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Title Page[edit]

City v06c 001.jpg


City Series

Panzerpolis Berlin 3 1942

Left: Welcome to the turning point battlefield – the river of sorrow.

Bottom: By Kawakami Minoru


City v06c 002.jpg
City v06c 003.jpg

Name: Graham

Graham’s bottom text:

The Knight is a protector.

Name: Rose

Rose’s bottom text:


The Requiem is never shaken.

Central text:

Rhein: The river that brings sorrow.

A long river splitting western Germany from south to north.

A river that must be mentioned when speaking of Germany.

Its path through the mountains has led to many a shipwreck, so it is famous for the legend of the Lorelei whose song can capsize boats.


City v06c 004.jpg
City v06c 005.jpg

Upper left box:

Explanation: Eingeweide Aerial Warship – Requiem

Bottom text:


Words contain infinite possibilities

Upper right bullets:

  • Full length: approx. 1200 yards
  • Full height: approx. 240 yards
  • Full width: approx. 300 yards
  • Center front is the command ship, rear is the Babel Kanone control ship
  • Left and right, from front to back, are aircraft carrier, Grösse Panzer landing ship, and warship.
  • Displacement: approx. 710 thousand tons (ordinary aerial warships are approx. 60 thousand tons)

Upper left scale:

Schwarz Löwe




Left bullet:

  • Carries a Babel Kanone

Unreif Germane[edit]

City v06c 006.jpg
City v06c 007.jpg


The Unreif Germane includes six sections recited as poetry or songs:

  • 3rd Section of Daily Life
  • 9th Section of the Ruling King
  • 12th Section of the Soaring Dragon
  • 1st Section of the Moonlight
  • 6th Section of the Ending God
  • Final Section of the Wheel

There are multiple variations of each, but the following will be treated as the originals in this book.

  • 3rd Section of Daily Life

In the deep darkness of the Black Forest

Born from the abyss

The wheel emerges

It whips up the wind and speaks with the dragon
It reads the wind and weeps
It carries power in its hand and hesitates

  • 9th Section of the Ruling King

The one-armed youth holds the Messiah

The moonlit pair returns to the earth

The dragons gather and dance tonight

Every last thing returns home

  • 12th Section of the Soaring Dragon

The wind blows

The night blows

The dragon awakes

The people move

The dragon roars

The wind arrives from the north / A path arrives from the north
The knight descends as a knight / The dragon soars high as a dragon
All is a path to the north star / All is a story of an insurmountable wall

  • 1st Section of the Moonlight

Follow the path to a familiar face

While walking side by side

Your hand and voice might reach them

But the moon sees it not

The gatherers begin their party

A wall separates the pair
As they follow the same path with the same words

  • 6th Section of the Ending God

The party begins and the village dances / The dragon roars and the knights gather

The bride weeps uncrowned / Her words go unsaid and he never arrives

Thus she is alone / She weeps and sleeps in this land

  • Final Section of the Wheel

Urge him on and wait / If you wish for something new

All hesitation will come to an end up ahead

Complete the circle or break it / If you desire something new

Throw out all hesitation and look back

The wind is with you, he is with you / Seek out something new

All hesitation exists to tear through that wall

AIF Flier[edit]

City v06c 008.jpg

Top left:

Published May 30, 1942 by AIF PR Division 666th Combat Editorial Unit

Bottom left of image:

Sponsored By Dageki Bunko, Shougeki Bunko, Raigeki Bunko

Right text: The AIF is recruiting! You too can soar through the blue sky! In fact, you’d better!

Below image:

Recruitment Notification:

Today, tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after (well, you get the picture), the AIF, your favorite champions of justice, are recruiting any rough and wild fighters we can get.

  • Got any superpowers you don’t know what to do with?
  • Got more attack power than you can handle?
  • Got an unbearable urge to hit something?
  • Got a love of trapping others in your master plan?

Then we highly recommend you sign up.

Two positions are available:

  • General
  • Grunt

Generals are put in harm’s way, but they can boss everyone else around.

Grunts live an exciting life of full-body tights, bizarre dances, and so much more, but they must obey their superior officer.

Benefits include: various forms of insurance, retirement plan, dependent subsidies. Dorms available. Recreation facilities (ping pong table) available.

If interested, visit the following location.

Above map: AIF Base #1

Below map: Approximately 76 hours by foot from the Arizona airport. Located on prime real estate with abundant wildlife and a breathtaking view.

The World 1939 – 1942[edit]


  • The German Army invades Europe.
  • The AIF begins analysis of the Vaterland Eingeweide ley line acceleration reactors.
  • March 15: At the AIF’s request, the world’s Sofort Lesers gather in the US for the Arizona Conference. There, the most skilled form the History Live Research Team and begin to research future developments.
  • The AIF works with UK Special Forces to assist the withdrawal of the UK and French armies.
  • May 12: The German Army begins invading the Soviet Union with Operation Barbarossa.
  • May 26: The German Army drives the UK and French armies to Dunkirk on the English Channel, but the UK is allowed to escape. That prevents the planned peace talks with the UK and France using the many expected POWs, so the war continues.
  • June 10: Italy joins the war. June 22: France surrenders.
  • The primary members of the History Live Research Team die mysterious deaths. Investigation of the cause begins.
  • The UK acquires documents about the Geheimnis Agency’s secret Babel Cannon, begin developing a Pseudo Babel Cannon.
  • September 5: Construction of Germania is completed as an underground fortress city, leaving the old Berlin on the surface.
  • November 13: The Geheimnis Agency completes the Requiem, a Gard-class warship equipped with a Babel Cannon. It is temporarily placed under command of the German Air Force. While placed within Germania’s #2 Air Defense Shipyard, the Requiem is also charged with defending the North Sea region.


  • The German Air Force receives damaged in air combat above the UK and continues to struggle to achieve air superiority.
  • U-boats continue attacking merchant ships to cut off the Atlantic Line that forms the Allies’ primary supply line. This leads the US to join the war.
  • The war spreads beyond Europe, dragging the Pacific Rim into the fight and beginning support of the war on a global scale.
  • The AIF joins the military as an independent paratroop squad under the US Army Air Corps. They join with the Allies’ European division and begin doing scout, recon, and special operations work for missions.
  • Mental Live illnesses such as Nightmare Syndrome grow rampant on a global scale. Doctors around the world conclude that anxiety about the war is destabilizing Lives around the world.
  • The UK begins air raids in German territory, but the results are minimal.
  • December 8: Germany asks Japan to join the war to keep the US busy and Japan complies. Japan joins the war.


  • January 20: At the Wannsee Conference, Germany decides to purge the world of all nonhumans and Jews.
  • April 6: The History Live Research Team concludes they cannot read the history Lives past August 1943, suggesting the anxiety will rule the world that month, causing the world itself to end.

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