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It feels like a long-awaited return to the main series. Hello, I am Minase.

It's probably obvious from Santa Fear on the cover that this volume's theme is Christmas. Of course, entering the stage this time, we have Santa boobs / dark-skinned Santa boobs / Santa stylish boobs / etc. Due to the dark-skinned girl's return in a Santa getup, she'll be giving off slightly different vibes compared to last time. Please look forward to it~! Also, Fear and the others' Santa costumes are really wonderful with great variety. This volume also seems to come with another collection of Sasorigatame-san's beautiful sketches. Please allow me to say this: Kuroe's moustached look is damn adorable! Don't miss it, everyone.

I was originally plannning on talking about my own Christmas memories but then I realized to a start that I've almost never had any touching or wonderful memories. How depressing. But I did recall one Christmas several years ago when four of us, all men, gathered to play endurance mahjong overnight for seventeen hours straight. Enduring the urge to sleep, going "hehe... what on earth are we doing...?" as we watched one another's exhausted faces while continuing our battle, these men (unpopular with the ladies)—No, in a certain sense, it was quite touching! We spent some wonderful time together!

While using this sort of optimistic and forceful spirit to recall my own Christmas memories, I steer the conversation back to this volume. Due to spoilers, I can't explain in detail, but the foreshadowing for this story was laid down a long time ago, finally coming full circle in this volume. To be honest, this is my first time laying down foreshadowing that straddles many volumes, so I can finally breathe a great sigh of relief. I am so thankful that I got to write this far into the story... This is all thanks to everyone's support. I really must thank everyone very much! C3 looks like it will keep going, so please continue your patronage!

So, one again, I've troubled various people again. Editor in charge, Kawamoto-sama, I'm really sorry for how the schedule changed...! Then there's the illustrator, Sasorigatame-sama, thank you for your beautiful illustrations as always! Also, to everyone related to this book's publishing at ASCII Media Works, thank you very much as well!

Since this volume is a bit heavy on combat, I will try out an especially peaceful mood for the next one. I will try my very best to deliver the next volume as quickly as possible, so that everyone won't have to wait too long!

Well then, I hope to see you all again for Volume 9!

Minase Hazuki

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