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The Fourth Question[edit]

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Please answer the following question:

Please give an idiom for this line ‘over-the-top and unnecessary’.

Also, please use the idiom to create a sentence.

Model answer:

Idiom: Swatting a fly with a sledgehammer.

Example: Using an umbrella to block out the sun on a cloudy day like this is like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

‘Idiom: Sakamoto Yuuji having a beauty of a girlfriend.’

Sakamoto Yuuji’s comment:


Sakamoto Yuuji’s answer:

‘Sentence: Letting Yoshii Akihisa learn about health education is basically swatting a fly with a sledgehammer’

Yoshii Akihisa’s comment:


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“Then, I’ll be explaining the strategy for the afternoon.”

After the many events that happened in this busy noon break, there’s only 10 minutes left, and we’re all gathered at Yuuji’s table as we begin our meeting.

The meeting’s starting, but…

“Only Minami and me?”

“Yeah. I told the others of the plan when you went to C class, and I reminded them before lunch.”

Really? So that’s why he came to look for us so late.

“But if you want to finish explaining things to everyone, there’s no need for me to do this. Won’t you have to do things twice?”

“I don’t mind. This is an important process.”

“Eh? Was it really that important?”

No matter what, I just feel that he’s just messing with me…

“Sakamoto, I heard your explanation in the morning.”

“You were listening, Shimada, but you never actually paid any of it to heart, right?”

“…I can’t deny that.”

Minami says that with a grimace. Looks like she’s back to normal, so what she’s worried about is settled, right? Anyway, thank goodness.

“Also, there’s something I forgot to tell you about, Shimada. Listen up too, Akihisa. It has something to do with you.”

“Oh? Sounds suspicious.”

“Well, don’t fret over the small details. I’m going to explain the strategy here.”

“Okay then.”

Since Yuuji, who’s in charge of this, is saying so, I shouldn’t be worrying. Anyway, we have to focus on the fight in the afternoon.

“As for our afternoon strategy, we’ll first try to pull the line on the linkway backwards to lure the opponent. We’re doing this to try and force the opponent away from their base.”

“Lure them from their base? In other words, we’re going to use this chance to…”

“Un, settle this once and for all.”

Yuuji’s words made me feel tense.

The decisive moment we waited for more than half a year is going to happen. On thinking about this, I naturally tense up.

“Then, how are we going to attack where Kirishima-san is?”

“Based on the plan, I intend to rush into the new building from another level. I got Muttsurini to get ready for this.”

“Get a ladder or something?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

If it’s Muttsurini, he’ll definitely be able to finish this without anyone noticing, and probably no one will notice him while he’s preparing this and cause our plan to be seen through.

“What’s the specific movement?”

“There’re two of them. You’re in charge of the second one…but, I’ll explain the main side.”


“The main forces are on the 4th level, and they’ll move from 3-D’s classroom to 2-D’s classroom.”

“Eh? D classroom? Not C classroom?”

This idea I never thought of before cause me to ask back. During the recent summoning wars, D class is the only class without any movements, so they’re still using D class. I didn’t expect D classroom to be involved in this plan.

“Our aim is to be A class, so why did we beat C class and E class? There’re many reasons for this, and one of them is this. As for why we’re not fighting with D class…”

“Because there’s no need to fight?”

“It’s rare for you to get this correct, Akihisa. Based on this, the main point isn’t why we attacked C class and E class, but also ‘why only D class is safe’.”

We fought against D class twice, the first summoning war half a year ago and the time after the study camp. Both wars ended in draws. To us F class, it’s a lot easier to talk to D class since they have less grudges with us than B, C and E classes.

“I see. A class is wary about a lot of things. If they see us appearing in D class, they’ll definitely be shocked.”

We moved from F classroom to C classroom, and now we’re in E classroom. That means that F class stayed in three classrooms before. A class might think that we did something to these classrooms, so they have to be very wary of us. In this situation, A class will definitely be in shock if the enemy comes out from the undefended D class.

“We’re going to gather most of our forces in this D classroom, and according to the plan, Hideyoshi and I will be here.”

Yuuji opens the namelist, and there are about 15 names on it. I see. That’s a rather large force if we consider the numbers left behind to us.

“But is it alright to gather so many people? D classroom is just the size of an ordinary classroom unlike the rest.”

“That’s why we had an agreement beforehand.”

“Ah, really?”

If it’s just moving the ladder, there’s no need to negotiate. But we need D class to open their window and make a way for F class to charge at A class in numbers. So Yuuji already negotiated with D class for this aim, is it?”

“Oh yeah, Yuuji. What’s the condition D class made? Even if they’re nice to negotiate with, they can’t possibly just agree to our request like that, right?”

“Ah, I’m rather concerned about that too.”

Since we’re going to use the entire D classroom, there’s a relative price we have to pay.

“As for the conditions we raised, I only told the D class guys that ‘we intend to use the large monitor in A classroom for watching Ero-DVDs’. Those against this are to vanish.”

“D class’ guys are just like you guys…”

It’s true, since the study camp, we had some sort of amazing chemistry with them.

“Then, I told the D class girls that ‘Shimada will be able to stay in the same building’, and they agreed.”


My mind immediately thinks of a girl with twin drill pigtails.

“But Yuuji, Minami’s right. Even if Shimizu-san agrees, this doesn’t represent the entire view of D class.”

“Eh, this is a little hard to say, but…”

“??? What is it, Sakamoto?”

“Maybe it’s because Shimizu brainwashed—correction, educated them, most of the D class girls have abnormally good feelings for Shimada.”


“Also, a few rare girls are happy that they ‘can be in the same campus as Aki-chan’.”


D class seem to be having some serious issues, so serious that I’m immediately feeling that it might be better for us not to move to the new school building.

“That’s how it is. So the raid on D classroom won’t be a problem.”

“There are a lot of problems for me though…”

But for me, I think it should be the same as before…I guess?

“Leaving aside that for now, if the D class attack is the main force, won’t it be better for Himeji-san and Minami to go over as well?”

“Un, that’s right. If possible, I want to bring Himeji and Shimada along.”

“Is there a reason why you’re not goin to do so? Like we need to hold off the enemy at the linkway or something?”

“This is one reason. But the biggest reason is how we’re going to invade D classroom.”

“Ah…I see…”

Himeji-san’s not very athletic. It will be rather tough for her to climb up and down outside the school building. Even if she can do so, it’s not suitable for her to take part in this plan that requires speed.

“Eh? But Minami should be alright.”

“That’s why I’m asking you to think? We’re climbing down with a ladder, but Shimada’s wearing a skirt!”

“Eh? You’re concerned about this? To think that you’re so gentlemanly, Sakamoto—”

“—Those guys coming along will all become trash.”

“That’s true.”

“…What are you guys treating me as…?”

In that case, everyone will fight for a place under Minami, and they’ll get excited after seeing it before becoming trash. Yuuji’s consideration here is rather wise.

“And I’ll feel rather regretful about this.”

“Eh? Aki, this…you mean that you don’t want mine to be seen by anyone else, right?”

Everyone’s taking part in such a fun thing, and I have to do something else. Won’t it be sad that I’m left out of this by everyone?

“Wait wait, wait a sec, Aki. Erm…”

Minami loosens the hook on her skirt and looks away. What is she doing?

“No, not today! Next time, maybe!”


Minami did something ambiguous.

“Shimada, you…”

“Eh? Ah, nothing! It’s not like this! I, I’m just a little confused, so…”

“Well, since you’re a member of F class…”

“Uu…for some reason, I feel you mentioned something I really don’t want to hear…”

“Then, the other path.”

“Un, please.”

Yuuji ignores the dejected Minami as he continues to explain.

Right now, we’re talking about the mission I’m being given, so I have to remember everything Yuuji says. Have to listen up!

“Your side has only one mission, to take Shouko’s head.”

“Eh? Isn’t this what you have to do, Yuuji?”

Based on what we said before, I thought Yuuji was going over to Kirishima-san.

In response to my question, Yuuji casually nods his head and says,

“Un, it’s a main force, but we’re just a decoy squad. Between me, Himeji and Muttsurini, the one who’s really going to face Shouko and take her down is—”

“…The real choice is Tsuchiya.”

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“Muttsurini-kun? Not Sakamoto-kun or Mizuki-chan?”


“Prez, why are you so certain? Leaving aside Sakamoto-kun, I feel we can’t ignore Himeji-san.”

“…Yuuji will definitely use a tactic that has a more realistic rate of succeeding.”

“It’s true that the only realistic way to beat Kirishima-san now is Tsuchiya-kun’s health education.”

“But prez, what makes you certain that Sakamoto-kun will use a tactic that has a higher chance of succeeding?”

“…F class has been preparing for this battle for a long time, so they’re very motivated now. Also, they can’t spend too much time challenging me.”

“So they’ll focus on Tsuchiya-kun who can quickly win?”

“…Un, also, Yuuji might not have realized it—but the feeling of defeat at the last moment half a year ago is still in Yuuji’s mind.”

“So that’s why he’ll choose a definite chance of winning when fighting you in the last battle, prez?”


“I see. I understand now.”

“Un…but I feel that Mizuki-chan and Sakamoto-kun are scary too~”

“…It’s alright. Mizuki and Yuuji are strong, but—”


“—I’m probably still stronger than them.”

“It’s fine to bet on Muttsurini, but how are we going to send him over to Kirishima-san?”

“I’m going to make use of C classroom.”

“So you’re still using C classroom in the end?”

I thought the reason why Yuuji took C classroom was to hide our intention of assaulting from D class.

“Our opponent is A class. There’s a definite need to do this.”

Anyway, Yuuji will shock A class by appearing from D classroom. Once the opponent tries to fight back against Yuuji’s group, Muttsurini and I will fight against Kirishima-san. Of course, Yuuji might have considered of attacking Kirishima-san directly head on.

“Akihisa, your job is to send Muttsurini to Shouko.”

Yuuji said to me. This order basically just about what I expected.

In this situation, if Yuuji wants me to beat Kirishima-san, I’ll be bothered. Even if I have a massive advantage in control, I can’t possibly beat Kirishima-san.

“You guys are to enter 2-C’s classroom from the 3-C’s classroom and attack A classroom from there.”

“No no no, Yuuji, just wait a moment. What attack? You might say it simply, but how many opponents do you think there are from C classroom to A classroom?”

If Yuuji’s group is fighting in front of D classroom, there’ll definitely be a lot of opponents on the corridor from C classroom to A classroom. Even I with my weak offensive power can’t possibly just cut through, let alone Muttsurini who’s targeted tightly.

But Yuuji simply laughs it off casually as he doesn’t bother about my concern.

“Oi oi, Akihisa. Have you forgotten?’

“Eh? Forgot about what?”

“Didn’t you attack B classroom under a similar situation?”

“Similar situation? Don’t tell me…”

Half a year ago, Yuuji wants me to invade B classroom, so I attacked from D classroom. The method I used was—

“Destroy C classroom’s wall.”

“Are you serious?”

Destroying the wall between the classroom's—even I find that this is too crazy. I desperately apologized back then, and finally managed to earn the school’s understanding. What will happen to me if the same thing happens another time…?

“Relax, you definitely won’t be scolded by the teacher.”


“Un. I damaged the wall to make it easier to destroy. It just looks like it’s repaired.”

“You... you actually did such a thing…”

This is too troublesome for even Yuuji…does he intend to win this war no matter what?”

“If it’s a wall that can be destroyed easily, it’ll definitely be seen through, so I left some level of hardness intact. However, this won’t cause much difficulty to you.”

“Un, if should be alright if I rely on the strength of the summoned beast.”

Besides, I destroyed a brand new wall before.

“On a side note, the wall I damaged is on the right side of the blackboard, near the surface with the calendar on.”

“Okay, near the calendar on the right side of the wall, is it?”

“Yeah. Once the wall is destroyed, just charge straight into A class. Hold off any opponent you see in front of Shouko with the rest around you. As for the way to open the path, use that move against C class.”

The move against C class is probably to leap at the opponent without caring about dying in battle and opening a way for battle in an instant.

“So the tactic used against C class is one devised for this…”

“Sorta. I actually wanted to keep this move hidden so that A class won’t know of it. But on the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to practice this in a battle. Also, A class and B class were having a raging battle, so this move might not be revealed if we’re lucky.”

Yuuji adds on.

“Speaking of which, Sakamoto, I may have forgotten about it, but what about the health education teacher? I feel that since the opponent’s wary about Tsuchiya, they’ll definitely be watching where the health education teacher is moving, right?”

Minami puts her fingers under her chin as she asks. I haven’t completely realized this, but Minami’s question is logical.

“The health education teacher will come along with us. Once we win using another subject, I’ll let him go to A classroom alone.”

“So we have to ask the teacher beforehand?”

“Yeah. Besides, there’s nothing about the rules that states that we can’t send the teacher over beforehand. I’ll find a chance to let the health education teacher head over to Shouko. Once Muttsurini gets over there, I’ll ask him to open a summoning field.”

I see. If Yuuji’s group is bringing the health education teacher, the opponent will be wary of Yuuji. This guy really thought about a lot of things.

“Eh? But what about the teacher other than the health education teacher.”

If Yuuji and the rest are in D classroom to divert attention, they will need a teacher that’s of a subject other than health education. However, only Ooshima-sensei and Ironman have the ability to enter from the window. Ironman’s watching in the remedial room, so Ooshima-sensei’s the only one who can go along with that. In that case, they won’t be able to fight using a subject other than health education.

In face of my question, Yuuji gives a sneaky grin as if he just succeeded, and says,

“Of course there’s a teacher around. The teacher having lessons in D classroom.”

“Eh? That means…”

“The reason why I chose to attack during the time when class is dismissed isn’t to prevent distracting D class from lessons, but to catch the teacher who finished teaching.

Yuuji’s cunning ploy leaves me gobsmacked.

In this assault that’s like an acrobatic, if a health education teacher is around, they will assume that the opponent will be fighting using health education. If that’s the case, the opponent will definitely check whether Muttsurini’s around. However, this is just a decoy. In fact, Muttsurini will be waiting at C classroom with me, and D classroom will be having a war using a subject other than health education. In that cast, the opponent won’t have time to be concerned with Muttsurini who’s appearing on the other side.

“Ah. So C classroom’s teacher should be of the same situation, right?”

“Ahh. The English teacher Endou is over there, so let her allow you to call out your summoned beast.”

The English teacher Endou-sensei is a nice female teacher who’s easy to talk to. I might have to apologize for this, but nobody’s more suited than her in this situation where I have to ‘destroy the wall’. If I forcefully ask her ‘We’re having a summoning war. Please allow me to summon’ here, she’ll definitely allow us to.

“That’s the reason why we chose this day…”

“Sorta. The 3rd years aren’t around, so the 4th level is completely empty.; Also, the English teacher Endou is around in 2-C’s classroom, and today’s the only day with such perfect conditions.”

Now I finally understand why Yuuji has been checking on the other classes’ schedule.

Even if the summoning war’s curfew was removed earlier, Yuuji might not challenge A class before this day. To us, today’s such a beneficial day to us…no, that’s not it. it’s because Yuuji came up with a strategy ‘that made the conditions so beneficial’.

“On a side note, the status on the linkway should remain the same. It’ll be suspicious if we start retreating once noon break ends, so we’re going to pretend that we’re being forced back because of the difference in points. Even so, we’re forced back in the first place.”

Yuuji continues. It can’t be helped if the difference in abilities on both sides is obvious without a new strategy.

“Then, that’s it for the strategy in the afternoon. Are there any questions?”

“Sakamoto. If Mizuki and I are okay, can we go attack A class as well?”

“Of course. But you’re to hold off the enemy fighting the main force as priority.”

A class may feel that Minami and the rest are just decoys, so they won’t assign forces there. In that case, they’ll be able to use Himeji-san’s power to sweep the opponents and open a way like the move against C class. Then, Minami and Himeji-san will be able to rush to Kirishima-san. As long as A class reveals an opening somewhere, we’ll be able to beat them from there. Things will get interesting there then.

“Are Hideyoshi and Muttsurini back yet? Perfect,”

Yuuji looks over at a corner of the classroom. I look over too, and see that Hideyoshi and Muttsurini walk in from the back door and sit down. Did they go to the toilet?

“Mizuki’s back too.”

Himeji-san’s back at her seat too. Everyone’s here.

“Alright! Everyone, listen up! Head to where you’re in charge of before the break! Then, we’re going to get to the climax of this war!”


The roars that echoed the classroom rings, and our summoning war against A class continues.