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Can you please think about translating some of Nahoko Uehashi's work, which are the serei no moribito series and Kemono no soja series. These are two good series that where already made into anime but they only utilised the first few novels in the series and I'm sure many people want to know what happens in the full story.

Can you please translate Nihon Kokuyū Tetsudō Kōantai aka Rail wars. Please I really want to read this light novel

YS:I would love to see a Tokyo Ghoul Light Novel Translation since theres some fans out there now and the story is great.

Can you please translate "Sorry Onii-sama" and others that are on the list of potential teasers on oniichanyamete site, since the guy will only translate teasers (he already has his hands full with other projects) but they are all so interesting that I wonder how they aren't translated until now.


'Inukami!' by Mamizu Arisawa. Light novels from which manga was also created. The light novels are not available in English. The manga has been translated into English and is available in the USA.

'Missing' by Gakuto Coda, volumes 3 and further. Tokyopop translated Volumes 1 and 2 for the USA. Those are out of print but still available. Volume 3 and further volumes are not available in English.

Extend the suggestion to the 'Dansho no Grimm / Grimm Fragments' novels written by Gakuto Kouda (same author, different spelling of name).

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Focus your attention in other locations please.[edit]

In your Teaser Projects you have 106 projects in it. 36 of them is halted and 14 is stalled. Those two together makes 50 of the 106 not being worked on. That is 47.17% of the teaser projects not advancing whatsoever. In your Main Projects you got 145. 16 of them is halted and 5 is stalled. that makes 21 of your main projects not being worked on to finish as a "main" project. That is not including all the active and idle projects in it that is also a "main" project that has yet to finish. From my point of view it looks like you are just trying to add more quantity of light novels instead of finishing a light novel that is a "main" project. For example the light novel "Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi" has 20 volumes in total, it's status is halted and only 5 volumes is completed and the first chapter of the 6th volume is completed. For such a huge series as a "main" project being not worked on looks like misplaced work attention. Granted I don't know what it is like to run a website or how you do everything, and for what you got and are doing I am thankful for, but it also annoys me at how light novels that need to finish being translated in the main projects is being ignored like it is not even there. If I knew how to read Japanese or translate something or anything like that I would surely help to fix what I am trying to point how, but sadly I can not. Sorry if I sound rude, impolite, or insensitive in any way, but as a person who comes to read light novels with a completed series that is halted while seeing all the teaser projects coming out of the wood works and not even get worked on, it annoys me. I write this to be helpful and understanding to the general public you might have that feel the same way by bringing it to your attention. Thank you for taking you're time at reading this and I wish you a good day.