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D-Do you hear that? It's the 4th volume, honey!? —Due to my excitement at seeing this number for the first time, I decided to use this oba-chan style greeting. Hello, I am Minase.

This time, in the style of "bloomers and shorts, let's have a 300-page discussion on which makes the legs look sexier," let me present to you (just kidding) the sports festival episode. At the same time, it also feels like it's "The Bivorio Family Episode Part 2 of 2." That said, it's not like the members of the Family aren't going to appear hence forth. It's a bit like making people think it's finished, but ending up with a "I'm back" or "See you again~" sequel kind of feeling. Or maybe it's a little different?

In this volume, the new characters are all related to the description, "more than meets the eye." This was what I just decided. Looking quite youthful but actually quiet senior—There's senior boobs who has more than meets the eye. Her eyes concealed, what is this girl hiding? —Hidden eye boobs. Also, there is that person who only made a brief appearance (fully nude) in Volume 3—That's the kind of lineup we have. However, there's one person who's not hiding anything, but don't worry about that.

An abrupt change of topic. Not long after writing this book, I came down with a high fever and diarrhea for some unknown reason. Advised to get hospitalized (I ended up not staying), I experienced an intravenous drip and a series of first experiences... Okay, the real topic begins here! Also, because it's a bit disgusting, please be careful if you're in the middle of a meal!

After two days of running to the hospital for intravenous drips, it happened as my health began to subtly get better. Although it improved, I was still rushing into the washroom, clutching my unwell belly, then—

Oh! It's GREEN! (using a foreign accent for some reason)

...Yes, something green descended. Oh dear, it gave me quite a fright. I was only getting nourishment from Pocari, CalorieMate and IV drips, to think that something like that would pop out... I've really witnessed one of the mysteries of the human body.

Although something like that happened, I'm now writing the afterword with great vigor. Being healthy is such a blessing. In order to avoid giving birth to green children, please take very good care of your health, everyone (forcing a good ending here)!

This time, let me thank editor Kawamoto-sama and everyone else for taking care of me. Sasorigatame-sama, I almost died from moe at seeing the draft again this time... Particularly Aiko! Really, thank you very much! Also, I must thank all the wonderful readers, of course. This series can continue thanks to all your support. I will continue to try my best and write in this moe, ecchi and mild guro style.

Please treat me well!

Also, in the same month as this volume goes on sale, the Dengeki Bunko Magazine also includes a C3 short story. Interested readers should check it out. Because of focused serialization in the short term, these short stories should run for several consecutive issues. So if possible, please check out the next issue after this as well~

Well then, next time will be the fifth volume. I hope to present it to you all as soon as possible.

Minase Hazuki

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