Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume12 The Tenth Question

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“…I’m sorry, Yuuji.”

“What’s the matter, Shouko? Why are you apologizing?”

“…Because I never trusted you, Yuuji.”

“Don’t worry too much over that small thing.”


“Don’t apologize, okay? I’m wrong for remaining silent up till now.”


“Right, then forget everything about it.”

“…Yes, I’ll forget everything, so—”


“…So, how did you intend to confess your feelings to me in the first place, Yuuji? Tell me about it some day.”


“…It’s alright. I’ll always believe and wait for you.”

“No no no! Even if you wait—s"

“…Didn’t you say you’ll tell me after winning this summoning war?”


“So, since I love you most, Yuuji, you have to come back with a win, okay?”

“……Isn’t that line from you too despicable, Shouko?”


“You want me to speak up with such little coercion?”


“I’m really being looked down upon.”


“………I’ll tell you again when I feel like it next time.”

“…I’ll always be waiting for you.”

The Tenth Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

“Magnesium was used to create a cooking pot that is able to withstand heat and weighs lighter, but there is a problem when cooking. What is the problem here? Also, state an alloy that can replace magnesium.”

Kirishima Shouko’s Answer:

“Problem: Magnesium reacts violently with oxygen once it meets fire, and causes a hazard.

Alloy: Stainless Steel”

Teacher’s Comment:

Correct Answer. Stainless steel is an alloy that includes nickel and chromium.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s Answer:

“Problem: There is no stove burner available.”

Teacher’s Comment.

Can you not add a fire to it, even if it is a bonfire or something?

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:

“Alloy: Alloy in the near future(super resistant to heat)”

Teacher’s Comment:

You are sorely mistaken if you think adding the words near future can add some realism here.

BTS vol 01 017.jpg


“Woahh!? That’s dangerous!”

I use all my strength to execute a “Chopping Right”[1], only to miss. Tch! That bastard’s instincts are as good as ever!

Once we safely meet up with Kirishima-san, we first return to the old school campus to ensure our safety, give up on some of the battlefield, and scale down on the battles. Soon after things have calmed down, the school bell chimes, and the first day of our summoning war against the 3rd year ends.

In other words, it’s after school now…there’s no problem if I get rid of Yuuji now!

“Let’s go, Muttsurini.”

“…No problems.”

Having said that, Yuuji only has two hands, and if Muttsurini and I attack, he can’t possibly hang on for long.

But right before Muttsurini and I get ready to attack Yuuji, Goodness me, Hideyoshi mutters as he stands up and stops us.

“I can’t say that I don’t understand how you feel, but you two should stop.”

“Eh? Why’re you stopping us, Hideyoshi?”

“…??? (Blinks)”

“Why are you guys looking at me with such innocent looks and confused expressions…?”

Because it’s just that Yuuji chatting away with that Kirishima-san. There’s no way we can leave him alone without ○○ and ×× him, you know?

“You guys…you started the flames already, but aren’t you being too sincere there?”

Yuuji recovers his posture as he says blankly.

It’s true that we’re the ones who told Yuuji to express his feelings to Kirishima-san.


“I never said that you’re allowed to have such happiness, Yuuji”

“What do you want me to say then?”

As for what to say, I can only answer this way.

“After you confess to Kirishima-san and calm her down, get rejected.”

“I’ll be really embarrassed if that really happens…”

I do think that is an appropriate situation for Yuuji.

“Seriously. I still have to plan the strategy for tomorrow, so don’t distract me now.”

Yuuji turned and summarizes the current fighting strength on the notebook. Well…since he says so, I shouldn’t get in his way.

As Yuuji and I trade jabs at each other, the girls are standing around without us knowing, looking embarrassed.

“Erm…Sakamoto, sorry about that. We just said what we wanted without knowing what you’re thinking.”

“We’re really sorry, Sakamoto-kun.”

Minami and Himeji-san lower their heads.

“Sorry about that, Sakamoto.”

“We’re sorry about that, Sakamoto. We were too harsh.”

Kudou-san put her hands together, looking really sorry, while Kinoshita-san looks away slightly as she apologizes.

“That sort of little thing doesn’t matter. I don’t mind at all.”

In response to this apology, Yuuji merely waves his hand with annoyance.

“Besides, forget everything that happened if you feel bad about this. I’ll be really grateful about that.”

“““That’s impossible (you know)!”””

“You guys…”

But of course. Nobody can forget about such a shocking incident even if they want to.

“Your relationship will improve further before we forget about it, no?”

“Of course~ Prez looks the same as she usually does, no?”

“Yeah. And we have no reason to stop you two anyway.”

“That’s right. After that…”

“Please don’t look at me with those eyes, alright?”

That’s true. It goes without saying for Kirishima-san, but once she understands that Yuuji doesn’t hate her, there’s only one outcome left for those two.

“Is that so…Yuuji, you’re going to get married after this (summoning) war…?”

“Oi, stop it. Isn’t that a death flag normally seen in movies or something?”

This is the kind of touching ending, to die after passing on his feelings to his lover.

Kirishima-san listens in on us, and doesn’t look very confident as she speaks to Yuuji hesitantly.

“…Erm, Yuuji, do you want to go out to the City Hall together after this…?”

“No way!”

It seems Kirishima-san wants to use the marriage request certificate she kept for a while.

“…So it’s no good, after all…?’

“Of course not. I still have things to do after this. I can’t possibly go with you.”


After hearing these words from Yuuji, Kirishima-san lowers her eyes, looking very gloomy.

And so,

“…That’s…right. I didn’t trust Yuuji, I did something so stubborn. I can’t go out with Yuuji…”


It seems Kirishima-san feels very guilty over doubting Yuuji just now as her voice sounds less lively than usual.

And Yuuji probably feels this way too, maybe? He scratches his head, and follows up,

“Goodness. I don’t mean that! I’m just saying that I’m not going to the City Hall with you, alright!?”

Kirishima-san hears this, lifts her head to glance at Yuuji, and asks,

“…That means ‘going out’ is okay?”


What a beautiful counter.

Yuuji’s unable to say anything for the time being, and grabs my shoulder while seemingly trying to escape from Kirishima-san’s stare.

“O-Oh, Akihisa! Now’s the time to go to your house to revise Japanese history, right? We have to hurry back and revise!”

“I’m fine, Yuuji! I can work hard on my own, you know?”

“What? No need to be so thoughtful! Your points are indispensable for our turnaround from now on!”

It’s not too much to say that Yuuji’s being very deliberate with how fast he changed the subject, but to be honest, it’s really cruel for Yuuji to confess in front of everyone at this point.

On a side note, while what Yuuji said to change the topic just now may seem to be for show, but it is the truth. He’s been helping me revise my Japanese history after our war against A class was interrupted.

“…I understand. In this case, I’ll endure.”

Kirishima-san readily answers, to my surprise, and I can’t help but ask,

“Eh? Kirishima-san? You sure?”

The one wish Kirishima-san has been hoping for finally happens after 10 years. It’s okay to enjoy a little bit at this moment, right?

“…It’s alright. I caused a lot of trouble during the summoning war. It’s to be expected for me to endure.”

“Hm…I guess it’s fine if Kirishima-san says so…”

It’s already after school. There’s no need to be so worried about it.

“…And I’ve decided not to be anxious.”

“? Not to be anxious?”


Kirishima-san nods her head slightly.

“…Because I believe in Yuuji.”

She smiles as she says that, looking a little shy.


“It hurts! What are you doing, Akihisa!?”


“Muttsurini too!?”

“That’s the happiness tax.”

This kick alone isn’t enough to pay for it, but I’ll leave it as it is for today based on Kirishima-san’s smile.

“Speaking of which, what ideas do you have for the most important summoning war, Sakamoto-kun?”

The serious Kinoshita-san changes the topic and asks Yuuji this.

Since Kirishima-san says that she’ll endure this for now, I better stop teasing Yuuji and focus on the summoning war.

“Of course.”

Yuuji immediately answers Kinoshita-san’s questions.

“It might be a little too much coming from me when I haven’t come up with any ideas…but is it really alright?”

“…We lost a lot of forces.”

Kudou-san and Kirishima-san look uneasy as they give bleak looks, but Yuuji answers them, seemingly wanting to put their anxieties to rest.

“No problems at all, right?”

“Well, if Yuuji says so, it means there’s no problem, right?”

“Think about our situation last time, the difference in battle strengths was a lot worse when we were fighting against you A class.”

“…Same as usual.”

“Yeah. I think the real battle starts here.”

“We won’t lose if it’s just like that.”

We’re F class, we’re already used to such overwhelming odds. I even think that we can’t fight at our true strength because we started at the same line as our enemy.

“That’s how it is. Are you a little more relieved now?”

Yuuji says as he gives a look.

“How do I put it? You guys are really amazing in some ways.”

“You’re more lively when you’re at a disadvantage~”

“…How reliable.”

A class starts laughing, seemingly amused by this.

“Then, we’ll follow Sakamoto-kun’s instructions.”

“Right. Just tell us what you need.”

BTS vol 08 229.jpg

“…I’ll do my best.”

We wasted quite some time, but this is where Yuuji’s actual ability comes in. We won’t be toyed with by the 3rd years, and it’s time to counter.

“Watch me now. I’ll rip those bastards good!”

And with this line from Yuuji, the first day of the summoning war against the 3rd year ends here.


  1. A boxing move typically used by taller fighters; for some reason, Akihisa, who's shorter than Yuuji, is using this. Also the signature KO move of Mashiba Ryou from 'Hajime no Ippo'