Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume2 The Fifth Question

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The Fifth Question

In order to decide what kind of activity the class should do, can all students please assist in this survey.

'How do you decide on a female attendant when you run a teahouse?'

'① Cuteness ② leadership ability ③ mobility ④ others ( )'

Also, please choose an alternative candidate for this role.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'"① Cuteness" Candidate... Himeji Mizuki and Shimada Minami.'

Teacher's comments:

'You really can't decide between them, right?'

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

'"① Cuteness" Candidate...Himeji Mizuki Hideyoshi Kinoshita Shimada Minami'

Teacher's comments:

"Hazuki Shimada[1]"

'Sensei is somewhat wondering what's with the blood traces on the paper.'

Sakamoto Yuuji's answer:

'"④ Others (Marriage partner)" Candidate... Kirishima Shouko.'

Teacher's comments:

'Why was your paper brought here by Kirishima-san of class A?'

"So we won the third battle without a fight?"

"Yup, the opponent forfeited due to food poisoning."

We frantically rushed towards the arena for the third battle. After arriving at the scene, what was waiting for us is the unexpected result of the opponent forfeiting. This food poisoning, don't tell me...? I hope they weren't customers who stepped on a landmine here in our shop.

"Then, if you don't mind, can you guys help us to rebuild our business here?"

An apologetic Hideyoshi asks with a gloomy look. This isn't Hideyoshi's fault anyway.

"You're right. In order to gain back some of the lost customers, we must introduce something that can make a lot of impact."

The classroom is still empty. Though we have stopped the source of those negative comments, we can't stop the bad rumours that have spread around. Like Yuuji said, if we don't coming up with something big, the customers aren't going to come back.

"Uuu, then what should we do...?"

Hideyoshi looks around the entire classroom. Though I have looked around the classroom at least once, I can't think of anything special that we can do.

"Yuuji, do you have an idea?"

"Leave it to me. Though it's overly simplistic to use a Chinese teahouse and this kind of thing to attract customers, it should be very effective."

After that, Yuuji pulls out and aquamarine and white cheongsam[2] that has really beautiful embroidery on it. Hideyoshi comments,

"Eh. Though I feel that the skirt is a bit short, this would definitely make a large impact. If you're going to use this for publicity—"

It'll definitely have a large impact if Himeji-san and Hideyoshi are to wear it. Though we're being lazy, it isn't a bad tactic.

"Ah. We'll make—Akihisa wear this."

The impact is too great now.

"Wait...! Please spare me! Wearing a cheongsam after wearing a maid costume, everyone will think that I'm a real homosexual!"

For a happy school life, I certainly hope to have no more bad rumours about me. Even if I'm a normal student, I'm being even more famous for the wrong reasons.

"I'm just joking. This is for Hideyoshi, Himeji and Shimada to wear."

"Ah, that's it? What a relief~"

So it was a joke. Thank goodness.

"Aren't you joking when you're asking me to wear this?"

Hideyoshi sighs as he picks up the cheongsam.

Hideyoshi, what nonsense are you talking about? Even if we're joking about making Minami wear this, we're really saying this from the bottom of our hearts when we're asking you to wear this.

"We're back~! Ah, Aki took off the maid outfit."

"Ah...that's too bad. It was really cute."

"Hazuki wants to see onii-chan wear it one more time."

At this moment, the three girls came back. They continue to say such selfish words without caring about other people's feelings. Is my reputation going to worsen because of that incident...

"Ah ha ha. What a pity, the world isn't so naive to let people see others in cosplay, you know?"

I reveal a wicked smile to them. Since you people have seen me in a maid outfit, let me see you people in cheongsam.

"That's the situation. Himeji and Shimada, please help in increasing our earnings."

In order not to allow the prey to escape, I wave a cheongsam at them as I block their escape route. This is because at least Minami has the intention to run away.

"You, you two. Why are your expressions so terrifying...?"

"I can feel an ominous aura..."

Our two prey reveal a slight terrified attitude. However, what's regretful is that they have nowhere to go.

"Go, Akihisa!"

"OK! Hehehe, be obedient and wear this cheongsam—IT HURTS! I'M SORRY! I GOT TOO COCKY!!"

"You're so weak..."

The parts that were hit, abdomen, face and thigh, all hurt. Why is Minami's attack power stronger than me, a boy?

"Why are you mentioning this out of a sudden? I remembered that you said that we don't have to wear it."

As expected, Minami reveals an unwilling expression.

"This is for the publicity of the shop, and to satisfy Akihisa's personal taste. Akihisa likes cheongsams, right?"

I was suddenly pulled into Yuuji's conversation. Though I do like them, it's a bit embarrassing to let people know of this personal interest. It just so happened to be mentioned so coincidentally.

"I—love them!"

"You really don't know how to say a lie."

Eh? Looks like I said something wrong.

"Ca, can't be helped. For the sake of the shop, I'll just do this even if I don't want to."

"You, you're right! It's for business!"

Himeji-san and Shimada both pick up the clothes.

"Onii-chan, what about Hazuki?"

"Eh? Hazuki wants to help as well?"

"Help...? Ah, ngh! I want to help, so give Hazuki one as well!"

Such an obedient kid, nobody can tell that she's Minami's little sister.

"Sorry, though I understand your intentions, there's nothing that Hazuki can we—"

"...!!(Ch ch ch ch)"

"Mu, Muttsulini! Why are you sewing clothes here so quickly? And up till now, you weren't here in the first place!"

"...Don't underestimate my sense of smell."

What the heck. It was a cool line, yet it doesn't feel cool at all.

"Then we'll change into it after the third battle."

Himeji-san looks at the watch to check the time. That's right; Himeji-san and Minami have to go for their match.

"No, I hope that both of you can change into it right now."


Yuuji's voice and the duo's surprised cry synchronised in a harmonious manner.

"It's for publicity. From the third battle of the summoning tournament onwards, all battles will be shown to the public. It's rare to have so many people gathering, and there's no loss in trying to publicise ourselves."

"You mean you want us to wear this, this thing to the summoning tournament..."

"This is really too humiliating..."

Both of them look troubled as they hold onto the cheongsam. In front of the media and the crowds swarming in, to run out like this is rather humiliating. However, this is to prevent Himeji-san from transferring schools, so I really hope that they'll agree.

"Please agree to this!"

After saying this, I bow my head. This isn't for Himeji-san, but for me, since I do not want Himeji-san to transfer school. Basically, this is a completely selfish request from me, thus, I would bow my head down.

" really-- like cheongsams, huh..."

I don't dare to deny this fact.

"Don't tell me, that Yoshii-kun knew about my plight—"

"Can't be helped. For the class facilities, we'll help out. Right, Mizuki?"

Minami interrupts Himeji-san's thoughts with an appropriate reply.

"Ah, yes, yes! This is just a minor thing!"

Himeji-san replies with a rejuvenated tone.

Come to think of it, I did hear quite a nice info. If this is considered a trivial thing, then I'll continue to request Himeji-san to do similar things in the future.

If the information that Himeji-san and Minami are of class F, it'll have the two benefits of promoting the teahouse and showcasing class F's ability. It's rather effective.

"OK, leave it to us! Mizuki, let's go."


The two girls walk out of the classroom with the cheongsam in hand. There should be no problem if we're to leave it to them, right?


"Wa, this onii-chan is amazing!"

Hazuki's cheongsam was completed in godspeed fashion.

There's nothing impossible for a Muttsulini that has impure intentions. Though I already knew that, I didn't know that he even has little students covered. This guy is really enigmatic.

"Oh, then I'm changing now."


To an innocent teenage like me, and to a delusional Muttsulini, this scene is too inciting.

"...Recently, I've been thinking that Akihisa is viewing me as a girl."

"You're thinking too much, Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi."

"Mn, just like Yuuji said. Hideyoshi's gender is 'Hideyoshi', neither a male nor a female."

"...I don't mean that."

Eh? Am I mistaken?

"Hai, ay..."

"...!!(*Dripping sounds*)"

"Ha, Hazuki! You can't change here either! Muttsulini will die due to blood loss!"

Though he has lost quite a lot of blood, Muttsulini still looks like he's extremely happy as he presses against his nose.

"We're back—"

"We're back~"

Oh, that must be Himeji-san and Minami. We're saved!

"Just nice. I'm sorry, I know you girls are tired, but can you please help out outside?"

After both of them went for their match, we brought Hideyoshi and Hazuki, who have changed into the cheongsams, around the school. Though I felt that the initial effect wasn't great, but slowly, the number of customers starts to increase—about the time when Himeji-san's match was over. Most of the seats are filled up, so it seems that we were very successful.

"Good, it's back to how it was."


"The number of female customers have also increased. Looks like everyone's talking about how good our food is."

Because I was unlucky to get a bad one, I don't know how good our food is, but from everyone's reaction, the teahouse seem to be doing well. I have a feeling that the reason why the number of customers have increased is because of the cheongsams.

"Then, can you two help out by being attendants?"

"No problem."


Both of them sway their cheongsams as they head off to get some menus and a pen. With this, the number of customers should increase.

"Can I order something from you?"

"Ah, yes. May I know what you want?"

Just as I'm basking in the silhouette of those two, the customer nearby called me. In order not to be disrespectful, I immediately whipped out the menu and pen.

"I want some traditional Oolong tea and some sesame balls."

"Got it. So, let me repeat the order. You asked for traditional Oolong tea and sesame balls, right?"

After writing the order down, I lift my head towards the customer to confirm the Isn't this the head of teaching staff, Takehara-sensei? He came here again.

"Thank you very much. We'll serve your food soon, so please wait."

"I got something else to ask, may I?"

"Go ahead."

Takehara-sensei asked me as I was heading towards the kitchen. In response, I turned back.

"I heard that there's a student called Yoshii Akihisa here. May I know who he is?"

"Eh? I'm Yoshii Akihisa..."

I'm surprised that he's looking for me without any forewarning. What is the head of teaching staff looking for me for?

"Oh, I see. You're Yoshii-kun? (laughs)"

"Head of Staff, I feel that it's weird to laugh when you mentioned my name."

"Ah, I'm really sorry. But I can't just call Yoshii-kun, a student, 'idiot'."

"Em, excuse me, may I know what do the teachers in the staff room call me?"

Why is the term 'idiot' always associated with me?

"Aki, Tsuchiya called from the kitchen, saying that we ran out of tea leaves, and he's asking you to get them." Just as the conversation was under way, Minami has already prepared herself and walked in.

"K, got it. Sensei, can I leave now?"

"No problem, I'm not looking for you because of any particular reason."

"Is that so?" Then why are you looking for me? It's not like the head of teaching staff has any grudges against me.

"Aki, Tsuchiya said that it's urgent."


Though I'm not exactly sure what's going on, let's settle the shop's business before we talk about something else. I head towards an empty classroom, where the foodstuff is stored.

I start to walk fast down the corridor of the old school building to the destination. Eh, how many packets should I take? I should have asked how many should I take.



Just as I was standing around pondering, a voice came from behind. The voice came from a trio of boys behind me, and they look like they're about the same age as me. What's bothersome is that they just walked into this classroom.

"Erm, excuse me, this place is forbidden to all non-working staff, can you please leave?"

"That won't do, we're looking for someone named Yoshii Akihisa."

After that, one of the boys went to close the door up.

"Eh? Why are you looking for me?"

"We have no grudges against you, but please rest for now."

After one of the boys said that, a punch flies over.

"Oi wait! Didn't you get the wrong person?"

I ducked and dodged the punch, and at the same time, switched positions with them. Why do I feel like I'm some dodging expert because I got hit so often...

"Don't leave! Stand still!"

"I can't do that even if you say that!"

Though I'm at the door now and can escape easily, those guys would follow me back to the teahouse. What should I do now?

At this moment, the door opens.

"Ah, Akihisa, Muttsulini said that you need to get some red bean paste as well."

"Oi, Yuuji. You came at the right time."

Man, I'm so lucky that Yuuji came here at the most opportune time.

"Hm? Who're these guys?"

Yuuji frowns as he stares at the three boys.

"I'm not really sure, but they seem like they want to fight with you, Yuuji. I'll leave it to you then."

While I dragged a puzzled Yuuji inside the classroom, I used this chance to get onto the corridor.

"Oi, Akihisa, this—Oh, I see, so this is what it's all about."

"How are we going to take this guy down?"

"It's too troublesome, let's all take him down together."

I left these words behind me as I close the door and wait for a minute. After that—

"You, you better remember this!"

"I won't forget your face!"

"Watch out when you walk outside tonight!'

They have completely epitomised the meaning of the word 'losers'. As expected of Yuuji, he's strong

"Yuuji, do you know what they came here for?"

"Seems like they came here to disrupt Class F's business."

"Hahaha, nobody would be so stupid as to use this as a reason to cause trouble."

"Who knows? Anyway, let's head back, Muttsulini's waiting for us."

"Got it."

Yuuji and I again enter the classroom, and after getting the bags of tea leaves and red bean paste, we carry them back to the classroom.

—After a lot of things happened, two hours later—

"Akihisa, it's almost time for the fourth battle."

"Eh? Did the time pass by so fast?"

I checked the clock for the time. It's past 2pm now; to think that time passed by so fast just because I've been working so long inside the teahouse.

"Eh? Aki, you guys are going for your match as well?"

"Really. Actually, it's almost time for our match as well~"

Himeji-san and Minami put the trays aside.

"Onii-chan, where are you going? Are you going to leave Hazuki behind?"

A corner of my pants is being pulled on. Even when she's begging me like this, I can't...

"Kiddo, baka onii-chan has an important thing to do. You have to stay here and wait."

Yuuji messes up Hazuki's hair with his hand. This guy sure knows how to deal with kids. Seems like we can easily convince her.


Hazuki puffs up her cheeks unhappily.

"However, if you behave yourself like a good kid—"

In order to cheer her up, Yuuji gives a little smile.

"Baka onii-chan will teach you how an adult goes for a date, okay?"

And this guy just pitched a superbomb.

"Hazuki will go and help out!"

"No, that's not it, Hazuki! I don't have the finances that you expect! ACK, are you listening?"

Hazuki has already disappeared from the scene; she has rushed back into the kitchen.

This is much must I pay for an adult–style date? Looking at her, it doesn't seem like bringing her to a park to play on the swing is going to satisfy her.

"Aki, can you come to the back of the school compound?"

The sister's terrifying voice rings, and my shoulder got grabbed by this fierce presence, as if my shoulder's about to get dislocated.

"Minami, please wait."

At this moment, Himeji-san enters the scene. She's truly a gentle person.

"Looks like our opponents will be Yoshii-kun's group. There shouldn't be any reservations if we execute them with our summon beasts, right?"

To think that Himeji-san would proclaim this death sentence just when I was thinking this...It's hard to tell what she's thinking nowadays.

"Wait a minute! I'll get hurt if my summon beast gets hurt!! If I were to get hit by Himeji-san's summon beast, I'll get hit very badly, you know—"

"Humph, I'm fine with that."



"Hmm, that's for the best. Let's head to the arena. I'll be looking forward to what kind of scream Aki will make."

"Sure. Since you said this, let me see how long you can make Akihisa scream in anguish."

Seems like I'm alone on this one.

"And now, the fourth match will now begin. All contestants please come forward."

Being called by the refereeing teacher, the four of us walk towards the stage.

The temporary spectator stand, which is made for the visitors, seemed to be completely packed. Under these conditions, our fourth battle will begin soon.

"I see, the promotional effect here would be a lot greater."

"Yup, and also, all the people participating are from class F. This is really a chance for us to promote ourselves without any real objections."

After looking around at the crowd, I turn to nod at Yuuji. Now, we're one step closer to our goal.

"Then, girls, we'll leave it to you. Help us promote this!"

I said to the girls who are now the focus of all the men inside the arena.

"Erm...this is too embarrassing..."

Himeji-san presses down on her skirt as she looks down. Looks like she's blushing so much that her ears are all red now. She must really feel embarrassed now.

"A, Aki should wear some girl costume as well! This, this is too unfair!!!"

Minami is flushed red as well. Though the skirt is a lot shorter than the uniform she normally wears, I honestly have no idea why she's so embarrassed. Besides, it's not like it's lingerie or swimwear.

"Class F's rating will drop if I'm to wear a girl's clothes. Wouldn't it be troublesome if Himeji-san's father is to see it?"

"Eh? Otou-san did mention that he's coming over to see my match if I get into the finals... but how come Yoshii-kun knows about it?" Himeji-san reveals a look of disbelief.

Not good! This means that I shouldn't know about Himeji-san transferring schools!

"Erm, you see! I feel that if Himeji-san performs well, her parents will come over to watch!"

"Mn. Akihisa doesn't want to embarrass himself in front of his future father-in-law."

"No! Yoshii-kun looks extremely cute when he's wearing a girl's clothes, so it's alright!"

Ah, so you can make a Boke and Tsukkomi routine out of it.

"Can the four of you prepare yourselves?"

The teacher holds the microphone and reveals a bitter smile.

"Ah, yes. Then—"

I take in a deep breath and summon my summoned beast.


The four of us loudly summoned our summoned beasts, as the magic arrays appear beside our feet.

This alone is able to bring small cheers from the crowd. For those people who're only seeing this kind of match for the first time, this scene alone is rather intriguing to them.

After that, the all-important summoned beasts appear. The mini-version bodies of us appear, looking as cute as ever.

On a side note, the marks that would always appear aren't displayed yet. This is because they wanted to display the marks on a special gigantic screen. Maybe some time is needed to process the data.

"Then, the fourth battle—"

Just as the referee, Mukai-sensei is about to announce the start of the battle—

"Wait a second."

—He's interrupted by Yuuji.

"...Hm? Is there something wrong?"

Now that the momentum is somewhat weakened, the teacher reveals an unhappy look. But Yuuji doesn't mind this at all.

"Excuse me, can I have the mic please?"

After saying that, without waiting for the teacher to respond, Yuuji snatched the microphone.

"Hello to all the visitors to this Cool Summer Festival."

Yuuji waves his hand after saying that. Oh yeah, he intended to do some promotion right from the start.

(Himeji-san, Minami, stand over here. Yuuji's about to do some promotion.)

(Eh? Ah, okay.)

I whisper over to the two girls to call them over, and we then proceed to stand in a line.

"All four of us are working at the traditional teahouse of Class 2-F. Such cute girls are working hard over there, so if you can, please visit our shop."

Yuuji bows politely to the crowd, and we followed him.

""""Thank you very much!!!""""

We even let our summoned beasts lower their heads along with us. This would probably let the crowd have a deep impression on class 2-F.

"Sensei, I'll return the mic back to you."

Yuuji slightly nods his head before return the mic back to the teacher. He really thought of everything. I didn't even think of doing this to promote our teahouse.

"—So that's all. All visitors, if you have the time, please visit the class of our competitors here, Class 2-F."

The teacher smiles bitterly as he helped us with the promotion. Seems like he's just treating this as a promotion for the other activities in the festival. This is good.

"And now, that's the end of our commercial break, the summoning tournament will now continue. To the 4 representatives of Class F, please put in a good performance."

After saying this, Mukai-sensei backs away from us.

"Aki, Sakamoto, it's good that you managed to make it all the way here, but do you think you can beat us?"

Minami reveals a confident smile to us. The third-years, which would have been strong opponents, aren't taking part in this due to them preparing for the graduation exams, so these two girls are already considered talented substitutes, and thus it's expected that they'll be so confident.

"Shimada, you're too naive. Though you're winning substitutes, on the other hand, we can predict that you'll win all the way here. Thus if there is a need for tactics, no matter how many tactics are required, we'll bring them to you!"

Yuuji confidently replies as he points to the large screen. That's right, we have a strategy to beat them. forget about Himeji-san, who's good in all the subjects, Minami isn't all powerful!

F class, Himeji Mizuki, Ancient Literature 399 points & F class, Shimada Minami, Ancient Literature 6 points.


Minami gives an embarrassing cry. To her, who just came back from Germany, Ancient Literature is like an alien subject to her.

"The matchup schedule that you got—"

Yuuji smirks evilly as he says,

"—Was done up by me."


That's right, the matchup schedule that Minami and Himeji-san got was made by Yuuji. Though the competitors are all real, the subjects in the matchups were slightly altered. This is a trap that Yuuji set when he told the principal what subjects are to be set.


"You're right, Yuuji! That 6 point summoned beast of Minami won't even make a difference!"

" despicable people!"

The screen ignores Minami's vengeful cry as it displays our marks.

F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, Ancient Literature 211 points & F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Ancient Literature 9 points


"...To be honest, I'm really sorry about this."



The atmosphere at the arena is completely awkward. There's nothing more embarrassing than this.

"Yosh, Yuuji! Let's take them down one on one like the last time! I'll take care of Minami, you take care of Himeji-san!"

"Oi, my burden is too great!"

Even so, if I'm to go up against Himeji-san, one hit would be enough to send me flying. Besides, the difference in our ability is more than 40 times.

"I got it! Use your most favourable matchup to make up for your deficiency then!"

"What stupid thing are you spouting again?"

Though we're shouting, Yuuji's scores are really rather high. Though it's still a lot less than Himeji-san's, he's strong enough to match class A.

"...Well, can't be helped. If so, I'll do as you say and use a strategy—Shimada, Himeji."


"What now?"

"I said before that Akihisa wanted the tickets to 'Kisaragi Highlands'."

What's this guy planning now? Let's hope this one doesn't affect me negatively.

"What's with that?"

"I said that Akihisa would be going along with me—that's a lie."

So what was he pretending about? I ain't a homosexual in the first place.


But why are those two looking like they're really surprised?

"Then, who are you going with..."

"Isn't it obvious?"

Yuuji reveals a daring smile. Is he going to say the truth that the principal told us? If so, then the principal would just forget about the deal, no?

"Akihisa wants to invite Shimada's—"

"Eh? Akihisa wants to take the happiness ride with—"

"—Little sister."


Such, such terrifying killing intent! I didn't even say anything at all, so why do I feel that my life's in danger?

"Wait, wait a sec, Minami! I've never thought about doing anything to Hazuki!"

"I've already felt that your relationship is so good...I didn't expect it to be like this."

This glare of hers sends a chill down my spine. That gentle sister that would protect her sister when her sister's in danger is a cruel killing machine to me.

"We really need to punish Yoshii-kun a bit, right?"

"Hi, Himeji-san?"

For some reason, behind a smiling Himeji-san, there's a figure of Asura behind her. Behind the smile, there seems to be a devil's face.

"Mizuki! you smash up Aki's summoned beast. I'll smash up his main body."

"Got it"

"I don't get it at all! I don't understand what both of you are saying at all!"

Both of them are locked onto me. At this rate, I might end up dead due to the adverse effects of my summoned beast and physical damage!

"I'm going up!"

Himeji-san's summoned beast immediately closes the distance. As, as expected of the 2nd best student in our year! Though it's not blindingly fast, it's still a lot faster than the opponents we faced up till now!

"Wa, WAH!"

I barely managed to dodge it; my 9-point summoned beast is a lot slower in reaction.

"Aki, you just take this punch from me."

"Minami! That's a foul!"

Minami directly attacks me. I can't operate my summoned beast and defend myself at the same time!

"That's not a foul."

Mukai-sensei's cold answer reaches my ears. Is this really alright? Can an educator really allow this kind of thing to happen?

I can't help but turn to look to Yuuji for help. At this moment, his eyes are telling me "I know this is difficult, but you have to hold Himeji-san's summoned beast down. Leave the rest to me."

...So that's how it is. Yuuji wants to use the chance caused while I'm holding back Himeji-san to launch a surprise attack. Then I'll endure Himeji-san's attack and hold her back!


Himeji-san wants to pull back the huge sword that I managed to barely dodge. Seizing this chance, I let my summoned beast leap towards the sword that's being retracted.



The pain bounces back onto my body. As expected of Himeji-san, even when she's pulling back the sword, the power is terrifying. The tremendous pressure from the blade carries over onto my body.

But if I can endure this, Yuuji will send in the fatal blow!


I grit my teeth as I give the signal to him. Like this, if I'm to dodge Yuuji's punch, I'll—

"You idiot. Your moves will weaken if you think that much!"

Yuuji's summoned beast closes in, and he's aiming this full-powered punch—between Himeji-san and my summoned beast?

BTS vol 02 173.jpg



Yuuji's over-200-points summoned beast attacks without caring about whether we're friends or foe. The power now can probably compete with that of a gravel truck.


Because she's unable to defend herself completely, Himeji-san's summoned beast gets blown away easily. If so, even if it's Himeji-san, she can't continue on anymore. Then—

"Heavy Gravel Punch!"

The gravel truck like punch flies towards me as well. This pain that'll be like a, a car accident will...


Minami's attention turns towards Himeji-san's summoned beast, which was sent flying.

"Seems like you still have time to look at others, Shimada."

As the match is still going on, Yuuji would never let this chance escape.


"And the victory would be decided with this."

DONG! With a loud sound, Minami's summoned beast gets slammed hard by Yuuji's punch. Himeji-san's summoned beast was unable to take such a powerful hit, so the result here is obvious.


Mukai-sensei reveals a troubled expression, wondering how to describe this situation.

"Using trickery to destroy his friend alongside his opponents, Sakamoto Yuuji gets the victory!"

I'm on the same team as him, so my name should be announced as well. But while thinking that sensei's right this time, I lost my consciousness due to the pain.

"Despicable guy."

"You two are really too much..."

"Ah, it's not that. Besides, we're fighting for the victory."

I look away, avoiding Minami's probing stare and Himeji-san's sad look. But come to think of it, it's weird to be the one being lectured when I'm the biggest victim here. Besides, my body is aching like crazy.

"No need to rattle on, girls, we'll get the victory for you."

The one who started it all doesn't seem to look guilty at all. How shameless can Yuuji be?

(Anyway, you girls can now focus on the teahouse, right? We'll think of something regarding the summoning tournament.)

It'll be bad if Himeji-san hears it. Thus, I had to whisper to Minami.

(Even though Aki's group won, I suppose it might give a better impression to Mizuki's father.)

Like me, Minami whispers back.

Since the objective is to show Himeji-san's father that class F has some capability as well, it's much better for us, who are unrelated in this, to win than for Himeji-san to win the tournament on her own.

(Also, don't tell me you did something to Hazuki?)

Even though I furiously explained this after the match, Minami is still a bit suspicious. They really don't trust me, huh...

(Don't worry, I'm not really interested in A-cup sized girls.)

(...Ah, hahaha. I'm relieved.)

On hearing this, Minami lets out a little laugh, and turns to look behind.

(...Girls aren't all about breasts. Aki, you idiot...)

Minami doesn't rebut back, but mutters some inaudible words. Though I was only joking, I'm a bit embarrassed that I didn't get a response after saying such a sexually suggestive thing. If this keeps up, I might end up being treated as a guy who only judges women based on their breasts.

"Guys, please win..."

Himeji-san leans over and looks up at me. This, this tactic is really effective...

"Of course. We'll definitely get the win. I'll do it properly till the end for you to see!"

How can we let such a cute girl like Himeji-san transfer school?

"Fine fine, then I'll wake up earlier tomorrow. Oh, isn't the business doing well?"

"Mn, it sure looks good."

"Great. Looks like our promotion worked."

"If it didn't, it would be meaningless for us to go about so shamelessly."

Many customers have come into our F classroom. Looks like our efforts in that huge fight didn't go to waste.

"Ah—Baka onii-chan! There are many customers here now!"

Hazuki recognized us and immediately comes running out from the shop.

"Yup. Thanks you for the help, Hazuki."


Being patted by me on the head, Hazuki closes her eyes comfortably. She's really as cute as a cat.

"Oh, it's those girls!"

"They look even cuter up close!"

"The little girl and the female attendant in the classroom are both cute as well. That's really high quality!"

The praises continue to be heard outside the classroom. Seems like the cheongsams can really seduce men.

"Ah, Akihisa, you guys are back. Who won?"

Hideyoshi walks over while carrying a tray with one hand. Not good, his attractiveness is too strong!

"It's Yuuji, right?"

"Yup. Sakamoto won it by himself."

"You're right."

"Akihisa's on the same team, yet he lost?"

In a certain sense, I even felt that I was the only one that lost. Besides, as long as we win, Minami and Himeji-san's goal would be achieved.

"Forget about that. The customers would be very disappointed if our rare girls are to stay here. Right now, please focus and help out in the teahouse."

Most of the customers are looking over here. As the beautiful 4 girls are all gathered here, it's not so weird for this kind of thing to happen.

"You're right, let's go and help out in the teahouse."

Though she doesn't have any sleeves, Himeji-san does the action of rolling up the sleeves, in order to motivate herself.

"You're right. Though I'm a bit mindful about how other people are looking at us, let's do this for the business!"

"Yes, Hazuki will do her best!"

"...I'm a guy here, you know..."

"Hideyoshi, you must never reveal your gender, you know."

It's for the dreams of the customers, and for our earnings. It'll be troublesome if Hideyoshi isn't a complete girl. On a side note, I'm rather happy about this, but let this be a secret.

"Haaah, can't be helped...ah, welcome to our European culture Chinese teahouse!"

The instant the new customer walks into the shop, Hideyoshi switches to another voice. Though one wouldn't really care about it, the acting DNA actually overrides his own intentions. This is really great.

"Then, let's not stand around and do nothing. Let's go help."

"Mn, you're right."

In order to help out in the teahouse, Yuuji and I proceed to wear our aprons.

"Then, we'll be heading off for the semi-finals."

"Yes. Do your best."

"Aki, I won't forgive you if you lose!"

"I got it."

After helping out in the teahouse for an hour, it's time for the semifinals. As the finals are to be held tomorrow, this would be the last match today.

"Akihisa, we definitely must not lose this match."

There's a sense of seriousness in Yuuji's eyes that I have not seen before. This is expected, because the next opponent is—

"Kirishima-san and Kinoshita-san's sister are the opponents now. This is rather troublesome..."

Yes. The opponent this time is the number one super group in the second year—Kirishima Shouko-san, who's head of our year, and Hideyoshi's sister, Kinoshita Yuuko-san. Unlike Minami, these two don't have a weak subject, and aren't as naive as Himeji-san. The only thing that can be expected is that this would be a difficult match.

"Don't worry. Anyway, it seems like Yuuji has a plan."

"Sort of. I'm not so stupid as to fight with that monster head on. I will fight a beautiful battle."

"It's worrying if it's just Aki saying this, but if Sakamoto says so as well, then it shouldn't be a problem. Come back with a win!"

"Onii-chan, do your best!"

"Got it."

Hearing the voices from the classroom behind us, Yuuji and I head off to the arena.

"Ah, Yuuji, what battle plan do you have?"

I ask Yuuji, who's walking beside me. Actually, I don't know what kind of plan Yuuji has, and I don't know what I should do to act along.

"It's not just us this time, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini will be helping as well. You just need to act along."

"Hideyoshi and Muttsulini?"

Come to think of it, they weren't in the classroom just now. I wonder where those two went.

"The target is Hideyoshi's sister, Kinoshita Yuuko. I want to make use of her and reverse the situation."

"Hideyoshi's sister? Even if you didn't involve her, I feel that Yuuji alone should be able to handle Kirishima-san without any problems~"

"Oi, shut up!"

Yuuji unhappily cuts the conversation off. He would make fun of others, yet he won't allow others to talk about him.

However, how does Yuuji really view Kirishima-san? Maybe I might feel touched, but Yuuji isn't the direct type, so he won't tell Kirishima-san. Really, I should find a chance to push him a bit. It's really tiring to have such an inflexible bad friend.

"...Akihisa, I really don't like that expression in your eyes."

"Hm? What do you mean?"

Yuuji's glaring angrily at me. This is truly unexpected, I'm supposedly showing compassionate eyes of a someone worrying for a little kid.

"Anyway, tighten up. If we lose this, your beloved Himeji-san will be gone, and my future will be gone as well. GET READY TO BET ON YOUR LIFE!"

We're about to arrive at the deciding stage of victory. No matter whether I want to or not, I have to up my game.

"Got it! Though I'll prefer it if you can get rid of the 'beloved'. We definitely cannot lose!"

Arriving in front of the arena, both of us are full of battle intent. I have never thought of losing right from the beginning, we have to win no matter what methods we use!

"Alright, let's go!"


After punching each other on the fist, both of us head towards the arena, where our opponents await.

"We've kept you waiting, everyone! The semi-finals will now begin!"

As we arrive, the refereeing teacher's voice can be heard from the audio speakers. Seems like we were almost late.

"Will the participants please enter the arena!"

This is basically just like an arena fight, I thought as I arrive in front of the spectators. At this moment, our opponents, Kirishima-san and Kinoshita-san walk over from the other side.

"Yuuji, don't stop me."

"Forgive me, I still have a lot of things to do."

If you really hate to go to Kisaragi Highlands, then why don't you just refuse her? Yuuji is really dishonest.

"...Yuuji, do you really hate to go out with me?"

Ugh! This, this is the sure-kill of showing such pitiful eyes! For a cold girl like Kirishima-san to use this tactic, the power is truly infinite! Whoever who says such cruel words at this point would be inhumane!

"Mn, I hate it."

He isn't human alright. "...Of course, it seems that we both need to live together to understand each other."

Ugh, Kirishima-san's not accepting defeat as well. She doesn't care that she got rejected to this extent. In terms of personality, I suppose these two are compatible with each other.

"HA! What a pity! Say that when you beat us!"

"...I got it. I'll do it."

After both of them argued for a while, the semifinals will now get under way.

"Yuuji, what about the plan?"

"Leave it to me, this plan can be said to be completely flawless—it's up to you, Hideyoshi!"

For some reason, Yuuji called Kinoshita-san, who's right in front of us, Hideyoshi. What is he saying? Though she looks like Hideyoshi, she's Hideyoshi's sister who's studying in class A—I see! Yuuji made use of the fact that Hideyoshi looks exactly like Kinoshita-san, and switched both of them before the battle! Way to go, Yuuji!


At this moment, Kinoshita-san places a hand near her mouth and laughs. What now? If it's Hideyoshi, hurry up and respond!

"Hideyoshi, there's no need to continue acting as Kinoshita-san. Hurry up and come back to us—"

"Hideyoshi? Isn't your Hideyoshi the garbage over there?"

Kinoshita-san points at a corner beside the stage. That's—

"Hi, Hideyoshi? How did you become like this?"

Hideyoshi was not only beaten pretty badly, his hands and feet are both tied up.


Yuuji widen his eyes and roars, his plan has failed.

"...I've already seen through what Yuuji is thinking."

Kirishima-san smiles at Yuuji. Though Yuuji tried to use the fact that he and Kirishima-san were childhood friends, this has turned into our disadvantage!

"However, it's just that someone leaked the information."

Kinoshita-san said something strange—someone leaked it out? If someone didn't notice us all this time, it's impossible to leak this information to the opponent when even I don't know about it.

"Ku...sorry Yuuji, I failed..."

Hideyoshi gets up from the floor, biting his lips as he reveal a sorry expression.

However, even more than this, seeing Hideyoshi wearing a cheongsam and being tied up is really hurting my eyes. This scene made me think of something that I shouldn't be thinking of.

"...!(Kacha kacha kacha)"

"Muttsulini! When did you get there!?"

Muttsulini, who's snapping furiously on the camera, suddenly appears beside us.

"Stop taking photos and untie Hideyoshi (Sell me those photos when you're done taking them)!"

"Akihisa, you revealed your true intentions in those words."

Argh! My direct side came out.

"...Got it."

After slightly nodding his head, Muttsulini quickly heads off to Hideyoshi to untie him. If possible, I hope that he doesn't forget about the photos.

"I'll be very happy if you can admit defeat. I don't like to bully the weak after all."


On hearing Kinoshita-san's advice to surrender, Yuuji frowns.

Yuuji's strategy failed. Thus, we can only use a direct method. If the situation continues like this, we'll lose, without question.

In this critical moment, it's time for me to shine.

(Yuuji. I have an idea. Just repeat what I say.)

(Idea? What do you—)

(There's no time to hesitate. Anyway, I'll leave it to you.)

(Um, Oh.)

In order for our opponents to not see through this, I moved behind Yuuji as if nothing has happened. And then, for added insurance, I called Hideyoshi over.

(Then let's start. Follow what I say, and try to be as natural as possible, okay?)

(Got it. I'll leave it to you this time.)

Yuuji nods his head. Okay, let the battle begin!

Listen to me, Shouko.

"Listen to me, Shouko."

Yuuji followed what I said. Good, very good.

I'm grateful that you have this intention. However, I have my own plan.

"I'm grateful that you have this intention. However, I have my own plan."

"...Yuuji's plan?"

I want to use my own ability to get the tickets, so that I can gain happiness with you.

"I want to use my own ability to get the tickets, so that I can gain happiness with you—WHAT? HOLD ON A MINUTE!"

Yuuji panics as he tries to look back at me. However, I'm not going to let him do that. I forcefully hold onto Yuuji's head from behind.


Kirishima-san stares at Yuuji in ecstasy. My plan worked like a charm.

So please back away. And if I win, we'll get married.


Yuuji tries his best to struggle. Too bad, I've already expected your reaction.

"Go to hell!"


I press onto Yuuji's carotid pulse[3]. With this, Yuuji will obediently listen.


Kirishima-san can't wait to listen any more. Leave it to me. I'll fulfill your expectations!

I'll leave it to you, Hideyoshi!

Got it.

It's time for Hideyoshi, who's beside us, to take action. We'll use Hideyoshi's ability to imitate any voice to deal the death blow!

"So please step aside. And if I win, we'll get married. I love you, Shouko."

The final words are said, and it's hard to tell whether Yuuji himself said it or not.

Come to think of it, Hideyoshi added some words that I didn't ask him to...maybe Hideyoshi just loves to do this kind of imitation?

"...Yuuji, I love you too..."

"Wai, wait a sec...I never said love...GUAAH!"

In order to let this dishonest Yuuji be unable to refute it, I forcefully choke his neck.



Kirishima-san holds Yuuji's corpse tightly and buries her face in his chest. Yuuji's limbs lifelessly lay down there. Maybe that's just my imagination.

"However, even if it's me alone, I can't possibly lose to Yoshii! I'm going—SUMMON!"

"Hoho. Is that so? You better hate the fact that this battle is on health education!"

I give a signal to Muttsulini. This is the plan that Yuuji originally intended!

"Let's go, salmon[4]!"


The summoned beast appears on being called. Over there is one that even Kinoshita-san from class A can't beat—

"Eh? Isn't that Tsuchiya's..."

Muttsulini's summoned beast. This is the secret technique 'substitute summon' (a foul that isn't caught by the referee is a high-level technique!)


"Such, such a despicable—KYAAHH!!"

With the handcuffs, the victor was decided with the first hit. As long as the subject is health education, nobody can beat Muttsulini!

A class, Kinoshita Yuuko, Health Education 321 points & A class, Kirishima Shouko, Health Education Unknown.

F class, Tsuchiya Kouta, Health Education 511 points & F class, Sakamoto Yuuji, Health Education Unknown.


I announce this before the referee can announce this.

"...Regarding the match just now—"

Ah, it seems like the win is still undecided. Can't be helped.

"Kirishima-san, can you consider this our win?"


"Shouko, I love you (Hideyoshi speaking)."

"...We lose."

Kirirshima-san conceded defeat. With this, both parties have agreed that it's a legal win for us.

"...I got it. The winners are Sakamoto and Yoshii!"

Getting the win, I raise my hands triumphantly to the crowd. However, the crowd's staring coldly at me. This is to be expected. The crowd came here to see a win decided by a summon battle, but in this match, they almost didn't get to see a summoned beast at all.

"Then we'll be off!"

I bow down and run off, intending to reach the classroom before the angry shouts reach my ears.

"Akihisa, your mind thinks quite fast."

Hideyoshi, who's walking beside me, tidies up his messed up cheongsam as he said. Ugh, I feel that a lot more customers would be attracted if he just leaves it as it is.

"...Mission accomplished."

"Thanks, it's all because of the great help of Hideyoshi and Muttsulini."

With this, there're only the finals left. Our goal will be achieved, and Himeji-san won't have to transfer schools.

"Oh ya, should we leave Yuuji over there?"

"Eh? There's no problem, right?"

"Oh, okay. If Akihisa says so, I guess it's alright."

"Ah haha. Yuuji has to be more honest—"

"Because Kirishima-san drugged him and wants to take him away. I was a bit worried."


Once we got back, we saw Yuuji's lifeless eyes, and he was dressed in cocktail attire.


  1. 島田 葉月 is "Shimada Haduki" if written in rōmaji but if translated to english it is written as "Hazuki Shimada"[1].
  2. A cheongsam is a traditional Chinese tight one-piece chinese dress. [2]
  3. The carotid pulse is located on the neck. Basically, Akihisa is choking Yuuji.
  4. Akihisa purposely misread the word 'summon' here in order to prevent his summoned beast from being summoned. Basically, salmon is 'サーモン' in katakana. Summon is 'サモン'.