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The following scene happened at the MW Editorial Department.

Me: "So, the question is the book's title... How about ●●? (trembling)"

Editor: "Hmm~ Do you have any other suggestions?"

Sucks like hell! How could that kind of title sell at all, you ×××! —Hearing the inner thoughts of the editor, the poor sacrificial lamb, namely, me, hastily brought up the second suggestion.

Me: "What about ▉▉..."

Editor: "It's not too obvious how it relates to the content~~ I don't get the meaning of the title."

Inner thoughts: By the way, I don't get the meaning of your existence either, hoho.

The merciless thoughts made me almost wet myself. But even on the verge of tears, I was not going to give up! Now for the third and final suggestion!

Me: "Sniff sniff... Well then, I gave it some thought yesterday, yeah, how about C raised to the third power? Since it's the third power, that's taking the cube. Furthermore, C has a triple meaning..."

Editor: "Ah, that's not bad at all! But this..."

Me: "(Another problem?) W-What is it?"

Editor: "It coincides with the name of a cake shop."

Me: "..."

After going through the above process, this book came into existence. Hello dear readers, I am Minase Hazuki. Presenting to you a new series completely unrelated to a cake shop—«C3 - C-Cubed». By now, who cares if the name coincides or not~? Besides, I don't expect there to be many single men, twenty-eight years in age, to be staying at the forefront of popular trends and being knowledgeable in cake shops. Hence, I am not responsible... Probably.

Okay, I know there exist readers who start reading from the afterword, so let me make some simple introductions. This work's main elements are: girls / cursed tools / cohabitation... etc, and secondary elements include comedic parts / serious parts / battle parts / mild ecchi / mild guro / transformations / Japanese sword / large boobs / flat chests / smooth etc.

Also, my goal is to allow readers to enjoy this story, whether they are fans of White Minase's debut work «結界師のワ—が» during his early innocence, or fans of uncontrolled Black Minase's «ぼくと魔女式アポカりプス» inspired by his many experiences, or simply readers new to my works. In other words, this book combines White Minase and Black Minase to give gray... Well, a gray impression doesn't sound too good... Let's call it Silver Minase instead. I don't really know what I'm trying to say here, but since the heroine happens to be silver-haired, it's all good.

In addition, this story only includes very few elements related to White Minase's works, but anyway, these are just extras for fun. Those who catch them, please laugh secretly and keep them to yourself. That person will not be participating in the future plot, and neither will any youkai or similar be appearing in the story. In the same way, Shakespeare and Tokugawa Ieyasu were born in the same time period, but never lived in the same world.

Finally, let me offer some acknowledgements.

Let me thank my most dutiful editor, Kawamoto-sama, who has been extremely patient despite me being slow on the uptake. I will try my best not to let your inner thoughts come true in reality.

Illustrator-sama, thank you for your illustrations! Truly, they are so cute I almost died from moe! I'll be in your care from now on.

Also, to everyone who participated in this work, as well as all the readers who picked up this book, I am truly grateful to you all.

Well then, let's wrap things up at this point. Let's hope everyone can continue supporting my works for many years to come.

Minase Hazuki

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