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I am truly grateful for this chance to meet everyone again. This is Minase Hazuki, presenting to you, dear reader, «C3 - C-Cubed II».

In the first volume, I think I was quite lucky to be in the position of receiving many comments from readers: "I like Fear!" "I like Konoha!" "I like Class Rep!"...etc. A vast selection of love calls(?) for various characters. It makes me really happy. And in this second volume, a few new characters have made their appearance, summarized by trait as weirdo / beautiful boobs / fair boobs / secretary boobs... Secretary boobs?

As for the plot in this volume (readers who read the book should already know), the developments revolve around a certain doll. However, it pretty much follows the first volume's formula of moe, ecchi and mild guro, henceforth abbreviated as "mo-e-guro" (coined by Narita Ryougo-san). I suppose future installments will continue the trend, with only minor variations in the proportions. Hopefully, readers will continue staying for the ride.

Then again, I suddenly realized something. If all goes well, this volume should be released in January—So let me wish everyone a happy new year! Hoho! Have I squeezed myself amongst the ranks of those in Japan by offering this greeting far ahead of all the others? ...To be honest, this afterword was written back in October when the new year spirit had yet to show any signs!

Anyway in 2007, I was able to publish three books (+ a new draft for Dengeki hp) so this counts as a personal record for me. Compared to my peers in the industry, however, I guess my speed is ordinary or even relatively slow. This year, my goal is to publish four in one year... I want four books... I will work hard towards this goal.

As usual, this volume also received plenty of care from many people. There's the editor in charge, Kawamoto-sama, who made the final decisions after having heated arguments over this scene and that. Sorry for my ignorance and causing so much trouble for you... P-Please don't abandon me!

Continuing from Volume 1, we have Q-sama drawing beautiful illustrations with Fear becoming increasingly adorable and the new characters whose charms exceeded my expectations. Nothing fascinates me more than this. Thank you and I hope to continue receiving your guidance!

Of course, I'm also very thankful to the proofreaders and designers, as well as those involved with MW.

Finally, there are all the readers who follow this story—not only do I thank you, I also love you all to death! Let me offer my bountiful love! This love's vast volume knows no bounds...!

Well then, Volume 2 concludes here. Let us meet again in the third installment!

Minase Hazuki

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