Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume2 The Fourth Question

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The Fourth Question

Please answer the following question:

'Please state what PKO stands for and what it is.'

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

'Peace Keeping Operation. It's basically the member nations of the United Nations maintaining peacekeeping work on the orders of the United Nations.'

Teacher's remarks:

'Correct answer. Though its trivia, it's also called the United Nations Peacekeeping Operation. It's good to memorise it down when you have the time.'

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'Pantsu, koshi-tsuki, oppai. It's the international standard for measuring the 3 sizes by the lingerie manufacturers Association.'[1]

Teacher's comment:

BTS vol 02 109.jpg

What are you treating world peace as?

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

'Powell, Kanemoto, Okada.'[2]

Teacher's comment:

They are players that protect the peace of the Pacific League.

"I'm back...this, there aren't any customers around..."

Though we have brand new looking tables, there doesn't seem to be any customers inside the teahouse.

"Oh, you guys are back."

Because he has nothing to do, Hideyoshi, who's acting as a waitress, looks rather bored.

"We've won."

"That's good. Ah, have you seen Yuuji?"

"Hm, he said that he's going to the toilet."

Though he said that he's concerned about how the shop is doing, in reality, he's rather carefree about it.

"Come to think about it, Hideyoshi, what's going on? There's not even a single customer?"

"...Wu. I've been here all this while, but ever since that incident happened, there's not even a single customer."

Hideyoshi tilts his head and gives a puzzled look.

"In other words, something happened outside the classroom, right?"


Just as both of us are pondering on this—

"Onii-chan, I'm sorry."

"There's nothing to be sorry about, so don't mind it, pipsqueak."

"I'm not pipsqueak, my name is Hazuki."

The voices of Yuuji and a girl can be heard.

"Ah, hm, seems like it."

Eh, Hazuki...that voice, where have I heard it before...?

Ka-chang. The door of the classroom is opened, with Yuuji appearing outside. The person who's talking to him is small, so she's blocked by Yuuji.

"Oh, Sakamoto. Your sister?"

"So cute~eh. Do you want to go out with big brother five years later?"

"I want to go out with you now."

In an instant, the duo is surrounded by the stinking boys from our class. Maybe everyone's panicking because they have nothing to do.

"Ex, excuse me. Hazuki's looking for an onii-chan."

Seems like this girl is looking for someone, thus she would pair up with Yuuji. This Yuuji, though his mouth is vicious, he knows how to take care of others, huh...

"Onii-chan? What's his name?"

"Ah...I don't know..."

"Not your real brother? What special characteristics does he have?"

Even if he doesn't know the name of the person he's looking for, Yuuji still wants to help this kid look for the person. From this intimate act, I can feel his gentleness, maybe he likes children after all.

"Hm...he's an idiotic onii-chan!"

This characteristic is rather obvious.


From the gap between the crowd, I can see Yuuji turning his head around and trying to find the person.

"...But there are a lot of them here, you know?"

I can't deny that.

"Eh, it's not like this, it's..."

"Hm? Is there any other characteristics?"

"It's a really idiotic onii-chan!"

""It's Yoshii, right?""

So mean! I'm not crying here!

"How rude! I don't know that girl! You must have been mistak—"

"Ah! It's baka onii-chan!"

I was suddenly hugged by this little girl who rushed forward.

"...en, that's not a bad thing, eh..."

At most, everyone's been treating me like an idiot, to such an extent that even I'm beginning to feel the same way.

"Then, who are you? You should be an elementary school student, but I don't remember meeting someone of your age!"

I had to pull her away in order to better see her face.

"Eh? don't recognise me, you're too much..."

The little girl frowns. Ah, not good, did I make her cry?

"Baka onii-chan is really stupid! Hazuki wanted to find baka onii-chan, and went about asking 'do you know who baka onii-chan is'?, and came all the way here..."

What now, even I feel like crying at that!

"Akihisa—no, baka onii-chan is really stupid, I'm sorry."

"That's right. Stupid big baka, can you forgive him?"

There shouldn't be that many people who would be called idiots to this extent.

"But, but, baka onii-chan already promised to marry Hazuki—"



""KILL HIM!!!""



"Oh, it's Himeji and Shimada. Seems like you won."

Yuuji says calmly.

"Mizuki, pull the neck the other way, I'm going to twist his kneecap from the other way."

"Is, is this how you do it?"

Not good, I'm about to be killed.

"Wait a sec! I don't even remember what wedding agreement we have—"

"Uuu! You're too much! I've even given my first kiss to you—"

"Sakamoto, go get the chopper. Five of them should be enough."

"Yoshii-kun, you used this mouth to do such an evil thing?"

"Ebb vistaten (You're mistaken)! Eb be mebae (Let me explain)!"

Even gentle Himeji-san is going crazy! Though she'll be forced to transfer schools if there's a villain who caused violence on a girl, this is too much!

"Can't be helped. Well then, we'll stab you with two knives before listening to your explanation, so be patient."

"Eh, Minami. Even a chopper is enough to cause a fatal wound, no?"

I feel that Minami's not only lacking in the Japanese language ability.

"Ah, onee-chan. I came here to play!"

The girl stopped crying on seeing Minami.

Onee-chan...Hazuki...first kiss...

"Ahh! You're that doll girl!"

I remember! There was a girl who wanted to buy a present for her sister but didn't have enough money. I saw that she looks rather pitiful and helped her. I believe I gave her a large doll that time, right? After that, I was designated as a punishment inspector, and then all sorts of weird things happened, so I completely forgotten about her.

"I'm not the doll girl, I'm Hazuki!"

The girl balloons her cheeks angrily.

"Oh yeah, your name's Hazuki. Long time no see, how are you?"

"I'm fine!"

"Hmm, that's great. Come to think of it, you can find my school, huh?"

"Because onii-chan is wearing this school's uniform."

Hazuki starts to tug at my uniform the moment she finished saying that.

"Eh, Hazuki and Aki know each other?" [3]

Seeing this situation, Minami tilts her head and gives a puzzled expression.

"Mn, just last year. Does Minami know Hazuki as well?"

"Not just know, we're very familiar with each other. She's my sister."


I stare at Hazuki's face. Now that she mentioned it, they do look similar. Extremely energetic, and those eyes that show their strong will to win.

"Yoshii-kun is so did you know about Minami's family members? I haven't even met her parents before...don't tell me you've become her 'brother-in-law'..."

What on earth is Himeji-san saying? I do feel that she is occasionally ditzy recently. Must be the environment of the classroom.

"Ah! It's that beautiful onee-san! Thanks for your doll!"

Hazuki bows down and says. Such a polite child, unlike the principal.

"How are you, Hazuki? Do you like it?"

"I do! I sleep with it everyday!"

Doll? Everyday? What kind of doll did Himeji-san give Hazuki? She's Minami's sister, and Himeji-san would go to Minami's house, which means they would know each other.

"That's great~ you like it."

After saying this, Himeji reveals a happy smile. Why do I feel that there are many people around me that like children? Though I don't hate them, I don't know how to interact with them, so I'm rather envious when I see this situation.

"Oh yeah, how did we get so few customers?"

Yuuji surveys the classroom and says. Come to think of it, I was thinking the same thing. It's because of Hazuki that I forgot about it.

"Hazuki heard a lot of things as she came here."

"Eh? What things?"

Yuuji squats down to match Hazuki's height.

"Mm, like how the Chinese Teahouse is so dirty and how they shouldn't go there."

Hazuki's words made me groan.

The area below the table was rather dirty alright, but we should have settled it. Even so, the negative remarks continue to circulate. Why would they spread out to this extent?

"Wu...those guys that were interfering with our business before. I should have pulled them out and beat them to a pulp."

Putting his hand next to his mouth, Yuuji confident makes this conclusion.

"Those guys—are you talking about the Toko-Natsu group? How is it possible? Are they really that free?"

No matter what, that senpai was hit with a suplex. I really don't think that they'll dare to do such a disadvantageous thing to us.

"Well, who knows? We have to check the situation out."

"That's right, at least we have to see how far the rumours have spread."

Even young Hazuki has heard about this. Maybe the rumours have spread to such a large extent.

"Onii-chan, go out and play with Hazuki."

Hazuki holds tightly onto my hand. This is bad, if today were just an ordinary day where I can just focus on playing in the school festival, I can go out and play with her.

"Sorry Hazuki, onii-chan has to make the teahouse succeed no matter what, so I don't have enough time to play with you."

I say this as I pat on Hazuki's head.

"Humph~ Hazuki specially came here to find you~~"

Hazuki balloons her cheeks unhappily.

But the teahouse is extremely important to whether Himeji-san will stay. I hope to do my best and not leave any regret.

"Then let's just bring the pipsqueak along. We have to check the other classes that are selling food as well."

Yuuji quips. He's right, checking out the situation is a basic strategy.

"Hm~ really. Then let's go for lunch, 'kay?"


Hazuki's ballooned expression immediately becomes a smile. She really has a lot of interesting expressions. This so-called innocence refers to this kind of children!

"Then Hazuki, onee-chan will go with you."

Minami's tone is completely different from usual. To her sister, Minami should be a gentle sister.

"Wu, then Himeji should go with Yuuji. You all have to go for the summoning tournament, so it's best if you guys hurry up and settle this."

"Really? Sorry to bother you, Hideyoshi."

"Can we? Thank you very much, Kinoshita-san."

Just like that, Yuuji and Himeji-san joined our ranks. To move about in this crowded school festival, 5 members aren't very little.

"Then pipsqueak, where did you hear these words? Can you tell me?"

"'s a shop where a lot of pretty onee-chans are wearing short skirts—"

"What did you say!? Yuuji, we got to go!"

"Yosh, Akihisa! For the success of our class, we have to start with our thorough investigation!"

Hearing this, we both rushed forward.

The teahouse is an important thing to prevent Himeji-san from transferring schools. I hope to do my best and not leave any regrets behind.

"Aki is the worst."

"Yoshii-kun is so mean..."

"Onii-chan is so stupid!"

Ignoring the abusive comments behind me, my heart begin to race.

"Akihisa, we better give up on this place."

"What are you saying now? We came all the way here already! Hurry up and go in!"


The source came from within our mortal enemy, A class, the existence known as <Maid café 'Please let me call you master!'>; the signboard appearing in front of us.

"Oh I see, so this class has that Kirishima-san that Sakamoto likes so much."

"Sakamoto, you can't run away from a girl, you know?"

Just as Yuuji is trying his best to protest in the most ridiculous way, 3 girls came up from behind.

"Yuuji, we're here for investigations. It's not for personal interests—"

".........! (Snip snip snip!)"

I look around to see a male pressing the shutter of the camera very quickly.


"......You got the wrong person."

The one in charge of the kitchen is holding the camera with one hand, his other hand making a sign to deny the claims.

"You're Tsuchiya no matter how I see it. What are you doing here?"

"...Spying on the enemy."

Coming here to spy on the enemy seems to mean that he's taking photos of girls from a low angle.

"Muttsuriini. You can't do this. If you're to do anything like taking photos of girls without them knowing, aren't those girls—"

"...One for 100 yen."

"I want two dozen—extremely pitiful?"

"Aki, you just ordered it so naturally."

GYA! When!?

"......It's time for my duty, I'll be going back."

Muttsuriini hands the photos over to me before moving back to the classroom. To think that he even printed the photos, such an enigmatic man,

"Really. This Muttsuriini is really a headache."

I coughs as I casually stuffs the photos into my pocket.

"Yoshii-kun, what do you intend to do with those photos?"

Ah, I was seen through.

"Ya, so irritating~ of course I would destroy them! Forget about them, let's go inside! I'm so hungry."

Though I wasn't really hungry, I pressed against my stomach, trying to act as if I'm really hungry.

"Ahh, you're right. Let's go in."

Himeji-san really is a good girl, to actually believe in such lousy acting.

"Mmmm, got to spy on the competition—they're guys' legs? This scumball!"

"You're looking at the photos alright!"

"Ah, I'm sorbet! I'm sorbet! Sob puzzling bi mouth!"

My face is being pulled hard, and Hazuki, who's beside me, is pinching my thigh with all her strength.

"Then I'll go in first. Excuse me—"

Minami is the first one to pass through the door.

"...Welcome back, Mistress."

The one coming over to invite us is the beautiful and intellectual maid with such a cold aura—Kirishima Shouko-san.

"Wa, so pretty..."

Himeji-san inadvertently lets out a sigh. Kirishima-san is truly beautiful.

The long black hair and white apron complement each other, and the black stockings make her beautiful thighs even more appealing. This is beauty that even those of the same gender has to admit. Damn it, I really hate that Yuuji from the bottom of my heart!!

"Then excuse us."

"Sorry, we're coming in."

"Onee-chan's so pretty!"

Himeji-san brings Hazuki along inside. At this moment, like how Minami was invited—

"...Welcome back, master and mistress."

—Kirishima-san invited us in.


Yuuji finally enters the shop unwillingly. Indeed, Kirishima-san used the same method to—

"...Welcome back. I won't let you go home tonight, darling."

—welcome us.

"Kirishima-san is so daring..."

"I really got to look up to her..."

"Doesn't that onee-chan want to sleep and play with us?"

3 girls, 3 different reactions. Though I wonder what Minami meant when she said 'look up to'.

"Please let me guide everyone along."

We followed Kirishima-san to the back of the shop.

"Eh, onii-chan. There are so many customers here~~"

Hazuki tugs at my sleeve several times.

Like what Hazuki said, A class' spacious classroom is fully occupied by customers. Though I feel that the males will go to a maid café, surprisingly, there are some females as well.

"Then now, this is the menu."

Kirishima-san gives this deluxe menu to us. This is terrifying, seems like even the best class has to do everything perfectly.

"I want the 'Fluffy chiffon cake'."

"Ah, then I'll take that as well."

"Hazuki too!"

All three girls feel the same as they ordered the chiffon cake.

"I want 'water'. It'll be great if you can add a bit of salt in it."

"Then, I'll have—"

"...Repeating your orders."

Kirishima-san sounds like she wants to interrupt.

"...three 'fluffy chiffon cake', one glass of 'water' and a 'maid wedding application form'. Is that all?"

BTS vol 02 127.jpg

"AS IF!!!"

Yuuji roars in shock. The way this kid is being messed with is really weird. I'll just sit back here and watch him get messed up.

"...Then I'll prepare the cutlery."

Kirishima-san placed a fork in front of the girls, salt in front of me, a seal and a red inkpad in front of Yuuji.

"Sho, Shouko! That's my house's seal, right!? How did you get your hands on it!?"

"...Then please imagine your newly-wed life with a maid as you wait."

Kirishima-san bows before heading back to the kitchen.

"...Akihisa. I got to win the Summoning Tournament no matter what...!"

"Ah, yes, same thing for me."

I can see the determination from Yuuji's eyes. Though I'm pleased with his motivation, it's still very scary.

"Then Hazuki, this is the place you talked about, right?"

"Nn. Over here, there are two irritating onii-sans shouting about!"

Hazuki nods enthusiastically.

Two irritating boys. Which means they're obviously,

"Welcome back, masters."

"Oh, two people. Are there any seats near the middle?"

At this moment, we can hear the voices of the new customers. It felt like we've heard of that low class sound before.

"Ah, it's them. Those guys said that 'the teahouse is so dirty'!"

The owner of the voices belong to the Toko-Natsu group that was preventing us from doing our work. If their words were heard here, were they coming and going about?




In the middle of this crowded teahouse, to shout this extremely loud. No wonder our bad reputation would spread when they're doing this sort of thing!

"Wait, Akihisa!"

Just as I was about to go and beat them up, Yuuji stopped me.

"Yuuji, why are you stopping me? If you don't stop those guys...!"

"Calm down. The bad reputation will only spread if we beat them up here."

Yuuji glares at those guys sharply.

It's true that if we beat them up in a place with so many people, other people will get the impression that F class is a gathering spot of all the juvenile delinquents. Not only would the business of our teahouse be affected, if this is to reach Himeji-san father's ears, Himeji-san would definitely be transferring schools.

"But if we're going to bite our fingernails here and..."

Even at this moment, the rumours continue to spread around. Even though we knew, we can't do anything about it. This is frustrating!

"No, if we're going to do this, we need to use our brains—oi, Shouko!"


Kirishima-san appeared instantly the moment she was called. Don't tell me that she's been near Yuuji all this while, that's why she was so fast...

"Is this the first time that those guys are here?"

Yuuji points his chin at the pair. At this moment, Kirishima-san nods her head slightly.

"...They went out and came back in again. What they have been saying is almost the same. They're saying the same thing."

Kirishima-san's neat face is slightly distorted. Seems like they are also unwanted customers to her.

"Really...okay. Anyway, lend me a maid uniform."

Yuuji asks a problematic question without any awkward look on his face. This guy, doesn't he have any hesitation or shame?

"...I understand."

This is also a reply without any hesitation. Seems like they'll make a good couple—eh, wait!

"Ki, Kirishima-san!? You can't start stripping yourself here!"

"Yeah, there are a lot of beasts here!"

"Wa~. Onee-san's breasts are so huge~"

Himeji-san and Minami frantically stopped Kirishima-san, who's removing her maid outfit in this occasion. That was dangerous—or I should say this, but for some reason, I felt that it's a shame.

"...Because Yuuji said that he wanted it."

Kirishima-san, who was stopped, gives an incredulous expression. This person would do anything as long as it's Yuuji's request? She's truly a dangerous person.

"Sin, since when did say that I want to wear your maid outfit!? I mean I want a spare outfit!"

Yuuji turns his blushing face to aside. Though Kirishima-san is dangerous, since Yuuji is like this, I believe he won't do anything bad to her. What a relief.

"...I'll go and get it now."

Kirishima-san arranges her clothes neatly before leaving.

We subconsciously realised that our table has become the focus of everyone. Now it's harder for us to punish the Toko-Natsu group.




Damn it! Why must they say such words? I feel like beating them up right now!

"Yuuji! How are we going to handle those guys?"

"Okay, just wait a while. Himeji, Shimada, do you have a comb?"

"? We do have it..."

"Lend me that for a while. Also, I'll like to borrow any other items that are used for grooming."


Himeji-san pulls out a little bag from her blouse pocket. As expected of a girl of her age.

"Sorry. I'll return it to you later."

Yuuji receives the little bag. Though for his hair length, I don't think he needs a comb.

"...Yuuji, here."

At this moment, Kirishima-san brings a maid outfit here.

"Oh, sorry for that."

"...You owe me a favour."

"Ah, that's that. Akihisa."

"I got it. For next time, you can use Yuuji for a day."

"...Thank you, Yoshii-kun is a good man."


No matter how Yuuji tries to explain it, it's all for naught. Kirishima-san looks absolutely delighted as she leaves us.

"Then, what are we going to do with that?"

The maid outfit beside us can't be used as a weapon no matter how I think.

"...Wear it."

Yuuji glares at me with hatred. He had to listen to all her commands because we lost the summoning battle. Such a spineless man.

"Just like that, Himeji-san."

"Eh? I, I'm wearing it?"

Himeji-san widens her eyes. I do feel that it's suitable for her.

"Stop saying silly things. Himeji-san won't be able to attack even if she's to wear it, right?"

"Then, Minami? But then it would be too loose around the chest area------ ACKKK!"


What a scary killing aura.

"Not Minami either. If we do that, they would see through it."

"...Is it?"

Since it's not Himeji-san or Minami, and Hazuki is too small and can't wear it. So then, the only one left is...

"You're the one who's going to wear it."


It's me! Though it's possible that my identity won't be exposed if I wear it...!

"Can't Yuuji just wear it? You can still wear it if you force it in a bit!"

"Oh my, such a stubborn person. How about we go somewhere and do janken?"

It's here, Yuuji's proposal. I have been tricked by him for who knows how many times.

Even so, it's pointless to refuse it. I've seen through his thinking. Anyway, the most important thing is to make him wear that maid outfit.

"Alright, I'll accept that."

"Then here we go, jan-ken—"

"Pon (Paper)."

I chose paper, Yuuji chose scissors. I lost.


Yuuji stretches his index finger out and stabs it over at me.

This trick is—That! The secret technique whereby if I shift my face away to avoid his finger, he would point his finger in that direction so as to determine the winner!

"I won't fall for it!"

Not looking away, I continue to stare at Yuuji's fingertip. I won't lose!

"It's there—"


Ah, such an irritating sound.


I cover my eyes and tilted back. Normally, won't the finger stop in front of the eyes!?

"Ha!...Oh. It's my win."

Hearing Yuuji declare his victory, I open my teary eyes, Yuuji's pointing in the direction where I'm looking.

"Then, Yoshii-kun, are you alright?"

Himeji-san hands me a handkerchief. Ah, such a sweet smell...

"Ah, hahaha......but there'll definitely be no problem."

"You're right. Of course this won't count when you use such a dastardly tri—"

"I feel that Yoshii-kun would look cute in it!"

That's not the problem, I thought.

"I, I have never been this ashamed before...!"

"Akihisa, you're unexpectedly suited to wear this."

Hideyoshi, who came here after being called by Yuuji, only spent a few minutes to help me change and put on makeup in the male toilet. Really impressive, but I'm not thankful in the slightest.

"Then, I'll be going back to the teahouse. Beat those thugs up."

"Nn, got it."

After separating from Hideyoshi, I re-enter class 2-A. What the heck, I feel that a lot of people are looking at me.



Those guys are still saying such things. They're just finding places to nitpick. For me, since I'm betting on the teahouse for my classmate's fate, this is unforgivable.

"Excuse me."

I silently move away as I try to sound like an attendant. Those guys, I'll beat them good.

"What?—Ah, to think that there's this kind of girl around."

"Looks rather cute."

They surround me, looking like they want to lick me up. It feels gross!!

"Excuse me, guests, as I have to sweep that place, can you please stand up?"

"Sweep? Hurry up and settle it, ok?"

Both of them stood up from their positions.

"Thanks. Then we'll—"

"Hm? Why are you hugging my waist? Don't tell me you like me?"

"Go to hell!"


The suplex was successful. This is the second time that baldy-sempai got hit on the head today.

"You, you're Akihisa from F class...! To think that you have a habit of changing into drag—"

Cheh! He's still alive! No choice, got to ask for backup.

"This, this guy, HE TOUCHED MY BREASTS!!"

"Wait a sec! I only touched it because you did a suplex on me, and you're a gu—GYYAAHH!!"

"To do such a perverted act in broad daylight, such a shameless guy!"

Yuuji is now using the purpose of chasing away perverts as an excuse to step in.

"What did you see? It's obvious that we're the victims!?"

Taking over the baldy-sempai on the floor, the Mohawk-sempai stops Yuuji.

"Shut up! Right now, that guy touched that attendant's breasts, right!? I'M NOT BLIND!!"

No, actually, I do think that you're blind.

"Attendant, I'll leave that guy on the floor to you."

"Eh? Ah, okay. I got it."

Come to think of it, I'm an attendant now.

Hm~. This baldy, what should I do with him? I'll just put the bra that Hideyoshi stuffed in onto his head, and maybe put some instant glue on him.

"Then, to investigate your perverted behaviour, can you come along with us?"

Yuuji snaps his finger as he approaches the mohwak-sempai. He says that he's taking them, but why does it sound so irritating? He probably intends to interrogate them in the classroom.

"Cheh! Let's go, Natsukawa!"

Seeing this situation, the Mohawk-sempai decides to leave.


The baldy-sempai rushes outside with the bra still stuck on his head.

"STOP RIGHT THERE! Let's chase them, Miss Aki."

"Got it! But please don't call me that!"

Yuuji and I dash to the corridor to pursue after them.

"Come to think of it, Yuuji, how do we settle the bill here?"

"We didn't order anyway! Leave it to Himeji and the rest!!"

Since Yuuji said this, I'll leave it as it is.

"...For your bill, which one will it be, Natsume Souseki[4] or Sakamoto Yuuji?"

"A Sakamoto Yuuji."

"...Thank you for your patronage."

Is this really okay? You just lost 1000 yen.

"Akihisa! Those guys just ran up to the 4th level!"

Yuuji shouts in the midst of the crowded corridor.

"Sorry! Please use Miss Aki! The surrounding stares are killing me!"

I just have to hope that I don't meet anyone that I know.

"Got it! Akihisa Yoshii—correction, Miss meido Aki!"

"You bastard! You did that on purpose!"

I continue to climb the stairs while mindful to keep my light skirt from flipping. The classrooms in the 4th level should be all third years. We'll be kicked out if we get caught do anything, thus, we have to be careful.

Yuuji rushes into a nearby classroom. The entrance of the 3-A class, which is covered by a black curtain, has a signboard 'Ghost House Maze' on it.

"Welcome. Two people?"

"No, four. The people behind will pay it for us."

Nice. You passed the tab to the people behind without any hesitation.

"Okay, then please enjoy the terrifying world."

The senior who is acting as the administrator opens the door without any hesitation. Yuuji and I hurriedly rush in to avoid the lie from being exposed.

"Yuuji, it's dark here. If we move carelessly..."

"Yeah. We don't know what kind of traps those guys set up."

We continue to walk on this narrow road that's made of corrugated cardboard. As for light, there's only a small lamp placed beside our foot. Forget about catching them, it's even likely that we'll get ambushed by them.

"Careful, the fake maid with crossdressing habits."

BTS vol 02 141.jpg

"Mn, mn. If we're not careful, if we're not careful, if we're not careful..."

We notice the atmosphere around us as we continue to move forward.

Damn it. Because of the skirt, I have difficulty moving around. Should I lift it up and tie it around my waist?

"If we're not careful—"


At this moment, something appears in front of us. That's a demon that we've never seen before. Wearing male uniform, bald, medium-built—and wearing a bra on top.


"Both of you are."

So rude. I'm only wearing a maid outfit because of the situation. I hope I'm not being associated with someone who's happy to have a bra on top of his head.

"To think that they chased us all the way here, just irritating people!"

Baldy-sempai runs even further in. Seems like there's no ambush; he just so happened to meet us.



I protest violently to Yuuji who's grabbing onto my neck randomly. This should be the 4th level. I do normally feel that if I don't get a sprain, at least it'll be over.


Mohawk-sempai's voice came from nowhere. Damn it! If we can't move...

"Cheh! Dodge it! Miss Aki!"

"Looks like we can only do this!"

Giving up on chasing after them, we start to run back to the entrance.

"...Oh my? The wall didn't fall down."

"Did you bluff us!? That mohawk guy...!"

We can no longer see that baldy-sempai. Looks like we can't catch them.

"Yuuji, the third battle is about to start."

BTS vol 02 143.jpg

"What? At this time?... No choice then. Though a pity, let's retreat."

With events happening one after another, we can't focus on the summoning tournament. Such troublesome folks.

"Really, we nearly forfeited our place because of them."

Now that we don't have to worry about being locked in, we walk towards the entrance.

"...AH! The customers who didn't pay as they went in!"

"Run, Miss Aki!'

"AH~~Really! Why does this sort of thing always happen?"

Instead of walking, we might as well run back to the class.


  1. In Japanese, pantsu is panties, kosi-tsuki is the waist, oppai means breasts.
  2. These three were all players of the Kanshin Tigers, a baseball team in Japan. Right now, only Kanemoto is still active among them.
  3. For those feeling all confused, Shimada Hazuki first chronologically appeared in the story Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju ~Preparation Chapter~, when Akihisa and company are all first-years.
  4. Natsume Sōseki was a Japanese novelist, with notable works like Kokoro and Botchan. The reason why Shouko said his name was because his face appeared on the 1000 yen note from 1998 to 2004, so basically, Shouko is charging them 1000 yen. For more information [1]