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Author's Notes

I am very grateful to all readers for buying this book, and at this point, this author will give you his most sincere thanks. I am Kenji Inoue, the author of this book. To think that the second volume would be published so quickly; it is all due to the support of everyone, so please let this author again show his thnaks.

Well, anyone would be tired of seeing such a long letter of appreciation, so just let me say a few simple things. There is no content regarding this book behind, so please read on with ease.

I live a solitary life. On a certain day, a package was sent to me. It was from my mother, and the contents were indicated to be 'food'. It looked like it was sent from my hometown, and I was really grateful for it.

I used my penknife to cut the plastic wrapping, thanking my mum as I pull the food out from inside. Now, what did she send? I was really looking forward to it.

The thing that appeared in front of this person that had this feeling was--

'A pillow case'.

This sudden curveball shocked me.

I say, mum, how do you think I've been living my life? No matter how painful my life can be, a pillow case cannot be eaten. We had been living together for at least 18 years, I don't think I actually ate pillow cases for my nutrients, no?

Haiz, seems like some daily commodities were packed in, so allow me to thank you for sending the pillow case over. Being re-motivated, I rummaged through the contents of the package.

Next, what I pulled out from the canvas containment was--

'Orange, scallops, can'

Now this is an actual food. Though the oranges were a bit bruised, it was still acceptable. Being able to use these as a secondary source or an emergency supply of food made me really happy, since as I'm living alone, I didn't really have time to buy these things. In order to get even high class food, I reached inside the canvas package.

I pulled out something familiar from the canvas package.

'Pillow case (blue)'

Though I did pull this out at the beginning,.the colour this time was diffirent. If I were to add up the ones that I had, I got 4 of them. However, it is good to have extra when I'm washing through and changing pillow cases. I'll happily keep it then.

After that, what's next is--

'Pillow case (Aquamarine)'

How dirty did my mum think my pillow cases are? I couldn't ignore the fact that my mum's a bit eccentric.

After that, I pulled out things like 'barbecued meat (char siu/ roasted Cantonese meat)'[1] and 'pillow case (pink)'. After confirming the contents inside, I called back home to say thanks. Even though the contents were mostly pillow cases, a gift's still a gift.

Me: "Is that mum?"

Mum: "Ah, are the items delivered over?"

Me: "Mm, I got it. Thanks."

Mum: "Hurry up and finish it before it gets bad."

Me: "Besides the pillow case, I'll do my best to finish up the rest."

Mum: "Especially the barbecued meat. You must cook it thoroughly before eating it, okay? Because it has already expired."

Me: "Ah, yes. I got it. That's all for now, bye bye."

Mum: "Mm, bye." --Ka-chng


I don't understand, why would she send expired food over? I have no understanding of what my mum's thinking at all.

Mum did say "You must cook it thoroughly before eating it, okay?"

I suppose cooking it thoroughly isn't the problem here, no?

As the saying goes, 'chip off the old block'. The reason why my novel obviously lacks common knowledge is probably a heredity thing, even though I feel that I have to take up 80% of the responsibility.

Well, enough casual talk.

I'm really grateful to all the readers who have read the 1st volume. Fanmails came pouring in, telling me that they want to read the second volume, which resulted in this volume being published. To S-kun from Hiroshima-ken, you were the first fan to send me a fan letter. I'll treasure this letter of yours.

Also, to Takaaki Kaima-san, who assigned Sugawa's role in a letter, I'm really grateful--hold on, Takaaki-sensei, what are you doing now? You were supposed to be helping out in the live-action movie adaptation of Gakkō no Kaidan[2], is there really a need to help someone like me write a book? I feel that you only need to read the illustrations next time.

To Haga-sensei, who normally draws such cute drawings, I'm really happy to be able to work with you. My heartfelt thanks can't be expressed through words, so next time, lets go out for a drink!

To M-sama, who's in charge of printing, KAGAYA-sama, who's in charge of design, to all the sempais and to everyone who helped out in the publication of this book, thank you all. With your help, this novel is able to reach the 2nd volume.

And to all the readers who bought this book, I would express all my thanks through words in my work. I will continue to do my best!

So, if possible, we will meet in the 3rd volume. Oh yeah, there's a magazine called 'FBSP' that is slated to be released in May. I have already added a little column inside, so if you readers don't mind, you can take a look; especially the love letter that starts with the letter M, this author chipped in quite a lot of effort.

(On a side note, if it can be successfully released, I intend for the story in the 3rd volume to be even more nonsensical then the 2nd volume. Now, if the editors can agree to it...)


  1. Barbecued meat, or Cantonese Roasted Meat. [1]
  2. Gakkō no Kaidan, a light novel series written by Takaaki Kaima. Volume 2 and the movie were released on April 28, 2007 [2]