Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume10.5 Me and Yuuji and the Dangerous Black Magic

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Me and Yuuji and the Dangerous Black Magic[edit]

Me and Yuuji and the Dangerous Black Magic

It was a very ordinary day, a rare time after school where we didn’t have any remedials or detention.

Hideyoshi’s taking part in club activities, Muttsurini’s in some mysterious activity, so Yuuji and I are playing games at my house.

“You bastard! Watch this! So much for your petty tricks there, Akihisa!”

“What about you! You’re just Yuuji! Stop oinking!”

I changed my clothes once I got home, and Yuuji was still wearing his uniform as we’re holding the controllers in the living room. Our characters are running around on the screen in response to the controls.

“Die, Akihisa! Sure kill! ‘Total Annihilation 4 iron’!”

“I won’t let you! I have my ‘Total Defense Caddie’!”

Yuuji’s character swung the 4-iron, hitting the caddie I used as a shield.

“Let’s go, 4-iron! Send that caddie flying with Akihisa…!”

“Hang on, caddie-san…! I believe your face block will not lose to a 4-iron…!”

Yuuji and I continued to mash the buttons. On the screen, the 4-iron that was curled up slammed into the face of the caddie, and we’re fighting over who’s able to mash better in this battle of strength. This was such a surreal scene.


The screen showed that I managed to defend successfully. Great!

“Fufufu, you idiot! I can KO an opponent that lost a club!”

My character grabs the golf putter and attacks the enemy, and the thin stick that was meant to hit the ball lightly is swinging wildly onto the enemy violently.

“DAMN IIIIITTTT!!! DON’T LOSE! STAND UP! STAND UUUUPPPPP!!!” (※Note: this is a golf game)

Yuuji’s voice were of no effect as his character in the screen could only lie limp on the ground.

‘KO. Player 1 wins!’

“Alright! I win, Yuuji!”

“Damn it! I lost!”

“Haha! One big victory for me!”

“You’re really strong at games, you bastard!”

“Ahaha! It’s really great to hear the cries of the losers!”

I got overly excited because I won.

But it’s a joyous occasion whenever I beat Yuuji! How satisfying it is!

As he saw me laugh happily, Yuuji says to me,

“Ah…speaking of which, Akihisa.”

“Hahahaha! Hahahahaha!”

I continue to laugh hard as I ignored him.

“…Is this game really meaningful…?”

“Hahaha! Hahaha—uaa—!”

I bought this game while keeping it a secret from my sister, and it emptied my savings and also brought painful memories to me.

“Don’t feel so disappointed there, Akihisa. This kind of thing does happen once in a while.”

“Uu…it was hard to raise funds to buy this while hiding it from nee-san…”

Anyway, I switched off the game console first. I never thought that ‘De Golf game for everyone’ was a ‘Death golf game for everyone’…I should have had some suspicions when I saw the label on it that said ‘A brand new golf game where Knockout is the objective!’ in the first place…

“Isn’t it your own freedom to secretly save up money and spend it on games to satisfy yourself?”

“If only I can get grades that are as good as others.”

“Looks like you’ll be buying them secretly in the future for the rest of your life.”

“Isn’t that too much of an exaggeration…haa…”

I let out a sigh and landed on the sofa. As I landed, something hard was pressed on my back as I heard a thud.

“Hm? What’s this?”

I stand up from the sofa and pick that thing up with my hands. It looks like it’s a bag with a book inside, so I look inside the bag to see what kind of book is inside.

“Ah, my bad. It’s mine.”

Yuuji says as he sits down on the carpet. I see, so it belongs to Yuuji.

“What kind of book did you buy?”

“Ah, it’s not mine. I confiscated it from Shouko.”


“She was acting rather suspiciously in the morning. I felt that my life was in danger, so I confiscated it.”

“Isn’t it an exaggeration to say that your life is in danger ?”

I say that as I look inside the bag

“Make it happen. Real Black Magic.”

It sure does feel a little horrifying, a step up compared to the beginner course we saw before.

“…What in the world is Kirishima-san planning to do with this…”

“…I don’t know. I’m too scared to ask.”

I flip through the pages tentatively and with fear. As I continued to flip through them, I see what looks like a slip tucked between the pages.

“Is this a bookmark?”

“Oh, really? I suppose we’ll be able to tell what Shouko’s planning from this page.”

Yuuji picked up the bookmark on the page as I pried the book open.

The bright colored patterned bookmark that was removed had words all over it. let me see what’s written on it…

“—This will henceforth take effect on the first day of the new month. The force will gather in form, and in other words, would liberate the yoke that was the concept of thoughts and emotions within bodies, and the souls will be complete free together with the flesh—”

Yup, I have no idea about what’s written on it at all.

“Yuuji, do you understand the content here?”

“Nope, not at all.”

Yuuji said as he shrugged his shoulders.

“But since it says that it’s black magic, I suppose it’s like a ‘charm’ or something? It’s pretty pointless if you don’t know how to use it.”

“If you think that way, you should return the book to Kirishima-san.”

Since it’s useless if nobody can use it, I’ll say that there’s nothing to worry about here.

“No, that’s another thing altogether. Besides…”


“That person’s really suited for this kind of thing…”


Now that he says this, I understand. Kirishima-san does seem like she’s suited for black magic.”

“I see. So that’s why you’re scared of returning it even though you said that you don’t believe in the occult.”

“You’re annoying!”

Yuuji knocks my forehead with the book. Creak. The bookmark that was tucked inside let out this sound as it hit.

“Then, what do we do next? Do we continue with the game just now?”

“Nn~…never mind. Let’s go back to that old fighting game.”


“Good grief…my money’s never coming back.”

“Cheer up. I don’t think there’s much use for saying this, but we’re having good stuff for lunch tomorrow.”

“Eh? Really?”

“Yeah. We got some good ingredients.”

“I see. Looking forward to it.”

We continue to chat as we load the fighting game disc into the game console.

We spent a lot of time attacking and defending, and at the end of the day, my result was 24 wins, 24 losses.

Nudge nudge.


I can feel my body being shaken gently. “……Wake…up…”

At the same time, I could hear a wake-up call. Since nee-san is here to wake me up, I suppose it’s morning…

“Uu…sorry. I’ll go make breakfast first…”

I’m still in a sleepy state as my vision is still not clear, and I get up. I’ll just randomly make some bacon, eggs and toast this morning…

As I’m thinking of what to make, I hear an unexpected response.

“…Don’t worry, I’ve already made breakfast.”

Made…? Breakfast…?

“Eh? Nee-san!?”

I was shocked, and my consciousness was fully awakened. Then…


I saw a beautiful calm-looking girl with long black hair beside the bed—Kirishima Shouko-san.


Why!? Why is Kirishima-san in my house, and in my room!?

“…You’re dazed?’

Kirishima-san stared at my face. Not only that, we can feel each other’s breathing here. Th-this is too close, Kirishima-san!

“Why are you here, Kirishima-san!? What’s the situation!?”

I immediately pull my distance away. Isn’t she being too close and defenseless here!? Isn’t this too dangerous!? In all sorts of ways too!


Kirishima-san did not notice that I’m all confused here as she gives me an unhappy look.

“…Why must you call me that way?”


Call her? What does she mean?

“…Just call me Shouko like usual.”


I never called you that before, you know!?

“…Or else I won’t answer you.”

Kirishima-san pouts and looks aside. I don’t know what in the world is going on here!?



I call out to her, and she turns around to look at me happily.

“…You can have breakfast.”

I notice that Kirishima-san’s wearing an apron over her uniform. It looks like she really did make breakfast.

I-I don’t really know what’s going on, but anyway—

“I-I see. Then, I’ll change my clothes…”


I thought of changing my uniform, but for some reason, she’s still in my room.

“No, well, I’m going to change here, you know…?”


“I can’t change if you don’t go out.”

“…I’ll help you change.”

“!? No-no-no-no-no need for that! Really, there’s no need!”

I immediately refused without saying anything else. Besides, this will really cause me quite the headache here!

“…Do you hate it?”

“I-I can’t say that I hate it, but that’s not right, you know!”

“…Too bad.”

Kirishima-san agrees readily, probably because she sensed my firm will.

“…Then, I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

“Right, I under—”

As she walks out of the room, Kirishima-san adds on,

“—Don’t go back to sleep again, Yuuji.


That line alone allowed me to understand this unbelievable situation.

“Don’t tell me it ended up like this…”

Right now, I’m on my way to school, and I haven’t recovered from my shock after seeing my body.

My arms are thicker than what I’m used to.

My vision is slightly taller than usual.

I have nice short hair.

It’s really impossible to believe, but there’s no doubt about this. I’m—

“…What is it, Yuuji?”

Right now, I’ve become my bad friend Sakamoto Yuuji.

“No, it’s nothing, Kirishima-sa—”




I’ve become Yuuji, and Kirishima-san is walking beside me. I still don’t understand the situation, but this is the truth. To be honest, it feels too real for it to be a dream.

“I say, Shouko.”


“Today, I[1]—I mean, I look like Sakamoto Yuuji…right?”


My strange question causes Kirishima-san to tilt her head. Damn it, I was too careless when I asked. I’m too careless, and I haven’t even understood the situation now!

“Ah, sorry, just pretend that you never heard my question just now. I’m still a little sleepy.”

“…Is that so?”

Kirishima-san nodded her head honestly once I corrected my line.

“…You’re weird, Yuuji.”

She smiled at me as she said this. Kirishima-san’s nice long hair that’s swaying in the wind really adds charm to her smiling face.

Ho-how cute…!

She’s already so pretty, and yet she has that kind of defenseless childishness inside her that makes her look so cute at this time. It really brings about a different kind charm from her usual cold exterior. “…” I stare right at Kirishima-san’s face. “???” Kirishima-san too tilts her face to look at me. She’s really too cute, so I can’t help but start to think. (She’s a girl who’s so cute, so devoted, smart and athletic. Is it really good for her to be with Yuuji all the time…?) I continue to stare at her face as I start to think about such things, and at this moment, Kirishima-san asks me,

“…Is there something on my face?”

“No, it’s perfectly normal.”

“..I see…However…”


“…I feel a little embarrassed when you keep looking at me like this…”

Kirishima-san says as she lowers her blushing face.

For some reason, when I’m talking to Kirishima-san at a distance different from usual, it feels…

(As expected, I really can’t take it. How can I watch such a girl walk her way to such misfortune? I have to hurry up and let her break up from that scum Yuuji as much as possible and fly a new leash in life. Yeah, that’s right. This is my duty to execute!)

Luckily, I’ve become Yuuji, so I should be able to manipulate her evaluation on Yuuji. There’s no better situation than this. This will definitely hurt her in this situation, but at this moment, I can only sell my soul to the devil. This is for her own sake too.”


“?...What is it?”

The moment I call her, her innocent and pure eyes turn over to look at me.

Those eyes are not seeing anything else other than Yuuji. She is only looking at Sakamoto Yuuji.

She hasn’t seen that I’m Yoshii Akihisa, and her eyes are full of trust. This girl called Kirishima Shouko is harboring strong feelings in her stare at the boy called Sakamoto Yuuji.

Those eyes are so pure that I didn’t just say something that defies my heart.

“—Do you like me?”


Kirishima-san widens her eyes the moment she hears my sudden question.

Even so, she knows that I’m asking her seriously. That’s why she’s looking back at me with a serious expression.

“…Yes. I love you the most in this world.”

She answers without a single doubt. Her feelings have never been shaken before, and it has been decided right from the beginning.

On hearing her answer, I start to ask myself.

Am I really hoping for her happiness? Or am I thinking in a way that will end up trapping myself because I’m thinking in the wrong way? If I’m really hoping for her happiness, I shouldn’t trample on them. I’m just trying to break up the relationship between these two because I’m jealous of Yuuji.

(I’m…really an idiot!)

If I really want her to be happy, I should make sure that these feelings are reciprocated! My despicable jealous heart should be secondary here! That’s right! Kirishima-san should have her own happiness, and I’m the only one who can fulfill that now!


Once I made up my mind, I grab Kirishima-san on the shoulders and turn her to me.


Kirishima-san looks back at me with a shocked expression, but it seems that she still sensed something as she looks right into my eyes.

“We’re still high school students…but I’ve decided. Once we graduate, we’ll get marr—”



A sharp pain that struck my head and a large scream interrupted my whole-hearted marriage proposal. Ku…!Who is it! Who got in the way of her happiness!?

“Akihisa…! You nearly broke the biggest taboo here…!”

The person who jumped over and landed has a blank look on his face. I do have an impression on this person’s face, hairstyle and physique. Th-this is, me—not! This guy, this idiot bastard is…!

“You bastard, Yuuji?”

“I came running here the moment I had a bad premonition, so it’s just as I expected…Akihisa, you bastard, does your stupidity have no limits!?”

“Yuuji, you bastard…! Just a step closer…!”

“???...Yoshii? …Yuuji?”

Kirishima-san stares at us blankly as we face off. It can’t be helped since we’re calling each other the opposite names, and it’s normal for her not to understand what is going on.

“Stop getting in my way, Yuuji! I have to do something for the sake of Kirishima-san’s happiness!”

“What a coincidence! I have someone I have to kill in order to protect my own happiness!”

Both sides’ killing intent continued to rise. As expected, this guy can’t be convinced in any way. Since I can’t get through to him with words—


Both of us growled as we punched.

GOK. Blunt sounds can be heard.


And so, my fist hit the opponent directly in the face. On the other hand, the other side’s fist can’t even reach me and can only hit me on the shoulder. Huh…?

Anyway, I have to press on for the kill and punch again. He wants to use his left hand to block—


My fist broke through his guard. This, this is…!

“Gu…! Damn it…!”

GAK GAK. Yuuji (in my body) is trembling on his legs. In contrast, I practically took no damage on my side.

This, this is…!

“Is this Yuuji’s physical ability…!?”

Such amazing muscle strength, reach and toughness! So his physique is actually this good. It’s no wonder he’s good at fighting.

“I got beaten…! Even though this isn’t my body…!”

Yuuji mutters with regret. You idiot. It’s too late to regret it now!

“This is the final blow, Yuuji! I’m going to beat you and let Kirishima-san end her happiness!”

But just when I’m about to punch him,

“Kirishima-san! Actually, Yuuji didn’t come to my house yesterday!”

Yuuji presses against my face as he speaks up using my tone. Ha? I thought he’s going to beg for forgiveness, so what was he actually planning to say—


“…Yuuji, what’s going on…?”

Suddenly, my vision went dark. Urk, what’s with this sharp pain reaching the back of my head?

“…Answer me, Yuuji. You lied by saying that you were going to Yoshii’s house. Where did you actually go to?”

Creak crack, my skullcap is letting out a cracking sound.

“Wa-wait a moment. I really went to…!”

“Kirishima-san! Yuuji even told me ‘to give you a good testimony if Shouko asks’!”

“…Yuuji, are you, cheating on me…?”


This, this is bad! It’s hurting so badly that I can only scream out loud! Kirishima-san, this Kirishima-san that was cute until now has become a killing machine!!

“Okay okay, that’s enough Sho—ah, Kirishima-san. Yuuji’s saying all sorts of nice things because he’s been cheating on you, but those are lies, so you mustn’t believe them. You must punish him thoroughly and hurt him so much that he can’t say anything.”

“…I understand. Thank you, Yoshii.”


Kirishima-san is so devoted, smart and sure has a powerful grip, and I’ve seen them all for myself here.

“Akihisa, you better not make this mistake again after this punishment.”

“Yes…I will remember this in my heart…”

I got released from Kirishima-san’s punishment, and I finally made my way to F classroom.

We arrive earlier than usual, so there’s no one else in the classroom. Just in case however, Yuuji and I hide in a corner of the classroom to discuss softly.

“Then, do you know exactly what it is, Akihisa?”

Yuuji looks at our bodies as he says this.

I suppose he’s talking about our current situation.

“Well, it’s kind of unbelievable, but have we exchanged bodies, Yuuji?”

“So it’s just as I expected…I thought I was the only one who ended up like this…but I knew our bodies were swapped once I saw you.”

We nod our heads. This is really unbelievable.

“Do you have any idea of what might have caused it this morning?”

“…It was too shocking that I couldn’t even concentrate, and I ended up not terrified at all.”

“I see…speaking of which, it’s shocking, right? Is it because you’re shocked to see a different room when you opened your eyes?”

The moment I ask this, Yuuji looks like he bit on a bitter bug as he answers,

“No…well…it’s hard to say it…your sister came to wake me up this morning. I was dazed, and my reaction was slow when I realized that it wasn’t Shouko—well, let’s not talk about what happened next.”

“What!? What did you do with nee-san this morning!? What did my sister do to my body!?”

“It’s fine, nothing happened. It was only seen.”


“It’s alright, I don’t mind.”

“YOU DON’T, I DO!!!”

Why did it end up like this!! This idiot!

“Anyway, we know the situation now, so now it’s time to understand the reason this happened. Once we know the reason, we might be able to solve the problem.”

“That means…getting back to normal as quickly as possible…”

And don’t dig our wounds bigger.

“I never met you this morning, so the only time in question is…”

“After school yesterday.”

“Ah, most likely.”

I suppose the only time when Yuuji and I could swap over was when we were together. We don’t know the actual situation here, but this probably hasn’t affected anyone else. In that case, the chance of a third party not being involved is high.

Besides, before that—

“I can’t think of anything else other than Shouko’s book.”

“Yeah, me too.”

The only thing we can think of that could have caused this extremely surreal scene is the “Make it happen. Real Black Magic.” Book.

“Akihisa, did you bring that book along?”

“I don’t remember putting it in my bag.”

“Then it has to be in my room. I hid it in that place when I returned home yesterday.”

“I see, go over and get it then—ah, I can’t go on my own, right?”

“Of course, it’s weird for ‘Yoshii Akihisa’ to head over to my house at this time.”

“Okay. Then I’ll go and come back.”

“Wait, Akihisa. There’s something you have to take note of before that.”


Yuuji calls me to stop just when I’m about to leave. What is it?

“Be careful not to let anyone know about this.”

“Eh? Why?”

It’s not like before now. Since we know the reason, isn’t it good to get everyone to help?

“Nobody will believe us if we say such ridiculous things, and people will call us weird here. Once we turn back to normal, there’ll be discord amongst us, and it’ll be really troublesome.”

Ahh, I guess that’s kind of true. Let’s get everyone to help out later then. At this point, Yuuji and I should be the only ones taking action here.

“Besides—if someone knows that our bodies can switch around, things may get out of hand.”

“Got it. I’ll definitely keep the secret.”

If the people in the class know, they’ll definitely want to play pranks with Himeji-san, Minami and Hideyoshi by switching bodies with them. To Yuuji, the most fearsome thing would be Kirishima-san’s action after that.

“But now I have to return to your house so early in the morning, Yuuji.”

“It’s really a huge relief in this misfortune that we came early.”

It’s a good thing that we woke up early, and there’s still a lot of time left in the morning. If I head to Yuuji’s house and come back, there definitely won’t be any problems.

“I’m really going over then.”

“Ah, I’ll leave it to you.”

I walk out of the classroom and rush back to Yuuji’s house.

Yuuji’s physical strength is far different from mine, but in terms of endurance, there’s not much difference here.

I head over to Yuuji’s house to get the book, and return back to school.

During this time, there’re a lot more people headed to school now.

“This isn’t good…I better return as soon as possible before something bad happens.

Yuuji and I can’t compare to Hideyoshi in our acting. We’re already at our limits trying to pose off as each other, and it’ll be dangerous if I don’t hurry up and return back to my own body.

I dash through the crowd that’s moving to the school casually, change my shoes and move towards F class.

“Yuu—Akihisa, I got the book back!”

I opened the door as I shouted.

“Ah, Sakamoto-kun, good morning.”

The place where Yuuji was just before this is now empty, and Himeji-san, who’s beside the door, greets me.

“Good morning, Himeji-san!”

I greet her back and immediately run off to look for Yuuji. Un~ he’s not here. Where has he gone to?

“? Himeji ‘san’?”

Himeji-san blinks as she reflects on what I just said. This is bad! Yuuji won’t call her ‘Himeji-san’, but—

“What is it, Himeji?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

I hurriedly change the way I call her; Himeji-san thinks that I just merely called her wrongly, and so she doesn’t pursue matters further. That was close. I better watch my tone.

Just when I was feeling cold sweat in my heart, Himeji-san smiled as she looked at me and said,

“Oh yes, Sakamoto-kun. Thank you very much for yesterday.”

“Un, what is it?”

“About Akihisa-kun.”


Himeji-san’s thanking me for some particular reason.

About me? What happened?

“You see, didn’t I say that ‘I learnt how to make tacos’ yesterday?”

“Ah, ahh, about that.”

I have no memory of that, but I start nodding like how Yuuji does it when he recalls something. Himeji-san learnt how to make tacos…?

“And then, didn’t you say ‘I’ll tell Akihisa not to bring lunch over, make him lots of delicious tacos’?”


“I worked hard to make them so that Akihisa-kun can eat them ♪”

So that’s what he meant when he said ‘I got good ingredients, so leave lunch to me’!! He actually did such a cruel thing without me knowing here!

…Bad kids have to be punished.



“Do you know where Akihisa is?”

Once I find him, I better punish him—no, my body will have wounds after that. I’ll suffer once I switch back into my body.

Once I asked this, Himeji-san puts her fingers on her chin and answers,

“Un…Akihisa-kun said ‘I have something important to talk about’ and disappeared somewhere.”

? Something important? This early in the morning? With who?

“—With Tamano-san.”


Tamano-san, as in THAT Tamano-san!? Why is that idiot Yuuji walking around in such a carefree manner with a dangerous person like that!!? Doesn’t he have any sense of danger here!!?

“Tamano-san said that she’ll show me once she’s done, and she says that it’s her prized work today.”

“I get it! Where did they go to? Where are they!?”

Judgment has to be left aside first. I have to stop Tamano-san before this! Before my body and pride gets corrupted!

“I think they’re most likely in the classroom. They should still be preparing…”

“I get it. Thanks, Himeji-san!”

I immediately dash out of the classroom and head down to find that classroom. Where is it? Where are they? I continue to run around the corridor of the old building’s second level, desperately looking for them.

And then, I hear someone’s voice coming from an empty classroom.

“Then, Aki-chan, I want to take off those pants of yours.”

“What, what are you doing here!? What do you want to do with me!? Speaking of which, you’re unreasonably forcefully stripping me without my consent here, you know!?”

“There’s nothing to worry about, right? I’ve already prepared the clothing for you to change into. Don’t you find this clothing extremely cute?”


“Over there!?”

BAM. I open the door and rush into the classroom, and I see the half-naked me and Tamano-san, holding a cheerleading uniform. Alright! I managed to make it in time!

“That’s enough here, Tamano-san! Release my body back to me!”

“Nice, nice timing there, Akihisa! You saved me here! I’m really saved here…!”

Yuuji’s so terrified that he’s hiding behind me. The victim here is my body, but even Yuuji, who’s normally aloof, is really terrified.

“Eh…? Sakamoto…?”

Tamano-san is stunned she looks at me, the intruder who suddenly barged in. No, my opponent’s that Tamano–san. I can’t be careless here!

“Tamano-san, your evil ambitions end here. Give up quietly in front of me.”

And return me my uniform!

I’m prepared to continue sharply,

“Ah, yes. Sorry…”

I thought Tamano-san wants to resist, but she unexpectedly backs off rather tamely. Arre…? This doesn’t feel right here…

And so, she nods with a giddily happy attitude,

“I’m really sorry. I’m sorry for pulling a prank on the ‘body’ that belongs to Sakamoto-kun…Er, erm, be happy, you two.”

Finally, she walks off with her face blushing.

Anyway, it’s great that things haven’t gone out of hand. It’s a good thing—but what’s going on? Something doesn’t seem right about the words Tamano-san just said…

“Akihisa…you better rethink the way you make friends here…”

“Yeah…I understand…”

Yuuji says this as he puts on the uniform that was taken off, and for some mysterious reason, these words really enters my heart.

“Then, what do you know?”

We finally manage to escape from Tamano-san’s clutches as we return back to the classroom, and we open that book to check the contents within.

“Damn it, I don’t think I’ll be able to understand everything at one go…why are there so many words there?”

“We saw yesterday that the book hardly has any pictures and illustrations on its pages, and the cryptic words written on it are hard to understand. To be honest, I’m feeling really dizzy just by looking at it.”

“For some reason, I feel that I can’t think well when I’m in your body.”

How rude.

“But we can’t look for anyone else to help out here. Do your best.”

“Ahh. Don’t worry. I’ll try to read it during class. It’s not easy to read, but if I’m serious, I should be able to finish it all within 2 hours.”

Due to the horrifying experience from before, Yuuji’s eyes are not showing a single sign of playing around here. Tamano-san’s really someone formidable considering how she managed to terrify Yuuji, who went through countless battles.

“In other words, we have to keep things hushed down before that happens, right?”

“Ahh, we better watch ourselves around the gang we often interact with…especially Hideyoshi here. If we’re not careful, we’ll definitely be seen through.”

“Un. Got it.”

Hideyoshi, who’s used to lies and acting, is the one biggest opponent we have to face. He’s not called an acting idiot for nothing. We have to watch out.

“Instead of saying bad lies here, we might as well avoid contact with each other. If possible, just run away.”

“Okay, we’ll do that.”

While we’re discussing, someone suddenly walks in.

“…What book are you reading?”


We can’t help but cry out. The presence that appears without a sound is,

“Wh-what the, Muttsurini…?”

“You shocked us…”

“…Morning, you two.”

It’s our classmate Muttsurini, Tsuchiya Kouta.

“…And then? What’s that book?”

Muttsurini points at the black magic book we’re trying to read secretly and asks. Ah, is this guy thinking that we’re secretly reading some ero-book again?

“It’s not really an important book, right Yuuji?”

Yuuji copies my tone as he opens the door. It’s impossible to hide this book and try and explain with Muttsurini as our opponent here. His mobility will jump by many dozens of times if it’s anything to do with ero at all. It’s best to explain that this isn’t an ero-book.

“You see, Muttsurini? How does this look like an ero-book?”

I then copy Yuuji’s tone and show the book filled with words to Muttsurini.

Then, Muttsurini nods while looking like he understands.

“…I see.”

“It’s nothing big here, you know?”

“…It’s an ero-novel.”

Not good. This guy’s brain can’t be cured through modern medicine here.

“That’s not it, Muttsurini. This is a divination book Yuuji took from Kirishima-san. Right, Yuuji?”

Yuuji says as he gives me a look. I’ll just have to follow his words here.

“Un, I borrowed it over because I had some interest in divination reading.”

“…I see.”

The disappointed Muttsurini drops his shoulders.

“…I want to see a divination if I can peep into the girls’ changing room.”


“…I see…”

Muttsurini’s shoulders drop again, and he returns back to his seat.

“Phew…we managed to keep it safe for now.”

“We’ll be in danger if there’s a naked illustration inside it…”

If there’s even the single hint of ero inside that book, Muttsurini will immediately try to snatch it over. That was close…

“We still can’t be careless here. There are tougher opponents to face here.”

“Of course I’m not relaxing here. Hideyoshi’s not going to be fooled that easily.”

“Nm…? What’s wrong? It’s like you two have swapped bodies here, Yuuji and Akihisa.”


Hideyoshi immediately touched on the issue at hand the moment he appears. Hold on, hold on a moment! You knew without anyone saying anything?

“Wh-what is it, Hideyoshi? Why are you saying such a thing out of a sudden here?”

“Th-that’s right, Hideyoshi, what kind of strange thing are you saying this morning?”

Yuuji and I are so shocked that our hearts are almost popping out, but we continue to imitate each other’s manner of speech.

“Why, you say? I can see that your standing postures are reversed here.”


“Wha-what are you saying, Hideyoshi? I changed my standing posture because my feet are hurting!”

“Tha-that’s right. Me too.”


“Then, we have something to attend to first!”

“See you later, Hideyoshi!”

Yuuji and I escape to the corridor together. Such, such a powerful foe…!

“Listen, Akihisa. We mustn’t interact with Hideyoshi no matter what, and we must avoid looking at him at all costs.”

“Go-got it. I’ll take note.”

We then continue to waste time, and only return back when it’s about time to start class.

We continued to read that book in the middle of class intently (※or rather, only Yuuji, since I was sleeping), and we lie down on the short table, pretending to be asleep as so that we won’t be suspected.

The morning passed by like that, and at noon break,

“Found it, Akihisa! It’s this part!”

Yuuji takes that book and moves over to me.

(Wa-wait a second, Yuuji! The name, the name!)

(Oh, yeah, sorry. Anyway, let’s check this out)

Yuuji then opens the book and lays it on the short table.

He opens a page that has a lot of long paragraphs that are hard to understand.

“Sorry Yuuji, please tell me the main gist of it.”

“You can’t even read this…well never mind. There are 3 important points, so listen up, okay?”

Yuuji lets out a sigh, and then tells me the important points.

Point 1: After sticking the talisman on another person, the characters of the one sticking the talisman and the one being stuck will be swapped.

Point 2: The talisman will not take effect if it’s not stuck on the forehead.

Point 3: The effects of the switch will start from dawn on the first day of the new month until the day of the full moon sets.

“Heh~ looks amazing. Is there anything else written, like what can be used for convenience—”

“Now’s not the time for that! We have to hurry up and revert back to our original state as soon as possible!”

It seems that Yuuji has been skipping through a lot of parts just to look for this particular part. He looks really anxious here.

“It’s almost noon break now. There won’t be any time left if we dily-daly.”

“Ah, yeah, that’s true.”

The chances of everyone interacting with each other will increase during lunch break, and the chances of anyone else seeing through this will increase greatly, let alone Hideyoshi. We better hurry up and change back.

“Then, what’s the ‘talisman’ listed here?”

“Most probably this one.”

Yuuji takes out the bright patterned bookmark we saw yesterday from the middle of the book. I see, so this is the reason?

“So we just have to stick these on our foreheads?”

“Yeah, and we’ll be able to change back.”

“I see. That’s great. It’s really simple to swap back.”

“Oh—then, I’m going to stick it. Hurry up and show your forehead.”

Yuuji looks really anxious about wanting to stick the talisman on me here.”


I’m about to turn my head over to him—but I remember after Yuuji entered my body, that Himeji-san noticed me and approached me.

At that moment, the memory I have this morning awakens.

“You see, didn’t I say that ‘I learnt how to make tacos’ yesterday?”

“I worked hard to make them so that Akihisa-kun can eat them ♪”


I immediately dodge the talisman that came right at me at that moment.

“O-oi Akihisa! Why did you dodge? Seriously, hurry up and change back.”

Yuuji sees me like this and frantically tries to force me to change back.

I think I can understand…I think I can understand why Yuuji’s so anxious about changing back now…!

“No, let’s not change back now. Let’s change back only after noon break is over.”


My unexpected answer stuns Yuuji.

If I change back now, I’ll have no choice but to eat Himeji-san’s tacos as a result of Yuuji’s evil plan.

But now I’m Yuuji, so that means—

“You’re the one going down to hell here, Yuuji…”

“You-you punk…! When did you know about this…!”

Your evil acts caused your downfall here! Suffer all you can here! I’ll give Kirishima-san her happiness as a present while you’re suffering. That’s great, isn’t it Yuuji?

“In that case, I’ll use force! I’ll make you return everything I have here!”

“What kind of joke is that? Do you think you can beat me now?”

“Shut up! That’s my body! Surrender quietly!”

“No way! Even if it’s your body, Yuuji, the heart belongs to me! I have my freedom to use it!”

And I continue to struggle as I try to escape from Yuuji’s hand holding the bookmark.

At this moment,

“(GARAK) I think I just sensed something really good here!”

Tamano-san seem to sense something as she appears.



The bookmark’s thrown at her forehead while we’re wrestling.

The one sticking the bookmark is ‘Yuuji, who’s in my body’, and the one being stuck is ‘Tamano-san’. If what that book said was true…

“Er, erm, Yuuji? Tamano-san?”

I worriedly speak to both of them.


Yuuji and Tamano-san merely blink their eyes for a moment.

And then, Tamano-san (in my body) pats the chest to confirm the current situation.


She mutters,

“Then, I’ll be going off then!”

And in an instant, she turned and ran off. Eh…? EHHH…!?

“Wait…!? My body!”

“Sorry, Aki-chan! I’ll take some memorabilia photos and return it to you properly afterwards!”

And all I hear are ominous words from Tamano-san.

How is she able to immediately understand and adapt here! Even Yuuji who read through the book and has knowledge on this can’t even respond here!!

“I, I won’t let you get away! Yuuji! Hurry up and catch up with her—DAMN YOU!!”

Yuuji (in Tamano-san’s body) just turn over and take the bookmark to stick it on me. Th-that was close—!

“What’s with this sudden attack here, Yuuji!”

“Tch! Don’t dodge!”

Yuuji (in Tamano-san’s body) attacks while holding the bookmark again. Th-this bastard…!

“You just want to return back to normal here, right!?”

“Don’t worry, Akihisa. I’ll help out properly once I return back to normal!”


This guy’s definitely going to pretend that he’s not involved in anything once he gets back his own body! As for why I know that, that’s because I’ll do the same thing too!

“How can I let you return back to normal! I need the power of this body before I return back to normal!”

I say as I use my arm strength advantage to snatch the bookmark from Yuuji.

“Ku…u…! Not good, I can’t use my full strength in this body at all…!”

Frustrated, Yuuji can only grumble with Tamano-san’s face. This is the body of Yuuji who’s extremely strong even amongst the guys, so there’s no way that a girl’s body can fight against it (though Tamano-san will remove her limiter based on the situation…) and because of this, if I swap into Tamano-san’s body, there’s no way I can beat Tamano-san in my body now. If the opponent is that Tamano-san, I can’t beat her with a girl’s body.

“Sorry Yuuji, but you have to swap with my body if you want this body back.”


I ignore Yuuji’s growls as I dash over to where Tamano-san vanished to.

“Good grief. Akihisa and the rest are as noisy as ever…”

“…They can’t remain quiet.”

“Seriously there. Speaking of which, Muttsurini, you’re the one in charge of buying tea today, right?”

“…I won’t be going today.”

“I see. Understood.”

I run down the staircase and head to the empty classroom I went to this morning. As I thought, she (though she’s in my body) is right over there.

“Tamano-san! Return me my body!”

I hold my bookmark in my hand and approach her, aiming for the forehead. If I can stick the bookmark on it, I’ll be able to switch back here…!

Just when I’m about to succeed—

“Sorry Mizuki-chan…eh!”

“??? Ye-yes?”

Tamano-san used Himeji-san, who was called out when I didn’t know, as a shield.


I can’t stop myself in time as my momentum’s too great.


And the bookmark hits Himeji-san on the forehead.


My vision immediately darkens, and a strong sense of dizziness strikes me.

And afterwards, when I open my eyes—


I see Yuuji’s blank face.

I was still inside Yuuji’s face until right before this. if I can see Yuuji’s face here, this means—

“Here, Mizuki-chan, let’s go!”

“Eh? Eh? Eh? Erm, Akihisa-kun. Don’t you have something you want to say to me…and why am I there? A mirror…?”

“I’ll explain later! Hurry up!”


Tamano-san (in my body) pulls Himeji-san (in Yuuji’s body) and runs off.

In other words, I’ve become Himeji-san now!

“Wa-wait a moment!!!”

I pick up the bookmark which dropped on the floor and try to catch up, however…

“Ku. Ugh…!”

I can’t run quickly no matter how I try…just like I thought, it’s really hard to move in this body…! Is this a girl’s body…!?

“Even so, I have to chase after them…!”

I run around in this body I’m still not used to. I, I can’t increase my speed…! I can’t step off the ground strongly at all…!

And what’s more troublesome is that I’m already panting after a short while.

“Haa…! Haa…!”

It-it’s tough…! I see…Himeji-san’s condition has been improving recently, but her body was originally very weak…!

“I-it hurts…!”

Himeji-san’s extremely large breasts can really get in the way when I walk.

They will shake whenever I take a step, and when they shake, my chest will hurt, and my body balance will be ruined. This is the first time in my life knowing that it’s troublesome to have such huge breasts!

“A-anyway, let’s use my arm to press it down…”

I use my arm to hold down the breasts that were swaying.

And then, my arms felt the softness of these breasts.


Confused, I hurriedly open my arms wide, and I trip as I’m unable to maintain my balance.

“Ah, waah, awawwawawawa…!”

How’s this possible! What’s with this softness! The arm covering them wraps around them softly, and they can actually change shapes on their own! Don’t tell me this is the mythical—

“Is this the Tempur pillow!?”

No, wait! Why am I panicking here!? Speaking of which, I really touched them! I definitely touched them fully! I’m really sorry here, Himeji-san!

They’re shaking so hard that I forgot that my butt’s on the floor.

“What are you doing, Mizuki…your panties can be seen here, you know?”

At this moment, Minami appears.

“Eh…? Ah…!”

I hurriedly close my legs together and tidy my skirt. I’m wearing girls’ undergarments this time, unlike my crossdressing moments. Better take note of this!

“Can you stand up?”

Minami reaches her hand out, wanting to pull me up.

“Ye, yes. Thanks, Minami.”

I grab her hand and stand up.


“Ah, no. thank you very much, Minami-chan.”

I hurriedly switch over to Himeji-san’s manner of speech. Right now, I better find a way to sneak past this and get over to Tamano-san so that I won’t cause any added troubles!

“Then, if there’s nothing, I will go first.”

“Wait a moment.”

Just when I was about to run away, Minami pulls me. What’s going on now!? I’m in a rush!

“Isn’t the ends of your skirt all rolled up? Look, your undershirt’s all messed up too.”

Minami says as she reaches her hands out and tidies my undershirt. I’m really grateful about that, but now’s not the time for that!

“Really, why are you being in a rush here?”

Minami doesn’t realize my feelings at all as she adjusts my tie this time.

This is bad…! My body’s really hard to move in now, but I won’t be able to catch up if I waste time here! What do I do!? What can I do…?

“Mi, Minami—chan! I’m really in a rush here!”

“Nope. You still have dust on your butt.”

Minami ignores my concerns as she grabs me (in Himeji-san’s body), preventing me from running away as she dusts off the dust on my skirt. Ku…! This is really bad…I can’t run very quickly because of Himeji-san’s breasts getting in the way here…!


As I thought about this, the one right in front of me is Minami, who’s tidying me up.

“You’re normally so neat here. What exactly happened to you today…?”

Minami’s ponytail sways energetically in front of me.


I observe Minami for a short moment.

She has a slender figure.

She has nice legs that look like they can really run.

She has athleticism that won’t lose to a guy.

“? What is it, Mizuki?”

While Minami looks at me worriedly, I say,

“I’ll take this body then!”

“Eh? Ehh!? Wha-what are you doing, Mizuki—kyaa!!”

I stick the bookmark on Minami’s head. After a little dizziness, I open my eyes to see Himeji-san. Alright! The swap’s successful!

“Let’s go…! I can fight in this body!”

“Eh? Ehh? M-me!? Wait a sec, Mizuki! What’s with this—!”

“Sorry Minami! I’ll talk with you again later!”

I leave the puzzled Minami (in Himeji-san’s body) at where she is as I immediately sprint out. Alright! It’s basically how I envisioned things here! It’s not as good as my body, but this body can move on its own freely!

“Speaking of which, I’m facing my body as the opponent…even if it’s Minami, I can’t win if I fight myself head on with this arm strength…”

I lost my target as I wasted too much time, and I start to think for a short while.

If I fight straight on, I won’t have a chance of winning, whether it’s in terms of physical conditions or whether it’s the damage inside.

“But I can’t say that I don’t have a chance of winning at all…”

The lucky thing is that I’m Minami now. I have athleticism, and Tamano-san might not know that I’m like this. If I can make use of this well, I might be able to get my body back easily without her noticing.

“In that case…I have to keep disguising myself as Minami here…”

I’ll pretend to be Shimada Minami who doesn’t know anything and approach Tamano-san, find a chance, slap the bookmark on her and get my body back. If I use this strategy, even if there’s a difference in physical ability, it should be alright here!

“Alright, I’ve decided!”

First, I have to convince myself here. I[2]—no, I’m [3] Shimada Minami. I’m Shimada Minami, I’m Shimada Minami. I’m—



I let out a squeal after I unexpectedly heard a call for me from behind.

And then, the other person latches onto me without waiting for me to respond.

“Where are you going, onee-sama! I wanted to have lunch with you today!”

The one hugging me tightly was the girl from D class who likes Shimada Minami a lot, Shimizu Miharu-san.

Just when I’m about to yell instinctively “let go of me, Shimizu-san!”, I stop myself and immediately copy Minami’s tone. I believe it’s supposed to be like this.

“Mi-Miharu, what is it!? I’m really in a rush now!”

“In a rush…that’s too much, onee-sama! You actually forgot your appointment with Miharu!”

“Eh? Appointment?”

“Yes! Have you forgotten?”

“Why-why would I? Of course I do!”

I answer,


“Of-of course.”

“I see—that’s good.”

Shimizu-san says this with a grin on her face.

“Seriously there, it’s only afternoon break, and Akihisa and the rest are still so active.”

“…That’s common.”

“Well, you’re right about that.”

“…(Nods head)”

“Fuu…the tea’s good.”

“…As expected, I should just go buy some tea.”

“Fm. It’s good, isn’t it?”

“I, I say, Miharu. Did I, really agree to such a thing…”

“Yeah! I remembered it clearly!”

“I-is that so…”

Shimizu-san drags me by the hand to the empty classroom in the second level of the old school building I’m very familiar with.

Over there, she stuffs the female waitress outfit she prepared into my hands.”

“Isn’t this the uniform from your shop, Miharu?”

“Yeah. I want to change the design for it a little. Didn’t I make an appointment with you to provide suggestions, onee-sama?”

“Oh, yeah. I think I did.”

Uuu…! This is really a bad timing here…! I have to get to Tamano-san (in my body) as soon as possible!

“Then, onee-sama, Miharu will change your clothing for you.”

“Eh? The-there’s no need for that here, right?”

“No no no. since you’re willing to provide valuable feedback for Miharu, please let Miharu repay you.”

Shimizu-san says this as she moves over at me while blocking the exit. Eh, erm…

“Erm, Miharu? Your breathing seems frantic for some reason…”

“Fu, fuu, fufufufufufu…! You’re really acting like an obedient girl today, onee-sama…! You’re tempting Miharu here, right? You’re tempting, right!?”

“Wa-wait a second, calm down, Shimizu-sa—Miharu!”

Her hands were trembling violently. Wha-what is Shimizu-san trying to do?”

“Since you’re doing this, Miharu has decided! Miharu will fulfill her desire today!”

“I-I’ll scream if you come closer, you know? I’ll really do that, you know!?”

“I’m tucking in, onee-sama!!”

Shimizu-san ignored my warning as she leaped over at me with astonishingly leaping ability. HIIIII!!!


“It’s useless! Nobody will come save you even if you yell with all you have!”


And right at the moment of death,

“What are you doing!?”


Someone barged into the room and used something like a stick to chase off Shimizu-san. I-I’m saved here…no…?

“Fuu…are you alright, Mizuki?”

Himeji-san—or rather, it should be Minami inside the body, pulls the mop as she asks me concernedly. So cool…! She’s like a hero here…!

“I feel that it’s fine if I’m hugged by Minami here…”

“Wait a moment, Mizuki. That’s my body here, you know?”

Leaving aside the jokes, is a girl’s body something that requires this much discomfort…? I might faint from shock in this body that can’t exert strength here if I meet some suspicious person at night.

“You’re…Mizuki, right?”

Minami asks to confirm again. Speaking of which, the one inside me here isn’t Himeji-san, but me…but I can’t reveal my identity here since I have to make Tamano-san show an opening. Let’s just try and pretend to be as Himeji-san here! I remember Himeji-san talks like this.

“Th-that’s right, Minami-chan. Thank you for saving me here.”

“It’s good that you’re fine, but what’s going on here?”

Minami (in Himeji-san’s body) looks around, and asks me.

It’s over. It seems she’s trying to ask me to explain here. Now, how do I start explaining things here?

Just when I’m still wondering about what to do.

“Uu…it’s too much to interrupt Miharu when Miharu was nearly able to do what she wants, onee-sa—huh?”

Shimizu-san, who was just defeated by a mop, gets up and looks at Minami and me in surprise. From the actions and tone, it seems that she thought that Minami, who looks like Himeji-san now, was the one who did it, and ends up confused here.

“Huh..? Himeji-san…? I thought it was onee-sama.”

Shimizu-san lifts her head up to look at Minami (in Himeji-san’s body)

Minami puts her hands on her waist as she says to Shimizu-san,

“I say, Miharu, you may not believe it now, but I’m now—”

Damn it! It’s all over if she says something she shouldn’t say here!

I immediately leap over to Minami, who’s about to explain the situation to Shimizu-san, and whispers,

(You, you can’t do this here, Minami-chan! It’ll be bad if others know about the swap of bodies!)

(Eh? Why?)

(Well, what will happen if Shimizu-san knows about it?)

(There’s a chance that my body may never return.)

It’s great that she can understand this quickly.

“??? What is it, Himeji-san?”

“Ah, it—it’s nothing at all, Shimizu-san.”

Minami switches over to Himeji-san mode. That’s good. I’ll pretend to be Himeji-san pretending to be Minami here—but this is really confusing.

“I’ll go off first then, Miharu.”

Anyway, let’s bring Minami out of the classroom first. We’ll talk about the rest later.

“Wa-wait a second, onee-sama! You haven’t put this on yet! We promised!”

Shimizu-san called me.

I can’t say anything here. Minami however speaks up for me.

“Wait a second, Miharu—no, Shimizu-san. I did agree to provide feedback on the uniforms, but I never said that I had to put them on, right?”

“Eh? Is that so?”

So Shimizu-san bluffed me here! I should have known that Minami can’t possibly agree to such things here! I nearly got fooled till my man’s pride got stained…

“What are you saying, Himeji-san! It’s all the same to Miharu here! Miharu even prepared so many sizes that Miharu will be troubled if these aren’t worn here!”

Shimizu-san says this as she takes out uniforms of other measurements. She’s really well-prepared here.

Even so, I as a guy definitely don’t want to wear such clothing, and if it’s Minami, she’s definitely not going to be moved by such words.

Just when I was thinking about it this way—

“Well, they are really cute uniforms though…”

Minami (in Himeji-san’s body) says this as she says softly. Huh? Why is it different from what I expected?

“You have some interest in this too, right, Himeji-san? How about you try it on with onee-sama?”

Shimizu-san then seizes this opportunity to close in with the uniform.

“Ah, no. There’s no need for that.”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to be so polite.”

“That’s not it…”

But just when Minami’s preparing to reject Shimizu-san—

“Ah, but…”


“It might not be obvious with the big breasts…”

On hearing that, Minami looks like she trying to make sure she heard things correctly as she repeats,

“My…breasts, are big…?”

“Miharu is so happy! Onee-sama and Himeji-san are both able to wear this uniform!”

“We, well. Since you went out of the way to prepare them for us, Mi—Shimizu-san, I think it’s appropriate that we help out as friends, right Mizuki?”

“Ah, ahaha…that’s not it though, Mizuki.”

Minami (in Himeji-san’s body), Shimizu-san and I are holding waitress outfits.

What exactly am I doing here…

“? Don’t you know how to wear it, onee-sama? In that case, please let Miharu help out here.”

“It’s okay, Shimizu-san. Minami-chan should be able to put it on alone, right, Minami-chan?”

“Ye, yes…”

It’s not my wish here, but I’ve already worn many girl outfits up till now, so it’s not like I don’t know how to put them on. I just want to maintain my pride as a guy here!

“But since this is the first time you’re wearing such a thing, you should let Miharu put it on!”

“Then, how about you put it on first, Shimizu-san? We’ll know how to put these on after that. It’s fair to everyone after that.”

Minami acts like Himeji-san here as she tries her best to protect her own body here.

Shimizu-san finds it a pity that she can’t touch Minami’s body, but she relents here.

“That’s true. Since onee-sama’s willing to put it on here, Miharu will endure this for now.”

And so, the negotiations are set.

“Then, please watch how Miharu puts this on.”

Shimizu-san removes her blouse and undoes the hook on her skirt. Wait wait wait wait wait ! It’s not good for me to see this here!

“I, I’ll turn away first—”

“What are you saying, Minami-chan? You won’t know how to wear this if you look away.”

Minami stops me from looking away here. I’m really troubled here! Even though Minami’s doing this to prevent Shimizu-san’s demonic hands from helping me change my clothes here…

“Miharu finds worth in stripping herself if it means that onee-sama can see Miharu here!”

Shimizu-san says this as she removes her skirts. SHE’S STRIPPING IN FRONT OF A GUY HERE!

“Let’s strip too, Minami-chan. There’s nothing to be shy about since we’re all girls here.”

There’s a concern of ‘since I’m taking off your clothing, you shouldn’t be worried about this, Mizuki’ behind these words, but that’s if the one inside her body is Himeji-san here. To me, this is not the case here.

While ignoring how troubled I am over here, Shimizu-san and Minami have stripped to the point where they’re in their underwear now.

BTS vol 10.5 111.jpg

“Okay now, it’s time to change, Minami-chan.”

“Alright, onee-sama, there’s nothing to be ashamed of here!”

Minami and Shimizu-san don’t mind as they reach their hands out for my clothing.

I’ll be killed…those two from the fighting clans will shred me to pieces if they know that I’m the one inside…!

“Hm…this one’s for onee-sama. Miharu will take this one. This one with the largest chest size will be for Himeji-san. Just tell me if you can’t put it on.”

“Thank you very much, Shimizu-san.”

For some reason, Minami looks rather happy as she receives the uniform.

And then, she mutters with a thoroughly elated voice,

“My chest can’t fit in…this is really wonderful to my ears!”

Uh oh. Minami can’t possibly make decisions normally now.

“Then, let’s get changing♪”

“It’s not Miharu’s intention here, but since onee-sama’s willing to change, Miharu will play along.”

Minami and Shimizu-san start to spread their uniforms wide.

What can I do…is there anything I can do to escape here…

“? Onee-sama? What are you looking around for?”

“Eh, no, it’s nothing.”

“So you really need Miharu’s help here?”

“Okay—I think I should get changing here!”

If I continue to resist, Shimizu-san will really do all sorts of various things to me. I hurriedly grab my uniform and cling onto it tightly. Don’t mind, don’t mind. This is my own body now…

As I mutter, I end up in a zen state as I quickly change my clothing. It’s normal for someone with Minami’s body to put on female clothing. It’s slightly better to think of things this way.

“Are you done yet, Minami-chan?”

(Inside Himeji-san’s body)Minami’s voice rang from behind.

“Wha-what is it?”

I turn to look at Minami and Shimizu-san. They should have some clothes on now…right?


As she looks at the front, Minami can’t help but let out a voice.

“This isn’t bad the way I see it here…”

Minami, who’s seeing herself directly and not off the mirror, nods as she looks at herself here. I can’t see without a mirror, but since she says it’s ‘not bad’, I think it should be cute at least.

“…Other than the fact that the breasts are small…”

Minami then pats Himeji-san’s body as she sighs. Wah! Over there! Aren’t those breasts about to pop out there!?

“It’s a rare chance, so how about we change hairstyles here?”

“No. There’s no time.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’ll soon be over.”

Minami lets me sit on the chair and undoes my hair from behind. Speaking of which, what’s going on here…I have to get my body back from Tamano-san here.

“What kind of hairstyle do you want here? Do you want to tie up from the sides or some three-strand braids?”

I don’t know where Minami got the comb from, but she starts to comb my hair. She seems really happy that she can doll herself up as someone else. I think this is what all the girls who like to groom themselves would feel.

“What kind of hairstyle do you find appropriate here, Mi—Shimizu-san?”

Minami hums as she asks Shimizu-san. Huh? Speaking of which, Shimizu-san seems really calm here.

As Shimizu-san continues to look at Minami (or rather, her body), she seems unexpectedly calm for some reason.

“That’s right, it’ll be good to leave the hair down like this. I think it’s good to leave a barrette at the back.”

Shimizu-san seems extremely calm in the face of this Minami she really liked, wanted to see dressed up in the waitress outfit, and actually managed to witness this. it’s very good that she’s not excited and attacking me now, but in a sense, I feel uneasy.

“??? What is it, Shimizu-san? You don’t seem very energetic here, you know?”

I don’t know whether Minami has the same thoughts as I do as she asks Shimizu-san.

“No, it’s not that I’m energetic here, but…”


“For some reason, I feel that there’s something off when I started to look at onee-sama here, and I really can’t get excited here.”


Minami and I can’t help but feel a chill down our backs.

“Some, something off, is it?”

“Wha-what are you saying, Miharu? What’s weird about you here?”

“Well, if I have to say it, onee-sama feels more like a girl than usual.”

“Ah, ahaha. Like a girl, huh? Minami-chan probably wants to try a different style today.”

Minami hurriedly tries to cover for me so that Shimizu-san doesn’t suspect anything.

But what she doesn’t know is that the one who’s said to be more girl-like than usual here is me.

“But for some reason, I feel my heart race when I look at you, Himeji-san.”

“(Shock) Wait…! Are, are you joking?”

Minami hurriedly pulls her distance away from Shimizu-san.

This is really a terrifying beast-like sense of smell here.

“However, I’m still interested in onee-sama’s body!”

Shimizu-san clings onto me while Minami leaves. That’s why I say that I’m really troubled that you’re hugging me now!

“Are, are you satisfied now? There’s still something I have to do—”

“No! It’s rare to see you dressed up so cutely, onee-sama! I have to take an innocent memorabilia photo here. Don’t you agree, Himeji-san?”

“That, that’s right. It’s embarrassing if other people see it, but I think it’s good to have one for keepsake.”

Why are you agreeing here, Minami!? You always wanted to wear this uniform even after saying so much, right? …Well, I’ll be lying if I say that I don’t want to have a threesome photo of Himeji-san, Minami and Shimizu-san in waitress outfit…but I’m really in a rush here!”

“Let’s go take some photos now!”

Shimizu-san is completely unaware of my emotions as she drags me by the hand, wanting to pull me out of the empty classroom.

“Whe-where are we going? It’s embarrassing to walk around like this!”

“That, that’s right! The people on the corridor will be looking at us!”

“No! We can’t take any good photos in this dirty classroom here! Let’s go to a place with proper facilities!”

“A place with facilities, as in?”

“Miharu’s classroom, of course! Miharu has already prepared all sorts of equipment there!”


Resistance is completely futile as Minami and I are dragged out onto the corridor in waitress outfit.

“Arre? The three of you are really dressed up very cutely.”

While we’re headed to D classroom in the new school campus, a girl walking towards us from the front says this to us.

“What fun things are you doing behind my back?”

The one grinning away evilly is A class Kudou Aiko-san. Normally, she’s a nice person with common sense, but she’ll pull pranks whenever there is something fun to do, so we can’t let our guard down.

“This is the uniform from Miharu’s family café. We’re now going for a photo shoot to make memories of love with onee-sama here!”

Shimizu-san, who’s wearing the same outfit as she walks down the corridor, isn’t embarrassed at all as she answers,

“Heh~ it sure looks very fun here!”

Maybe it’s because Kudou-san has nothing to do as she starts to have interest in this topic. Please, I really beg of you, “Since it’s a rare chance, why don’t I bring out the swimsuit used for club activities?”—don’t come up—“Oh, that’s a nice idea!” with such ideas here!

BTS vol 10.5 119.jpg

“Okay! I think my sizing should be similar to Minami-chan.”

The troubles continue to pile up like a snowman here. It’ll be really bad if I wear a swimsuit here! That’s to be worn after I get naked here, right!?

Minami probably feels that a swimsuit would be bad here as she interrupts Kudou-san’s words.

“Wa-wait a second, Aiko-chan! Minami-chan can’t really wear something like a swimsuit here—wait a second, Miharu! Why are you stopping me here!?”

“For the sake of onee-sama in swimsuit!”

Shimizu-san forcefully stops her.

“Let go of me, Miharu! A swimsuit or something similar here will be too much—”

“Ah…speaking of which, Himeji-san today looks especially charming for some reason…I want to keep this up…”


Ugh…! In all sorts of ways, Shimizu-san and Minami have lost it.

“Then, I’ll go over to take them.”

Kudou-san uses this chance to get the swimsuits. What, do you think I will let you go here!?

“Summon, Muttsurini (flip)!”

“…What is it (DABADABADABA)”

I flip the ends of my skirt to summon Muttsurini (who’s still bleeding). If I want to stop Kudou-san, I can only rely on this guy!


Muttsurini, who appeared instinctively, gives me an incredulous look as he stares at my face, but I don’t have the time to explain things now!

I take out the bookmark and hand it over to Muttsurini.

“Muttsurini! Stick this bookmark on Kudou-san’s forehead! Something really erotic will happen “KYAAAHHH!!” as expected of your mobility here, Muttsurini!”

Muttsurini dashes over at blazing speed and sticks the bookmark on Kudou-san’s forehead, causing both of them switch over. Alright! Now both of them can’t move here!

I use this chance to pick up the bookmark Muttsurini dropped onto the floor. Perfect timing, let’s just use this chance to escape!

“Ahem! Onee-sama, where are you going!?”

Just when I was about to run away, Shimizu-san grabs me by the hand. Damn it…! It’s really hard to deal with her when she’s clinging at Minami like this…!

“Then, Kudou-san, Miharu and the rest here will go off here. Please come over to D classroom once you have them.”

Shimizu-san left these words to the two people who remain still after they swapped over, and dragged Minami and me away.

“(Drips)This, this is?…Muttsurini-kun’s body…? Hey, Muttsurini. That’s my body—ah, Muttsurini-kun! Why did you faint out of a sudden!?”

“…Kudou Aiko…why…aren’t you wearing shorts today…!?”

“Eh? Ah, yes. There are days when I don’t feel like wearing them…wait! Why are you asking this out of a sudden…!?”

“…As expected…you…really want to kill me…”

“Now’s not the time to say such things—well, it doesn’t matter. I guess I’ll use this chance to check on your body here, Muttsurini-kun♪”

“…!(shakes head)”

“Eh? No way?”

“…Of course not…!”

“But haven’t you checked my body here, Muttsurini-kun? It’s time for my turn here.”

“…No, move your hand away from the belt…!”

“In exchange, you can do whatever you want to do with my body here, Muttsurini-kun♪”

“…Been there, done that.”

“Wait a sec, Muttsurini-kun. Hasn’t it been only 5 minutes since we swapped around…?”

Minami and I can’t even resist as we’re dragged away by Shimizu-san.

As we arrive at D class, located inside the new building, we can hear buzzing coming from within the classroom.

“Woah, the classroom sure is noisy.”

Even Shimizu-san is overwhelmed by it. As we listen to it, we find that the voices are mainly from the girls. The guys are mostly the noisy ones, so it’s kind of rare to see girls starting a commotion.

“What’s going on inside D classroom?”

“Can’t you tell once you go in?”

Shimizu-san happily opens the door.

What appears in front of me—is the vague scene of Yuuji and me wearing our gym shirts.


The repulsive sense comes so quickly that I can’t even let out a cry here. What, what’s with this unpleasant scene here!? Why are they revealing their chests here!? Why is Yuuji hugging me from behind here!? And most importantly, why are the surrounding people not vomiting in disgust here!?


I don’t know if Shimizu-san has reached the limit here as she immediately faints with her eyes rolled back. Yeah, this is a normal reaction.

“Yoshii-kun, is this what you want me to help you with?”

“That’s right, Kubo-kun. There’s no real reason, but I just want to take some photos out of a sudden. Ah, come over a little closer…okay. let’s start taking photos, Mizuki-chan—ah, no, Yuuji.”

“O, okay…I don’t really know what’s all these about here…heh!”


Yuuji and I stand beside Kubo-kun on both sides as we put our arms on his shoulders. After that, Kubo-kun suddenly can’t maintain his posture once he was grabbed and hurriedly tries to adjust his glasses.




The surrounding girls squeal with excitement as they on.

However, Kubo-kun doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on “???” as he gives a completely puzzled looked on his face.


The loudest of them all seems to be E class’ rep Nakabayashi-san.

“What, what are you all doing, everyone…”

Minami, who’s spacing out beside me, forgets to act as Himeji-san now.

What the heck! I have to end this nightmarish scene as soon as possible, even if it’s one second earlier!

I arm myself with the bookmark, break away from the crowd and head over to my body.

“Huh? Shimada-sa—Minami. What do you want with me?”

Tamano-san immediately imitates me once she sees me approaching. It’s not about “Is there something wrong” here! You’re doing such cruel things to my body here…!

I finally barely manage to swallow my grudges. No, I’m in a girl’s body, and the opponent’s in a guy’s body. I won’t have a chance of winning if I fight head on.

I control my emotions as I try my best to imitate Minami’s verbalism while talking with Tamano-san.

“Really, what are you doing, Aki? Isn’t that stupid?”

Um, my acting’s good. I look like Minami herself no matter how it looks.

“I’m taking some commemorative photos. I want to leave some memories of high school life here. How about you join in, Minami? It’s rare to see you dressed up so cutely.”


I really want to say this…but maybe, this is the chance? I can approach them naturally when taking photos, and I’ll definitely be able to swap over…!

There’s no time to worry about the fine details here. I can’t lose sight of my goal here. Right now, the most important thing is to take the best course of action here.

“Okay then, since it’s a rare chance, I’ll join in too.”

“Okay! What kind of photo do you want to take?”

“Yeah. Then, something like this—”

I time myself as I approach my body.

And then, I raise the bookmark in my hand, holding onto it tightly as if I’m hugging it tightly. I got this—

“What are you using my body to do here, Mizuki!?”

Thud! My head got hit. Damn it! I could have succeeded with just a few millimeters here!

“Mi-Minami. I nearly made it…!”

“It’s not a little bit here! Me hugging Aki in front of so many people, it’s…very, very embarrassing!”

Minami tells me off with the appearance of Himeji-san here. Everyone’s stunned after seeing this Himeji-san that’s different from before.

“Eh? Ah, what? Have I…? Then I really became Sakamoto-kun here? Ahaha…this dream is so interesting, but I’ll be late if I don’t wake up now…”

Himeji-san looks at her own body, and continues to run away from reality as she can’t stand this present truth. I suppose Tamano-san convinced her to help by bluffing her into thinking that “this is a dream”.

“You…you’re not Shimada-san, right? In other words, you swapped around again?”

Tch. She found out!? No, it’s not over yet. I can still do it!

“Swap around? What are you saying, Aki? More than that, how about we take a photo here?”

I give a “is your head alright there” look. Please, just once, even if it’s now, let Hideyoshi’s soul descend upon me here…!

“Wait a second, Mizuki! That’s my body here!”

“Wait a second! What’s going on here! Up till now—”


Tamano-san sees me quarrelling with Minami (in Himeji-san’s body). Stay confused there! I’ll be able to find an opening here!

“Heh!” ← my body flies towards Yuuji.

“Oh, that’s dangerous, Akihisa-kun.” ← Yuuji’s body cuddles me gently.

“Uggghhhh…!” ←Me enduring the urge to cry out in disgust.

“I see, so it’s Aki-chan inside.”

That’s too much…what kind of disgusting thing am I seeing here…

“(KARAK) I spent so much time looking for you here, Akihisa! Hurry up and hand over that bookmark—UWAAH!?”

Suddenly, someone who looks like Tamano-san rushes into the classroom, yelling around because of this unpleasant scene. I guess the person inside is still Yuuji.

“You’re like flies flying towards flames…the only unpredictable factor is right in front of me here. Let me tie you all up here and continue taking photos peacefully—”

Tamano-san is giving off an evil aura.

“—For another 3 months!”

How many thousand photos do you want to take exactly?

“Also, I’ll borrow that cute costume. It’s definitely suitable for Aki-chan…kukuku~”

The evil god with my appearance is closing in.

It’ll be all over if I’m caught here! I’m not aiming for Tamano-san now. I’ll go for the body with the strongest arm strength here!

“This one—!!”

I dodge Tamano-san (in my body) and head to Yuuji’s body where Himeji-san is in. I think it should be easy to swap around with Himeji-san since she hasn’t understood what’s going on here—

“I won’t let you, Akihisa—!”


Yuuji (in Tamano-san’s body) runs over to get in my way. This is bad…!

“Me→in Tamano-san’s body.”

“Yuuji→in Minami’s body.”

Damn it, the strength output’s lower now…!



Guu…! As expected of Yuuji…! He sure thinks fast.

The reason Yuuji’s stopping me is that if I enter Yuuji’s body and get my own body back with my arm strength—


I won’t be able to defeat Yuuji in physical strength, and once I recover, I’ll definitely be forced to retreat. If this isn’t handled well, my body will be taken by Tamano-san again. If I ignore Yuuji here, I’ll probably have to use my all just to swap Himeji-san and Minami back. Yuuji’s body? Ahh, can’t he just change back after I spit on him?

“Listen up, Akihisa. Change my body back first. This is the best choice.”

Yuuji, who’s changed into Minami now, says this,


It’s true that Yuuji’s proposal is the safest. Once he changes back, the rest can be handled through strength. My body, and Himeji-san and Minami’s can change back after that.

…However, I can’t trust this guy at all!

“Relax, Akihisa. I’ll definitely help once we promise to work together. How many times did I not keep my word?”

“You did, lots of promises in fact.”

“Don’t sweat the small details here.”

These details are very important to me.

…However, now’s not the time to worry about that.

“Damn it…! Isn’t there any other way now…!”

“Looks like you understand now, Akihisa.”

Yuuji smiles confidently. Even though he has Minami’s face now, that thoroughly primitive feeling feels just like Yuuji.

“I won’t let you, Aki-chan, Sakamoto-kun! I still have a lot of things I want to do! Mizuki-chan, help me catch these two!”

“Eh? But…”

“Don’t you always want to fight alongside Aki-chan? You can do so now, even though it only looks that way.”

“That, but that’s…”

“It’s fine. It’s just a dream here! This kind of thing can’t possibly happen in reality, right?”

“This is, a dream…”

“Right, it’s all a dream! Just do whatever you want to do and wake up completely refreshed here!”

“Is that so…I understand!”

And just like that, Himeji-san’s tricked by Tamano-san’s sly words. There’re two enemies—Yuuji’s body and mine, and in contrast, we’re two girls here—Tamano-san and Minami’s bodies. There has to be a limit to the number of disadvantages we can have.

Even so, Yuuji and I get into position as we get ready to fight back.

“Isn’t it fun there, Himeji, Tamano? I won’t act like you’re still girls here…today’s a really special day, so get ready.”

Yuuji, who’s in Minami’s body, says this as he undoes the shirt buttons so that he can fight easily, and shakes aside the hair that lands on the shoulders.

“You’re now guys, right? I won’t hold back anymore.”

I tie Tamano-san’s long hair behind so that it won’t get in my way, and clamp it down with the hairpin at the front.

Tamano-san’s probably overwhelmed by our pressure as she futilely tries to bluff her way.

“It, it’s impossible for us to lose here! We’re stronger here, and we have longer limbs!”

That’s true. In terms of strength and attack range, we have no chance of winning at all.

But these aren’t everything. We may be weak, and our reach is small, but it doesn’t mean we’ll definitely lose!

“Let’s go, Yuuji. We have the advantage in terms of experience. We won’t lose to them.”

“Oh, you two, bring it on. I’ll teach you that this world isn’t naïve enough that you can win through brute strength alone.”

Yuuji, with Minami’s appearance now, coolly gets into position now.

I’m already used to fighting strong enemies with weaker strength. The difference in strength–in the summoned beasts battles are much bigger as compared to now.

“Uu…! It, it’s alright, Mizuki-chan! We’ll win if we grab them! Let’s go!”

Tamano-san still tries to step forward.

And so,

“Erm…sorry, but I can’t move here…”


We look towards where the voice came from, and find Himeji-san (in Yuuji’s body) restrained by the arm.

“…I found Yuuji’s body. I never thought that it would be in D class.”

Kirishima-san skillfully grabs Yuuji’s arm.

“Erm, Shouko-chan…? It’s important now, so can you please let go…”

“…It’s alright. It won’t hurt if you don’t resist.”

Kirishima-san says as she takes out a piece of paper.

“…I’ll leave the fingerprint to you, Mizuki.”

“Erm, ‘I agree to have Kirishima Shouko as my wife, and we swear to live together from this day on’…? Is this an oath?’


Yuuji beside me spat out. Huh!? Did Kirishima-san just now say ‘Mizuki’ to Yuuji’s body? How does she know!?

“…I never thought that the book was actually real. This is really a happy miscalculation.”

Kirishima-san pins Himeji-san (in Yuuji’s body) as she says this softly. She actually noticed that everyone swapped around…as expected of the owner of the book.




“Nn~…Well, it’s a dream. Let’s just fulfill Shouko-chan’s wish here☆”

“…Thank you, Mizuki.”


The thumb of Yuuji’s body presses onto the ink slab.

The thumb’s about to press onto the document. At this moment—

“Seriously, you people…how about you revert back to normal before Ironman starts growling?”

Hideyoshi appears with that black magic book and rips out the pages.


And then, our sights turn dark as dizziness set in.

This, this feeling is…


“Oh, you’re awake now, Akihisa.”

I widened my eyes and saw Hideyoshi’s face in front of me.

“Ah, Hideyoshi. Erm…huh? My body…”

“Looks like you’re back to normal now. I’m relieved here.”

It’s just like what Hideyoshi said. I’ve returned to this familiar body I’m used to.

“Let’s retreat before anything troublesome happens.”

Hideyoshi stands up, wanting to leave D classroom.

“Ah, wait, Hideyoshi!”

“What is it?”

“What happened just now? What did you do?”

I fainted after Hideyoshi appeared, and when I recovered, I reverted back to normal. What exactly happened here?

“That strange book of yours had a ‘recovery method’ written inside it, and I’d just followed through with it. You swapped around with many people, right?”

“Heh? Recovery method…?”

“The page you guys opened had it written.”

Hideyoshi said in a rather absent-minded tone.

Isn’t there such a method to turn everyone back to normal without so much trouble here!? Yuuji you idiot! You could have solved things if you read it through carefully! It’s because you’re scared of Himeji-san’s homemade tacos that things ended up like this!...Well, I suppose I’m at fault for not reading the book carefully too…

“But you really believe that we swapped around, and not think that it’s a lie here.”

“Muu…yeah. It’s true that it’s so ridiculous it’s unbelievable…but your appearance and inside were all so messed up that I could sense it.”

We never actually talked to Hideyoshi much today! How is he so sharp here!?

“Or rather, I understood what was going on after reading the book. I just felt that it all makes sense here.”

Muu…is that so…I myself won’t believe in a swap around or something, but I’ll be able to understand if I understand things from Hideyoshi’s viewpoint, I guess…?

“Well, it doesn’t matter now. I manage to recover thanks to you, Hideyoshi. You’ve been a great help.”

Either way, things are solved because of Hideyoshi here. Thank goodness.

“Um. Then, leaving aside that. Akihisa…”


“Did you do anything to Minami?”

“Eh? What’s with that out of a sudden?”

“Erm, well…”


“Because she’s giving off a killing intent behind you now, so I’m wondering if you did anything here.”


“Hey~ Aki~ can you please come over for a while?”

And right behind my back, at a very close position, the call that seems to ring from hell came.

Ah, I might end up dead here.

“What, what is it, Minami? Something important you want to say?”

I’m so terrified that I don’t even dare to look behind as I ask.

“It’s nothing, not something really important here.”

“Is-is that so? It’s not something important, right? That’s good, then next time—”

“Un. That’s because I decided that I’ll kill you no matter what you do.”


“Oh? Then let me ask here…you were the one inside my body when we were changing, right?”

It’s pointless to say ‘it’s not’ now. Anyway, it might be a little better to answer honestly and ask for forgiveness now.


“Is that so—I see. So you’ve seen my body, Mizuki and Miharu’s and touched them just now.”

“But listen to me, Minami!”

“Yes yes. You’re really an honest kid, Aki.”

“There’s a complicated reason for this here—”

“And as a reward for your honestly, I’ll give you a ‘it hurts it hurts’ here, okay?”

“‘It hurts it hurts’!? What’s that!? There’s no cuteness shown here at all! Just the massacre element being multiplied here!?”

“And then, a ‘it's high, it's high’ to follow after that.”

“That ‘it's high, it's high’ is too scary after those words before. WAIT, STOP…NOOOOOOO!!!!”

And just like that, my miserable experience ends up finishing off these many mishaps.

“Speaking of which, that was really cool~”

“Yeah. It’s that ‘I’ll teach you that this world isn’t naïve enough that you can win through brute strength alone’ line, right? She said that so fearlessly even with that Sakamoto as the opponent! That’s the best!”

“That person’s F class’ Shimada Minami-san right? I’ve fallen for her!”

“Me too!”

“This is the first time my heart races when I see someone of the same gender here!”

—And without anyone knowing, this left a small impression amongst the girls of D class.


  1. Japanese pronouns mess again. Akihisa uses boku, Yuuji uses ore. I have a list of Japanese pronouns here, [1], and on a side note, I should start following the terminology guidelines, but it’s kinda too late, huh?
  2. ウチ