City Series:Volume5b Preface

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Character 1[edit]

City v05b 002.jpg

Beretta McWild

I will hesitate no longer!

A will wishing to protect it all

Character 2[edit]

City v05b 003.jpg

Rosetta Balleroy

I think it will be okay.

Feelings possessing infinite possibility

Character 3[edit]

City v05b 004.jpg

Heinz Berge

What does it mean to be the strongest?

Instincts attempting to discover true strength

Character 4[edit]

City v05b 005.jpg

Rot Löwe

I am with thee.

The strongest machine


City v05b 006.jpg
City v05b 007.jpg


City v05b 008.jpg


Daily Herlde – Issue 68000


A Somewhat Sexy Story

We have long heard rumors that it is possible peep on the bathing area behind the Francisca Clinic, but that has now been wonderfully proven thanks to the efforts of our reporters’ infiltration team. Rose Francisca, owner of the clinic, uses her Correcteur ability to purify the water there, so the village girls will bathe there for their skin and other, shall we say, health benefits.

When Rose herself learned of this, she said “Peeping is wrong. I will crush you – especially at your weak point.” and she plans to quickly build a fence around it.

Above: Photographic Evidence.

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