh? Strange? What's going on?"

Her expression seemed rather serious. What's going on?

"What's wrong, Minami?"

Seeing Minami acting so strangely, Himeji-san was shocked as well.

"Aki, close your eyes."

"Eh? Oh, alright!"

The moment she arrived in front of me, Minami suddenly made this request.

Is she trying to punish me for peeping?

Can't be helped, I'll just take a punch from her.

I obediently closed my eyes, waiting for the incoming impact.

"...Sorry, Mizuki..."

"Eh? What are you saying, Minami..."

What's going on? She doesn't seem like she's going to hit me.

I timidly opened my eyes, and what appeared in front of me was Minami, who was blushing as her face closed in.


The moment I realised it, Minami's lips were already pressed onto mine...

BTS vol 03 249.jpg

Author's Notes[edit]

Thank you for picking up this book. I am the author in charge of writing this book, Inoue Kenji.

To be honest, I have never expected this foolish story to be written all the way to the 3rd volume. It is thanks to everyone's support and the courage the editing department gave me that this author is grateful for.

This time, I decided to switch things around and bring my thanks over to the front.

Haga-sensei, who's in charge of the illustration, the cover for the third volume is already my computer's desktop background! I am really sorry to bother you many times. KAGAYA-sama who is in charge of design and the new editor N-sama, I bothered you two quite a lot this time, and I am really sorry about it. And to the sempais who gave me advice and cared about me, I will remember you all in my heart; especially to Kaimatsu-sensei and Nomura-sensei, thank you for taking part in this novel.

And to all the readers, I am really grateful for you for your support and encouragement. I have read through the letters and postcards everyone sent me, and there were even readers who helped me create this character called Kinoshia Ieyasu! Every time I finish reading a reader's letter, I will be motivated. I will continue to work hard in the future!

Next, let me continue on with what happened after the events I spoke about in volume 2.

It was after I received the package that my mother sent me (pillowcase) while I was living alone.

Mom: "Hello, Kenji?"

Me:"Hm? Mom, what?"

Mom: "I want to send some documents to you, so I was thinking of sending some other stuff as well."

Me: "Ah, I see, thanks. If you want to, please send something edible."

Mom: "Really, you~ no matter how much you grow up, you really can't get away from your mother!"

Me: "Yeah, sorry to bother you."

After talking happily for a while, I hung up the phone.

I thought, so she's going to send another package over. If she's going to send bedsheets and toilet sheets, I may have to hold a family conference with my mother.

—After a few days, the package arrived.

Once I opened up the corrugated paper box, the first thing that appeared in front of me what the coffee-coloured envelope. These are the documents that mom mentioned, right? Opening it—so they are insurance related documents. Will send them over after I signed them!

And then, what appeared below—is the food I waited for so long.

Great, finally, something that I can eat! There is no problem with keeping the food, and there are no strange things about it. Also, mum did consider that I am a man who is living alone, so she sent over quite a lot of food.

All right, enough talk. What she sent this time are—

'Potatoes, 20kg'

Mom: "Hello?"

Me: "Ah, hello? Is it mum?"

Mom: "Yes, did you receive the package?"

Me: "I received this. At least it's something edible this, time. Thank you."

Mom: "No need no need to be so formal with me. Is it too much?"

Me: "Yeah, by 19kg."

Mom: "Ah, there's some packets of thin noodles packed inside. You must eat it."

Me: "So there's noodles inside. I haven't checked through the entire box since it was too big. Thank you, we'll talk next time."

Mom: "Okay okay, bye bye."

Because of that, I rummaged through the cardboard box and dug out other food. As expected, I found the noodles and other normal foodstuff like cans, pancakes and even oolong tea. It just so happened that I ran out of beverages, so it is great that she sent oolong tea over. I will gladly accept it!

I open the cover of the bottle—eh, strange? This oolong tea was opened? It feels weird...but I didn't think too much and took one huge gulp. What spread around my tongue—a super salty taste!

As I cleared up the fluid that inadvertently flowed out of my mouth, I checked the bottle of oolong tea. Looking closely, I found that mum wrote some black words on the bottle with a marker.

'Noodle sauce'

Mm~mum's so careful to even send sauce together with the noodles. To even notice this minor detail for me, that made me happy.

It is true that the place I am living at doesn't have any sauce, but the container used for this, isn't it inappropriate? If she was so careful to even send me sauce, shouldn't she have sent it over with a container that no one will make a mistake out of it?

The above is my summer memories of shedding tears due to my mother's love.

And next, a preview.

I was thinking about writing a short story the next time. Maybe there are some readers who are mindful about the story development, but I still want to put the short story as priority. Why is that so? The answer is—I actually wanted to write something involving swimsuits! On a side note, the publication date should be in winter (at the time of publication in Japan). Sense of seasons? What is that? Can it fill my stomach?

—That is the situation. What kind of swimsuits will those guys wear? Let us look forward to it!


  1. "Shouyuu" reads "soy sauce" in Japanese
  2. [Koshou] means pepper in Japanese. Also, [Koshou] is derived from [Shou], [ko] and no characters were used from Yuuji's name.
  3. A little brick joke that was mentioned in Me and Thugs and a Love Letter, where Minami protested to Akihisa that she was wearing grassy green underwear. The story was dated between volumes 1 and 2 (according to author's notes of volume 3.5)
  4. 'SEARCH & DEATH' was how it was actually given (In English, to boot)
  5. This game is about anything past and present, each person gives an answer. Each answer can't be reused, and the one who can't answer will lose.
  6. In Japanese Katakana, 'water strider' is written as amenbo (アメンボ).
  7. Another reference to a side story Me and Shouko and Kisaragi Highlands, where Hideyoshi had to throw his handphone into the water because Yuuji tried to call his phone. The story was dated between volume 2 and 3.
  8. One gross is 12 dozens (12*12), so basically, 144.
  9. Ono no Komachi [1]is a woman from the early Heian (794–1185) period, a famous beauty in Japan, hailed as one of the three great beauties of the world, the other two being Yang Guifei [2] from China's Tang Dynasty and Egypt's Queen Cleopatra VII [3]. Ono no Imoko [4] is a male politician from the Asuka (538–710 AD) period. According to records from Japan, he was deployed to China as an ambassador during the Sui Dynasty. (581-615 AD) Note that Ono no Komachi is Ono no Imoko's descendent.