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Closing Words[edit]

And thus mankind took its first step into space.

I am sure many will not accept this story as fact. It does speak much about people who are no longer living and much about things which have not been thoroughly investigated. However, it is the truth.

I know this because I heard it from my adventurer of a grandfather. When I was young, I would ask him to tell the story at every opportunity.

He would often say that he would not have lived such a fulfilling life if it had not been for them.

My grandfather was a simple soldier who appeared in this story. He is no longer with us, but his way of living greatly influenced me.

I believe I will eventually have another chance to tell stories of him.

I will now set down my pen while I wish good fortune to earth’s civilization that is now able to fly from the Milky Way and to all the people who paved the way to this era.

12/25/1996 4:05 PM – The same time as when mankind first reached space for the second time.

-Michael Schrier

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