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Morning Section - Ending: Autograph Session[edit]

“I was right! Akira is still herself!”

Genius heard Gunmal give a shout.


She wiped away the blood flowing from her injured cheek and looked at Gunmal.

His Device was still lowered in his right hand and it did not move. The coat that matched his height was in tatters.

His face, body, arms, and legs were injured. He had been pierced by Genius’s light in several places.

But despite all the injuries, he had not changed his fighting style. He did not try to kill his opponent, he did not release his Live, and he avoided any definitive blows.

“I’m impressed you can fight while Busting like that.”

He’s used to this.

Genius stopped moving and J-Gun stepped up next to her.

Gunmal also stopped to face the Nein Engel and dead man.

He looked a bit up toward heaven.

“So I finally get my answer.”

“Your answer?”

He only smiled at her question and there was strength in his eyes.

“I doubt anything I say would get through to him, so you tell my brother there’s no reason to feel guilty about me.”


“You’ve shared your Live with him, so you can get through to him, right?”

With that, he looked fully up into the night sky.

A river of Nein Engels flowed through that moonlit and starlit darkness and the flight of four Earth Burns controlled the flow of that river.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done this.”

He sounded carefree, but he adjusted his grip on his Device.

He moved it to his flesh-and-blood left hand.

And Genius saw something in the movement she had not seen before.

In an instant, he swung down the Device.

But this time, he did not remain silent.

He did not “tear” at the air or “strike” the earth.

He released his own Live.


As Hong Kong approached the brink of destruction, his powerful Live clawed at and raced through the city.

The changing city was further changed by his Live.

No one there knew where that change would take it.

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