City Series:Volume6a Preface

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Title Page[edit]

City v06a 001.jpg


City Series

Panzerpolis Berlin 1937

Left: Welcome to Berlin, the first city.

Bottom: By Kawakami Minoru

Characters 1[edit]

City v06a 002.jpg
City v06a 003.jpg

Name: Berger

Berger’s bottom text:


Destiny is the power to separate.

Name: Hazel

Hazel’s bottom text:


What is the Messiah?

Central text:

Berlin – A city destined to be armored.

A city of metal and stone. Everything gathers in this city and everything begins here.

Characters 2[edit]

City v06a 004.jpg
City v06a 005.jpg

Name: Schweitzer

Schweitzer’s bottom text:

Hero: A hero is too strong to back down.

Name: Bermark

Bermark’s bottom text: Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet: A Magic Bullet is a shot guaranteed to hit.

Central text:

Nordpolarmeer (Arctic Ocean) – A frozen ocean of midnight sun and fog.

A polar airspace of sea and air. A battlefield that guides all to an ending and a new beginning.


City v06a 006.jpg
City v06a 007.jpg

Right bottom text:

Sylphide: The Sylphide is an unstoppable wind.

Left bottom text:

It all belongs to people and machines.



1. Eingeweide-type Aerial Warship Sylphide – The ultimate aerial warship designed by Marsch Gant of the Geheimnis Agency’s Development Division. Currently running wild.

2. Size D Phlogiston Tank – A small battery containing spirit fuel Tune-Bust tension. Also comes in C and AA sizes.

3. Male Grösse Panzer Blau Löwe – Ship-top combat Grösse Panzer belonging to the German Air Force. Aerial combat possible when using the Ober Emblem Luft Fang on its back.


City v06a 008.jpg

Top left (in blue): Recommended by the Greater Germanic Reich Geheimnis Agency

Top right (in red): German Folktale Comics Chapter 31

Title: 9th Section of the Ruling King

Right of title: Dageki Bunko

Box: German Folklore Comics!!


And so the one-armed youth with a divine name somehow managed to bring the Messiah girl from the Black Forest.

At the time, our Reich was plagued with earthquakes, lightning, fires, and delinquent fathers, but the Messiah girl paid no attention to any of that because she had so much trouble looking after her pet dragon.

“Listen, we’re going to head down to the world below, so make sure you don’t munch on any of the villagers for a snack, okay? No eating that guy walking in front of us either.”

The one-armed youth pretended not to hear it, but a shudder ran down his spine.

That dragon did not really understand the concept of jokes.

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