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Hello again, I am Minase and I actually love dark-skinned characters a lot. I hereby present C3 V to everyone!

As revealed in the first line already, one of the new characters in this volume is dark-skinned boobs. I've never done it in my past serialized works so this is my very first dark-skinned character. Another thing about her, her name is really hard to pronounce, right... I only noticed it concretely when I was discussing it with the editor on the phone. Who the heck gave this kind of name to her? Me. But anyway, I'm actually quite satisfied with this name.

Then another new character is wet boobs. This shouldn't require further introductions. Who knows if the "theory that girls look cuter when they're wet" started in Ancient Greece or not. It also works if you switch "cuter" to "sexier." Or I suppose it could be said that all the new characters in this volume follow that theme.

Of course, not just the new characters, but the permanent cast also perfomed to their very best. Please rest assured. This is the cultural festival episode, which allows cosplay opportunities to be maximized unlike normal days. I only saw the drafts when I was writing this afterword, but the illustrations were already super cute...! I not only thank Sasorigatame-sama but also look forward greatly to how the actual illustrations will turn out. Gufufu.

Okay, this time it's the cultural festival episode, so let me chat a bit about the cultural festivals from my high school days—Eh? Why can't I really recall them... But I have some recollections of live performances of the K-On Club. It was quite fun every year. On othe other hand, I can't recall what the major class stalls did for three years worth. Instead, I remember a classmate who was especially loli-like and wearing a schoolbag for cosplay for some reason. Unbelievably, she really looked like an elementary schooler. That was really disastrous. But let me take this chance to encourage modern high school students to learn from my negative example. Please try and create memories.

Even more than before, this volume received care from many people. Editor Kawamoto-sama, Sasorigatame-sama who draws such beautiful illustrations every time I could die from moe, Akayumasaki-sama who readily authorized the minor references and allusions used in the story, as well as everyone involved with the completion of this book—Naturally, I must also thank all the readers who have supported this series. I truly thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! I continue to be in your care!

Well then, let's finish chatting here. Next time will be Volume VI... I will try my best to present it to everyone before spring.

Minase Hazuki

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