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Even though I said I'd try to hurry as fast as possible, I still made everyone wait a long time... It's been a while, this is Minase here. I hereby present to you, C3 XIV!

Oh dear, I'm really sorry for making you all wait for too long. As for why it took seven whole months since the last volume—Hmm, let's just say there are many reasons! (←contrived conclusion)

Oh, it's not because my body and mind were totally exhausted after the anime concluded. Rather, it would not be wrong to speculate that part of the reason was desperately writing manuscripts due to heightened spirits for limited edition bonus material and Episode 13's script... Seems like it. Apart from that, there were also many other reasons resulting in such a long delay, but in any case, I really feel a great burden lifted from my shoulders now that this volume can be published peacefully.

Anyway, let's talk about this volume.

The new character—disregarding whether she can really be considered new or not—anyway, she's the American Indian-style unguarded boobs! Readers, feel free to imagine her as carrying the shameless attribute of the naked shirt getup. Speaking of which, I really like barefoot characters. This was probably obvious ever since Un Izoey's introduction. Don't you find the image very healthy and wonderful?

I'm thinking there are probably readers who haven't read the contents of this volume, so I don't want to discuss too much. But in terms of story, this time's spotlight falls on a certain unappreciated person who's constantly getting criticized for being plain and useless boobs. In all sorts of ways, although I think it seems to be getting out of hand, she's been enduring and holding herself back throughout thirteen volumes so far... Please forgive her...

By this point, there's not that many pages left. Let me acknowledge and thank various people who've graced me with their care.

Illustrator Sasorigatame-sama, thank you for your hard work, especially working immediately after getting out of the hospital! Please keep yourself healthy! Editor in charge, Yuasa-sama, sorry for all the extra trouble from other projects initiated by the anime... I will focus my efforts on the main story from now on. Anime staff, all the wonderful voice actresses and actors—Thanks to the anime, many more people have come to know of the C3 series, even more than I could imagine. Not only that, also thanks to sound and images, the sense of presence of Fear and the others in my heart has been upgraded immensely. When writing dialogue, I imagine Tamura Yukari-san and the others' voices. When writing action scenes, it feels like I can see Fear and the other characters moving around busily. There's a really positive effect on my writing. The anime really brought me many wonderful experiences... I really must thank everyone!

Also, I must thank all the readers waiting for this book, of course!

Seeing the plot starting to move dramatically, I'm sure some of the readers can already guess vaguely that C3 as a series is nearing its conclusion. More specifically, it'll probably take two or three more volumes. I will dedicate my full effort, writing to the very end. So if all of you, readers, will continue to accompany me to the last volume, I would be deeply honored.

Well then, see you next volume. I hope I really won't make you wait too long this time!

Minase Hazuki

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