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Hello again, I am Minase Hazuki! Presenting to everyone C3 XI (Volume 11)! Although there were other series in the mean time, due to various reasons, roughly half a year has passed since the previous installment. I am really so sorry...!

In this volume, Haruaki and friends have advanced to their second year of high school. Throughout the series, approximately half a year has elapsed from Volume 1 till now. It feels so fast yet so slow at the same time. Well then, this volume's new characters include a blonde, straitlaced, airheaded, cool beauty boobs (I'm getting incomprehensible here), with even someone baring their upper torso completely, exposing nipples or something salacious! Those who haven't read the story yet, please look forward to it! ...So, although there's no relation to the previous intense statements, the new male character feels like his appearance has been long-awaited.

So! Definitely, maybe, probably, if there are no problems, if the entire undertaking isn't an elaborate and monumental prank... It must be written on this volume's book band as well!

Basically, the C3 series is going to be animated! Hee~ haw~! Speaking of anime, of course, Fear, Konoha and Kirika will be moving around, speaking, shameless this and violence that. I am starting to get all sorts of fantasies now as well, unable to stop laughing to myself. In actual fact, it seems like it will take some time before the series airs, so please show your support when the time comes!

Also, it's actually not just anime but C3 is also getting a manga adaptation. The manga has already started serializing in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh. The manga artist is Akina Tsukako-sama. I'm thinking that Fear and the girls will surely raise commotions in manga panels as well. So yeah, if you're interested, please check out C3's manga version as well!

Finally, let's have some acknowledgements.

Illustrator Sasortigatame-sama, thank you very much for drawing such beautiful illustrations again! I'm quite certain that without the power of Sasorigatame-sama's illustrations, a media franchise never would have gotten off the ground like now... It's a bit late to say this, but please allow me to say once again: Thank you so much for designing Fear and the others! I continue to be in your care! Also, editor in charge, Yuasa-sama, due to the media franchise production, I will probably be causing you incessant trouble from now one. Hopefully, I'll be able to adhere to deadlines firmly and not add extra burdens for you! ...I want to make this my goal for this year, but as for whether it'll be realized or not... Cough cough. Anyway, I will try my best!

Then most important of all, I would like to thank all of you readers. Only with every reader's support was it possible for C3 to be adapted into manga and anime, growing and developing much more than I anticipated. I truly thank everyone from the bottom of my heart! I hope all of you, dear readers, can continue to stay with Fear and the others into the future!

Well then, I hope I can see everyone again with the next volume. I'm also slated to publish short stories in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, so coming next should be C3 XII as usual~

Minase Hazuki

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