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The Second Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

Please write down the products formed when pentahydrate copper sulfate and barium chloride solution are mixed and heated. Assume that pentahydrate copper sulfate and barium chloride will completely react with each other.

Kirishima Shouko’s answer:

“Barium sulphate, copper chloride, water”

Teacher’s comment:

Correct. The chemical equations in this reaction is


But before this, with the addition of pentahydrate copper sulphate, there will be the reaction of


So water’s formed amongst the products too.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“Table salt.”

Teacher’s comment:

Why do you think this will be formed? Sometimes, sensei here really can’t catch up to Yoshii-kun’s thinking process at all.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:


Teacher’s comment:


BTS Mizuki himeji v9c2.png

“Sakamoto! The classics teacher is here!”

“Alright! We’re going to change from English to classics. Himeji, are you ready?”


Himeji was standing at the entrance in front of me, getting ready to battle. The moment the classics teacher came over, she summoned.

“Sensei, once this battle is over, please allow me to take part in a classics battle. Summon!”

C Class, Murada Nana, Classics, 97 points.


F class, Himeji Mizuki, Classics, 415 points

A little Himeji appeared in the middle of the array that appeared with Himeji’s summon—the profile of her summoned beast. Just like what everyone can see, she won’t lose in terms of points.

“She’s here, it’s Himeji! Follow the instructions!”

The voice that came over seemed to be the voice of a guy who’s in charge as the enemy commander.

“““Got it!”””

Two summoned beasts that were standing in front of the enemies put their enemies in front of each other to block Himeji’s attack. Even so Himeji’s really amazing, C class’ two summoned beasts defended together to block Himeji’s strike.

At this moment, the third summoned beast of the enemy was ready to leave and attack Sugawa who was getting ready to retreat. Cheh, this is bad.

“! I won’t let you!”

Himeji quickly reacted and used the hand of her summoned beast to block the enemy who was changing its attack target. A red light seemed to shoot out from the bracelet as it chases the enemy.


The enemy was using a tough looking shield, but it couldn’t control the strength entirely and got deflected. Himeji then used the power of the bracelet to hold the enemy off and got between him and Sugawa. Because of this, Sugawa managed to escape from that field.

And so, Himeji was the only one left in the summoning field. The other enemies all escaped when Himeji took down one of them.

“Then, it’s now a match of classics. Please!”


As the subject used was changed to classics, both allies and foes summoned their summoned beasts again. Really there, we managed to succeed.

“Nice job, Himeji. You’ve been a great help.”

“It’s great that I could make it in time.”

Once she was done, I said to Himeji, who heaved a sigh of relief. During the scuffle just now, our forces here will be worn out even more if Sugawa end up being unable to battle. I’m really grateful for Himeji’s quick thinking.

“Sorry for using up all the points just now. I’ll go replenish them.”

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you then.”


Himeji went over to the teacher to take part in the replenishing tests. She used the power of the bracelet multiple times to protect Sugawa, and it’s unlikely that she would have enough points if she doesn’t go off to replenish them.

“It’s the third time we’ve changed subjects…”

Since it’s the third time, the enemy will more or less notice our intention. The way how two of them were in charge of defending against Himeji and attack Sugawa was proof of it. They failed in the end, but the way the remaining two left the summoning field once Himeji attacked the other person is bothering me. They didn’t fight Himeji with all they got. If they really intend to whittle our forces down little by little, it’ll be really tough on us.

“We’re going to move too…Hideyoshi!”

“What is it? Yuuji?”

I checked the score sheets in my hand and brought Hideyoshi over. If the enemy does this, we have to change our tactics too.

“We’re changing plans. You’ll hold off in participating the classics battle. I hope you can assist Himeji when we change subjects.”

“Assist…? What do I do?”

“If there’s some guy who appears to stop Himeji, hold that guy off from the side. And if possible, beat him. Your points can definitely do so.”


Actually, Hideyoshi got a high score of 110 points in classics this time, which is almost twice that of normal. He will be able to fight with C class like this.

“The classics replenishing test this time tested questions that are the best possible ones for me.”

The classics replenishing test yesterday tested on the tale of Genji, and the drama club seemed to have picked it for the next performance.

“I will be performing as the lead Genji this time, and it’s a male character I finally get to play after a while, so I have to work really hard…!”

He seriously studied the tale of Genji—the real one, to boot, to get into the mindset of the character. That’s what happen when he’s an idiot who’s passionate about acting. Because of this, I know how Hideyoshi devoted so much time and effort into drama.

“But that’s not the only reason why I’m working hard.”

“Nn? Is that so?”

“…I, want to be with you and Akihisa.”

BTS vol 09 089.jpg

It’ll be tough to be in the same class as you if you advance to A class. Hideyoshi grimaced. It’s true that it’s hard for others to realize this because of careless mistakes, but Akihisa’s specialty subject can already be designated as higher than the standard for F class. If we want to remain in the same class, we can only improve our grades.

“I am really happy to be with you guys.”

“Well, that’s because there’re idiots who won’t make things dull.”

“Even though you’re showing such an unconcerned look, you’re one of us too.”

Hideyoshi was so happy that he was cackling away. In that case, we should include Muttsurini into the ranks of idiots. I really find it a pity that I have to be associated with them.

…However, how should I put it…

“Hideyoshi. Don’t say that in front of the rest.”

“I know. It’s because you treat me as a man that I say this.”

“That’s good…”

Really, that guy’s a natural-born male killer. There’ll likely be another ruckus within us if the rest hear this.

“Let’s not talk about this for now. How long do we maintain this defense? We can’t win like that.”

“Sorry, but we can only continue replenishing when we can’t confirm that we can get enough fighting strength.”

“Enough fighting strength?”

Hideyoshi tilted his head and ask. It’s true that it’s impossible to understand the entire tactic just by listening.

“If we pay attention, we can tell that C class is exceptionally wary of me, Himeji and Muttsurini.”

“Of course, that’s because you all have enough points to beat Koyama.”

During the last summoning war we won in, Muttsurini and Himeji were the ones who beat the class rep, and Himeji’s performance today is outstanding, so they have to be wary.

“And Koyama hasn’t appeared once. Most of the people who aren’t going to attack probably went to defend her.”

“To prevent us from ambushing them.”

If that’s the case, we can’t let Himeji or Muttsurini go alone as there’re people defending Koyama all the time.

“So this time, we’ll create the strongest breakthrough squad of our class, including the people being watched here.”

“The strongest breakthrough? I don’t think that can beat the enemy class.”

It’s true that if we can win like that, it’ll mean that our teamwork is stronger than the enemy. But after the chaotic incident yesterday, F class is severely worn out, and C class that always had the advantage will definitely have more teamwork.

“We’re not going to use this team to win, but use this team to lure the enemy’s attention.”

“Use this team to lure them?”

“Yeah, and then, we’ll block most of the fighting force to take down Koyama.”

“Fmm…the fighting force that can take down Koyama.”

“The rest of the guys from F class. If they’re going to be wary of the people who can take her down individually, we’ll increase our numbers to crush the enemy. The enemy’s only wary about these few people, but our F class doesn’t just have those people. We’re going to make those people who only pay attention to the stronger ones suffer.”

“I see…so we’re going to continue replenishing here to get enough forces to take down Koyama.”

“Un, that’s the case.”

Though I did say that we are going to lure most of their fighting strength away, Koyama and the forces defending her are still around. If we want to defeat them, we need fighting strength. Therefore, we can only endure for now.

“Then, I’ll go over to my designated place.”

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you then.”

“Hideyoshi went over to the frontlines.”

Then, I’ll be in charge of updating the class’ score sheet I have here.

BTS vol 09 092-093.jpg

“…After investigations, we found that C class has a huge advantage, and F class seemed to be forced back into their own class.”

Kirishima-san, who returned back to A class, reported about the battle situation between C class and F class. It seemed that there’s not much of a drastic change from when I just came over to school.

“My investigations are the same here. F class’ been switching the subjects over and over again, and it seemed that they were able to replenish the battle strength they lost yesterday. C class seemed to have taken quite a few countermeasures, and things don’t look so good.”

Kudou-san reported.

Defend and replenish. That’s not really Yuuji’s style at this point. It’s very passive.

“It’s not possible for that Sakamoto-kun to let it end up this without doing anything…”

“He’s probably thinking of doing something.”

Kubo-kun and Kinoshita-san said so. I have the same feelings about this too. That guy’s definitely not the kind of person who’ll let himself get beaten down and lose the war without doing anything.

“Then, I’ll talk about what I investigated about C class—actually, about the class rep Koyama-san.”

This time, Kinoshita-san’s reporting on what she investigated on C class.

“They turned around at the corner below to look for Yoshii-kun, but returned back to their base at C class, seemingly wary of F class’ movements.”

It seems that they’re trying to capture me, who overheard the information. However, they still chose to defend against Yuuji’s actions. We’re F class, so we can only win through surprise attacks. For Koyama-san, it should be best for her to not try and leave her base.

“But no matter what, she should be going off to find Nemoto-kun in B class.”

They don’t have to be wary of us like that if that’s the case, right?

“What are you saying, Yoshii-kun? B class is having lessons now.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

We’re chatting away like it’s after school now. I completely forgot that the other classes were having lessons.

“It can be said that Koyama-san returned back to C class to quickly contact Nemoto-kun at B class once he’s dismissed from lessons.”

Kubo-kun deduced after hearing Kinoshita-san’s information. It’s true that C class and B class, which are in the third level of the new school building, are much closer to each other than the old school building in the second level. It’s really a tough thing for us to try and get in their way.

“And based on Nemoto-kun and Koyama-san…based on the report from Shimizu-sa—no, my associate, it seemed that C class’ rep Koyama seemed to have written a letter or something. From the look of the timing, it seems that it’s highly likely to be related to the previous incident.”

Kubo-kun’s information was about Koyama-san’s own information. Then, in that case…

“If there’s a letter, I guess it’s not just about ‘please come over to so and so place’.”

“If someone saw her writing, it means that she must have spent a lot of time in it. I don’t think it will be at least one or two sentences. Or rather, I think it’s an explanation about everything that happens.”

“…It’s a little too early to decide this.”

“Yeah. The enemy knew that Yoshii-kun escaped.”

“That’s true. Koyama-san may have thought that there’ll be an interference.”

“In that case, are there any other possibilities besides explaining everything?”

“Yeah, for example…”

“…She prepared a few letters or something.”

“And send them down different routes. The chances of succeeding are better here, and ancient people do use this method to send secret messages.”

“In this situation, there’s too many possibilities.”

The conversation continued.


“? What is it, Yoshii-kun?”

“Nothing…I just feel that everyone’s really smart.”

And I thought just now that these people were completely useless. I can see now that they’re really A class people.

“I say, who do you think I am?”

“Someone that resembles Hideyoshi.”

“Let’s play baseball then, Yoshii-kun. I’ll be the batter, you’ll be the ball.”

“That won’t do, Kinoshita-san. The bats in high school baseball are made of metal. Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Slow down, Yoshii-kun. You’re saying that you won’t mind if it’s a wooden bat?”

“I’ll change what I said. Everyone, beat Yoshii-kun with metal bats.”

“Ku…! Isn’t it against the rules for everyone to gang up on me like that…!”

“In other words, you’re just worried about going against the rules of baseball?”

“…I’ll be the second batter.”

“I’ll be the third batter then~”

“Even Kirishima-san and Kudou-san…no, I can’t say anything if the person himself says so. More than that though, we should start talking about the details to our plan. If they prepared a letter or something, we won’t have much time left.”

“…Un, that’s enough for the jokes now.”

“Oh yeah~ what do we do?”

Everyone went back to thinking, seemingly starting to consider the actions to be taken later. As for the shocked expression on Kinoshita-san’s face, perhaps I was mistaken there.

“Then, how about this?”

Since we’re going to talk about detailed plans, let me raise one.

“Assassinate Nemoto-kun and end all communications.”


Everyone just shot me regretful expressions. That’s weird. I do feel that this is the fastest and simplest way to deal with this.

“Yoshii-kun…let’s not talk about the rules of the summoning war first. That’s violence on your part…”

“It’s still plausible if the other party did something bad. I don’t think it’s suitable to take such actions in this situation.”

Damn it. I remained in F class for so long that I’ve become numb to such violence.

“Tha, that’s definitely a joke. As for other methods, how about we switch the messages?”

“Well, that’s the only option.”

“...More apt.”

“Better than assassination no matter what.”

I finally got their agreement this time. That was close, real close. I nearly ended up rated as a ‘dangerous person’.

“But Yoshii-kun, there’s something I hope you can take note of.”

“Hm? What is it, Kubo-kun?”

“We can assist you, but it’s really hard to interact with the enemy. No matter what, C class and F class are having a summoning war.”

“Yeah. It’s nothing if you’re the one taking action directly, Yoshii-kun, but they’ll be talking if we take action.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

The rules of the summoning war explicitly stated that in principle, interfering with the wars of other classes is forbidden. But about this ‘in principle’, if C class and B class work together and got a better vantage, it won’t be counted as going against the rules.

For example, in our current situation, it’s okay to prevent them from exchanging letters. That’s because there’s no direct interference in the summoning war between C class and F class. But when interfering, if a student of C class is rendered immobilized by someone of A class, it’ll be against the rules. That’s because students who weren’t directly involved in the war between C class and F class weakened C class’ strength. In other words, it’ll be tough for Kubo-kun and the rest to take on C class’ students. If it were the other side starting it, it will be a little better, and there’s still room for argument. But if we deliberately start something, they will be forced to take a certain level of penalty.

“What are you worrying about, Yoshii-kun? The most important thing is that we don’t get directly involved.”

“…And our intent is to swap letters without being found out. It’s alright.”

“Yeah~ we’re just saying hello to you. We won’t be able to help out if something happens.”

“Un, understood.”

I already got them involved in the summoning war, and it’ll be really bad if I ended up getting everyone punished. I have to take note of this.

“Then, as for the details—what should we do?”


Kubo-kun put his hand at his chin and pondered,

“We have to take a look at the actions we can do based on this situation. There’re roughly 2 of them. The first is to prevent the letter from being sent out. The second’s to switch the letters.”


“The former’s to make the messenger unable to take action. You’re the only one who can do this, Yoshii-kun. It’s a simple act that doesn’t break the rules.”

“In other words, Yoshii-kun will have to use a summoning battle to send the C class student to the remedial room.”

“…The one in charge of passing the message will definitely have used up points.”

I see. I might be able to win if it’s against such an enemy.

“Another thing we can do is the swap the letters. We can help out here.”

“…However, these will be the only letters we can swap.”

The latter is different from the former. In the former, we beat up the messenger, but for the latter, we interact with the enemy without being found out, get the letter, and make a fake one. In that case, we’ll need several conditions to be fulfilled.

“These will be the only two ideas we can use. We won’t have enough people if many students are to interact with B class’ rep, but I think that the most they can send in a summoning war is 3 people. Even so, it’s hard for us to succeed at the same time.”

“That’s true…”

If I’m the one going, there has to be one enemy. And the enemy’s an upper-ranking class with advantage, while my specialty subject doesn’t have a lot of points. It’s okay if I can fight a stalling match, but if I want to beat the enemy, it’ll be hard for me to win no matter how much the enemy’s worn down if it’s not one on one.

“In other words, Yoshii-kun will still have to challenge, and we can only swap the letters secretly. If you can’t win, the most we can do is stall for time.”

“Un…you can put it that way. But if I may ask, isn’t C class and B class rather close in terms of distance? It’s easy to call each side other, isn’t it?”

Kudou-san supported her chin.

“It’s alright if it’s just a person coming out, but they will be sending lots of people because they’re scared of Yoshii-kun. It’s basically impossible to stop them all. What should we do?”

Kubo-kun went silent. Kirishima-san and Kinoshita-san were the same here, pondering. Uu…

Yuuji’s been the one thinking about all this stuff. I’m not really confident in such thinking, but in this situation, it can’t be helped.

“Then, can I say something?”

“Yes, Yoshii-kun.”

“How about we drag on B class’ lesson time?”

I tried to raise my hand and ask.

“Drag on B class’ lesson time…?”

“Un, in that case, C class can’t go into B class and can only wait on the corridor, isn’t it?”

“I see. Then we’ll lure one person after another, right?’

“…That seem like it can work.”


“But how do we drag on the lesson time?”

“Well…do any of you have any good ideas?”


A way to drag class time on…it’s possible if we’ in their own class, but it’ll be hard to do it from outside. What should we do…

I was patiently pondering, and Kudou-san took out a device I seemed to have seen before from her pocket.

“I’ll use this to do something.”

“Ah, isn’t that, the speaker used during the training camp…”

“It’s a voice recorder, but there’s no speaker this time. I think we will be able to delay their lesson time somewhat if I use this thing, right?”

On hearing that it’s a voice recorder, I immediately had some certain bad memories, but now’s not the time to worry about it.

“I’ll leave it to you then, Kudou-san.”

“Un, understood. Then, Yoshii-kun, can you please say ‘sensei, excuse me, but Nemoto-kun doesn’t seem to feel well’ and ‘no, doesn’t he look like he’s struggling?’ here into the recorder?”

Kudou-san pointed the device at me. I see. The teacher can’t possibly ignore those words, and the lesson will be dragged on. That’s a good idea.

“Okay, then…‘sensei, excuse me, but Nemoto-kun doesn’t seem to feel well’, ‘no, doesn’t he look like he’s struggling?’. Can this do, Kudou-san?”

“Un, perfect. I just need to synthesize the recording suitably. Thanks, Yoshii-kun.”

“No problems. You guys are helping me out here, so I should be thanking you.”

I personally experienced Kudou-san’s skill with the voice recorder. Looks like there’s no problem with dragging the lesson on.

“So we just have to deal with the people from C class now, right?”

“In that case, we have to prepare a switch of letters.”

Kinoshita-san said. That’s right, we’re not just going to snatch it.

“…Who’s going to write?”

“Anyway, Yoshii-kun and I should be excluded. A female’s handwriting will be more sincere looking.”

Kubo-kun’s right. A boy’s handwriting is why too noticeable. There are girls around anyway, so I’ll leave it to them.

“…The three of us will write, and we’ll choose the best one.”

“Eh!? Me too?”

Kinoshita-san showed her surprise at Kirishima-san.

“…You can’t write it?’

“Ah, that’s not it. well, it’s not that I can’t write it out. I’m okay.”

“…Then, write too, Aiko.”

“Uu…so I have to write too? This is troublesome.”


Kirishima-san took out some scrap paper and handed them over to Kinoshita-san and Kudou-san.

“…Yoshii, do you know what’s Koyama’s name?”

“Erm, I remember it’s either Yuka or Yuuka…sorry, I’m not really confident here.”

“…It’s alright. I’ll just write the family name then.”

“Yeah. Can’t go wrong there.”


After checking the name, Kirishima-san and the rest took their papers and went to the table.


And so, the three of them started writing. Kirishima-san’s writing like flowing water, Kinoshita-san seemed to be secretly glancing at a certain book, and Kudou-san is looking around at what both of them are writing.


The ones watching them are me and Kubo-kun on the boys’ side.

Un, since we have nothing to do here, I’ll just chat around randomly with Kubo-kun.

“I say, Kubo-kun.”

“Hm? What is it?”

I said to Kubo-kun as we waited for the letters to be finished.

The girls are just writing letters here, so how about this topic,

“What kind of person is that person you like, Kubo-kun?”

“!? What? Why are you asking this out of a sudden?”

Kubo-kun suddenly looked frantic. Am I asking this question too suddenly?

“Nothing. It’s just that you have someone you liked, so I just wanted to ask.”

If possible, I hope to help as a friend and get taken care of by Kubo-kun.

“I, I see. So you’re interested in the person I like, Yoshii-kun…”

“It’s fine if you’re not comfortable with saying it.”

“Of course not. Allow me to say it here. Ah…the hair is about this long.”

As he said that, Kubo-kun used his hand to draw behind his head.

“Fu~n…so the hair length is about similar to mine and Kudou-san.”

“!?Ah, ahhh, yes, that’s right.”

??? For some reason, this reason seemed to be too weird. It seems that he’s being anxious.

“Then, the personality?”

“Personality-wise, the opposite of me. Carefree, good at sports, and very mobile.”

Hn? Carefree, good at sports, and very mobile? The hair length’s like this. in other words—don’t tell me.

I vaguely glanced over at the girl who’s writing a letter. Ah…

“Is that person a little…well, H?”

“Ah, un. A little. And because of this, creates a few troubles.”

Of course, I can’t be mistaken here. So Kubo-kun likes Kudou-san. No wonder his reaction was weird when I said that the ‘hair length is about similar to mine and Kudou-san’. Anyone will be shocked when I mention the name of the person they like.


“??? Wha, what is it? What’s wrong, Yoshii-kun? Is there something on my face?”

My stare is so meaningful now, yet Kudou-san didn’t seem to understand.

Ah, really, why is this person so slow? This is already a confession! It’s rare for Kubo-kun to summon such courage, yet she couldn’t understand. Unacceptable.

“Kudou-san. Slow-wittedness is a crime. You’ll be arrested for that.”

“If you think that way, I suppose you should surrender yourself…”

Not good. This conversation doesn’t seem to be able to make Kudou-san understand.

Can’t be helped. I’ll use some slightly forceful means and change how I go about talking about this to make Kudou-san understand.

“That person’s good at sports, so in other words, this person wears tights, right?”

Under the skirt.

“Tights? No, I think it’s trunks.”


“Yo, Yoshii-kun, why are you looking at me at such a moment?”

“Well, sorta. I guess there are female-type trunks, I suppose…?”

“Bu, but about that, don’t you have quite the good relationship with the person you like? Do you often talk together?”

“No, unfortunately, we don’t really interact often.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

Even though you’re classmates?

“Un, yeah. There’s nothing more lonely than this.”

I see…I didn’t know…

“So I would feel happy when we meet in the washroom.”

“You can meet in the washroom!?”

I know that she’s not too mindful about gender, but I didn’t expect her to really go to the boy’s washroom!? Even Hideyoshi too! Are girls nowadays non-resistant to male washrooms?

“Well, to put it, I’m rather mindful of your stare since just now, Yoshii-kun…”

Kudou-san, who’s writing her letter, looked really troubled. Kudou-san, I should be the one troubled about how even though you’re a girl, you don’t mind going into the guys’ washroom.

“Well…any other characteristics?”

“Let me think—”

He thought for a while, and immediately got an answer,

“—Suited to wear female outfits.”


“Yoshii-kun!? Are you mistaking me for something!?”


As we continued talking,


Kirishima-san was the first to finish the letter.

Anyway, I’ll leave the topic about Kubo-kun and Kudou-san aside and do what I have to do. If this keeps up, I feel that there’ll be something dangerous.

“Can you show me, Kirishima-san?”


Kirishima-san handed over the folded letter.

It’s not a letter to me, but for some reason, my heart seemed to be pounding.

Then now, what will Kirishima-san’s letter be like?

I excitedly opened the letter, and the letter goes like this.

Come over to the roof after school.
I’ve always, always had something I want to say to Yuuji.

“…How is it?”

“Nemoto-kun will probably cry when he sees this, won’t he!?”

Being called out by an ex he so desperately wanted to get back, only to be summoned to another person’s confession; Nemoto-kun will likely try to bungee-jump and jump from the roof to the field. My mind just couldn’t help but imagine this.

“…Not good?”

“It might be good if it was sent to Yuuji…”

“…Really hard to write one.”

Kirishima-san muttered. I think she wouldn’t have anyone else she would think of writing to except for Yuuji. Damn it…that idiot’s damned lucky…! I won’t be able to clear all my grudges with him even if I rip him into eights…!

“Well, let’s not talk about how I should execute him for now.”

Let me try this again. Next.

“Are you done, Kinoshita-san? Can I take a look?”

“Eh!? Ah, erm.”

“You’re not done yet?”

“I, I am. It’s just that I’ve never read such letters before, so I’m worried if it’s a little weird!”

“…What kind of reference are you using?”

Speaking of which, Kinoshita-san seemed to be secretly looking at something and writing. A letter based on a passage? Looks like I can look forward to it.

“Tha, that’s right. It’ll be a little pitiful if I use the letter I got, so I took some excerpts from a book I read. That’ll be fine, right?”

“Heh~ let’s see it then.”

“Alright, you’ll be shocked.”

Kinoshita-san handed her letter over in a seemingly confident matter. Erm, what did she write…

Dear beloved bastard.
I’ve something to say to you bastard! Meet me at the rooftop of the new school building, you bastard!


PATAN! I closed the letter.

“How is it? Not bad, right?”

“Kinoshita-san, let me see your reference book.”

“What are you saying!? No! Well…I think it’s too hard for you, Yoshii-kun!”

To be able to copy such a passage; what in the world was Kinoshita-san reading…

In that case, there’s the last hope.

“Kudou-san, please.”

“Eh!? Ah, I, I’m not done yet.”

“…There’s no need to be shy, Aiko.”

“Yeah, Aiko. It’s not fair when you’re the only one who doesn’t want to show it to the rest. Ehh!”

“Ah! Wa, wait! Return it to me, Yuuko!”

Kinoshita-san snatched Kudou-san’s letter and opened it. And then, what’s written on it was,

To Nemoto-kun..
A lot of things happened, but I found that the most important thing to me now is to be with you.
It's a little thick-skinned for me to say this, but I have something I want to tell you
After school, I’ll be waiting for you to come up to the roof of the new school building.
BTS vol 09 115.jpg

“We’ll use this.”


Kudou-san screamed.


“But I think this is touching enough. It’s really cute. I think Nemoto-kun will immediately go running out of the classroom once he reads this.”



Kudou-san ripped off the letter she finally managed to write. She did write well there. What a pity!

“Anyway, the C class’ rep Koyama-san should be of the cool type, right? It’ll be weird if you use my letter.”

“…That’s true now that you mention it.”

“Something simpler may fit her style.”

“Un un. That’s right. That’s right.”

Maybe it’s just like what Kudou-san said. Even if it’s good that a girl writes this, it may seem a little forced to say that it’s something that Koyama-san herself wrote it.

“Can’t be helped. I may be overestimating myself here, but I’ll write it.”

“Eh? Kubo-kun, are you fine with that?”

“Yeah…let alone the content, my word just don’t look like a girl’s no matter what. I typed it out from a personal notebook.”

A class’ facilities include personal notebooks. It’ll be easier to type it out on a computer.

“But won’t it be weird if it’s a letter printed out from a computer? C class doesn’t have computers here, right?”

“Yeah, that’s true, I forgot.”

“…What should we do?”

“Don’t worry. If that’s the case, we’ll write a letter where the handwriting’s unidentifiable.”

As he said this, Kubo-kun took a pair of scissors and some sort of paper. Is that…the Fumitzuki news that the news club publish?

Baka Test ransom.jpg

“How about it?”

“Yeah…I think it’ll be most effective if it’s used in a detective novel…”

Most likely, the TV will then show Nemoto-kun being pushed down from the roof.

“So it can’t work…well, I can only do this since I didn’t stick them neatly.”

“No, about that, I think that’s not the problem there…”

I just feel that we’re about to forget our aim.

“It’s really hard to write a letter to call someone out.”

“…Don’t know what to write at all.”

“Ahaha~ that’s right~”

“As expected, there’s some things we’re good and bad at.”

“U, un, maybe it’s like this…”

In the end, I ended up writing the fake letter to get him out.


  1. To put it simply, meat sauce in French cuisine.