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Title Page[edit]

Hexennacht v02 001.jpg

The magical girl whose heart is broken will lose!

The World’s Fanfiction[edit]

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A girl leaned forward in the reception sofa of the headmaster’s office.

But she was not looking forward. She was staring at the enrollment form in front of her.

When she saw the motionless girl, the headmaster spoke up from by the window.

“What’s causing you so much trouble, Miss Reese?”

“Oh, I was just thinking of abandoning my name.”

“You mean like, ‘Yes, I have abandoned my old name!’? Every time I see that, I end up thinking, ‘How was anyone supposed to know? How about notifying them in advance?’ ”

“So do I. …But to make sure that doesn’t happen, I was thinking of registering my new name here. But I don’t know what name to choose…”

“Hmm.” The headmaster tilted her head. “Your name is May Reese, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. What about it?”

“How about Mary Sue?”

“…Does that mean something?”

“It does,” confirmed the headmaster. “It’s actually a term from the popular American TV show Star Maric.”

“A term?”

“Yes. The show was about using Hand Power to resolve incidents between the stars or defeat foreign enemies. It was quite popular when I was in middle schoo-…when I was in college.”

“Headmaster… You don’t need to show off like that.”

“I am not showing off. It’s a matter of pride. …Anyway, Mary Sue was a character in a fanfiction for that show. She was a projection of the author’s desires, completely unbeatable, and skilled in every way. Every character loved her for no reason, but she was made to be so excessively amazing that people began using Mary Sue to refer to any original character in fanfiction that was a little too amazing.”

“Headmaster?” asked the girl. “If I take that name here, will I be skilled and unbeatable?”

“That is for you to show us, Mary Sue. But do you remember what else I said?”


“A Mary Sue is loved by everyone.”

The headmaster held up the enrollment form she had picked up at some point.

“Welcome, Mary Sue. The world hopes you will live up to your name.”

Character Page[edit]

Hexennacht v02 002-003.jpg

Mary Sue

Year: Spell Division Year 3

Spell Type: Unknown

Affiliation: Spell Division

Combat Frame: Executioner-style

Servant: Macabre (Grim Reaper)

Device: Bundled Scythe Ira

Traits: You often hear about the mysterious transfer student, but not so much about just a mysterious new student. I think we should try to be as accurate as possible with our terminology. That doesn’t matter? Of course it does. Well, even if that doesn’t matter, this new promising star of the Spell Division uses an Executioner-style Frame which is quite rare these days. The term executioner might make you think of that half-naked fat machoman in a triangular hood with eyeholes, but that isn’t the case with witches. After all, in the medieval days, we were on the receiving end of their services a fair bit. If you look into the history of your families, you might find quite a few that were. You might wonder what kind of mentality would lead a Ranker to use that kind of Frame, but in a way, it’s kind of obvious. After all, executioners are anti-witch specialists. Yes, in the medieval days, it was the executioners who ran after the broom-riding witches and reaped them with their scythes. Your average witch just can’t stand up to that.

Anyway, no one has any complaints about her skill, but not much is known about the spells she uses. Most of her matches are over in an instant and the witches she defeats all say it isn’t about power and that she isn’t someone you can even think of standing up to. So what is all that about? Apparently you have to fight her to find out.

(The previous text came from the external affairs team of Shihouin Academy’s PR Committee.)

“Please do not stand in front of me. It is dangerous. That is all.”

Swimsuit Page[edit]

Hexennacht v02 004-005.jpg

“Bull’s eye! That’s all I have to do!”

Maid and Butler Page[edit]

Hexennacht v02 006-007.jpg

“Well done, milady!”

Uniform Page[edit]

Hexennacht v02 008.jpg

Shihouin Academy Special Equipment Division Uniform

About the Special Equipment Division

Location: To the left from the main entrance

School Building: Has a spell reactor

Special Traits: Lots of sleepless nights

Origin: The uniform portion of the Special Equipment Division’s uniform is the same as the General Division. The real difference is after they transform! That said, the scarf is yellow. I guess I just lied. I’m such a bad teacher. Anyway, if you’re wondering what’s different, it’s the attached coat. It looks like a cape and it has plenty of pockets to stick tools and snacks in. Add on the waist pouch and the uniform has quite a lot of storage space. That’s partially because the Special Equipment Division is based on what other countries call the Alchemy Division. The cape look is handed down from the ancient alchemists. The waist pouch used to be a round sack and a relic of old traditions can be seen in the jinx about putting their completed items inside that pouch.

The Special Equipment Division witches love metal, armor, shells, and swords and they even refine their own materials. Yes, it’s not common for the older witches of the international police to come by to investigate when the international price of gold starts to fall. Using alchemy to make money is banned, okay? I used to do it a lot, but now that I’m a teacher, I’m telling you not to do it. I mean, if the market crashes, all the gold I have stockpiled from back then will be worthless.

*We asked Special Equipment Division Representative Elsie Hunter to model the uniform.

*It went unused in this case, but chest-accentuating stitching is available equally to all.

Special Equipment Division

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