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The Final Question[edit]

Please form a four worded Japanese idiom from the following romanization, and come up with a suitable sentence with it.


Himeji Mizuki's answer:

'In kanji '暧昧模糊' (ambiguous)

The sentence: 'the distribution of responsibilities is rather ambiguous

Teacher's comment:

BakaTest v03 p253.JPG

'暧昧不清, 模糊不明' 'aimai fukiyoshi, moko fumei', (basically means ambiguous) are what these four words mean. There are a lot of people who know how to pronounce it,, but there are very few people who know how to write it in kanji. Well answered.'

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

'In kanji '合間妹子' '(aima)(imo-ko) '

Teacher's comment:

I get the feeling that at least you're trying to answer this question.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

'Example: The three beauties Ono no Komachi, Ono no Imoko, and Aima Imoko[1] started on their journey as envoys.'

Teacher's comment:

Please do note that you included a male in that.

After our suspension ended, I felt rather thankful as I arrived at the school gate earlier than usual.

"Really, it feels like I haven't been at school for quite a long time..."

Including the time off for training camp, it's been about two weeks since I last stepped into school. That's longer than spring break. To be able to have a long break at this time, in a certain way, that's rather lucky—but no one will feel this way, right? Who asked the teachers to come up with so many assignments, not even allowing us any time to reflect?

"Ah, Akihisa-kun!"

The sound of small running footsteps reached my ears.

"Long time no see, how are you?"

"Himeji-san, it's been a while!"

Even though we were only shut off for a week, considering that I could have seen Himeji-san everyday, it felt like three autumns had passed. We really hadn't met for a long time.

"Truthfully, I have something I want to apologise to Akihisa-kun for."

"Eh? Isn't that too sudden? What's it about?"

If I was the one who was supposed to apologise, then I had nothing to say, but did Himeji-san do something that she really has to apologise for?

"It's the first day of training camp—I mistook you for the peeping tom!"


Himeji-san bowed down and lowered her head in apology.

"Eh, no matter whether you mistook me for a peeping tom, I still became one in the end..."

"Ah, it's not that, I don't mean that. Didn't I misunderstand you in the beginning? At that time, I actually doubted Akihisa-kun's innocence, I'm really sorry about that..."

As long as Muttsulini's our friend, it's not rare for the girls to treat us like perverts.

"Ah haha. We ended up peeping in the end, so it's a little weird for you to apologise to me."

"Is, is that so?"

But speaking of which, it's rather strange of you to be talking to me like usual when I'm a peeping tom. Ah, but if so, you won't be able to talk normally with all the boys from the second year.

"However, that..."

"Eh? What?"

"It's, it's really wanted to peep?"


Should I not have replied 'yeah'? I'm really a big idiot.

"AH! did I say it too fast—no no, I said it out without thinking too much..."

"I see...hehe."

Strange. She doesn't seem to be looking directly at me.

"Great, seems like Akihisa-kun still has an interest in girls."


I see, so it's better to be treated as a pervert than a homosexual, huh?

Seeing me in agony, Himeji-san seemed to smile happily. Mm, is she making fun of me? I have to respond in kind to her.

"I, I'm definitely interested! Especially...especially in Himeji-san!"


Himeji-san blushed till her face was all red. Seems like my response was rather good.

"Hahaha, just joking! This is revenge for making fun of me, Himeji-san..."



"I'm saying...if it's you, it's alright for you to peep..."

At this moment, my mind just went blank.


The unbelievable reply made me doubt my ears. Is it really alright to allow me to do this?

"It's alright for you to peep, but—"

"But, but what?"

"But—I have to be Akihisa-kun's wife first!"

Hold on a minute, what's with the development up till now!? What's the situation now!? Anyway, got to calm down first...right now, I have to think of a honeymoon destination. Would it be old-fashioned for me to chose the beach? It's better to go overseas for a honeymoon, huh? However, I'd have to request for a break from school.


The sudden gentle laugh made me lift my head, and the moment I lifted my head, I saw Himeji-san smiling happily as she blushed.

Eh? Don't tell me that what she said—was another joke?

I got fooled think that she would counter me like this, as expected of Himeji-san!

"Hahaha, Akihisa-kun, your face is all red now."

"Of, of course it is, isn't Himeji-san blushing because you're saying words that you're not used to?"

At this moment, we smiled at each other. This way of conversing really is rather refreshing.


Just as we were smiling at each other, there was a forceful and terrifying shout. Is that Minami?

"Hm, long time no see, Minami."

I turned towards where the voice came from, and as expected, Minami was running towards me with enthusiasm.

"Eh? Strange? What's going on?"

Her expression seemed rather serious. What's going on?

"What's wrong, Minami?"

Seeing Minami acting so strangely, Himeji-san was shocked as well.

"Aki, close your eyes."

"Eh? Oh, alright!"

The moment she arrived in front of me, Minami suddenly made this request.

Is she trying to punish me for peeping?

Can't be helped, I'll just take a punch from her.

I obediently closed my eyes, waiting for the incoming impact.

"...Sorry, Mizuki..."

"Eh? What are you saying, Minami..."

What's going on? She doesn't seem like she's going to hit me.

I timidly opened my eyes, and what appeared in front of me was Minami, who was blushing as her face closed in.


The moment I realised it, Minami's lips were already pressed onto mine...

BTS vol 03 249.jpg


  1. Ono no Komachi [1]is a woman from the early Heian (794–1185) period, a famous beauty in Japan, hailed as one of the three great beauties of the world, the other two being Yang Guifei [2] from China's Tang Dynasty and Egypt's Queen Cleopatra VII [3]. Ono no Imoko [4] is a male politician from the Asuka (538–710 AD) period. According to records from Japan, he was deployed to China as an ambassador during the Sui Dynasty. (581-615 AD) Note that Ono no Komachi is Ono no Imoko's descendent.