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It's been a while, everyone. I am Minase Hazuki, presenting to you C3 XV!

Although the story is gradually reaching a climax, new characters are still appearing one after another. There are impish boobs / loose giant boobs / helmet boobs... Right? Although these continue to be nonsensical categories, please don't mind them. As a side note, let me explain that the loose giant boobs are even larger than Konoha's, the most heavyweight class in this world. They'll bounce and sway this way and that. Oh, there's muscular boobs too! Perhaps a nipple might slip out in the illustrations by accident! Look forward to it! ...Somehow it feels like I said something similar back in Volume 11.

Well then, this volume's plot is related to Haruaki's birthday with all kinds of situations taking place. To have everyone celebrating his birthday with him, Haruaki is truly blessed with a fulfilling life. Damn it! By the way, although it's possible no one is interested, but the author's birthday is April 29. This seems to have been mentioned before somewhere, but this particular day has always been a national holiday despite going through the transformations from Emperor's Birthday to Greenery Day then Shouwa Day. In other words, for my entire life, I've never experienced people celebrating my birthday at school ever. Damn it... After class, other people must have had classmates singing happy birthday to them, right...? Returning from the washroom, they would even find birthday presents in their desks, given by shy childhood friends who were unable to be upfront with their feelings...! Nuahhh, unforgivable! If only my birthday was on an ordinary day! That's why this kind of grudge might have been injected into this volume's story, maybe, maybe not.

So, just as I mentioned in the previous volume's afterword, this series is approaching its conclusion. I expect the next volume will be the final one. But since I still haven't completely finalized part of the content, it's possible the volume might be divided into two parts. In any case, it's decided that the story will end with the next incident.

As things stand, I will immediately start writing the final volume once I finish this afterword. But as soon as I think that it's going to be the last volume, I can't help but feel a little sad and stressful too. But conversely, once everything is finished, I think I will feel even more rewarded in some way. At the same time, I will also pray that readers who have supported the story all this time will get something out of it. Rather, in order to make sure everyone gets rewarded, I must pour in everything I can to do my best. Nuhoho, I'd better hurry and start writing—!

Finally, I'd like to express my thanks again to everyone who had contributed their care and effort towards this volume. Editor in charge, Yuasa-sama, thanks for putting up with all the trouble every time. Illustrator Sasorigatame-sama, thank you for drawing beautiful and exquisite illustrations every time! I'm so sorry that you still need to design new characters even though the end of the story is approaching. However, I think there will still be one or two new characters in the final volume (sweat drops). I-I continue to rely on you one last time...!

And of course, to all the readers who have stayed faithfully with this long story until now—I am truly grateful to you! The ending is not far away, so I would be deeply honored if you could enjoy this story together to the very end.

Minase Hazuki

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