City Series:Volume2 Preface

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Title Page[edit]

City v02 001.jpg

Aerial City


Kawakami Minoru

Characters 1[edit]

City 02 002-003.jpg

Corners text: Death Wish


Race: Demon

Combat Method: Boxing

A demon without wings

“It’s…happening around me again?”


Race: Human

Combat Method: Sword or Demon Contract Spells

A man who has lost everything

“We simply need to drop heaven down on London.”

Characters 2[edit]

City 02 004-005.jpg

Corners text: Devotion


Race: Human?

Combat Method: N/A

A blind girl

“That is a bad habit of yours, Amon.”


Race: Human

Combat Method: Incantation Magic

A woman whose love has stopped

“I will protect Master Valeath.”

Characters 3[edit]

City 02 006-007.jpg

Corners Text: Feelings


Race: Unknown

Combat Method: Unknown

London’s most pretentious man

“Yes, truly a man of the heavens.”


Race: Werecat

Combat Method: Altered

Former Urban Hero and current female police officer

“What are you doing, idiot?”


Race: Human

Combat Method: Gun

A priest who turned his back on god

“I hate angels and god just as much as monsters.”


City v02 008.jpg

From the moment you set foot in that foreign land, your own form and emotions are expressed in writing.

Humans rarely have a chance to enter that space.

The name of that world of fiction and the title of that book is “Aerial City – London.”

(From “The Lost World”)

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