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A Girl's Boundary

The pain from long ago subsiding, the two Tomoya and Kyou finally get to go out with love in the air. However, for Kyou, there's something that she just cannot take. That would be......

Written by: Kai

I'm the guy who's in charge of Kyou, Ryou, Kappei's, as well as one part of Yukine's scenario. Kyou, Tomoya, and Sunohara are all getting well, with the high tension going on between Tomoya and Kyou and the two's cruel treatment of Sunohara. :)

The room was quiet...
Nothing moved an inch.
A space with just the two of them... a peaceful moment...
Well, it should have been――...

"Idiot, idiot, idiot! Super idiot! Pervert!!!"
"Hey... wait, Kyou! You don't need to get that angry..."
"Shut up! Just go and die!"

Yelling that, Kyou picked up a weekly publication in her hand, and threw it at Tomoya with all her might.
He narrowly dodged it.


"You guys are noisy... if you keep that up the rugby members will... guah!"

Sunohara had come into the room at just the right moment, with the publication flying right into his face.

"I'm going home!"
"Bye bye!"

Tomoya reached out his hand, but Kyou left the room as if she dodged it.
The room fell to an eerily silence...


Tomoya took a breath, and picked up the canned coffee from the table, drinking it.

"Did she hate it that much...?"

He didn't feel particularly guilty, but rather awkward, as he scratched his face.
It's been two months since he and Kyou have been going out...
As expected, those around them took notice that they've been dating.
Since he was known as the guy who dated her younger sister, dumped her and went for the older one, it was normal for them to react that way.
But, within that, what was salvaged was that Ryou talked with Tomoya and Kyou like she usually did.
Thanks to that, everyone around began to accept that, and things calmed down.
Even so, Ryou was indeed curious...
Besides, they hadn't held hands in front of her at all.
That's why it was probable, that they ended up spending a lot of time in Sunohara's room.
At least there, Ryou wouldn't see them.

"Actually... I have no idea what rules go on in her mind..."
"Hey, Okazaki..."

Sunohara, who had fallen at the door, got up while rubbing his nose.

"Hmm? Oh, you've come back?"
"Instead of being greeted with words, I was hit with a magazine..."
"Ah, my condolences. Besides that, did you get the sweets we asked for?"
"I had to buy it somewhere pretty close to the neighboring town."

Saying that, Sunohara put a vinyl bag on the table.

"Actually, it's kind of obvious that you two were scheming to have me leave for quite a while."
"Well to be honest, this is a room."
"You guys were flirting in my room, weren't you?!"
"Oh shut up! You can just be thoughtful, okay?"
"And you're angry at me?! Actually, what the hell are you doing in someone's room, anyway?!"
"... nothing..."

Sunohara threw a tsukkomi straight at Tomoya.

"Though it seems Fujibayashi Kyou's been quite angry recently... i-it couldn't be that you two were crossing that line here...?!"
"Well, I'd be known to go that far."
"Then how far did you go?!"
"Normal stuff, normal."

As Tomoya said that in a sulking manner, he reached out to pick up one of the sweets Sunohara bought.
Seeing Tomoya like this, Sunohara said to tease him,

"Besides, you probably felt up her breast and she got angry at you, huh?"
"Well, she doesn't get particularly angry at that, since that's normal."

Sunohara's smile froze rock-solid, hearing Tomoya's words.

"Umm... is it actually soft?"
"Well, let's see."
"Actually... umm... what were you trying to do in my room, really...?"
"... nothing..."

While piddling over his words, Tomoya reached for the bag of sweets and opened it.

"She really is different from Ryou..."

Tomoya didn't seem to be quite conscious of what he said, letting that slip.
Sunohara narrowed his eyes at those words.

"You definitely said something most inexcusable there, didn't you?"
"... yeah... that was uncalled for..."

It's not that you don't compare them, it's that the two are not to be compared, ever.
Kicking himself a little over it, Tomoya slept on the floor.


Kyou walked along a road, letting her shoulders drop in a gloomy manner.
It was already summer, and the humid heat was still left around, even if the sun fell.
Thanks to her short hair, her neckline was cooler than usual.
It had been a long time since she felt that.
She put a hand to her lips...
Just a few moments ago, Tomoya's was there.

"... it's not like... I'm so concerned over the kiss..."

She murmured that, not meaning to say it to anyone else.
Since she was going out, she should be doing things she normally does with Tomoya.
But, that was something Kyou wasn't really able to accept yet.
――I could still endure it if I were pushed down...
She was reluctant with that alone.
She could only think about one thing when she got in a fight with Tomoya.
What would Ryou have done at a time like that...?
That said, it's not like she's able to even ask her...
In the end, was there something that she had to endure... a forcible answer to the question.

"Dating's difficult..."

Muttering that, she sighed again.
Her light hair...
Along with that decision of hers, she had left something behind...
And these days recently, it's felt like that.


When she came home, Botan jumped into her arms.

"I'm back. Did you behave?"
"Puhi, puhi!"

Botan nodded, cuddling inside her hold.

"Hmm... seems like the stripes on you are gradually disappearing."
"Kinda like becoming a man."

Botan licked her face happily at her words.

"Kyah, come on, that tickles!"
"Puhi~ puhi~"

Lick, lick.

The wild boar's small tongue licked Kyou's lips.


And at that moment, Kyou pulled Botan away from her face.
Her face flashed red in the blink of an eye.


"Ah... u-umm... I have to eat, yup. I have to change clothes, too."

Smiling, Kyou put Botan on the ground and went to the room.
Botan leaned over curiously and went after her.

"Hey, Okazaki."

Sunohara said, half-asleep. Tomoya was eating his lunch.

"Be honest, how's Fujibayashi Kyou with you?"
"How... you ask?"
"How far did you go?"
"Normal stuff, normal."
"You at least kiss yet?"
"She a B?"
"I... it couldn't be... a C?"
"No comment..."
"Come on, tell me. We're friends, right?"
"Who is?"
"You and me, of course!"
"Ah, tea please."
"Yes, barley tea's fine, right?"
"Ah, thank you. So, who's the friend, tea fetcher-kun?"
"Could you please not kick away a person's good faith?!"
"If you're a friend, don't get into my privacy, will you?"
"And who's the one who's always in my private room, huh?"
"What's yours is mine, right?"
"How convenient!"

Tomoya drank his tea, not flinching to Sunohara's noise.
A pause――.... then after taking a breath, he went for another sip.
Sunohara sighed, looking at Tomoya do this.

"Oh man, if it was gonna end up like this, I would have been better off kissing Fujibayashi Kyou."

Is he talking about what happened in the garden?
Tomoya patted Sunohara's shoulder.

"Aren't you glad? If you had, I'm sure I'd show up and kick your ass."
"The only ones who are jealous are adults, huh...?"

Sunohara complained, blowing up his cheeks.
Tomoya put down his chopsticks, looking at him.

"Mind if I talk seriously for a moment?"
"I don't mind."
"To be honest, being with Kyou is... difficult."
"Not going well?"
"Probably as well as others do. It's just that... how do I put it... I might be misunderstood, so I'm scared."
"That's Fujibayashi Kyou for you. You leave an opening and who knows what she'll do."
"No, that's not what I mean... I mean how far would she forgive me."

Sunohara returned a voice of inquiry.

"After all, as a guy, you'd be asking girls for various things, right? But maybe I'm asking too much...?"
"You can go a bit far with friends, but when you start dating, it's kinda vague that it's strange... like there's a fine line that I shouldn't pass... you know."
"... question... what do you want from someone single like me to tell you?"
"... yeah..."

Tomoya again took a breath.

"Guess I asked the wrong guy for advice..."
"I'm so sorry that I'm of no use to you!"

Kyou used Botan as a pillow and read a book.
It was a normal girl's manga.
But it was turned just to the right page where there was a kissing scene.

(... wonder if this is a normal kiss...?)

Keeping the book open, she puts her hand to her lips.


Ryou called her, and in haste Kyou closed the book and got up.

"W-what is it?"

Kyou looked at her with a flush-red face.

"What's wrong...?"
"N-nothing at all, really."

It was words that had absolutely zero persuasive power with that disturbed face of hers.

"... onee-chan, you seem troubled recently."
"R-really? Maybe it's not your imagination?"

Smiling might deceive her...

"Is it Tomoya-kun?"

The name came out of Ryou's mouth, causing Kyou's heart to skip a beat.
She thought that time was still needed for her to get over it.

"It's not going well?"
"N-not at all, that's not how it is."

Kyou smiled―― but she turned her eyes away from Ryou.
She couldn't consult her about Tomoya.
――much less anything to say...

"Just curious, onee-chan. How far did you go with Tomoya-kun?"
"Eh... eh?!"

For the younger sister to bring up such surprising words caused her to raise a voice.
Ryou simply... smiled at Kyou, looking at her.

"U... umm... how far... you say...?"

Kyou was flustered, not able to figure how to answer.

"It's been two months now."
"Y... yeah..."
"You've been going out with Tomoya-kun for quite some time now, onee-chan."
"... yeah..."
"You don't really have to worry about me."
"... Ryou..."
"That said..."

With a keen face, Ryou kneeled down beside her, and said,

"Did you at least kiss?"
"W... well..."
"If you didn't, then it means I'm more experienced than you are."

Ever since she went out with Tomoya, Ryou became completely optimistic.
The older sister always led her ahead, but somewhere it feels like she lost something.
But... they've kissed probably a number of times.
Certainly it'd mean that I'm on even ground with Ryou.
Then... maybe asking her might be fine...

"... we... ll... Ryou..."
"W... when you kissed..."
"How... did it go...?"
"How, you ask...?"
"W... well........."

While blushing fiercely, her glance dropped to the ground.
Then, she said with a vanishing voice,

"... w... was it with the tongue...?"

Saying that, her face burned to the point of having a fever.
Ryou looked at her with a blank face.
A moment later, it seemed like she had decided on what to say, and beginning with a nod...

"The first time for me was quite surprising."

She said, bearing an embarrassed smile.

"Eh?! Eh?! Y-you... um... kissed in that... that... way?"
"Y-yes, I did."
Abruptly bringing her face over, Ryou nodded strongly.
We're not on even ground at all...
Kyou was completely shocked.

"B... but... it doesn't feel bad...? Like it's disgusting or something?"
"Yes, sure it's strange at first, but it's not all that bad."
"Ah... uh... uu~..."

The younger sister definitely has the lead...

"Well, I'll be heading back."

Just as the day was about to end, Tomoya put down the magazine he was reading on the table and got up.

"Oh, that's right, Okazaki."

Sunohara asked while reading a magazine.

"That thing about a line to be crossed or something? I don't think you have to really worry about that point."
"When you're dating, that line disappears, right?
The mindset of fearing being hated comes before dating.
After all, everyone has their own values, so there is a chance of them colliding.
It's not that the two should compromise, but that the two should walk forward as lovers, right?
―― hey, it's written in this book."

Sunohara lightly shook the magazine in his hand, saying that.

"... Sunohara."

At least when Tomoya read that, no such words were laid out.

"So, be careful, okay?"
"Yeah, thanks."

He gave his thanks, leaving Sunohara's room.
Closing the door, he took a heavy breath.
It wasn't that of a sigh, but rather some kind of fighting spirit.

The next day――...
The two were in Sunohara's room after school as always.

"I'll have a TaB Clear."
"Give me a McCOL."
"Are... those even sold right now?"
"Don't come back 'till you find them."
"Just go ahead and change trains, ok?"
"Didn't you two have a fight yesterday?!"
"Eeeekk! I'll go and buy them!"

Being threatened by them, Sunohara left the room crying.
Besides, these two would get into a fight and the next day act as if nothing happened.
In the end, that alone let them get along fine.

"Tomoya, what's a TaB Clear?"
"Clear cola. Besides, what's McCOL?"
"Barley-flavored cola."
"Is that any good?"

Saying that, she sat over by Tomoya.
She looked at his face.

"...? What is it?"
"Umm... sorry about yesterday..."
"I said things like you were a pervert and that you should die and stuff..."
"That's kinda normal, isn't it?"
"Even so... sorry."
"Well, I'm also sorry too. I don't really want you to do stuff you don't want to."

Kyou looked at the floor, silently listening to Tomoya's words.
For a while, she closed her eyes, and then brought herself up alone as if she prepared, and looked at him.
And then came in closer.
She put her hand on Tomoya's on the floor.
Her face... came closer to his lips.


"Oh man, I forgot my wallet!"

Thud! Smack!


As Sunohara came back smiling, his wallet on top of the table was thrown at him with great force.
It was full of coins, so it was quite heavy.

"At least knock when you come into the room, please!"
"This is my room, you know!"
"Right now it's our room!"
"I-I'm sorry..."

Sunohara apologized against Kyou's might.

"Now, now, next time I'm sure Sunohara'll knock next time. Right?"
"Could you not put it so clearly...?"
"Hurry and buy them. If you don't, we'll clamor around in the room."
"I'm begging you, please, anything but that."

Sunohara deeply bowed his head, and left the room once again.

"Whew... that was a close one..."

Kyou sighed as the footsteps went far off.

"You said something pretty big there."
"Eh? What was?"
"That it was our room."
"Ah, yeah, well... that's true though, right?"
"I'm not denying that."

Tomoya said that, coming to Kyou.
A light kiss.

"Mm... Tomoya..."

Kyou carefully looked at him.
She had eyes that wanted to say something, and Tomoya also returned the gaze.
And her face flushed red instantly.

"Uh... umm... well... see..."

What was she trying to say?
She's completely all tense.
You could hear loud footsteps outside the door.


She raised her voice as if to encourage...

"Y-you can use your tongue, okay?!"

And like that, she raised her chin sharply.
Her face was redder than it ever was before.


Tomoya couldn't hide his bewilderment from such an unexpected proposal.
Such words don't really turn me on... he thought to himself.
Kyou on the other hand continued blushing, her eyes stiff closed.
Her lips as well.


To be honest.... it was a scenario where neither of them could move.


The silence continued, and the atmosphere piled up in the room.
It became too difficult to move.

"...~~ahh, geez! Why won't you do anything?!"

Kyou got angry.

"Well... even if I told why, I did say that I don't want you to do something you didn't like."
"And I said it was fine, didn't I?"
"I said not to force yourself."
"Force... I'm not really... forcing myself..."

She looked away, saying that.


"Because... you did that with Ryou... didn't you...?"

She might not have been clear of what she just said, as she opened her eyes to those words.
Even though it was a name she shouldn't have said just now.
Tomoya frowned.

"... I'm sorry... I..."

She hung her head, apologizing with a teary face.
It was as if she were a kid who had done something bad that would anger others.
Tomoya took a deep breath, and put his hand on her head.

"You know, Kyou... there's... really no need to be in a rush to do what Ryou did."
"...... but..."
"You're not the same as Ryou. It means you don't have to walk the same path she did. We can just walk at our own pace."
"... okay..."
"At the very least, we don't have to compete in terms of this."
"I'll say it one time. I won't make you do things you don't want to."

And then finally, Kyou lifted her head.
Her eyes were a little red.
But, she smiled, looking at Tomoya... as if she were relieved.
Tomoya saw that, and continued his words.

"So that's that. If you're fine with a tongue kiss coming from you, then let's try that."
"............ eh?"

Kyou's face was frozen.
Tomoya continued his refreshing smile.

"After all, boyfriends don't make their girls do things they don't want to. That's the most important consideration they need to have."
"Umm... Tomoya...? That's...?"
"We can walk at our own pace."

Tomoya kept his facial expression.

"I... I guess... you're angry?"
"No, I'm not."
"B... but, it's not like girls can do something like that!"
"You said you were ready and willing to do it!"
"Not in this lifetime!"
"Then I'll spend the rest of my life waiting!"
"The rest of your life...?! Wait... rest of your life......?"

How did Kyou interpret his words? She was blushing.
He too, also let slip words that made him flush red.

"Umm... the words just now... well... I guess I just went with the flow..."

Tomoya turned away to hide his embarrassment as he blushed.

"A-anyways, let's just move on ahead slowly. Not compromising anything, just forming similar values, okay?"

Kyou nodded happily.
Tomoya also gave a smile, and she saw that.
They naturally closed in on each others' lips.
They gently touched each other, kissing.
Kyou brought her arms to Tomoya's back, and embraced him as if to ascertain his warmth.
Tomoya also did the same.
At that moment, they did so, feeling the utmost happiness.
The room was quiet...
Nothing moved an inch.
A space with just the two of them... a peaceful moment...
Well, it should have been――...

"Idiot, idiot, idiot! Super idiot! Pervert!!!"
"Hey... wait, Kyou! You don't need to get that angry..."
"Shut up! Just go and die!"


"I'm back... no matter where I looked, they weren't on sal... guah!"

Kyou threw an empty can at Sunohara, who was coming back to the room.

"I'm going home!"
"Bye bye!"

Tomoya reached out his hand, but Kyou left the room as if she dodged it.
The room fell to an eerily silence...

"Sigh... her chest was fine, why is something like that not doable... I guess... I really don't understand her rules..."
"... so... Okazaki... what were you really doing in my room?"
"Normal stuff, normal."

Tomoya sighed, and picked up a magazine from the table.