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Title Page[edit]

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Welcome to Panzerpolis Berlin

Panzerpolis 1935

Kawakami Minoru


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Background word: Wild


Walter: An arrogant young man who acts as though he fears nothing.

Paul: Stubborn man and genius engineer who completed the world’s first manned spacecraft.

Else: Daughter of one of Germany’s leading arms dealers. Attends University of Berlin.

Kaiserburg: Powerful growing and evolving aerial warship.

Text: Those who aim for space have hot blood rushing through their veins.


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Background word: Calm

Text: Those who wish for a stable nation stifle themselves to fulfill their duty.

Oscar: Commander of Air Force Division 5. In many ways, the ideal soldier. Pursues the Kaiserburg.

Mayer: Walter’s former underclassman and a kind soldier.

Flammen Ritter (Flame Knight): The German military’s cutting-edge craft with jet-powered VTOL ability. Possesses a variety of special equipment.

Eisen Soldat (Iron Soldier): The German Air Force’s spirit rocket craft. Equipped with a spirit scramjet so it can be launched from aerial ships.

Bladlikburg (Bladlik Castle): The German Air Force’s giant armored aerial ship. The upper sail acts as a launch zone for aircraft, so it functions as an aerial aircraft carrier.


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Background word: Evolution

Left words:

Final Form

Second Form

First Form

Black box:

Final Form = Göttlich König (Divine King): Possess both the perfect form and ability to be called the ultimate aerial warship. It is theorized that it can escape the atmosphere at this stage. Panzer Emblem: ???

Second Form = Eiskalt Königin (Frozen Queen): An aerial destroyer that specializes in long-range combat. Possesses powerful special divine weapons. Panzer Emblem: Eiskalt Engel (Frozen Angel)

First Form = Strahlen Ritter (Shining Knight): Only one of its three engines functions. Primarily designed for close-quarters combat. Panzer Emblem: Strahlen Lanze (Shining Lance)

Text: The machine merely ferociously and elegantly obeys its master’s will.


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1698: Savery (English) creates a spirit engine model.

1710: Newcomen (English) creates a real spirit engine.

1853: The Black Ships arrive in Japan. Isolationist policies removed.

1871: Germany unified around Prussia. Holy German Empire formed.

1875: Paul Wagner is born.

1879: Huber Talstrasse is born.

1894: Maxim (English) flies the first spirit airplane.

1897: Paul joins the German military as a technician.

1901: Nobel Prize established. Huber discovers the Tomb of the Mother of a Thousand Pharaohs in Egypt.

1906: Paul successfully alters gravity with a spirit engine.

1910: Huber attempts to reach the South Pole but gives up. On the way, he gets to know Paul, one of the German military technicians sent as backup.

1911: Amundsen (Norwegian) reaches the South Pole. Walter is born.

1914: World War One begins.

1915: Else Breuer is born.

1916: Huber discovers the Great Cave on the battlefront of France.

1919: Holy German Empire collapses. Becomes the German Republic.

1920: The first manned extra-atmospheric probe is launched by Germany. Piloted by Huber Talstrasse. Designed by Paul Wagner.

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