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Hot Spring

Yozora and Sena were sitting down on the bench to rest, and we left the amusement park once we could move, and arrived at the neighboring ‘Bath wonderland’.

The amusement park worker who came over to clean up said ‘you’re already not kids. At least control yourself when you play at the amusement park’. This lecture may have had some effect as Yozora and Sena remained silent.

We came to the onsen mostly to rest, and the main aim was to use the coin washing machine at the onsen to wash our clothes.

We can’t possibly take a bus ride like this…

After borrowing some bathrobes and putting them on, we placed our dirty clothes into the completely automated washing machine, and headed towards the onsen.

“We’ll meet at 4 then.”

After deciding on the meet-up time, I broke off from the girls and headed to the men’s bathhouse.

Yukimura and Maria were following me.

…… …


I stared at Maria, who was leaping about as she followed me.


Maria tilted her head.

“No, no ‘hm’? Why did you come to the men’s bathhouse?”

“The outside has it that anyone who is 10 years old or less can enter the men’s bathhouse!”

“Sigh, it’s alright in terms of age…but shouldn’t you head to the female bathhouse when there are girls to watch you?”


Maria was somewhat unhappy.

“I don’t want to because Yozora and Sena stink.”


That no-holds-barred declaration was too cruel so I could only give a wry smile.

Maria still can’t tell when it’s the appropriate occasion.

Kids are cruel after all...

Yozora and Sena would have admitted defeat if they heard that.

“Can’t be helped then…let’s go to the male bathhouse then.”

“Un! Let’s go into the bath with onii-chan!”

Maria smiled.

Then, it’s the changing room.

The changing room with Kusunoki Yukimura.

…This was basically like those mental training situations, and I could only endure things painfully.

I was about to cry as I cautiously looked for a place to change.

Luckily, there wasn’t any other customers in the changing room, and Yukimura in the maid outfit didn’t attract any strange looks.

There was a dead angle between the exit of the changing room and the bathroom door, and there wasn’t anyone who placed their clothes there. That’s a great place. We hurried over and started to change.


Maria immediately took off all her clothes.

She placed her clothes inside the basket.

“Onii-chan, let’s head into the onsen!”

“Well, you can go in first. I still need some time.”

“Un—I got it!”

Maria ran away happily.

“Ah, oi! Don’t forget your towel!”

I handed the towel over to her.

“Thank you, onii-chan!”

“Remember to make your body wet before going into the bath! And don’t forget not to put your towel into the bath!”

“Ok~ay! I’m going to swim~!”



Maria’s profile disappeared into the bathroom.

…Next…I need to remove my clothes too…

I glanced at Yukimura. He was taking off the apron of his maid uniform.

That luxurious body really made me unable to think that he was a boy.

Especially the waist…why must it go thin like that?

I backed away from Yukimura a bit, and started to undo my buttons at a place where Yukimura couldn’t see me.

At this moment,


“Wha, what is it?”

I asked him while turning my back on him.

“I’m extremely sorry, but can aniki undo the buttons on my back?”

“I, I got it.”

It seemed that it was hard to undo the button on the back of a maid uniform’s neck by oneself. I did help him undo it the last time.

After undoing it, the snowy-white neck that was so beautiful that I couldn’t believe that it was a guy’s was revealed, and I frantically got away from Yukimura.

Ahh, I’m so nervous…!

I hurriedly removed my yukata and placed it inside the basket in the shelf.

I took the towel,

“The, then, I’ll make a move first!”


I glanced at Yukimura again. For some reason, he was blushing hard.

As this was an extremely famous onsen before the Yokojima Wonderland was built, the inside of the ‘Onsen Wonderland’ was rather luxurious.

There were 3 large pools, and the sauna, water bath, Jacuzzi and electric baths were all there.

Also, there was an open-air bath pool outdoors that seemed to mimic a stream, and anyone could bath and enjoy the scenery there.

I took a wooden tub that’s placed at the door to wet my body and walked to the bath pool.

“Ah! Onii-chan! Over here, over here!”

Maria, who was bathing inside the pool, waved at me on seeing me come over.


I arrived beside Maria, and the shower rained down from the head.

It felt like the dirt and sweat I got from the theme park disappeared with the flowing water.


“Aniki. Please let your servant scrub your back.”

Yukimura’s voice came from behind.

Looking back, Yukimura was standing there, completely naked.

He was covered with a towel from the chest to the waist.

“So, so why do you have to cover your chest too…!?”

“Because I’m shy that I don’t have refined muscles like aniki…”

“Ah, I see…”

Thinking about it, he did say that when we went swimming.”

“If aniki’s orders are not to cover it…”


I pleaded with all I got on hearing Yukimura’s minced words.


Yukimura looked a little disappointed.

“Speaking of which, please allow your servant to scrub…”

“No, no need! I can wash it on my own!”

“There’s no need to be so polite.”

My back was still facing Yukimura,


Ah, damn it…

…May, maybe, those words of mine just now were a little hurting…

I looked at Yukimura’s face in a scared manner.


Yukimura’s eyes were tearing up. Even my chest ached after seeing that thoroughly sad expression on his head...

I hurriedly called Yukimura who got up and walked away (my body just went so hot after seeing that cute butt that didn’t look like a guy’s at all that I couldn’t take it anymore).

“Oi, wait up! Don’t panic! I’ll let you scrub! Please scrub my back!”


Yukimura gave me a tender-looking smile as he turned around.

I didn’t dare to look at that smiling face and immediately turned my back.

“Hu, hurry up, hurry up and scrub it! This, this is soap, and use the shower-head to wash it.”

I closed my eyes hard to prevent seeing Yukimura in the mirror and passed the soap and shower-head behind me.

“Understood. I shall serve aniki with all I got.”

Saying that with an abnormally bewitching voice, Yukimura sat behind me.

Yukimura dabbed soap on the towel and started to rub my back.

I let the chairman scrub my back before, but to be honest, it’s a nice feeling to have someone else help me scrub my head.

Yukimura’s method was different from the chairman’s forceful method. It was gentle, so it would itch occasionally.


…It seemed that Yukimura really worked hard to scrub my head as I could feel that hot…well, somewhat erotic breath of him.

No, no, it’s not erotic! It’s not erotic at all!

I’m just letting a guy scrub my back!

Yukimura’s hands or chest would occasionally touch my back, and there would always be an inexplicable comfortable feeling.


Unlike the chairman’s sturdy body, Yukimura’s body was abnormally soft and smooth, and that touch made me unable to imagine that he’s the same gender as me.

Especially—the chest.

That slightly bouncy touch shouldn’t be called a ‘chest’, but ‘breasts’.

…Ku…my sanity! Go me go…!




…No, not good…if this keeps up, I’m going to become really weird…!

Hurry up and end this. I could only close my eyes and pray for this.

And then,

“Oh—so this is a chin-chin [1].”


Maria, who was bathing herself beside me, suddenly pulled aside the towel that’s placed between my legs and said this.


Maria looked somewhat interested as she looked between my legs.

“Ohh, this looks completely different from what I saw on Rika’s computer! That looked scary, but onii-chan’s one looked so gentle!”


Also, even if it’s a kid looking at it, it’s embarrassing for others to keep looking at that thing of mine.

My body went feverish due to embarrassment.

“Na—na—onii-chan, can I touch it?”


I frantically snatched my towel away from Maria and placed it on my waist.

“It looked fun…”

…And she said that it looked fun.

This little girl’s words are still as unrestrained as ever.

“Na—na—, why do you have such a strange thing?”

“And you even asked why…and you even said that ‘it looks strange’…”

Can I teach her everything I learnt in school about health education to her?

…Never mind.

She’s a little girl, but it’s too embarrassing for me to say it, and I know that if I randomly did something, her older sister Kate would definitely be so flustered and embarrassed that she would get angry.

“…Because guys would have this thing.”

I answered her in a suitable manner. Maria nodded her head, 'fuun'.

"Then why doesn't Yukimura have that thing?"

How is it possible!?

She just said

Something unbelievable!!!


I couldn't understand what Maria was talking about and could only blankly raise my doubt.

"Ahaha, Yukimura's a guy and he doesn't have that thing! So there are guys with that thing and guys without it!"

"What are you saying..."

"That's because I still haven't grown yet..."

In the mirror, Yukimura showed a shy expression.

No, that's not because you haven't grown.

How would it look like if you haven't grown?

"Heh- so you won't have that thing if you haven't grown yet."

Maria sighed in a naive manner.

Nonono...hahaha, how can it be possible. Wait wait wait.

"That's how it is."

"So can you grow it if you grow up?"


Nonononononononononononononononononononononono, how can it be possible...

"That's right. As expected, onii-chan's grown up already."

"Yeah. Aniki's a real manly man."


"Ahaha, so Yukimura hopes to be like onii-chan!"

"Yes, I'll do my best."


I got extremely confused and hurriedly turned my body around.

Yukimura's body entered my eyes.

As Yukimura was holding the towel to scrub my back, he wasn’t covering his naked body.

The naked Yukimura was half-knelt.

Snowy white skin, a luxurious body, a slight—really, a slight chest that was slightly lifted, and a delicate chest that looked like it would break if I held him hard.

And then, down below the waist, between the left and right legs.

The ‘thing that was supposed to be there’ wasn’t there.

No, more accurately, it should be that ‘the thing that shouldn’t exist there’ was logically not there.

"He does not have it..”

“Aniki…it’s embarrassing.”

Yukimura hurriedly covered the chest with both hands.

WHILE YOU’RE COVERING THOSE SMALL BREASTS THAT COULD BE ACCEPTED FOR A GUY’S, SHOULDN’T THERE BE SOMETHING ELSE YOU SHOULD BE ALL THE MORE COVERING!!?? I really wanted to shout this out loudly, but right now, I was standing there blankly like an idiot.

…Let’s recall this one by one.

When I met Yukimura for the first time, her introduction in the classroom was ‘I’m a guy’, and Yozora, Sena and I agreed with her without checking (of course, we normally won’t check at all).

While changing at the changing rooms in the pool and at the onsen today, I didn’t look at her too.

“This person’s a guy this person’s a guy this person’s a guy this person’s a guy”. I just kept warning myself and didn’t think of checking it.

A high school boy who looks like bishoujo no matter what—why do I believe in such a fantasy-like existence so easily?

Whenever I was with Yukimura, I would have thoughts a few times, like ‘he doesn’t look like a guy no matter how I look at it’ or ‘he looks just like a pretty girl’.

Since she looked like a pretty girl, this person’s definitely a pretty girl who was disguised.

Calm down. If I use common sense to think through it.



  1. Basically, the Japanese way of saying penis.