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Translator's Notes[edit]

The First Question[edit]

  • [1] "Shouyuu" reads "soy sauce" in Japanese
  • [2] [Koshou] means pepper in Japanese. Also, [Koshou] is derived from [Shou], [ko] and no characters were used from Yuuji's name.

The Second Question[edit]

  • [1] A little brick joke that was mentioned in Me and Thugs and a Love Letter, where Minami protested to Akihisa that she was wearing grassy green underwear. The story was dated between volumes 1 and 2 (according to author's notes of volume 3.5)

The Third Question[edit]

  • [1] 'SEARCH & DEATH' was how it was actually given (In English, to boot)

The Fourth Question[edit]

  • [1] This game is about anything past and present, each person gives an answer. Each answer can't be reused, and the one who can't answer will lose.
  • [2] In Japanese Katakana, 'water strider' is written as amenbo (アメンボ).

The Fifth Question[edit]

  • [1] Another reference to a side story Me and Shouko and Kisaragi Highlands, where Hideyoshi had to throw his handphone into the water because Yuuji tried to call his phone. The story was dated between volume 2 and 3.

The Sixth Question[edit]

  • [1] One gross is 12 dozens (12*12), so basically, 144.

The Seventh Question[edit]

The Final Question[edit]

  • [1] Ono no Komachi [1]is a woman from the early Heian (794–1185) period, a famous beauty in Japan, hailed as one of the three great beauties of the world, the other two being Yang Guifei [2] from China's Tang Dynasty and Egypt's Queen Cleopatra VII [3]. Ono no Imoko [4] is a male politician from the Asuka (538–710 AD) period. According to records from Japan, he was deployed to China as an ambassador during the Sui Dynasty. (581-615 AD) Note that Ono no Komachi is Ono no Imoko's descendent.

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