Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume16 Chapter4

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Chapter 4 - Hermits and Agitators

They were eyeing each other quietly.

The circular fighting grounds were covered with walls. It felt closed in here, and there was no audience stand. Instead, a few cameras were streaming the fights live. A few people were watching the situation through the recording.

There were only two Military Artists in the grounds. One was a Military Artist in his prime, wearing a beard. He held a huge sword, its tip stabbing the ground.

Opposite him was a younger Military Artist. On his waist was a katana that looked much more fragile than the huge sword. He was also ready.

How long had they held this pose?

Only the people watching the live-stream noticed the passing of time.

To this city, the strength of Military Artists was only needed to defend it. The residents need not have to watch the fights.

(Can the city maintain its operation like this?) Karian couldn’t help but think.

It would be a great way for the city’s residents to relieve their boredom by watching the beautiful matches between Military Artists. In fact, many cities were doing this. Karian heard of this from other people in the Academy City.

But this city was different. It limited the number of people watching the fights, and few came to watch it. There also weren’t any posters or pictures showing off the Military Artists themselves.

“What do you think?” he said to the female beside him.

There were a few seats in this special viewing room. There were a few males and females watching the match other than Karian. He could tell they were quietly and intently watching the match, and that they were a bit tense too.

Since the female beside him was tense and that there didn’t seem to be an opening for a conversation, he turned naturally to the other female on the other side of him.

“I understand,” the female said curtly.

“Is that so? That’d be good if that’s the case.”

“But what’s the meaning of it?”

“The other side offered such a condition. I can’t not accept.”

“Is that so? Why not just hand over the data?”

“It can be fake if you just read the data and not look at the real thing.”

“If it’s just that level of eye vision…….”

The female cut off the conversation. Karian noticed it a bit later too.

There was movement. No. It was about to begin. Karian felt the change in the atmosphere. Since he was able to detect the change despite being a non-Military Artist, Military Artists themselves should have an even deeper understanding of the situation.

The people in the live-stream moved.

They jumped at high speed. The cameras swayed at the ripples made by their movements. Instantly, dust threw everywhere, and the scene plunged into silence.

“Has it begun?” the female said icily.

The picture came back to the screen.

Murmurs filled the room.

In it was a man kneeling on the ground with his sword broken into two, while the younger man had his katana against the man’s neck.

The young man looked at the camera.

“Well, just this kind of level.”

Karian read this from the movements of his lips.

It hadn’t been a day before Karian appeared in front of the roaming bus. The special colour of the roaming bus seemed to be displaying it as private property to any bystanders, and Karian entered the bus as if he was an official of the city.

“Finally, we’ve three,” the woman sitting in one of the seats said to him. A woman with long hair and a firm attitude.

“Shutania, please return to Saintberg if you’re dissatisfied.”

“That can’t be! Young master!”

“Besides, they’ve bodyguards. You’re hired by dad’s mercenary gang, so you belong over there. Shouldn’t you head back for another mission?”

“No. I’m coming.”

“Well, anyway, has anyone got a question on our destination?”

Shutania was indecisive when Karian asked the important question.

“I’m sorry.”

Shutania lowered her head shyly.

“Well, don’t be so cold. You’ve been calling Young master, young master. You care too.”


“Wait up. I’m just telling the truth,” Haia smiled at the angry and red-faced Shutania. Behind him, Myunfa was sniffing.

“No, I’m sorry. I must have been too harsh.”

“Young master……..”

“A response won’t be called for without that action. You do have your logic.”

“No, Young master, you don’t have to apologise for me. It’s all because of me. I didn’t understand your thinking, Young master……”

“Uh, I get it. Anyway, just calm down first.”

“Excuse me.”

Shutania was leaning close to the back of Karian’s chair, as if she was about to attack him. Realising the case, she left, her face red. Looking at her, a sense of nostalgia welled up in Karian.

Her father. The mercenary gang Shutania belonged to. That happened before Felli was born. It seemed that family hadn’t been dealing in in between city trade of information before Karian’s birth, but they had left their own city because of an important case, and had taken Shutania with them.

Speaking of which, this family couldn’t live in any city, no matter what the reason was. Shutania felt like an older sister to Karian in terms of age.

“Speaking of which, Haia, that Military Artist, is he good?”

“Well…. Average.”

“You’re lying. You just barely won.”

“That’s not the case at all.”

“Well, Shutania has been doing her best.”

“Yes, Myunfa. Haia has tried his best to win the fight.”

“Myunfa. Stop saying redundant things.”

“Right. I’m sorry.”

After the driver received the order to leave, the roaming bus was lowered. When its wheels touched the ground, the bus began to head for another city.

“In this city exists people who make Haia acknowledge their strength. There should be other “slumbering” Military Artists in other cities too. Then it’s not useless to show them these images.”