Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume2 The Third Question

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The Third Question

In order to decide what kind of activity the class should do, can all students please assist in this survey.

'What kind of attire is suitable for running a teahouse?'

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

'A cute apron commonly used at home'.

Teacher's comment:

It really does have the atmosphere for a school festival, and doesn't require a lot of money, a rather good idea.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'Skirt 15cm above the knees, the upper body must be like the skirt, with a nice emphasis on the bustlines while keeping a strong sense of elegance. I hope that a light blue colour with white as the base colour can be used. The tray should be made of shiny silver that can reflect the face onto it, and the shop's logo should be on it. The shoes should be high heels, 5cm tall—'

Teacher's comment:

BTS vol 02 077.jpg

You don't have to write on the back of the paper, do you?

Akihisa Yoshii's answer:


Teacher's comment:

Sensei believes that you mistook 'brassiere' for 'blazer'.

"Sakamoto normally looks like an idiot, but his leadership is really impressive."

"Yup, normally, he'll be an ordinary idiot."

It's the morning of the Cool Summer Festival today.

From the normal dirty classroom, our classroom has transformed into a Chinese teahouse.

"On first glance, this table seems really different from what it really is."

The tables placed around the classroom are actually just those cardboard boxes that we use in class. By arranging them neatly and putting a nice tablecloth over it, even lousy boxes can become a luxurious table.

"Ah, this is done by Kinoshita-san. I don't know where he got this beautiful tablecloth, but he was able to turn them into tables quickly and skillfully." Himeji-san stares at Hideyoshi with respect.

I see. This tablecloth is a prop that belongs to the drama club. No wonder the quality is so good.

"Hm, though it looks decent, it'll be different once we pull up the tablecloth."

Hideyoshi pulls up the tablecloth. What appears underneath are the dirty cardboard boxes that we're so used to seeing.

"Our shop rating will drop a lot if the customers see this."

Minami came up beside me and observes. She's right. If these kind of lousy cardboard boxes are to be seen, it'll cause our shop to have a bad reputation.

"It'll be no problem. Nobody will bother to look at them so closely. Even if they're to be discovered, I'll tell that person to hide that secret in the heart."

"That's right. Nobody would deliberately flip up the tablecloth just to stir trouble."

If there's anyone who'll do this, then that person has no other motive except to disrupt our business.

"The decorations inside the room are pretty as well, so there should be no problems, right?"

For the standards of a school festival, this is rather excessive. With this, there should be a lot of people coming over.

"...The tea's perfect as well."


Muttsuriini's voice suddenly came from behind. He still good at hiding his presence, but I do feel that there's no need for this in everyday life.

"Muttsuriini, is the kitchen side OK?"

"...Try it."

After saying it, Muttsuriini presents a wooden tub, tea and sesame balls are placed on the ceramic plate.

"Wa...looks yummy..."

"Tsuchiya, you don't mind if I eat this, right?"

"...(nods his head)"

"Then I won't hold back now."

Himeji-san, Minami-san and Hideyoshi all reached their arms out, popping the just fried and warm sesame ball into their mouths.

"Woah, it's good!"

"Ya! Crispy on the outside, yet chewy, the texture is great!"

"Sweet, yet not too sweet, it's good."

The snacks are rated highly. Girls really like sweets huh, all three of them.

"The tea is good as well, this is wonderful..."


Himeji-san and Minami look rather dreamy-eyed as they descend into dreamland. Is it really this good?

"Then I'll have one."

Muttsuriini passes the remaining ball over to me.

Because there's no toothpick, I took it with my hand and took a small bite.

"Mmmm, rough and hard on the outside, sticky on this inside, not too sweet or too spicy—ARGHH!!"

A sound that no human can make came out of my mouth, and what appear in front of me are the memories of my 16 years. Ahh, those are the wonderful...wait a sec, aren't these the final lights before death?

"Ah, Himeji made that."

"...! (Stuffs it in frantically)"

"Mu, Muttsuriini! Why must you reveal such a terrified expression and stuff that sesame ball into my mouth? Impossible! I can't do it!"

Muttsuriini stuffs the remaining half of the sesame ball into my mouth. This is a special snack that will cause people to see the white lights!

No ordinary person should be allowed to eat it!

"Hey guys, I'm back—"

At that moment, Yuuji came back.

"Ah, Yuuji, welcome back."

"Hm? What's this, this looks good. How's the taste?"

After that, he pops the biochemical weapon that I took a bite of into his mouth without any hesitation.

"...What a great guy."

"Yuuji, you're now emitting the brightest glow here."

"I don't know what you're saying...hmm, rough and hard on the outside, sticky on this inside, a bit too sweet and too spicy—ARGHH!!"

Ah, such a familiar scene.

"Ah—Yuuji, does it taste good?"

I tried to use my eyes to say this to Yuuji, 'Himeji-san made this, you probably won't say anything too much, right?' as he lies on the ground.

However, I can't make eye contact with him, I'm just afraid that he doesn't get the message.

"Hoo, seems like there's no problem."

Yuuji, who's still lying on the ground, finally replies, "Can I cross that bridge now?"

That must be the Sanzu river.

"Yuu, Yuuji! You can't cross it! You can't come back if you cross it!"

Thinking about how one bite can become a fatal blow, the food that Himeji-san makes is still extremely terrifying.

"Eh? What's wrong? What happened to Sakamoto-san?"

Himeji-san, who's been eating the normal sesame ball and living in dreamland, finally senses that something is wrong. It's great that she didn't see what happened.

"Yeah, Sakamoto, are you alright?"

Up till now, Minami was also stuck in dreamland. Maybe the good sesame balls are delicious, so we can expect a boom in sales.

"There's no problem, he just got a cramp. Oi, Yuu—ji—stand—up—now—"

Anyway, I jokingly called Yuuji to get up. However, my hand is pressing against his heart. Right now, the chances of him surviving are half!

"60,000? Are you kidding!? If you have to pay a toll to cross the river, it has to be the San—ACK!"

Ah, good, he's successfully revived without anyone knowing.

"Yuuji, did your leg get a cramp?"

Before he said something unnecessary, I spoke up. There's no time for eye contact this time.

"A cramp? Are you kidding me, it's that ball—"

"...Then I'll let you have another one."

"I got a cramp because I hardly exercise."

Luckily, Yuuji's mind is good. Even if it's me, I don't want to kill my classmate.

(...Akihisa, I'll kill you one day.)

(...No can do. I'll get rid of you before you can kill me.)

Our little laughter contains a conversation full of killing intent. See, we're rather close.

"Hm, Sakamoto seems to get cramps on his leg very often, huh?"

Not good. The same situation as a while back made Minami suspicious.

"Ah, you see, Yuuji has too much excess fat, right? It's easy to get cramps, just like how Minami gets cramps on her chest, so she should understand—GUAH!!"

"...There's no need for me to take action, huh."

Yuuji stares at me with much pity as I took a punch from Minami. Why do I feel that this sort of thing has been happening to me too many times recently...

"Come to think of it, Yuuji, where did you go?"

Hideyoshi changed the topic smoothly. As expected of someone who knows what's going on.

"Hm, I went to discuss something."

It's rare for Yuuji to use such an ambiguous tone.

Actually, he went to decide the subjects under the principal's orders. But we can't say this dishonest method so easily, so Yuuji just made up an ambiguous answer on the spot.

"Oh, so that's what happened~ it's been hard on you."

Himeji-san won't doubt anyone as she says this, giving a smile. Such an obedient girl.

"Nope, don't mind it. More importantly, the teahouse can operate now, right?"

"That's correct."

"...No problems with the tea and snacks."

Is there really no problem? A hint of unrest crept up in me as I wonder whether the ones Himeji-san made got mixed in.

"Alright, then I'll let Hideyoshi and Muttsuriini handle the teahouse for now. Akihisa and I have to settle the first summoning battle."

After saying this, he pats on the backs of both Hideyoshi and Muttsuriini.

"Eh, you're participating in the summoning tournament as well?"

Minami looks like she's trying to confirm something as she stares at me.

"Eh? Ah, mm, because of some matters."

I gave an ambiguous answer. The school principal told us not to 'tell anyone about the inside story regarding the tickets', thus, I can't talk about it. But, why not?

"Are you...aiming for the prize...?"

Minami looks over with a probing look.

"Hm—something like that."

To be specific, we just want to exchange the prizes for the improvement in facilities.

If so, can we also exchange the platinum bracelets? According to rumours, there are bracelets that allow a person to summon two summoned beasts and can also replace teachers to be some sort of witness. Though I don't really want it, it's nice to wear it if I can get it.

"...You want to go there?"


Minami narrowed her eyes. This, this is...killing intent!

"Yoshii-kun, I also want to know, who do you want to go with?"

Before I noticed it, Himeji-san has gone into battle mode as well.

Both of them must be talking about the tickets.

This is bad! I never intended to go with anyone, just wanted to hand it over to the principal. However, due to the agreement, I can't say the reason so honestly...

"Akihisa is going with me."

Just as I'm struggling to find an answer, Yuuji quipped.

On hearing this, Minami widened her eyes wide. Ho hum, it's not strange for you to find it weird.

"EH? You're going to use the tickets to go on the 'Happy Journey' with Sakamoto...?"

Because this is a new development that even I'm shocked by it.

You idiot! Who wants to go on a happy journey with Yuuji!? This will cause a super huge misunderstanding!!!

(Akihisa, endure it! That old hag will break the agreement if this gets revealed!!)

Yuuji whispered to me. Though I'm not willing in the slightest, this is for Himeji-san. Looks like Yuuji is enduring the pain of being misunderstood as a homo. In this situation, I must hang on...

"I refused a few times, but I couldn't get rid of him."


"Aki, compared to Kinoshita, you're obviously more attracted to Sakamoto..."


Not good. If this keeps up, the wrong information will be leaked to the outside world. My ranking on the 'most suitable to be a homosexual student' will go up!!

"Yoshii-kun. As you're a guy, if possible, try to be interested in girls..."

"If it was possible, Akihisa wouldn't be so tired."


One day, I'll settle the score with this guy.

"Ah, time's almost up. Time to go, Akihisa."

"Ugh! Anyway, it's a misunderstanding!!"

Like a small fry running away and giving some vicious words to defend himself, Yuuji and I leave the classroom behind us.

"Ahem—and now, the first summoning battle will officially begin now."

The summoning event is held at the special stage located at the field.

"Before the third battle begins, we won't be showing the battles to outsiders, so do your best."

The one in charge of this is the maths teacher, Kinouchi-sensei, so of course, the topic tested is maths.

"Let's do our best, Ritsuko."


The two girls, who are our opponents, nod their heads. This is truly a scene worth smiling at.

Come to think of it, where have I seen them before...

"Then, summon your beasts."


As both of them shouted, the familiar magic array appeared beside them. Two miniature head-sized test summon beasts that take the appearance of the summoners appear from them.

B class, Iwashita Ritsuko, Maths 179 points & B class, Kikuiri Mayumi, Maths 163 points.

Two summoned beasts that possess similar equipment appear opposite. They have Western style helmets and swords. They look like a much weakened version of Himeji-san's summoned being.

"Then we should start summoning as well."



Our summoned beasts appear. My summoned beast is still equipped with a modified uniform and a wooden sword. On the other hand, the one hailed as a genius, our class rep's summoned beast is—


It doesn't look like it's holding anything. Is it an invisible sword?

"You idiot, look closely."

Yuuji lets the summoned beast raise its fists for me to inspect,

"Isn't it wearing metal knuckles?"

"You, you small fry! There's small fry here!"

How is it possible to have such a weak summoned beast? Though the knuckles are his weapons, I have never seen a summoned beast that has such lousy equipment!

"We're coming up, you field trip brothers."

"Ritsuko, that's wrong, they're delinquents."

Our summoned beasts are wearing modified uniforms, one with a wooden sword and one with metal knuckles. Even then, we can't deny the mocking of the opponent.

F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, Maths 179 points & F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Maths 63 points.

Our marks are shown on the screen as reference.

"Oi, Yu...Yuuji!"


"Why's your score so high?"

To think that he got 179, it's comparable to B class. He's supposed to be an idiot! HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE AN IDIOT!!

"Ever since the last summoning battle, I started to study hard in order to beat 'A' class."

For some reason, Yuuji is saying this with an unhappy look.

To be able to improve so much in such a short time? As expected of the man hailed as a genius.

"However, why do you want to work hard?"

Yuuji should be trying to prove that 'those who can't study can still succeed' as he challenged 'A' class. Is there a reason for him not to lose, even if he has to go against his ideals?

"Before this, Shouko asked me a question."

"What question?"

"...Where do we have our wedding?"

Kirishima-san is really fond of him, eh?



I held onto Yuuji from the back as he's about to run off the stage.

I see, that's why Yuuji has started to study.

"Can you guys get started?"

Kinouchi-sensei looks at us worriedly, and the other two competitors seem rather surprised.

"Ah, we're sorry. There's no problem, you see."

"I don't want to have the wife's family name...! I don't want to become Kirishima Yuuji—UWAAHH!! WHAT?"

Anyway, let's punch him a few times to get him back to normal. This is another method to repair Yuuji once he's spoilt—the second way.

"Though sensei is a bit worried, please start the match."

After saying this, Kinouchi-sensei started to back away, as according to standard procedures.

Facing against the opponent, our match is about to begin.



""Let's go!!""

After calling each other's names, both of our opponents nodded their heads, and then start moving about as if they're trying to surround us.

"Oh~ their teamwork is decent."

"It's not bad. For girls when they like to go play housework, it's rather notable."

Yuuji and I nodded at each other. With our deep bonds, we only need to look at each other in order to understand the other person's thoughts.



The duo from B class seem a bit angry as they argue back.

Can't stand them. Since it has come to this—let us show you what is real teamwork.


I glance at my partner, my eyes stating my intentions. With our deep relationship, we only need to exchange glances in order to understand what we're both thinking.


I also nod my head in response to my partner's call. We both then took a deep breath, each saying our own suggestions.


Our suggestions are completely the same as both of us jump back at the same time.

"Yuuji, what's the idea! How do we settle this when both of us want to let the other person handle the opponents!?"

"Nope, this is definitely the time for you to step up, no? I haven't summoned any beasts in the summoning battle the last time, did I?"

"What!? You useless bum! At least you'll be my shield!"

"What do you mean by 'useless'! Your score's like trash!"

"You're rather talkative, eh? ALRIGHT, GET OUT OF HERE!!"

"Just what I wanted!!"

We both grabbed each other's collar. I had never expected him to be this stupid!!

"Boys' friendship is really weird..."

"Good thing we're girls."

EH! They dare to look down on us like that!

"...Ah, ahem."

In order to drag the time on and make our opponents forget about the commotion just now, I coughed for a while and said, "Looks like our teamwork is evenly matched, huh?"

""EH EH!?""

The two girls responded in unison. What's with them revealing this sort of expression!?

"However, besides observation, we have something called 'intelligence'! Even if our teamwork is comparable, if it's fighting smartly, we'll definitely win!"

"Don't mind them, that guy is somewhat on that side."

Though it seems that the world's evaluation of me is heading in a certain direction, it's better not to think about it right now.

"Yuuji, hurry up and present the battle plan!"

I said to Yuuji, who's standing beside me. One thing to note is that I had never thought anything related to this battle.

"Alright, this is my battle plan."

Yuuji enthusiastically laid out the battle plan.

"Akihisa is to hold off one of the opponents—"

"Uh huh."

"—And Akihisa is to beat the other opponent at the same time."

"Wouldn't I be doing both things at the same time!?"

I have a feeling that Yuuji made this plan up as he was bored.

"Akihisa! At this point, there's no room for little tricks! Fight with the opponent head on!"

"Though I know that you can't think of anything and just made it up, I understand! We would win if we beat our opponents one on one!"

Our summoned beasts rushed head-on towards the opponents, what battle plan-this is what weaklings will think of!

"Ritsuko, what do we do now?"

"We can't lose to such stupid opponents! Fight them head on!"


The battle is no longer two on two, but one on one. My opponent is the long haired girl called Ritsuko.

"Hyyaahh!!" The opponent swung her longsword down. I moved in response to her movement and let my summoned beast move sideways.

"You!!" After the attack was dodged, the opponent came hacking around in large movements. I measured the distance and moved back by a small bit.

"You bastard! WATCH THIS!!" I let my summoned beast dodge the longsword that's being swung around madly, with the least amount of movement required.

"Uu...why do I feel that I'm bullying the weak?"

The opponent doesn't look like she can control her summoned beast so well.

Come to think of it, she was beaten by Himeji-san in one hit. That was a rare chance for her to gain some experience, yet she was forced out of the battle in a moment. It's obvious that she can't control her summoned beast.

Even so, it'll be endless if I continue to dodge.

"Guess it's time for me—to fight back!" After avoiding these huge movements, my body double grips hard onto the wooden sword and turns defense into attack.

"EH? WAAHH! KYYYAHHH!!" If I wasn't aiming for the gaps between the armour plates, my attacks wouldn't have any effect at all. In an instant, I aimed for the opponent's brow, neck and thigh. Since my attack is weak, we'll decide this by the number of hits!

...However, wearing a modified uniform and wielding a wooden sword to attack a girl crazily, I look like a bad guy no matter what...


Why do I feel that there's a much more vicious voice coming from afar? While being wary of the opponent, I glanced to the other side. In front of me, there's a beast wielding knuckles versus a weird beast wielding a longsword. Metal knuckles are unexpectedly vicious.

"...As an educator, I really wish that Sakamoto and Yoshii would lose."

I heard Kinouchi-sensei mutter this. This current scene probably reminds him of cute girls being bullied by delinquents. If I wasn't the one involved, I would definitely agree with him.

"HERE'S THE FINAL BLOW!!" Yuuji delivered a punch from the summoned beast into the opponent's abdomen. Yuuji is different from me, his marks are great, and thus his summoned beast's power is great, thus the fist can hit through the armour onto the main body.

"Then, I guess I should end this."

Though my power is weak, the battered opponent was hit by numerous attacks, and now unable to endure this one full-power hit. Just like this, everything was over.

"Uuuuu!! This is too much!!!"

"To think that we lost to the likes of them!!"

Both our opponents glared at us.

Sigh, to be described as 'the likes of them', it really hurts me.

"...The winners are Sakamoto and Yoshii."

Kinouchi-sensei doesn't look pleased at all as he announces this. Anyway, we have passed one stage.

"We got a win, Akihisa."


Yuuji's battle prowess is unexpectedly strong. This made me feel relieved. He didn't meet any trouble during the battle just now, what a guy, to be able to do everything.

"Then, let us—"


We reveal a smile, extending our hand out to each other.



After our deathmatch, our friendship just got stronger.

"Akihisa and Yuuji, can both of you stop fighting and get back to the classroom?"

Just as I was confirming my friendship with my partner, Hideyoshi rushed over to the special stage at the field. Looking at him being so breathless, it seems that there's something important.

"Eh? There's something on at the teahouse?"

"Mn, we got some troublesome customers. Sorry, can we talk as we move?"

"Ah, ngh, I got it."

Yuuji and I followed Hideyoshi. It seems like there's really something wrong at the shop.

"...Is someone interrupting our business?"

Yuuji narrows his eyes as he walks. This look is similar to the one he showed when he met the principal. He must have thought of something.

"Ah haha, how is that possible? There can't possibly be anyone who'll disrupt other people's business, right? Even if they did this, I don't think there's any benefit."

The most is that we won't be able to concentrate fully on the tournament.

"Nope, it's like what Yuuji guessed."

Hideyoshi tilts his perfect face. Don't tell me someone came to pick on us?

"They're third-years from our school."

It's not much of a problem if it's outsiders, but third years? Really, they should be the most mature students.

In truth, Yuuji can really fight, so he's the most suited for this.

"Is this an attitude of trying to request others for help?...Never mind. If the teahouse isn't successful, the Himeji that Akihisa likes so much will be transferring schools. I'll help out."

"OI! I didn't even mention this...!!"

"Ah—I got it, I got it."

"I can't even tell that from your attitude!"

As I walked, I grumbled at Yuuji who made fun of me. As we walked, we arrived in front of the classroom. Though the classroom is nearby, noise can be heard from inside, loud enough to be heard throughout the corridor.

"Uu, it's those guys."

"Then, let me settle this."

Moving his neck, making a cracking sound, Yuuji places his hand on the door. Really, his strength becomes so uncontrollable when this sort of thing happens.


Once Yuuji opened the door, the insults came flying to our ears. Seems like they're unhappy that we're using the tablecloths to cover the cardboard boxes, so they flipped the tablecloths over and made a ruckus. Really, they're just like delinquents.

"Wow...this is really bad..."

"Looks like the shop owners are trying to pull a fast one on us."

"Even if it's only a school festival, it's still a food store, no...?"

On seeing this, the customers started to murmur. Not good. For a teahouse, these kind of negative remarks are rather serious.

"Yuuji, the business would be badly affected if we don't settle this."

"You're right...Hideyoshi, come over here for a while."

"Is there anything you need?"

"I need you to prepare something."

Yuuji whispered a few words to Hideyoshi. Since he's asking Hideyoshi, maybe he's requesting for some props from the drama club?

"I can prepare it...but we have only two of them."

"That's enough, I'll get some from another place later."

"Understood, then I'll go and come back fast."

After saying this, Hideyoshi gathered a few classmates and quickly left.

"Akihisa, remember the features of those punks."

Yuuji gave me these commands before he slowly and heavily approached the customers who were still grumbling.

"...Though I don't know what's going on, no problem."

Yuuji probably intends to take revenge after this. Anyway, better remember how they look like.

There are two people who are looking for trouble, and both of them are boys. One of them is of normal build and has a rare Mohican hairstyle. The other one is also of normal build, 175cm tall, and bald. It's easy to remember the hairstyles that these two guys have.

"Really, is the representative not here? The class representative—OOOHH!"

"I'm the class representative, Sakamoto Yuuji. Is there anything that you're unsatisfied with the shop?"

Like a shop attendant, Yuuji lowers his head. He wouldn't seem any different from a model shop owner if he didn't punch the guy before he spoke.

"I'm not really unhappy, but my companion got punched..."

The Mohican head that wasn't punched looked surprised. This is to be expected. Even I would be shocked if my friend got punched away.

"Is this an insult to my motto of—'starting communication with a fist'?"

Such a terrifying method of communication.

"Stop, stop joking, you bastard...! What kind of communication is that?"

"After that, it'll be 'a kick to proceed with the conversation'. Lastly, there would be 'a trip to end this conversation' waiting for you."

"I, I got it! We'll let Shunpei talk with you! I didn't do anything, no need to negotiate with me!"

"Wa...wait a sec, Tsunemura! You're selling me out!!?"

The one panicking as he said this is the baldy, the guy called Shunpei. Since it's so hard to remember his name, I'll just call them 'Shunpei baldy, and Mohican Tsunemura'.

"Now, Toko-Natsu[1] group, do you still want to negotiate?"

Ah, Yuuji took off his mask. Looks like he can't maintain this polite attitude for long.

Come to think of it, it's really nice to call them the Toko-Natsu group. I'll give you credit for that.

"No, that's enough. We'll leave."

"Is that so? Then..."

After nodding his head hard, Yuuji grabbed Tsunemura's (baldy) waist.


"With this, our negotiations are complete."

After doing a reverse slam, Yuuji stood up without any problems. If possible, I hope that this kind of communication method won't spread about.

"You, you better remember it!!"

The Mohican-head senpai carried his accomplice, who fainted, and left the scene. With this the problem should be settled—

"We can't really carry on eating now."

"Too bad, they have such wonderful food."

"Looks like we'll get stomachaches if we eat these."

—well, maybe.

The secret of the tables is exposed to everyone. At this moment, a rattling sound is heard as someone stood up. It's the director of studies, Fukuhara-sensei. Did he specially came over to support our class?

"Let's change shops."

"Then let's do it."

"Ah, excuse me, distinguished guests."

Once someone stood up, the remaining customers left their seats. This should be called mass psychology. In this situation, the bad assessment will spread throughout the school like wildfire.

"We're very sorry. Because the restaurant was so packed, we couldn't get the tables here in time, and had to use these boxes for now. However, the real tables are here now, so everyone, please continue eating your meals."

Yuuji bows towards the customers that were preparing to leave. Behind him, Hideyoshi and several other boys are moving some high quality tables here.

Are those... the large props tables from the drama club? I see. We can show the customers that we care about hygiene. Seems like Yuuji has thought about how others view this teahouse.

"Eh? We're changing tables?"

At this moment, a girl's voice can be heard from behind.

"Ah, welcome back, Minami and Himeji-san, how's the first battle?"

"Hm, at least we won."

Himeji-san gave a victory handsign. Though I don't feel that she's someone who focuses a lot on winning, but in this situation, it's definite that she would want to win.

"Forget about that, can we change the tables now? The drama club doesn't have that many tables, no?"

Minami is right. Hideyoshi just said that there are only two tables. But come to think of it, we can't let the remaining tables be like this...

"Then, we'll change every single table one by one once they arrive. All customers who haven't finished their meals, please move to these tables and finish up."

After saying this, Yuuji moved to the corridor, where we were standing.

"Hoo, we can only do this for now."

Yuuji sighs lightly. Maybe using such politeness for quite a while makes him tired.

"You've worked hard, Yuuji."

"Though I don't know what's going on, it's been hard on you."

"You've worked hard."

"Oh, Himeji and Shimada? From what I can tell from seeing your faces, it seems that you have won."

Though he's saying this, Yuuji doesn't look like he's worried about whether both of them would win. From the looks of it, it seems like he's confident that they will win if they work together.

"Well, ya. Forget about that, how's the teahouse?"

Because of the commotion just now, a lot of customers had left. The success of the teahouse would be closely related to whether Himeji-san would be staying. We can't let it fail now.

"It'll be alright if someone doesn't come over and mess things up."

Yuuji's tone made me feel weird. It's like he's expecting people to create even more trouble...

"Excuse me, are the tables we brought in enough?"

"Ah, yeah. About this...Akihisa, how much longer till the second match?"

I look at my watch. Our next match starts at 11am, so—

"About an hour."

"Really? We don't have much time then...I'll be gone for a while. Akihisa, follow me."

Yuuji points his fingers and signals for me to follow.

"Is it alright for us to not help?"

Not being called, Minami asks this. Seems like Minami also wants to work hard for Himeji-san. I'm really happy about this enthusiasm.

"You two are to stay here and be waitresses. Use your smiles to try and change their bad impressions, got it?"

"Yes! I'll do my best!"

Of course, Himeji-san is really enthusiastic about this. So good...I want to be one of the customers and enjoy her smile.

"Oi, Akihisa, we're going."

"Ah, nn. Where are we going?"

As I called Yuuji, his lips curl up evilly, saying "We're looking for tables."

An evil smile appears on Yuuji's face.




We continued to dash down the corridor, running away from Takehara-sensei, who was chasing after us.

Why are we running? Because there's a staircase in front of us—of course it's not like that.



It's because we stole the tables from the school's waiting room.

"Come to think...of it...why, can, they, run, so, fast, even, with, those, tables..."

Hasegawa-sensei, who was running behind Takehara-sensei, said those incomprehensible words. Is sensei not physically fit enough since he's not taking P.E. lessons?"

"Anyway, once we get these into the teahouse, they're ours! Even if they're teachers, they can't confiscate these tables when ordinary customers are using them!!"

This despicable bastard! Thanks to him, my reputation has been hit really badly.

"If so, we'll get Nishimura-sensei to help—"

Takehara-sensei whips out his phone. That Nishimura is IRONMAN!! Trying to avoid Ironman in this situation is like trying to step into the sky!!


"Got it!!"

I kicked a slipper above Yuuji as I ran.

"Eat this!!"


At that moment, Yuuji instantly does an acrobatic bicycle kick on that slipper. This shot lands directly onto Takehara-sensei's wrist. The cellphone flies in mid-air before rolling onto the floor of the corridor.

"Then, we wish for the good health of the teachers. Bye bye!!"

"Ahh, my slipper..."

As Takehara-sensei picks up his phone, we dashed forward, and making sure that the teachers can't find us, we put the tables down

before sending the location to Hideyoshi's cellphone. Now, our classmates should come out and bring the tables back to the teahouse.

"Yosh! Now for the waiting room of the teacher's office. After this, we'll go for the second match!"

"Hoo...Yuuji and I would definitely be suspended after this..."

Thanks to us using all sorts of unscrupulous tactics to steal tables from all over the school, we finally managed to get enough tables. Now, the bad comments will vanish, and there wouldn't be too many problems with the teahouse.

BTS vol 02 101.jpg

"Then, who's our next opponent in the second match?"

I asked Yuuji as both of us headed towards the special stage.

As both of us worked on the 'battle of taking the tables', we didn't really have enough time to investigate who our next opponents would be. I just hope that the opponent is really weak.

"From the schedule, it seems that we will win, just like I predicted."

I look at where Yuuji was looking. At this moment, our opponents had already gotten into position and were waiting.

"Oh my? And I thought who they are. They're the love-birds class representatives from class B and C."

"Yo...Yoshii and Sakamoto!? You're our opponents?"

The people who made our faces cringe are the representatives of class B and C, Nemoto-san and Koyama-san. Are the two of them dating?

"What now, Nemoto-san? Since our opponents are the idiots from class F, wouldn't this be an automatic win?"

Hm—to say such bad things about others. Koyama-san's personality is still rather bad.

Being with Nemoto-san really suits her. This is a really irritating couple.

"And now, the second match of the summoning tournament will begin."

At least the English teacher, Endo-sensei, would cut some slack.


The four students present summoned their beasts.

B class, Nemoto Kyoji, English 199 points & C class, Koyama Yuuka, English 165 points.

As expected of the class representatives of B and C teaming up, their marks are rather good.

F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, English 73 points & F class, Akihisa Yoshii, English 59 points.

Yuuji and my marks are also shown on the screen.

English isn't my best subject, and Yuuji hasn't started studying English, so our marks are a lot inferior.

Even so, Yuuji didn't choose this subject in the first round, but the second round. Now I know the reason. Because we couldn't use any tricks in the first round, but we can do so now in the second round.

"Then, Yuuji, bring that thing out."

If the opponent is Nemoto-san, this guy wouldn't forget to bring it.

"Oh? Are you talking about this?"

After saying this, Yuuji pulls out something. It's the exclusive album of Nemoto Kyoji's photos 'Come look at the new me!' Honestly, even if I'm told to look at it, I don't even want to look at it...

"THAT, THAT IS...!!"

Nemoto-san's face immediately froze.

These are the photos of Nemoto-san forced into female clothes when he lost during the last summoning battle. If possible, he might want to bring this together into his grave. However, this is punishment for him toying with Himeji-san's feelings during the last summoning battle!! I won't let him off so easily!!

"Then Nemoto-san, if you don't want us to spread these around—"

While I was speaking, someone tapped me on the shoulder several times. What now?

"Oi oi oi, I say, Akihisa, you're talking to the wrong person!"

"Eh? Really?"

Seems like the person who tapped my shoulder was Yuuji. But besides Nemoto-san, who can I negotiate with...

"Oi, I don't know whether you're Nemoto's girlfriend or just class C's representative, the girl down there, listen up."


Koyama-san looked rather surprised as she stared at the photo album in Yuuji's hand. Seems like she doesn't know what they are.

"Look at this."

After saying this, Yuuji flips open to the first page. Inside, there's a photo of Nemoto-san wearing a skirt and staring shyly far away.


Ah, unknowingly, we won. This is so boring.

"Akihisa, hold down Nemoto."

"Ngn, got it."

I followed Yuuji's instructions, pulling Nemoto-san from behind as he tried to grab that album away.

"Alright, then, class C's representative. If you want this album, lose to us."


Nemoto-san let out a sobbing sound. Seeing such a tragic scene, even I would find it rather sad.

Using this form of negotiation, not only would Nemoto-san lose the match, his (probable?) girlfriend will also see the album of his embarrassing photos. To him, it's not even raining, it's pouring.

"...I accept. It'll be our loss."

"I guess that means we have an agreement."

BTS vol 02 105.jpg

An evil smile appeared on Yuuji's face.


Nemoto-san's pleas seem so empty, because Koyama-san is flipping through the photo album.

"Akihisa, the winner has been decided. I'm worried about the state of the teahouse. Let's go."

"You're right. Then, Endo-sensei, we win."

I didn't forget to remind Endo-sensei, who had also gone over to peek at the album.

"Ah, yes! The winners are Sakamoto and Yoshii!!"

Now that we have gotten our victory confirmed, we're into the third round. Good, good, good.

'...We're breaking up."


We don't have to listen to these sudden words. Someone said before that people who trample on other people's feelings will receive great retribution, so it's true...


  1. The names given for the two guys are 常村 勇作, Tsunemura Yūsaku and 夏川 俊平, Natsukawa Shunpei. Combining the 常 and 夏 (the collective name of the duo), we'll get Toko-Natsu, not TsuneNatsu.