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It's already been half a year since Volume IX. For readers who are following «Aisakasuteki Syndrome», it's been four months. Sorry for making you wait, but let me hereby present C3 X!

Say, it's X! X! Neither the English letter nor the × symbol, it's the Roman numeral meaning 10! To me, it's my first time to write a series reaching double digits in volume count. To be honest, I never thought I could write for so long when I first started this series... It's all thanks to everyone's support. Thank you!

Well then, this time our new character is the cap-wearing, barefooted, cheerful boobs. Quite active in the story. Also, although it isn't because the 10th volume happens to be a milestone, this volume's conception seems to tie together many threads, foreshadowing or characters from earlier volumes. In fact, when I was writing the draft, I couldn't help but feel quite nostalgic. Like the first volume is already two years ago... Time sure flies. As a side note, there are quite a few characters reappearing in this volume. For her, it counts as a planned appearance. As for those girls, it feels more like "thank goodness they got a chance to appear."

Anyway, that's that. If you have time after finishing this book, readers, please reread some of the previous volumes—"Oh, this name that appears in Volume 10 is here..." or "This volume links up with Volume 10 here..." Perhaps you might make some totally new discoveries. Or maybe not. Yes, in that sense, if a reader starts following this series with Volume 10's release and catches up all at once, it's probably the best deal... Ufufu? (Giving dirty looks at those who simply stand in the bookstore to preview the afterwords.)

Well then, next comes the acknowledgements. Illustrator Sasorigatame-sama, including the very Valentine's Day-style Fear on the cover, thank you very much for drawing beautiful illustrations again! Editor Yuasa-sama, I'm very sorry for causing you trouble every single time... I continue to be in your care! As for the designers, proofreaders, sales and everyone involved in the book's publishing, and of course—although I'm repeated myself—the many readers who helped me reach the milestone of Volume 10, a great thank you to all of you!

Having finished reading this volume, readers may perhaps have discovered already that some of the characters' feelings are starting to undergo subtle changes. Currently, I still have not considered when to end this series exactly, but I am certain that the story has already entered its second half. If everyone could continue to stay with this story for a while, it'll be a great honor.

So, let's meet again for Volume 11~ I have a feeling that Haruaki and his friends will have already ascended to their second year of high school. In other words, I have a feeling that a certain arrogant junior and a smiling shrine maiden will be reappearing. But ultimately, it's just a feeling, so it could end up being just a spring break story. In any case, I continue to be in everyone's care!

Minase Hazuki

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