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Surrounded by a refreshing spring breeze, let me say good afternoon to you all, dear readers. I am Minase. Although it's the season of budding greenery, let me present to you to the sometimes black, sometimes white, sometimes silver «C3 - C-Cubed III». Ohoh, doesn't it feel quite fresh to be using the color green with the kanji of "budding"[1]...?

Okay, in a kind of double significance, apart from the new nun-boobs character, Kuroe who was mentioned only by name in Volume 1 has finally made her appearance. Readers who had been wondering "What kind of person is Kuroe like?", this is what she is like. A ladylike bosom. Also, let me recount this conversation I had on the phone with the editor. In my mind, the pronunciation of "Kuroe" places the accent on the first syllable. Similar to words like "Gairu"(ガイル) or "Zangi"(ザンギ)... Yes, through these examples, people who don't get it might understand now?

Next, let me add a bit of info, the game Kuroe was seen playing in the story is a type of board game called "The Settlers of Catan."[2] Many years ago, I only learned of its existence when Kouda Gakuto-san taught me the rules of the game. But this game is so fun that I am reminded that games are not just digital existences. Also, Kouda-san is always so cool and super strong~

By the way, in this Volume 3, Class Rep's role seems to be slightly abundant, with this and that sort of scenes, so Kirika fans please look forward to them! Or perhaps you have already enjoyed them? While making this sort of chitchat for business purposes, I'd like to express my thanks. Editor Kawamoto-sama, sorry all the trouble I've caused you with this volume, I really apologize. I will continue to try my best. Illustrator Sasorigatame-sama, I am truly thankful for your wonderful illustrations again, so moe they could almost kill. I already couldn't bear how moe they were when I saw them at the draft stage! I really look forward to how Fear would look like in the actual book. I will continue to be in your care~!

Then there is everyone who participated in the publishing of this book, and all the readers, thank you very much! Your love sustains my life...! No, I'm completely serious.

Oh I almost forgot, there's something I need to tell everyone. Published for sale during the same month as this book, in the Dengeki Bunko magazine, there should be a C3 short story (if all goes well). It sort of feels like the "white" portions taken out from the main story, please enjoy it if you have the chance~! Unlike Dengeki hp, this is treated as a magazine and not a book (you cannot order it once the issue is over), so you won't see it again should you miss this chance.

Well then, let's end the chatting here. I have a feeling we will meet again for C3 IV.

Minase Hazuki

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Budding: mo(萌) as in moe(萌え).
  2. Settlers of Catan: a multiplayer board game first published in Germany. Players assume the roles of settlers, each attempting to build and develop holdings while trading and acquiring resources.[1]
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